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Gwen: No, no, no, no. Studio musicians are expensive. We don't need that many, it's just a demo.

Will: A demo that's going to sound really professional.

Casey: Whoa, whoa, wait. You guys are going to do this?

Will: Yeah.

Casey: I knew once Adam had to see you, you want to push the demos. So, what do you have, studio time, fees, copyright fees. Why isn't he doing this?

Will: We're not making the demo with Adam.

Casey: Whoa, that's crazy. He's got a lot of experience. You guys got to talk to him.

Will: We did. We talked to him and we can se it really just wasn't going to work out.

Casey: Well, then you need to talk to him again. And make him see that it will work.

Gwen: And let it go. I'm sorry. No, we're just -- we are going to do this on our own.

Jade: It's you.

Adam: I already knew that.

Jade: No, it's weird, I was just saying how I didn't know if I'd see you again. And here I am seeing you again. Come in.

Adam: I can’t.

Jade: You came all this way not to come in?

Adam: I just have time to say goodbye. I'm heading back to L.A.

Lucy: I don't know if I can stop my father, but I said I would do anything I can to help.

Dusty: When this thing goes to court, will you testify?

Lucy: I said I would. What?

Dusty: Would you swear that I'm a good father?

Lucy: Not hard to swear to the truth.

Dusty: I need more. I need you to testify against your father.

Meg: Dr. Blair, my fiancé could walk in at any minute.

Paul: You're funny. You're so funny, I'm going to take you to Tahiti. Unless you want to go to Belize?

Meg: Well, you know, I only get a 20-minute break.

Paul: 20 minutes? You got to stop giving me so much attitude, Snyder. You know honeymoons don't plan themselves.

Meg: Well, don't we need to finish planning the wedding before the honeymoon?

Paul: We don't have to plan anything if we eloped.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: Okay?

Meg: Uh-huh, sure. Fine.

Paul: Really? You'd be all right with that?

Meg: Yup.

Paul: There would be no family. No ugly bridesmaids dresses --

Meg: You know what I really need at the wedding? Just you.

Paul: I like you very much. I want to marry you.

Meg: Well, sometimes you get what you want. You know, you should get going. I need to get back to work.

Paul: Yeah. Me, too.

Meg: Oh, really? Doing what?

Paul: Don't be like that. I'm incredibly busy.

Meg: Really?

Paul: Yeah, I have to go to Java, look at honeymoon magazines.

Meg: Well, don't book anything until you talk to me first. You know, I might not need a big wedding, but a girl needs her frills.

Paul: Oh, yeah. I like you in frills. Hey, look if you want to stop by Java on your break, you can check up on my incredibly difficult work.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: Yeah?

Craig: Paul's on his way to Java. He's planning the honeymoon.

Emily: Yeah, it doesn't mean I'm looking forward to it.

Craig: Something on your mind, Emily?

Emily: You know, as a matter of fact, there is. I've been thinking -- nothing.

Craig: So, I can count on you?

Emily: Yes.

Mike: So, are we pregnant?

Katie: No.

Jack: It's a simple question, Carly. Are you together or not?

Carly: No. It's strictly business.

Jack: So, just now, that kiss --

Carly: You know, this is so fun for me, on so many levels. And Simon, I really enjoy that you decide for me that you get to be a part of it. Jack, I answered your question, and let me reassure you that I am not corrupting our children.

Jack: I didn't say that.

Carly: You discussed my personal life with a 10-year-old.

Jack: J.J. asked me what was going on with the two of you.

Carly: Then I will tell him that I work with Simon, and that we're friends.

Jack: Okay, and the kiss?

Carly: It's not really your business.

Jack: I don't want you to think that -- I don't trust you. And it's true. I'm not a big fan of Simon hanging around with my kids. I shouldn't have grilled you in front of him.

Carly: You're always so fair. I hate that.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I'm glad we cleared the air in this mature way that we have. Frasier. Always a -- always a pleasure.

Simon: Yeah, just business, huh? Interesting, 'cause last night didn't seem like just business.

