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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/29/06

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Announcer: The role of Adam Munson is now being played by Matt Cavenaugh.

Adam: Do you want to hear that again?

Gwen: Gee, Adam, I think that 47 times just might be enough.

Adam: Yeah, well, you still keep coming in late after the bridge.

Gwen: I love it when somebody tells me how to sing a song that I wrote.

Adam: What's with you?

Gwen: Nothing.

Adam: I've been all over this entire morning, but you're still in this great mood.

Gwen: Well, that's what happens when I get some alone time with my husband.

Adam: You're about to sing a song where you want to rip some guy's heart out and I got Miss Congeniality here.

Gwen: Well, let me see if I get what you're trying to say. So, like, when I sing the song, you want me to act mad?

Adam: I must be losing my touch. I used to be able to tick you off.

Gwen: Oh, I'm sorry, Adam. Nothing can ruin my mood today.

Iris: Hi, Angel Girl. Am I late?

Paul: Oh, you can forget the coffee. Just come home with me and get some rest.

Meg: I canít. I have to go back to the hospital. I could never leave ICU, so I didn't get any of my paperwork filed. Thank you.

Paul: Don't give her a tip. All she did was give you a cup of coffee.

Meg: Well, she works hard and she's always nice.

Paul: See, I'm really glad I'm going to spend the rest of my life with somebody who thinks like that. Are you alright?

Meg: I'm sorry. I'm just exhausted. It's been a horrible night and Margo and -- I don't think Craigís going to make it.

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: He's just too young.

Paul: He did an awful lot of damage in a very short lifetime.

Meg: Don't gloat, okay? Please, not now. He's my patient. You know what? I'm going back. This isn't a good time to talk.

Paul: Meg? Meg? Look, I'm sorry. And Margo and Craig are very lucky to have you.

Meg: Margo and Craig aren't lucky at all right now.

Paul: Yeah. I'm not going to let you ruin the best day of my life. Hey, meet me at the Lakeview. We've got something to celebrate.

Jessica: From now on, you don't say a word to anyone. Not a single word to anyone but me. Do you understand?

Dusty: Fine.

Jessica: Am I boring you, Dustin? Because if you tried, you could have not made things any worse. First, I got to get your confession thrown out.

Dusty: I shot him. Why shouldn't I say so?

Jessica: Oh, I don't know. Maybe so you don't spend the next 20 years behind bars.

Dusty: Is he still alive?

Jessica: Yeah, he's alive. Thank God.

Dusty: No. He's got to die. He's got to.

Lucy: You know it doesn't feel good? Looking down at your father after he's been shot at point blank range and thinking I know why someone did that. You came back, you were free, you had me. You had your sisters and nothing mattered. Nothing could stop you from -- until you pushed Dusty to -- if you had died years ago or in that ice storm, that would have been really, really sad. But to have it end like this, what it could have been avoided.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry. Lucy.

Lucy: Now Johnny doesn't have a father at all. He did that.

Margo: No, Craig pushed every button there was to push.

Lucy: I mean, I know that he loved me. But it's like I didn't matter, nothing mattered.

Margo: Of course he loved you. Family was very important to him. I think this last bout of prison, it just did something to twist him.

Katie: Maybe he'll find some sort of peace now.

Craig: Maybe I would if you three would just shut up.

Gwen: What the hell are you doing here?

Iris: I just thought I could give you a little moral support.

Gwen: You know, Mom, I think that steps one, two and three of your program are to stay the hell out of your daughter's life.

Iris: Look, I just wanted to --

Gwen: I don't care what you want. Because what you want always ends up messing up what I want.

Adam: What's going on? Who is she?

Gwen: I'm sorry. Could you get her out of here?

Adam: Your mother?

Iris: Yeah. Hi, Iris, actually.

Gwen: I do not want you here, okay? I mean it.

Iris: Honey, I know that you don't want me here, but I just got to tell you one thing. It's very important, please?

Gwen: Yeah, sure. It's always one more thing.

Iris: Look, you know, I've disappointed her over and over again. I understand why she's angry.

Gwen: Well, thank you very much for the permission.

Iris: Look, I am going to stay out of your life. I am. But you know, I got to stay here because of my probation.

