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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/18/06

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Holden: Lily? What happened? What did Jade say?

Lily: Lucy answered her phone.

Luke: Lucy? Why would Lucy answer her --?

Lily: Jade's in the hospital.

Luke: Did her fever get worse?

Lily: She had an accident.

Luke: She's going to be all right, isn't she?

Lily: She may not make it through the night.

Luke: What? Wait, wait --

Holden: What else did Lucy say?

Lily: She hung up the phone before I could ask any more questions. Look, we have to get to her right now.

Holden: You're not going anywhere.

Lily: I got to help her.

Holden: Lily, you just got out of the hospital yourself.

Lily: Luke, could you get my coat? You know what? Don't -- I'll just drive myself, that's fine --?

Holden: You know what, can you give us a minute?

Lily: I got to go. I got to be with her.

Holden: Lily, you're going to end up killing yourself.

Lily: But Rose needs me to do this for her --

Holden: No, Rose is dead. And, right now, I don't care about any special requests coming from the grave. I'm worried about you. And our kids --

Lily: I am fine --

Holden: You don't even know that Jade is Rose's daughter.

Lily: I got to get to her --

Holden: Not in any car that we own. And you're not calling a cab.

Lily: Why are you doing this?

Holden: Because I love you and Luke can go be with Jade. She won't be alone. Please, don't fight me on this.

Gwen: Jade has a miscarriage?

Doctor: No.

Gwen: You said she wasn't pregnant, I thought because of the accident, she lost the baby.

Doctor: There was no baby. My patient was never pregnant.

Will: Wait, wait! I'm the father. Are you sure?

Doctor: I took the preliminary tests and examined Ms. Taylor myself. She's not pregnant.

Nurse #1: Doctor, her pressure is dropping.

Doctor: Cancel the OR. Get a surgeon down here stat, then come help me with her.

Will: It was all a lie. She lied to me.

Gwen: Hey --

Will: Let me go --

Gwen: You can't go in there.

Will: I have to talk to Jade right now.

Lucy: Look, Will, you're going to have to let us save her life first. Get him out of here.

Gwen: Come on. Let's go somewhere. Let's sit down, okay?

Will: There never was a baby.

Mike: Let's not do this.

Katie: We're here. Let's at least talk to Jack.

Mike: And do what? That him that Carly had a fight with Simon?

Katie: Tell him that Carly is through with Simon. That she's home with their kids. All he has to do is show up there, give her a shoulder to cry on, and let love do the rest. You're not coming?

Mike: I don't think so.

Katie: Why not?

Mike: Look, there's a fine line between caring about our friends and butting into Jack and Carly’s marriage. Let's just -- let's back off now.

Katie: I'm part of the reason that they don't have a marriage anymore.

Mike: Explain.

Katie: When Carly was secretly working at the Galaxy club and I found out about it, I opened my big mouth and told Jack. They have not been the same ever since. Please let me be the catalyst that brings them back together this time. Come on. I owe them that. Help me.

Mike: I'm going to need incentive.

Katie: Of course you are. You, me, all night baby-making?

Mike: The whole night?

Katie: The whole night. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get home. I'll talk fast.

Mike: Kiss me.

Margo: So, why does Simon need a loan shark? I mean, didn't he strike oil or something?

Jack: Apparently, he sank everything he had into that building he's remodeling with Carly. The whole thing was destroyed in the storm.

Margo: The guy never heard of insurance?

Jack: I don't care if Simon does a crash and burn. But Carly’s involved in this, too.

Margo: Oh, so, you then can go and save her?

Jack: Maybe.

Margo: What are you waiting for?

Carly: Simon! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, what happened to you? Oh, Simon! Simon? Please wake up. Simon? Simon, are you all right? What is it? What? What are you trying to say?

Lily: We're wasting time. Jade could be dying!

Holden: Then we need to let Luke leave instead of arguing about this --

Lily: What if there are medical decisions to be made? Life and death decisions regarding Jade's care? Luke can't handle that!

Holden: Fine, then I'll go, all right. But you're staying here.

Lily: I can't let you do that.