Carly: Incredible.

Simon: What?

Carly: You. You actually wanted me to tell Jack what happened, didn't you? You wanted me to tell him what happened, didn't you?

Simon: Not exactly --

Carly: You wanted to turn my living room into some kind of locker room.

Simon: No, I just thought things changed for us last night.

Carly: Jack is my ex-husband. He's a detective. We stole the jewels that he was guarding. And you really think it would be a good idea for me to give him some kind of personal reason to go after you?

Simon: All right, all right --

Carly: Let's me just I say, if there is a part of you, even if there is a very small part of you, that thinks what we did last night gives you the right to say things like, "whatever you need to say to Carly, you can say in front of me," then clearly, you don't know me very well.

Simon: All right, I'm sorry about that. I'm just saying, you know, and I know you did this for Jack's benefit, I just find it a little insulting for you to refer to us, as just "business friends", you know --

Carly: Simon. It's wasn't just for Jack's benefit. It was the truth.

Mike: Look, I know how much you get your hopes up. So, I know it hurts when it doesn't happen. But, we have time. A lot of time.

Katie: It's been months, Mike, and nothing.

Mike: Okay, it's not nothing. We're together, we love each other, we want to make a family. That's not nothing.

Katie: I know, I didn't mean it like that --

Mike: I know, I know. Look, this baby that we're going to make, it's not totally in our hands, all right? We have to be willing to wait for it.

Katie: I know, I'm just scared. Because no matter what you tell me, no matter what I tell myself -- I'm just scared. I have this fear that's it's never going to happen.

Gwen: It's not going to happen.

Casey: Was this you? Feeling left out again and neglected?

Gwen: Whoa, this had nothing to with Will, all right? I can't work with him. I can't work without him.

Casey: Why?

Gwen: Why?

Casey: Yeah.

Gwen: Why? Because Jade is part of the deal.

Casey: Oh.

Gwen: Yeah, supposedly, Adam is Jade's boy toy. And he wanted me to make nicey-nicey with her --

Casey: Well, it's not like she's going to be working on the demo, is she?

Gwen: Well, the way that she operates, I won't be surprised if she ended up lead singer on my songs --

Casey: Could you just relax? Please?

Gwen: I'm sorry. I'm really very sorry. I don't feel like being relaxed right now.

Casey: Fine, you know? I'll handle it.

Jade: Something happened?

Adam: Casey. He's all wrapped up in this demo for Gwen, so I thought I would give it a go. But Will and Gwen, we didn't exactly get along too well.

Jade: You had a fight with Will?

Adam: Not a fight, exactly. And it was Gwen, not Will. She's no pushover, is she?

Jade: It's almost as if you said something negative about Gwen.

Adam: That doesn't happen around here, huh?

Jade: No, you see, you don't get it. Gwen has no bad qualities. She's sheer perfection.

Adam: Will seems to think so. She's sure got him in line. I shouldn't have said that.

Jade: No, it's okay. You can say whatever you want to me. That's part of my charm.

Adam: Yeah. It is. Listen, if you ever in L.A., let me know. And it was nice meeting you.

Jade: Likewise. And it was really nice of you to come by and say goodbye.

Adam: Well, I have to go. But, take care. And don't let them get you down.

Jade: I never do.

Adam: I'll see you.

Luke: So, who's that?

Jade: Some really nice cute guy, so of course, he's leaving –

[Cell phone rings]

Adam: Hello?

Casey: Adam, hey. I heard what happened with Will and Gwen.

Adam: Right. So, I'm going back to L.A.

Casey: Don't --

Adam: Look, why don't out and see me. We can hit the clubs --

Casey: No, I'm over at Java. Just come over here.

Adam: I don't think so.

Casey: You can't just give me five minutes to try to make this work? Or are you just as stubborn as Gwen?

Emily: Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry.

Paul: Hi. Are you okay?

Emily: Oh, it's awful. You haven't heard?

Paul: Heard what?

