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Adam: That's what I'm talking about.

Gwen: You really liked how the last one came out? The whole thing?

Adam: Um, what's the word, Roy?

Roy: Sweet.

Adam: He knows. You nailed it. You guys weren't half bad yourselves.

Roy: Yeah, I told you not to cry over that L.A. thing, Man. There's always another singer, always another song, right?

Adam: And if we don't get out of here, it's another session. We're burning air, people. Let's pack it up.

Jade: Nobody's going to celebrating tonight.

Will: What do you mean?

Jade: Adam and I were supposed to be having a first real date, sort of a thing.

Will: Oh, really?

Jade: Mm-hmm. Yeah, but I stopped by the studio and he cancelled because he and Gwen were going to be working all night.

Will: All night?

Jade: Yeah, or whatever, he couldn't have dinner. He's got some pretty heavy-duty musicians backing her up.

Will: Well, that's --

Jade: -- Serious.

Will: That's the first step into making a good demo.

Jade: Yeah, of many. And she's got the ambition, that's for sure. And the talent, obviously.

Will: Obviously.

Jade: So, let me buy you a cup of coffee to celebrate. I mean, you've got talent, too, Mr. Ged.

Will: Thanks. That's okay.

Jade: Come on, it's the least I can do. If it weren't for me, you would've graduated months ago.

Mike: What's going on?

Katie: Henry and I thought -- I mean, I thought and Henry was kind enough --

Mike: To lie to me? To lock me in?

Katie: I needed to see you.

Mike: Why? We've said everything there is to say. You slept with Simon, part of you still loves him. That's pretty much a deal breaker. So no amount of crying or explaining or whatever else it is you have planned here is going is changed that. So, either let me out or I'm going to go downstairs and get a crowbar and open it myself.

Katie: Wait. Henry?

Henry: Roger, 10-4. This is Sky King reading Stormy Lady. Do you need backup? I repeat, do you need backup?

Katie: No, I'm fine. Just -- unlock the door.

Henry: Yeah, copy that. Are you sure, Stormy Lady? I repeat.

Mike: Henry, open the door.

Katie: It's okay, Henry. Open the door. The door's open. You're free to go. I just -- I just wish you would stay and hear me out.

Carly: You told me that you broke up that necklace and sold off all the stones. You lied.

Simon: No, I -- I kinda just kept one. One as a souvenir. It's a tradition with me. Kind of a trademark, if you will.

Carly: Simon, I'm not really interested in advertising the fact that we stole crown jewels amounting to the total net worth of a small country.

Simon: No one's ever going to know except us. And look at it, it's so very pretty.

Carly: Oh, it is --

Simon: So pretty.

Carly: It's evidence. Now, why would you want to hold on to something that's in incriminating?

Simon: Isn't it obvious?

Carly: Well, maybe if you're insane and you want to go to jail.

Simon: Carly, this is just a very special reminder of our very first night together.

Cassandra: Well, your daughter's still on the schedule, so if you're counting on a crisis of conscience, donít. She's clearly planning to testify.

Craig: Well, the day's still young.

Cassandra: Craig, I admire your confidence. You'll make a good presentation. But your daughter's testimony is damning. I mean, according to her deposition, she saw the bank receipt that proves that you wired $2 million to the account on one Wade Larson. and the D.A. has obtained a copy of that receipt and on top of that, your daughter swears that you admitted that you entered into a contract with Mr. Larson to have her kidnapped.

Craig: Hearsay.

Cassandra: Yes, and if we go to trial, I'll make that argument. But because this is an evidentiary hearing, the standards are lower. Quite frankly, if your daughter testifies, the judge will have no choice but to agree that the D.A. has basis for prosecution. You'll go to trial.

Craig: Well, that's why I have you.

Cassandra: I'm not a miracle worker.

Craig: I'm not asking you to walk on water. Just keep me out of the penal system.

Cassandra: Well, I'm sorry. But the way this is stacking up, I don't think there's a lawyer in the country who could keep you from going back to prison.

Craig: Well, you are a Gloomy Gus.

Cassandra: I'm just trying to prepare you. Have you spoken to your daughter?

Craig: I don't see the need.

