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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/9/06

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Will: Yeah?

Jade: Are you with Gwen?

Will: And Maddie. And you were right. They did call the clinic. But it won't happen again.

Jade: They don't believe me, and I need to change that. So if you could bring Gwen back to the cottage, I'm gonna prove to you that I'm pregnant.

Will: That's so not necessary.

Gwen: What's not necessary?

Will: Jade wants to prove to us that she's pregnant.

[Cell phone ringing]

Simon: Where are you?

Carly: I'm drowning my sorrows at Java.

Simon: Well, listen, do you mind grabbing me a cup and coming on over? We've got a lot of work to do.

Carly: With what? I don't have a crane and a crew and $1 million credit line in my back pocket. You've made it pretty clear that without that, we are finished.

Simon: Will you just come?

Carly: Simon says?

Simon: Simon says.

Carly: Well, hello.

Jack: Hi, how are you? You got a minute?

Carly: Sure. Yeah, if this is about Tyler Mortonís birthday party, Parker's giving him the bat and J.J. is giving him the glove and you're giving him that lesson.

Jack: Great. Thanks for working that out. Listen, I think we should set a few ground rules.

Carly: About what?

Jack: Well, now that you're seeing Simon, I think we should talk about how that's gonna to work.

[Broken doorbell rings]

Simon: All right, hang on! Hang on!

[Broken doorbell rings]

Lucinda: I think there's something wrong with your -- doorbell.

Simon: Yeah, we're still, you know, working on the fixtures and nailing down the design. Oh, please, here, listen, have a seat. Sit.

Lucinda: Wow, why am I here? You weren't very forthcoming in your urgent phone call.

Simon: No, no, no, I just wanted you to see firsthand the bare bones of your new empire.

Paul: I'm glad we had this service, Em. Because it gave me a chance to acknowledge what happened, you know? It's like the chaplain said. This is our opportunity to say goodbye.

Emily: No, no, no, donít. Donít. Donít. Wait, you're leaving? You're leaving?

Paul: The service is over.

Emily: That's it for you?

Paul: No, I got someplace I gotta go.

Emily: No. No, I won't let you just jump back in your life like nothing happened. No, I won't let you.

[Knock at the door]

Craig: Lucy? I was hoping -- Meg? For me? Well, you shouldn't have.

Meg: You didn't even pick it out, did you? The next time you want to take a shot at Paul and me? Donít.

Dusty: I trusted you.

Lucy: What did I do? I was here with Johnny and all of a sudden, my father limps in.

Dusty: You must have called him the minute I walked out of here.

Lucy: I did not. You know I'd never do that. Ask Chaz. I was horrified when he showed up. He's injured. He belongs in a hospital. But he signed himself out and you know how I feel about that. I was furious at him. I told him to go back to Memorial.

Dusty: But he checked in here?

Lucy: That's my fault?

Dusty: No, no, I guess not. I guess you can't control your father. Your father's totally out of control.

Lucy: Then what are you saying?

Dusty: I'm saying you're his daughter. And he's gonna use you to get to my son. I can't let that happen. Sorry.

Lucy: You're right, I'm his daughter. Just like Johnnyís his son.

Dusty: I knew that's how you felt all along. That Johnnyís your father's son?

Lucy: You are the one who can't get past it. I've told you 20 times -- Johnny belongs with you. That you're his dad, that you're the one that should raise him. Just like my mother raised me. Why do you think she divorced my father in the first place? I know he can't be trusted, that he's a liar and a criminal. One of the reasons I didn't visit him once while he was in prison. So, I'm on your side. But that's not good enough for you.

Dusty: It doesn't matter if you're on my side, Lucy. He's gonna use you every chance that he gets. He's gonna manipulate you, he's gonna have an impact on my son, on me. That's just the way it is.

Lucy: And so he wins? We can't be friends because you don't trust him? What about trusting me?

Dusty: Okay. Let's see.

Lucy: What are you doing?

Dusty: Calling the cops.

Lucy: Why?

Dusty: So, somebody can come down here and arrest your father.

Lucy: You can't do that.

Craig: Come in.

Meg: I have nothing more to say.

