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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/9/06

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Casey: Whoa, food!

Adam: All the good studios have snacks.

Casey: Sweet.

Adam: Smart. It's good PR, and you end up paying for it, anyway.

Casey: Hey, they have beer!

[In a low voice]

Adam: Casey Hughes. Beware of the dark side.

Casey: What do I push to talk --?

[Back in regular voice]

Adam: Don't touch anything. I already set the levels.

Casey: Okay. You set it up that quick? You really are good.

Adam: So I've been told. Now, all we need is our singer. Where the hell is she?

Casey: She'll be here. Gwen's never late. That's the great thing about working with her at Crash, she's totally dependable.

Adam: We're cutting a demo. It's a little more complicated than figuring out which tune to play next on the rotation.

Casey: Dude, why do you have to put us down like that?

Adam: Sorry. But don't you think it would have been a good idea for Gwen to get here early, you know, look at the setup? Warm up her voice? Go over charts with her producer?

Casey: Yeah, I guess --

Adam: So, my pal Tony did some serious maneuvering to get us this studio. And you know, this studio is booked for months in advance.

Casey: Okay, but could you cut Gwen some slack? She's never even been in a studio before.

Adam: Obviously. Otherwise, she'd realize that every second counts.

Gwen: Hey, where's the coffee? We got to go.

Will: She's just gonna make some fresh. It will be here in a minute.

Gwen: I don't want to be late.

Will: You won't be. And I'm paying for the studio time, so --

Gwen: But, it's not the point. I don't want Adam to think that I'm unprofessional.

Will: He'll get over it.

Gwen: I don't want him to get over it. I just -- I want to be on time. I want to be early.

Will: Well, it's not your fault that your professor overslept.

Gwen: Well, it was stupid. I should have rescheduled it. And staying up all night was also stupid. I'm exhausted.

Will: You know, I kinda liked it. Because I just enjoy spending time with you, even if we are just studying.

Gwen: I just -- I feel really unprepared for today.

Will: Well, you're tired. So, why don't you skip the studio session and get some sleep?

Gwen: No. No, I want to prove to Adam that I want this as much as I told him. Come on, let's forget the coffee. It's going to take forever. Let's go.

Will: Okay.

Meg: Oh, I didn't order that.

Paul: Yeah, but it's what you want. See, I know what you want. Okay, maybe I don't know what you want. Okay, fine. More for me.

Meg: Give me that. Thank you. Give it to me! Well, don't get too comfortable. I'm expecting someone. Supposedly.

Paul: Supposedly?

Meg: Supposedly Bob Hughes for a supposed breakfast meeting. But since Bob was standing right next me at the nurse's station when I got the call --

Paul: Yeah? Oh -- I didn't think you would come if it was just me. You were so angry at me, Meg.

Meg: Which brings me to my question, Paul. Explain to me why it is we keep having the same argument again and again?

Paul: Because Craig keeps hitting on you.

Meg: So what? Am I engaged to Craig Montgomery? Am I in love with Craig Montgomery?

Paul: No, but Craig, whatever his last name is, has a thing for you, and that's not going away anytime soon.

Meg: So, how is that my problem?

Paul: Okay, look, can we start over? You're here, and I'm going to take that as a good thing, because you must have known that I set up this whole supposed breakfast thing, and you came anyway. You did know it was me, right?

Meg: I figured. It had to be you. Or Craig.

Craig: Good morning. No, you don't want to do that.

Emily: Oh, yes, I do.

Craig: No, no. You didn't give me a chance to explain what I wanted you to do.

Emily: I am not doing it.

Craig: We had a deal.

Emily: Yeah, and I kept to my part. I made the calls to Dusty. I did what you asked. But when you pulled out that vial, whatever it was, how could you even consider drugging your own daughter?

Craig: Oh, don't be ridiculous. You misunderstood.

Emily: Did I?

Craig: Yeah, I'm not drugging anyone. You are.

Katie: How did I begin it? "Katie Peretti chose to panic." Good choice. Make a good choice.