Cassandra: Craig, if you're convicted of kidnapping, you're facing a minimum sentence of 25 years.

Craig: Yeah, and my daughter is aware of that.

Cassandra: Okay, I'm sorry. I don't understand your attitude. Unless you want to go back to prison.

Craig: Far from it. And you're right. These charges are very serious, and my daughter is angry with me at the moment. But I have a feeling that she'll come around. She has to.

Dusty: So, the A.D.A. is meeting you here?

Lucy: Yeah, we're going to go over my testimony one more time before the hearing. So, what did they give you for pain? You know, it's important that you keep the swelling down so the bone mends properly.

Dusty: I'll take some aspirin.

Lucy: Don't be so casual. You could have been killed.

Dusty: Well, let's look at it this way. Your father proved before everybody that he belongs behind bars. I can't wait to be in the courtroom when you put him away.

Lucy: But, you know, I've been thinking about why he'd take such a huge risk. Tampering with your brakes the night before I'm supposed to testify?

Dusty: Yeah, he tried to kill me.

Lucy: But I'm the one testifying.

Dusty: Yeah, he's no dummy. He knows how we feel about each other.

Lucy: So he's threatening you to get to me.

Dusty: It doesn't matter. When he goes back to prison, after you testify, that's where he stays.

Lucy: But it could take months. I mean, they won't go to trial until after the holidays. And then his attorney will petition for a continuance, and it will be one delay after another. And you know, even if we go trial, there're no guarantees. And that attorney he hired? She's a snake. She'll try to throw out the whole case --

Dusty: Lucy, trust me. If you testify against your father, the judge is going to have no choice but to revoke his bail. Do you hear me?

Lucy: So, he makes a phone call from prison and the next thing you know, the goon who is cutting your brakes is knifing you in an alley.

Dusty: No. Once he's in prison, he's not coming after me.

Lucy: Why not?

Dusty: Because he can't get custody from prison. I'm telling you, testify today and its game over.

Lucy: It's never game over for my father. He never gives up when he wants something.

Dusty: What are you saying?

Lucy: I don't think I should testify.

Cassandra: All right, look, I'll do whatever it takes to defend you. But I am just warning you, there are limits. And trying to mitigate your daughter's claims that you kidnapped her when --

Craig: Do you have any children?

Cassandra: Me? No.

Craig: Well, if you had a little girl, you would understand my faith that I have in my daughter.

Cassandra: I thought you said you weren't on good terms.

Craig: Oh, we're not. But lucky for me, her mother was a very compassionate woman. And Lucy has inherited her disposition. She won't let me down. You'll see.

Dusty: He's playing with your mind. Don't let him.

Lucy: And if I testify and he comes after you?

Dusty: He's coming after me whether you testify or not. He's made that clear. He wants custody of my son. The only way to prevent that is to put him away. You're the only person who can do it. So, stay focused, go into that courtroom, and you tell them your father committed a felony by having you kidnapped.

A.D.A.: Sorry I'm late. I had to file a copy of your deposition.

Dusty: It's okay. So we're all set?

A.D.A.: Yeah, all set. Let me just grab a cup of coffee and then we'll end over to the courthouse.

Dusty: Good. I know this is taking a toll on you.

Lucy: The worst thing has been seeing you get hurt.

Dusty: I'm fine. And so are you. You're a lot tougher than you think.

Lucy: I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about you.

Dusty: Then put him away. I'm so grateful to you for doing this. All you got to do is tell the truth. I'll see you over there, okay?

Musician #1: Hey, call David. He'll love her.

Adam: Right. Thanks, guys.

Musician #1: Later.

Gwen: Bye. When he said David, he didn't mean David Geffen, did he?

Adam: Yeah, he and Roy go back. Have you ever thought about covering this song?

Gwen: Oh. Why -- why this? I'm curious.

Adam: It's honest, right at you, a little in your face. Kind of like you.

Gwen: That's how you see me?

Adam: That and other things. I'm sure you have a soft spot, somewhere.

Gwen: Yeah, rumor has it.

Adam: But yeah, it's up front, like you.

Gwen: Well, now that we've got that straight, let me ask you something. What happened back in L.A.?