Holden: Lily, please --

Lily: I know, I know you're worried about me. I know and maybe I'm not being fair, but --

Holden: But you're going to keep pushing this. You're going to keep pushing yourself! Lily, we don't know that any of this is true, and until we do --

Lily: I know you don't want me to get my hopes up. You don't want me to believe in Jade. I won’t. I promise you. I'm just going to the hospital. I'm not running a marathon, I'll just sit in the waiting room. You can hold my hand.

Holden: And what about the stress?

Lily: Stress will be a lot worse sitting here, waiting for that phone to ring. Waiting for answers. The message I got from Rose is that her daughter is -- daughter is in trouble. I know, I know you don't want to hear that. I know that. Rose was my sister. I need to take care of this for her. I need to take care of her daughter.

Holden: This Theresa, she shows up at our house -- Jade could have paid her off to tell us that story -- we don't know that.

Lily: We'll start from the beginning. Jade has Rose's blood type and mine --

Holden: And so do millions of other people --

Lily: I know. I know that. And maybe we'll all turn out to be a lie. But what I know, right now, tonight, the information that I had, all of it, points that Jade is Rose's daughter. And I need to be with her. Please.

Holden: Luke?

Luke: Yeah?

Holden: Do me a favor? Pull the car up front.

Luke: Sure.

Holden: You stay here while I get your coat.

Lily: Yes, sir.

Holden: And if you begin to feel tired or sick --

Lily: Then I'll be at the hospital. Jade and I can have side-by-side beds.

Holden: Not funny.

Gwen: Look, I know that you're angry right now.

Will: Oh is that what I am? Thank you for clearing that up.

Gwen: Oh, you want to be alone?

Will: No. I don't know what I want. I'm sorry. Lucy, what's happening?

Lucy: Jade made it through the emergency surgery.

Will: Okay, when can I talk to her?

Lucy: You can’t. She had severe internal injuries. We could still lose her.

Will: Why is this happening? I don't want anything to happen to her.

Gwen: There's still a chance that she's going to be okay?

Lucy: We're doing what we can. Go home. Get some rest. Call in a couple of hours. We should be able to give you more information then.

Will: I can't leave. Not until I talk to Jade. I know it sounds cold, but I need to know why.

Gwen: I know.

Will: She destroyed us, Gwen. We had something amazing. You and me. And she went and told a huge, vicious lie. I don't -- why would she lie about being pregnant?

Gwen: Because she knew that it was the one thing that you couldn't have with me. A child of your own.

Will: Gwen.

Gwen: There was this moment. When the doctor said that she lost the baby that it all came back to me. How it felt losing my child. I'm sorry. I can't stay here.

Will: I'll go with you.

Gwen: You need to talk to Jade.

Will: No, I need to be with you right now. Come on, let's go.

Margo: Jack! Tell Carly I said hi.

Jack: Yeah, Margo, I never said I was goin -- hey! Hey, Margo! Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Mike: Well, talk to my wife. This is all her idea.

Katie: I have some good news for you.

Jack: I could use some of that.

Katie: Oh, good. Carly and Simon are over.

Jack: Okay.

Katie: It's true. We just saw Carly at Crash, and I have never seen her so furious as she is at Simon.

Jack: Oh, yeah, she was a little bit upset at me tonight, too.

Katie: Well, that was nothing compared to this.

Mike: You weren't even there.

Katie: Well, I'm just going by what Carly said. After you guys had your little misunderstanding, she found out that Simon was lying about the loan shark guy. So, you were right. And she knows it.

Jack: But yeah, she's still working for Simon?

Katie: No, of course not. That's the point. She quit. She's done for good this time. Oh, you should have seen her. She was so mad and so hurt --

Mike: Katie --

Katie: Well, she was hurt. She was depending on this job to get her career started as an interior designer. And now she has no job, no money. Of course, she's disappointed. She needs you, Jack. [Cell phone rings] Hello?

Nancy: Katie, its Nancy. How are you, dear?

Katie: I'm great, Nancy. How are you doing?

Nancy: I'm a little frazzled, I'm afraid.

Katie: Why? What's going on?

Nancy: There was an accident at the library tonight. Those new books that you brought over were inadvertently destroyed. And I'm just sick about it.

Katie: Oh, don't worry about it. We'll fix it.

Nancy: Could we deal with it tonight? I'm sitting up here at the Lakeview.

