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Carly: We should wait.       

Simon: For?

Carly: We're not done.

Simon: With?

Carly: The apartment. This apartment. Simon, we had a deal. No conjugating until it's finished.

Simon: Carly, Carly have you looked around this place? There is nothing left to do.

Carly: We haven't sold it yet.

Simon: But we will, okay? From the looks of that storm, right this very minute, roofs are leaking, basements are flooding. Young urbanites are going to have to flee their dwelling and come running to us with checkbooks in hand.

Carly: But sleeping together, Simon? Here and now, it's just a bad idea.

Simon: Okay, there is no work left to do, no tv to distract us, no one else around. What is stopping us from making the most of this?

Carly: You still have a thing for Katie. I'm still in love with Jack.

Simon: All right, so let's drink to our exes, wherever they are.

Carly: And what's the point of that, exactly?

Simon: The thing is, Carly, you can't exorcise a demon until you admit to them first. So, here's to Katie and Jack. And with the help of great sex, vanishing from our lives forever.

Mike: There you are, my little angel. Kiss me.

Katie: Honey, why are so calm? Why aren't you more surprised to see me? There are search parties out there combing the entire county. I had no idea what happened to you.

Mike: You found me. You always do.

Katie: Are you all right?

Mike: I have a headache. Do we have any aspirin?

Katie: Do you know where you are? Do you remember the accident at all?

Mike: There was a pile-up at the interstate. I hit my head. That's why --

Katie: Mike! Your head!

Mike: Oh, no, no Ė

Holden: Lily? Lily? Is it really you? Are you really here?

Lucy: So, how's Johnny?

Dusty: Doing good. His fever's down.

Lucy: No new symptoms?

Dusty: No, he's doing great.

Lucy: Proving he probably would have been fine at home until we could get him to his regular doctor. But instead, I take your son, haul him out into the storm, nearly get us killed, as I wreck my car. I mean, Barbara probably called the S.W.A.T. team to arrest me for kidnapping her grandchild --

Dusty: I'll take care of Barbara. You did good. You did real good.

Lucy: Well, kiss Johnny for me. I better go check on my other patients.

Dusty: One more thing.

Nurse #1: Dr. Montgomery, more accident victims on the way.

Lucy: I'll be right there. I got to go. You better get back to Johnnyís room. I mean, somebody might put you to work.

Dusty: Why don't you do that?

Lucy: What?

Dusty: Put me to work. I'm not doing anything. I'm here all night.

Lucy: I can make you very sorry you said that.

Dusty: I can take it. I'll follow you.

Meg: It's a girl!

Paul: It's a girl!

Emily: What's wrong? It's Jennifer. No, it's Jennifer. What's wrong? What's wrong? Why isn't she crying? Why isn't she making a sound?

Paul: Meg?

Meg: Get me a couple of warm towels. She's small and I don't want her temperature to drop.

Emily: Meg, why isn't she crying? Why isn't she crying?

Meg: Just give me a minute, Emily, okay? I need to dry her and keep her warm. We are treating her like a preemie. Just like in the hospital, all right?

Paul: What's going on?

Emily: What's wrong? What's going on? Why won't you let me see her?

Paul: She's cold. She's just really cold like Meg says. You know what? Maybe I should go and -- figure out a way to turn on this heat, right?

Meg: That's a good idea. Good idea. Give me a turkey baster, please.

Paul: Why do you want a turkey baster?

Meg: Give it to me. Give it to me, please.

Emily: Meg, what's wrong? Meg, what is wrong? Something's wrong. What is wrong with my baby? Oh, God.

Announcer: An unprecedented early ice storm has hit in Oakdale where the governor has declared a state of emergency.


[Tires screeching]

Jade: Help me!

Emily: What's wrong with her? Paul, what is wrong with her? What's going on?

Paul: What's going on?

Emily: What are you doing to her?

Paul: We're counting all the fingers and toes. And she's got the right amount of everything.

Meg: Just keep her warm, okay?

Emily: Why isn't she crying?

Meg: You know what? It's warmer over here.

Emily: Why can't I hold her?

Meg: It's just warmer here.

Emily: Paul, how does she look?

Paul: She's gorgeous.

Emily: Oh, what are you doing? Why can't I hold her? I want to see her.

Paul: Look, Emily, everything's going to be fine. Keep your voice down. You don't want to scare her.

