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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/11/06

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Maddie: Feel lucky, Punk? Feeling lucky, huh? Huh? Huh?

Casey: Where are you going, huh? Hey, whoa! Whoa!

Gwen: Will, please, you have to stop this.

Will: Why would I stop? If Jade's not pregnant -- if she's lying --

Gwen: Look, it's pathetic, okay? It makes me feel -- I don't know. Like humiliated.

Will: Why?

Gwen: I'm trying to face the facts right now, and it's not easy. So to all of a sudden just turn around and try to prove that Jade's faking it, it's just -- it just seems desperate.

Will: Why can't it just seem like we're fighting back? I mean, I think Jade's conning us. Just like she's conned everybody since she got here.

Gwen: Look, I know that you don't want her to be pregnant. I know you want to think that she's lying, okay? But you can't lie about something like this, Will. You can't lie about sonograms and pregnancy tests --

Will: Would you just listen to me, please! Don't you think our marriage is worth just listening?

Jade: You want me to help you with Lily?

Holden: That's right.

Jade: I would like to help, I just don't think it's a good idea.

Holden: Jade, I know at the hospital I told you to stay away from Lily. But this is important. I need you to help me find Rose's real daughter.

Jade: Oh.

Holden: It's important. For Lily's sake.

Jade: I see. You want me to help you find the girl I should have been.

Rose: I'm telling you that my girl's about to make a terrible, terrible mistake and you're just sitting there.

Lily: But I don't know what to do. I don't know how to find her.

Rose: Well, here's a thought. Go find her.

Lily: I wish I could, I do.

Lucinda: You wish you could do what, Honey?

Lily: Nothing. Nothing.

Lucinda: Darling, I'm not going to play along. I'm not.

Lily: I'm sorry. What?

Lucinda: I'll tell you what. You say, "oh, nothing." I used to let it go. I'd play along -- no. You saw Rose again.

Lily: I was thinking out loud --

Lucinda: You were not thinking. You were talking. Are you always like this after the sighting?

Lily: Please don't talk about her like that.

Lucinda: Rose. You saw Rose.

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: You saw Rose.

Lily: Yes. She came to me because she wants me to find her daughter. She's worried sick about her. She wants me to find her. She wants me to help her. And that is real.

Lucinda: You got to talk turkey.

Lily: I know what you're going to say.

Lucinda: Ah, you probably do, Darling. You probably do. And you think I want to talk like this? Do you think I want to be harsh to my daughter on her first day back? You don't think I'm doing this because it's critical that you understand, that you realize --

Lily: You're right. It's not Rose. It's not my sister. Just a hallucination. I was in a coma. I'm seeing things. Is that what you want me to say?

Lucinda: Not a bit. Look, Dear, you have a family. You have young children who are scared of ghosts. You have a responsibility and you've got to face reality. Rose is dead. You are going to concentrate on getting better. Rose is dead. Let her go.

Craig: I was hoping that a beautiful young woman would magically appear to have dinner with me, and here you are. And you far exceed any expectations. Silent treatment, huh? Your mother would be so proud.

Lucy: Boy, you sure are funny. I can hardly keep from laughing.

Craig: Sit. Yell. Enjoy.

Lucy: No, I don't enjoy this. I came over here on my break to make sure you were resting. To see if you were all right.

Craig: I'm sorry.

Lucy: Do you have any idea what went through my mind when you weren't in your room?

Craig: Honey, it's all right. I'm just having dinner.

Lucy: Keep this up and you're going to be having dinner in a prison cafeteria. You know, the only reason Jack didn't cart you off to jail before was because I convinced him you were really sick. What do you think he would do if he saw you now?

Craig: I'm sure Jack is far too busy serving and protecting the good people of Oakdale than to check up on me.

Lucy: Well, I'm here, and I'm checking up on you. So why don't you tell me just what the hell you think you're doing?

Carly: Answer the question, Simon. What were you doing with Spirro?

Simon: Spirro? Spirro who?

Carly: Are you honestly going to pretend that you don't know who I'm talking about?

