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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 10/26/06

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Casey: Hey, do you think she's nervous?

Will: Nervous?

Casey: Yeah, about tonight. About singing.

Will: No, I don't think she's nervous. I think you're nervous.

Casey: Well we just need to act cool and act like it's not a big deal.

Will: Well that shouldn't be hard because it isn’t.

Casey: Adam's coming tonight.

Will: Alert the media.

Casey: Dude, what's your problem? He's got a lot of connections in L.A.

Will: Maybe we should clean up the VIP lounge.

Casey: Okay, do you understand what he could do for her? He knows a lot of people in L.A. so she should really try to impress him.

Will: Um-hmm.

Casey: What?

Will: Just wondering who it is that's nervous about impressing Adam.

Gwen: Hey, sorry, we're not open yet --

Adam: You need a hand with those?

Gwen: Sure. But we're still not open though.

Adam: Oh, I was told this was a pretty easygoing place -- if you knew the right people.

Gwen: Well, I'm the people, and I don't know you from Adam.

Will: Right on the money.

Gwen: Huh?

Will: This is --

Casey: Adam.

Will: This is Gwen, my wife. This is the brother we telling you about.

Adam: I've heard a lot about you.

Kim: Oh, here we go. Dr. Lucy Montgomery.

Lucy: That "doctor" still sounds strange sometimes.

Kim: Oh, I think it sounds wonderful. And I know your father certainly is proud of you.

Lucy: Really?

Kim: Oh, yes. When he came to talk to us about carrying out this benefit, I don't guess your name came up more than maybe once every other sentence.

Lucy: That's nice. We haven't been getting along too well.

Kim: Oh.

Lucy: But he said that you and Dr. Hughes thought this fundraiser was a good idea.

Kim: Oh, yes. The children's wing is very, very important to us.

Lucy: So you don't think it's a big publicity stunt?

Kim: I guess the only thing that really matters is -- it helps the children. So, who did you decide to be?

Lucy: Daddy ordered this for me.

Kim: Really? Okay. So what did he decide you're gonna be?

Lucy: Cleopatra.

Kim: You better watch your asp.

Lucy: You know, a young, first -- female first-year intern, trying to get the respect of everyone and be taken seriously -- I mean, this will help, don't you think?

Kim: Oh, I think you've probably already won everybody's respect. And, as beautiful as you are, you are perfect for the part.

Lucy: You're so nice. I guess I was a little nervous.

Kim: Oh Honey, just have fun with it. This is going to be so much fun. Especially if you --

Dusty: Are you there? Oh, excuse me.

Kim: Especially if you have a Marc Antony.

Lucy: That'd be nice. Really, really nice.

Emily: Listen, I can't talk, Craig’s meeting me at the police station.

Dusty: At the police station? Why?

Emily: I don't know why. He said he wanted to talk business. Told me to bring the press kit.

Dusty: Find out what kind of business --

Emily: Dusty, I'm doing the best I can. If I push, he's gonna get suspicious. Oh, my --

Dusty: What?

Emily: The Prince of Leonia’s escort just walked in. And believe me, she would grab attention even if she weren't covered with diamonds. I gotta run.

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: Dusty, listen to me. I work for a newspaper, and a story just walked by. And if I don't do my job, Craig’s gonna fire me, and then I won't be any use to you at all.

Dusty: I know he's up to something.

Emily: I understand. But, as hard as this is for you -- you're going to have to trust me.

Craig: Just who are you talking to that would have a hard time trusting you?

Vienna: I am Vienna Hyatt.

Jack: Jack Snyder.

Vienna: Ah, yes. You and I, Jack Snyder, I understand that we'll be dealing with each other -- intimately.

Jack: Well, you'll be wearing the jewels -- it's my job to protect them.

Vienna: And me, too, right?

Jack: Right. It's a package deal. A very nice package.

Vienna: I have a feeling that you and I will get along very well.

Jack: And this is based on --

Vienna: I always get along with men. It's one of my particular talents.

Jack: Well, it seems you get along very well with the prince. Him bathing you in jewels and everything.

Vienna: He adores me. He is wrapped around mon petit doigt. It is because of me and my influence that we are in Oakdale.

Jack: Yes, I had a few questions about that. We don't get a lot of princes with jeweled escorts in Oakdale every day. You have a personal tie?

Vienna: Have you ever heard of someone named Simon Frasier?

