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Simon: Carly, relax. There is nothing going on.

Carly: Then why are we standing out here? Come on, let me in.

Simon: No -- let's make a date for later on. How does that sound?

Carly: No, later's too late. I need a friend now.

Simon: And I want to be that friend for you, I really do, I just -- I just can't right this minute.

Carly: Simon, are you okay?

Simon: Yeah, never better. Great.

Carly: Do you have a woman in there?

Luke: Home. Family. It's where you go and they have to take you in.

Jade: Yeah, I've never had that, but I dream about it. That's why I helped your mom with the phone number to find her niece.

Luke: And she's beyond grateful. And so am I.

Jade: I do one good thing and you come all this way just to tell me.

Luke: Hey, though, come on. It's a good thing, right?

Jade: I'm just not used to getting any gold stars.

Luke: Is Will still treating you poorly or is this just, like, hormones on parade?

Jade: I'm past the hormones. I'm into the nap all day stage.

Luke: Is that a picture of your baby? Yours and Will's?

Jade: It's an actual living, breathing human being. One who counts.

Luke: That's amazing. Did you get to hear its heartbeat?

Will: Jade, I thought you'd be gone by now. What's the holdup?

Dusty: Time to get some sleep, okay Johnny boy? You mind?

Chaz: Oh, sorry.

Dusty: He needs his whole posse around him when he takes his nap. Right, sweetheart? There you go. Have a great dream.

Chaz: Little man's out for the count.

Dusty: Yep, he'll be out for an hour, which gives me time to call Yamamoto in Tokyo. My mother-in-law's at the spa, otherwise I wouldn't ask you to supervise.

Chaz: I thought you hired me to be a bodyguard, not a baby wrangler.

Dusty: Chaz, don't tell me you're afraid of my kid?

Chaz: No, it's just --

Dusty: Good. Look, he probably won't wake up. But if he does, just give him this. It's a bottle.

Chaz: Very funny.

Dusty: I'll be in the den long distance. So if he wakes up -- bottle.

Chaz: I got it, I got it. [Johnny crying] Don't cry, Baby. Hey, I got your fix. Well, what do you know? Your Uncle Chaz got the right stuff.

Barbara: Get your hands off my grandson! No thug or creature's going to kidnap my grandchild!


Dusty: Chaz, meet my mother-in-law. Barbara Ryan.

Lucinda: Brava, Lucy, brava. You did the right thing.

Lucy: Ratting my father out to the police?

Lucinda: Protecting little Johnny from his errant progenitor.

Lucy: I couldn't let him stay here playing up his injury as a way to get close to the baby. Violating the restraining order would land him right back in jail.

Lucinda: Well, as you heard me say, he can just go right back to Hades, I don't care. [Lucinda laughs] The important thing, though, is that Johnny’s safe and you're the reason why. You know, I think that's something that Dusty would like to know and then he can thank you. I think I'll make a phone call and just tell him what a heroine you are.

Paul: I don't know, you see one monkey suit, you've seen them all.

Meg: It's not the suit, Paul, it's the monkey in it.

Paul: Really? Well, maybe I'll wear a powder blue tuxedo with really wide lapels and a frilly shirt and a velvet cummerbund.

Meg: Are you into retro or is that something you still have in your closet?

Paul: No. All right, what did you wear to your prom?

Meg: Something Mama made. Powder blue and frilly.

Paul: See, even in our youthful fashion indiscretions, we still prove that --

[At the same time]

Both: We're meant to be.

Paul: See, and I was about to say that.

Meg: Okay, all right. Moving on.

Paul: Moving on to the honeymoon?

Meg: Wedding date first.

Paul: Okay, how about Las Vegas? Tonight. In one of those casinos that they make look like a city. Waukegan or Amsterdam.

Meg: Or Oakdale. Church. It's a tossup between a fall ceremony with the chapel all decorated in blazing colors, or a winter ceremony, and we get to ride off in a horse-drawn sleigh on a blanket of snow.

Paul: Just don't keep me waiting, all right?

Emily: Oh, God.

Craig: Hey, what's all this? Oh, somebody's got the wedding bell blues.