Simon: See, the only other guy I was talking to was this other customer. He wanted to know what was better, the chai latte or the cappuccino. I said the chai latte is good for a rainy day --

Carly: Right, right. Because mobsters often ask for advice when ordering their coffee. And they always shake hands afterward.

Simon: That guy's mobbed up?

Carly: You know something, Simon, I'm very disappointed in you. I've always known that you don't have much sense, but I thought you had more than this.

Simon: All right, Carly, calm down, all right? It was just one of those preliminary maybe we can do business someday kind of chats.

Carly: Yeah, well, Spirro doesn't chat. He breaks kneecaps, but he doesn't chat.

Simon: Look, all right, somebody gave him my number. He heard that I was in real estate and he came to me about an idea for joint venture. That was it. Strictly legit. But you know what? Bottom line, it's super sweet that you're so worried about me. Super sweet.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Yes, well, I am super sweet. Here's the thing, simon. The one non-negotiable thing.

Simon: Non-negotiable. I got it.

Carly: If you do business with that man, then I will never again do business with you. Simon, that man you just shook hands with? Jack told me about the time that someone made a late payment and Spirro actually hung him up by his thumbs.

Simon: All right, you can't hang someone up by their thumbs. No, impossible. That didn't happen.

Carly: It happened. So what are you going to do? You're going to do business with a guy that hurts people? Or you're going to take the money that Lucinda offered, finish the building and sell the building, and make a big profit while still retaining use of your thumbs? What's it going to be? What's the better option?

Simon: Well, I do enjoy the use of my thumbs, so --

Carly: Simon, we can do it without him.

Simon: We?

Carly: We. I told you that I would see it through. But if you get involved with that man, then I'm out. Honestly, because I'm not going to hang around and watch you get hurt.

Simon: You do care about me.

Carly: Yes, well, you have to care very deeply and strongly for someone before you warn them about a sadistic mobster.

[Cell phone rings]

Simon: Hello?

Spirro: It's Spirro. I'm at your door. You want the money, get here in five minutes or I'm gone.

Simon: Yeah, no, no, no, sounds good. Not a problem. See you soon. That was my lawyer, he wants me to sign some papers back at the hotel. I'll catch up with you later on --

Carly: Oh, no, no, no, I'm going to go with you --

Simon: No, no, don't come with me. It's boring, I'll catch up with you later.

Carly: It may be boring, but we have to talk budget, and we can do it on the way over.

Simon: Now, you hate to talk budget.

Carly: Yes, yes, I do. But if we want to make a profit, it's a necessary evil. So, like it or not, you're stuck with me.

Craig: You think I don't know how much you worry about me? And I don't like it. I like it the other way around --

Lucy: What don't you want to tell me?

Craig: That -- when I was in -- when I was in prison, I got a little touch of -- I got a little touch of claustrophobia. And so, even some place as nice as that room upstairs -- I get -- I get anxious.

Lucy: Oh.

Craig: Yeah, so it's nice to have people around who aren't wearing orange.

Lucy: You're missing the point, Daddy. I didn't make something up to keep Jack in line. A fractured rib and a punctured lung? You have to take it easy.

Craig: I know.

Lucy: And I can imagine you want to get out of your room, but if Jack saw you, or if, god forbid, Dusty did --

Craig: I know. I know. Please, don't worry about me so much.

Lucy: So have your broth and I'll wait.

[Craig sees the waiter getting ready to bring his wine over]

Craig: No!

Lucy: Dad, I'm going to make sure you get back to your room okay. I know you don't like it, but I do worry about you. Daddy! Daddy!

Lily: I know Rose is dead.

Lucinda: Then who were you talking to?

Lily: Rose.

Lucinda: And you see no contradiction here --

Lily: No, I donít. I think that Rose is reaching out to me.

Lucinda: No, I don't think Rose can reach out to you.

Lily: Okay, that's fine. You want to see it that way? Maybe it's my subconscious making me face my guilt.

Lucinda: What the hell have you got to be guilty about?