Gwen: This is fun, isn't this? This is really fun.

Iris: But Honey, Candace is coming here.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Iris: Yeah, Candace. See, Candace is my sister. I haven't spoken to her for years and years. But I called her and she says she is going to come here and she's going to help me stay sober. And she is going to take care of me.

Gwen: Yeah, because God forbid you ever take care of yourself.

Iris: Honey, that's what I'm trying to do. Maybe if I learn how to do that then I can try and make amends or something.

Gwen: Well, you know, maybe Candace thinks that this time is different. That you only need chance 1,008,032. Well, I donít.

Iris: I'm sorry. I'm sorry to have interrupted your work. You know, even as a little girl, could she sing. But me, I like Janis Joplin. I could belt a tune or two myself --

Gwen: Damn it, Mom! Can we stop the trip down memory lane and can you get out of here!

Jade: Gwen looks like she's about to lose it. I think you better get down here.

Will: Tell her I'm on my way.

Jade: Okay. You're welcome.

Paul: Hey, where's the champagne?

Barbara: My grandson is going to grow up without a mother and his father is going to be in jail.

Paul: If Montgomery is going to die, I will move heaven and earth to help the person who killed him.

Barbara: You can't help Dusty. He confessed.

Paul: When the jury figures out what Montgomeryís done, they're not going to sentence Dusty. They'll sing "for he's a jolly, good fellow."

Barbara: That's not funny, Paul.

Paul: They're not going to sentence Dusty. They'll throw him a parade.

Barbara: Neither is that.

Paul: After everything that Dusty's done for Johnny, I will make sure that I have Dusty's back for the rest of Dusty's life.

Barbara: Craig is not Johnny's father. Dusty is.

Paul: Yeah, I know that. And you and I and will and Meg and Lucy, we'll all take care of Dusty. And we'll all make sure that Johnny is very well taken care of.

Barbara: Johnny's lost so much already.

Paul: We'll put everything back together for him. It doesn't matter what it takes. We'll do it for Jennifer.

Barbara: Who are you and what have you done with my son?

Paul: Meg and I are getting married.

Barbara: I know.

Paul: Yeah, but you don't know when. Its next week.

Barbara: Really?

Paul: You know, it all kind of makes sense. You know, now Johnny can be the center. He can be the heart of a big, strong family.

Barbara: Yeah, maybe. Maybe it'll be a new beginning for all of us.

Paul: Yeah. And please, don't let your concern for Dusty in any way diminish the sheer joy of Craig Montgomery meeting his imminent demise.

Barbara: No champagne. But a mimosa, perhaps?

Paul: Oh, okay. Excuse me. Can we -- two mimosas. Thanks. What?

Barbara: You. Self-assured, cocky, optimistic.

Paul: I'm in love. Meg's wonderful.

Barbara: Yeah, maybe. Or maybe you had something to do with what happened to Craig?

Jessica: Okay, all right. Don't say that. Don't talk like that. Not even to me. Now this is how it goes. You were driven. You were desperate to protect your son. But now you're filled with remorse.

Dusty: If he were standing here, I'd do it again.

Jessica: Let me explain it this way, Dusty. I can defend a desperate father, not a moralistic vigilante.

Dusty: Don't defend me, it doesn't matter.

Jessica: Then what am I doing here?

Dusty: I need you to help me with my son. If Craig dies, God willing, Johnny goes to Barbara for custody. If he doesn't, I need you to fight for me all the way.

Jessica: How about this? How about you fight? How about you do everything you can to keep yourself out of prison so it's a little easier to raise your son?

Dusty: You don't think I want that?

Jessica: Well, I don't see you doing anything to help me get you that.

Dusty: Jessica, it's over. It was premeditated. His daughter saw me shoot him. It's best for Johnny and the people who love him to get this over quickly.

Jessica: After everything you did to get custody, you're just going to throw in the towel? After you promised Jennifer that you would take care of her boy.

Dusty: I promised Jennifer I'd keep her boy safe. That's why I shot Montgomery. I kept my promise.

Margo: It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay.

Craig: I hope so.

Katie: I'll get the doctor.

Craig: Lucy --

Lucy: No, no. Don't talk until the doctor gets here. I'll go get her.

Craig: Katie went.

