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Carly: Mike, I just told you that I thought that Simon and I may have a future together. Now, I don't expect you to jump up and down. But you're my friend. Can't you at least pretend to be happy that I'm happy?

Mike: I guess, in my own way, I was always rooting for you and Jack.

Carly: Well, so was I. Right up until the end, and beyond.

Mike: So, you and Jack, there's no hard feelings?

Carly: No, just sad ones. He wishes me the best, and of course, I wish him the same.

Mike: Well, then so do I. I just hope you know what you're getting involved with in Simon.

Carly: Haven't a clue.

Mike: Well, good luck. You know, at least now that you're with Simon, maybe he'll stop chasing my wife. So, I guess I can drink to that.

Carly: All right.

Simon: Do you want to sit down? Can I get you something? Do you want a coffee or --

Katie: No. God, no, I'm jittery enough as it is.

Simon: You don't have to be.

Katie: I mean, I don't want this to sound like one of those fake things that people say, but if you didn't call me, I really was going to call you.

Simon: That's good. Good. Because we couldn't leave things the way they were.

Katie: No.

Simon: We slept together. Something happened between us. We can't just ignore that.

Katie: I know, you're right. And the one thing that just keeps going through my head is you saying that there is this unbreakable bond between us. I don't know how to say this.

Simon: It doesn't matter, all right? You know what? The important thing is that you, you had the good sense to just shove me out the door.

Katie: Yeah, no, I know, that's the other thing. I want to apologize for that. I'm so sorry for the way that I did that. I was just shocked, I think. You know, I think that we were both so surprised by what had happened. But after I had a minute to think about it, I realized the reason that I was so upset.

Simon: It's okay. Trust me, its okay. I know the reason. And you know what? I feel the same way. Sleeping together was -- it was an irrational, terrible mistake. Now, I'm going to take complete blame for what happened, all right? And I promise you, I give you my word that that will not happen again.

Adam: Hey, Gwen. Wake up. Gwen, we've got another track to lay down.

Will: Hey, Adam, we got the extra studio time.

Casey: Yeah, for what? It looks like Gwen's crashed.

Adam: Is she on something?

Will: Yeah. An 18-credit course load, plus an independent study.

Casey: Hey, we're just going to have to reschedule the session.

Adam: No, no, no, that's not how it works, Casey. Gwen committed herself to this session. She can't bail out on account of nap time.

Will: What? Just cut her some slack.

Adam: So far that's all I've been doing. Hearing her sing on her schedule, working around her classes.

Casey: Hey, we're all new to this.

Adam: Not me. If Gwen ever wants to be a pro, she has to work for it. Otherwise, she's wasting my time and hers.

Will: Come on, Man. She's working her butt off. And the last track was awesome.

Adam: Yeah. So we book golden time, and that's when she decides to fall asleep?

Gwen: Hey, Guys, what's going on?

[Knock on the door]

Craig: You were expecting Meg. I assume you were hoping to settle the tiff the two of you had earlier.

Paul: Are you spying on us?

Craig: Oh, please, lose the paranoia. If anything, I'm trying to steer clear of -- what did you call it the other night at the party? Your pre-wedded bliss.

Paul: Why is it every time I turn my back you're alone with her?

Craig: I was right. You were fighting about me.

Meg: You want to bury the hatchet, Emily? Where, in my third or fourth rib?

Emily: No, no, I'm serious. We need to find a way to -- well, not to be friends with each other, but find a way to make peace.

Meg: Well, 'tis the season.

Emily: This has nothing to do with the upcoming holidays. All right, you know what? Maybe it does.

Meg: Okay, go on.

Emily: Well, it's been brought to my attention that I need to make amends, in order to put the past behind me. I don't blame you for being skeptical. I don't, but I'm just asking that you hear me out over a cup of coffee. After everything's that's happened to me, can't you sacrifice that much, Meg?

Meg: My mother says when someone who hates you decides to extend their hand in friendship, you should always check their other hand.

Emily: Oh, nothing up my sleeve.

Meg: Isn't that what Craig said before he disappeared in the magic box?