Emily: I cannot do this. I cannot.

Craig: Oh, yes you can. And if you're willing to learn something, I'll show you how.

Emily: You can't help me.

Craig: It's not like you to turn tail and run.

Emily: Yeah, well, you've been gone awhile.

Craig: Not that long.

Emily: All my talk about being over Paul and wanting to get on with my life -- the sight of seeing him with Meg right now so happy, so soon after the loss of our baby, it's just not fair.

Craig: No, not much in life is. The secret is to take control of the situation before it controls you. So first, take a long deep breath. And then find a way to put a smile on your face. And the last thing you want is for those two to see you sweat.

Emily: If you're asking me to go in there and congratulate them, you can forget it, because I would rather have my tongue shredded than wish them a happy wedding.

Craig: Do you want to find a way to turn the tables without them seeing them turn? Watch Uncle Craig. Come on. Come on.

Paul: We're out of here.

Craig: Ah, the happy couple. Set a wedding date yet?

Paul: You're not invited.

Craig: That's all right, I'll send you a gift anyway. Well, since Meg didn't seem too thrilled with my first present. Oh, did I talk out of turn? Well, just let me know where you're registered and I'll find something more appropriate. I hear fondue pots are making a comeback.

Simon: An old friend blew in from out of town. We're just catching up. You know how it is.

Carly: Yeah. Yes, sure, I do know how that is. What about the lawyer and all that paperwork for the building?

Simon: I'm going to call you later on and you can tell me everything that happened, but I really got to go, so I'll call you. I'm sorry.

Spirro: Was that the same chick from the coffee place?

Simon: Yeah.

Spirro: Man, you must need that dough bad to turn away something that sweet.

Simon: Don't rub it in, Spirro.

Carly: Well, fine, Simon Frasier. You're not the only one with old friends.

Luke: Nice way to talk to the mother of your kid.

Jade: No, Luke, it's okay. Will found me a really nice place across town. And I was just about to call a cab, but then I wasn't feeling so hot so I stopped to lie down.

Luke: And this is the part where you ask if she's feeling better or if she needs anything.

Jade: I'm fine. I'm just dealing with the 24-hour morning sickness. The doctor said I lost weight.

Luke: Well, that can't be good.

Will: What are you doing here?

Luke: Well, I just came by to thank Jade for a favor that she did for my family.

Jade: Oh my gosh. Excuse me.

Luke: Will, what's the matter with you?

Will: Excuse me?

Luke: The girl is carrying your kid. You need to treat her better than something you can scrape off the bottom of your shoe.

Lucy: Please don't make my whole life about Dusty Donovan. My father lied about how ill he was so that he could stay in this hotel and be close to Johnny. And while I can understand why he would want to do that, I couldn't risk him violating the restraining order and getting thrown back in jail.

Lucinda: That's where he belongs, if you ask me.

Lucy: I'm not asking you. You hate him. I don’t. And that makes your opinion --

Lucinda: Irrelevant.

Lucy: I have to check in with the hospital.

Lucinda: Dear, you have the day off. I don't know why -- I just don't know why you can't admit that you had your father bounced in order to prove something to Dusty.

Lucy: Because it's not true.

Lucinda: Dear, it's as true as the torch that you've been carrying for this guy since you were 16 years old. You want him to see that you're on his side. You want him to see that you think he's the better father -- the real father of the child. Okay, if you want him and you want to win him back, and I know that you do -- I know that darling. What's wrong about telling him how you've saved the day?

Chaz: I'm sorry Ms. Ryan, I had no idea who you were.

Barbara: Oh, that's quite all right.

Dusty: It's okay, Chaz. It's okay. Barbara, this is the bodyguard I hired.

Barbara: Chaz? Just Chaz?

Chaz: Chaz Dargote.

Dusty: As long as Montgomery’s in the building, we can't be too safe.

Barbara: Yes, well, you certainly seem quite capable. On top of things.

Chaz: I hope I didn't hurt you, ma'am?

Barbara: Only when you call me ma'am. Please call me Barbara. It's been quite a while since I've been wrestled to the floor by such a vigorous man.