Margo: Just let her be for a minute.

Meg: Lucy, I'm sorry.

Lucy: No. No, no. He woke up. He made it through.

Craig: Lucy ran --

Margo: Craig, just be quiet now. Just be quiet. It's okay.

Craig: He shot me. The pain.

Margo: You're going to be okay, though, Craig.

Craig: It wasn't supposed to happen like that.

Margo: Oh, that better not mean what I think it means.

Iris: I hate to leave her when she's this upset.

Adam: Ma'am --

Iris: No, it's Iris.

Adam: Iris. Studio time is very expensive. I'm really going to have to ask you to let us get back to work.

Iris: Okay. I know this is so important to her and I can tell that you're taking really good care of her and I just wanted to thank you, okay?

Iris: Gwenny, Sweetie, Honey. I'm going now. Knock'em dead. I know you're going to do it. Okay? Bye.

Adam: I guess we don't have to worry about you sounding mad.

Gwen: Nope. No we donít. Let's get to it.

Adam: We have a minute. You okay?

Gwen: I'm peachy. I'm peachy. Damn it! Damn it! Damn her! Pulling the stupid 12-step stuff. "I want to make amends. I'm so sorry." I know that it's an act. I know that I can't trust her. It doesn't change the fact that I feel like -- like crap for turning my back on her!

Adam: She really packs a one-two punch. She makes you mad, then she makes you sad.

Gwen: You must love this. You know, you get to produce, slash, play shrink to another neurotic diva.

Adam: And neurotic divas have made-up problems. Yours seem pretty real.

Gwen: Yeah, well, so is the bill to the studio. So let's just do this.

Adam: She was right about one thing. You're going to be great.

Gwen: Yeah. Damn it. I'm so -- no, it's fine. No, I can do this. I can seriously do this. It's fine.

Adam: Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, its okay.

[Will comes in the booth]

Jade: Her mother just left. She got her pretty upset.

Doctor: He should be asleep pretty soon. Looks like you could use some yourself.

Lucy: Yeah, I've had a pretty long night.

Doctor: At least you had a happy ending.

Craig: You -- thank you.

Lucy: Don't talk, okay? You need to rest. Get better.

Craig: Get better. Finish.

Lucy: What did you say?

Craig: Finish. Finish what I came to do.

Margo: Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord.

Katie: What? He's fine. He's going to be okay.

Margo: He looked right at me as if he seemed surprised.

Katie: Not following you.

Margo: He said that it wasn't supposed to happen like that.

Katie: What? No, he couldn't have known that Dusty was going to shoot him. That just doesn't make sense.

Margo: Well, not to you or me. We're talking about Craig.

Paul: I'm conflicted. My own mother accusing me of plotting murder.

Barbara: You walk in here wanting champagne and you say all of our problems will be over if Craig is dead.

Paul: The police made a positive I.D. Dusty shot Craig.

Barbara: Dusty has been pushed as far as a man can possibly be pushed. If I find out that you manipulated his desperation to get what you wanted --

Paul: I wouldn't do that.

Barbara: Good. I want to make myself very clear on something. Because of the way Dusty treated Jennifer and because of how he is with Johnny, he has become like another son to me, and I don't have to remind you how I react when I feel that one of my children is being threatened.

Paul: All right, you can relax. I think we're on the same side here.

Barbara: You don't need to look so wounded. We were having such a wonderful time when we were talking about Craig's death, weren't we? And to your wedding, of course.

Paul: Of course.

Barbara: Thank you very much.

Paul: Thanks.

Barbara: Isn't it wonderful how a little orange juice takes the stigma out of drinking in the morning?

Paul: No, it's not drinking if you make a toast. Then it's just toasting. To our family.

Barbara: To Meg joining our family.

Paul: Oh, that was good. Almost sincere.

Barbara: Oh it is sincere. Now I have to admit that I didn't always think of her as the ideal daughter-in-law, but you get that stupid looking grin on your face whenever you talk about her. So I figured she must be the real deal.

Paul: She is absolutely the real deal.

Barbara: And she has timing, too.

Meg: Hey.

Paul: Hey, how are you?

Meg: Hi. Good.

Paul: We were just talking about you.

Meg: Oh. Were you telling your mom how awful I was to you this morning?

