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Will: Good morning. How'd you sleep?

Gwen: Morning. You mean the whole half hour before you rousted me out of bed?

Will: What? Are you saying you're sleep deprived?

Gwen: Aww, you can keep me up all night any time. Come on, back to bed.

Will: Later. Later. Right now, I have a surprise for you that's going to make you very happy.

Gwen: A surprise?

Will: Yeah. Come on.

Gwen: But, we're the surprise. Us, back to together. That's I all need.

Will: Yeah, I know. Just check this out.

Maddie: Morning!

Will: Yeah, best ever. Come on in.

Maddie: Hey, Gwen. Happy to be home?

Gwen: Oh, happy doesn't even cover it. Are you guys going somewhere for fall break?

Casey: No, but you are.

Maddie: Will had us pull this all together.

Gwen: Pull what together?

Will: Our honeymoon. Surprise.

Lucy: Good morning, Grandmother.

Lucinda: Well, I missed you at breakfast.

Lucy: Early rounds. There was a note in my box about a board meeting. Only I'm not a member.

Lucinda: Today you are. Pro tem.

Lucy: What's up?

Lucinda: We have a loaded agenda. Hi, good morning.

Dusty: Well, my day just got better.

Lucy: I was going to say that.

Barbara: Down to business, shall we? Lucy, would you mind?

Lucinda: Lucy's going to be sitting in today. I guess we all know why we're here.

Barbara: I'm hoping it's because you're going to tell us that the hospital will not allow Craig Montgomery to use my daughter's name in his so-called research fund.

Craig: Excusez-moi?

Lucy: Daddy, what are you doing here?

Craig: A follow-up visit. And I'm sure you will all be very pleased to know that I have received a clean bill of health.

Barbara: Well, then, take a lollipop and go home.

Craig: I heard there was a meeting, and no, not from Lucy.

Lucinda: No matter who you heard it from, or what you heard, you are persona non grata in this room.

Craig: By all means, call security, have me tossed off the premises. But not -- not before I have a chance to apologize to all of you.

[Katie in bed dreaming]

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Katie. You look as beautiful as the day we met.

Katie: What do you -- did we?

Simon: Did we -- make love? No. Not that I wasn't tempted, but -- you made it very clear that we were over. And so, I picked up and moved on.

Katie: What are you doing here?

Simon: A final goodbye. And you asked me to forget you. So I did.

Carly: I've been waiting for you.

Simon: I'm all yours.

Katie: No, no, no, noooo!

Mike: Hey, hey. It's okay.

Katie: Mike? I guess I just -- had a bad dream.

Carly: Mm, let's see. You know this is good practice for me.

Simon: What? Oh, you're not going to leave me and become a makeup artist, are you?

Carly: No. No, I mean Halloween. I always do my kids' makeup and costumes.

Simon: You know, maybe I should go this year trick or treating as a uh -- a loan shark's punching bag.

Carly: No, no it's not that bad.

Simon: Ah --

Carly: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just had to get that spot.

Simon: Okay, okay. That's all right. You know I was lucky Katie didn't punch me as well. She was pretty upset when she found out you and I were -- you know, back in business together, again.

Carly: Yeah, well so is Jack. He thinks that you are hazardous to my health.

Simon: And yet you're still here.

Carly: Well, you know when I quit something. I like it to be my idea.

Simon: You have no idea how glad I am that you came back. I mean, I'm unbelievably grateful.

Carly: Simon, I would never walk away from you while you were down.

Simon: And what about when this building's done, and the debt's paid off? Will you walk away then?

Gwen: You planned a honeymoon behind my back? When did you have time to do that?

Will: When you were asleep.

Maddie: Don't you want to know where you're going?

Casey: Gwen Munson, to celebrate the honeymoon you never had, you and your husband will are flying first class down to the island of St Lucia. Where then, you'll be escorted to your private bungalow on your own private beach for five days and nights of paradise!

Maddie: And since Oakdaleís a bit north of the equator, we have supplied you with some tropical togs.

Casey: Wait, did she just say togs?

Gwen: Ooh. This is incredible. I don't know what to say. Our honeymoon?

Will: Yeah, well, it's about time right? I mean, we never got to have a real one. Time away just for you and me.

