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Tom: Hey. I thought you were working the late shift.

Margo: I am.

Tom: Taking a little break?

Margo: Yeah. So, busy day at work today, Dear?

Tom: Yeah.

Margo: I heard that you and Craig dropped by the Lakeview.

Tom: So we did.

Margo: And that Craig practically dragged that little boy from Dustyís arms.

Tom: It was a visit. A court-ordered visit. It lasted about two hours. And the baby is already back with Dusty.

Margo: Yeah, you sure about that?

Tom: Well, I don't know. Maybe you want to check your sources, who seem to know everything about me and my client.

Margo: How could you do that, Tom?

Tom: You need to ask the judge who decided that Craig has legitimate visitation rights.

Margo: You think it's perfectly all right that that little boy is dragged from his father's arms because Dusty is his father --

Tom: What kind of dragging are we talking about here? It was very peaceful. Dusty just complied with the marshal's request.

Margo: Oh, you brought in a federal marshal on this as well? How --

Maddie: Hi!

Tom: Hey, Maddie.

Margo: Hi.

Maddie: Is Casey here yet?

Margo: I didn't know that we were expecting Casey.

Maddie: Oh, yeah, he said he'd meet me over here. He and Adam are getting together. I thought you had the late shift.

Margo: Yeah, I do. Aren't you -- do you have anything, something, homework or something?

Maddie: Oh, no, I finished it in study hall. Then I went to the library and -- so -- you know what? It's gorgeous outside. I'm gonna take one of these and I'm gonna wait for Casey.

Margo: So, you're all right with this?

Tom: Craig wants to spend time with his child. Now, I can understand that. So, if it's his lawful prerogative to do so, don't you think we should all just accept that?

Margo: It's the way he's doing it.

Tom: It's being done by the book.

Margo: Honey, you have told our sons, I don't know how many thousands of times, that it's not enough that something is legal. That it should almost be right. This is not right. And you know it.

Craig: You've made this threat before.

Lucy: Well, this time I'm going through with it. If you don't drop your plans for a custody suit, I'm going to send you back to jail.

Craig: Dusty put you up to this?

Lucy: Where are you going?

Craig: I'm going home. I'm not gonna have an argument with you in the middle of a public place.

Lucy: I'm serious about this, Daddy.

Craig: Well, then you're welcome to accompany me to Fairwinds, where we can discuss it like adults.

Lucy: On your turf.

Craig: Do you have a turf? We can go to yours instead.

Lucy: Let's get this over with.

Katie: Why are you here?

Simon: Can I come in?

Katie: Why?

Simon: Where's Mike?

Katie: I'm sorry, Simon, I don't recall inviting you in to make yourself at home. I'm so sick of you barging into my life.

Simon: So am I. So am I. You know, I'm sick of our lives bumping into each other as well.

Katie: So leave.

Simon: Not until we settle a few things. It's been years since we talked about what went on between us.

Katie: What went on between us? Which time are you talking about, Simon? Because they all seem to blur together.

Simon: See, that's it. That's good. See, what's what I'm talking about. You know, just yell, scream, blame, guilt, just bring it on. Okay, if we end up hating each other, so much the better. At least then, maybe we can get on with our lives.

Katie: I've already gotten on with my life. I have Mike, a man who I love with my whole heart. And you have Carly, a woman that you -- whatever. So, what else do you need?

Simon: I need to talk! How's that? God, what is it with women? When you want to talk, they kick you out. And they want to talk, you got to drop everything and listen.

Katie: Carly kicked you out?

Simon: I didn't say that.

Katie: Well, you two obviously had a fight.

Simon: Okay, listen, where's Mike? Because I want to get this done without him barging in and taking another swing at me.

Katie: Mike is out of town. So, you and Carly had a fight, and you come to me because --

Simon: The point is, if I want Carly, or any other woman for that matter, I have to be able to let you go. Now. Completely.

Carly: So, what I'm trying to say is that telling Jack our relationship is strictly professional -- there was a knee-jerk reaction. It wasn't fair, Simon, and it isn't true. Oh, Boy, I hate leaving this on voice mail, but the truth is, you're important to me -- very important. And I'm gonna tell Jack that. Bye. Bye.

[Door shuts]

Jack: Let me save you a phone call.

Craig: You're here to protect the world from my evil. All right. I'm all ears. What do you want me to do?