Simon: Don't think about what we did yesterday.

Mike: Writer's block?

Simon: Hey.

Carly: It's for you.

Simon: Come in.

Carly: Not necessary. Just take it.

Simon: Will you please come in? Please? Look, about last night --

Carly: You changed your mind. You don't want to be with me. No hard feelings.

Simon: Can you just let me explain --

Carly: It doesn't matter what either one of us said or did last night, Simon. Us sleeping together, us being together -- just read the letter, okay?

Simon: No, I can't read. Just tell me what it says. Just tell me.

Carly: I'm giving up any claim to the building and to your business. I'm ending our relationships, all of them.

Simon: You're walking out on the business? All right, what about your share of the profits?

Carly: Well, what profits? It's going to take forever to sell those units.

Simon: Then what about us?

Carly: Jack wanted me back, and I turned him down because I thought that we -- no hard feelings, Simon. You promised some fun, and you came through. While it lasted.

Gwen: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Gwen: This is incredible. I can't believe that we're actually doing this.

Adam: Next time, be early, okay?

Will: Well, Gwen had a little test that ran kind of late, so --

Gwen: No, it's okay. Be early. I got it.

Casey: Hey, you know what? Check out this board. Adam's been showing me how to do a couple of things. It's pretty sweet.

Adam: So why don't you step into the booth and get set up. Casey, do you want to set some of these levels?

Casey: Yeah.

Adam: Time is money.

Will: Well, yeah. And since it's my money --

Adam: And my time. And your wife's career.

Will: I know all that.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, you're real knowledgeable about this whole music thing, Will. Do you know that we're on a tight schedule here? That we only have the studio for a few hours?

Will: Well, that's plenty of time to do the demo, right?

Adam: Are you kidding me?

Will: What, Gwen’s song is like three minutes long. She could do it 20 times and then we'd have hours left over.

Adam: How did I talk myself into this? Don't ever say anything that stupid to another producer.

Will: Okay, how long is it going to take?

Adam: To lay down one song? Sometimes days. Weeks.

Will: Well, then you should get started then.

Adam: Yeah. Hey, Gwen? You set?

Gwen: Yep, I'm ready when you are.

Adam: Your voice sounds kind of raspy to me. How much sleep did you get last night?

Gwen: I'm ready. Let's do it.

Paul: You haven't heard from Craig today, have you?

Meg: Paul, can you give it a break?

Paul: Well, you brought it up.

Meg: Because you set this whole thing up -- this ambush!

Paul: It's not an ambush. I bought you a popover. You're insulting me.

Meg: You tricked me into meeting me here. And you still haven't apologized.

Paul: For what? Okay, I'm very sorry I forbade you to talk to Craig, whatever his last name is --

Meg: And?

Paul: And what? Look, I don't know. I'm drawing a complete blank.

Meg: The bogus breakfast meeting with Bob?

Paul: Well, you were going to eat, anyway.

Meg: Couldn't you trust me enough to call me and just say that you wanted to see me?

Paul: Yeah, sure. If I knew that you were going to say yes.

Meg: Paul, do you remember me? I'm the woman who agreed to spend the rest of her life with you. So, breakfast, it's a given.

Paul: Yeah. But you were yelling at me.

Meg: I always yell at you.

Paul: That's true. I don't even remember now why I'm bothering to marry you. I'm starting to remember.

Emily: You know, only you would consider harming your own daughter.

Craig: I am not harming anyone, especially Lucy.

Emily: No, no, you want me to do it.

Craig: I do not want you to drug Lucy.

Emily: Well, then who, Craig?

Craig: Meg.

Emily: No. No.

Craig: Since when do you care what happens to Meg? You loathe the woman.

Emily: Which is exactly why I would be the first person they come to find when they find the woman dead. Forget it! I'm not doing it.

Craig: No one is dying, Emily!

Emily: What is this drug going to do to Meg?

Craig: It's going to make her feel like she's got a bit of the flu.

Emily: That's it?

Craig: Uh-huh. She'll assume she has a virus.