Luke: She's right, Mom, you don't have to feel guilty about anything.

Lily: Luke, let's not fool ourselves. I forgot what's important. Like how angry I got with Jade.

Lucinda: Oh, Darling, nothing that she didn't deserve. And it was rational -- and I thought she was rather restrained.

Lily: I let my anger cloud my judgment. Look what happened with us.

Luke: Mom, don't. Don't even go there. It's over, it's finished.

Lily: Because I got a second chance. I want my second chance with my niece.

Lucinda: Excuse me! Excuse me! I just feel compelled to point out that you've got a husband and four children already. They are your priority, sufficient unto the day. You do not need to go looking for a long-lost niece that doesn't even know you exist!

Lily: She's family. She needs me.

Lucinda: So do your kids. The girls are babies. You're going to scare them to death with all this -- whatever this is.

Luke: Look, we don't need to argue about any of this. Dad's fixing it. It's settled.

Lucinda: I hope you think so, but how can you be sure? Maybe she can't find the girl.

Luke: Grandma --

Lucinda: Or more to the point, perhaps the girl does not wish to be found.

Holden: I know that this might be tough for you. But when you came to us and told us that you were her niece --

Jade: I'm sorry.

Holden: I believe that you are. But when you did that, you opened a door that can't be shut again.

Jade: I see.

Holden: Lily and Rose, they have this unfinished business. And now it's preying on Lily. And she really wants to find her niece.

Jade: Well, why don't you call the orphanage and ask them where she is?

Holden: I did, but it requires a court order that can take up to six months. And I don't know if Lily can wait that long.

Jade: So you really need me, don't you?

Elwood: I got the mustard -- what in heaven's name is going on in here?

Casey: We were having a food fight.

Elwood: This is your definition of a food fight?

Maddie: Yeah, sorry, Elwood, you have the mustard but now we don't have any sausages. Kind of used them for ammo.

Elwood: Don't you know that food fights are juvenile and wasteful and -- and just about my favorite thing on the whole planet! My eye! Oh, my eye!

Casey: Elwood, what kind of mustard is this? Is this French mustard?

Elwood: What difference does it make?

Casey: Just blindness, that's all.

Elwood: Blindness? I have never heard that.

Casey: Well, do you really want to test my theory?

[Elwood leaves and Casey goes and locks the door, Maddie starts backing away from Casey]

Maddie: Oh, my -- you are a truly evil person.

Casey: It worked, didn't it? We got rid of him.

Maddie: Yeah, it worked great.

Will: Okay, so the thing is, that sonogram Jade showed me? It had the Memorial Hospital logo on it. And all this time, she's been saying she's seeing a doctor at the free clinic.

Gwen: So you think she stole it?

Will: I don't know. But I know she's lying about something.

Gwen: But the home pregnancy test -- I mean, you saw that it was positive?

Will: Well, maybe she faked that, too.

Gwen: How?

Will: I don't know. This is Jade we're dealing with. You know, this is just how she operates. Nothing excuses what I did. But do you really think its okay to just let Jade take what we have and throw it out the window?

Gwen: So what do you want to do?

Will: I have the number to the doctor she says she went to. I want to call him to get the truth. But I want to be with you when I do it.

Gwen: Call him.

Gwen: Wait, this isn't going to work.

Will: We won't know until we try. If Jade's not pregnant, then she can't afford to have a real doctor examine her.

Gwen: So she's been faking the visits?

Will: That's what we're going to find out.


Nurse: Doctor's office.

Will: Yes, hi, I am a friend of one of Dr. Morris' patients. And I can't reach her and I really need to. I think her cell phone's turned off. Her name is Taylor, Jade Taylor.

Nurse: I'm sorry. Jade just left.

Will: She did? She was -- she was there?

Nurse: Dr. Morris just saw her. Everything was fine, so she left pretty quickly.

Will: Oh, okay. Thank you. Gwen, maybe she has Ė

Maddie: I'm sorry!

Casey: No, it's fine. It doesn't matter.

Maddie: No, I'm such an idiot.