Emily: No, I want to hold her. I want to hold my baby.

Paul: And you will. All right, in a minute.

Meg: Her airway's blocked. I need to clear it.

Paul: Is she going to be all right?

Meg: I hope so.

Emily: Paul? Paul, what's wrong? Paul, what is wrong?

Meg: Look, I need to you go over there and keep Emily calm, all right?

Paul: Oh, okay. Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Emily: I need to see my baby.

Paul: No, no, no.

Emily: I want to see my baby! What's wrong?

Paul: Come on, you need to rest, all right? It's going to be awhile before you and the baby get to the hospital and the last thing you need is to bleed or anything like that. Okay, you need to look after yourself. For the baby's sake, all right?

Emily: I'm scared. You're scaring me. You both are scaring me. What is she doing to her?

Paul: Look, Meg is a great nurse, all right? She's just being -- she's just being really thorough.

Emily: What's going on? She's scaring me! What is she doing? Paul, let me get up!

Paul: The baby's premature, all right? And like all preemies, she's having a little trouble breathing, okay?

Emily: Oh, God! Oh, God, you're scaring me!

Paul: The lungs aren't formed yet.

Emily: Oh, my God! She's giving her CPR.

Paul: What she's doing is she's saving her. She's helping her. Emily, look at me. Hey, hey, everything's going to be fine, all right? Our baby is going to be fine.

Emily: Okay. Is everything okay now? Is she breathing? Meg, she's so quiet over there. Is she sleeping? Paul, go check. Is she sleeping?

Holden: Are you really here? Looking at me. Those eyes. You don't know how much I missed those eyes. I never thought that I'd get to see you like this again. And tonight, when I went into your room, and you weren't there -- can you talk to me? How did you get in here? Who brought you from your room?

[Lily sees a vision of Rose]

Rose: Its okay, Lily. Holden's here. Everything's going to be okay.

Lily: Don't --

Holden: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Don't talk. Take it easy.

Lily: Don't go!

Holden: I wonít. I won't go anywhere.

Lily: No, Rose. Don't let Rose go.

Holden: Rose? You think you saw Rose?

Lily: She brought me here. She's the one.

Mike: You scared me.

Katie: You scared me first. You weren't making any sense. You're bleeding all over the place.

Mike: Okay, look, I'm fine. I'm fine. Okay, it's just a scratch. It is just a scratch, isn't it? I haven't really seen it in the mirror. Don't faint.

Katie: I'm not going to faint. Unless you really start bleeding again.

Mike: When we have kids, are you going to faint at the sight of their blood, too?

Katie: Just come here. Let me look at you.

Mike: Look, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Katie: I'm worried that you have a concussion.

Mike: Katie, I'm --

Katie: What were you doing driving in that storm anyway?

Mike: Katie, look, I just -- I wanted to get home. Okay? We had that fight, and I didn't want you to think that --

Katie: Yeah, well, too late, I already thought it.

Mike: What? Why, because I wouldn't take a stupid fertility test? I'm sorry, it's not stupid.

Katie: No, don't even worry about it. I don't care anymore. The most important thing is that you're safe. But why didn't you wait for the ambulance, Honey?

Mike: I mean, I wasn't hurt that bad. Not like the other people. That's why I had to get home. Okay, if something had happened, I didn't want your last memory of us being, me being mad at you at the doctor's office. That would have driven me crazy. I just wanted to get home and make it right.

Katie: I love you. And I am so sorry that I put so much pressure on you about this fertility thing. I just want --

Mike: What? What do you want?

Katie: Right at this very moment, I just want you to hold me.

Mike: Come here.

Carly: Aren't you hungry? Boy, I sure am. You know, we ought to eat some of this before it spoils.

Simon: Okay. Eat.

Carly: You're not going to have anything?

Simon: No, thank you. Thank you.

Carly: Okay. What are you doing?

Simon: Thinking about you.

Carly: Knock yourself out then. Okay, come on, tell me what is it you're thinking?

Simon: I was just thinking about that dress you wore to the Lakeview when you met me that day. I bet you designed it.

Carly: I bet you don't even remember what color it was.

Simon: It was green-ish.

Carly: Lucky guess.

Simon: I bet that dress was probably hanging in that closet for a very long time. Untouched, unnoticed, in a garment bag.

