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Carly: One question.

Simon: As long as you don't ask me to stop.

Carly: Is it real?

Simon: Yeah.

Carly: So we have the real necklace, Vienna has the fake?

Simon: Yes. Actually, I thought you were asking about us.

Carly: Oh.

Simon: Oh, okay. Well, how about I ask you the same thing then. Is it real?

Carly: You talk too much.

[Maddie screaming]

Casey: What are you doing here?

Slasher: I'm Ernie. Happy Halloween!

Maddie: Casey!

Casey: Happy Halloween? You think this is a joke? Is that what you think?

Slasher: Get off me!

Maddie: Casey, stop! Stop! Casey, stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Casey: Are you okay?

Maddie: Yes. I'm fine. Are you?

Gwen: You mean it?

Will: Yeah. I've got the money. You've the talent. Let's cut a demo. Adam says it's the way to go.

Gwen: And if we do this, then Adam definitely has to be involved?

Will: Well, who else?

Gwen: Well, I mean, I'm just saying, giving us advice is one thing. I'm not sure he wants to help build my career.

Will: What? What are you talking about? Of course he does. You're awesome. Gwen, what's wrong? Have you decided all of a sudden that you don't like Adam?

Gwen: Mm-mmm, no, he's fine. It's just that if we get Adam, we might end up getting Jade, too.

Will: What? He just met her tonight.

Gwen: Well, one night is all it seems to take with that very special girl.

Will: Gwen.

Gwen: I'm just saying, that if Adam does end up dating Jade, and we end up working with Adam --

Will: Trust me. Trust me, once Adam hears what she did to us, then he and Jade will be history.

Luke: Jade, if you're going, you better leave now, like right now.

Jade: Lucinda?

Luke: Yeah, headed this way.

Jade: You know, I'm going to need that ride after all. Cover for me.

Lucinda: Was that Jade? All decked out and skulking away from me?

Luke: Grandmother, I've been looking all over for you.

Lucinda: Out here, Darling?

Luke: Well, you promised me a dance, or I promised you one. Well, anyway, I hope you are ready to bust a move because we are --

Lucinda: Luke --

Luke: Yeah, it was Jade. So what?

Lucinda: She promised your mother that she was not going to come to this party.

Luke: So, she changed her mind. What are you doing?

Lucinda: I'm going to telephone your poor mother. And tell her to greet the lying troublemaker at the door.

Luke: You're the one that's causing trouble, and I want you to stop.

Dusty: Let's go upstairs, put Johnny to bed, and try to figure your father's next move.

Lucy: Okay.

Barbara: You're not invited.

Dusty: Barbara.

Barbara: You knew that your father had had that order rescinded. And you knew that he was gonna plan on taking Johnny tonight.

Lucy: No. No, I didn't!

Dusty: She kept Johnny away from her father.

Barbara: She pretended to.

Dusty: Apologize for that.

Lucy: It's okay. It doesn't matter.

Dusty: No, it ends now. You speak another word against Lucy, and you can say goodbye to your grandson, for good.

Meg: Take me home.

Paul: That's a great idea. Right after I talk to Dusty.

Meg: No. Why?

Paul: Well, I want to let him know that I can help.

Meg: Dusty doesn't want your help.

Paul: If Craig is going to play the biological father card to try and get custody of Johnny, then Dusty is going to need the help of Johnny's blood relatives.

Meg: Okay. Well, talk to him tomorrow then.

Paul: Now's better. Look, Craig has already starting to throw up smokescreens. The whole disappearing thing, and trying to get you alone.

Meg: You think that's what it was about?

Paul: Well yeah, in the long run. Why? It wasn't?

Craig: You're the one who told Dusty I had a plane waiting?

Emily: You were planning to kidnap his son.

Craig: My son.

Emily: He had the right to know.

Craig: It was a test, Emily. To see if you'd betray me.

Emily: And I failed. So what? So what now? You're going to fire me?

Craig: Well, you have shown a certain lack of loyalty.

Emily: I care about Jennifer's son. I care about what she wanted for him. If that makes me disloyal to you, tough. I would betray you a thousand times over to help that little boy.

Craig: Good. I can work with that.

Craig: Do you really think I'd ever do anything to hurt my son?

Emily: Do you really want me to answer that? You're not exactly a model parent.

Craig: Oh, and Dusty is? The guy's a thug.