Carly: I was so happy to find this.

Carly: We were finished with the place. We were just ready to sell it. Who would do this?

Simon: I -- I don't know.

Carly: You know something, Simon? I think you do.

Simon: I am so sorry.

Carly: So it was Spirro.

Simon: Well yeah, of course it was Spirro. I mean who else could it possibly be --

Carly: I warned you about him. I told you that he would destroy everything. And you said that you were not gonna deal with him, and then you turned around and you did.

Simon: I know. I know how much you were banking on this project.

Carly: It's not just about that. This was not just about the money. This is about this work that we've done. Good work, work that we should proud of. And he just walks in here and destroys it?

Simon: Yeah.

Carly: Why? Why would he destroy his own collateral?

Simon: I don't know. I guess he wanted to teach us a lesson.

Carly: What? No, Simon, if he wanted to teach you a lesson, he would have gone after you. This place could have made him money.

Simon: He didn't think --

Carly: No, he did. Of course he thought. He's mean, he's not stupid. Why would he do this? You know, I'm not scared very often, Simon, but I'm kind of scared now. Because if Spirro would do this -- then we're not dealing with a very rational person here, are we? Paying us back has started to mean more to him than the money.

Simon: Carly --

Carly: And a loan shark who doesn't care about the money? We are in very deep trouble.

Casey: So, the acoustics are decent. I mean I'd like to upgrade the sound system, but it's not that bad.

Adam: Oh, it's great, Casey. Nothing like this in Oakdale when I was here.

Casey: I mean, it's no L.A., but it's pretty cool. Especially when Gwen’s singing.

Adam: You're singing tonight, right?

Gwen: Yeah.

Adam: Casey says you're really great.

Gwen: Casey does not always know what he's talking about.

Casey: Gwen!

Gwen: Well I don't know -- what am I supposed to say? Well, yes, I really am very, very good.

Adam: You're right. Sorry to put you on the spot.

Casey: Well it's all right, because she's singing tonight so you can hear her yourself --

Gwen: I really appreciate Casey’s support. But I don't want you to feel pressured into coming just because he's your brother.

Adam: And you're married to my other brother. But, don't worry, I don't feel pressured. And actually, you've cleared up something for me.

Gwen: What?

Adam: Why my little brother got married. She's terrific.

Will: You don't even know the half of it.

Adam: Hey, look guys, I gotta go, but it was great meeting you.

Casey: And you're come back, right? Later?

Gwen: Okay, come on, down boy. It was really, really nice meeting you. And you should come out to the place sometime, we'd really like that. We'd really like that.

Will: It'd be great. Come on, I'll walk you out.

Adam: All right. Take care.

Casey: Why were you like that?

Gwen: Because you're acting like this. That's your brother man, not Simon Cowell.

Adam: How's your mom? Mine, too.

Will: Yeah. It's good you're here.

Adam: I'm gonna be in town for a while. We'll hang out.

Will: Great. Listen, it's Casey who's pushing all this, not Gwen.

Adam: No, trust me. I know. I know. Don't worry. It's good you got someone. Time like this.

Will: Yeah. See ya later.

Maddie: Who was that?

Will: That's Adam. My brother. We we're telling you about him.

Maddie: Oh, right, I remember.

Will: Yeah.

Maddie: Very complex situation there. Hey, guess what?

Gwen: What?

Maddie: Lisa rented a bunch costumes for the benefit, and she said that we could go over and borrow anything we wanted.

Gwen: Really?

Maddie: Yes. I told her that we really weren't really that interested, but we'll tag along because the guys would be so thrilled.

Will: Yeah, you know how we love playing dress up.

Maddie: Look on the bright side, you can make snide remarks, and we all know how much you love that.

Kim: Okay, Darling. There's an extra ticket in there if you'd like to bring somebody.

Luke: Oh, I don't know. I'm not really sure about this whole costume ball thing.

Lucy: Oh, come on, Luke. It'll be fun.

Luke: Well, do you want to go with me?

Lucy: Sorry, I'm previously engaged.

Luke: Friends. That must be nice.

Kim: You know what, I've heard that Jade moved back in with your family. Now, if you would like to bring her she would be more than welcome.

Luke: Thanks, I'll tell her. There's not many places that she's more than welcome.

Kim: Good, good, good. Have you decided anything about your costume? I think Lucy’s gonna be Cleopatra.