Emily: I had nothing to do with that. Or any of the other tricks he played that night, especially the one involving Johnny.

Meg: I assumed since you and Craig are partners, that you had a hand in the festivities.

Emily: No, you were wrong. In fact, I told Dusty that Craig had hired somebody to fly him off somewhere and I was afraid that he was going to take Johnny with him.

Meg: I bet Craig loved that.

Emily: Well, he really never intended to go anywhere. I mean, the whole thing was just a ploy to see if I would sell him out.

Meg: Oh, a loyalty test. So, how do you bounce back from an "F"?

Emily: I don't care what Craig Montgomery thinks of me. I care what I think of me. I'm back in therapy full-time, can't you tell?

Meg: Good for you.

Emily: Have you ever been to one? A therapist?

Meg: What does that have to do with anything?

Emily: Well, I'm with a group now. For parents that have lost a baby or an infant.

Meg: Well, that's very brave of you, Emily.

Emily: Well, do I really have a choice? Hating you and Paul isn't going to bring my baby back.

Meg: I'm glad you're getting the help you need.

Emily: Yeah, me, too. I mean, it's a slow process. But one of the exercises my doctor suggested was that I meet with all the people that I have issues with.

Meg: And I was your first choice?

Emily: Yeah. I mean, I had to start somewhere. So, I figured -- I worked up the courage, and here I am, sitting across from you. I feel like I need to do this, because nothing's going to bring my daughter back. I need to do this so I can heal.

Meg: I think I have time for one cup of coffee.

Emily: One cup is all it'll take.

Paul: Shouldn't you be behind bars? What's the statue of limitations on having your own daughter kidnapped these days?

Craig: I'm letting my lawyers handle all that.

Paul: Right, Tom Hughes?

Craig: Tom served his purpose.

Paul: Oh, he quit.

[Paul laughs]

Craig: My new lawyers are filing all the necessary motions. It may go to court, but I won't go to jail.

Paul: Well, you beat attempted murder. Kidnapping, a walk in the park. I must say, I was really looking forward to seeing you on the side of the road, spearing trash in an ill-fitting orange jumpsuit.

Craig: Very good. But I'm not here to bore you with my problems.

Paul: What are you here to bore me with?

Craig: I am here because I saw you and Meg arguing, and I thought maybe my name came up, and I didn't want you to get the wrong idea.

Paul: Your name never came up.

Craig: Good. Because I would hate to be the source of any tension between the two of you, okay? What happened between me and Meg at the gala the other night was entirely my fault. Nothing to get in an uproar about.

Paul: Hey, why don't you let me decide that?

Gwen: What are you guys fighting about?

Will: Nothing. Adam wanted us to get more studio time, and we did. We got an extra hour.

Adam: Which we'll have to pay for even when we don't use it.

Gwen: No, we're going to use it.

Adam: Not if you're asleep.

Gwen: I'm fine. I'm not asleep. I'm awake.

Casey: Yeah, look, see? Power nap. She's ready to roll.

[Jade comes into the control room and sees Adam, Gwen, Will and Casey in the booth room, she turns a knob to hear what they say]

Adam: Great. So, what happens the next time Gwen decides to take 20, or has to cram for a final and just isn't into the music?

Will: Adam, she knows what she wants and the order she wants it. And her music comes first.

Gwen: Can I say something? Exactly what he said.

Adam: Sleep on your own time. Because if you ever bail in the middle of a session again, I'm out of here.

Casey: Let it go, man.

Will: She fell asleep for five minutes. How is that a crime?

Adam: Give me an example where's it okay to sleep on the job?

Gwen: It's not okay.

Adam: What we're doing here is not just to pass time. It's not a hobby.

Gwen: I know. I should have gotten more sleep last night. Next time, I promise I will.

Casey: You know, Adam, I think you're the one that needs a nap. Because you're blowing this whole thing way out of proportion.

Will: Why don't we all just take five and give her a break, okay?

Adam: Today, this studio -- that was her break. Me? That was her break. If you and Casey want to baby her and make excuses, I really just don't see this happening. Excuse me.