Emily: And you're a felon.

Craig: And this "fatherly connection" that he claims to have is ludicrous! He bonded with my son for one reason. It's because he wanted Jennifer, and Johnny just happened to come with the package. And what happens when Dusty gets involved someone else?

Emily: I don't know. It'll be pretty interesting if he ends up with Lucy.

Craig: Dusty is not going to end up with my daughter any more than he's going to end up with my son!

Emily: That is my point. It doesn't matter who Dusty ends up with. He will always put Johnny first.

Craig: Of course. The way that Daniel came first when you were with Paul?

Emily: You don't know anything about me and my son.

Craig: I know you that regret every single moment that you've lost with Daniel because you truly love your child. The way you loved the little girl that you lost.

Emily: Why are you talking about this?

Craig: Do you think Paul cries for her like you do? Hmm? Do you think he feels the physical pain of her loss?

Emily: How should I know?

Craig: My guess? When Paul and Meg go home tonight, I don't think he'll be wasting any time grieving. I think he'll be ripping what's left of that hot little costume off that gorgeous body.

Emily: You stop it! Stop it!

Craig: Oh, I'm sorry. It must really gall you to see them happy together. When what you really want is to separate them.

Emily: You have no idea what I want.

Craig: Of course I do. Since I want the same thing.

Paul: My sister would've wanted me to help Johnny.

Meg: Jennifer trusted Dusty to take care of Johnny. And he will.

Paul: Yeah, but I can help now --

Meg: Do you ever see me?

Paul: What?

Meg: You walk into a room, and everyone else disappears for me. Does that ever happen to you?

Paul: Meg --

Meg: Paul, you're always looking past me, through me, to Emily, to Craig, to Johnny, to Dusty. You know what? Stay. Do what you have to do. I'm going home.

Barbara: You would deprive me of my grandson when you know that he's all I have left of my daughter because of her?

Dusty: Because of her, your grandson's with us, not Craig. Because of what she did, you should be thanking her.

Lucy: It's okay. We're all upset.

Dusty: Now, I'm going upstairs, and I'm putting him to bed. I'd like Lucy to join me. But if you're uncomfortable having her here, Johnny and I will leave.

Barbara: No. No, don't leave. I'll stay here and say our goodbyes.

Dusty: Chaz?

Chaz: I'm with you.

Dusty: We're okay. You can take the rest of the night off.

Chaz: Whatever you say.

Meg: Hi. Have you two seen Bob and Kim? I'd like to say goodnight.

Margo: I think they're closing up the silent auction.

Meg: Okay, great. Thank you.

Margo: Look, can't you just go back to being a D.A.? Your replacement hasn't been there but a few days.

Tom: So, what? He gets fired because I decided to change my mind? I mean, I don't even remember saying anything about wanting to go back there. I mean, we talked about this, Honey. We wanted more time together.

Margo: Yeah, but it's not going to be much fun if we all we do is argue about Craig.

Tom: So, let's let Craig be Craig, and we'll concentrate on each other.

Margo: You're good at concentrating.

Tom: I know that.

Margo: Just get another job, please? Any law firm in town --

Tom: I'm just not going to quit yet. I made a commitment, and I signed a contract.

Margo: A contract that you drew up, so you can break it.

Tom: We have a son in college. We have Daniel's education to pay for.

Margo: You're going to continue to work for Craig, even though it compromises your integrity, for money?

Tom: If that's the way you want to see it.

Maddie: Why would he come in here dressed like that, huh?

Casey: Someone had to put him up to it.

Maddie: It's Halloween. He didn't know who I was.

Casey: Yeah, but he busted in here and just made a joke out of it.

Maddie: People do stuff like that all the time. You can't just go around beating people up.

Casey: He came to the door and scared you.

Maddie: He surprised me. Okay, I was freaked out a little bit, but I'm over it. I'm fine.

Casey: Well, good for you.

Maddie: What is that supposed to mean?

Casey: "What's that supposed to mean?" It's okay for some guy to come in and scare the crap out of you, but when I jump on top of him --

Maddie: I'm not a victim!

Casey: I know that!

Maddie: Then stop treating me like I'm some poor, little damaged girl who needs her bad boy boyfriend to protect her!

Gwen: I wish Jade would just leave town.

Will: Well, there's no chance of that now. She found out she's related to the Snyders. Would you leave?