Dusty: Take five, okay, Chaz? You are too much, you know that?

Barbara: What? Well, it takes more than a spa day for a girl to feel alive. How's my little boy doing? Hey, Johnny.

Dusty: Hope Chaz wasn't too rough on you.

Barbara: Oh, no. Quite the contrary. Wasn't he doing what you hired him to do? Protection? Can't be too cautious where Craig is concerned?

Dusty: You got that right.

Barbara: Especially where immediate family members are concerned?

Dusty: If you start talking about Lucy again, I'm going to teach Johnny how to call you Ma'am.

Barbara: You may think that she is on your side, but Dusty, fathers live in their daughters, not just their sons.

Dusty: I'm handling it. Here you go.

Barbara: Well, you know what? For Johnny's sake, I hope you are.

[Knock at the door]

Dusty: I'll get it.

Jack: Hey, Dusty.

Dusty: Come on in.

Jack: Thanks. I thought you could use some good news.

Dusty: Keep your voice down, Johnny's asleep.

Jack: Ooh, sorry little man. Listen, I wanted you to know that Lucy called me over here to report that Craig is well enough to leave the hotel.

Dusty: You're kidding.

Jack: No. No, it turns out that Craig was lying about how sick he really was. Lucy called him on it. It just happened downstairs, just now.

Dusty: I wish I was there.

Jack: Yeah, Lucy was -- she was pretty great. Anyway, Craig has 24 hours to leave the hotel or I can haul him in for violating the restraining order. I just wanted you to know that you don't have to worry about him getting anywhere near Johnny.

Dusty: Thanks, Jack.

Jack: Don't thank me. It was all Lucy.

Eileen: Mrs. Snyder is just inside. Please come in.

Carly: Thank you.

Lily: Hey, Carly, you came back.

Carly: Hello.

Eileen: May I get you some refreshments?

Carly: Um, no, no. I'm good, thanks.

Lily: Maybe later, Eileen, thank you very much. Love the whole getup. The outfit. What do you think about that?

Carly: What is going on?

Lily: That's Eileen. She's from my mother's staff. My mother thinks I'm too frail to run my own household.

Carly: Ah, so how do you really feel?

Lily: I'm tired. Very tired. I just had physical therapy.

Carly: How'd it go?

Lily: I feel like all my muscles are on fire. Very weak.

Carly: Than it's a good thing that you have the help. Right? Families can take a lot out of you.

Lily: That is true.

Carly: Why is that? Would you care to elaborate on that?

Lily: I've -- in the hospital, and now at home, I've -- you know what, I'm just going to say it. I've been getting some visits from Rose.

Carly: Wow.

Lily: Yes. Not dreams. Not hallucinations. This is Rose. Our Rose. Telling me to find her daughter and bring her home safely.

Carly: Wow!

Lily: Yeah, my mother thinks I should go back to the hospital for more tests.

Carly: What about Holden?

Lily: Holden is great. He's been amazing. He even got Theresa -- that's Rose's daughter -- her last known phone number but she's moved on.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Lily: That's okay. That's okay. There'll be more leads. We'll find her.

Carly: Yeah.

Lily: I have to do it. For Rose. I miss her. I miss Rose so much.

Carly: I do too.

Lily: I don't have to tell you what it's like to lose a sister.

Carly: I miss Rosanna every single day. And even now, I pick up the phone half a dozen times a week and I'm halfway through dialing before I realize that she's someplace I can't reach her.

Lily: You know, Craig’s back.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah I know, I wasn't sure if you did.

Lily: He helped save Johnny from that ice storm.

Carly: Right, but one good deed definitely does not erase all the pain that he has caused.

Lily: You have every right to hate Craig for what he did to Rosanna. Absolutely.

Carly: I had sort of a run-in with him today, and my first mistake was letting him get to me. But no more. I made a promise to myself. I am not going to give him that kind of power. I just refuse. If I need a man to aggravate me, believe me, I have my pick.

Lily: Who are we talking about now?

Carly: Well, an old and very dear friend of yours.

Spirro: It's a lot of dough. I don't want any glitches on the terms.