Gwen: Sounds horrible.

Will: I know.

Gwen: Oh, I love you.

Will: I love you, too.

Maddie: We should leave this stuff and get out of here.

Gwen: No -- no, no. You guys have to stay. For our sendoff. You have to throw confetti.

Maddie: Okay, right. Well, there is cause for celebration, right? Not just 'cause you two are back together. But that Jade is finally out of the picture. I can't believe that you didn't have her arrested or anything. I mean, there's gotta be a name or something -- for what she did to you.

Gwen: Mm-hmm, it's called desperation. But I wanna put all that bad stuff behind us.

Maddie: You're just gonna let her get away with everything she did? Why?

Gwen: Because we're going on our honeymoon!

Will: And because I killed Jade's mother.

Mike: That must've been some nightmare. You're shaking.

Katie: It was just weird.

Mike: What'd you dream about?

Katie: Oh, I can't really explain it. It was just all over the place, you know? I went to bed kinda upset. So, I guess my mind just went to an odd place.

Mike: I didn't hear you come in. What were you upset about?

Katie: You're not going to believe it.

Mike: Try me.

Katie: Simon and Carly, back together.

Mike: You're right. I don't believe it.

Katie: And why would you, after the way Carly was ranting and raving last night about how awful Simon was and all the things that he had done to her.

Mike: Now, what, 180 and she's back on his side?

Katie: Well, when I saw them together, her arms were around his neck. So yeah, it looked pretty cozy.

Mike: Wonderful.

Katie: And poor Jack.

Mike: No, you have no idea.

Katie: What do you mean?

Mike: No, look, we should have never ran to Jack and told him Carly and Simon were finished.

Katie: Well, don't blame yourself. He already knows, he saw them together.

Mike: How's he handling it?

Katie: Not well.

Mike: We both know how he's feeling.

Katie: I mean we can't blame ourselves, right? Carly got us caught up in her drama. She was the one who was saying that she was completely done with Simon. She meant it, I thought.

Mike: Just remind me next time I get good news, to have a little waiting period before I share it. At least five minutes or so.

Katie: I'm sorry. Just forget about it, okay? And get on with your day.

Mike: All right, look, I thought I'd get some steaks tonight, bring them home, we can grill on the deck.

Katie: That sounds good. What?

Mike: I'm just -- I'm just shocked. I cannot believe Carly would get involved with that guy again.

Katie: I know. And it looked pretty serious.

Mike: And here I thought it was just physical.

Katie: What do you mean?

Mike: I mean -- well, I just assumed that there wasn't a lot of depth to it.

Katie: Well, wait. Hold on, Mike. What are you saying, that Simon and Carly have slept together?

Jack: Thanks for coming down, Spirro.

Spirro: Thanks for the police escort, Detective Snyder.

Jack: Why don't you have a seat? Can I get you a cup of coffee?

Spirro: Get to the point. What am I doing here?

Jack: I need to ask you some questions. You have a criminal record.

Spirro: Time served. Anything else?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. I invited you down here so I could do you a favor.

Spirro: Just save your favors for someone who needs them. That's it, I'm out of here.

Jack: Would you just sit down and just shut up and listen in. This is a warning. I'm watching you, Spirro.

Spirro: I'm shaking.

Jack: You should be. Whatever move you make, whatever loser you go into business with, I'll know about before you do.

Spirro: If you had anything on me you'd be reading me my rights.

Jack: I can wait. Step off the curb before the light turns green? Ride the speed limit one mile over? I'll find a way to make it a parole violation and you'll end up right back where you belong, back in jail.

Spirro: You're blowing smoke.

Jack: Try me.

Spirro: Listen Detective, it seems you've got all the cards. So, why don't you show them, and I'll see what I can do to help you out.

Carly: Okay. Huh, that's the best I can do.

Simon: So am I ready for my close up?

Carly: Yeah, yeah go ahead.

Simon: Beautiful.

Carly: You're not too shabby yourself.

Simon: So listen. Have never being to a salon before, I know this is a very high class one. How much do I owe you for this?

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: It's free of charge, Sir. Let's just get this building up and sold and stop Spirro from turning your beautiful face into a Picasso.