Casey: My room's already cluttered. It's fine.

Maddie: You know, I should go anyway. You have, like, a million things to do.

Casey: No, Maddie, you don't have to go.

Maddie: I --

Casey: It sticks. I'll get it. I'll get it. It's fine. Here. Wait, is that what freaked you out? The door was locked? I'm the idiot.

Maddie: No! No, you didn't mean to do anything. I mean, you were just kidding. It's me. I'm so weird.

Casey: No, you're not. Just stop, all right? Stop saying that. Look, the door is open. If you want to go, you can. That's fine.

Maddie: The thing is, I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you.

Holden: I don't have time for games. So just tell me what you want and I'll get it to you.

Jade: You know what I want.

Holden: What?

Jade: For you not to think that I'm that kind of a person. That you'd know I'd help because I'll always be grateful to you and Lily and because Luke is my friend.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Jade: Wait -- I'm supposed to say that.

Holden: What are you doing?

Jade: I've got this address book. I don't know if it'll help, but it's what I've got.

Holden: You have a number for Theresa?

Jade: Yeah, I don't know if she's there or if she ever was. We were all pretty good at covering our tracks.

Holden: Thank you.

Jade: It's just a number.

Holden: I hope it helps. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Jade: Another thing about the orphanage. You gotta have thick skin.

Holden: Or pretend that you do. Take care.

Jade: Holden?

Holden: Yeah?

Jade: You don't have to do this if you think it would make things worse, but maybe you could tell Lily I tried to help.

Holden: I will. I will tell her that.

Jade: You know, if you and Lily find her, Theresa will be really lucky.

Lucy: Take slow, deep breaths. Your pulse is steady. If you just keep taking slow, deep breaths, the coughing should subside.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Yeah, I'm fine now. Really, much better.

Lucy: Should I help you up to your room?

Craig: I know I should let you. But we can't make me feel like an old man with a doctor for a daughter. I'd just rather get there under my own steam.

Lucy: You know, I should be getting back to the hospital.

Craig: Fine, please. Don't let me keep you. I'm fine, really.

Lucy: Okay. Enjoy your broth.

Craig: Lucy? It's amazing how much you've grown up since I've been gone. I just hope that you're proud of yourself, because I certainly am.

Lucy: Thanks. Call me if you need me. I mean medically.

Craig: Right. Ours is strictly a professional relationship.

Lucy: I wish.

[Lucy goes out the door and than peaks around the corner and sees the waiter leaving the wine at Craigís table]

Craig: My daughter doesn't approve of my drinking. Actually, she doesn't approve of me, period. Excellent. You know, the review said subtle oak taste with a fluid finish. And I just love a fluid finish.

Lucy: Enjoy your broth, Dad. While you still can.

[Lucy dials on a number on her cell phone]

Carly: You're sure that you don't want me to come up?

Simon: Carly, it's a lawyer. Who knows how long it'll take. You know, I'd prefer you to stay down here, meet with the supplier -- trust me, I know he'd much prefer to look at you than me.

Carly: Just don't dawdle over the legal fine points, okay? Every minute I spend with that guy feels like an hour.

Simon: I promise. I'll try to be back by dessert. But if I'm not, call me in the morning and tell me you got a big fat discount out of him, okay?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: When you talk like that you make me feel like a professional, and not a professional designer.

Simon: You know, I think you're doing a great job. You do know that?

Carly: Oh, just go talk to the lawyer, okay?

Simon: I mean it. You're amazing. You're the most incredible --

Carly: I will get a discount.

Simon: Okay.

Craig: Hey. Carly. Join me.

Carly: What the hell are you doing here?

Craig: My conviction was overturned. Lack of evidence.

Carly: Try not to smirk while you say that.

Craig: You know, Carly, everyone I've seen since I've come back has been moralistic, high handed, judgmental. But you're not like everyone. So come on, Carly, surprise me.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Maddie: When I said I wanted to stay here with you, I meant I wanted to be alone with you.

Lucy: As his physician, I think there's no reason to prevent him from moving out of here.