Katie: Sure. I'll be right there. I have to go. Book emergency. I'm meeting Nancy at the Lakeview. Want to come?

Mike: And listen to you guys talk books? No, I will meet you at home.

Katie: Okay. I'll will meet you -- speaking of home, why don't you go home and tell Carly how much you still care about her --

Mike: Katie --

Katie: Okay, I'm going. Good luck.

Mike: Sorry about that.

Jack: No, no, you -- I'm glad you stopped by.

Mike: Really?

Jack: Yeah, you saved me a trip. I was going to go and rescue Carly. But now I know she doesn't need rescuing.

Mike: Yes she does. Go.

Jack: I thought you were staying out of this --

Mike: That wasn't until you went and go stupid on me. You need to make up with your wife, now!

Carly: How many fingers am I holding up?

Simon: I'll take two, straight up.

Carly: No, no, no. No alcohol for the man with the concussion.

Simon: Ow!

Carly: Here, put this on your face there, okay?

Simon: Whoa, hey, you want to do it now?

Carly: Come on, I just need to check your ribs, okay?

Simon: I'll tell you what. You take your clothes off. It might get me in the mood.

Simon: Ahh, haaa woohoo.

Carly: All right -- it's not that bad then. It's just bruised. Not broken.

Simon: Just?

Carly: I'll call an ambulance.

Simon: No, no, it's okay. I don't need an ambulance. Nothing, I just -- I was trying to make you feel sorry for me. That's all.

Carly: Then why do you look like you're about to pass out again?

Simon: So, you'll kiss me and wake me up again?

Carly: I didn't kiss you.

Simon: Oh, but you wanted to.

Carly: In your dreams.

Simon: I got to get it somehow, don't I? Do you have any aspirin or something?

Carly: Yes. Yes, indeed. So, who did this to you?

Simon: Just a couple of love taps from our friendly neighborhood loan shark.

Carly: You couldn't handle Spirro?

Simon: He had friends. Carly, okay, big friends with even bigger fists.

Carly: But you just got the loan. When do you have to pay it back?

Simon: 30 days.

Carly: Then why is he roughing you up now?

Simon: I tried to give the money back.

Carly: Why?

Simon: I had a change of heart.

Carly: You did it for me.

Simon: Well, if I say yes, do I get a kiss then? Right here.

Carly: Are you nuts? Why did you try to do this alone? Why didn't you call the police? You could have set up a sting or something?

Simon: You're kidding, right? What are you doing?

Carly: Well, I'm not going to let that creep get away with this. I'm going to call Jack. I'm going to turn them in and make sure those guys are behind bars where they belong.

Simon: Do you want to get us both killed?

Lily: Lucy? How's Jade?

Lucy: She's still critical. Why are you here?

Lily: Is she going to be all right? On the phone, you said she might not make it --

Lucy: I can't discuss the details of her case with you --

Lily: We're family. It's a very long story. But we have very reason to believe --

Holden: You know that Jade was living with us for awhile? We're concerned about her. Anything you can tell us.

Lucy: Okay, when I spoke to you earlier, Jade had -- we ran into a problem that required immediate surgery. We had to perform it here.

Lily: In the ER? You didn't take her to an operating room?

Lucy: We had to act quickly.

Lily: I need to see her doctor, right away. Why are you looking at Holden?

Lucy: Because you're barely out of the hospital and you're very agitated. And I'm about two seconds away from admitting you.

Lily: Okay, I'm all right. I'm fine. Really. I just really need to see Jade's doctor. Please? It's very important.

Lucy: Okay. Come with me.

Lily: Thank you. It's okay. I can handle this --

Holden: What are you trying to prove?

Lily: Nothing. I think one of us should stay here.

Holden: Okay. Don't push yourself.

Lily: I won’t. I promise.

Holden: You okay?

Luke: Yeah, I was here with Jade just a couple of hours ago. How could someone be fine one minute and dying the next?

Holden: I don't know.

Luke: Well, we need -- we need to find out what happened. We need to find out where she was when she had this accident --

Holden: Why does it matter?

Luke: Because I yelled at her. I told her that --

Holden: Told her what?

Luke: I was trying to force her to do the right thing. And if she dies because of that --

Holden: I need specifics here, Luke. What has Jade done? Is it connected to your mom or Rose?