Simon: And then what?

Carly: I don't know, we'll have to wait and see.

[Knocking on door]

Carly: Um, who's that?

Simon: I'm hoping this is our new contractor. Oh! Reggie, good to see you, come on in. Did you manage to drop by the site? Oh wait, how rude of me. Reggie, my partner, Carly Snyder.

Carly: Hi.

Simon: Carly Snyder, Reggie Bascom.

Carly: Nice to meet you.

Simon: The genius who's going to get our building back up in business.

Reggie: Yeah, about that --

Simon: I -- I know it's a big job. It's huge, but -- give us the good news first.

Reggie: I can't get the electrical tower out. Or the damage repaired before Christmas.

Lucinda: You, Craig? You want to apologize to us, separately, collectively? Really?!

Craig: Allow me five minutes.

Barbara: Lucy, why didn't you tell us your father was going to infiltrate this meeting?

Lucy: I didn't know about the meeting until a little while ago.

Dusty: Lucy had no idea he'd be here.

Craig: This is true. I heard about the meeting via the hospital grapevine.

Barbara: Lucy is a part of the hospital grapevine.

Dusty: Barbara -- Lucy's not doing her father any favors.

Lucinda: Okay, okay. He gets five minutes.

Craig: Thank you. I suppose there's worse things than being in prison.

Barbara: Such as being in a coma?

Craig: I deserve that. And I deserve jail time.

Lucinda: Ooh, somebody get that on tape.

Craig: I missed you, Lucinda, your humor. And the heart that hides behind it.

Lucinda: It doesn't beat for you, Darling.

Craig: Barbara, I thought long and hard about what I would say to you when I got out of prison. I ravaged your life and hurt you far too many times to be forgiven.

Barbara: You got that right.

Craig: And Lucy, my sweet Lucy. In the past, I haven't done well by you. Or by you, Dusty.

Lucy: Daddy, why are you bringing all this up now?

Craig: Because while I was away, I had nothing but time to think. About getting out, and coming back home. Not that I was expecting a welcoming committee or open arms.

Lucinda: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Craig: Not that I was expecting to be missed. But I hoped that I could come home and try to do some good. Now I see how presumptuous I was suggesting a foundation in Jennifer's name. I had no right to involve myself in a project such as this or foist it on you.

Lucinda: You've had, two minute warning, right now, all right. I have not heard no apology, you know.

Lucy: Grandmother --

Craig: No, no, no, she's right. I'll cut right to it. Okay, my one intention was honoring Jennifer's memory. But I had an eye opening conversation with Meg Snyder, and she made me see that my best intentions was hurting everyone. So, for that, I am truly sorry. And, so, as of now I will no longer be in association with any such foundation.

Lucinda: And that's it.

Craig: Well, there is one more thing.

Barbara: There always is.

Craig: I confess that I've set something in motion and it may be too late to stop it.

Casey: Wait, I thought Jade only pretended to be Rose D'Angelo's daughter. And then the Snyders found out and they kicked her out.

Will: They did. But it turns out there was a mix up with the files on record at the orphanage and Jade really is Rose's daughter. They just found out.

Maddie: That's unbelievable.

Gwen: But true. So it puts a very different spin on things.

Casey: Yeah, I remember what happened to Rose.

Will: So, then you know what I did to Jade was way worse than what she did to me.

Gwen: Nope, you didn't mean to do it. You were a kid. And you had no idea that she could get sick enough to die.

Maddie: Yeah, she's right. Jade isn't a kid. She's an adult. And she knew that she was hurting you guys.

Will: But you know what? I'm not keeping score. I just -- I wanna hold Gwen close and feel happy for a change.

Maddie: Well then, you need to slip into these.

Gwen: Oh, you're kidding?

Maddie: Hmm-mm. You're going to need to get with the tropical theme.

Gwen: Wow, it's so colorful. Oh, my God! How did you make this happen in the middle of the night?

Will: You kidding, you forgot who my mom is?

Maddie: Be careful.

Casey: Yeah, I hear that its bad luck if you, like, knock it over or drop it or something.

Maddie: No, no, no. That's -- its bad luck if the groom sees the bride in her gown before the wedding.