Jack: Montgomery, you have 24 hours to submit a legitimate forwarding address or you're going back to jail.

Spirro: You'll have my money or you're never hitchhiking again.


Carly: Simon, it's me. Open up.

Will: I don't want to hurt you, but I won't give up on us, because I canít.

Craig: I've been gone too long. I forgot how literal you were. No, it's okay. We're just old friends catching up. Another glass for the lady, please.

Carly: No thank you. There's no need.

Craig: So you're not going to even sit?

Carly: This is really nice, Craig. You here living the high life. Fine wine. A little pate. You know, I would tell Rosanna if I could, but I canít. She's still in a coma and she never has a nice wine. She never has a nice day.

Craig: I'm very sorry.

Carly: Not sorry enough. Not nearly enough. Does Jack know that you're here?

Craig: Oh, well there's another surprise.

Carly: And what is that, Craig?

Craig: He's been very, very much aware that I'm back in town and he's been on the case. Dogged, is what I call him. You know, keeping dodge safe from varmints like me.

Carly: Anything I can do to help him?

Craig: Well, he didn't even tell you, so it doesn't say much about the quality of your pillow talk, now does it? Everyone's arch enemy is back in town and he didn't even tell you?

Carly: We're divorced, Craig.

Craig: No!

Carly: But I think that you know that. And I know that you love to bring up painful topics.

Craig: Is it painful? Did you try counseling?

Carly: Let's not talk about me, okay? Let's talk about you.

Craig: Not much to say, really. You know, one day in prison is just like another.

Carly: Why don't you do something for all of us? Why don't you do something to change your habit? Why don't you get the hell out of here?

Spirro: You kept me waiting. You do not want to keep me waiting.

Simon: Right. People to see. Thumbs to break.

Spirro: I don't care. There's the money.

Simon: Money in a briefcase. Is there a more beautiful sight?

Spirro: You can count it, but that would seriously tick me off.

Simon: No, Spirro, no. You look like a very trustworthy guy to me.

Spirro: Yeah, I play by the book. I expect the same from my clients. I hope your payments are more on time than you are.

Simon: Okay. So by the book, this is a 30-day loan.

Spirro: And the clock started ticking 25 minutes ago when I was waiting for you.

Simon: Right. So the interest on that, that's going to be $100,000.

Spirro: That I will count.

Simon: Just for clarity's sake here, what if there was some sort of unforeseen crisis and the payment was just a hair, a hair late. What would the penalty be?

Spirro: Severe. The penalty would be severe and I can guarantee you would deeply regret having hung me up.

Simon: Hung you up.

Spirro: There would be a kind of -- what do you call it -- reciprocity?

Simon: Reciprocity?

Spirro: You hang me up, I hang you up. Got it.

Simon: Got it.

Lily: Could you listen to me just for one minute? One minute. Okay, even if it isn't Rose, even if it is somehow I'm seeing her is a byproduct of the accident, so what? Look at us, here together. Family. I can't think of Rose's daughter out there somewhere alone. It's not right. You know it's not right.

Lucinda: Well, I'm going to talk to Bob anyway.

Lily: I'm so glad things don't change around here.

Luke: Dad, I'm so glad you're home. These two have this way of making me terminally confused.

Holden: Welcome to my world.

Lucinda: Lily and I understand each other perfectly.

Lily: Did you get anywhere?

Holden: This might not pan out, so don't get your hopes up --

Lily: What is it?

Holden: I have a phone number. It could be Theresaís.

Gwen: Will, I don't know how to explain this. But trying to say that Jade is lying and trying to say that there isn't a baby -- it just makes me feel terrible. Because if it is real, which it probably is, then it's a baby. I mean, it's your baby and they're supposed to make everybody happy.

Will: Well, nobody's happy here.

Gwen: Jade is.

Will: Yeah, Jade is winning, and I don't think it's the same thing.

Gwen: I think there's another thing. I think that maybe you have to say that she's lying, that you have to hold onto that, because you feel too guilty to allow yourself to be happy about it.