Simon: This deal's strictly between us, right?

Spirro: I don't see anybody else here. Relax. It's just between us.

Simon: Good. Good, because there are people that I would prefer to be unaware of this little arrangement.

Spirro: People? Like the blonde? No reason for her to find out. Not from me.

Simon: All right, then. Good. 30 days to pay it back, right?

Spirro: With a hundred thousand interest on top.

Simon: Easy.

Spirro: And borrowing is easy. The payback's what'll kill ya.

Simon: You'll get your money, Spirro. Once my building is finished, it'll generate enough revenue to make this look like chump change.

Spirro: You better hope so, because like I said, my organization is known for its swift and energetic collection practices. Just pay it back on time.

Will: I found her an apartment, Luke. And I'm paying her bills and her child support. But that's where it ends. I don't love Jade. I love Gwen. And no matter how psyched Jade gets, waving sonograms in the air and talking baby talk -- I'm just not gonna go there.

Luke: Look, Will, man I know that this is really hard on you, and Jade and Gwen. But it seems to me that if you and Gwen want to work things out then you have to stop blaming Jade for trashing your marriage. Only you and Gwen can do that.

Will: What if it's too late?

Luke: Says who?

Will: I went to go see Gwen at the dorms. She was all settled in and she's making a new life for herself.

Luke: Yeah, but there's still room for you in that. She loves you.

Will: But it's not enough. She deserves way more than I've given her so far.

Luke: And you don't think that she'll forgive you?

Will: She's forgiven me. She just doesn't want to have to do it again. Or wake up in the middle of the night when Jade calls because, you know, the baby's out of diapers or it's got a fever and what should she do? And you know that's how it's gonna be. I want Gwen to live her dream. And this isn't it. So I'm gonna go get out and just see a movie or something and hopefully by the time I get back, Jade will be gone.

Luke: Jade, you okay? If you want to know where Will went, he just --

Jade: It's okay. I know he can't stand the sight of me. Or the baby. Well you're not exactly tripping over yourself to tell me that I'm wrong.

Luke: Yeah.

Jade: What? Did he just come out and say it? Or did he --

Luke: Jade I just -- Jade! Jade!

[Jade faints]

Lucy: There's no point in me telling Dusty how I got his son out of harm's way. Everything's changed between us since my dad came back.

Lucinda: Oh, you think it has slipped his mind that you got his ailing child to the hospital in the middle of an ice storm?

Lucy: It's not enough. My dad's part in it canceled whatever good will Dusty felt toward me. And then him seeing Daddy holding Johnny in the hospital. That was the final straw. I mean, suddenly I became my father's accomplice, his partner in crime. And no matter what I do or say, no matter how loud I've yelled, I'm on his side. It's no use. So we can both save ourselves a phone call.

Lucinda: Hey! You'd better wake up and make it snappy. And you stop judging Lucy. And stop judging her by her father's DNA.

Dusty: I was just looking for her.

Lucinda: No, wait a minute! I've got the floor and I am not through. Do you see the impossible situation that you've put her in? Lucy can't win.

Dusty: I don't know what's going on.

Lucinda: There's no good deed that goes un-stoned around here. For heavens' sake, she has tried. She has been there for you, come through for you, she cares for you and Johnny. Time and time again she's come through for you. And what do you do? You accuse her of being in cahoots with her miserable father. Well, she's just had her miserable father evicted from this hotel. Now that's progress! So she's not in cahoots. Okay? Now Craig will have to find some other place from which to do his evil doings.

Paul: So what was that about? What gift?

Meg: It was nothing.

Paul: So nothing that you just forgot to mention it?

Meg: Paul, I gave it back to him.

Paul: Good, it was probably anthrax.

Meg: It was a vase.

Paul: A vase?

Meg: Whatever. The thing you put flowers in. Look, it's not important, all right? What I want to know is what Craig is doing here with Emily?

Craig: You see this is better than shouting fire in a crowded theater. Look at them. Itching with paranoia.

Emily: That's Paul's normal state.

Craig: You see, Emily? You don't have to be at their mercy. They're like ants in an ant farm. All you have to do is tap the glass and they panic. Then you just sit back and you watch.