Will: Yeah, but know what? No more bad luck ever. Okay, we're going to eat wedding cake. We're going to toast to the rest of our lives together. But most of all, we're going to be happy. Think we can handle that?

Katie: What makes you think that Carly and Simon slept together?

Mike: Things Jack said.

Katie: Like what?

Mike: He found them together during the ice storm.

Katie: Together, together?

Mike: Under blankets. Not a lot of clothes on. Look, it could be completely innocent, I don't know.

Katie: Innocent? Simon, innocent?

Mike: Okay, this is why I didn't tell you. 'Cause I knew you'd be all worried for Carly.

Katie: You should have told me, Mike.

Mike: What, why? What difference does it make? The deed is done? Carly can handle a little extra curricular activity.

Katie: Mike?

Mike: What?

Katie: This is that pamphlet I brought home from the fertility clinic. You were reading this?

Mike: My wife stayed out late last night. I had to do something to pass the time.

Katie: Unbelievable.

Mike: What? You changed your mind about having a baby?

Katie: No -- no. I want a one now more than ever.

Mike: I'm finding there is a lot to learn about that whole process.

Katie: You don't need to learn a damn thing. You know everything you need to know.

Carly: Please don't do that to us.

Simon: Listen, Reg -- honestly, this building has to be a showplace way before Christmas. No? All right. All right -- tell me, Reg, how soon can we show the apartments?

Reggie: Thanksgiving.

Simon: How's your calendar looking now, Reg?

Reggie: Early November.

Simon: All right, and your union won't find out about this.

Reggie: I'll have the work done in a week.

Simon: Oh, Reggie. You're a good man.

Carly: Yeah.

Simon: Listen, how about I -- drop by the site regularly. I'll check in on you, and I want daily updates. Okay, Reg? Thanks again.

Carly: Whoo hoo! Oh, wow, I'm sorry -- ribs.

Simon: Ribs.

Carly: Sorry.

Simon: You know, that's all right. It was well worth it.

Carly: We have to be careful, though. We can't just hand money to every worker on the job, you know?

Simon: Not to worry. We're going to be fine.

Carly: No, I do worry! If we have to give fistfuls of cash to everybody like were printing it in our basement --

Simon: Listen, we have got enough money to cover this entire renovation.

Carly: Well, I'm worried about having enough money to cover the interest. And you know whose interest it is.

Simon: Can we just forget about that person for the time being. In less than two weeks, we are going to be rolling in our success. Believe me, Carly, you and I, we're going to make it.

Jack: This is a pretty impressive rap sheet ya got here, Spirro. Grand larceny, extortion, assault --

Spirro: I'm clean now and you got nothing on me.

Jack: Yeah -- for now. You keep it clean and we won't have any problems. But if you go back to business as usual -- look at me -- you're going down. And I'm the guy who's taking you there.

Spirro: Class dismissed?

Jack: Get the hell outta here. And keep looking over your shoulder. Because I will be right behind you.

Margo: I knew it.

Jack: What?

Margo: You can't help but ride to Carly's rescue, can you?

Dusty: Enough games. What do you want to say.

Lucy: Come on, Daddy. What's this all about?

Barbara: Oh, come on, Lucy. You can't pretend that you don't know what this is about.

Lucinda: Barbara, Darling, how many years and how many of your children spent not talking to you.

Dusty: What's this thing you want to set in motion?

Craig: I've already made preparations for a benefit to take place on Halloween. And it was supposed to kick off donations for the research fund. A masked ball. Very festive.

Lucinda: Go on.

Craig: Well, Sierra helped me with the guest list. And with her diplomatic connections, we managed to snag some very important people. You know, political types, media moguls, celebrities and the guest of honor is the Prince of Leonia.

Lucinda: I knew his father.

Craig: Mmm. So, to help raise funds, he's bringing the crown jewels to put on display for the benefit.

Barbara: And is there a Princess of Leonia?

Craig: Deceased. But his royal highness is bringing what they called in the olden days a consort. So, the question is -- should I scrap the whole thing?

Lucinda: Yes, in the name of dignity and good taste.

Lucy: I'm with Grandmother.

Barbara: It sounds like a three ring circus and Jennifer hated circuses. I vote no.