Will: So you and Adam --

Jade: There is no me and Adam. We're just friends.

Will: Adam doesn't have women friends.

Jade: So what's Gwen?

Will: She's a client.

Jade: Exactly. And I'm his friend. I think your brother's grown up a lot since you saw him last. Anyway, even if I did want more than that, I don't even think it's possible. He's just here for a few weeks until he can get the demo made. And then he's going back to L.A.

Will: Right. Well, if things work out with Gwen, then he'll have to come back and forth.

Jade: She won't have to move there? I mean, I just thought since the business is out there --

Will: Well, I guess, you know, she'll have to go out from time to time. But if that's what she wants, I guess we'll move.

Jade: Or she could commute. I mean, she's gonna have to tour, isn't she? And that's like a different city every other day. Or you could go on the road with her. Or Adam could. But I guess that's the kind of problem you're praying for, right? That she's such a huge success that your whole life gets turned upside down?

Will: Right.

Jade: Adam doesn't have time for me. His head's just not into it. He's so focused on the music. You should see him. He doesn't take his eyes off Gwen. And when he puts that headset on, and he's listening to her, it's like the rest of us don't exist. He's watching her every move. But I'm okay with that. He's intense when he's working. It's an intense business. But you know that -- you're the producer.

Will: No, Adamís the producer. I guess you'd call me the investor.

Jade: Oh. Well, you're getting your money's worth. They're so into it, they're finishing each other's sentences. You don't have anything to worry about. I mean, you and Gwen are so solid. She would never, ever, you know -- he's just the guy who's making her dreams come true. I think your cake is ready. I gotta go.

Will: Yeah. Thanks for the coffee.

Jade: Yeah, no problem. Listen, it's really great, you studying for this test and putting in all this work just to ace it so you can go to college. It's pretty impressive.

Will: Thanks.

Jade: And I'm sure Gwen will finish up soon so you guys can celebrate.

Will: Hope so.

Jade: Congratulations.

[Jade turns to go and looks back at Will smugly]

Simon: Look at it, Carly. It's the perfect gem for a perfect night.

Carly: It was unforgettable.

Simon: Was it me, or was it the danger?

Carly: What do you mean?

Simon: I think you liked a little bit of risky business. There you were, scamming the prince at 1,000 miles an hour as I was helping myself to Viennaís bobbles.

Carly: I hope you're talking about her jewelry.

Simon: Yeah, you took off like a rocket.

Carly: Well, it wasn't just the high of getting away with something. I am very fond of you, Simon. I mean that. And as much as I like excitement, can we please just keep it to scary movies and roller coasters, okay? Because I seriously, desperately do not want to go to jail. And flaunting this all around town? That's bad karma. Besides, the more people who see it, the more questions will be asked.

Simon: People? Come on, I don't think you're worried about the general public with something like this. Admit it. You're worried about detective Jack.

Mike: Henry.

Henry: You rang? Hey, it's great to have you back. It's great to have you here, talking things out like a responsible, mature, married couple who belong together. Which is the only reason I locked you up in there, Mike. I always have your best interests at heart -- yours and Katieís best interests.

Mike: Get lost, Henry.

Henry: Okay, absolutely. When you two lovebirds decide to spread your wings, I will be at the Lakeview. And champagne is on me.

Mike: I really don't see what good this is going to do. And this latest stunt, it's just -- it's typical.

Katie: You were locked in for two minutes, Mike. I know I got you here under false pretenses, but I needed to see you. You wouldn't talk to me. I know that you're hurt. And I understand that you're angry. But I need to make sure that you don't do something that we'll both regret.

Mike: Like what?

Katie: Like walking out on a wonderful marriage. I know I've made my mistakes. But we're so much more than that.

Mike: Hon, there are mistakes, and then there's patterns. And sleeping with Simon is a pattern.

Katie: I'm not the only one here with baggage. You've slept with half the women in this town.

Mike: That's not true.

Katie: Carly? Rosanna? Jen? I know we weren't married at the time and what I did was much worse, I'm just saying --

Mike: It just showed me something.

Katie: What, that I'm not perfect? For better or for worse, Mike, that's what marriage is all about. I mean, even if this is one of the worst things we've ever been through --

Mike: One of the worst things?