Emily: And then what?

Craig: That's all there is to it.

Emily: No, Craig, that's not all there is to it. You finish my sentence. "I want you to drug Meg because --"

Katie: I just can't seem to get my thoughts together. I can't stay focused enough to write.

Mike: Why don't you tell me what you were thinking about? Maybe I can take your mind off of it.

Katie: No, no, don't, stop -- I can't handle any distractions right now.

Mike: Sorry.

Katie: No, I'm sorry. Mike, I'm so sorry.

Mike: It's okay. I just wish writing didn't make you so unhappy.

Katie: It's not the writing --

[Doorbell ringing]

Margo: Hi. Oh, bad time?

Mike: Great time. I need reinforcements.

Margo: Okay.

Mike: Hey, look who's here.

Katie: Hey, Margo.

Margo: Hi, what's wrong?

Katie: Lucinda wants more pages --

Margo: Oh, writer's block, huh?

Katie: I guess.

Margo: Well, then I'll make this quick. I just thought you should know that I have had to arrest our brother, Craig.

Mike: Craig's in trouble already? He's been out of prison less than a month.

Margo: He's got a gift.

Mike: All right, look, you two visit. I'm gonna head out for a little while.

Margo: Okay. So, Katie? Katie? Katie? Where are you?

Katie: With Simon.

Simon: So, you're walking out on me?

Carly: The project is done.

Simon: Look, Carly, I am sorry. I'm very sorry for what I said or didn't say last night. But in the few short hours after I left your house, you did a complete about face. So, seeing you again was like -- it was like, it was like seeing a completely different person. It threw me.

Carly: Well, I had Jack standing in my living room, telling me that I had to choose between the two of you. That certainly threw me.

Simon: Okay.

Carly: But after I had time to think about it, I chose you, Simon. And after you had time to think about it, you -- it doesn't matter. I'm going to go, okay?

Simon: No, please, please, no, don't --

Carly: Please, I would like go.

Simon: No, not until we work this out. Please? [Knocking at door] I got to get -- stay right there. Please?

Carly: Simon?

Simon: Don't move. Don't move. It's the broker. He's got news about the units we're selling.

Carly: The units you're selling, you mean? Just open the door.

Simon: Hey, come on in.

Broker: I'm glad you're both here.

Carly: I was just leaving.

Broker: It's about the building. And it's major.

Simon: Okay, what is it now? We got mold? Termites? An infestation of killer locusts?

Broker: Check this out.

Carly: Just share it with Simon, okay? I'm out of here. I'm done.

Broker: You may want to rethink leaving right this minute.

Carly: Why? What is it? I'm being sued or something?

Simon: We're rich.

Adam: All right, come out of the studio.

Casey: You know what that means? She nailed it!

Will: That was really good. That's what I'm talking about. I always knew you were good, but --

Casey: Gwen, that was awesome.

Gwen: What'd you think?

Adam: Well, I want to play it back for you, so you can hear it from out here.

Will: Just wait until you hear it. You sound amazing.

Gwen: What was wrong with it?

Casey: Nothing's wrong with it. It was perfect. Right, Adam?

Adam: Um, well, the bridge is bothering me. When you hear it --

Will: Why are you doing this?

Adam: Doing what? Producing?

Will: There was nothing wrong with what she just recorded.

Gwen: Will, its fine.

Will: No, he's making you feel bad for no reason at all.

Adam: Was what Gwen just did good? Yeah, it was good. But was it the best it can be? Not even close. Will loves you, so he's going to love your music. Casey is going to love your music. Your sisters, your aunts, your -- you got any cousins?

Casey: Yeah, we know, we get it, so what's the deal?

Adam: You're in your car, you turn the key in the ignition, the radio blasts on, there's a song playing. Something you've never heard before. And without even thinking about it, you reach out to turn the radio station. But then, something happens. It grabs you. So what do you do?

Casey: You keep listening.

Adam: Yeah. By the time you pull out into traffic, you're thinking, "this is good." And then, when the song's over, you want to know one thing.