Craig: Good. Then maybe you'll listen. Please. I'm not a well man. If we're gonna go toe to toe, I'd rather do it sitting down. I could've said lying down, but I didnít. I'm wasting every ounce of energy to be polite to the future Mrs. Paul Ryan. So, please? About the vase, of course I picked it out. I know how much you like flowers. You always had one in your hair when you were growing up. I'm just not good with bows, so I had the girl at the shop wrap it and send it. You know, I thought it was a nice thing to do, since you were the voice of reason in the chapel. Otherwise, I didn't have the strength to fend Paul off --

Meg: Okay, stop, all right? Stop offending Paul, stop offending me, just stop.

Craig: What am I doing?

Meg: You're trying to make trouble. You're trying to worm your way into my life with a gift, a joke, a dig that's supposed to get under my skin.

Craig: Maybe I'm just lonely. My wife is in a coma.

Meg: Well, you can't possibly expect me to give you sympathy for something you caused.

Craig: It may have been my fault that she was driving too fast, but I would never wish this and I'll regret it until the day I die.

Meg: Good.

Craig: I'm alone, Meg. No wife, no friends, my children taken from me.

Meg: Well, if Lucy wants nothing to do with you, that's your own fault. And as for Johnny, he's better off with Dusty and you know that.

Craig: What's made you so hard?

Meg: Life. Look, I don't have time for this, okay? So if you don't mind --

Craig: Wait, your vase. I mean, if you hadn't intervened, Paul would have attacked me.

Meg: Paul just lost his child. You, of all people, should understand how that feels.

Craig: Of course I do. There's nothing worse. I was just wondering how you feel about it.

Meg: About Paul losing his child? I delivered the baby. I held her in my arms. I feel terrible.

Craig: Yeah, about the baby, of course. But aren't you just a teeny bit glad that Emilyís out of your life? That she won't be phoning you day and night about birthday parties and school vacations? Joint custody? Done. Sharing Paul? Over. He's all yours. Surely you just have to be little relieved.

Paul: Emily, let go.

Emily: You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd like me to let go and move on, stop ruining your life.

Paul: You didn't ruin my life.

Emily: No, because you've moved on to Meg. I'm telling you, six months from now, you won't even remember this day.

Paul: How am I gonna forget this day? We lost a child that we didn't even get to know. How do you forget something like that?

Emily: This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, and I have no one to share it with.

Paul: Do you want me to call your mother for you?

Emily: No -- no, I don't want you to call my mother. This is ours. This is our child. Our grief. And you're sharing it with Meg. You know what, that's okay. I understand, that's not gonna change. You love her, and you're marrying her. I just want you to admit that we lost a child together.

Paul: I'm not blaming you.

Emily: But you're not sharing it with me. And you wonít. Will you?

Simon: Now, careful of your step. I'm the first to admit -- the first one to admit that some work needs to be done.

Lucinda: No.

Simon: Which believe it or not is why I got this place for next to nothing.

Lucinda: You were robbed.

Simon: And Carly -- my God, she did the most amazing design scheme.

Lucinda: What is she gonna call this? The apocalypse?

Simon: Dozens. I had dozens of investors lined up waiting to bid on this unit. Unfortunately, the open house was scheduled during a freak ice storm, yeah -- and that's when this little electrical tower kind of arrived uninvited.

Lucinda: I was -- I was wondering about that.

Simon: Believe me, not meant to be here.

Lucinda: That's so reassuring.

Simon: So, all I need to do is just clean up the place, make a few repairs, and we are all set.

Lucinda: And I wish you luck.

Simon: Hey, where you going? Just wait. I don't need luck, you know me, I just -- a few savvy investors willing to get in on the ground floor, you see. All I need is just some capital to make some repairs.

Lucinda: Oh, Darling, weren't you insured?

Simon: Do you have any idea how long it takes for those checks to come through? They haven't even come out to inspect the damage yet.

Lucinda: You were under-funded, and you had no contingency plan --

Simon: If you're saying did I foresee an electrical tower to come crashing through my apartment building, no. You're right, my mistake. But listen, with you onboard to vet the budget, those little oversights are a thing of the past.

Lucinda: To vet the budget? Ah, you are such an operator.

Simon: Do you like that one?

Lucinda: Um, okay. Okay. Let me make a few phone calls. I don't sign anything without due diligence.

Simon: Absolutely. Whatever you need.

Lucinda: You're a terrific salesman, my heavens, if this building checks out --

Simon: We are in business? You have no idea --

Lucinda: Yeah, I think I do. I think I have an idea, okay?

Simon: Okay.

Lucinda: All right.

Simon: So, all right, listen, careful -- so, we'll speak?

Lucinda: Yes, soon, I'm gonna talk to my attorney.