Carly: I'm a designer. I know how to take care of my clothing.

Simon: And there it was in that closet, just hanging there. Carefully preserved, hanging there, waiting to be invited to a party that never happened.

Carly: Until you saved it from its dull existence. Simon, I have to wait. You know why.

Simon: Right. Superstition. Yeah, you're afraid that if something happens between us before we sell this place, something will go horribly wrong.

Carly: I need this sale. I need this money. I need this showcase.

Simon: Here's the thing, Carly. There's something you don't know about me -- I'm very superstitious, too. I've got this feeling, this awful feeling. Carly? [A power tower crashes into the window, it takes the wall out, Carly is lying under a pile of wall] I guess we're gonna have to paint again. Carly? Carly, can you hear me? Carly?

Holden: Lily? Lily, there's no way that Rose could have been here. Rose is -- do you remember a few years ago when Rose got sick?

Lily: Rose never gets sick.

Holden: We brought her here to the hospital.

Lily: I was with her. I was holding her hand.

Holden: Yes.

Lily: She died. Rose died.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Lily: How could I have forgotten that?

Holden: You know what? Why don't we try to get you back to your room?

Luke: Dad, Grandma wants -- Mom --

Holden: I turned around and there she was.

Lily: Luke.

Luke: I'll go tell Grandma that Mom's here.

Lily: Luke? I love you, Luke.

Luke: I love you too, Mom. I love you too.

Dusty: Boy, you're really tough.

Lucy: Hey, I warned you.

Dusty: You never told me how insane health care people are about their coffee.

Lucy: They've been giving you a hard time?

Dusty: Well, Sherriís a real tiger. She sent me back across the street because they screwed up her order. You're not going to do that, are you?

Lucy: Sorry. I couldn't help myself. You just looked so befuddled just then.

Dusty: Not befuddled. Outraged.

Lucy: And rightfully so. Just what I needed. I'll share it with you if you want to sit for a minute.

Dusty: Great. I want to tell you something.

Sherri: Would you sign these orders, Dr. Montgomery?

Lucy: Sure.

Sherri: Dusty.

Dusty: Hi, Sherri. How'd the half-decaf cap with soy and cream work for you?

Sherri: Tasty. Thank you.

Lucy: And you thought she just wanted coffee?

Nurse 1: Dr. Montgomery, we need you. Stat!

Lucy: I'll be right there. Okay, I'm sorry Dusty. Whatever it is -- tell me later, okay?

Meg: I'm sorry.

Emily: Everything's okay now, isn't it? Can I hold my baby now?

Meg: You have to tell her. Emily, you need to lie down, please.

Emily: I need my baby. I want to see her.

Paul: You've got to lie down. You've got to lie down, okay?

Emily: Oh, you're crying. I knew you would. I knew you -- every time I thought about this moment, our little baby being born, I knew it would get to you.

Paul: There's something I need to tell you --

Emily: This is just the beginning. There's so much more to come. Rocking her and feeding her. Playing with her and reading to her. We did it. We made a baby together, you and me. And I want us to all share this moment. I've waited so long -- the three of us to be a family. I mean, I know --I'm sorry, I know we're not married anymore. But we have a little girl now, a daughter. We're her mommy and daddy. Paul, please --

Paul: Em, our baby --

Emily: What? What is it?

Paul: Didn't -- make it.

Emily: No! No, no, no, no, no, don't do this.

Paul: She was --

Emily: No, no, no, don't you dare. Don't, don't, donít. You're talking about her like she's -- she's gone. She is not gone. She is not gone.

Paul: Em, she's gone. I'm so sorry.

Emily: No, no, no! You are lying! You're lying to me!

Paul: I would never lie about this.

Emily: Yes, you would. You're lying to me! You lied to your sister! You told your sister that her baby was dead, and it wasn't dead. And you're doing that to me now. Aren't you? Oh, God, aren't you?

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Emily: That's not my baby! My baby's outside somewhere. Where are you? Jennifer, where are you?

Dusty: Thank you for saving my son.

Lucy: I didn't do it on my own. There was that guy -- that stranger.

Simon: Come on Carly, don't die on me. Give me your hand. Here I come.

Paul: Em, I'm telling you the truth. And I wish to God that it weren't true, but it is.

Emily: You want me to believe that my baby -- is dead? I won't believe it.