Will: No. No, I'm not.

Gwen: Will, I know that you want to have children.

Will: With you!

Gwen: That is not going to happen. Can't you see that? I mean, you need to look at the future right now. And your future is that child. And I've got to look at my future right now and that is school and music. And maybe it's time that we face the fact that those two futures don't necessarily go together.

Will: No, I can't do that.

Gwen: You have to. Okay, please. If you love me as much as you say you do, you have to leave me alone. I cannot be this unhappy anymore. I just can't do it.

Casey: I'm glad you want to stay and that I didn't scare you off.

Maddie: You don't scare me. You do the opposite of scare me.

Casey: That's good.

Maddie: I talk about you in therapy. How when I'm around you, I don't get freaked out about getting close to someone. Well, you.

Casey: "Close to someone." See, that can mean a lot of things and I don't want to do anything to scare you again, so --

Maddie: I know. I know. That's why I think it's all right to just see what happens. Before when I said I wanted to stay here with you -- I meant I wanted to be alone with you.

Casey: Isn't it nice when two people want the same thing?

Casey: You okay?

Maddie: I'd say I'm a lot better than okay.

Lily: How did you get this? The orphanage changed its mind?

Holden: I went to Jade.

Lucinda: Fabulous.

Holden: I figured she had to know something about Theresa in order to --

Lucinda: -- To con you? To turn the household upside-down again! To ruin --

Holden: Jade said she might not even be at the number.

Lily: Oh.

Holden: That it might be inaccurate. But it's all she had.

Lily: But she gave it to you?

Lucinda: I'm sure there was a price involved, Dear.

Holden: No, she wanted to help Lily. She wanted to make up for everything that she did.

Lily: That was nice of her, I guess.

Luke: She really is sorry, Mom.

Lucinda: With good reason.

Holden: Lily, Jade implied that Theresa might have made up the number.

Lily: Why would she do that?

Holden: The kids at the orphanage had this habit of covering their tracks.

Lucinda: Oh, terrific. We're looking for another Jade.

Lily: No! We're looking for another member of our family. And we put up with all kinds here.

Holden: Lily, let me just say something here. I'm not opposed to trying to find Theresa, but you have been through a lot. And I'm not sure that right now is the time to do this.

Luke: You know what? This is beginning to sound like a private conversation, so maybe you and I should go.

Holden: It might be good to go away for a while.

Lucinda: Okay. You know my vote.

Luke: I didn't even know you got a vote.

Lucinda: I begin to be weary of your emancipation, Kid.

Luke: Come along, Grandmother. I'll walk you to your car.

Lucinda: I'll come back with some food, Dear. In the meantime, listen to your husband. I don't believe I said that.

Holden: Okay. It's up to you.

Lily: Holden, I hear what you're saying, but I have to find her, now. So please, make the call.

Carly: I have two sisters and you have ruined both their lives. Now I have a very busy life, but if you insist on staying in this town, then I will find the time and the energy necessary to make your life as close to hell as possible. And if you ask around, you'll find that it is possible.

Craig: Carly, I am very sorry for what happened to your sisters. And I went to prison for it.

Carly: You know what I hate most about this? You are actually enjoying it. But that won't last. It'll be easy to wipe that smug smile off your face. Easy. And maybe even fun.

Carly: Jack. Jack, it's me -- hi.

Jack: Hey. You were calling me. Something wrong?

Carly: Well, there's actually a lot wrong. But I called you by accident, actually. Just speed dial.

Jack: Right. So what's the problem?

Carly: Nothing, Jack. Nothing I can't handle.

Craig: You're back.

Lucy: Never left. I had to make a phone call, and then I saw you were having a chummy little chat with Carly. I didn't want to interrupt.

Craig: Some wine? It's very good.

Lucy: I'm sure. Only the best for you, right? It was great to hear you say how proud you were of me being a doctor and all. Made me feel all warm and tingly inside.

Craig: I know how this must look --

Lucy: You know what they taught us in med school? How to take a pulse. And in the process, we learned all kinds of interesting things, like if the pulse is strong and steady, the coughing attack is probably as phony as everything else you pull.