Gwen: Who it is?

Adam: So, are we done here or not?

Gwen: Play it back. Let's make it better.

Meg: What are you so happy about?

Paul: It's a beautiful day.

Meg: Because we made up?

Paul: Well, we started to make up. I won't be able to make up with you properly until we get home.

Meg: Well, I'm looking forward to that.

Paul: I have some news.

Meg: About our honeymoon? Oh, where are we going? Please tell me where we're going --

Paul: No, no, that's still a surprise. But, Craig was arrested last night.

Meg: Craig's in jail? Paul, what on earth did you do?

Emily: You're setting me up. You're setting me up. You're going to do something horrible. To Meg, and then to Paul. I know you.

Craig: Listen, listen, Emily. Listen to me. I promise you that any inconvenience to Meg will be purely temporary.

Emily: And Paul?

Craig: He'll be yours. He'll be heartbroken. And you'll help him heal. Just like before. Only this time, the love will last. And then will be the gratitude. He'll never let you go.

Emily: What does this have to do with Lucy? And the custody hearing? How does drugging Meg help you get your child, Craig?

Craig: You don't need to know that.

Emily: Why not?

Craig: Because I don't trust you.

Emily: Ooh, and you expect me to trust you?

Craig: No, I expect you to perform this task and get your man. And in time, all will be revealed.

Katie: I don't know what to do.

Margo: Well, ignore Simon.

Katie: I've tried. I love mike so much. We're trying to have a baby. I want a family with him more than anything in the world!

Margo: I know, I know, I know you do. And I think that's part of the reason you're feeling so emotional.

Katie: But I'm so scared because I have everything I want right in front of me. And every time I try to put Simon out of my head --

Margo: Will you stop beating yourself up, Baby? You can't help what goes on in your head. The important thing is you don't act on it.

Katie: No, you don't understand.

Margo: Well, but I want to. So, just take a deep breath, and start talking.

Katie: Oh, God. Okay. Well, Mike was out of town. I got out this box, of all my memories with Simon.

Margo: Oh, and you looked at it? Why would you put yourself through that? It'll make it so much harder.

Katie: I was going to throw it away. And when I was on my way out, there was Simon. Right there.

Margo: Wow! Imagination is powerful, isn't it? Do you remember a couple of years ago, I had that obsessive thing about that sportscaster?

Katie: Yeah, you and Tom almost got divorced. I don't want to get divorced.

Margo: No, no, no, you're not going to get divorced. My point is that, you know, these things happen. You know, I love Tom desperately, but there I was, attracted to someone else, and I guess I -- I just went crazy for a little while.

Katie: So, how did you stop it?

Margo: Oh, Honey, it ran its course. Just take it from your big sister, there is a silver lining in this.

Katie: What?

Margo: Well, you're just fantasizing about Simon, it's not like you went to bed with him.

Carly: How is this possible?

Broker: What you two have managed to pull off, in this market no less, is nothing short of phenomenal. The model apartment was so impressive, we've already sold every other unit from the prospectus alone.

Simon: Okay, whoa, whoa, you just said every other unit?

Broker: All of them. The entire building. In fact, there were bidding wars over the final five.

Carly: What?

Broker: You guys hit a home run, and then some. The entire industry is frothing at the mouth to see what you'll do next.

Carly: But there's no actual money, right? There's offers, but the cash, we don't have --

Broker: Here's what I deposited in your corporate account today.

Carly: Oh! Holy moley.

Simon: Whoa!

Broker: That's what I said when I started calculating my commission. We have down payments on every unit, plus some of the overseas buyers paid cash up front for the entire deal. And Carly, some of the buyers want to know if they can book your design services for their unit.

Carly: Yeah. Yes, of course. Tell them yes. Absolutely!

Broker: Will do. Congratulations.

[The broker leaves]

Simon: Thank you. Thank you. Well --

Both together: We did it!

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Emily: Do you mind if I join you?

Mike: What put that smile on your face?

Carly: It's not a "what," it's a "who."