Luke: Well, it looks like she's planning another conquest.

Emily: Mom, listen, it's not a good time. I'll call you back.

Dusty: I'll hold.

Emily: Oh, press release, there you go.

Craig: Your mother would have a hard time trusting you?

Emily: Well she knows me so well. Are you surprised?

Craig: Maybe I need to keep an eye on you myself. Nice job.

Emily: Thank you.

Craig: Oh, Tom. You ready to go? Is Margo okay with everything?

Tom: I'm not sure I'd go that far.

Craig: Emily, if you need me, Tom and I will be at the Lakeview going over the details of what promises to be a very exciting new partnership.

Emily: Excuse me?

Craig: I think we're gonna have to get used to this reaction. Tom is going to be watching my back, legally. He's gonna keep me on the straight and narrow.

Emily: Tom. Working for you?

Craig: With me. So again, we'll be at the Lakeview going over contracts.

Emily: Can I get in on it?

Craig: Excuse me?

Emily: Well, the D.A. going to work for Craig Montgomery. That's huge news, right?

Dusty: That a girl.

Emily: I'll be there for five minutes, and then I'll get out of the way. Come on, it's in your best interest, Craig. You know that.

Craig: Not just yet. I want to make sure that we get the most out of the announcement.

Emily: And when will that be?

Craig: I'll let you know. I'll give you an exclusive. All right? I'll see you there in a few minutes.

Emily: Okay, well you gotta admit, this is kind of a surprise.

Tom: I suppose so.

Emily: So when I do get to do the interview, and you know my first question is going to be "why?"

Tom: Then I guess I'd better come up with an answer, right?

[Emily picks up her cell phone]

Emily: Did you get all that?

Dusty: Yep. He hired the D.A. Margo's husband. Find out what's going on.

Emily: How, Dusty?

Dusty: Think of something.

[Dusty hangs up his phone]

Lucy: I know that look. It has something to do with my father, doesn't it?

Lucy: Am I right? Was that call about my father?

Dusty: Yeah.

Lucy: Is there anything I can do?

Dusty: No. But thanks, I appreciate you're on my side.

Lucy: It might sound silly to say don't worry, but I don't think there's anything my father could ever do to take Johnny away from you.

Dusty: Your father's pretty resourceful.

Lucy: And so are you. You know, this thing could be good for us.

Dusty: What's that?

Lucy: I mean, well, when you and I walk into the gala together, my father will realize that he's not in complete control of everything, that he's taking on Cleopatra and Marc Antony. What?

Dusty: I think we got our signals crossed.

Lucy: I just thought --

Dusty: I didn't understand what you were trying to say, I guess.

Lucy: I guess I just thought -- right now, then -- that you wanted to go with me. Okay, let me ask you again. Okay, want to go with me to the gala?

Dusty: I'd like to, but I can’t. I can’t. I gotta do this on my own.

Craig: There we are. One last detail. Your retainer.

Tom: That would make it official. I'm not sure I've ever been quite so retained.

Craig: Well, I think it's about time that you were compensated on par with your ability, don't you?

Tom: You're very confident this is going to work out, aren't you?

Craig: And you're not?

Tom: That's why I have an escape clause. I'm going to take this one day at a time.

Craig: Oh, then that means that I have to be on my best behavior. I hate that. That was a joke.

Emily: Hi, Guys, sorry to interrupt. I'm sorry, I was so bowled over by your news, I forgot I need to talk to you about Daniel.

Tom: All right.

Emily: Are you finished?

Craig: We just have one more thing to do.

Emily: Oh, okay. I'll wait in the lobby.

Craig: No, no, no, no. I have a meeting at Yo’s. Tom, will you walk me out to the parking lot? And then you can get back to what's really important -- your family and the kids. The reason you get up in the morning. Emily, I've provided some costumes for the ball at the hospital, so if you'd like to pick one out, that's where they are.

Emily: Great, thanks. I'll do it.

Craig: Okay? All right.

Tom: All right, I'll see you in a minute.

Emily: Okay.

[Emily picks up Tom’s briefcase and looks for the contract]

[Tom comes back in the room]

Tom: Given your record, that could get you five to ten in the state pen.

Lisa: Lily, look at you. You look wonderful. It's so good to see you up and about.

Lily: Thank you. It's good to be up and about. It's excellent. And Jade --

Jade: Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Lily: This is Jade. I want to show Jade the joys of a wardrobe that doesn't fit in a backpack.