Gwen: No. But I hate running into her all the time.

Will: Well, so that's incentive. We'll cut this demo. You'll become a huge star. Then we'll spend half our time touring the world.

Gwen: What are we going to do with the rest of our time?

Will: Well, we'll be living in our palatial mansion in Beverly Hills.

Gwen: I thought our palatial mansion was going to be in Miami Beach.

Will: No. That's our other palatial mansion. Come on, let's go.

Gwen: Where are we going?

Will: Somewhere where Jade definitely isn't.

Simon: Okay, that wasn't just sex, that was --

Carly: A religious experience?

Simon: Well, I am definitely a convert.

Carly: Maybe it was just overdue. It's been awhile. Well, it's been awhile for me. For you, it's been, like, what, two hours or so?

Simon: Okay, whoa -- will you hold on? Vienna and I only got as far as the preliminaries, and then she passed out.

Carly: Passed out? So, you got the necklace off her without even having to --

Simon: Without having to -- yes, yes. As for you and I, though, we just took that to a whole new level.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. You know, an experience like that, it probably can't even be repeated.

Simon: Well, I'm ready when you are.

[Knock at the door]

Carly: It's Jack!

Simon: Oh?

Carly: It's Jack. It's Jack. He knows that we stole the necklace, and he's going to arrest me, and I'm never going to see my children again!

Simon: You got all that just from one knock? It's probably someone who found the wrong room, okay?

[Knock at the door]

Vienna: Simon? Simon, open the door!

Luke: So, you just going to give me the silent treatment?

Lucinda: No. On the contrary. I'd like you to try to tell me why you think you can take me to task for my treatment of this little --

Luke: This what? My cousin? I didn't want you to get her in trouble with Mom.

Lucinda: Jade has already accomplished that, right? She came to the party. Her mother specifically asked her not to.

Luke: Look, could you at least try to give her a chance? She's just trying to fit in. She wants to be accepted, and all you're doing is making her feel not welcome.

Lucinda: She lies. She lied about who she was. She lied about what she wants --

Luke: Well, yeah. So did I!

Lucinda: Darling, you lied because you were afraid of what people might do when they found out you were gay.

Luke: Well, Jade is afraid of people finding out the truth about her, too.

Lucinda: Her truth is that she's a liar.

Luke: And you know what else? She's family. And you have always said that there is nothing more important than that.

Jade: Thanks for the ride home.

Adam: It'll cost you.

Jade: I'm not going to kiss you.

Adam: Damn. Well, I guess I'll settle for an explanation instead. Last chance, Jade. How did you get to be public enemy number one?

Jade: The old-fashioned way. I earned it. Listen, why don't you ask Gwen or Casey or Will --

Adam: I'm asking you.

Jade: Listen, it was really, really nice meeting you. I had fun tonight. But once I tell you, you're not going to like me anymore.

Adam: Well, if you've hurt the people I care about, you're probably right. But how about I give you a choice? I can leave, and Will and Casey can fill me in on what you did, or I can stay, and you can tell me who you are.

Dusty: I thought I was ready for anything. When your father pulled those papers --

Lucy: Those papers just give my father the legal right to be in the same room as Johnny.

Dusty: You think it'll end there?

Lucy: Oh, Dusty. I'm so sorry.

Dusty: Why?

Lucy: Because he's my father, and he continues to hurt people. And no matter how much I want to, I can't stop him.

Dusty: Lucy, what you did tonight wasn't easy.

Lucy: Yes, it was. Daddy reached for Johnny, and everything in me told me to keep that sweet baby away from him. It won't stop. He won't stop. He won't stop until he wins.

Dusty: I promised my wife I'd never let this happen.

Lucy: Then donít. Do whatever you have to do to hold onto your son and let me help you.

Craig: You're still in love with him.

Emily: With Paul? He nearly destroyed me.

Craig: Well then, make him suffer the way you've suffered. Why should he have Meg when you have no one?

Emily: And you'd do that for me? You'd make him suffer? And all I have to do is --

Craig: Watch.

Emily: As you steal Dusty's son.

Craig: That boy belongs to me.

Emily: God help you. So, you never told me. Am I fired or not?

Craig: Not yet.

Emily: In that case, I have a party to attend to. Excuse me.

Tom: We need to talk.

Craig: Are you quitting?