Simon: You've been on my mind. And I'm glad you came.

Katie: I've been thinking about you, too.

Meg: Are you or are you not happy that Craig is in jail?

Paul: He's probably made bail by now.

Meg: Answer the question, Paul.

Paul: All right, the truth is that I'm glad he won't be sniffing around you anymore.

Meg: Because you assume the only way I won't give in to Craig Montgomery’s charms is if he's behind bars?

Paul: No, but I think that it's great that he's not going to be around anymore.

Meg: Do you really think I have so little control over myself?

Paul: No, but Craig doesn't play fair.

Meg: Because he'll manage to trick me into doing something compromising because I'm too dense to notice?

Paul: No, I didn't say that. Don't put words into my mouth.

Meg: Paul, Craig is just a guy. You're acting like he's a cross between the devil and the invisible man, evil that you don't see coming. Especially if you're a female and gullible, like me.

Paul: I don't think you're gullible. Meg, I think you're really bright, okay? But my sister Jennifer was very bright, and he managed to get to her. And you can say whatever you want about my mother, but she is pretty savvy. And Craig managed to ruin her life in a zillion different ways.

Meg: And then there's Rosanna.

Paul: Yes, there's Rosanna, who's in a coma because of him. So, you will forgive me if I don't want the woman that I care about the most in the world around him anymore.

Meg: I can handle Craig Montgomery.

Paul: What makes you so sure?

Meg: I handle you, don't I?

Craig: Emily, you are thinking way too much.

Emily: No, this is going to come back and bite me, right in the --

Craig: It won’t. But you don't have to listen to me. You can consider the other options.

Emily: What options?

Craig: You get another job, a much lower-paying job. Let's say, perhaps in Chicago, because who would hire you here?

Emily: You can't fire your partner.

Craig: Less shares, less power. I'm sorry, that's the way it works. So, let's just imagine life in the city with Emily Stewart. Well, you'd be much older, less attractive, much more lonely. And Paul and Meg, they get married, they have a bunch of kids. You know them Snyders.

Emily: I don't want to do this.

Craig: All right.

Emily: But I will.

Craig: So, you will give Meg my little potion? We only have one shot at this, Emily. If you back out --

Emily: I won’t. How am I supposed to pull this off? Meg knows I can't stand her, so I call her and invite her over --

Craig: Get your coat. Go on. You don't have much time.

Emily: I hate to ask, but where are we going?

Craig: The Lakeview. Meg's there.

Emily: How do you know Meg’s there?

Craig: I know. You'll approach Meg, and join her for a cup of coffee.

Emily: How the hell am I going to manage that, Craig?

Craig: You write for a tabloid. You're very adept at making the preposterous seem plausible.

Emily: I hate you.

Craig: I don't think you do. I think you rather admire me.

Emily: No, Craig, I hate you.

Craig: Okay, so you hate me.

Margo: I think you should tell Mike the truth.

Katie: What? You think I should tell him that Simon and I --

Margo: Yeah, that he's on your mind, and you're having a hard time getting past that. I think he'll understand. Come on, if Tom can understand my making a fool of myself over doc, Mike will understand that you have some unresolved feelings for your ex-husband.

Katie: No, I don't think I can tell him this.

Margo: Well, here's the thing, Katie. I think that he already knows.

Katie: No, he can't know.

Margo: Sure, he does. He loves you. He knows you. And don't you think it's better just to let him and let him help then to lock him out?

Katie: I don't want to hurt him.

Margo: You think it's better to keep something from him? You think that won't hurt him in the long run?

Katie: I don't even know how I would begin to tell him this.

Margo: Here's a couple of things I learned in counseling. You write it all down. Everything. How you feel, what you did, what you want to do. And that way, when you do talk to Mike, you have a better understanding of what the issues are.

Katie: I don't know, Margo.

Margo: It'll work. Believe me.

Katie: Okay.

Margo: Okay.

Katie: I have to get back to work.

Margo: All right. You know what? You love Mike, and he loves you. And this is all going to work itself out.