Lisa: Oh, all right. Look around. If you have anything specific in mind, please let me know.

Lily: You can have whatever you want, just put it on my tab, okay?

Lisa: Oh, great.

Jade: Look at this.

Lily: Oh, that's -- well, very conservative for you.

Jade: Oh, well, not for me. I was thinking of this for you.

Lisa: Oh, the girl has an eye.

Lily: Oh, we're not here for me.

Jade: Well, you can try it on, and I'll look.

Lisa: Hey, don't fight it.

Lily: Okay, I'm supposed to advising her, but okay. Sure.

[Lily goes to the changing room and Jade sees Gwen, Will, Casey and Maddie coming in and goes and hides behind the counter]

[Laughter and shouting]

[Laughter and shouting]

Casey: Oh, Guinevere!

Maddie: Oh, Gwen. Okay, well, you can go as someone from your favorite movie.

Casey: Yeah, you can be Bambie or Thumper.

Gwen: All right, if you guys can't behave, you can wait in the car. [Gwen sees Jade hiding behind the counter] What the hell are you doing here? Following me?

Vienna: Thank you, Bernie. That was so sweet of you.

Jack: How'd you do that?

Vienna: Do what?

Jack: Get Evans to bring you stuff. He doesn't do that. He's mean. Really mean.

Vienna: He asked me if there was anything he could do for me while you were on the phone. You actually work with some very nice people.

Jack: Oh, yeah, they're sweethearts. Listen, while we're on the subject, Simon Frasier. How much do you know about him?

Vienna: Actually, I know everything about him.

Jack: Figures.

Vienna: You don't like him, do you?

Jack: You're a real mind reader.

Vienna: Women adore him and men don't like him.

Jack: No, he's great!

Vienna: Ah, and now I will play the detective. I deduce that you, Jack Snyder, adore one of those women who adores him.

Carly: What?

Simon: You're right. This situation has gotten dangerous.

Carly: You think?

Simon: Are you all right? What is it? Are you okay?

Carly: No, I'm just -- I'm thinking about what you said the other day about how Spirro saw me coming into the police station and now he blames me. And I have my kids, and parker needs me right now, and I cannot get hurt, I can't! He can't go through it!

Simon: He won’t. He's not going to get hurt.

Carly: Oh, really? Look around this room and ask yourself if I'm in the mood for your worthless promises.

Simon: No, I don't think you are.

Carly: What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get out of this?

Simon: Well, we need more money. Double the interest. And then I go to Spirro and I grovel.

Carly: Okay. Well, the groveling is the easy part, but how do we get the money? Give me the picture.

Simon: What?

Carly: Don't play dumb with me. The picture of the tart with the jewelry!

Simon: No, no, absolutely not. There is no way I'm going to drag you into this.

Carly: I'm in it. I am in it, up to my neck. And as I am determined to keep this neck unbroken, show me the picture, Simon, please. Now!

Simon: It's worth twice what I owe Spirro.

Carly: But only if you steal them.

Simon: But only if we steal them.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Simon: You're right, this is a terrible idea. We're not doing it.

Vienna: If you're jealous of Simon --

Jack: Absolutely not.

Vienna: Well, maybe we could arrange so Simon gets jealous of you.

Emily: I'm scared of what Craig can do.

Craig: I need someone to disappear.

Dusty: I just can't keep my eye off him for a second.

Lucy: Let me help you.

Carly: Why did you say we?

Simon: It's a two-person job.

Carly: What a surprise.

Simon: I -- I steal the jewels, and you provide the distraction.

Carly: I'm on probation, Simon. I get caught, I go to jail.

Simon: You've seen what I can do. There is no way we will get caught. Ever.

Carly: Once again, right now, your assurances don't carry a lot of weight.

Simon: Okay. What you will be doing is not even illegal, okay? All you will be doing is distracting the prince. That's it.

Carly: Having been married to a cop, I do know a few legal terms, such as conspiracy. I will be as guilty as you.

Simon: That's if I get caught and I give you up, which I never would do. I swear.

Carly: You know, I remember worrying, really worrying about whether I had picked the right fabric. And now, here I am, worrying about whether I'm gonna get whacked or wear an orange jumpsuit for the next ten years. I am such a fool.

Simon: Carly, please --

Carly: I am. I spent all this time blaming you, acting like it was all your fault.