Emily: I don't want to sit back and watch them do anything. I just want them to go away -- far away.

Henry: Oh, there he is, American justice in a nutshell. I won't ask how you got sprung, Montgomery.

Craig: Henry, you old dog. Still losing at the track?

Henry: Every chance I get. Emily, can I talk to you in private?

Craig: Go ahead. I'll get us some coffee.

Emily: I don't know what you want from me, Henry. Nothing between us has changed. I still think you're a traitor.

Henry: You can think anything you want there, Sweetheart. Just tell me what in the name of all that is unholy are you doing with Craig Montgomery. Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Craig: Fairwinds was always meant to be mine. Thank goodness I have it back.

Lucy: Are you telling me what this talk is about?

Dusty: Your father, my son, you and me.

Lucy: Sounds like fun. I'll be right up.

Lily: If you want Simon, if you really do, it sounds like you should just go for it!

Carly: All right, if you could just set it up right over there –

Emily: You know, Henry, who I see is none of your business.

Henry: It is when that someone is Craig Montgomery.

Emily: Like you care.

Henry: Emily, I do care, believe me.

Emily: Believe you? Why should I? After what you've done to me?

Henry: I am so sorry about the baby. I wish that I could make things end differently. I do, because I love you. And when I see you jumping out of one fire just to jump into another, I've got to say something. I've got to sound an alarm, I've gotta smash some dishes. Whatever to get your attention. You do not want to involved with that guy.

Emily: You listen to me. You listen! You've ruined my life once. Do you need to go for an encore?

Craig: Henry, it sounds like Emily would like you to leave. And if she needs to get in contact with you, I'm sure she will.

Henry: You take care.

Craig: Paul, Meg, Henry. You can't let these people get to you.

Emily: How do I avoid it?

Craig: Haven't you heard living well is the best revenge?

Emily: I don't want revenge, Craig. I want a life. A good life. The life I deserve.

Craig: And I've offered you one as my partner at the intruder. Emily, you finally crawled out of hell. And now you have a chance to start over stronger and better. Signing on with me is a step in that direction. And I promise you won't regret.

Paul: I know her. She works at Oakdale Realty.

Craig: Emily, this is Ms. Renfrew.

Emily: How do you do?

Craig: Were you able to accomplish what I asked?

Ms. Renfrew: I have the papers right here, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Excellent.

Ms. Renfrew: You're lucky. I have people ready to move in next week.

Craig: Well, they wouldn't have been happy there. Fairwinds was always meant to be mine. And now, thank goodness, I have it back.

Ms. Renfrew: Well, look those over and if you're satisfied --

Craig: Great. We'll meet in the morning and seal the deal.

Paul: Fairwinds. Even you wouldn't dare.

Lily: Simon Frasier? He's the one who's got you in a tizzy?

Carly: No, now I wouldn't say I'm in a tizzy exactly.

Lily: Well, I am. I still -- I'm having a hard time grasping this idea that you and Jack are done.

Carly: Well we are done. Done as done gets.

Lily: I knew there were more to the story when you said you were separated from him. But, Simon? I thought he was gone for good.

Carly: But he came back with loads of money and he was looking for investment properties, and he found one, and I am his designer.

Lily: Good! That's good for you. That's good for both of you. Yeah, that's great!

Carly: Do you really think so?

Lily: Yeah, I do. I do, I do. I like Simon. He's a good guy. But wait -- are you a couple?

Carly: No. No, I wouldn't say that we're a couple exactly. I mean, the attraction is there. Really there. But it's more than that. He hired me, you know? He gave me a job. He gave me a chance when nobody else would have. That means something to me.

Lily: I'll bet it does.

Carly: And ever since we've started working together, it just kind of clicked.

Lily: Business clicked? Or other kind of clicking?

Carly: Well, there's laughing. There's flirting. And sometimes he looks at me in that way that just certainly gives my ego a boost. And then sometimes he can be so exasperating, you know, but he's so adorable that you can't be mad.

Lily: Sounds like you could get serious. Unless you already have gotten serious? Have you gotten serious?