Craig: Dusty, care to make it unanimous?

Dusty: No, I think this town could use a good party.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Lucinda: What are you up to? What are you thinking? Why do you wanna throw in your lot with that lying scoundrel?

Simon: Will I see you later?

Carly: Definitely. Will I see you there?

Jack: I'm afraid she's in way too deep.

Margo: Jack, you're the one who's in to deep.

Gwen: What is it? What's wrong?

Lucinda: Mr. Donavan, I think you're missing the point here. None of us in this room want Mr. Montgomery to be presiding over anything.

Dusty: Were talking about a huge chunk of cash, for the hospital.

Lucinda: Let's have a word outside, okay? What are you up to? What are you thinking? Why do you wanna throw in your lot in with that lying scoundrel?

Dusty: I'm keeping our enemy close. We green light the project, give him a chance to show his cards.

Lucinda: Yeah, but we've played this game before. And it can be a dangerous game.

Dusty: It's already in motion. The party's going to happen, with or without us. It's best to see what he's up to, don't you think?

Lucinda: Oh, he's up to no good, we know that.

Dusty: I agree. So we go back in there, let him think he won. I'll keep an eye on him. Find out what the real agenda is.

Lucinda: Okay. You got a point.

Dusty: You with me?

Lucinda: I'm with you all the way. And you damn well better be right.

Casey: I want to make a toast to the bride and the groom.

Gwen: All right, make it count, Case.

Casey: You guys have been through one hell of a year. And you made it against all odds. So, good for you. Actually, good for all of us, because you've shown us that anything is possible. So have a happy honeymoon. And a happy life.

Gwen: Nice.

All: Cheers.

Will: All right, now it's my turn. Okay? To Gwen, welcome back. I missed you, and I love you more than you'll ever know.

Maddie: Aww.

Will: Cheers.

Gwen: Cheers.

Will: You know what? And to the best man and the maid of honor --

Gwen: Yes!

Will: -- Who helped us elope last year and have made this honeymoon possible.

All: Cheers!

Maddie: Okay, Gwen, now that the men are done, let's get down to business. Since you'll be in a tropical paradise, it's all about beachwear.

Gwen: Oh! Beachwear.

Maddie: Beachwear.

Gwen: That's -- that's for me?

Casey: No, I think that's more for Will.

Will: It's a private beach.

Maddie: And when you're not on the beach, I thought you could wear this.

Gwen: Oh, my -- that's beautiful.

Maddie: Thank you. You're welcome. It's an island dress that you can wear to renew your vows, if you wanted to. It was all Will's idea.

Gwen: It's so sweet. Thank you, and thank you both. I know that voice.

Casey: Well, you should, because it's going to sell over 1 million CDs one day. I made this recording of her singing, and I sent it to our brother, Adam, in L.A., 'Cause he's representing a lot of musically talented people now.

Gwen: And so he'd be interested in me because --

Will: Are you kidding?

Maddie: Wait a minute. Wait, rewind. You guys share a brother?

Casey: Well, half brother. We have the same mom.

Will: And Adam I have the same dad.

Maddie: That is so twisted.

Casey: You don't even know.

Will: Yeah, he's older than us.

Casey: Hey, but he lived with me.

Will: Mm-hmm. And he got us into all kinds of trouble.

Casey: Like the time when he took his dad's car for a joyride.

Will: And we ran out of gas. We had to call my dad to have him bail us out.

Casey: Oh, my gosh, he looked like he going to blow a gasket. You know how Hal gets, when he looks like a volcano, gonna blow.

Will: Yeah, he took one look at our pitiful faces, though, and just started laughing, and he told us that he stole his dad's car one time, too.

Gwen: So what happened?

Casey: He took us out for ice cream at the diner.

Will: Made us promise we could never tell our mothers.

Maddie: Families are so strange. How they work, and they don't? But who am I to talk, I come from the weirdest of the weird.

Casey: Hey, Mad, it's like Gwen said. All the bad stuff is all behind us.

Gwen: You know what? I think we all have a lot to celebrate.

Mike: Hey, wild woman.

Katie: You talking to me?