Simon: It is.

Carly: It's not. It's me. You see, you didn't exactly come with the best of references. But I didn't listen. I thought I could handle you. So when this all started, I was just broke. And now I'm planning my first heist.

Simon: You're right.

Carly: That's a comfort.

Simon: No, you're right, this is a terrible idea. We're not doing it.

Jade: Yeah, I followed you here. That's why I was here first.

Will: Come on, Gwen. Let's just get out of here.

Gwen: No.

Jade: I'll go.

Gwen: You don't see how creepy you are? Following us like that?

Lily: Oh, maybe Jade was embarrassed. Maybe she's ashamed of something that she has done and she didn't want to face the people that she hurt. Is that possible, Will?

Will: Yes.

Lily: Let's come back when it's not so crowded.

Gwen: Ooh, that was uncomfortable.

Casey: Yeah, can we just pretend it didn't happen? 'Cause things have been really heavy around here for a long time, and I'm sick of it. I mean, wouldn't you rather make fun of me trying on some costume?

Gwen: Oh, come on, I never make fun of you. Ooh, what about that pretty pink one over there?  

Maddie: Hmm!

Casey: This one here?

Gwen: Yeah, you'd look a princess.

Will: That's very nice on you.


Emily: You're gonna throw the mother of your child in the slammer over a briefcase?

Tom: That's not funny.

Emily: Well, no argument from me there, really. You working for Craig is not funny.

Tom: Just profitable.

Emily: Really? And knowing just how little money means to you, the same question remains -- why? Why are you doing this?

Tom: First, how about you tell me what you were doing going through my papers?

Emily: Old habits die hard. I'm worried, okay? I'm worried about you.

Tom: About me?

Emily: Yes, you. My -- my life may not be stable to you, but there are, however, a few things I am very sure of -- my son, my mother and you. This is not you. Tom Hughes does not work for a guy like Craig Montgomery. You hate Craig. You hate everything he does.

Tom: Perhaps it puts me in a position to watch him and keep him in line.

Emily: Yeah, maybe he's using you.

Tom: Oh, so you think I'm not as smart as Craig?

Emily: No, I just don't think a guy like you can understand a guy like him. And do you know how happy I am that my son has a man like you for a father?

Tom: As flattering as that may sound, I think you underestimate me. I can handle Craig.

Emily: Famous last words.

Tom: Now, let's get back to where we started. When you're poking around in his business, which is now my business, you could get in serious trouble, and I don't want to see anything happen to you.

Emily: You think something could happen to me? Because of Craig?

Tom: I think you should watch yourself around him, and keep your eyes on your own paper.

Dusty: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

Lucy: Hey, I'm not 16, we're not talking about my prom.

Dusty: I know. Was I being condescending?

Lucy: Oh, I'm used to that by now. But Dusty, you remember when you told me you thought my father was trying to get you all worked up so you'd make a mistake?

Dusty: Yeah, mission accomplished.

Lucy: I'm worried about you. You have to calm down.

Dusty: Your father hired Tom Hughes.

Lucy: What?

Dusty: The D.A., he's got him on payroll. Which means anything he says to Tom is privileged. And now that Hal’s gone, Margo is chief of detectives. Margo and Tom are married. So why should I calm down?

Lucy: I --

Dusty: You don't think I want to go with you? Is that it? See you all dressed up, have a good time? I want to, I just can't keep my eye off him for a second.

Lucy: Then, Dusty, let me help you.

Lucy: Dusty --

Dusty: It used to be so much easier to say no to you.

Lucy: But --

Dusty: The stakes are too high. And it's too complicated.

Lucy: Bottom line is you're back to not trusting Craig’s daughter.

Dusty: No. I won't use you.

Lucy: You know, the two of you have something in common.

Dusty: You might not want to say that to me.

Lucy: Once you make up your mind, nothing's going to change it.

Dusty: You go and you have a good time. Let me worry about it.

Emily: Dusty, I'm sorry, I don't have much time.

Lucy: It's all right. We're done.

Dusty: Did you find something out?

Emily: No. But I got caught trying. I can't do this anymore.

Dusty: What happened?

Emily: No, I'm sorry, I cannot do this anymore. I have to think about Daniel.

Dusty: What happened?

Emily: Tom caught me going through his briefcase. I was looking for something in it about custody or visitation rights --

Dusty: Was there something there?