Craig: Once again, I've underestimated you.

Lucy: Dusty, Grandmother -- they were worried I wouldn't be able to handle you. That I'd fall under your spell. You know what? I was worried about it, too.

Craig: Lucy --

Lucy: Let me finish. I'm not worried anymore. Because when I was taking your pulse and watching your performance, a voice in my head, a very calm voice, told me that I knew exactly what to do. And I did it.

Jack: I got your message.

Lucy: Well, the patient is recovered and taking nourishment. As his physician, I think there's no reason to prevent him from moving out of here.

Jack: Well, that is good to hear. Montgomery, you have 24 hours to submit a legitimate forwarding address. Or you're going back to jail.

Simon: I had time to think about it. Maybe this is not such a good idea.

Spirro: Maybe you want to stop wasting my time. We have a deal.

Simon: We haven't even signed the papers yet.

Spirro: The papers? Like I'm going to draw up a contract with my name on it. That would lead to complications.

Simon: There's no contract?

Spirro: There is, it just hasn't been written down. I'll see you in 29 days, 23 hours and 15 minutes. You will have my money or you're never hitchhiking again.

Carly: Simon. Simon, it's me. Open up.

Will: Gwen, I don't want to hurt you, but I won't give up on us. Because I canít.

Gwen: Didn't you hear me, Will? I can't do this anymore. I canít.

Will: We belong together --

Gwen: I think so, too. But things aren't always the way they're supposed to be. You don't always have a choice. I love you. I think that I always will.

Will: Then we can fix this.

Gwen: No, we can't. As long as Jade is having your baby, I can't be with you.

Lily: You didn't leave our number?

Holden: Lily, she left a year ago. She didn't leave a forwarding address and she hasn't called back there since.

Lily: Okay. All right, we knew this was going to happen. At least we have the number, maybe we can find out where she moved.

Holden: We could hire a private detective, but I really don't think that's going to work.

Lily: Well, if it doesn't, we'll think of something else.

Holden: I know how important this is to you, and I'm going to help you the best that I can. But don't set yourself up for disappointment if this takes a long time.

Lily: You're one hell of a guy. And I am damn lucky to have you.

Craig: I am very sorry that I put you in the position to have to do this. Sincerely.

Jack: 24 hours, Craig. Starting now.

Craig: Barking terse orders, putting people in their place -- it's a wonder that Carly stuck it out as long as she did.

[Jack chuckles]

Lucy: Why don't you not do what you always do?

Craig: Right. Right. Detective Snyder, always a pleasure. We all sleep better knowing you're on the job.

Lucinda: Jack, is he being rearrested? Is he going back where he belongs?

Craig: Sorry to disappoint. It's still a free country, much to Jack's regret.

Jack: Oh, I like the country being free. Just not you.

Craig: Good night, Sweetheart. You're still a great doctor.

Lucy: I'm sorry.

Craig: Don't be.

Lucinda: Sorry for what?

Craig: My daughter. She caught me in a lie and she turned me in.

Lucinda: Good girl.

Lucy: Don't say that!

Craig: Isn't she something?

Lucy: Just let me know where you're going.

Lucinda: I understand there's space in hell.

Craig: And I hear the Oakdale real estate market is wide open. I think it's time I put some roots down, don't you?

Carly: Come on, simon. Open the door.

Simon: You've got to hide yourself.

Spirro: Make this snappy. I got other appointments.

Simon: She knows who you are. Just, back there. Thank you. Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Simon: Well, what are you doing up there? What happened to the supplier?

Carly: Well, I cancelled the meeting.

Simon: Why? Why, what happened?

Carly: Something happened. Something bad. Why are we talking out here in the hallway?

Simon: Because -- because --

Carly: Simon, what the hell is going on here?

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Do you have a woman in there?

Barbara: Get your hands off my grandson! Don't -- that creature is going to kidnap my grandchild!

Emily: I would rather have my tongue shredded then wish them a happy wedding!

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