Carly: No, no. No, I have not.

Lily: Okay.

Carly: But today I felt something for Simon that I haven't felt before.

Lily: Okay I'm listening --

Carly: I was jealous.

Lily: Oh, yeah I've been there.

Carly: He had a woman in his hotel room. I mean, he's perfectly entitled to do that.

Lily: He's perfectly entitled to do that, yes.

Carly: Right, so then why did I feel like barging in there and ripping the hussy out of there and staking my claim.

Lily: Wow, you sure it was a woman? Maybe it was a maid. Or maybe he has the TV on, maybe?

Carly: No, it must have been a woman. What else would have made him not let me go in the room?

Lily: I don't know. Men are weird. Who understands men? You know what, if you want Simon, if you really do -- it sounds like you do -- just go for it! Do it!

Carly: You think so?

Lily: Absolutely. Don't let the dream or your chance at happiness slip away. Absolutely.

Carly: This right now. This is why I think you're so great. This is why I love you. This is why I missed you so much and why I'm so glad that you're back! Thank you so much!

Lily: Whoa, where are you going?

Carly: I'm gonna go and seize the day.

Luke: All right. So just little sips or it's all going to come back up. Jade, your hands are shaking. Look at me. You look all washed out.

Jade: I'm fine. It's just the worst bout of morning sickness yet.

Luke: Well, do you want me to call your doctor.

Jade: No, no, I know what he'll say. Soda, crackers and rest. I just need to close my eyes and get the room to stop spinning.

Luke: Okay, well, I'll get you some more water.

Jade: Luke, you're sweet, you're really sweet, but you don't need to stay here and be my nurse.

Luke: Hey, you are gonna want me here. I helped my mom out when she first pregnant with Ethan. You know, before everything got crazy. And so I know what I'm doing. I'm going to stay here with you until you get better.

Dusty: Still asleep?

Chaz: Not a peep.

Dusty: Tomorrow I'm going to take him down to the dining room and I'm going to order everything off the menu.

Chaz: I thought you were going to start having your meals up here for a while?

Dusty: Lucy got rid of Craig. So I don't have to white-knuckle Johnny in the elevators anymore. Got to give Lucy props for that.

Chaz: Maybe. But she is still Craig Montgomery’s daughter. Don't forget that.

Dusty: What are you talking about? Have you been talking to my mother-in-law. You sound like her.

Chaz: We were just shooting the breeze.

Dusty: Shooting the breeze? You work for me. Don't discuss business with her. You got it?

Chaz: Got it.

Dusty: Both of you. Would you please?

Barbara: Chaz, I was thinking of ordering up something from downstairs. Would you like to take a look at the menu with me, see if there's something you like?

Chaz: Sure.

Barbara: Good.

Chaz: Thanks.

Lucy: Excuse me. I think I left my sweater here. Have you seen it on any of the chairs?

Waiter: No, ma'am.

Lucy: Great, I only wore it once. [Cell phone rings] Hello?

Dusty: We gotta talk. You nearby?

Lucy: I'm downstairs.

Dusty: Mind coming up?

Lucy: Mind telling me what this talk is about before I expose myself to any more verbal abuse?

Dusty: Your father, my son, you and me.

Lucy: Sounds like fun. I'll be right up.

Dusty: What?

Barbara: I just wanted to know if you wanted us to order anything up for you and -- I couldn't help but overhear.

Dusty: Oh, I bet. Make yourself scarce, all right?

Barbara: All right. But two things -- number one, this is my house. Number two, you better know what you're doing.

Simon: Excuse me, you haven't seen Carly Snyder here by any chance, have you?

Waiter: Yeah, she was here earlier, but she left.

Simon: All right. What the hell are you doing here?

Spirro: I'm eating a steak, what does it look like? You got some problem with that?

Simon: Yeah, I do.

Spirro: Don't worry. The blonde hasn't seen me.

Simon: The point is, no one is supposed to see you near me. And I live here. So just get out of here.

Spirro: Why shouldn't I stick around? Our deal's done. And I like the four-star cuisine.

Simon: All right, why don't you finish your steak and go? I don't want to see your face for another 30 days.