Tom: Not yet.

Craig: Well then, it can wait.

Tom: Yeah. The next time you want to make what amounts to a legal assault, you inform legal counsel beforehand.

Craig: You're right. I'm sorry. I would have, but I needed to move on this, and you hadn't taken the job yet. And besides, knowing my sister, I just figured that it was better for you to stay out of the loop on this one. Oh, but I do need to take care of an important matter tonight. Can you stick around?

Tom: If it even hints at something illegal --

Craig: Everything I do these days is legal. It's so much more effective that way.

Tom: Then I'll meet with you after the party.

Craig: Great.

Paul: Excuse me, everyone. I'm sorry to interrupt. I have a very important announcement about the most gorgeous woman in the world. Detective Hughes, please. Do you mind if you -- could you just detain that achingly beautiful, and somewhat angry vision in silver?

Margo: I'm curious. Aren't you?

Meg: No.

Paul: Meg, I did a really smart thing. And I asked you to marry me. And then I did bunch of really stupid things, because I didn't want to tell anybody about the engagement, and I tried to keep it a secret, and -- the stupidest thing of all was I took you for granted.

Meg: So, what are you going to do about it?

Paul: Meg, I love you with all of my heart. And so, here, in front of all these costumed people, with God and Detective Hughes as my witness, I'm asking you, please, will you still be my wife?

Meg: Get up.

Paul: I'm not going to get up until you say "yes."

Meg: Yes!


[Simon tries to hurry Carly to go in the next room, wrapped in the bed sheet]

Simon: Hurry! Hey, hey. Whew. Vienna. What are you doing here?

Vienna: After everything you've done to me, the least you can do is invite me inside.

Simon: Aw, Babe. I was sleeping.

Vienna: This is the most horrible night of my life. I knew you were trouble, Simon. How did I get myself sucked into this? And now --

Simon: Oh, my God. Whoa, whoa -- Vienna! What happened to your necklace?

Vienna: I'll never wear it again.

Simon: Why not?

Vienna: I don't have it anymore. I returned it downstairs to the safe, and then, I told the prince that I was leaving him for you.

Simon: For me?

Vienna: I wish I could resist you. Dolly is a prince, after all, but, there's no use. Let's pick up from where we left off. You know, wherever that was, I'm still a little fuzzy about it. But it doesn't matter, Simon. I need you. I have to have you now.

Simon: Oh, man! Oh! I have to have you, too! Really badly. I want you so bad, but, aw, Babe, you really wore me out before. I'm exhausted.

Vienna: No. No, no, no. I'll revive you. You know I can.

Simon: You know, I'm just really, really worried that I won't be able to concentrate, because the prince and his guards are gonna come crashing through that door again, and --

Vienna: No, no, no. Forget about the prince. I'm leaving town tomorrow, and if we only have tonight, then --

Simon: What.

[Crashing sound]

[Vienna picks up Carlyís shoe]

Vienna: Where did this come from?

Simon: What?

Vienna: Were you too worn out for the woman who was wearing this?

Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Vienna: So, it was just sex?

Simon: No.

Carly: Yes.

Vienna: Are you in love with her?

Simon: Maybe I am.

Lucy: I don't want to leave you. In my opinion, happiness is having... the people you love around you.

Vienna: I've seen this shoe before. That blonde!

Simon: Katie?

Vienna: The other blonde. The one I warned to stay away from you. Where is she hiding? Is she under the bed?

Carly: Don't look under the bed!

Simon: Vienna, she's not under the bed.

Vienna: About the sex, and about Ė

[Vienna sees Carly and leaves]

Simon: Oh, come on, I got rid of her, didn't it? And at least she didn't discover this. Oh, come on, don't worry about it. She's gonna forget about me. She bores easily. She'll huff, and she'll puff, and she'll probably move on from the prince to the king.

Carly: What if she starts thinking about the necklace? And she decides she's gonna go in the safe and check it out?

Simon: Why would she? She thinks everything's fine. Now, where were we?

Carly: No, no, I can't do this.

Casey: How did I become the bad guy here?

Maddie: I just can't take you being so careful with me all the time.

Casey: What?

Maddie: Like when you want to kiss me, and you donít. You act like I'm your kid sister or something.

Casey: What am I supposed to do? You were --

Maddie: I was raped. You can say it.