Katie: You've had your moments, and I've stuck by you.

Mike: I never cheated on you.

Katie: No. But you did get arrested the day we were supposed to get married.

Mike: That's wrong.

Katie: I'm sorry, it wasn't meant to be -- I know you were innocent, I know you didn't do anything wrong. But you did continue to protect your cousin even when you knew it was getting dangerous. And I stuck by you because you're my husband, because I love you. And I will always stick by you. That is all I'm saying. Just remember the good times. Please, just remember that I am more than my mistakes.

Craig: See the jawline there?

Cassandra: Dead ringer for his old man.

Craig: He's got his mother's coloring. But the rest is pretty much me.

Cassandra: Is this your first son?

Craig: No, no. I had another son, but he died. Which is why this is so important that I take care of this little guy. A boy needs his father.

Cassandra: So they say.

Craig: Well, that's why we're here. I intend to be part of my little boy's life. They don't want that. So they'll lie and they'll do anything to try and put me in prison -- anything to keep me away from my little boy. Well, I'm not gonna let that happen, no matter what it takes.

Cassandra: That's very touching. But right now we need something concrete to counteract your daughter's testimony.

Craig: Motive? Well, the only reason she's doing this is to impress the man she's with.

Cassandra: Dusty Donovan?

Craig: They were together some years ago, and apparently she's never gotten over it. So she'll do anything to win his approval. But after last night, I have a feeling that she'll change her mind.

Lucy: So I was right. You set up Dusty's accident to scare me. Well, it won't work. Not only am I going to testify, I'm going to make sure that the judge hears what you've done. You'll be facing more than kidnapping charges. It'll be attempted murder.

Adam: Didn't anyone ever tell you? What happens in L.A. stays in L.A.

Gwen: I thought that was Vegas.

Adam: Well, Vegas is just L.A., only the talent's on vacation.

Gwen: Funny. Tell me this. How'd you pull a couple of in session musicians who're tight with a guy like David Geffen?

Adam: Well, you get their airfare, their rates, their hotel --

Gwen: I'm sorry, I'm not buying it.

Adam: They owed me one.

Gwen: They owed you one?

Adam: Didn't my brother tell you? I'm something of a big deal out there.

Gwen: Right. So why do you keep putting off going back there?

Adam: Well, I thought that was obvious. I'm here because you're here.

Gwen: And I'm incredibly grateful. Look, I just want to know who you are. You know, you've been inside my brain and my vocal chords and my heart. That was the deal. I had to put it all out there.

Adam: And I had to make it work. There was nothing in the handshake that gave you the right to the story of my life.

Gwen: Are we fighting?

Adam: No, of course not.

Gwen: Because for a minute there, it felt like we were fighting.

Adam: I can get a little bitey with too many questions.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cross the line. I just wanted to know about the business, you know, how you survive.

Adam: You refuse to die. As long as you're still breathing, you've got a shot.

Gwen: And this thing that fell through?

Adam: A record deal. I thought I had it, but I didnít. Happens all the time. You just move on.

Gwen: That's funny. Sounds like my life. And except for Will, it's been one big disappointment after another.

Adam: So how did you cope?

Gwen: I dove headfirst into music.

Adam: A worker.

Gwen: A worker.

Adam: So let's work. Unless you're wiped out. I mean, we've been at this all day.

Gwen: No, I'm good. I'm fine.

Adam: Okay, that song that I gave you, the one I think you should cover -- you want to listen to it?

Gwen: Absolutely.

Adam: All right. Right there. That's were I think you should add some harmonies, maybe some keyboards.

Gwen: Yeah. And I know this is probably going to sound really funny, but I think it needs a little more quiet. Just a beat of silence, and then the vocals.

Adam: Yes. Yes.

Carly: Okay, I will admit, I wouldn't feel right wearing something like this around Jack. And not because I still have a thing for him but -- even when we were together -- Jack's a cop, he could never afford to get me something like this. And I wouldn't want to flaunt it around him. That wouldn't be nice.

Simon: You're a good person.

Carly: I can be.