Gwen: I didn't fall asleep on purpose.

Will: Look, I don't know who died and made him boss, but --

Casey: Yeah, I think big bro digs the power trip.

Gwen: Well, you know what? I'm going to show him that he's wrong about me. That I'm ready to work as long as he wants, as hard as he wants. All I need is my producer.

Carly: I know it hasn't been easy. Small town, always running into Katie's ex.

Mike: Even working for him. That was fun.

Carly: Well, I know you did that just to keep an eye on him when he was really after Katie.

Mike: I can't blame the guy for trying.

Carly: Yes, you can. She belongs with you.

Mike: Well, they have history.

Carly: She chose you.

Mike: And I'm sure that was no picnic for Simon. Watching someone you love end up with someone else isn't easy for anyone.

Carly: Oh. So, you're going to ask me if Jack knows about me and Simon. Well, the answer is yes, he does. He overheard me leaving Simon a message.

Mike: Saying --?

Carly: That I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.

Mike: Wow.

Carly: Wait, Jack left me. Jack divorced me.

Mike: Well, from the few times I've talked to him, I think he's having second thoughts about that. You know he loves you.

Carly: Well, love me, love all of me. My quirks and all. And the fact is there will always be parts of me that he will never be able to accept.

Mike: Are you sure about that? He seems a lot more miserable without you than he ever was when you two were together.

Carly: I know. He tried, you know. He came to me. He said that he wanted me back, that he wanted to try again, and I turned him down.

Mike: Carly, years ago, you told me Jack was all you ever wanted.

Carly: Yeah, and I think I believed that at the time. But Mike, no one wants to be tolerated. And I know that that Jack would always be looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to screw up again. I don't want to live in fear of letting him down.

Mike: So Simon's taking you on, quirks and all?

Carly: I don't know that he knows what he's getting.

Mike: Well, I can tell you what you're going to be getting. Frasier trouble. That guy is a liar, he's a conman. He used to be a jewel thief, okay? You think you can deal those quirks, and handle the danger and drama?

Carly: Now, wait, I thought you said that you were happy that he moved on?

Mike: I just wish it weren't you.

Carly: Well, who says you get a vote?

Mike: You and I have shared a lot of time together. I think that affords me the right to tell you whether I see danger ahead, and I do. The thing about Simon, you never know where you stand with him.

Simon: Katie, I was a mess when I came to your house yesterday.

Katie: Yeah, I've been more put together, myself.

Simon: The thing is that Carly and I had -- had a row beforehand.

Katie: And you ended up at my house on a single rebound?

Simon: Actually, no. I mean, Carly put this idea into my head.

Katie: Oh --

Simon: She accused me of never being able to really put you out of my heart. So I showed up to your house hoping to prove something to myself. What I was trying to prove, I really don't know. And then I turn up, and there you are, throwing out these memories and mementos of us and our marriage.

Katie: Well, I really didn't think it was fair to Mike to have them lying around the house.

Simon: I know, I know. And I get that, I do. I get that now. But instead of seeing it for what it was, the indication that you didn't want me in your life anymore -- for me, it just started to bring all these memories back. You know? Memories of us and our time together, our marriage. And there we are, just you and I alone in the house that we bought together. It was intense. Look, what I guess I'm trying to say is that now I see what you have seen for a very long time. And that is, it's too late for us.

Katie: I don't believe this.

Simon: What, you don't think it hit me hard? Katie, I have spent a second career chasing after you. Stranding us on a not-so-deserted island, coming back to Oakdale, flashing my money around. And if I have to admit it, I guess the only reason I employed Carly in the first place was to make you jealous.

Katie: Yet, somewhere along the way, you got over me.

Simon: No, I think I just realized that I didn't really have a chance. That chasing after this old dream was basically making us both unhappy. And now -- I think, yeah, it is time for you, for us, to throw out this old box of memories and start making new ones. You with Mike, and --

Katie: And you with Carly, huh?

Simon: I don't know. I don't know, we'll see.