Casey: No, no, I canít. I really canít. I can't stand it.

Maddie: Me? You can't stand me?

Casey: No, your brother-in-law. What he did to you, that he hurt you, and I couldn't do anything about it. I would have killed him, Maddie. I would have killed him.

Maddie: You didn't even know me then.

Casey: But I know you now. And I want to be with you all the time.

Maddie: You do?

Casey: Yeah, of course I do, and I'm not gonna push you, I'm not. And I'm not gonna apologize for pounding on that guy. He scared you. And any other guy that tries to do that is gonna have to deal with me, so --

Maddie: Okay, so next time when I want you to kiss me, I should just --

Casey: Yeah, that'd be great.

Will: It's nice and quiet here with everybody at the party.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: All right, so you got your laptop?

Gwen: I'm gonna leave it here, come by tomorrow and just study for a couple hours. I'm ready to head home whenever you are.

Will: Where's your roommate?

Gwen: She's on the soccer team. She has a game in Ohio. Why?

Will: It's kind of like your home away from home now, right?

Gwen: Mm-hmm, yeah. Yeah. And it's getting homier all the time.

Jade: In the beginning, I thought I was pregnant. I had all these symptoms.

Adam: Did you take a test?

Jade: I was sure, but I didn't want to see the proof. Because that would make it real. And that really terrified me. That doesn't make any sense.

Adam: It kind of does. And when you realized there was no baby? Hey, you can tell me.

Jade: I wanted to hold onto the fantasy for a little while longer. I had just gotten used to the idea of being someone's mom. And sharing that with Will. He's such a great guy, and now he hates me.

Adam: You shouldn't have lied to him. And Gwen. I mean, I kind of see --

Jade: Yeah, right. Great. Now, you know the whole story. You can join the "hate Jade" club. It's been real.

Adam: Jade, wait.

Jade: No, I don't need another person dumping on me!

Adam: Would you just listen? Okay. What you did was pretty twisted. But I'm not going anywhere.

Dusty: He's asleep now. He's been crying a lot, like he can feel how worried I am.

Lucy: I want to help, Dusty.

Dusty: You already are, just being here. Your date's gonna want to kill me.

Lucy: My date! Oh no.

Dusty: You forgot about your doctor friend?

Lucy: How could I be so rude? I just left him downstairs. I didn't even tell him where I was going, or how long I'd be. I should go.

Dusty: It's easier to call him.

Lucy: Right, right.

Dusty: What's wrong?

Lucy: If I call Steve, and he's still downstairs, I'll have to go back to the party.

Dusty: You don't want to deal with your father?

Lucy: I don't want to leave you.

Craig: How did he ask you?

Emily: What?

Craig: To marry him. How did he ask?

Emily: He didnít. I asked him when he was in jail.

Craig: You saved him. But you must have been happy for a while. With the baby --

Emily: He only slept with me because it was in his master plan to get to Dusty.

Craig: Ouch. And he wasn't even going to permit you to see your baby. Meg was going to replace you. That's exactly what Dusty's doing to me. Yeah, same thing, Emily. I just want to know -- for my child to know me.

Emily: I never looked at it like that.

Craig: You understand now? And I can't let Dusty get away with that anymore than you can let those people who stole your future to have one of their own.

Emily: So you want to break them up?

Craig: Yes.

Emily: For me?

Craig: Partly.

Emily: Because you want to hurt Paul?

Craig: That. And more.

Craig: You and I both want the same end result. And we can get it if we work together.

Emily: Breaking up Meg and Paul won't bring my baby back.

Craig: So they get each other, and what do you get? You know, if Paul hadn't seduced you, you would have stayed with Hal.

Emily: No.

Craig: Oh yes, come on, be honest. You would have worked out some way to stay with him. And who knows? You might even have a baby by now.

Emily: Just stop it! I can't do what you're asking me to do.

Craig: Well, then, concentrate on what I'm offering you, Emily. An escape. Or would you prefer the constant onslaught of Paul and Meg living happily ever after? It's enough to make you want to jump off a cliff, isn't it? Oh I'm sorry, you already did that.

Emily: Craig! I don't want to do anything to hurt Dusty. But what would I have to do?

Dusty: You want to stay here?

Lucy: In Barbaraís suite? Where she can walk in any second and start in on me again? I don't think so.

Dusty: You just said what, then?