Simon: Great. This is fantastic. Thank you. Yes.

Carly: So, what is it, Jack? You think that I'll be having sex with Simon when my children are around?

Jack: Well, I don't know what you're doing, Carly.

Carly: No, you donít. You see what you want to see. As usual.

Jack: I just want to make sure that we're clear about how this is gonna work for the kids, that's all. Because what you do affects them.

Carly: And I suppose that walking out on your family because things aren't exactly perfect -- that doesn't have an affect?

Jack: My point is --

Carly: You don't want the kids to see their mommy kissing Simon.

Jack: It's not just -- I'm not trying to invade your privacy. I'm just concerned. Simon has a record. He's got a history with a lot of women. He's not exactly what you would call, Dad material.

Carly: My kids have a father.

Jack: Okay, but if Simon's around a lot, you know, pitching in --

Carly: So, is it the kissing that you're worried about or the pitching?

Jack: You're on your own now. You have your own life, and that is fine with me. But I have good instincts about people. Simon Frasier is not a safe bet.

Carly: Neither am I, according to you. But I think people can change. If you believe in them. If you are willing to give them another chance. If you love them enough Ė

Maddie: So Jade admitted that there were doubts about the pregnancy?

Will: She said she knew that you two had doubts. So, I guess she wants to prove that she's telling the truth. That's why she wants to see you show up.

Gwen: Do you believe her?

Will: All the matters to me is you. That we stay together. If she's pregnant, and I already promised to take responsibly for the baby and I will. But if she's not, then all bets are off. What I care about is you.

Maddie: Come on, what've you got to lose?

Gwen: Okay, I'll go.

Carly: Simon? Oh, my God. Simon!

Simon: It's all right. It's all good. Not to worry. Oh, were you able to get me that coffee?

Carly: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. Here, have mine. It's hazelnut.

Simon: Great, I love that. We'll just share.

Carly: I think our sharing days are over.

Simon: Oh, contraire, I think it's just the beginning. Are you ready for this? I think I got Lucinda to invest.

Carly: You what?

Simon: Yep, I'm sure she's probably drawing up the contracts as we speak.

Carly: Really? That is such great news. You know, because I really can't stand the idea that I might have to go back to Jack. That's just -- it's fantastic, Simon. Congratulations.

Simon: Congratulations to you, too. This is -- you're not having to go back to Jack for anything.

Carly: Not according to him. He's waiting for me to fail.

Simon: He was at Java, huh? I see, I'm beginning to get these little moods of yours. And this one has Jack written all over it.

Carly: He was on a mission. You are a bad role model, you're a crook, and this project will fail.

Simon: What did you say?

Carly: Well, what do you think I said? I defended you.

Jade: Thanks for coming.

Gwen: Yeah, I don't really see the point.

Jade: You don't believe I'm pregnant, that's the point.

Will: Jade, you dropped a bomb on our marriage. I think we have a right to know whatever there is to know.

Jade: So, you don't believe me either?

Will: No, I didn't say that. Given the situation, I just think that we deserve to know the facts.

Jade: Facts? Okay.

Gwen: What is this?

Jade: It's a pregnancy test. Go ahead, look at it, make sure I didn't open it, tamper with anything --

Gwen: This is unbelievable. I'm not saying here --

Jade: No, you're gonna sit and you're gonna wait for the results, because I'm tired of you spreading lies about me.

Gwen: I didn't spread any lies about you, Jade.

Will: All right, let's calm down.

Jade: I'll be right back.

Gwen: This is sick, Will. I can't be a part of it, I'm sorry.

Meg: Paul and I are both relieved that Emily is out of our lives, but that doesn't mean we aren't heartbroken about the baby.

Craig: Of course not. Be honest, Meg. It did take one to get the other.

Meg: Did it ever occur to you that I was looking forward to this child?

Craig: No.

Meg: Next time, I won't stop Paul if he wants to pulverize you.

Craig: Oh, wait. Your vase -- [Craig coughing] Meg! I can't breathe!

[Craig coughing]

Dusty: Johnny and I live here. That's why he moved in. So he can play out these little run-ins whenever he feels like it.

Lucy: Okay, okay, I agree with you that he shouldn't be living here. And I told him that. But having him arrested? It's --

Dusty: It's the only way I know to keep him banned from the Lakeview.

Lucy: Don't call the cops. Call your attorneys. Have them petition the court. It will make you look like a concerned parent. It might work.

Dusty: With your father? No, you give him an inch, he'll take you know what. You'll regret it.