Mike: Yeah, yeah. I think you're my wife. Let me have a look. Yes, that is the woman I fell in love with. You wore me out. What got into you?

Katie: My love for you. And our future baby.

Mike: I have a meeting with a client.

Katie: Ahh!

Mike: Ahh! I'll meet you back here later?

Katie: Okay, it's a date.

[Scratching sounds]

Mike: Looks like we woke Snickers up.

Katie: I think we did more than wake him up. He looks a little agitated.

Mike: You think we riled him up a little bit?

Katie: Maybe. Or maybe he heard us talking about having a baby. I think Snickers is jealous.

Mike: Okay, I'll leave you to talk to Snickers about the facts of life, okay?

Katie: Thanks. Leave all the hard work to me.

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, hey, handsome. You okay? Come here. Ooh, sorry, Buddy. You heard Mike and me talking about having a baby, didn't you? Don't you worry, Sweetheart. You will always be part of our family. We love the things we love, no matter what.

[Katie daydreaming]

Simon: I love you, Carly. I love you so much.

Katie: No!

Jack: This has nothing to do with Carly.

Margo: So you keep saying.

Jack: I am doing my job here, Margo. If Simon's in business with a loan shark, it's got to be stopped.

Margo: And the fact that Carly is so connected to Simon right now, that's a coincidence, is that what that is?

Jack: Okay, she said that Spirro was out of the picture, but I know that's not true. Now, listen to me. If she's involved with Simon enough to start lying for him, I'm afraid she's in way too deep.

Margo: Jack, you're the one who's in too deep.

Simon: Listen, Carly, I know I've been throwing out thank yous like they're going out of style.

Carly: Well, I'm very grateful for your gratitude.

Simon: But -- you lied to Jack to cover for me. And I know you much you hate lying to him. I really want you to know that I would never have asked you to do that.

Carly: Simon, I couldn't tell Jack that -- that you're involved with Spirro. He would have arrested both of us. I don't like lying, but I didn't see much choice. Unless you have some kind of plan "b" that I don't know about. A plan "b" that includes us keeping all of our necessary body parts. If you've got one, lay it on me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Simon: Hello? Yeah, this is he. Really? Yeah, not a problem. I'll see you soon.

Carly: Who was that?

Simon: Plan "B."

Katie: You and I have been through a lot together, huh, Buddy? That's why you were rattling your cage, you're worried about me. You know I was upset. But why? Why does it drive me crazy to think about Carly and Simon together? I'm completely in love with Mike. I want to have children with him. I have everything I want, so if Simon and Carly are sleeping together, or they're together, whatever, who cares? Why do I care? I've got to just stop obsessing about this. Okay. So I'm just gonna be done with it. Done, over, that's it. And maybe Mike's wrong, anyway. Maybe Simon and Carly aren't in love. Maybe they're not sleeping together, and I'm just letting my imagination run away with me. There is only one way to be sure, though. Damn it, I have to find out for myself.

Simon: Okay, I didn't tell you this, but I got in touch with a realtor who's going to help us pre-sell the building. And he may have a potential buyer.

Carly: Now, tell me you're not kidding me?

Simon: That was the front desk. The buyer's waiting downstairs.

Carly: Ohh! That's great! That's so great.

Simon: Oh, ahh --

Carly: That's great.

Simon: -- Ribs.

Carly: Oh, I knew you could do it, Simon.

Simon: So you want to come down, meet him, charm him?

Carly: Yeah. No, I'd like to, but I'm meeting with the fabric and carpet people.

Simon: Well, how is this? We get struck by disaster, and here we are. Still going.

Carly: Still going. Well, I know you can do it. I know that you can sell this buyer, Simon.

Simon: Your faith is amazing.

Carly: So is yours. So off you go.

Simon: Off I go. Okay, will I see you later?

Carly: Definitely. Will I see you later?

Margo: Look, I can't do this. I gotta get home. Daniel's got a half day at school today.

Jack: Please, be my guest.

Margo: You gotta stop leaning on Spirro.

Jack: I just brought him in for questioning, Margo.

Margo: You are too close to the investigation. I want you to back off.

Jack: You're joking.

Margo: No, this case is a wild card at best, and I don't want to hit Hal with a mess-up when he comes back from D.C.