Emily: Craig. He has Johnny, Paul.

Paul: Craig has Johnny?

Emily: I told Dusty. I tried to warn Dusty, I told him to pack a bag and get out of town, and he didn't listen.

Paul: Did Dusty call the police?

Emily: No, it's legal. The whole thing is legal. Craig and Tom have these legal documents. Dusty was forced to hand Johnny over to Craig. It happened just a little while ago. There was a federal marshal there and everything.

Paul: All right, where's Montgomery now?

Emily: I don't know. I mean, I talked to him a few minutes ago at the hospital.

Paul: Thanks. I think it's time that I had a little talk with Montgomery.

Craig: Look, Johnny, it's our friend, Meg.

Meg: What are doing with him?

Craig: Your first check-up. What are you doing?

Meg: Calling security.

Craig: Would you like me to show you the visitation agreement? It will spare you some humiliation.

Meg: There is no visitation agreement. Dusty would never allow that.

Craig: Well, thankfully, it wasn't his decision. I invoked a higher power. I have a court order.

Meg: Okay, let me see it. Now.

Craig: You think I'd make up something like that?

Meg: Of course I do. Show it to me.

Craig: Okay, Slugger. Meg wants me to show her something. Let's see here. There we go.

Meg: So how much did this cost you?

Craig: Not nearly as much as it costs me to be separated from my son. So, that's why I'm here to see Dr. Lake. I want to make that he's in good health.

Meg: Well, Dr. Lake is booked months in advance.

Craig: Well, the hospital board was very grateful for what I did for them. So, we kinda skipped the line.

Meg: Waiting your turn, fair play -- you're just above that, aren't you? You just buy everything with Rosanna’s money.

Craig: Wow, you're in a very sour mood. Are they overworking you? You know, I can talk to the board.

Meg: Why are you doing this? Dusty has done nothing but take care and love Johnny. And you not only barge into their lives, you gloat about it.

Craig: Maybe what you call gloating is a defense mechanism.

Meg: I'm going on my break. I'll tell Dr. Lake you're here.

Craig: No, no, Meg, please. If I drop the gloating, will you give me two minutes of your time?

Meg: Are you going to kiss me again? Against my will, again?

Craig: I just want to explain why I'm really here.

Dusty: We know why he's here. He's here to get my son. This is all leading to just one big custody battle.

Lucy: I know he said that, but maybe now that he can see Johnny --

Dusty: What? He's going to stop? This is round one. Only one thing is going to stop him. Prison. And you're the person who can put him there.

Adam: So, Gwen was cool with you calling me? She's calmed down?

Casey: Well, let's just talk it though. Okay, round two. Everybody calm down and we'll figure this out. Now, Adam was on his way to L.A. and was nice to come over and talk. So, I think that's pretty cool.

Will: Thanks.

Casey: And Adam, I know you. You wouldn't have given this a second thought if you didn't think Gwen had the talent do this. She's not good, she's great. Right?

Adam: She could be.

Casey: So, you've got all this going for you, why don't you give it a shot?

Adam: Okay. On one condition.

Casey: All right, cool. What is it?

Adam: Gwen learns to act like a professional.

Simon: What did you just say?

Carly: I said, that I didn't just tell Jack something he wanted to hear. I told him the truth. What we have is a business relationship with a one-night stand thrown in.

Simon: That's not what I want.

Carly: Well, Simon, it's not really your choice. You know what, we stole some jewels and got away with it. And it was exciting, and exhilarating, and we were on a high, and we celebrated.

Simon: Yeah, it just seemed more than just a celebration, you know?

Carly: Oh, come on. You, of all people, you can't read more into it than that. Honestly, it wasn't a unique experience for you, was it?