Spirro: Good boy. Remember when our deal expires.

Carly: You're very sweet to do this. I'm surprising my husband. Are you married?

Bellman: No, ma'am.

Carly: Really? A handsome fella like you? Girls must want gobble you up.

Bellman: I have a girlfriend.

Carly: Ah, well, she's a very lucky girl. You make sure she treats you right. The door? Thank you. Oh, here you go. You take that sweet girl out on the town on me, okay?

Carly: Yes, hello, I would like to order a bottle of your most expensive champagne, please. $300? No problem, thank you. And also, two glasses and some strawberries. Why, yes, it is a special occasion. How ever did you guess?

Craig: You have a problem with me taking possession of Fairwinds? After all, it was my former home.

Paul: It was Rosanna’s home.

Craig: Yeah, I expect it'll be difficult at first -- with all the good and the bad memories.

Paul: Good memories? You -- you made her life a nightmare. You're sick.

Meg: Paul, come on, let's get out of here.

Craig: The fact is, is that Fairwinds is mine again and there's nothing you can do about it, Paul, but suck it up.

Paul: You put her into a coma.

Meg: Hey, he's baiting you. Come on, let's go. Come on.

Craig: You see, Emily? I got the upper hand and I didn't even have to use a gun.

Jade: Will?

Luke: No, no, it's me, Luke.

Jade: Where's Will?

Luke: I don't know. You are burning up. I think that this is more than just morning sickness.

Jade: No, I'm fine.

Luke: No, Jade, you're not. There's something seriously wrong here. I'm gonna get you to the doctor.

Jade: No! No doctors. I'm not going anywhere.

Carly: Hello, Simon. This is a date that's long overdue. No, I can't say that with a straight face. Oh, what is this? No, stop it. It's none of your business. Hmm. Oh -- [Knock at the door] Oh, if that's the champagne, I'll be right there! Coming! All right, if you could just set it up right over –

Lucy: You know what, Dusty? I am tired of having you on my case all the time. My father, Johnny -- nothing I do is right and I don't deserve that. I don't have to take it. So if you called me up here to continue --

Dusty: You want to shut up? So I can tell you I'm sorry?

Paul: Can you believe that guy?

Meg: What, it's not a surprise? Craig Montgomery lives to get a rise out of anyone and everyone.

Paul: I'm going back in there.

Meg: No, no, no, you won’t. That's exactly what he wants you to do.

Paul: What the hell is he giving you gifts for?

Meg: Paul, I told you, I gave it back to him. And I told Craig I didn't want anything from him.

Paul: Right, that'll stop him.

Meg: It will stop, and he will stop when he sees that what he's doing has no effect on us. And why should it? We have a life. We have each other. So, come on, let's just concentrate on that and forget about the things we can't control, like his moving into Fairwinds.

Paul: He's just doing it to stick it to me.

Meg: Maybe, and maybe he likes the views. I don't know, whatever. But you can't do anything about it, so just let it slide.

Paul: Yeah, I don't know how to do that.

Meg: Easy. Focus on us, okay? And our wedding. And our future. Craig Montgomery has nothing to do with us. He's basically harmless.

Paul: Okay, he is not harmless. And don't think for a second that that monster is harmless. He's a walking ulterior motive, and don't you forget that, or you are doomed, Meg, as soon as you turn your back on him.

Craig: This has been a very productive day. Have you made a decision about the paper?

Emily: I most certainly have. I will sign on as your partner and co-owner of "The Intruder."

Craig: Excellent. What made you make up your mind?

Emily: You did. I mean, you were right. You don't let anyone call the shots and you usually get what you want. Even if they all feverishly try to stamp you out. I want to know what it's like to be you.

Craig: Welcome to my world, Partner.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Craig: I can't get within so many feet of my own son, but it doesn't say anything about honoring his recovery.

Emily: Where are you going with this, Craig?

Lucy: When you say you trust me now, you mean it?

Dusty: I'll prove it.

Jack: But when he's involved with a known crook --

Carly: He's not involved with that crook or any crook for that matter!

Simon: I hear you guys all the way down the hall.

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