Emily: No, Dusty, there was nothing there. Tom said it was all about business. And I believe him, he wouldn't lie about that.

Dusty: He's working for Montgomery now. He can't be trusted.

Emily: He's still Tom Hughes.

Dusty: He works for Montgomery.

Emily: He would never help Craig take Johnny from you.

Dusty: He may not know how much he's already helped.

Emily: No, I don't think so.

Dusty: Don't you understand? The man that put him away is now helping him out. What am I going to do? This gives him credibility, doesn't it? Gives Craig credibility. So he can now play victim.

Emily: You ought to just calm down.

Dusty: Would you calm down if someone was coming for your kid? Sorry about that. That wasn't fair.

Emily: Like I deserve fair from you. I'm scared. I'm scared of what Craig can do.

Dusty: I am, too.

Emily: Okay, so let me go see what else I can find out.

Jade: You were pretty fierce back there.

Lily: Well, I'll be on anyone who's going to go after you.

Jade: The thing is, Gwen has every right to hate me.

Lily: Yes well, I don't like public lectures.

Jade: The weird thing is, the reason why I hid was because they were all laughing and having fun. I didn't want to ruin it.

Lily: Because they were your friends.

Jade: They were. But it's my fault and I miss them.

Lily: You still have your cousin. Luke, hey, what are you doing here?

Luke: Oh, I just got tickets for the benefit.

Lily: Oh, you'll have a great time.

Jade: You don't think it'll be fun? I sure do.

Luke: Well, good. Because Kim sent that for you.

Jade: This so cool. What should I be?

Lily: Oh, Jade --

Jade: I mean, it's a costume, romantic theme, right?

Lily: Oh, Jade, come on. You are not going to that.

Assistant manager: Good thing you called and told me to open. They were about ready to break the door down.

Casey: Man, the place is packed.

Assistant manager: And they're already screaming for Gwen.

Casey: We just have to wait for my brother to get here, okay?

Assistant manager: I wouldn't keep that crowd waiting much longer.

Casey: All right, look, I'm gonna go calm them down. Looks like you've got a great crowd for your big night.

Gwen: Yep.

Will: You know, I bet when you're a big star, you're not going to have to wait out in parking lots to go on.

Gwen: Will, you gotta do me a favor -- you gotta knock off this big star stuff.

Will: I'm sorry.

Gwen: It's okay. It's not you, it's Casey. It's just -- it's driving me crazy.

Will: You're not scared, are you? People love to hear you sing.

Gwen: No, no, I'm not scared. It's just that he keeps talking about your brother and L.A. and this contract -- and I really want it.

Will: That's okay.

Gwen: When I want things, I screw up.

Will: No, that's my department. And even I can't screw up how great you sing. You're really good. Maybe this is your time.

Gwen: It feels too easy.

Will: Don't you deserve something easy? Finally?

Casey: All right, either you go in there and sing, or they're gonna tear this place down.

Gwen: Okay. Is your brother here?

Casey: No, but he will be before you're done. So go give them hell.

Will: She always does. Do you think he really is coming?

Casey: He better if he knows what's good for him.

Kim: I really felt very bad about you and Abigail.

Adam: No, don't feel bad. It was mutual. We've moved on. Moving on -- it sounds so much better than breaking up.

Kim: Listen, you put the right words to it, doesn't hurt a bit.

Adam: Right? You think will is okay?

Kim: I think so.

Adam: He and Dad -- they were okay when he died?

Kim: Well, I think so. But you know, Adam, I can't be sure about anything. Will -- he's been through so much this summer. I mean, even before your dad passed on.

Adam: He and Gwen were split up, right?

Kim: Yeah, right.

Adam: She's going to be singing tonight.

Kim: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Casey says she's really good.

Kim: Oh, she really is.

Adam: It takes a lot to be a singer.

Kim: I vaguely remember.

Adam: Then you should know, it's not just the voice. It's the drive. You need to think about yourself 24/7.

Kim: And your point is?

Adam: I know Casey thinks he's doing something great for Gwen. I don't know if he has thought about what this could do to Will.

Kim: Ooh, listen to you I don't think you're really giving Will the credit he deserves.

Adam: I forgot how you could use that sweet voice of yours to just nail me.

Kim: Oh!

Adam: Oh!

Kim: That's not a nail!

Adam: I have really, really missed you.