Lucy: You know, no one has more regrets about my father than I do.

Dusty: You still love him?

Lucy: Love has nothing to do with it.

Dusty: You're a sweet person, Lucy. You care about people. You're a healer. But if you're gonna welcome your dad back into your life, you're gonna stay away from me and Johnny.

Lucy: Are you saying I have to choose between you and my father?

Dusty: Yeah, I am.

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Meg: You need to be in bed.

Craig: Hmm, I thought you'd never ask.

Dusty: Let's say good-night.

Lucy: Please -- please don't do this.

Dusty: I'll do what I have to do.

Jade: What I was looking at, it's definite. You can tell that I'm having your baby.

Lucinda: I decline the partnership.

Craig: I can't breathe --

Meg: Just shut up. Let's see here. [Craig screaming] I know it hurts. Just try and relax and breathe normally, all right?

Craig: All right.

Meg: You need to be careful. I think you dislodged your dressing when you leaned over like that. Craig, you have a fractured rib and a punctured lung. You need to be in bed.

Craig: Hmm, I thought you'd never ask.

Meg: Keep it up, and I'm gonna puncture your other lung.

Craig: I thought you didn't want to get your hands dirty. No wait, please, don't go. I'm sorry. You know me, I can't resist a comeback.

Meg: Is that what this is? This little trip home?

Craig: No, I want to be near my children. To show them that I've learned something.

Meg: Well, if you think they're interested, then you really haven't learned a thing.

Craig: This from a girl who's never met an unavailable man she could resist? Now don't pout. I'd be the last one to warn you off. I'm talking about Paul here, it just troubles me that he's still in love with my poor wife. Hey, that's an idea. Now that I'm free, maybe I'll bring her back here. Back home. That way, Paul can pay her a visit.

Meg: Nice try.

Craig: Why? You don't think I'd do it? As a personal favor? Unless that way, I'd know the truth.

Meg: Which is?

Craig: That he is still in love with her.

Meg: Of course he loves her. But she's in a coma. And he's moved on. Give it up, Craig, I'm onto you.

Craig: Hey, what if I can't breathe.

Meg: Well, don't call me. Next time, I'll let you choke to death.

Lucy: You have no right to ask me to abandon my father.

Dusty: Chaz, did you try to stop Montgomery?

Chaz: I had him pinned. His daughter insisted that I let him go.

Lucy: But he's injured.

Dusty: Did Lucy ask you to take Johnny upstairs while she talked to her father?

Chaz: No.

Lucy: But I didn't want to talk to him.

Dusty: Then why did you?

Lucy: Because he's checked himself out of the hospital, and he was moving in here. I was trying to persuade him to go back to the hospital or go someplace else. I was defending you.

Dusty: You were defending me? While he gets to spend time with my son?

Lucy: You're overreacting.

Dusty: Overreacting? He buried you alive. I dug you out from the ground. Remember? Overreacting? Not with your father.

Lucy: But you're blaming me, and that's not fair. I'm not my father.

Dusty: You're right. It's not fair. Let's say good-night.

Lucy: Please, please don't do this.

Dusty: I'll do what I have to do.

Paul: Know that I've done something terrible to you. And I'm not even talking about not marrying you or leaving you for Meg. But I know, Emily, that I've broken you somehow. And, look, I knew in the long run -- [Paul sighs] we were never gonna work. I couldn't give you what you needed. And I don't know why you refuse to see that. Em, you were so strong. You were so full of life -- independent. I really hope that you can get back to that, you know, get back to that -- that place, because believe it or not, I really do want you to be happy.

Emily: Yeah because a happy Emily is so much less work. Happy Emily lets you feel good about yourself, right? You know what? Say no more. I get the message loud and clear. We're finished. I'll never ask anything of you again.

Gwen: This is humiliating. All of it. Sneaking around, invading her privacy -- calling the clinic, for what? For information that I don't even want, I don't even need it.

Will: Well, at least we'll know the truth.

Gwen: Do you think that she would have suggested this if she weren't pregnant?

Will: She is moving out. See, she's all packed up.

Gwen: She's pregnant, Will. I have to get out of here.

Will: Gwen, wait, Gwen!

Jade: She left?

Will: Yeah.

Jade: That's too bad, because the proof is right here. There's no mistaking that. It's definite. You can tell her I'm having your baby.

Simon: You defended me to Jack?

Carly: I hate it when he thinks he's right.