Katie: Okay, let me just get this straight. Sleeping with me made you realize how much you really wanted Carly?

Simon: No, I didn't say that. No.

Katie: Okay. What the hell did you mean then?

Simon: Okay, am I missing something here? Because after we slept together, you kicked me out and told me you never wanted to see me again. Now, I thought this would make you happy.

Katie: No, don't get me wrong. I am thrilled that you're moving on.

Simon: And now you're worried about Carly, is that it?

Katie: She knows every inch of hell that you've put me through.

Simon: Look, Katie, I have grown up a hell of a lot since you and I were together. And I have vowed, I have vowed not to make the same mistakes with anyone else I got close to that I made with you.

Katie: You did. Well, I wish you both the best of luck.

Simon: Wait, wait, wait. Come on, just wait. Just, please -- hold on. You said you had things you wanted to tell me.

Katie: Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that you don't tell anyone what happened between us yesterday.

Simon: Of course I won’t. No, it'll be our secret.

Carly: Hi, Katie. I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?

Katie: No, don't be silly. Nothing to interrupt.

Simon: Hey, there. Hey, hey, hey, come on. I thought I was going to call you?

Carly: So, I assume that Katie is the thing that you needed to take care of?

Simon: Oh, come on, let's forget about that. Let's -- I would much rather talk about the seven-pound lobster we are going to order for lunch.

Carly: You know what? First I would like to know what Katie was doing here, and why she just ran out like she's hiding something.

Mike: Come on in.

Lucinda: I am not going to linger here any longer.

Mike: Katie!

Lucinda: No, forget it. I've knocked on the door, I've looked in the window, I've looked down the chimney. Where are the new pages for "Oakdale Confidential"? I mean, this deadline is -- it's not a mere suggestion, it's very real.

Mike: Well, she was writing when I left. Maybe she went to clear her head or something.

Lucinda: Well, did she leave you a note?

Mike: I don't see one.

Lucinda: Okay. If she was writing, she was probably writing on this. So, let's access it and see what's hot and burning off the screen!

Mike: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you think you're doing?

[Jade sees Adam coming and turns the volume button off]

Jade: Hey!

Adam: Hey!

Jade: I just dropped by to see a genius music producer at work.

Adam: Woo, you picked the wrong day.

Jade: What, you're not a genius?

Adam: Let's just say, I'm not a miracle worker.

Jade: Oh --

Adam: How about I take you to lunch?

Jade: Yeah, yeah, if I'm not interrupting.

Adam: No, I'm done for today.

Casey: Sweet, bro. You can go off on Gwen so you can go out and play with Jade.

Jade: I just dropped by. Adam didn't even know that I was here until two seconds ago.

Will: Yeah, and now that he does, you guys can go off on one of those long lunches that you're famous for, right?

Adam: See what I'm dealing with? Strictly amateur time. Let's go.

Gwen: Adam -- look, I'm sorry, okay? Please don't go. All right? I want to work, and the hour's not up. Let's make it happen.

Paul: You were a very busy boy the night of the benefit, weren't you?

Craig: Mm-hmm. So were you. I heard there was a PI following me all night.

Paul: I didn't think it would hurt to beef up security.

Craig: In case there was mischief afoot.

Paul: Oh, mischief? You mean like tricking Meg to go into your hotel room to visit some poor sick imaginary hotel guest?

Craig: So she told you about my little ruse?

Paul: Pathetic. Tricking a woman into spending time with you. Is that what passes for a romantic tactic on cell block b?

Craig: I thought you'd be livid. I mean, if I found out that a man I despised had shared a kiss with the woman I adore --

Paul: You'd say anything to get a rise out of me.

Craig: Well, I just lost my head, you know? It was all the excitement and mystery of the evening. It just got the best of me.

Paul: You're telling me that you kissed Meg?

Craig: Well, it was a night for getting carried away. And if one small kiss qualifies as getting carried away –

Meg: Thank you. So, you said you have something you need to tell me.

Emily: I -- I don't know where to begin.

Meg: Why don't you start where you feel comfortable?