Lucy: Okay, visitation is one thing. Getting to know Johnny is one thing. But please, stop pushing it further. I want you to promise me that you'll stop any plan of trying to get custody of him. Look, I know you want to raise him, Daddy, but Johnny belongs with Dusty.

Craig: Why is that?

Lucy: The most important thing for children to learn in the first crucial years of their life, is where home is. When Jennifer died, the one thing she wanted above everything else was that place stay the same for her son. So that he could be as stable as possible. And you have to understand that right now, Dusty is Johnny's whole world. To take him out of that world after everything he's been through would be nothing short of cruel, Daddy. So, please, leave Johnny and Dusty alone. Let them be happy.

Craig: No. Anything else?

Lucy: You're not even gonna think about it? You're gonna force me to have to press criminal charges against you?

Craig: If you must.

Lucy: You know what, I'm going to police. I warned you.

Craig: I'm his father! And I will not allow anyone -- not you, not Dusty, not anyone to keep me from my son.

Lucy: And I thought it was impossible for you to get anymore selfish.

Craig: Selfish? When it comes to my children? Of course I'm selfish. I want what's best of Johnny and I want what's best for you. I love you.

Lucy: Then do what's best for Johnny and me. Show your son and daughter how much you love us. Let this go, Daddy. Please let it go.

Craig: I can't do that, Sweetness.

Lucy: Don't make me go to the police, Daddy, because I will. I will have them reopen my kidnapping case. And I will -- and they will arrest you. And I will testify against you, and I will put you back in jail. I will.

Craig: You mean that?

Lucy: Yes, I do.

Craig: Okay. I better call my lawyer.

Lucy: You're gonna drop this? You're not gonna try to get custody of Johnny?

Craig: Well, I think you need to make a phone call too, right? To the police?

Lucy: I don't understand.

Craig: Go ahead. Have me arrested, but I will raise my son.

Tom: It is neither unethical nor wrong that I actually get paid well for my legal advice.

Margo: Even if that advice allows Craig to do something -- oh, say, reprehensible --

Tom: You know what? I have been down this custody road with Emily. I can understand and sympathize with a guy who wants to raise his own kid.

Margo: Its two completely different techniques. He didn't invite Dusty into his office and discuss this with him, did he? No. He ambushed him in a public place with a lawyer and a federal marshal.

[Cell phone rings]

Tom: Tom Hughes.

Craig: Tom, it's me. Can you come to Fairwinds? I have a situation.

Tom: Yeah, I'll be right there.

Margo: The master is calling me!

Adam: Hey, Maddie. Why are you hanging out here?

Maddie: Hey, I'm waiting for Casey.

Adam: It's kind of cold to be waiting around outside, don't you think?

Maddie: Yeah, it's a little too hot inside. Yeah. So you're producing a demo for Gwen? That's very exciting. Casey's excited.

Adam: Well, nothing's definite yet.

Maddie: Oh, but I thought -- don't you want to do it?

Adam: Sure, but more because of my brothers then because of Gwen. I mean, I get why Will is so gung-ho about this. Gwen's his wife. But Casey -- why is he pushing this so hard?

Maddie: I guess he feels that he owes Gwen.

Adam: For what?

Maddie: You know what? It would be better if you ask Casey about this.

Casey: Hey.

Maddie: Hi.

Casey: Hey, Bro. Hey, I'm sorry I'm running late. I had to pick up some equipment at Crash, and this promoter's been hounding me, so --

Adam: You're a busy guy.

Casey: Yeah, but not too busy for Gwen's demo. It's going to be awesome, right?

Adam: Let's hope so.

Casey: Well, I thought you liked her --

Adam: I think she has potential. But that doesn't explain why you guys are so intense about this. I'm just wondering what kind of hold Gwen has on you.

Jack: I seem to be interrupting a lot of private moments lately.

Carly: It wouldn't happen if you didn't keep sneaking on me.

Jack: J.J. left this in the car.

Carly: Uh-huh. You could have knocked.

Jack: Yeah, this'll teach me.

Carly: We've been through this, Jack. You don't live here anymore. You can't just walk in whenever you want to.

Jack: Got it. Is there something you want to tell me?

Carly: Nothing you didn't just hear.

Jack: I'm not going to believe it. Not until you say it to my face. Are you in love with Simon?

Katie: You want to make up with Carly, fine, go talk to her. Leave me out of it.

Simon: No. See, Carly thinks that --

Katie: What?

Simon: Well, amongst other things, that you and I have residual feelings.