Paul: One more. No. I was telling her about our -- as soon as we can throw it together wedding.

Barbara: You know, you don't need a lot of time to plan an elegant wedding. I can give you all the help you want, give you any kind of resources you need.

Meg: Well, that's very nice of you, Barbara, thank you. But I guess Paul didn't tell you. We're getting married at Holden and Lily's and my mother's taking care of all the details.

Barbara: How homespun.

Paul: Yep. We're going to stick you on gingham. You and Emma are going to ride in on a buckboard.

Barbara: He thinks he's funny when he's not. It would be a service to all if you could knock that out of him.

Meg: You know, you two are in a pretty good mood. I guess my news isn't a surprise.

Paul: Why? What's your news?

Meg: Craig came to. I just checked before I left, they think he's going to make a full recovery.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the  World Turns" --

Dusty: I'll do anything. Anything to keep your father away from my son. If you can't accept that, you gotta go.

Meg: We protect Johnny every way we can, legally, without violence.

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Will: I just came to make sure you're okay.

Gwen: Yeah, I'm good. I mean, my mom stopped by. That's always, you know, the highlight of my day.

Will: Was she drinking?

Gwen: No, no. She's in a poor pitiful me-mode now. Listen to me. I mean, could I be any less understanding?

Will: Don't say that.

Gwen: Well, she's not drinking. She's trying to stay sober. And I treat her like --

Will: Gwen, she's lied to you your whole life. And not just about drinking, about a million other things too.

Gwen: But what if it's different this time? I mean, what if this time she really is trying to make amends?

Will: The only thing that's different so far is she's stopped with the verbal abuse. And that's great. That's fine for right now. But it doesn't mean you have to throw your arms around her and tell her everything's okay. She's conned you over and over and over again. You have every right to be mad.

Gwen: My Aunt Candace is coming.

Will: What?

Gwen: Yeah, she's going to put her whole life on hold to come down here to help Mom and I can't even talk to her like she's a human being.

Will: Listen to me. I told her point blank to stay away from you. And what does she do? She shows up immediately right when you have something really important to do. She shows up and she makes you feel like dirt.

Gwen: Yeah. Hold on a second. Hey, how much -- how much are we paying for me not to sing? I could, you know, have a breakdown in the parking lot and save us a bunch of money.

Adam: Let's not worry about the money right now.

Gwen: See how pathetic this is? The producer's saying don't worry about the money. I tried to sing but I couldnít. It got, like, stuck in my throat.

Adam: Gwen, we got a lot of work done today. We're good to go on this song and I can use the time that's left to get everything else set. It's all fine.

Gwen: I just don't like to let you down.

Adam: You're not. We're good.

Will: All right, well then, let's get out of here.

Gwen: Okay. I'm going to just go freshen up for --

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: I just feel kind of funny.

Will: Okay.

Gwen: Thank you.

Adam: No problem.

Will: Thanks. You were great.

Adam: Yeah, why are you here? You're clairvoyant all of a sudden.

Will: Jade called me.

Jade: Is Gwen all right?

Will: Yeah, she will be. Thanks for calling me.

Jade: Yeah. Hey, you could just see she needed the backup.

Will: So I guess we'll give you a call when she's ready to get back to work, is that okay? And thanks again. Let you know when she's ready to get back to work. Thanks again.

Jade: Take care.

Will: Yeah.

Jade: Wow. She really was a basket case, wasn't she?

Adam: I know what you're trying to do. It's not going to work.

Margo: They gave him a sedative. He's just going to go to sleep. You don't have to stay.

Margo: All right. I mean it. You can call me any time, any place, okay? And look, this is going to be good for Dusty. It's going to go better for him.

Lucy: Yeah, I'm not sure that he's going to see it that way.

Margo: She's becoming such a strong kid. I wonder if Craig has any idea what he's put her through since he's been back.

Katie: Sometimes I think we're exactly the same. It's like, genetically impossible for us to see the consequences of our actions.

Margo: Oh, yes, you. So I guess that means that you and mike haven't patched things up?

Katie: Oh, man, I really screwed up. But there's one good thing about completely destroying a marriage. It makes you realize how much it meant to you in the first place. I am going to get mike back.