Emily: Well, none of this is comfortable, Meg, or I wouldn't be in therapy. You know, I guess I should -- I should start with admitting the fact that I haven't been very nice to you and Paul.

Meg: No, you haven’t.

Emily: Considering you stole my husband from me --

Meg: You gave him a 16-caliber sendoff. Can you blame me for thinking you were done with him?

Emily: It's so easy for you to be flip when you have everything you want, isn't it, Meg?

Meg: Emily, no one has everything they want. But they sometimes get what they deserve.

Emily: Oh, and what's that supposed to mean?

Meg: Nothing. Just that you and Paul were done way before he and I got together.

Emily: Oh, and yet, it was so easy for you to fake being apart when it was all a ploy to take my baby away from me!

Meg: You know what, Emily? This sounds more like you punishing me than making peace --

Emily: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, please, don't go. Meg -- Meg, I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm truly sorry.

Meg: Why don't we just leave it at that?

Emily: Because I'm not finished. Sorry -- I have so much to say to you. Please, sit down. I don't -- I am so sorry. I know I have continued to blame you for the death of my child -- [Emily coughs] my child -- excuse me.

[Emily coughs]

Meg: Are you all right?

Emily: Water -- water!

[Meg goes and gets some water, Emily hurries and pours the bottle into Meg’s coffee]

[Emily coughs loudly]

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Emily: I hope your coffee's not cold.

Meg: Just the way I like it.

Gwen: How was it?

Adam: You sure you can handle it?

Katie: When I was sorting through everything earlier, I wrote down everything about Simon and what we did, and it's still sitting there on my laptop!

[Emily coughs]

Meg: You okay?

Emily: Thank you. Yeah. Something just went down the wrong pipe, I think. Although my mother swears that's not possible.

Meg: Well, drink up.

Emily: Thank you. Sorry to scare you. I hope your coffee's not cold.

Meg: Nope. Just the way I like it.

Craig: You think I'm lying.

Paul: I think that I know all of your moves. And I think that you would do anything to try and stir things up between me and Meg. And I know that you're too late for your own party, because Meg already told me what happened the night you had her lured up to your hotel room.

Craig: She told you about our little kiss?

[Paul remembering]

Meg: For the last time, nothing happened. Are we going to argue every time Craig looks at me?

Paul: You know, I think you should go now. I've had enough fun for one day.

Craig: Of course she told you. You're engaged to be married. You don't have any secrets between each other. I suppose, given our history of pursuing the same woman, I couldn't resist the chance to twist the tiger's tail. It's no fun if you don't roar. I must be losing my touch.

Will: You know what? You did good work this morning, and I think its okay that we call it a day.

Casey: Maybe we can get credit for the extra hour.

Adam: Uh-uh. Use it or lose it.

Casey: Well, it's only money.

Gwen: No. It's not just money. I made a commitment to be here and to work, like Adam said. And if I blow this off, I am not serious as an artist, or as a person. Look, I have waited way too long for this chance, and I'm not walking away from it unless you are.

Adam: A large chunk of our time is already gone. So, if we're going to do this, let's do it.

Gwen: Thank you.

Adam: Jade, do you want to meet up later or do you want to stick around until we finish up?

Jade: I think it'd be worth the wait, getting to see the maestro in action.

Adam: Let's do it.

Mike: I can't let you access Katie's computer without her permission. These are confidential files.

Lucinda: Well, exactly. "Oakdale Confidential." And my editor needs those pages by 4:00 this afternoon. Anyway, the way this new issue is going to be flying off the bookshelves, it's practically public property already.

Mike: Nice try.

Lucinda: You wouldn't want Katie to be in breach of contract and her publisher to sue her to get the advance back?

Mike: No, I think her publisher knows what a goldmine she has in Katie. All right? So I think she'll cut her some slack.

Lucinda: Okay. Well, if you won't allow me to access that, what about you?

Mike: Are you serious?

Lucinda: Well, aren't you curious to see what she wrote about you this time around? I mean, what's the harm? What harm is there? You just print out a couple of pages and then take a peek.