Katie: Oh, she's crazy. I have my life, you have yours. So, you can go reassure Carly, I've got stuff to do. No, I got it. I got it.

Simon: Sorry.

Katie: No, don't touch it! I've got it!

Simon: This is my handwriting, huh? I gave you this. I gave you this. And you saved it all, huh? All the pieces of our life together.

Casey: Gwen doesn't have any kind of hold on me. She's my friend. She's our friend. And I think she's really talented.

Adam: I must have misunderstood.

Casey: Wait, what is this?

Maddie: I'm sorry if I said anything wrong. I thought Adam knew about -- everything.

Casey: Oh --

Maddie: Yeah.

Adam: So, what's the deal?

Maddie: You know what? I have a book that I need to pick up at the library, so --

Casey: Maddie, no, don't leave.

Maddie: You should talk to your brother.

Adam: So?

Casey: It's not that big a deal, really. Or it's not now. But it was kind of crazy. Gwen and I hooked up once.

Adam: Oh.

Casey: It only happened once. The thing is, she got pregnant.

Adam: What? Okay, when did this happen?

Casey: Before senior year.

Adam: Over a year ago. But what happened to the baby?

Casey: He died.

Adam: You were going through all of this, and you didn't even tell me?

Casey: Gwen was going through most of it. I pretty much pretended like she and the baby didn't exist.

Adam: Which is why you owe her.

Casey: No, that's not what this is about, all right? You heard her sing.

Adam: Yeah, but she --

Casey: No, I know that she's got what it takes to make it happen. And I'm willing to work my butt off to make sure that it does happen.

Adam: Why?

Casey: Well, partly because she's my friend. And partly because I want to be in on it. And with you producing --

Adam: Casey, Casey, back up, back up. Okay, you and Gwen have some major history. Don't you think that's going to complicate things?

Margo: Wait, I hate it when we fight.

Tom: Then you need to stop riding me about this, because I'm not going to quit. Be careful out there, all right?

Margo: You, too. Honey? What is Craig planning?

Tom: I don't know. And if I did, I couldn't tell you anyway.

Lucy: You think Tom can talk me out of this?

Craig: I think Tom can bail me out of jail if and when you follow through on your threat.

Lucy: Oh, I'll follow through.

Craig: Because of Dusty? Are you trying to buy his love with this stunt?

Lucy: Am I attracted to Dusty? Yes. But I am here because I don't think you should raise Johnny.

Craig: Really? You prefer that he be raised by a man who's been arrested more times than I have? And don't even try to list the number of shady people that he's dealt with. He's even got one watching my son right now. That Chaz Dragoti. You don't think that I've checked him out?

Lucy: Yeah, well, at least Dusty won't use Johnny as a pawn.

Craig: That's exactly what he's doing. He is using Johnny to seduce you. Jennifer would have inherited all of Barbaraís money, which is impressive. But you stand to inherit a good chunk of Lucindaís. So, of course he's making you feel useful, making you feel needed, making you feel loved. Dusty's heart isn't going pitty-pat. It's going ka-ching, ka-ching! Lucy --

Lucy: Is that what you think of me? I'm so useless, so starved for affection that I'd fall for the first guy who looked at me twice? Oh, but then, nobody loves me like my daddy does. Thank God for that.

Craig: I shouldn't have said those things. I'm upset.

Lucy: You got away with what you did to Jennifer because she's not around to prosecute you. But I'm alive, and I will make sure that they throw the book at you for what you did to me. And I will. Unless you leave Johnny and Dusty alone.

Craig: Know what you're doing, Lucy. Kidnapping is a federal offense. You won't be sending me to some county lockup for a couple of months. If you testify against me, you'll be sending me to a federal prison for the rest of my life. Is that what you want?

Lucy: I want you to leave Johnny alone.

Craig: And I don't want Dusty Donovan raising my son. So, you just go ahead, throw me in jail. Do what you have to do. Do what you like. Because I certainly intend to.

Simon: What are you doing with all this stuff?

Katie: Throwing it away. It's garbage.

Simon: Oh, I see. Mike's away, you're lonely. So, you pull out a box filled with remembrances of me.

Katie: Oh, you are so full of yourself.

Simon: So, how often do you do this, Katie? Huh? Once a week? Once a month?

Katie: Never. No, I don't look at this stuff. I was cleaning out some closets and the box was sitting there.

Simon: Okay, and what's the real story?

Katie: That is the real story.