Jack: Margo, please, I can play this on the down low.

Margo: No, Jack, I'm sorry. This is Halís shop. We play by Halís rules.

Jack: You know something --

Margo: We don't bring people in for questioning without anything to back it up, and you know that. And I'm sorry that Carly is all messed up in this.

Jack: I just can't wait for Hal to get back.

Margo: Oh, well, why is that, Jack?

Jack: So you can stop giving me marching orders.

Margo: You think? You wish.

Casey: Its hurricane Casey!

Maddie: Stop. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, better late than never, Mr. and Mrs. Will Munson, world travelers.

Casey: And for their first dance, not as a married couple, but for always and forever.

Gwen: Hey, you guys, come on. Jump in.

[Cell phone ringing]

Casey: Hey, Will, I think that's you, Man.

Will: Yeah, I'm gonna let it go to voicemail.

Gwen: No, no, it could be paradise calling to make sure that we're still on board.

Will: All right, I'll go take it in the bedroom.

Gwen: All right. You guys, I gotta thank you for making this, like, one of the most special days of my life.

Casey: That's what friends are for.

Gwen: You, Maddie, the tropical togs. And thank you so much for sending that CD to your brother.

Casey: You got a great song, Gwen. I really believe that you're gonna make it big.

Gwen: We'll see.

Maddie: And I would like backstage passes to all of your concerts, please.

Casey: We'll be your own private groupies.

Gwen: You'll have to clear that with my security team first.

Maddie: Ohh.

Gwen: This suitcase is, like, a huge upgrade from my backpack.

Maddie: Yeah, you guys are going to want to hit the road soon, because you're not gonna be able to check in, and they want you at the airport, like, five hours before these days.

Gwen: Not a problem. I'm ready. I just need my groom. Hey, Will? Will? Hey. What is it? What's wrong?

Lucinda: Okay, here it is. Craig will go ahead with his gala fundraiser for the benefit of the hospital.

Craig: I appreciate your vote of confidence, Lucinda.

Lucinda: I'm a very flexible woman, and Dusty is persuasive. Meeting is adjourned.

Craig: I have a feeling that you made this work. Thank you.

Barbara: You know what they say about pacts with devils.

Dusty: Lighten up, will you?

Barbara: Craig Montgomery is back in town, drumming up God knows what, and you're telling me to lighten up?

Dusty: It's a party to benefit the hospital. We're keeping Jen's name out of it. What's the problem?

Barbara: What's the problem? There's always a problem where Craig is concerned.

Dusty: I'll have my eye on him the whole time. Don't worry.

Barbara: Okay, so you do think he's up to something? What is it you're not telling me?

Craig: All right.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Hey, Sweetness. Can I count on you to help out at the gala?

Lucy: Can you tell me what's really going on?

Craig: What do you mean?

Lucy: I know you. And I know there's more to this than meets the eye. And you're going to tell me what it is. Now.

Jack: Every move Spirro makes, I want to know about it. If he sneezes, page me. Thanks.

Mike: Hey.

Jack: Hey, what's up?

Mike: I just wanted to come by and apologize about giving you bad information about Carly and Simon.

Jack: No, forget it, please.

Mike: No, no, no, I canít. We had no right to get into your business. And from now on, we're going to butt out. You have my word.

Katie: Hi.

Maid: Oh, good morning.

Katie: You know, I left my key in my room. I was wondering if you might use your pass key to let me in.

Maid: Oh, I'm afraid I canít. But if you go down to the front desk, and show them your I.D., they'll give you a new copy.

Katie: Great, thanks.

[Katie takes out a credit card and swipes it to get in the room]

[Buzzing sound]

Carly: Hi. Next time -- knock.

[Simon goes to the bar and turns around and Spirro and his men are there]

Spirro: The blonde went to the cops. Big mistake. And you're gonna pay for it.

Next week on "As the World Turns."

[Katie screaming]

Tom: It seems to me these jobs just consume us, no matter what happens.

Craig: Well, maybe I can be of help.

Meg: These are the costumes Craig donated for the benefit.

Paul: You won't be needing that, then. Because you're not going.

Meg: The hell I'm not.

Jack: To Hal.

All: To Hal.

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