Margo: I hope so.

Katie: And I'm going to get Simon out of my life for good.

Margo: Anything I can do to help you with that --

Katie: Oh, no, no, you're busy enough. I'll handle it.

[Margo screams]

Margo: Do you know how it scares me when I hear either you or Craig say, "I'll handle it"? It scares the hell out of me!

Paul: Thanks. Thank you. Full recovery, huh?

Meg: Yeah, it looks that way.

Paul: Dusty should have used a silver bullet.

Meg: Donít. Please don't talk like that.

Paul: The world would be a better place without Craig Montgomery.

Meg: You know what, Paul? I didn't become a nurse because I like wearing the outfit. Me and 20 other people spent the whole night working our butts off to save his life, so I don't like listening to jokes about people dying.

Barbara: Surely you know what Craig has done to our family. Continues to do.

Meg: Dusty took a gun and shot him. He played God. And you're saying that he had a right to do that, that it was a good thing?

Paul: Craig drove him to it.

Meg: No. There is nothing saying, "Thou shalt not kill unless he's a really bad guy." Look, the sick thing about Craig is how he gets other people to end up just like him.

Paul: Craig gives people no choice.

Meg: There's always a choice. Okay. Look, maybe I need to make something clear before I sign on as a member of this family. If Craig goes after custody again --

Paul: When Craig goes after custody again.

Meg: We protect Johnny every way we can, legally, without violence. And that's non-negotiable.

Jessica: Every instinct I have is telling me not to let you talk to him, but --

Lucy: What?

Jessica: Somebody's got to talk him down. He is hell bent on being convicted. And I can't get through to him.

Lucy: Nice to hear he's found a way to make things even worse.

Jessica: Are you sure you can handle this? I mean, I know it's a lot to ask.

Lucy: My father didn't die. I have to do whatever I can to make sure that this situation doesn't repeat itself. Somebody has to get Dusty and my father thinking about Johnny and not just about their -- I am so tired of this.

Jessica: Give him hell, Honey.

Dusty: Is it over?

Lucy: Do you mean, "Is he dead?" No.

Dusty: Damn!

Lucy: Sorry to ruin your day. It's a real shame you didn't succeed in killing my father.

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Lucy: How are you any different from him now?

Dusty: I want what's best for my son.

Lucy: You did great by him today. Kids just love bus trips to the state pen.

Dusty: He's got family. He's got you. Your father wants to own him.

Lucy: Damn it, Dusty, this has got to stop! My father is going to live. Johnny doesn't have a mother. He needs you. You and my father. It has got to be different. It has to!

Dusty: He'll never change.

Lucy: Then you change. This can't go on like this.

Dusty: I never lied to you. I never lied to you and I won't start now. I'll do anything -- anything to keep your father away from my son. If you can't accept that, you gotta go.

Will: So do you want to talk about it?

Gwen: No.

Will: Okay.

Gwen: I can get through it when I'm mad. I have energy when I'm mad. It's just when I stop and I think about it --

Will: She's just trying to make you feel guilty. She wants you to worry about her.

Gwen: I feel like she's the normal one and I'm the one who's going crazy all the time.

Will: See, this is what really ticks me off. Because you are this really good person.

Gwen: Mm-hm. And I'm this really good person who won't even talk to her mom who's trying to stay sober.

Will: See, that's what I'm talking about. She's taking advantage of how nice you are by making you feel bad when you're just trying to protect yourself.

Gwen: Candace doesn't feel like she has to protect herself. And she's coming a long way to be with my mom. And, honestly, that threw me off. Her coming all this way.

Will: Why? Why does it throw you off, what her sister does?

Gwen: Because, Will, it means that she thinks that my mom is actually trying this time.

Will: Okay, so that's what Candace thinks. But you need a little more proof.

Gwen: But if she is trying and I keep treating her the way that I'm treating her, I could ruin her chances. I mean, she needs somebody to support her right now and understand her and take care of her.

Will: Gwen, what do you need? Do you think your mom has ever once asked herself what you need?

Gwen: She has a disease, Will.

Will: Yeah, and 40,000 excuses. It's not selfish to take care of yourself. I think what you're doing with the recording is driving her crazy. She can't stand to see you that strong and that successful. You know, it's no accident she showed up this morning. You told me this is really what you want. That's good. It's great. So prove to her and to yourself that she can't keep you down anymore.