Katie: Thank you.

Margo: Call me if you need me.

Katie writes: Katie has one thought, just one thought drumming in her head. "I love my husband. How can I break his heart? How can I tell him that I slept with sin?"

Carly: Oh, Man. What is it with us? I'm either running from you or jumping you. There doesn't em to be an in-between. You really hurt my feelings, Simon.

Simon: I didn't mean to.

Carly: Why did you push me away?

Simon: Years of not letting anyone in, putting up walls -- running away, not expecting anyone to care about me. So, when you said to Jack that we were just business, I --

Carly: Hey, but you know why I said that. I told you why. Years and years of caring far too much what Jack thinks.

Simon: Okay, so now if Jack asks you about us?

Carly: Well, I'll tell him what I told him after you left. That it's not just business, and it isn't just sex. You're my friend.

Simon: With benefits?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Really great benefits. And Simon, I'm sorry that I accused you of not being over Katie. Because you are. You are, right?

Simon: Where do you want this to go?

Carly: I don't know. Maybe keep having fun, keep making love, maybe --

Simon: Maybe we'll both get more than we bargained for.

Carly: That'd be nice.

Simon: Okay, and I want to start, I want to start right now. But I've just got one more thing I've got to take care of.

Carly: Okay.

Simon: Okay?

Carly: All right. Is it the building? Should I stay --?

Simon: No, no, I can handle it. I've got it.

Carly: Okay. All right, good. Because I'm going to take this folder, I'm going to get myself a latte and pore over these numbers, and be thrilled with each and every one.

Simon: Keep your phone handy, because I'm going to call you as soon as I'm done. And we are going to go celebrate.

Carly: Okay, I'll bring the party hats.

Simon: Do not make any plans. You better not make any plans. I'm going to call you.

Simon: Katie.  

Adam: Gwen, your pitch is drifting.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I'll watch it.

Casey: Do you want to go from the top?

Adam: No, not yet. Hey, I'm coming in.

Will: Why does he keep stopping her in the middle? Why can't he just let her finish something?

Casey: Well, if it's not right, why keep doing it? And besides, you got to admit that last note was a little pitchy.

Will: Well, isn't that what the sound board's for, so you can tweak out all the bad notes?

Casey: Yeah, we could do that. And then Gwen wouldn't know that she's off-key until she got in front of thousands of people. That would be great, huh?

Will: Can we hear what he's saying in there?

Casey: No, he turned the mike off. No, where are you going, Dude?

Will: She's tired. She's been up, like, all night. And he's got her singing the same stuff over and over again.

Casey: That's the business.

Will: Or is just Adam acting like he's the boss?

Gwen: Okay. So stronger on the intro. But ease into the vocals. Back off on the vibrato. More energy on the bridge. And don't go off key.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Got it.

Adam: And have fun with it. You know, it's a really good song, Gwen.

Gwen: Yeah, now we just have to find somebody who's good to sing it.

Adam: We did. Why'd you write it?

Gwen: It's kind of personal.

Adam: Good.

Gwen: A couple of years ago, I got pregnant.

Adam: With Casey. Yeah, he told me.

Gwen: And the song is about that, and being scared, and broke and alone.

Adam: I hate to break it to you, but this song doesn't take me there.

Gwen: Okay. Well, sometimes, at night, when I could feel the baby moving, I used to sing to him about the future. About the good life. Just fantasy, you know, about getting past every bad thing, and --

Will: He's upsetting her.

Casey: Oh, come on.

Gwen: It's okay. I'm fine. I'm sorry about -- I'm just really tired.

Adam: Yeah, well, that's what's bothering me. You're trying to make this song happy and light when it's really sad.

Gwen: But the words, they're --

Adam: No, they're ironic. Bittersweet.

Gwen: But the song is happy. I mean, it's my life is -- my life is really good now.

Adam: But your baby's not here to share it. Isn't that what you're trying to say when you sing it?

Gwen: Hm-hmm.

Adam: You want to try it again?

Gwen: Hm-hmm.

