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Will: Hey.

Gwen: Hey. Where were you?

Will: Started the fire up again. There's still no power.

Gwen: I smell coffee. You made coffee?

Will: Well, you've got to know, I'm going to be on my best behavior.

Gwen: You might want to rethink that. You make terrible coffee.

Will: You never said that.

Gwen: Well, things are different now. You know, the cards are on the table. I don't want us faking any of this, Will.

Will: Well, I'm not faking. I'm happy.

Gwen: That is nice, Will.

Will: It's so quiet. I woke up, and I could hear the ice melting off the trees. I could hear you breathe.

Gwen: You know, maybe you were right.

Will: That, you've never said.

Gwen: Maybe if we decide to be happy, you know maybe it's just as real as anything else.

Will: I want to make you believe that.

Holden: Do you know how many times I walked into this room, praying to see what I see right now? I have to tell you, your mom, she's been wonderful through all this, and I'm not just saying that to make you happy. You know what she did? She took the kids to breakfast. I guess that gives us a little time alone. Do you know how much I missed that smile? Lily? What is it? Are you all right?

[Lily sees a vision of Rose]

Lily: You said someone was missing?

Rose: I asked you to take care of somebody, Lily. And you didn't listen.

Nurse #4: Okay, here we go. Oh, that's a good boy. Okay?

Lucy: Johnny will be fine, he's in good hands.

Dusty: We were talking about your father, remember?

Lucy: I know. And I told you. I didn't know he was out of prison, I didn't know anything. But you look like you don't believe me.

Dusty: No, I believe that.

Lucy: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Dusty: I think you're avoiding the question. What are you going to do now that he's back?

Lucy: Well, I better get this right, huh? Because Dusty Donovan is poised and ready to tell me whether I'm right or wrong.

Dusty: Well, I do think there's a right or a wrong answer, don't you?

Lucy: I don't know what I'm going to do, how's that for an answer? I don't have a clue.

Dusty: Okay. Let me know when you find out.

Lucy: Sure. You know, just don't hold your breath.

Paul: Of all the people on the planet that I don't want to see today, of all days.

Craig: I heard what you said just now.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Craig: Well, when a tree falls on you, this seems like the place to come. And I did hear what you said. I am sorry.

Paul: Look, the place is all yours.

Craig: I know what it's like to lose a child. I know what you're going through, and I am truly sorry for your loss.

Paul: You go to hell.

Craig: Too much, too soon.

Paul: You know, Craig, when I asked you why you were here, I wasn't talking about the hospital chapel. Let me be more specific -- why are you not rotting in jail?

Craig: I was released.

Paul: You were released?

Craig: The state felt that I paid my debt to society --

Paul: You paid nothing.

Craig: Oh, I have, and I still am.

Paul: You want me to feel sorry for you?

Craig: No.

Paul: Because that is never going to happen. You know what I think, Craig? I think you killed my sister.

Craig: What?

Paul: Because Jennifer's disease, all that weakness inside of her, that all started because of the pain and suffering that you caused.

Craig: I know that you think that I caused every problem in the world --

Paul: You took her child from her. And you have the nerve to sit there and tell me what feels like to lose a kid, and you deliberately inflicted that pain on my sister!

Craig: Go ahead. Therapeutic.

Paul: You know what, Craig? You're not worth it.

Craig: I heard you say you lost your baby as some kind of punishment --

Paul: Okay, maybe I was wrong. Maybe it would be more therapeutic --

Craig: I went through that. You're not going to like this much, but I am the person in this world who can really understand what you've been through.

Paul: Why are you saying all this?

Craig: We've done such terrible things that we think we deserve the terrible things that happen to us. Well, that's one way of looking at it.

Paul: Thank you for your insight.

Craig: The problem is -- all that grief and atoning -- it's a kind of denial. I mean, I bet you even think you're being sincere, but you're not. You don't think you deserved what happened to you anymore than you think you're just as responsible for Jennifer's pain as I was. But you were.

Margo: Here's a list of missing persons. Check it against your admits. Thanks. Dusty, I heard that Johnny’s going to be fine. That's great news.

Dusty: It's not going to work. You can't parlay what he did to turn him into some kind of hero.

Margo: What are you talking about --?

Dusty: Craig's PR people --

Margo: Craig, my brother?