Simon: Especially when he's so wrong.

Carly: You, Simon -- you need a bath.

Simon: You know what? I'll settle for a shower with my partner.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: What the hell's that?

Simon: Loose wire. Excuse me. Lucinda --

Lucinda: I'm back.

Simon: Pleasant surprise. Please, come on in.

Lucinda: Hi. What you been doing to this man?

Carly: Well, we've -- we've both been working really hard. But I'm gonna leave you to it.

Lucinda: Uh-huh.

Carly: Yeah. It was nice to see you.

Simon: So?

Lucinda: I can't stay.

Simon: That's fine. I mean, you just leave the paperwork with me, and I'll drop it off to you. That's --

Lucinda: I'm not investing with you, Simon.

Simon: Why not?

Lucinda: I told you, I always investigate before I commit myself.

Simon: Okay. But the building inspector, he never called --

Lucinda: I didn't talk to the building inspector. I talked to an old friend and a former employee of yours, Mike Kasnoff.

Simon: Mike Kasnoff, great. Well, listen, you know where he and I stand. He wants me gone.

Lucinda: Undoubtedly, that's true. However, he is a hardworking, honest young man who knows construction. And if he tells me that he quit this job because you're not working up to code, then I have to believe him.

Simon: The thing is, we can fix these problems --

Lucinda: Not this one, no. Short and sweet. I just -- I decline the partnership. I'm sorry.

Dusty: Jack Ė

Jack: Dusty --

Dusty: Thanks for coming.

Jack: Yeah, my pleasure. Listen, I was very upset to hear that Montgomeryís back on the street, I gotta tell you that. So what happened?

Dusty: I left Johnny with Lucy and a bodyguard I hired. I went to a business meeting, I came back, and Craigís here.

Jack: Craig's here -- so the bodyguard couldn't hold him off?

Dusty: Well, he warned him. Craig pushed it, it got a little physical.

Jack: Any witnesses?

Dusty: Lucy was there.

Jack: Do you think she'd give me a statement?

Dusty: He violated the injunction. There's a court order. Just arrest him.

Jack: Dusty, I gotta talk to him first.

Dusty: Okay. He's upstairs, he just checked in.

Jack: He's here?

Dusty: Yeah. He's being very cooperative.

Meg: Are you sure you're okay? Well, I'll be there in ten minutes. Okay.

Lucy: Meg --

Meg: Why did you let your father check out of the hospital?

Lucy: I told him to stay there. He signed out on his own.

Meg: Well, he just collapsed. He's been running around like an idiot, he dislodged his dressing, he opened his wound. I mean, it's a good thing I was here, he couldn't breathe.

Lucy: Is he okay?

Meg: Yeah, for now. But you need to check him back in the hospital, Lucy. He's in bad shape.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Oh, come in, Sweetness.

Lucy: I just talked to Meg.

Craig: And as you can see, I'm fine. She has a tendency to overreact.

Lucy: What is it? You want to die? You want to go back to jail? Why can't you make the most of this chance you have at a new life? Why do you always have to ruin everything?

Craig: Calm down. Everything's okay. You're gonna strain something.

Lucy: My patience!

Craig: You know, look, if it means that much to you, I'll check out of the hotel.

Lucy: You mean it? [Knock at door] I'm holding you to that, Daddy.

Jack: Lucy. Well, well, well, Montgomery. I thought you were gone for good.

Craig: Jack, so nice of you to pay a visit.

Jack: No, it's not a social call, Craig. We had a complaint.

Craig: Oh, what was it? My tie doesn't match my socks?

Jack: No. How long you been in town? Hmm? A week?

Craig: Not quite. Just a couple of days.

Jack: A couple of days, two whole days, and already you're under arrest.

Meg: Paul? Hey, you okay?

Paul: Where you been?

Meg: Just taking care of something -- nothing you need to worry about.

Paul: I think it's over.

Meg: Emily, you mean?

Paul: Yeah, she's angry. But I think she's finally accepted that she and I are finished.

Meg: Good.

Paul: Good? It's great. Because now I can be with you, all of me -- my mind and my heart and my body and my soul -- and nobody, not Craig or my family -- what's left of it -- nobody can get in our way. I want us to get married, right now, let's do it. Let's start a family, begin our lives.

Meg: I feel the same way.

Paul: So, maybe you could move your toothbrush back into my place?

Meg: Who knows -- maybe my boyfriend will even buy me a new one.

Paul: Why don't you ask your boyfriend?