Luke: No, no.

Holden: Then what is it?

Luke: Dad, it's Jade's private business. I can't talk about it right now.

Holden: Well, that may be. But I don't want her around any of us, if she's pulling a new scam here.

Luke: Dad, we don't even know if she's Aunt Rose's daughter. So, it's no big deal right now.

Holden: Luke, what's going on?

Luke: Look, I can't talk about it right now. Can I just go get some coffee --?

Holden: We need to talk about it eventually.

Luke: I know. But I can't right now, okay?

Doctor: Is this girl a relative?

Lily: Jade lived with us for months. We're the only family that she has. We'll pay for all her medical bills --

Doctor: We'll take good care of her, Mrs. Snyder.

Lily: What happened to her?

Doctor: From what I understand, she was at the library and she took a bad fall, had some internal injuries, some bleeding --

Lily: But you operated on her?

Doctor: We're watching her closely. Hopefully, her vitals will remain stable for the next hour or so. That would be a good sign.

Lily: Can I see her?

Doctor: She's resting.

Lily: I swear she won't even know that I'm there. I just really, really need to talk to her. Please.

Lucy: What is going on? I thought Lily hated Jade. And you guys are family?

Holden: We got some news today. Tell me, do you have access to Lily's medical records?

Lucy: Of course. Are you worried about her?

Holden: I am. Do you have access to Jade's records as well?

Lucy: Sure. Holden, what is this about?

Holden: I don't want Jade to hurt my family again.

Lucy: What do you think she's done?

Holden: Maybe nothing. What I'm asking is a lot. But I need your help.

Will: So, tell me about your classes. Your teachers.

Gwen: Listen, we need to talk about Jade.

Will: What's the point? She's the only person who can tell me what she was thinking, why she would fake the pregnancy.

Gwen: I think that she faked more than that.

Will: More? How?

Gwen: Her accident tonight. I think that she planned it.

Will: How?

Gwen: The whole thing was very weird. When she called me, she asked me to meet her at the library. Why there?

Will: Because she used to work there. She knew it would be closed?

Gwen: If she wanted privacy, we could have done it at my dorm.

Will: So, maybe she wanted you to meet her on her turf?

Gwen: Exactly. So she could stage things the way that she wanted.

Will: I don't really follow.

Gwen: Look, when she called me, she sounded upset. I don't know, like she was sorry, maybe.

Will: About what?

Gwen: For breaking us up? For lying? Who knows? But when I got there, it was a completely different Jade.

Will: What do you mean?

Gwen: She wasn't apologizing at all. She was just in my face and she kept talking about how she was going to have your child and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Will: Why do you think she would do that? Do you think she was going to hurt you?

Gwen: No, no. Hey, where did you go?

Will: Maybe he can give us some answers.

Mike: I know that Katie loves me. I know she doesn't want anything to do with Simon. But she's so worried about him wrecking our marriage, it's like an obsession. You need to get him out of town.

Jack: I need to get him out of town?

Mike: You're the cop. Simon is doing business with known felons. Now, you want to protect Carly, don't act like you're not worried about her.

Jack: Of course. Of course --

Mike: And I think the part of you, you may not say this, but you want your old life back. Okay, you guys love each other. You need to be together. Go tell Carly that. Then lean on Simon and get him out of town, all right? Make everybody happy.

Katie: We're all set!

Nancy: We are?

Katie: Yes, I just talked to my publisher, and they're going to send over as many copies of "Oakdale Confidential" as you would like.

Nancy: By tomorrow?

Katie: Yeah. They're bending over backwards for me because it's such a runaway best seller. Can you believe I have a bestseller?

Nancy: I certainly can. You're a wonderful writer, Katie.

Katie: Thank you. Isn't tonight just the best night?

Nancy: I haven't seen you so happy in a long time. What is it? Ohh -- are you pregnant?

Katie: No, well, I don't know, but I don't think so, not just yet.

Nancy: Well why are you glowing?

Katie: Because Mike and I got the best news ever tonight. I think Simon is finally going to be out of our lives for good.

Simon: You know what? I am not going to the police.

Carly: Well, at least let me take you to the hospital. Then, we'll get you checked out.

Simon: And then they're going to ask about my injuries? No, I don't think so.

Carly: Why not?