Dusty: Craig, your brother, escaped from jail. He's in Oakdale.

Margo: No, that's impossible.

Dusty: See for yourself. He's here in the hospital.

Margo: He's here?

Dusty: I found him with my son in his lap. A real bonding moment.

Margo: Where'd you see him?

Dusty: I'll show you. It'll be a pleasure.

Dusty: What a surprise, he's not here.

Margo: How long ago was this?

Dusty: Twenty minutes, half hour. He probably just wheeled right out of here.

Margo: Wheeled? He was in a wheelchair?

Dusty: Uh-huh, poor baby. Getting a lot of sympathy. Just the way he likes it.

Margo: The thing is, if he was on the run, this isn't really the shrewdest place to hide out, is it?

Dusty: Unless he wants to get Lucy's help.

Margo: Or unless maybe -- and I don't know how, but just maybe he's legitimately released from prison.

Dusty: Without you or Lucy knowing about it. One of those spur-of-the-moment releases?

Margo: You know, really, I know you're upset about this, but can I have a minute to think.

Dusty: I'll give you a minute to call Tom. To find out what Craig did to get out of prison, and what it's going to take to send him back.

Margo: Hey, Betty, yeah, it's me. I need to talk to Tom. Well, I'm sorry, you have to interrupt him. It's urgent.

Luke: Hey!

Jade: Why did you scare me like that?

Luke: What are you still doing here?

Jade: I'm just killing time until I can get out of here.

Luke: Well, are you okay? Because you know, the roads are open.

Jade: Yeah, but I can't get in touch with Will.

Luke: And you can't get home on your own because --

Jade: I wanted him to know that the baby's all right.

Luke: Right. Sorry. I'm glad your baby's all right.

Jade: So, if the roads are clear, what are you still doing here?

Luke: My mom woke up.

Jade: Oh, my God! That's the most wonderful news I've heard in -- you don't seem nearly happy enough --

Luke: No, no, I am. I am, I am. But it's just -- we don't know if she's the same as she was.

Lily: Rose, Rose?

Holden: Lily. Lily, try not to get upset.

Lily: She was telling me something. Something I didn't understand. She seemed really upset with me, Holden.

Holden: No. If Rose were alive, she would be happy. She would be happy that you woke up.

Lily: You think I'm crazy?

Holden: No, I think that once you get home, once you're back with the kids, I think that everything's going to be fine --

Lily: I don't know -- I don't know if Bob agrees with you on that. He said I need some more tests before I can get out of here.

Holden: Well, the tests are just to make sure that you're okay. It's just a formality.

Lily: All right, I guess. I wish I knew who she was talking about.

Holden: Listen, it's like Bob said. You just need to try and take it easy and not get yourself worked up about anything.

Lily: Right. Right, right. I want to go home. I want to get back to my life.

Holden: Well, it's there. It's waiting for you. And you know what? I'm going to see if I can speed up the process with these tests, okay?

Lily: Thank you. Oh, I put you through hell.

Holden: No, it was just a bad time. But it's over.

Lily: Rose? Please come back.

Gwen: You know, maybe, maybe it will stay like this forever. You know, quiet, calm, good coffee --

Will: You and me.

[Alarm clock beeps]

Gwen: Well, I guess no matter how great the dream is, the alarm always goes off.

Will: Where are you going?

Gwen: I'm going to get my cell phone, call that tow truck company, and see if I can get Casey’s car back on the road.

Will: Let me get it. Do you really want to make that call?

Gwen: No.

Will: I didn't think so.

[They are in bed and start to kiss…]

Jade: I just heard -- I just heard the wonderful news. I'm so happy.

Holden: Thank you. Thank you. Listen, I'm going down and talk to Bob, you should come along with me.

Luke: Sure.

Holden: Just to answer some of his questions, you know? I don't know if Luke told you, but Lily -- she's still kind of fragile. So, she's not really up to any visitors yet.

Jade: Sure. Of course. I just have to make a call and off I go.

Holden: Good. Let's go.

Jade: Come on, Will, get me out of this place.

[Jade goes to Lily’s door and looks in the window, Lily sees her and waves her in]

Lily: Jade, come in. Come in.

Jade: I'll go. I'll get Holden.