Simon: You know what I'm going to do? Since this little baby here is causing you so much stress? I'm going to get rid of it.

Carly: What? What do you mean you're going to get rid of it?

Simon: Hey, Buddy --

Bartender #1: Yes, Sir.

Simon: Yeah, you got a garbage can behind there?

Bartender #1: Yeah, right here.

Carly: Garbage can?

Simon: That is perfect. Yeah, you see, wearing something so perfect and rare, that's way too much to ask. So I wonít.

Mike: This is not a contest -- how much we can stand in the name of love.

Katie: You make it sound like it was all terrible --

Mike: It wasn't terrible. That's the problem. It was great. I was invested. I put my whole self in this marriage. Part of you is still in love with Simon.

Katie: That's not true.

Mike: It is true. From day one when he snuck up on you on that boat.

Katie: How is that my fault? I planned a honeymoon with you, not a reunion with Simon.

Mike: When he showed up, you didn't tell me. You protected him.

Katie: No, I protected you. You remember what we'd just been through? Your cousin dying, you being carted off to jail. I wanted -- I wanted time for us. So we could relax and we could remember why we got married. So we could think about our vows and all the wonderful things that we said to each other and all the promises that we made.

[Katie and Mike remembering]

Mike: If I need inspiration, all I need to do is look in your eyes. You are my light in the darkness. And you are my most loyal friend. And you will always and forever be my snow angel.

Katie: Do you remember?

Mike: Of course I remember.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: I'll treasure it. I will.

Katie: They are so not getting away with this.

Craig: I can't predict the future and I can't guarantee anybody's safety, all right? And as you know, accidents happen.

Mike: I remember everything. I remember the wedding, I remember all the plans we had and wanting to have kids, adding on to this house --

Katie: You built that beautiful deck. We were talking about names. I liked Michael -- it's always been my favorite. Sarah for a little girl.

Mike: I can't do this.

Katie: Mike, I know you're hurt.

Mike: No, you donít. Look, I'm not trying to turn you into a criminal for how you feel. You can't help that. As for what happened -- I can even believe you weren't trying to hurt me. But why would something like this just happen?

Katie: I just was under so much pressure, I told you. Not from you. Never from you. But Lucinda was on me about the book, and I was already under so much stress about not getting pregnant, and I don't know, I just -- I just was feeling like everything I try was a complete failure.

Mike: You did that to yourself.

Katie: I know. But I was just so overwhelmed.

Mike: And you let your guard down.

Katie: And I guess just all those old, unresolved feelings just took over.

Mike: Did you think if you grabbed Simon, he would save you?

Katie: I don't know.

Mike: Well, in a way, he did. Because you've been lying to yourself, and that's no way to live. The truth is, you have feelings for him, even now. And I cannot deal with that.

Katie: Please, just give me another chance.

Mike: Why? Why, to put yourself in the same position? It's not fair to you. It's not what I want.

Katie: We can start over, though. We can have that family that we wanted.

Mike: We tried that. It didn't work. Maybe you were right. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us not to go down that road. It's probably for the better. That wouldn't have been fair to a child.

Katie: Don't say that. Don't ever say that! I dreamed about that child. I dreamed about our baby.

Mike: Me, too. Turns out, that's all it was. It was just a dream. Good-bye.

Carly: No! No. Don't you dare!

Simon: So you do like it. Okay, 'cause I thought the setting was just perfect for you, but if you don't want it, i can --

Carly: The setting's beautiful.

Simon: Because I can always call a jeweler and get it made into a pinky ring.

Carly: Now you're just making fun of me.

Simon: Just testing the waters. I was gonna get the chain longer, but then I thought, "No, closer to your eyes."

Carly: It's the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

Simon: Yes, it is.

Gwen: Will! Hey! Hey! Wait till you hear what we laid down today.

Will: Yeah. Was that you?

Gwen: Oh, no. No, no, no. That was just a version of something that we were thinking for me. I'm years away from sounding that good.

Adam: I don't know about that.

Gwen: Well, you're right, actually. With those guys on backup and you mixing the sound, the demo, I think, is going to sound really, really cool. You should've heard these musicians that he hired. They were so professional, so fast. They got exactly what you wanted. You wanted a little more jazz, a little more country, it was like magic -- it was amazing.