Mike: I feel like I'd be spying on my own wife. I'm not going to go there.

Lucinda: It'll add some spice to the marriage --

Mike: You know what? We have plenty of spice in our marriage. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll call Katie and have her give you a ring as soon as she can. Okay?

Lucinda: You're throwing me out?

Mike: Well, it beats climbing out the side window. Come on.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: All right, Darling.

[Cell phone rings]

Margo: Okay, I'm officially afraid to ask why you called. Did you talk to Mike?

Katie: I thought I should talk to Simon first. So I spent all morning doing what you said. I was sorting through my feelings and writing down everything that was going through my head so that I would have the courage to talk to him, and then he called and invited me over, which I took as a sign.

Margo: Of what?

Katie: I don't know exactly. But the whole way driving over there, I just kept going through my head -- all these scenarios, like I open the door and Simon's there, and he takes me in his arms and kisses me and tells me that he can't live without me.

Margo: Is that the way it happened?

Katie: Not even close. Before I could open my mouth and embarrass myself, Simon said those three little words -- he's over me.

Margo: Well, did you at least get in a good parting shot?

Katie: I dunno. I don't even know what happened. I -- I think I said goodbye.

Margo: Honey, listen the most important thing is that the fantasy is over now. That's what counts.

Katie: It wasn't just a fantasy, Margo.

Margo: Oh, even if Simon shared your feelings, he -- there's no way you were going to run off with him and leave Mike.

Katie: No, of course not!

Margo: No, so it's all good. You won’t have Simon hanging around, trying to jump start your old love life.

Katie: Yeah, well, if that's not what he wanted Margo, then why did he sleep with me?

Margo: What?

Katie: I couldn't tell you before.

Margo: What?

Katie: I'm sorry I -- I just -- I was scared --

Margo: No, no.

Katie: That you would disapprove.

Margo: No, no, it's ok, it's --it's, it's, alright your no the only person in this family to make mistakes and then tell.

Katie: I'm so confused even more now, than before. I mean I never thought that finally giving in to Simon, finally sleeping with him would actually make him fall out of love with me.

Margo: Oh, please, forget Simon. The person you have to worry about falling out of love with you is Mike.

Katie: Oh God. And I know you say honesty is the best policy. But I've already lost Mike because of Simon, once. I can not risk losing him again.

Simon: So, what do you feel like with the lobster?

Carly: Simon, what exactly did I walk in on?

Simon: Look, Katie was here because of you.

Carly: Me?

Simon: Yeah, you told me that unless I cut all my ties with the past. We could never really give this a shot. Now, you told Jack what was going on. So, I called Katie up, asked her to come over.

Carly: To cut ties. Oh poor Katie.

Simon: What do you mean?

Carly: Well, you saw the way she ran out of here. Obviously she still has feelings for you. Whether or not she admits it. And I do understand that. Regardless of what a great guy Mike is.

[Simon remembering Katie and him making love]

Simon: Look, Katie and I had our chance. That's behind us now.

Carly: Just like me and Jack. So it seems like you and I are finally free.

Simon: Not to mention filthy rich.

Carly: Tell me. What do the filthy rich do on a beautiful autumn day?

Paul: Hey Meg, it's me. What, are you screening my calls? Alright, umm, call me when you get this. I -- I love you.

[Paul remembering]

Craig: I suppose, given our history of pursuing the same woman, I couldn't resist the chance to twist the tiger's tail. It's no fun when you don't roar. I must be losing my touch.

Meg: I guess I forgot to turn my ringer back on after my shift at the hospital.

Emily: Don't you wanna check. Maybe -- maybe it's something important.

Meg: No, it can wait.

Emily: Well, what if it's Paul?

Meg: Umm, so, where were we, Emily?

Emily: Ahh, I -- I was making amends.

Meg: Is it working?

Emily: I dunno. You tell me. I mean I, I knew, I knew that this wouldn't be easy. But I didn't know it would be so hard.

Meg: Well why don't you give it your best shot.

Emily: You okay?