Simon: I was married to you, remember?

Katie: That's what I'm trying to forget!

Simon: Katie, you're a neat freak. You don't need to clean out closets, because they never, ever get cluttered. You won't allow it. You attack dust and clutter like it's a holy war. You kept everything?

Katie: You're taking this the wrong way, Simon. Yes, you saw a couple things in here that you gave me, but the rest of the stuff, it's just stuff that I'm done with.

Simon: Oh, I gave you this. And I gave you this. You gave me this. I was wondering where that went.

Katie: Come on, this --

Simon: What about this? You can't --

Katie: That doesn't belong in there. That's Mikeís.

Simon: Oh, it's Mike's, right? And yet it's in a box filled with things that remind you of me.

Katie: It's doesn't remind me of you. It reminds me of Mike. Give it back! Damn it!

Jack: It's a simple question, Carly.

Carly: I don't know. I don't know if I'm in love with Simon.

Jack: Then you arenít. People who don't know if they're in love -- it's because they've never really been there. They've seen it, they've read about it. Maybe they've even thought it. But you and I, we've been there. You know we have.

Carly: What we had -- I don't feel that for him.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: But I was lying when I said that it was just business. It has gone beyond that.

Jack: Yeah, I figured. I just didn't want to admit to myself that you --

Carly: Well, isn't that what you wanted? For me to move on?

Jack: I never really thought about what moving on would really mean, Carly. I was just so angry.

Carly: So you said.

Jack: I'd see you, and I just want to grab you and shake you. And it scared me. Because the anger would never go away. So I had to. I had to go.

Carly: No, you didnít. No, you didnít. You could have gotten past it. But you didn't want to. You wanted it to be black and white. You right, me wrong. You wanted us to be over.

Jack: Yeah, well, I thought it would be easier to live without you than to live with who you are.

Carly: Is it?

Jack: It's hell.

Carly: You miss the kids, Jack.

Jack: No, I miss you. I miss you. You said that we had to work it out, and hold it together. And I thought -- I thought we had to throw everything away, to begin again. But it is black and white. You were right, I was wrong. I want you back.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: It feels like the first time.

Carly: The first time?

Jack: Like if I touch you, I'll explode. And if I don't --

Katie: Get out! Get out now!

Dusty: Testify against your father. Would you do it? Would you do it for Johnny?

Carly: You want me back? You say that now? After all these months? Why?

Jack: I've been thinking about it for a while.

Carly: How long?

Jack: I wasn't paying attention to dates, Carly.

Carly: Well, I'd like to know. So maybe you could think about it and figure it out.

Jack: Fine, all right. Since the day I left.

Carly: Liar.

Jack: Carly, you held out that compass to me. I didn't want to go. I walked to my car, you called my name. I wanted to stay, Carly. I wanted to turn around and come back. And every single time I've been in this house since that day, I wanted to stay.

Carly: No.

Jack: It's the truth.

Carly: Jack, you had plenty of chances. All those times I told you I loved you. When I begged you.

Jack: I know.

Carly: But you didn't come back. Not after a day, not after weeks, not after months. And today -- today, you want to come back. Why?

Jack: Simon.

Carly: Yes, Simon. You push me away and you push me away, and then when some other man wants me, there you are, front and center, ready to stake your claim.

Jack: Not because Simon wants you -- Carly, what do I care if he wants you? A lot of guys want you, why wouldn't they? Look at you!

Carly: Then what?

Jack: Because you're talking yourself into wanting him.

Carly: And we can't have that, can we? Because you're supposed to be the only man I'll ever love.

Jack: I am the only man you'll ever love.

Carly: Not if I can help it.

Jack: I thought -- I thought we couldn't make it. Because we were too different. I even pretended that I could live with you finding someone else, somebody you'd love. And I knew you'd find someone. Someone who would love you and not judge you, and not try to change who you are. The problem is, Carly, you don't belong with that person. You belong to me.

Carly: Oh, God help us.

Jack: Wow, it feels like the first time.

Carly: The first time?

Jack: Like if I touch you, I'll explode. And if I don't --

Carly: Donít.

Katie: I don't know why I'm crying.

Simon: It's all right. Come on, it's okay. I mean, who wouldn't get a little emotion throwing away something as lovely as this? [Katie laughs] Come on. Are you really going to throw this away? You've had this since you were a little girl. I thought -- if we ever had a daughter, you said --

Katie: Yeah, well, since that's not going to happen --

Simon: With me. But with Mike. Why are you going to throw it away?