Simon: Well, apparently, I still have Spirro's money here, and that means that I --

Carly: You're still in business with him.

Simon: See? You are beautiful and brilliant.

Carly: Well, how much are you going to owe him in 30 days?

Simon: The loan plus a hundred grand.

Carly: Or he'll kill you.

Simon: He's going to have to find me first.

Carly: Well, he'll find you, Simon, and he will kill you. What are you going to do?

Simon: I don't know. Use that money for a new identity? Look, I don't know. I'll figure it out. I've landed on my feet plenty of times before. By the way, what are you even doing here?

Carly: I left my keys.

Simon: There you go.

Carly: Thank you. Do you have a plan?

Simon: No, not yet, but I will and it will be a good one.

Carly: I could help you, Simon.

Simon: I don't need your help.

Carly: If I stay --

Simon: Carly, I don't want your help! I should have never got you involved in this in the first place, all right? And now I know how this guy operates, I want you as far away from me as possible and just stay away.

Carly: And just let him kill you?

Simon: Many people tried to kill me before, Carly. And yet, here I am, as handsome and carefree as ever.

Carly: Not quite as handsome as ever. They really did a number on your face.

Simon: Look, I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself.

Carly: Simon --

Simon: Goodbye.

Carly: I can’t. I'm staying.

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Luke: You think you know her, but you don't! You don't know everything!

Jack: Simon's got to deal going with this loan shark, right?

Margo: So?

Jack: So, whatever he's up to, I'll make him stop.

Simon: You really think we can do this?

Carly: Yes.

Simon: Seal it with a kiss.

Carly: Aren't you going to say something? What?

Simon: I'm just remembering how to sound sincere.

Carly: Why do you need to sound sincere?

Simon: Because I got to tell you something, Carly. And it's the truth. It's the absolute truth. And you got to believe me.

Carly: Okay.

Simon: I want to you get out.

Carly: Simon.

Simon: I want you out.

Carly: You're in this mess because of me.

Simon: What? How? You know, I'm the one who ignored those code violations. I'm the one who leveraged myself into the red. I'm the one who went to bed with that damn knee-breaker.

Carly: Yeah, you tried to get out of it because of me. And that makes me responsible.

Simon: No, it doesn’t. Just get out!

Carly: We just have to set some ground rules.

Simon: No, no! No rules, okay?

Carly: If you ever lie to me again, Simon. I will make you very sorry.

Simon: Okay, and you demand what of me? That I cross my heart and hope to die? Carly, I'm the guy that always lies, remember? It's pathological. I have got myself into plenty of messes before, and I get myself out of them. I do not need your help.

Carly: Without my help, you won't be able to pay Spirro off. God help me, Simon, I don't know why, but I like you -- and I like your kneecaps.

Simon: You know what I like about you, Carly? Your kids. And they need you. And I'm not going to be a part of anything that takes you away from them.

Carly: So when are you going to start being sincere?

Simon: Well, how's this? Whatever Jack said to you to push you away permanently, it goes double for me. And now, I'm going to go downstairs and get more ice for my eye. And by the time I get back, I want you gone.

Katie: So, Carly finally sees Simon for who he really is. Isn't that wonderful?

Nancy: Well, it's wonderful for Carly. Why are you so happy about it?

Katie: Honestly, it's really hard having an ex-husband around. I'm always running into him or hearing about him. And having Carly not working for him anymore, that takes away that connection, which suits me just fine. Here he comes. Well, that's weird. Watch, he's going to come over here and say something just to get to me.

Nancy: It doesn't look as if he's coming over.

Katie: Just watch. He'll sit there for a minute, then he'll start staring at me from the across the room. Like that's going to do anything. You know what? Why don't we just stare right back at and show him that he can't get to me.

Nancy: All right. Maybe he's over you.

Katie: This is bad. This is really bad.

Nancy: Why?

Katie: Sin just completely ignored me. Which means he's up to something and he doesn't want me to know about it. What was with those sunglasses?

Nancy: Do we care?

Katie: No, no, you're right. We don't care at all.

Luke: Hey, how's it going?

Will: Jade's back in the hospital.

Luke: I know. I just came from there.

Will: What else do you know, Luke? About the baby. About my baby?

Gwen: Hey, what are you doing?