Meg: You know, I'm just feeling a little run down. It must be the back-to-back shifts at the hospital.

Emily: You're looking a little pale.

Meg: Yeah. Nothing like a hospital to catch a bug at.

Emily: Oh, you think, you think you're contagious?

Meg: I don't know, maybe umm -- maybe I should go home, get to bed. I'm sorry. I'm more wiped out than I thought I was.

Emily: Are you sure this isn't just an excuse? Not to hear me out? Not to let me make amends?

Meg: What?

Emily: That way you could keep me the bad guy.

Meg: You know, can you cut me a break here Emily. I'm really feeling lousy.

Emily: Yeah know what, no problem. No problem, actually, Meg this is a Godsend. Because thinking about it I'm not ready to make peace with the likes of you.

Bartender: Miss?

Meg: Hmm?

Bartender: You all right?

Meg: Just feeling a little under the weather.

Bartender: Can I get you something to eat?

Meg: No, no. Actually I'm uh, I'm on my way out. Thank you.

Gwen: Sometimes you just gotta believe to remember your heart to your fear throwing your hands up to see what comes crashing down around your feet just try to believe it's all in reach

Adam: Better.

Will: Better?

Adam: Gwen finally gave us something we can work with.

Will: Are you kidding me? She just nailed that and you know it.

Casey: I don't know about you but I'm hearing standing ovations. I think we should celebrate.

Jade: Sounds like fun. How about it, Adam?

Adam: I was actually hoping that we could have some time just for the two of us.

Will: Well that's good. We'll just put it on Gwen's expense account. Well actually, my expense account really.

Gwen: Before you take off with Jade, could I just talk to you for a minute?

Adam: Yeah. Excuse me.

Gwen: Okay. So, how was I? I mean, from somebody who's opinion I value and respect.

Adam: You sure you can handle it?

Simon: Well, it's a tough decision. We could fly to Paris for dinner.

Carly: JJ's got football practice after school.

Simon: How about that seven-pound lobster?

Carly: Three and a half pounds each? I think I'd explode.

Simon: Just the champagne then.

Carly: I don't need the bubbles.

Simon: So what do you need?

Carly: What do you recommend?

Simon: I thought you'd never ask.

Katie: Well, I guess there's one good thing about Simon wanting Carly instead of me.

Margo: What's that?

Katie: I won't have to worry about him running into Mike and accidentally on purpose telling him that we slept together.

Margo: My, that is a bullet dodged. Consider yourself lucky.

Katie: Well, I do, believe me. I am going to spend the rest of my life making sure that Mike knows how much I love him. And making sure that I never do anything so stupid and -- oh, my God --

Margo: What now?

Katie: When I was sorting through everything earlier I wrote down everything about Simon and what we did and it's still sitting there on my laptop.

Margo: Oh, stop. Mike doesn't strike me as the type that would snoop.

Katie: No he's not. But I can't take my chances.

[Phone rings]

Mike: Hello, Gorgeous.

Lucinda: Flattery will get you nowhere. Edited pages for the new edition of "Oakdale Confidential," and we can negotiate.

Mike: As tempting as that sounds, I haven't been able to get a hold of Katie.

Lucinda: Nor have I. I just got off the phone with my editor. If we do not have -- if she does not fax the pages to him today we can just kiss the Thanksgiving deadline and possibly any future deadline goodbye.

Mike: What do you want me to do? She's not here.

Lucinda: Mike, Darling. Your views on the invasion of privacy are known to me. However, what is worse? Looking and taking a peek at her computer? Or having to deal with her total devastation when you announce to her that her writing career is at an end, all because you were too upright to pull a few pages off the computer?

Mike: You're right. I'll call you right back.

Gwen: I can handle the truth. Come on.

Adam: You weren't bad. Actually, you were pretty damn good.

Gwen: Thank you.

Adam: Thank you. You may have to live with it for awhile.

Gwen: Whatever you dish out, I can handle.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Katie: Did you --

Mike: Read about you sleeping with Simon? Yes I did.

Carly: I picked the wrong guy.

Paul: Looks like the party started without me.

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