Lucy: I like being with you. Nothing new about that. I should go downstairs and check on Steve. Give Johnny a kiss for me.

Dusty: Wait a sec.

Lucy: It's okay. Don't worry about it. Good night.

Carly: You know you shouldn't have rejected Vienna. You should have kicked me out here, so she could --

Simon: She could have stayed, slept with me? Who do you think I am?

Carly: A gigolo and a thief? No offense.

Simon: And yet, I find myself offended. Carly, what happened between us tonight meant something.

Carly: Yeah, it means that Viennaís going to do whatever she has to do to get back at you. And if she has even the slightest inkling that that necklace she put in the vault is a fake --

Simon: There is no way they're gonna be able to trace the real one back to me. Okay? I'm going to fence this stone by stone. It could take years for the prince to discover that it was a switch. That was a brilliant replica. Okay? He has no reason to believe it was a fake. Please, I've done this before, okay? Don't worry about it.

Carly: Okay. Okay, but I'm going to do that not worrying at home.

Simon: Carly --

Carly: And we can get some rest. Yeah, we need to get some rest, Simon, separately. You and I in our own separate beds. We have a busy day tomorrow.

Simon: All right. Any room in that schedule for the two of us? Or are you just going to pretend that what happened between us tonight never happened? (Cough)

Carly: What happened between us was great, but we shouldn't let it sidetrack us.

Simon: Well, I can multitask. How about you?

Carly: It's just that everything is moving really fast.

Simon: Okay, so tomorrow, after I've fenced the jewels and get the money --

Carly: And pay back Spirro, so he doesn't kill you.

Simon: Yeah, and after all that, we can --

Carly: We'll see, Simon. We'll see.

Adam: Are you sorry for what you did?

Jade: Sure, I'm sorry, but that doesn't mean anything to anybody. I made a mistake. But you would think that Will would try to be more understanding since his mistake cost me my mom.

Adam: Wait. Rose D'Angelo, she's your --

Jade: Yeah, she was my mom. I never knew her. She gave me up for adoption. By the time I came looking for her, she was dead. Because of Will. I don't blame him for it. I mean, he was just a kid. I just -- I wish he wouldn't blame me so much.

Adam: I can see how things between you and my brother would be pretty complicated.

Jade: Yeah.

Adam: It doesn't have to be that way for the two of us. I'd like to see you again. If that's okay?

Jade: I would like that.

Gwen: It's going to be a lot harder to study in here now.

Will: It's a good thing you kept this place. It's kind of cool. It's like an escape from the real world.

[Kids screaming]

Drunken student: Whoo, keg-fest in the hall!

Will: On second thought Ė

Drunken student: Trick or treat!

Casey: I was starting to enjoy this.

Maddie: I'll get it.

Casey: Ohh.

Maddie: Sorry, we're all out of candy.

Drunken student: Got any beer?

Maddie: Nope, just water.

Drunken student: Forget it.

Maddie: Okay.

Casey: That was nice.

Maddie: Thanks.

Casey: So, I was wondering, when I want to kiss you, what should I do?

Maddie: Just look at me like that, and I'll get the message.

Dusty: Wait a second.

Lucy: I should go. Umm, Steve.

Dusty: Yeah, I just wanted to tell you Barbara is going to be back any minute, so you might want to use the back way. Just in case.

Lucy: Yeah, I wouldn't want to run into her again. And I'll take the service elevator. That way, I don't run into my father.

Dusty: That's a good idea. Thanks for everything.

Craig: All you have to do is tell Dusty the truth as you know it.

Emily: I don't understand.

Craig: Just continue to do what you've been doing. Alerting Dusty to everything that I'm doing to get closer to Johnny. Don't spare any details.

Emily: How does that help you? Oh, right. You stay one step ahead of them. He's get frustrated and angry. You want him angry. Him and Paul both.

Craig: And while they're flying off their respective handles, I keep a cool head. And in the end, I get everything I want.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Katie: What did you see?

Vienna: Simon and Carly together in their suite. And they were burning with love for each other. You could feel the heat a mile away.

Emily: Craig is working on something. And it may be far worse than what he pulled last night.

Carly: I want to know if you're saying that there's a chance for us, if Simonís out of the picture.

Jack: That would depend on whether or not Simon is out of the picture. Is he? Don't forget to rinse those dishes first.

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