Will: He had a copy of Jade's medical file. You knew, didn't you? You knew that she was never pregnant.

Luke: Yeah, I knew.

Will: Luke --

Luke: I just found out today.

Gwen: Stop it! What happened? How did you find out?

Luke: Jade was sick. She had a fever, she nearly passed out, but I had to force her to let me take her to the hospital. She didn't want to go. And I was worried about the baby. So, that's why I called you. If I knew, I wouldn't have.

Gwen: Then, then what?

Luke: Well, Dr. Morris, her Ob/Gyn, ended up treating her. And he kept talking about some virus that she might have and started prescribing antibiotics. But I thought it was kind of weird that he never once mentioned the baby. So, later, when we were alone, I asked him if that was safe, to be giving her all that stuff when she was pregnant. And that's when he told me.

Gwen: Did you talk to Jade?

Luke: Yes, of course, I did. Of course, I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing. And she said, like --

Gwen: What? What did she say?

Will: What did she say?

Luke: She said that she was going to sleep with you again, and get pregnant for real this time.

Will: She thought I would fall for that?

Luke: I don't know. I don't know. I guess. I made her promise to tell you the truth or I would.

Will: But you didn't tell me!

Luke: Because I wanted to give Jade a chance. She promised me that she would make all that pregnancy stuff go away.

Gwen: Oh my God.

Will: What? What is it?

Gwen: That's what she was doing at the library. She kept at me, she just kept talking about you and baby. She was trying to make me mad. She wanted me to hit her. So that she would fall.

Luke: Do you really think that Jade would do that?

Gwen: Not if she were really pregnant. But she wasn’t. She knew it. She was trying to fake a miscarriage.

Will: And she was going to use you to do it.

Gwen: So you'd hate me.

Luke: Okay, she did a stupid, terrible thing.

Will: Are you seriously defending her right now? She used you too.

Luke: Will, we've all done dumb stuff. You included. You know how it feels to be scared, and feel like you have nobody. Because Jade doesn't have anybody.

Will: And that's my fault?

Luke: Look, you think you know her, but you don't! You don't know everything!

Lily: Rose? Come on, you've been nagging me to help find your daughter. Here she is. Where are you? If Jade is really your daughter, then show up and tell me. I guess I'm not going to get help from the great beyond. I guess I should fill you in on what's been going on. Teresa -- Teresa showed up, at my house. It turns out that she is not Rose's daughter. And she has DNA tests to prove it, so, since there was only one other mixed-race baby at the orphanage, you, you're my niece. Maybe. But the joy that I felt, finding my sister's child -- just to have a little piece of Rose here, still, with me. -- What if Holden’s right? What if you set all of this up? Teresa, what if you hired her? What if you falsified records? What do I really know about you? You just showed up on my doorstep. Rose, Rose, Rose, come on! You keep telling me you want me to help your daughter -- stop her from making a huge mistake. Did you make a mistake? Is that what got you here, Jade? Are you making a decision now? Decision to live or die? Is that how I'm supposed to help you? I don't know if I can. What I can tell you, if you want to change -- if you want to feel like life is worth living, then you have to allow yourself to love and be loved. I don't know if you can do that. I don't know whose child you are. But you came into my life, and you trusted me, so I want you to trust me now. Life, it's worth fighting for. And there's love here, waiting. Just wake up.

Margo: You're still here?

Jack: Don't you start on me too.

Margo: I already started. I was going to finish now. So, Carly and Simon are apart?

Jack: They had a fight. She's a little mad at him for now. But what does that mean, really?

Margo: I don't know, Jack. You tell me.

Jack: Sure, she dodged the bullet, t there's always tomorrow. And you know Carly  she's a trouble magnet.

Margo: Yeah, you used to love that about her. The way she is. You know, bold, reckless sometimes. She's a good wife for you, Jack. She's a great mom.

Jack: Okay.

Margo: So, are you going to talk to Carly?

Jack: No.

Margo: Then where are you going?

Jack: No, if I can't be a good husband, at least I can be a good cop. Simon's got a deal going with this loan shark, right?

Margo: So?

Jack: So, whatever he's up to, I'll make him stop.

Simon: Well, you asked her to leave and she left. Good for her. Bad for you.

Carly: Miss me already?