Adam: You get what you pay for, right, Will?

Will: Yeah. Are they still here? Where are they?

Gwen: No, they just left a while ago.

Will: And Casey?

Gwen: He left like an hour ago. I don't know where he went. Did he tell you where he was going?

Adam: Yeah, coffee run, I thought. But he should've been back by now.

Will: So are you guys done? Like for the day, I mean? Is this a wrap or whatever?

Adam: Why not. You know, we got what we needed. Good work.

Gwen: You, too. Thanks, Adam. I missed you.

[Gwen and Will leave and Adam looks up and stares at Gwen as she leaves]

Craig: Lucy, wait.

Lucy: Why? You thought you could threaten me? Dusty's right. We have to pull out all the stops to keep you from Johnny.

Cassandra: Well, it's sounding more and more like malicious prosecution.

Lucy: There's nothing malicious about it. It's the sad truth. My father did these things --

Cassandra: Allegedly. And make no mistake, I will object to anything you offer that's unsubstantiated or off point. I'll see you inside.

Lucy: She doesn't scare me. And you don't, either. We may not be able to prove that you hired someone to tamper with Dusty's brakes yet. But I'm onto you. All this talk about how you've changed. You just said you'd do anything to keep Johnny from his father.

Craig: I'm his father.

Lucy: You got Jennifer pregnant. That doesn't make you anybody's father.

Craig: Lucy, I don't know what you thought you heard. But I was just telling my attorney that I thought maybe you'd come to your senses and realize where your loyalties lie.

Lucy: Oh, with you?

Craig: With your brother. Johnny is yours as much as mine. We belong together, all three of us.

Lucy: I don't want anything to do with you. And I'm going to make sure that Johnny knows why.

Craig: Okay, Lucy. You do what you have to do. Just know, I warned you.

Lucy: What is that supposed to mean?

Craig: My children have always come first. Why should that change?

Lucy: Are you threatening me again?

Craig: No, of course not.

Lucy: Dusty? If I testify, you'll do something to him?

Craig: Lucy, you're the one that's threatening me.

Lucy: Only because you refuse --

Craig: I refuse to turn my back on my son? Is that really something that isn't that really something that would really make you proud of me? To just walk away from my children? Lucy, you picked this fight, Sweetness. I'm just doing what I can to defend myself, all right? And I can't help if people get hurt.

Lucy: Oh, so in other words, if I testify, you'll kill Dusty. Admit it.

Craig: You have given me far too much credit. I'm just a man who is trying to get close to his family. I can't predict the future and I can't guarantee anybody's safety. And as you know, accidents happen. In my opinion, happiness is having... the people you love around you.

Dusty: You okay?

Lucy: He did it, Dusty. My father hired someone to cut your brakes. Next time, he'll kill you.

Dusty: What do you mean, next time?

Lucy: If I testify, he's going to kill you.

Dusty: No. You testify and your father's getting locked up.

Lucy: He'll call someone.

Dusty: You're nervous. Nobody's going to take a contract from a loser in prison.

Lucy: He's got a lot of money.

Dusty: You gotta stay calm, all right? Just go in there and do your part and we're home free. Give me a hug. Ow.

Lucy: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay? I didn't meant to hurt you.

Dusty: That's okay. You didn't hurt me. See you in there.

Gwen: With these guys, there's no limits. Adam had the guitarist fingerpick this thing under the vocals that was pure bluegrass. It was genius.

Will: You hungry? Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Gwen: You did all of this for me?

Will: Yeah, I thought we'd celebrate a little.

Gwen: I'm a loser. I ate a cold burrito at the studio.

Will: It doesn't matter.

Gwen: Yeah, it does. I mean, you did all of this and I haven't even finished the demo -- I didn't -- ah, I'm sorry. I didn't even ask you about the GED. How'd it go?

Will: I think it went okay. They don't tell you right away. You know, not yet.

Gwen: Good, really?

Will: I think I aced it, yeah.

Gwen: Oh, that's awesome.

Will: So you didn't get my message.

Gwen: I had to turn my phone off when I was in the studio, and then you were there, so -- this is really great. I'm really proud of you.