Lily: No, no, no. Wait, no, no. Come here. Come here. I promised Rose that I would take care of you, but I didn’t. I'm so sorry. Oh, Rose. Oh, Rose, I'm so sorry.

Dusty: What did he get away with this time?

Margo: He's out, and he's legal.

Dusty: Can you look me in the eye and say its right.

Margo: The law goes by what he can prove.

Dusty: He stole a baby, he put his wife into a coma -- he drove my wife to a nervous breakdown. Everybody knows it.

Margo: Well, the conviction was overturned by appeal --

Dusty: And you guys can't prove it? Nobody heard about the appeal. Nobody had the chance to stop it --

Margo: All right, but at his trial, the state used the switching of the babies as motive for the assault against Rosanna. Without actual, physical proof, that Craig switched the babies, the testimony of motive was excised.

Dusty: You're kidding me.

Margo: Now, without that, the charges were reduced to wreckless driving and he was released on time served.

Dusty: My wife's dead. And he's ready to start over?

Margo: All right, I know, I have mixed feelings about this whole turn of events. But listen, I hear you. I hear you. My brother's the big, bad guy, but could you please just go rant to somebody else?

Dusty: I'm talking -- I'm talking to you because you're a cop.

Margo: Look. He's out. He's free. He's back. What are we going to do? Deal with it.

Craig: You know, you asked me exactly the right question. Why am I here? I could have gone anywhere, I didn't have to come back to Oakdale.

Paul: You didn't have to steal Jennifer's baby. You didn't have to run Rosanna off the road --

Craig: This is the only place on earth where I can truly make up for what I did --

Paul: Oh, shut -- will you shut up! You sit there, talking, like this is just another one of those little scrapes you need to get yourself out of! You don't get it, do you? She's not coming back! Rosanna's not coming back. That, that -- that life, that laugh, the way her face would light up when some kid did some dumb thing in the park. And you, you tried to kill her just to cover your tracks. You were pathetic, you know that? You were a pathetic sniveling coward.

Craig: I don't think a coward would be here facing you.

Paul: You think you got away with it? You think you got away from the law? And you're home free. Let me tell you, Craig, I would be more than happy to pick up right where the law left off. And make you pay for Rosanna’s life with your own. I've got nothing left to lose.

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Paul: I meant every word I said.

Craig: I'd been careful about the threats. Because if I feel that you might lose control, go over the edge, I'll be forced to call the police. And none of us would want that, now would we?

Lily: You and I, we were so angry with each other! Why we were so angry?

Jade: Did you leave something behind when you left?

Will: No, she stayed here. I asked her to.

Jade: I'm going to get that nurse --

Lily: No, no, no. Stay here. Stay here.

Jade: You really -- you really need to rest.

Lily: You --

Jade: I'm Jade. Remember? You said my name.

Lily: Rose's girl. Rose's girl.

Jade: You really -- you really need to take it easy.

Lily: I promised Rose that I would take care of you.

Jade: I'm fine. We need to be worrying about you.

Lily: She's upset with me, I can tell.

Jade: Upset -- as in, the present tense?

Lily: She went away, and she won't come back.

Jade: Okay, you need to rest. You need to close your eyes. You really need to take it easy. I'm going to go get that nurse now.

Luke: Jade? My dad told you that you weren't supposed to go in there. What? You're going to blow him off, just do whatever the hell you want?

Jade: No, she waved to me, she wanted me to come in --

Luke: Yeah, but he told you that she was in a very fragile mood. And the way you came out there, she's upset, isn't she?

Jade: Luke, listen. She was upset way before I got there. And it's worse than you said. See sees dead people.

Lucy: Hi, Grandmother. Coffee --

Lucinda: Oh, Darling, why don't you have one of these? Much better.

Lucy: Just the coffee. The hospital's packed, I have to go back on shift probably.

Lucinda: I'm so glad to be out of that damn hospital. You love it. That's why you seem in such a terrific mood.

Lucy: Oh, yeah, terrific.

Lucinda: Well, I don't care what mood is, nothing is going to ruin this day for me. Nothing. I looked into Lily's big brown eyes, beautiful, beautiful eyes.

Lucy: Forgive me, Grandmother. It really is a terrific day. It really is.