Simon: No, no, I just -- why -- did you -- your keys? Did you forget something again?

Carly: Oh, I did, actually. Rule number 45.

Simon: I have to start making a list.

Carly: You should. And you should pay special attention to rule number 45. Nobody dismisses me.

Simon: And what if I ask you politely to go?

Carly: I would politely refuse.

Simon: Threats, blackmail, pleading, begging?

Carly: Mmm --staying.

Simon: How about a promise?

Carly: Give it a shot.

Simon: Okay, I promise you that Spirro  means business. If I don't finish this building, and sell it within a month --

Carly: If we don't --

Simon: We, Carly? That means he's going to know that you're working with me. He'll come after you, too.

Carly: Well, don't forget, Simon. Spirro already knows about me. So, if you bail, he'll come after me anyway.

Simon: Maybe.

Carly: Definitely. So we get to work. We use Spirro’s money to rebuild and we have our open house, and see sell all the units at a big enough profit to pay off the interest. And maybe we can pray to have just a little left over.

Simon: You really think we can do this?

Carly: Yes, if we both commit 100%. Shake on it. But only if you mean it.

Simon: I mean it. Sealed with a kiss.

Will: Tell me, Luke --

Gwen: Will, stop it!

Will: You should have told me the second you found out.

Luke: I know, I know. I should have. I'm sorry. But Jade -- she wanted me to give her a chance and she's really stood up for me in the past, so I felt that may -- you know what? Forget it. She could be dying.

Gwen: What now?

Will: I got to go to the ER and check on Jade.

Gwen: Maybe I should come with you. I mean, if you need me.

Will: Yeah, I need you.

Lily: Something is wrong. The doctor just went in. What is it? What's going on? What is it?

Holden: I asked Lucy to analyze all the available blood work and DNA information for both you and Jade.

Lily: And?

Lucy: Well, from what I can pull together, it appears -- I think that Jade really is Rose's daughter.

Lily: I knew it. When I first looked at her, I didn't think so. But after a while, I felt it. What have I done?

Holden: You didn't do anything wrong.

Lily: What have I done? I kicked her out of our house, Holden.

Holden: Lily, you thought she lied to us. She did lie. Stop beating yourself up for what you didn't know.

Lily: What if it's too late to fix it? That's Rose's child in there.

Mike: Hey, Nancy. Is Katie around?

Nancy: Was she expecting you?

Mike: I was going to surprise her. Is that okay?

Nancy: Oh, of course it is. Katie isn't here. She had to run an errand.

Simon: Well, we have a lot to do.

Carly: So, tomorrow we hit the ground running. But tonight, get some sleep.

Simon: You too.

Carly: Are you sure you're going to be okay?

Simon: Unless you're offering to nurse me to sleep?

Carly: I left you the aspirin. That's all you're going to get.

Simon: How about a hug? Come on. Come on, just a little gentle, platonic hug. I got kicked. See, man can't go on aspirin alone, you know.

Jack: Katie? What are you doing here?

Jade: Lily, what are you -- what happened?

Lily: You're in the hospital. You had an accident. Do you remember?

Jade: I'm in the hospital?

Lily: But you're going to be fine.

Jade: What are you doing here?

Lily: We were worried about you.

Jade: Did I help you? I told Holden about Theresa.

Lily: I know.

Jade: Are you going to finally find your niece?

Will: Lucy? How's Jade?

Lucy: Out of danger. She's awake and talking.

Will: Well, when can I see her?

Nurse #1: Dr. Montgomery. Critical MVA on the way.

Lucy: Coming. You'll have to clear that with her doctor, but I'm sure you can see her soon.

Will: Well, she's talking. That's good.

Gwen: Maybe you should wait a couple of days.

Will: Why do you think she did it? What do you think she lied to us?

Gwen: She wanted you.

Will: Maybe. Maybe she just wanted money. Either way, I'm not going to wait a couple of days for an answer. I'll find out tonight.

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Meg: I can't even get the damn motor to turn over. Sorry, Hon.

Craig: Maybe I can help, Dear.

Carly: Jack? What are you doing here?

Jack: It's a police matter, Carly. I'm taking you in.

Will: Jade wanted to look like an accident. She had the whole thing planned. And I'm pressing charges.

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