Kim: Oh, Sweetheart, me you, too. I am so glad you're back. We're all glad you're back.

Adam: I keep thinking Dad's just on vacation. You know, that he'll come walking in, growling.

Kim: Well, I guess the only thing that helps is that you can be with people who feel the same way.

Adam: My family? Dad kept us together.

Kim: Yeah.

[Adam sighs]

Adam: What are we gonna do now?

Simon: We're not gonna do it. Just go.

Carly: I can’t. I'm in too deep.

Simon: You're only going to get in to much deeper if you stick with me. So please, I think if you go now, you will be safe.

Carly: Spirro's after me, too.

Simon: Not if I tell him that you didn't tell Jack anything, that you were there to talk about the kids.

Carly: He's not going to believe that --

Simon: I'll make him believe it, okay? I got us into this, I'm going to take the hit for it. Please, please give me the comfort that I'm going to go down by myself and not take you with me.

Carly: Simon --

Simon: No, I mean it. Please, just go. I was the one that got us into this mess. This all my fault. I, for once, want to do the right thing. Now please, go.

Carly: Simon --

Simon: Go now before I call Jack and tell him everything.

Simon: This had better work.

[Cheers and applause]

Gwen: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Will: You were great. Just like always, you were great.

Gwen: Yet, Casey looks like he could kill me.

Casey: No, I could kill Adam.

Gwen: Oh, come on, don't worry about it. It doesn't matter.

Casey: You really don't think so, huh?

Gwen: No, I already have so much. I got music, I got friends, I got Will. Honestly, that's all I need. I don't need more than this.

Will: You know, you almost sounded like you meant that.

Luke: Don't you think you're being a little harsh?

Lily: Do you, Jade?

Jade: No.

Luke: Okay, who are you, and what have you done with Jade? What, she can't go to the benefit because, what -- she has to atone for her sins?

Lily: No, that's not why she can't go, and I think Jade knows that.

Jade: Will's going. And your mom thinks, and she's right, that I have to do a cold turkey thing with Will.

Lily: Jade and I have a deal. And we take it very seriously. Right?

Jade: Right. And anyway, it's a just a costume ball with a real life prince charming as the guest of honor. I'll just wait till the next one comes along.

Craig: So, to get right to the point, I need someone to disappear.

[Emily is at the door and overhears this]

Lucy: I'll be finished with this in a second. If you're in a hurry, I could put it in your box.

Dr. Connor: I'm not really in a hurry. Take your time. Long as you need. You know, I saw you before, looks like you had your costume for tomorrow.

Dr. Connor: Who are you going to be?

Lucy: Cleopatra. You're not going to make an asp joke?

Dr. Connor: I was actually working up the nerve to ask you to go with me. But that's probably stupid because you probably already have a date, so --

Lucy: It's not stupid. Because if you didn't ask me, I couldn't say yes.

Dr. Connor: You know, in the last 15 seconds, I just got a lot happier.

Jack: Okay, how about a few ground rules? Once you put on those jewels, I need to know where you are at all times. I need to know immediately if someone gets too close to you, or asks you to go off with them.

Vienna: Yes.

Jack: And we don't talk about my personal life.

Vienna: Ooh, I touched a nerve, didn't I? You know, Jack Snyder, if you're jealous of Simon --

Jack: Absolutely not.

Vienna: Maybe we could arrange so Simon gets jealous of you.

Jack: This prince, the one with the jewels -- he doesn't mind it when you, you know, throw yourself at other men?

Vienna: Oh no, he gets insanely jealous. And, when I'm drenched in all the jewels, looking like millions of dollars, I'll throw my charms at you and Simon and the boy passing the canapés. Whomever strikes my interests. And Adolpho, he will --

[ Vienna makes exploding noise ]

Jack: That game's a little dangerous, don't you think?

Vienna: A lot dangerous. That's what makes it fun.

Carly: So, if we're stealing those jewels -- what do we have to do first?

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Emily: I saw Craig talking to a guy at Yo's.

Dusty: About what?

Emily: He told the guy he wanted to make someone disappear.

Carly: I know exactly how to get our prince Adolpho away from that Vienna person and away from his country's precious jewels.

Katie: Still looking for Simon.

Margo: Why?

Katie: Because trouble is a lot easier to deal with when you can see it coming.

Casey: You gotta wait till Adam gets here.

Gwen: Why?

Casey: 'Cause he hasn't heard you sing yet.

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