Meg: Will you buy me a new one?

Paul: Sure. You think we can start over?

Meg: Let's do it.

Paul: We'll start over.

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: Are you talking to me?

Dusty: Can I join you?

Emily: To them that survive. So you're talking to me again?

Dusty: You lost your child. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Emily: Finally, my silver lining. I guess I deserve this. Losing everything.

Dusty: I don't know about the rest of it, but nobody -- look at me -- nobody deserves to lose a child. So, was it --?

Emily: It was a little girl. We named her Jennifer.

Dusty: Well, part of her is gonna live in Johnny.

Emily: I thought about that. It helps.

Dusty: It does.

Emily: Does this mean we can, I can't think of another phrase for it, so I'll just say it --

Dusty: Move on? Move on.

Emily: Can we?

Dusty: This whole thing started with Craig, switching babies --

Emily: May he rot in hell.

Dusty: He's back.

Emily: What do you mean?

Dusty: He's upstairs.

Emily: Here?

Dusty: Mm-hmm. He broke free. He broke the charges. He's a free man.

Emily: Wait a minute, and he's here? He's upstairs? Just when you think things couldn't get worse --

Dusty: I'm keeping my eye out. You should, too.

Emily: You're dealing with the new, improved Emily Stewart. No one's gonna victimize me ever again.

Dusty: Good. Good to hear. Good-night.

Emily: Good-night, Dusty. Never again.

Craig: I don't mean to be nosey, but what exactly are the charges?

Jack: You're in violation of a court order. You're to stay away from Johnny Donovan.

Craig: You mean my son.

Jack: Did you or did you not approach Mr. Donovan's son in violation of a court order?

Craig: I was walking through the lobby of the hotel where I live. I spotted my daughter. I stopped to talk to her -- I had no idea that John would be with her.

Jack: Yeah, well that's too bad. You're still under arrest. You have the right to remain silent -- anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Lucy: What this man needs is a pulmonary specialist. Relax, relax. Take shallow breaths. You're bleeding.

Craig: I guess that means my heart is still beating.

Lucy: This man is too sick to be moved.

Jack: Is that your professional opinion, Doctor? Or are you speaking as his daughter?

Lucy: You want to arrest him, be my guest. But he won't survive the ride to the station. He has a fractured rib and a punctured lung. And he's running a fever, which means he has an infection.

Jack: All right, you get a pass, Montgomery. But when you recover, you will vacate the premises or you will be escorted back to jail.

Craig: Always nice for you to visit, Jack.

Jack: Lucy.

Lucy: Thank you. I'll need to get my bag and change your dressings.

Craig: Thank you, Sweetness, for sticking up for your old man.

Lucy: I wasn't sticking up for you. You deserve to be arrested.

Maddie: Hey. What happened? Is she pregnant?

Gwen: I was supposed to sit there while she went into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.

Maddie: What? That's tasteless, but then again, it is Jade. So, is she pregnant?

Gwen: I don't know. You know, I left. I'm just tired of being that person -- that suspicious wife. And it's humiliating, especially since it's quite obvious that she's pregnant.

Maddie: She could've faked the test. I wouldn't put it past her.

Gwen: It was a new test, Maddie. I don't want to think like that anymore. It's over. We know the truth. She's having Will's baby.

Jade: There's an 800 number you can call if you have any questions.

Will: No.

Jade: So, you're gonna take responsibility? This is your baby.

Will: When's your next doctor's appointment?

Jade: Tomorrow, why?

Will: I'm going with you.

Jade: I can't believe you're still suspicious.

Will: Well, I'm just trying to take responsibility. Isn't that what you wanted?

Jade: It is --

Will: All right. Well, I'm tired. So, I'm gonna go to bed.

Jade: Should I call a cab? Or I could stay here -- it's pretty late.

Will: You can crash on the couch.

Carly: You were supposed to call me.

Simon: Sorry. Sorry.

Carly: So, how did everything go? I just saw Lucinda drive off in her limousine.

Simon: Yeah, she had someplace she had to be.

Carly: So, we're all set? We can start over?

Simon: Yeah, we're all set. Are you kidding?

Carly: It's so great. Thank you, Simon. You have no idea how much I needed some good news today.

Simon: You and me both.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Simon: Take a deep breath, everything's under control. We will be up and running again in no time flat.

Carly: You know, I believe you.

Lily: Is it something about Theresa? Is something wrong?

Craig: You and Will, you could have lots of beautiful children together.

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