Katie: Because it was about you. Not when I made it. But then you found out, you arranged that wedding. I mean, you made every single stupid little wish I had come true.

Simon: You were so beautiful. Saying our vows in the church together.

Katie: Underneath the hole in the roof, with the snow drifting in on us.

Simon: You thought it was a miracle, remember?

[Katie laughs]

Katie: "It's a miracle."

Simon: Years have passed, you know? We have been with different people, lived different lives. But there's always this. There's always this in the background. And the happiness we shared. The perfect life we had. And then, just like that, you know, it was over. It was just gone. No wonder we haven't been able to get over it.

Katie: Simon, you think I'm not over you?

Simon: This is exhibit "A." Okay, all right? There's no shame in it --

Katie: Yes, there is! I loved you so much, and I didn't know who you were. You know why it's easy to get rid of all this stuff? Because it wasn't real. Our wedding, our anniversaries, all this stuff that you gave me, it wasn't real!

Simon: Yes, it was.

Katie: Mike is real. My marriage is real. The only memory I want of you is you walking out that door for good this time, and don't come back!

Lucy: Don't make me do this, Daddy.

Craig: Sweetheart, whatever has happened between us, I will always be your father. And you will always be my little girl. But it's not in your nature to knowingly hurt me.

Lucy: You don't think I can do this?

Craig: In my defense, whenever I've wronged you, I've done it out of love. And if you go ahead with what you're threatening, it will be out of spite. And that's just not who you are. I know you. You're my daughter.

Lucy: I'm your daughter. That's exactly who I am.

Tom: So, what's wrong with Lucy? She didn't even say hello.

Craig: Oh, she's got things on her mind.

Tom: Oh. So, what was so urgent that you needed to see me immediately?

Craig: It passed. I thought there was going to be some real legal problems, but I think I took care of it.

Dusty: So, how'd it go?

Lucy: I did what you said.

Dusty: Did your father drop the custody suit?

Lucy: He thought I was bluffing.

Dusty: Were you?

Lucy: Sort of. I'm sorry, Dusty. I thought he'd care enough about me to back off. Now what?

Dusty: I don't know.

Lucy: Well, didn't Barbara say something about a lawyer?

Dusty: Yeah, yeah, that might work in the long run. But in the meantime, how many court ordered visits is my son going to have to go through? I mean, when is your father just going to take him and run? You're my only shot.

Lucy: But -- he's my father. There's got to be another way.

Dusty: There is. Testify against your father. Would you do it? Would you do it for Johnny?

Casey: Did Mom look weird to you just now?

Adam: She and Dad have been going through some stuff since he took the job with Craig. They'll get past it. Look, about Gwen.

Casey: Oh, Gwen, okay. She's super cool. She's totally committed, totally organized. A little bit of a type "A" personality. But other than that, you'll love working with her.

Adam: Yeah, man, I'm not so sure about that.

Casey: What's the problem?

Adam: You and Will. You guys both feel like you've got to bend over backwards to make her happy. I mean, Will's doing it to make up for sleeping with Jade. And you're doing the same thing about getting her pregnant.

Casey: No, Dude, that has nothing to do with this.

Adam: Well, it's making me rethink this whole thing.

Casey: You know what, Adam?

Adam: What?

Casey: You're the diva, here, not Gwen.

Adam: Oh, is that a fact?

Casey: Yeah, you talking about being Mr. Professional and everything, when you keep acting like you're going to back out. Now, they're on their way over here right now to see if you want to work things out, so you're either in or you're out. It's your decision, man.

Jack: What is it?

Carly: I can't do this.

Jack: Look at me, Carly. Look at me. What's wrong?

Carly: I can't be with you, Jack.

Jack: Why not? You can tell me. You can tell me anything.

Carly: I can't go back to being your wife. It was hard. You know, sometimes impossible.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Because I was always trying to do things your way, live up to your standards. But I'm not that person. I don't want to try to be anymore. I have fun doing things you wouldn't even consider.

Jack: Like what?

Carly: How many times have we been through this, Jack? How many more times is it going to take? I'm not going to change, neither are you. It's too hard with you.

Jack: Oh, and it's easier with Simon? Is that it?

Carly: Yeah, it is.

Simon: All right, that seems like a pretty good place to start then. You want to talk about the times I left.

Katie: I don't want to talk about any of it.