Jade: I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about.

Adam: I love how you do that "I'm so offended" thing every time you get caught in a lie.

Jade: I love how you see things just a little bit clearer than everybody else does, but you haven't caught me in anything.

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. I feed into it, just like Will. "Oh, Will, come here, Gwen's in trouble. Oh, I'm so worried about Gwen." Bull.

[Jade scoffs]

Jade: You know what? I think you're just mad because I called Will to hold her hand instead of you.

Adam: You think this is all some kind of scheme so I can steal my brother's wife? That's how you operate, Honey, not me.

Jade: That was mean.

Adam: No, there's a difference, see, between mean and honest. And I'm not judging you. I just want you to know I'm not quite as dumb as my brother when it comes to pretty girls with agendas.

Jade: Oh, right, because you're so worldly wise. So very, very L.A.

Adam: Doesn't it bother you to aim so low?

Jade: What?

Adam: You're not a pretty girl with an agenda. You're a beautiful girl with a lot going on up there. Yet you still keep chasing after Will?

Jade: That wasn't a very nice thing to say about your brother.

Adam: No, no, no. Will is great. But he's married. He wants Gwen. Don't you want someone who wants you? Someone you don't have to trick into being with you?

Jade: You know what? I have better things to do than stand here and be laughed at.

Adam: You're not mad 'cause I'm laughing at you. You're scared because I'm taking you seriously.

Paul: Okay, you're right. I'm sorry.

Meg: Of course I'm right.

Paul: Oh, calm down. I said you were right. I'm wrong.

Meg: I'm sorry. After last night, I'm just a little wound up.

Barbara: Maybe I should go upstairs.

Paul: No, no, please. I would like for you to both hear this. I was a little wound up last night, too. After everything that Craig has done to all the people that I love, I was glad that the whole thing might finally be over.

Barbara: Which is understandable.

Meg: I do understand. But we have to be careful, Paul. I mean -- Dusty went over the edge. What he did was wrong. Violence can't be the answer. It just canít.

Paul: There's nothing more precious than human life.

Meg: Thank you. I'm sorry I came down hard on you. It's just very important to me.

Paul: How do you do that? How do you make morality sexy?

[Both laugh]

Meg: You better not be saying that to all the girls.

Paul: I say it to all the girls I'm going to marry. Which reminds me, I have something I gotta do. When we do say I do, I don't want any unfinished business hanging over our heads. Can you please make sure she doesn't stay too long? She's got to get home and get some rest.

Barbara: Looks like you really got through to him.

Meg: Well, one of the things that sets him apart from other guys is sometimes he actually listens.

Paul: I said human life, Meg, not Craigís.

Lucy: That's what I was looking for from you this morning, an ultimatum.

Dusty: It's just the truth.

Lucy: I don't know what to do anymore. I swear I donít. Don't touch me.

Dusty: The only regret I have is hurting you.

Lucy: I don't know who you are anymore.

Dusty: I'm Johnny's father.

Lucy: Then God help him. He's got one just like mine.

Dusty: I wasn't giving you an ultimatum. I was just speaking the truth.

Lucy: Oh, so you're like this really honest murderer.

Dusty: I understand the situation is impossible for you. You can't possible love me and your father. That would end up --

Lucy: Killing me. What do you care?

Dusty: Lucy?

Lucy: I was there. You aimed a gun and you shot my father in the chest right in front of me. And now you're telling me that you regret hurting me? My father!

Dusty: You should go. Don't be alone. Go be with Margo.

Lucy: I can't go to Margo, and I can't be alone because I am not done here. For the last two months, both you and my father, every other word out of both of your mouths has been, "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny," and I swear to God that neither one of you really gives a damn about him.

Dusty: That's not true!

Lucy: Jessica says you're throwing in the towel. That you've made your grand gesture and now you're calling it a day.

Dusty: My son needs this to be over.

Lucy: He needs his father to fight. He needs to see his father hasn't lost faith. He needs a reason to live, to get up in the morning. So far you and my father have given him a world of nothing but hatred and revenge and violence, and now you're throwing in despair. Do you really want that to be his legacy from you? Do you?