Simon: Honestly, yeah. Yeah, it was. That wasn't just another roll in the hay. You know? It was a culmination of the time we spent together. So, I've never been with a stronger woman than you, Carly. You mean, you know how to stand up for yourself. And give as good as you get. You know, a knock-down drag-out fight with you is more exciting than a week in Paris with most women. You know, I actually liked it when things went horribly wrong because you'd yell at me, we'd fight about it, and then we'd say what the hell, and give it another go --

Carly: Right. It's just the thing that you feel connects you to me, that's really on its way out, Simon. Because the bottom line is, you've got the world on a string. And I've got three kids.

Simon: Ah, no, no, no.

Carly: I do. I do. I can show you pictures.

Simon: No, no, no, you see, no, you always drag out these kids to explain why you won't be the woman we both know you are. But you see, they're not the reason. It's him.

Carly: I think you should go.

Simon: So, you're still hung up on Jack.

Katie: I just have this feeling that I've never had before.

Mike: Why?

Katie: I don't know. I guess, because it means so much. And we've done everything right. We have taken all the advice and still I'm not pregnant.

Mike: We never took the advice to just calm down and wait.

Katie: I know, but I guess it's just because underneath it all, I --

Mike: What?

Katie: Like you said, it's not up to us. So, maybe I'm not supposed to be a mother.

Lucy: Prison?

Dusty: He already has family court backing him up. So, we got to move to criminal court.

Lucy: Criminal court?

Dusty: He kidnapped you. You never came forward, but you can now. If we get court records saying what he did to you, we got him. It will stop him. For good.

Lucy: I never thought I'd ever say this, but you remind me of someone right now.

Dusty: Who?

Lucy: My father.

Craig: Please, listen to me. I do need your help.

Meg: How could I possibly help you?

Craig: Well, you can calm him down during his check-up. You can help me understand what the doctor tells me about him.

Meg: What?

Craig: Meg, I understand why Dusty did what he did. I do. But you completely cut me off from Johnny. I heard thirdhand that he almost died. No one told me anything. So, I didn't even know what was wrong. I don't know why he got sick, or if it can happen again, that's why I'm bringing him to Dr. Lake. I need help to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to protect him.

Meg: Lucy could explain it all to you.

Craig: No, she's too close. It's her brother. It's too painful.

Meg: Dusty, the hospital, took wonderful care of him. Okay, you have nothing to worry about.

Craig: I'm sorry. I do.

Meg: Why me?

Craig: Because you're not sentimental, and you don't lie. And I know this drives you crazy, but I really like you. Just like he does.

Meg: All right.

Craig: Thank you.

Meg: I still don't trust you as far as I could throw you.

Craig: Well, why should you be any different than anybody else?

Paul: What the hell are you doing here?

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Simon: Maybe I'm the grown-up kid who knows who you really are.

Carly: I --

Will: Can you two work it out?

Adam: I don't know. It's up to Gwen.

Paul: Every time I turn my back, you're alone with this guy.

Paul: What's Johnny doing here? And would you mind telling me what's so funny?

Meg: Paul, not in front of Johnny, okay? Please, come here sweetie.

Craig: Johnny came here for his checkup. And Meg has agreed to help me with him.

[Phone rings]

Paul: So, you get visitation rights? You don't bring the kid to the park, you bring him to the hospital.

Craig: I don't think I need to explain myself to you.

Paul: I think you're gathering ammunition to use against Dusty. Last night you bought yourself a hospital, and now you're cashing in.

Craig: I'm sorry? I don't follow.

Paul: There's nothing wrong with Johnny, he's perfectly healthy. Perfectly well taken care of. I don't care what anyone says. I don't care how many fancy specialists you paid off.

Craig: If that's what I was doing, why would I ask Meg to help me out?

Paul: Because, as always Craig, you're in desperate need of credibility. With you everything has to look right, even if it stinks to high heaven.

Meg: That was Dr. Lake. He was trying to get a hold of his appointments for today. He had an emergency call and he has to reschedule.

Craig: Oh, well. Hey, Slugger, you get a reprieve. I know how good that feels.

Paul: You will get custody of Johnny over my dead body.

Craig: Whatever. I will reschedule with Dr. Lake and let you know when it is, okay? And thank you. So much, for listening.