Adam: All right, let's do this.

Will: What did you say to her?

Adam: I think I'm about to make her a star. Ready, Gwen?

Mike: Hey, Carly.

Carly: Hi, Mike. How's it going?

Mike: Pretty good. You look happy about those papers.

Carly: Oh, I am.

Mike: You and Jack --

Carly: No. No, that has nothing to do with it.

Mike: Well, it was something. What put that smile on your face?

Carly: It's not a "what," it's a "who." Simon.

Katie writes: Maybe I slept with Simon because I never stopped loving him. Or maybe it's like Margo said, that I stay attached because he's always leaving, and being left feels familiar. But whatever it was, I shouldn't have married Mike while I still had these feelings. But I did fall in love with Mike. I did. I wish I could just split myself in two. One Katie could live with Mike, and my other self could be with Simon. But that's crazy. I can’t. And I can't keep lying to Mike. [Cell phone rings] Simon –


Simon: Come on, Katie. Please, just pick up the phone.

Paul: Craig is not somebody that you can handle, okay? He is a master manipulator.

Meg: Says the man who lied to get me to breakfast.

Paul: We don't have to have another conversation about Craig if you don't want to. We don't ever have to mention him again.

Meg: Good.

Paul: Yeah, all you have to do is promise me that you'll never be alone with him.

Meg: Promise? What is that supposed to be? Some kind of edict?

Paul: I'm not -- I don't want to do this with you, all right? I'm not going to attack you. I'm going to go and try and find a cooler head, okay?

Meg: Fine, yeah, you should go.

Craig: Showtime.

Emily: Hi, Meg. Do you mind if I join you?

Meg: This is all I need.

Emily: I don't understand.

Meg: Oh, give it up, Emily. You saw Paul storm out and now you're here to throw it in my face --

Emily: I did not! Paul was here?

Meg: Yes, he was here. And we had a fight. So, I'm not in the mood for another one.

Emi: Good, good, good, because that's actually why I'm here. We need to stop being at war with each other.

Gwen: Was that better?

Adam: We're definitely getting there. It's not you, it's me this time. I just need to work on some of these levels. How about, everybody take a break while I work on this? All right?

Adam: What did you guys think?

Casey: Well, I didn't think it could get any better, and it did.

Will: What did you guys talk about in there?

Adam: Just life. You know, a couple more takes, and I think we've got this.

Will: Okay.

Techie: Munson? Time's up.

Adam: Damn it.

Will: Can you talk to your guy about giving us some more time?

Adam: You need to do that. I just need to deal with these levels. Casey, go with Will. Just promise Tony whatever you need to, just buy us another hour, okay?

Casey: All right, cool, we're on it, Man.

Adam: All right. Okay, Gwen, let's knock this out.

Carly: I know how you feel about Simon.

Mike: After everything's he's done, I cannot believe you're getting involved with him.

Carly: Well, it's the business, the building that we worked on together, it's paying off. Big.

Mike: Really?

Carly: Yeah. People love my designs, Mike. We've sold all the units. And that wouldn't have happened if Simon hadn't believed in me.

Mike: Well, that's great. I know how hard you've been working on this, and I know how much you've wanted it. So now maybe you can stop working for someone else and start doing stuff on your own.

Carly: Well, the thing with Simon, it's just not business, it's personal, too.

Mike: Well, I thought you two --

Carly: Weren't together? Well, we weren't, and then we were. Even yesterday, I wasn't sure how we felt about us. How he felt about me.

Mike: But now you're sure?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, and I think that Simon and I may really have a future together.

Simon: You've been on my mind. I'm glad you came.

Katie: I've been thinking about you, too.

Simon: We've got a few things to settle, don't we?

Katie: Yeah, we do.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Meg: I think I have time for one cup of coffee.

Emily: One cup is all it will take.

Craig: I just lost my head. You know, it was all the excitement and mystery of the evening. It just got the best of me.

Paul: You kissed Meg?

Simon: Sleeping together was -- it was an irrational, terrible mistake that will not happen again.

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