Will: At least it's done with, you know?

Gwen: Hey, hey. That can wait. This canít.

Carly: It's a wonderful gift. And not just because of the diamond. That fact that you want to remember our first night together. That's what makes it special.

Simon: When you say stuff like that, I just want to lay the world at your feet.

Carly: I don't need the world. Just knowing that we've worked things out, that's enough.

Simon: Finally, huh? It's been a rough couple days.

Carly: Maybe that was a good thing. To show us what we could've lost.

Simon: Listen, Carly -- I admit -- the first one to admit I am not the safest bet. But the how I feel about you -- man, I just want to make you happy.

Carly: I feel the same way.

Simon: Good. More champagne? More champagne. We're celebrating.

Katie: Henry!

Henry: Hey. Is it time for that champagne?

Katie: No.

Henry: Where's Mike?

Katie: He's gone. He walked out. He doesn't want to be married to me anymore. It's really over this time, Henry.

Henry: Okay. Okay, okay. Forget the champagne. You know what, we'll get some scotch -- lots of it.

Katie: I don't want to get drunk. I just want my husband back.

Henry: All right, okay. Let's get a table, we'll put our heads together, yeah?

Carly: I'll treasure it. I will.

Katie: They are so not getting away with this. Look at them. They're so happy. All over her like he has nothing to be ashamed of. He ruined my life!

Henry: Bubbles, I know it looks bleak --

Katie: My marriage is over because of Simon. He made me believe that he still loved me. That we had this once in a lifetime connection. That all I had to do was fall into his arms and we'd live happily ever after, and I bought it. Mike was right. I sold him out for a lie. Simon never loved me.

Henry: Sweetie, I wouldn't go that far.

Katie: I was just a first draft for Carly. And now my life is a mess. And they're toasting with champagne.

Henry: Hey, you know what? I got a great idea. Let's get some burger and fries, huh? We'll go to Al's. I'll eat, you can cry.

Katie: I'm not gonna waste one more tear on that pathetic excuse for a man.

Henry: Okay, we'll both eat. But sparingly. I'm a little short on cash. I was two hearts away from a straight flush.

Katie: You and me both. Oh, look, he bought her a present. Isn't that so sweet.

Henry: That's got to be at least four carats.

Katie: Yeah, he wouldn't touch anything less.

Henry: Then I guess the rumors are true. I heard they made a bundle on that building they renovated. Hey, you know what, al's awaits.

Katie: I canít. I owe Lucinda Walsh some pages for the new release of "Oakdale Confidential."

Henry: You're going to work now?

Katie: I was just suddenly inspired.

Henry: Well, you're a better man than me. When I'm in despair, I can't work, I can't sleep, I can't even gamble.

Katie: This is no gamble. This is a sure thing.

Henry: Really? What is the theme?

Katie: Revenge.

Gwen: So was I right? Was it all constitution and the civil war?

Will: Yeah, and thanks to you, I got every amendment down cold.

Gwen: And the math?

Will: It was easy enough.

Gwen: So I'm married to a soon-to-be high school graduate slash music producer.

Will: No, I'm just the guy with the wallet.

Gwen: Hey, don't say that. You're the guy who's making all my dreams come true.

Will: That's kind of Adamís job.

Gwen: Adam's a talented guy. But if he weren't around, we'd get somebody else. You're the one who's making me happy.

Judge: The purpose of this hearing is to weigh the evidence contained in Lucy Montgomeryís deposition. She has accused her father of arranging her kidnapping. We will start with Ms. Montgomery's testimony.

D.A.: Lucy, if you could take the stand.

Bailiff: Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Lucy: I do.

D.A.: Lucy, you stated in your deposition that your father, Craig Montgomery, admitted to you that he paid a man named Wade Larsen $2 million to abduct you. Is this true? Lucy?

[Lucy remembering]

Craig: Accidents happen Ė

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Lily: Why is there lipstick on your collar?

Iris: Hey, Gwennie. What's shakin', Baby?

Gwen: Oh, my God. Mom.

D.A.: In your own words, Dr. Montgomery, are you recanting your sworn statement.

Lucy: Yes, I am recanting my statement.

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