Jade: Okay, listen. I'm afraid of being broke and I'm afraid of spiders, but I am not afraid of you.

Adam: You're scared to live a real life.

Jade: Okay, I need something to throw, something heavy.

Adam: Jade, look at you. You spend all your time and energy chasing after a guy who's taken. I mean, Will is signed, sealed and delivered. Why do you do it? You do it 'cause it's safe.

Jade: Safe?

Adam: Yeah.

Jade: Safe? Oh, I'll tell you what's safe -- some middle class guy from middle class parents playing at being some super music mogul. I have slept in bus stations. I have lived two weeks on less than ten bucks. So don't you ever, ever tell me what's safe or not.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, you had it really bad. But now you're living in the big house, those days are over. Yet you just keep doing a retread of this sorry little play for will. Do you ever look in the mirror? You are drop dead gorgeous. You ever listen to yourself talk? You're so damned smart and funny.

Jade: You don't really think that.

Adam: I don't? If I was going to make a play for anyone, don't you know it would be you?

Will: I'm sorry if I said too much.

Gwen: I never thought that I would know what it feels like for somebody else to want good things for me. You're like the anti-Iris. You make me believe that I can do anything.

Will: I hope so 'cause I really think you can.

Gwen: I don't actually know if there's time to go back to the studio. I don't know how long Adam booked it for.

Will: Well, maybe we can conquer the music industry another day. 'Cause we got kind of this, like, snow day thing going on out of the blue. We could go spend some alone time and do whatever we want.

Gwen: You always want to do the same thing. I mean, I do too.

Will: That's not what I meant. I was talking about just hanging out. Really.

Gwen: I can't think of anything that I would rather do more.

Will: Okay, well, we can just see where things go.

Gwen: I have a feeling that it might go someplace good.

Will: What? What's wrong?

Gwen: No, no, no, it's nothing serious. It just doesn't feel right, like, us having all this fun and Adam grinding away at the studio.

Lucy: You have to do exactly what Jessica says to do. You have to fight even if it's to take one day off of your sentence. That's one day you get to spend with Johnny.

Dusty: What are you going to do?

Lucy: Oh. Be sad. Really, really sad.

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Lucy: I'm screaming at you because my father is too drugged up to hear what I have to say to him. I have no pity for him, either. You know that, don't you?

Dusty: I know.

Lucy: Even if he didn't pull out a gun and shoot you, he was trying to kill you. Taking Johnny away would kill you. I love you both. I hate what you both did.

Dusty: I had to.

Lucy: No! There's a line. There's got to be a line, and you crossed it.

Dusty: The courts were on his side.

Lucy: So you played by his playbook. You know what? So did I! I didn't testify against him so he wouldn't hurt you. Yeah, a lot of good that did. Look at you. Look at him.

Dusty: Look at you.

Lucy: You think you had the right to do what you did. And you'd do it again. I can't live with that.

Dusty: I know.

Lucy: I can't live with what he did, either. What am I going to do?

Dusty: Lucy --

Lucy: All I can say is good-bye.

Dusty: Bye, Princess.

Barbara: You are quite a formidable woman, Meg Snyder. That's meant as a compliment.

Meg: And you like the way I dress, too.

Barbara: No, I mean that. It's been quiet a while since Paul's had someone who could put him in his place.

Meg: I'm not going to stop being the person I am just because I'm in love with him.

Barbara: No one's asking you to. Just be aware, he's a passionately independent man. You can only lay down the law so often.

Meg: Yeah, I know that.

Barbara: Okay.

Meg: Cards on the table?

Barbara: Shoot.

Meg: I'm worried. The way Craig drives Paul crazy, I don't want Paul to end up like Dusty. I mean, think about it. What kind of life is Dusty going to have from now on? I mean, Craig has a way of getting people to do things that end up costing them big time.

Barbara: And no one knows that more than I.

Meg: I know. I'm not on Craig's side.

Barbara: I know that, too.

Meg: The truth is, my plan is to keep Paul away from Craig as much as possible. I mean you get these guys in the same room and something bad is going to happen.

[Door closes]

[Monitor beeps steadily]

[Paul picks up a pillow and places over Craigís mouth to smother him]

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