Lucinda: It really is? Thank God, I'm not a sentimental woman --

Lucy: No, no, not a bit.

Lucinda: I got to tell you though, that baby, Ethan, he slept through everything. He's an angel. Lily was just a little bit confused when she came out of things -- anyway, she took one look at this baby, beautiful, sleeping baby, and held the baby. And it was wonderful. And she saw her little girls, who are adorable and Holden --

Lucy: We've all waited a long time for this.

Lucinda: You're right. Okay, what's wrong with you?

Lucy: Nothing.

Lucinda: Don't lie to me, Darling. Because you're not good at it.

Lucy: You know how you said that nothing could ruin this day?

Lucinda: Absolutely nothing.

Lucy: Dad's back. He won his case on appeal, and he's been released.

Lucinda: When?

Lucy: Last night. It was another miracle. I was trying to get Johnny to the hospital --

Lucinda: Why? What was wrong?

Lucy: He was running a very high fever. My car skidded off the road, and we couldn't get out, the door was stuck. And Daddy found us. He got us out. And this -- in the storm, this branch came crashing down, and he saved our lives. Daddy, and he got hurt himself.

Lucinda: And I thought I had an emotionally draining night.

Lucy: Yeah, that was my night. And here's my morning. I'm still trying to process the fact that my dad is back. Dusty's grateful about Johnny but that doesn't stop him from, right away, being all over me about Daddy. You know, what did I know? When did I know it? And he keeps asking me, what am I going to do now? And the only answer he wants to hear is that after my father saved two lives, I'm going to turn my back on him. Because Dusty has issues with my father, I'm supposed to turn my back on my own father.

Lucinda: Oh, Darling. Darling.

Lucy: So, you see why I'm so upset?

Lucinda: Yes, you've had quite a morning. And of course, Dusty is absolutely right.

Craig: Meg, is that you? Long time, no see. You know, this is perfect timing. Paul was just saying that he had nothing left to lose. Here you are to prove that wrong.

Meg: Let's just go.

Craig: Yeah, you should listen to her. She's got a very nice level head. You don’t.

Meg: You don't need this right now, come on.

Craig: That's right. It isn't time to make big decisions. Tell him that. Or threats for that matter. He's pretty volatile.

Meg: You know, I don't need you to explain him to me. Actually, nobody really needs you for much of anything, do they?

Craig: Well, I think this conversation has reached the point of diminishing returns, but we had that first encounter. Gotten through it. The longest journey starts with one small step.

Paul: I meant every word I said.

Craig: I'm sure. Meg, beautiful ring. Congratulations. From what I've heard, Red gleamed. She has really stood by you during some very difficult times. I think she deserves some happiness.

Meg: What would make me real happy is if you took off.

Craig: Sadly, doing prison time can put a real crimp in a relationship, play havoc with wedding plans, so I'd be careful about the threats. Because if I feel that you might lose control, go over the edge, I'll be forced to call the police. And none of us would want that. Now would we?

Luke: She wants to see you.

Jade: I don't think that's a good idea.

Luke: You're the one that upset her. You're going to be the one that calms her down.

Lily: There you are. You're Rose's girl.

Jade: Hi, Lily, it's nice to see you're feeling better.

Lily: You're not Rose's girl. You told me that, but you lied to me. You lied to me about my sister. You made me love you and then it was all a lie!

Jade: This is not helping --

Lily: What are you doing with this girl? She took advantage of us and she lied! She's not who she says she is. You were in bed with her.

Luke: Mom --

Lily: Wait a minute, wait a minute. But you said that --

Luke: Mom, its okay. Let me just -- let me go get Dad.

Lily: No, wait, wait, wait, wait! Oh, oh, oh. You and I, we were so angry with each other! Why were we so angry?

Will: This looks -- depressing.

Gwen: You think?

Will: It's more like rations than breakfast.

Gwen: Hey, you said you were going to be on your very, very best behavior.

Will: Gee, Honey, doesn't this look tasty.

Gwen: That's more like it. Ow.

Will: You okay?

Gwen: Yeah, my neck's kind of sore, though.

Will: From that?

Gwen: Uh-huh.

Will: Yeah, come here. How's that?

Gwen: Pretty good.

Will: You have the softest skin.

Gwen: You have the nicest hands. One of the first things that made me know that you were something special was how I felt when you touched me.