Simon: Suit yourself, but I am not leaving this house with you thinking that everything we had was a lie! Now, even though we started on shaky ground --

Katie: You only married me so you wouldn't get deported.

Simon: I know. I know. And I didn't love you then. But later on -- you know, I try to pretend to be something that I'm not, but I canít. I can't seem to shake it, you know? I'm a con man by trade. I'm a thief and I'm a liar. But there are some things that even I cannot fake. There are some things I can't control and manipulate. And loving you -- what we had in this house together, was the most real and the most true thing that has ever happened to me. And no one will ever take it away from me.

Katie: And why should I believe that?

Simon: Because you were there. You felt it just like I did, okay? And I will be damned if I let you deny it.

Katie: Well, I love Mike.

Simon: So, you've told me, okay? Katie, so you've told me 1,000 times. But why is that in order for your marriage to him to mean something, your marriage to me has to mean nothing?

Katie: I didn't make us nothing, Simon. You did.

Simon: I had to leave, Katie. I had to leave to save your life.

Katie: I thought you were dead. I wanted to die, too.

Simon: No.

Katie: And deciding to live, deciding to go on without you took everything I had. And when I finally got myself back together, when I finally did -- and in you walk again! You made me love you again. And you left again! I don't love you, Simon. I hate you!

Craig: Have a celebratory drink?

Tom: No, I'm going to pass. Am I going to find out what the big crisis was tonight?

Craig: It's over. It's passed. Because of my brilliant powers of persuasion. Lucy, you're back.

Lucy: Yes. Hi.

Craig: Great. You know, some of the things that we said earlier were pretty harsh. So, I'm glad that you're back, so we can make up.

Lucy: Actually, I've brought some people with me.

Margo: When you came back, I so hoped I would never have to say these words again.

Craig: What have you done?

Margo: Craig Montgomery, you're under arrest.

Adam: I don't know if I'm in or out. I won't know until I hear the rest of Gwen's material. I already told you that.

Casey: Yeah, but you're making it personal.

Adam: It is personal! You and Will are my brothers. That puts a lot of pressure on me to get this thing to work.

Casey: Adam, we all want to make this work.

Adam: Okay, yeah, but I have the reputation to protect. And I'm also the only one of us who knows how hard it is to produce a hit album.

Casey: Well, if you keep --

Adam: I committed to listening to Gwen's material. And I'll do that. But you and Will, you have to realize something. No matter how much you guys want this thing to work, if Gwen and I don't click creatively, it's just not going to happen.

Casey: Okay.

Adam: You mean that? Because I don't want this to mess things up between us.

Casey: No, no, no, it wonít. And Dude, I'm not trying to put you on the spot. I'm sorry, it's just that Ė Man, I really want to see this thing to take off.

Adam: Well, get Gwen over here and we'll see what we can do. Get off me, Bro.

Jack: Are you saying -- are you happier with Simon?

Carly: Sometimes.

Jack: Only sometimes?

Carly: I may be what you want, Jack. But I am not what you need. And that hurts. It really does. Because for a very long time, I wanted to be a good person. Like you.

Jack: You are a good person, Carly --

Carly: When I try -- but then I forget to try. I do what comes natural. And that's when things go bad.

Jack: You don't have to try to be the only woman I'll ever love. You just are.

Carly: I'm not who I was when I was with you, Jack. Not anymore. You left, and I let myself become someone else. And I can't go back.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: I need you to go, Jack.

Jack: I want you to be -- I want you to be happy. I just -- be careful with Simon.

Carly: I will.

Jack: And if he ever hurts you --

Carly: He wonít.

Simon: You don't hate me.

Katie: Yes, I do! The worst moment of my life was when you showed up on my honeymoon with Mike. And I regret every minute I have wasted on you since then. You know what I don't even get? Why did you come back to Oakdale in the first place? I just wish you would get on a plane and go back to Australia for good. Just get out! You know, you want closure? You want closure? I'll give you closure. Get out of my life! Go be with Carly, go ruin someone else's life!

Simon: Okay, you hate me? You really hate me? Can you teach me how? Because I want to hate you, too. With every fiber of my being. Because I want to get on with my life.

Katie: Go! Get out! Get out now!

[Katie runs to Simon and they kiss passionately]

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Gwen: It just seems like every time I turn around, there you are.

Craig: I'm not a perfect father. But the love that I have for my children, all three of you, is perfect. Don't let Dusty destroy our family.

Carly: We are ready to move on, together.

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