Meg: Paul, no one on this staff would lie about a child's health, and I wouldn't be part of it.

Paul: So, what was that all about?

Meg: He was worried. He wasn't around when Johnny was sick --

Paul: Meg, he fed you a line of bull and you swallowed it. Worse than that you offered to help the guy.

Meg: Oh, I'm sorry. Imagine, me making a decision on my own and not clearing it with you.

Paul: No, it's not -- you see don't a pattern here?

Meg: A pattern?

Paul: Meg every time I turn my back, you're alone with this guy.

Lucy: Did it even occur for a second, while you were planning on getting my father put away that he was my father? That it might be hard for me? That's like him. People stop being people and just become pawns.

Dusty: I'm sorry I didn't --

Lucy: Fine. Now that I have your attention, can you listen to me for a second? You said, before, you know and you were right, that my father was goading you, waiting for you to make a mistake. Think about that. You might be playing into his hands. Pushing too hard, too soon?

Dusty: When I had to give my son to your father, something inside me changed, you know? I -- I feel like I'm going crazy.

Lucy: I'll be your monitor. I'll let you know when you start getting crazy. Dusty, I said I'd do anything I can to help, and I meant it. But I'm not sure charging off to court to testify against my father is the answer. At least not yet. We don't want to play our trump card too soon. What?

Dusty: You been talking about trump cards.

Lucy: You know Johnny is my brother. I love him, too.

Dusty: So, if you're not going to testify, what we do?

Lucy: I think there might be another way.

Will: Thank you. Thank you, Adam, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come back from lala land and talk down to us Oakdale yokels. Is that what you call "being professional?"

Gwen: You know what? Let this be between Adam and me. It's not a family thing it's professional matter. Right?

Casey: Yeah, um well let's go get some coffee.

Will: Fine.

Gwen: Wow. You could've at least tried. You know, said something to smooth things over.

Adam: Oh, I offended him when I said you had to be professional?

Gwen: Oh, you think?

Adam: How about you?

Gwen: I guess I'm not really in a position where I care very much about your opinion of me.

Adam: As my sister-in-law, that's fine. As someone who trying to make it in the music industry, you should care. A lot.

Gwen: And as Will's brother, you should care about what Jade did to his life.

Adam: I'm not trying to get you to like Jade. I could care less. I'm trying to see, if you can keep it together when things go wrong. More wrong than you can even imagine.

Gwen: Sounds fun.

Adam: It can be great. But if we're going to do this, we are on the same side. We save the attitude for the rest of the world. And finally, and this is not ego, this is practical -- outside of questions specifically about your voice and your music, I call the shots. No questions asked. So, you have to ask yourself, if you are prepared to do all that.

Mike: You're driving yourself crazy.

Katie: I'm just trying to be honest. Maybe if I was a better person, if I -- had my stuff together -- if I hadn't have been so --

Mike: You know what, I'm starting to get a little ticked off here. One, I don't like it that our lives mean nothing if you're not pregnant. And, two, if you start saying that babies are like rewards for good behavior, I'm going to say that's stupid.

Katie: I didn't say that.

Mike: No, it's where you're going. I was bad. I don't deserve a baby. Okay, it's after the baby is born to prove whether you deserve it or not. By loving it and taking care of it. Which we both know that you're going to do!

Katie: Okay, why are you yelling?

Mike: Because being nice to you is like throwing gasoline on a fire, it just makes things worse. Sweetheart. We haven't even been married a year. Now look, I know you're disappointed, but I'm not -- I'm not gonna turn this into be some kind of tragedy.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Mike: Seriously, if someone treated you the way you treat yourself, I would beat them.

Katie: I am sorry, Sweetheart.

Katie: I promised that I wouldn't do this to you, and put you through all this.

Mike: It's okay. Alright, working through things together, we're going to agree on every little thing.

Katie: I know. I also know you have to leave. We made a deal. So, I'm going to take this time to think things through. And you're going to come back to a sane wife.

Mike: When will you be?