Will: Yeah?

Gwen: Yeah, it was like something inside me melted. And I felt safe.

Will: More than anything in the world, I want the chance to make you feel that way again. And this time -- forever.

Paul: You're enjoying this, aren't you? Other people's grief and sorrow. Source of amusement for you, isn't it?

Craig: That is not true.

Paul: When I come get you, when I make you pay for what you've done, it won't be because I'm out of control, or because I'm volatile, it will be deliberate, and methodical. Because that, Craig, is the only way I know it will work.

Craig: I am truly sorry for your loss. And you are very lucky to have Meg at a time like this. But you've always had really good taste in women.

Lucy: My father's lying there under a tree and he's in the middle of nowhere. He has a punctuated lung and a cracked rib, he can barely talk and what he says is, "the baby, go". Am I wrong to think that there is something worthwhile in a man that would do that?

Lucinda: You put your finger on the problem with your father, Darling. Craig can be counted on to do some unexpected gallant thing that will buy him ages of months of time. Or he can be the awful wretch that he really is.

Lucy: You're just like Dusty. You can't understand how it hurts to have someone talk about your father like that.

Lucinda: Dusty gave it to you straight, huh?

Lucy: Yeah, both so sure, so self righteous -- for my father, the thing about it, he's never pretended to be perfect.

Lucinda: Well, Honey, drunks can be really, really, really sorry. And keep on drinking.

Lucy: Look, I should check in at the hospital.

Lucinda: I'm sorry honey, I really, really sorry. I don't mean to pile this on you. As a matter of fact, it's true that Dusty and I can get rather shrill about your father. But it's only because we're trying to get through to you because we care about you. I mean, and we want to protect you.

Lucy: I am not an idiot.

Lucinda: No, but you're a hell of a nice kid. That makes you vulnerable. Now, let's just look at your whole life a different way, all right? Look at what you have. You're going back to the hospital. You love the hospital. You have your internship. You have your Dusty. You have a straight path. Now, what's that look all about?

Lucy: Dusty, well, I certainly wouldn't say I have Dusty.

Lucinda: Well, I thought you could. I'm sorry.

Lucy: Well, I'm not. You know what? He may have a point about my father. But I am not, not interested in a guy who gives me ultimatums about my own family.

Lucinda: You're so single tracked when it comes to Dusty.

Lucy: You know, my father's faults are all published on the front page of the paper. But Dusty Donovan has a few faults of his own, and he was not put on this planet to control my life.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, I'm sorry. Look, you're exhausted. I'm exhausted -- we're all exhausted -- and I'm a little tipsy, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Lucy: It's okay. You're worried, and so is Dusty. And he has every right to be. I'm scared my father's back. I'm scared of what's going to happen.

Craig: I heard you were in here.

Margo: Wow, seeing you in that wheelchair is very deja vu, you sure you really need it this time?

Craig: You have a very long memory, Sister.

Margo: You have a very long history, Brother.

Craig: Yeah, there isn't even a little part of you that's glad to see me?

Margo: Just a little tiny part. Right, right back there. But right now, I've got something I need to deal with.

Craig: Can I ask, am I talking to my sister or a law enforcement officer?

Margo: You're talking to both. I just had a really long talk with Dusty. Not too much fun. He's not very happy that you've been released.

Craig: He thinks innocent men should be kept in jail for something they didn't do.

Margo: Well, I don't know what he thinks about innocent men, we were talking about you.

Craig: I see. Go on.

Margo: He's afraid that you are going to take Johnny away.

Craig: He is my son.

Margo: No, legally, he's Dusty’s.

Craig: I am aware of that.

Margo: So, I made myself really clear to Dusty. I said if he made any trouble, if he broke the law in any way, I'd go after him. Let me make it very clear to you. I'll do the same with you. And if you had even a modicum a decency, you won't pull another stunt like you did this morning.

Craig: Stunt?

Margo: After what that man's been through, do you really think he needed to walk into a room and see you holding that boy?

Craig: Well, it seems like both my sister and the law enforcement officer have made up their very closed minds.

Margo: Oh, yeah. I'm your sister, and only God knows why I still love you. Because you weren't around to see this consequences of your actions. You let other people clean up your mess.