Katie: Funny. Love you. So, go okay? Go build something and get out of here before I change my mind.

Mike: All right. I'll miss you. You are perfect just the way you are.

Katie: No, Mike. You just think I am.

Carly: Simon. Having a relationship with my ex-husband -- the father of my children, does not mean I'm hung up on him. Most grownups would know that.

Simon: Oh, and that little disagreement that you guys just had before, because he saw you kissing another man? Yeah, that didn't seem like a whole lotta, what are grownups calling it these days? Closure?

Carly: Well, I didn't say he's not hung up on me.

Simon: Whatever. Just don't evade the issue with me.

Carly: There is no issue.

Simon: Okay, well how about this? See, I think you keep Jack in the picture, because you want him to keep you in line. Because you're scared of how high you might be able to fly without him. See he's a detective, you know. He spends his life to enforcing rules. And yet, you hate rules. "Hung up" doesn't mean love. See, I think you're hung up on him like a fly on flypaper.

Carly: That's a flattering image. Thank you for your high opinion of me.

Simon: My opinion of you, is that I think you are really beautiful, really smart, really funny, really sexy woman who I do not want to tame. See, I wanna encourage you to fly.

Carly: Lovely to see you, Simon.

Simon: And as much as you talk about the kids and grownup relationships, maybe I'm the grownup kid who really knows who you are. And I can prove it.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Yes, I'm sure you can. I'd really love to see that Simon. How do you manage that, huh?

Carly: I didn't say you weren't a good kisser.

Simon: This isn't about me, it's about you. See, you're a passionate, risk-taking woman, and I know you're not ready to give that up and throw in the towel.

Carly: That's not what I'm doing.

Simon: You're using your kids as an excuse to only live half your life. But see, you can still love your kids, be there for your kids, be a great mother, and live the other half of your life as well.

Carly: Simon, even if I were to live your idea of that full life, do you really think that I would risk doing it with a guy on the rebound?

Simon: What?

Carly: You would have me stealing the crown jewels and then jetting off to Morocco for some couscous!

Simon: You're damn right I would, because that's life!

Carly: And all Katie would have to do is crook her little finger and you'd leave me high and dry with some camel.

Simon: Oh, that is so not true.

Carly: Who comes to Oakdale to make a fortune in real estate, Simon? Who? Why did you come here? You came for Katie, that's why.

Simon: Yeah, I came for Katie, but I stayed for this project, and for you.

Carly: What happened last night, it was great. It's all been great. But it would be dangerous to make it something that it isn’t.

Simon: See, Jack has got you all -- so tied up in knots, that you think fun is dangerous. No, fun is the indication that something good is happening. We have something good here.

Carly: I told Jack the truth. We have a business relationship, Simon. That's it.

Simon: Fine, whatever. You drive me crazy.

Carly: It's just business.

[Carly remembering]

Jack: Are you and Simon together or not?

Carly: Who am I kidding?

[Katie remembering]

Simon: I know Katie. I mean, she's been planning for so long. It's all in this book, and that is what she's gonna get.

Katie: It's snowing! I can't believe it! Simon, my miracle -- it's all coming true.

Katie: I know what you're thinking, Snickers. I have to let this go. I have to.

Meg: What are you doing here? I thought you were going to Java. Are you following him?

Paul: No, Emily told me that Craig was here.

Meg: Oh, so Emily spills the beans and you just come running?

Paul: Come on, look. Craig tries to take Johnny away from Dusty, and Craig needs to know that I'm going to be there every time he turns around, watching him.

Meg: Okay, I'm going to say something that you don't want to hear.

Paul: It's not about Emily, is it?

Meg: It's about Craig. He was fine with Johnny, easygoing, gentle.

Paul: You're right, I don't want to hear this.

Meg: Johnny is not in any danger, and more than that, Dusty is no pushover. And he has Barbara’s money backing him up. So what if you and I just butt out?

Paul: No.

Meg: You know, it started out this morning about honeymoons. And it's ending with Craig and Emily. And you know what? I see a pattern.

Paul: I'm going to give a list of people that said Craig was not so bad, that thought that maybe Craig had his good points. Okay, some of them are in comas.

Meg: Yeah, I've heard. Too many times, Paul. We're planning on getting married. I don't want this to be our only topic of conversation.

Paul: Fine. I won't talk about Craig anymore.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: And from now on, you don't talk to him.

Dusty: Hey, Johnny boy. Did you have fun?

Craig: Yeah. He was a little sleepy in the car, so you might want to put him down for a nap.

Dusty: I'm gonna take him upstairs. Thank you.

Lucy: Sure.

Craig: Bye. Bye. So, still mad at me?

Lucy: Who could be mad at a swell guy like you?

Craig: Where are you going?

Lucy: Someplace else. Anywhere else.

Craig: Why are you so totally on his side? You could help, you know. It's not good for Johnny for Dusty to be so hostile.

Lucy: If you're so concerned about Dusty not being hostile, you could give him a day's notice before you showed up with a federal marshal.

Craig: Okay. I pushed pretty hard, but I just wanted to get to know my son.

Lucy: You pushed so hard, that might not happen at all.

Craig: I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Lucy: Funny, you give so many veiled threats, and you don't recognize one aimed at you.

Craig: Now I really don't understand.

Lucy: Okay, well, let me spell it out for you. You came back, and the first thing you did was save my life, save Johnny’s.

Craig: At least someone remembers.

Lucy: Okay, but that scene with the marshal, the way you've chosen to play this? You've wiped out any good will I have for you.

Craig: You don't mean that.

Lucy: I'm not like you. I don't say things I don't mean. So listen carefully, unless you drop these plans for a custody suit, I am fully prepared to go into criminal court and testify against you on kidnapping charges.

Meg: I'm not Emily. You don't give me orders. And I don't quake and quiver at the thought of ticking you off.

Paul: Meg, you just don't -- you don't know the guy.

Meg: I know Craig as well as you do. What you mean is that I'm not as obsessed as you are.

Paul: Oh, so you're okay with what he's doing to Johnny? To Dusty?

Meg: No, I don't like it, but it's not my battle. The more important thing here is that it's not your place to tell me what I can and cannot do, and who I can speak to.

Paul: Look, Meg, for some reason, I feel like Craig has targeted you. I'm just trying to protect you.

Meg: And I love you. But Momma wasn't wrong about everything. Like how you operate.

Paul: Okay, look, maybe that came out wrong. What I'm trying to do --

Meg: What you're trying to do is control the situation. So you're trying to control me. Just like she said you would. So I'm going to tell you what I told her. That's not going to happen.

Paul: Meg –

Casey: So, we saw you guys talking, and it didn't look like anyone was screaming.

Adam: We weren’t.

Will: So, did you work it out?

Adam: I don't know. That's up to Gwen.

Gwen: I think that we worked things out.

Casey: All right, then let's cut this demo.

Will: And you're okay with this?

Gwen: Uh-huh, yeah. Adam and I know where we stand.

Will: Okay, good, I'm glad, 'cause I didn't want to hate you.

Adam: Will, we're working together in the music industry. That will come.

Carly: Simon, it's me. It's Carly. I almost never admit that I'm wrong, but it didn't take very long after you left for me to realize that I did lie to Jack. Whatever it is between us, it isn't just business. And I know that I shouldn't care about you, but I do, and there doesn't seem to be anything for me to do about it. Except see this through, whatever it is.

Katie: Okay, it's finally time to let it all go. I have a wonderful husband, and I'm going to have a beautiful baby. As soon as I put this where it belongs. In the trash.

[Katie opens up the door and Simon is standing there]

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Craig: I do not want you to drug Lucy!

Emily: Well, then who, Craig?

Craig: Meg.

Paul: Craig was arrested last night.

Meg: Paul, what on earth did you do?

Katie: Get out, now!

Jack: You were right, I was wrong. I want you back.

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