Craig: Well, maybe that's why I'm back. To start making amends.

Margo: Really? Because I was wondering why you were here.

Craig: Well, in any big decision, there's more than one reason. For example, one very important reason I'm here, is to see you again.

Margo: Really?

Craig: Mm-hmm. I want to give you a chance to tell me you're sorry.

Margo: What? Me to apologize?

Craig: We are family --

Margo: And that gives you carte blanche to do anything, say anything, and I sit on the sidelines and I just apologize and applaud?

Craig: No. No, Margo, we both know the fights that we've had. Knock-down drag-outs.

Margo: Oh, yeah.

Craig: In private. But to the world, we stand shoulder to shoulder. That's how Mama taught us. And when I was fighting for my son -- my son! You did nothing to help me. Nothing.

Margo: I see.

Craig: I was set up, betrayed. And you just watched. And maybe I could let that go, hey, what's a little prison time? But you want me to ignore the undeniable fact that when I was fighting for my child, you did nothing to help me? You let them slander me, knowing what was at stake. You did nothing to help me -- I've had a lot of time alone. I've had a lot of time to think.

Margo: You never really did like that very much, did you?

Craig: No. But what I did was, I put things in order of importance. I thought about what really matters, and in the end, there was only one answer. Family. You don't think I know what's waiting for me here? Oh, I've already had a very special welcome. But I don't care. I'm here for only one reason, and that is family. That's the only reason I'm here. The only reason.

Lucy: You and Dusty -- my mother -- and any of 1,200 other people -- are always on hand to warn me about Craig Montgomery.

Lucinda: You said you were scared.

Lucy: I just love him. Last night, shoving me and Johnny out of the way, he didn't hesitate for a second. I think, at that moment, I -- a part of me knew it was him. Because his love for us -- it's so strong, it's so real that you can feel it without even trying. Do you know what it's like to have someone love you like that?

Lucinda: It's a powerful thing.

Lucy: And I'm not sure I can fight it. When he was in prison, I felt like, for the first time, there were finally boundaries. That I didn't have to watch him, watch myself, I could just live my life. You all say just turn your back on him. What if I just can't do it?

Dusty: You had me going there for a sec. I'm so proud of you. It was scary and you were brave. Well, we're going home now. Just the two of us. Just you and your dad.

Meg: Craig is back. That's a fact of life.

Paul: It's a fact that I'll have to deal with.

Meg: No! Look, I don't know what kind of sick, twisted thing or reason he had for doing this, but he was goading you. He was taunting you. He wants you to obsess on him. And it's just not fair. Not to you. To me. To the memory of your little girl. Paul, he wants you to think that he's won and he hasn’t. And you know why? He's alone. All his bravado can't cover up how alone he is. And you're not.

Paul: Last night was horrible.

Meg: Yeah, it was. But you and me, and Emily -- we were all fighting for life. Okay, maybe -- maybe we didn't win, but we sure gave it our damnedest. Just the way you fought for the baby throughout the whole pregnancy. And Paul, I mean, be sad, it's the only sane response. But don't think about being vengeful, because that will make you like him. Alone. You know, I know it's not going to be easy, but we can do this together. And Craig Montgomery can go to hell. Alone.

Lily: Well, then -- I remember everything now.

Jade: Everybody else's phone is working, why not yours?

Will: Jade --

Jade: Forget it, I'm just happy to see you. I had the weirdest 48 hours --

Will: How did you get here?

Jade: A cab. When I couldn't get in touch with you, I used the money that you gave me to go shopping. Aren't you going to ask?

Will: Ask what?

Jade: The baby is fine. Just like I am. Of course, I was terrified after the accident, but I just insisted with the doctors until they checked me and made sure everything was okay. We're so lucky.

Will: I'm glad you're all right.

Jade: You're in the weirdest mood. But that's okay. I don't care. I'm just glad that awful night is over and now, it's just the two of us.

Gwen: Hello, Jade.

Jade: Gwen. Did you leave something behind when you left?

Will: No. She stayed here. I asked her to.

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Gwen: Used to be a lot more subtle. Maybe that's why I never saw it.

Jade: What?

Gwen: How much you wanted my husband?

Craig: Watch out. You almost sound like you actually care.

Lucy: You're my patient.

Craig: Is that all?

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