Paul: Emily --

Emily: No, no, no. I can't -- I can't believe that. I can't believe that! You can't make me believe that! Oh, God!

Paul: Then you don't believe me? Come on, come see the baby.

Emily: No, no, no. That is not my baby.

Paul: You don't believe me?

Emily: That is not my baby. I don't even know whose baby that is. The baby who came out without breathing, without making a sound -- that's not my baby.

Paul: You're not making any sense.

Emily: You switched the baby. You both switched the baby. You switched my baby with some sick, dead baby, just like Craig did to Jennifer.

Meg: Emily --.

Emily: No, and you helped him. You helped him just like you did before!

Paul: You think I switched the babies? You think I came inside this kitchen and --

Emily: I don't know how you did it, but you did it to me! You told him that I was gonna run away and take the baby. And you're punishing me by stealing her!

Paul: No!

Emily: Don't touch me. Get away from me.

Paul: Stop it. Come on. I couldn't do that to you. I couldn't do that. After what I did to Jennifer, I couldn't do that. Listen to me, you need -- our baby's dead. Try and accept that.

Emily: Why? Why? Because it's best for everyone? Is that how you're justifying this?

Paul: No.

Emily: Huh? You, you taking the baby so you can raise her with her. That was the plan from the very beginning. Take the baby and leave me. That's best because you think you're best, but you're not. You are nothing but a mean, vindictive, cruel man.

Paul: Emily, come over here.

Emily: No, that's not my baby. Let go of me. My baby's outside somewhere. Jennifer, where are you? Jennifer! Please!

Meg: Hey -- come here Sweetheart. You know, you're not alone. I'm here. I'm not your mommy, but I'm somebody that really wanted to get to know you. So don't worry, I won't leave you. Not alone.

Emily: Jennifer, please. Where are you?

Paul: Please, please --

Emily: Oh, God. What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me? Do you really hate me this much? It's freezing cold out here. Paul, you could kill her. Please, tell me where she is.

Paul: I didn't move her. She's inside -- would you please come inside?

Emily: She's not inside.

Paul: Emily, will you please?

Emily: I am not going anywhere with you. Will you please tell me where my baby is --?

Dusty: Hey, you got a minute?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah. You wanted to tell me something.

Dusty: I wanted to thank you for saving my son's life.

Lucy: Look, any doctor would've --

Dusty: You know, it would have been very easy for you to walk away after what happened with Jennifer. Thank you for saving my son.

Lucy: You know, I didn't do it on my own. There was that guy. That stranger.        

Dusty: Yeah, if I ever meet him, I'll thank him, too.

Lucy: He pulled me and Johnny out of the car, and then he got hurt. I just, I had to leave him there.

Dusty: Well, you sent the cops back for him. Believe me, I'm grateful that he saved your life. You mean a lot to me.

Cop 1: Dr. Montgomery?

Lucy: Yes --

Cop: The man you wanted us to check on? He was just brought in. He's asking for you.

Dusty: You see that? Good timing.

Lucy: I want to see him. I'll be right there. Come with me.

Dusty: No, I'll catch up.

Lucy: But, you just said --

Dusty: I definitely want to thank this guy. I just want to see Johnny first.

Lucy: All right, well I'll come find you. Let you know how it goes.

Dusty: Okay.

Bob: Does she know her sister's dead?

Holden: I kind of told her.

Bob: Was she upset?

Holden: A little bit, but the fact that she was able to piece things together, that's good, right?

Bob: Well, you've got confusion, memory loss and even hallucinations. After what she's been through, that's not uncommon. You know, we've really got to give her time to recover. We can't push her. We've got to be patient.

Holden: So if she has questions, should we fill in the blanks?

Bob: You've got to warn everybody to be careful what they say to and around Lily -- that it doesn't alarm her. Listen, I'll get an orderly, and we'll take her back to the room.

Holden: You know what, maybe luke and I should do it. I think that would be better.

Bob: Okay, and I'll call the neurologist, and we'll all meet in her room, okay? Congratulations.

Holden: Okay, so, you ready to go for a ride?

Lily: I don't know. There's something --

Luke: I think she's trying to remember something.

Holden: You know what, there's plenty of time for that.

Lily: There's something I have to say and it's important. Why can't I remember?

Luke: You will, Mom. You'll remember everything soon. Relax, okay?

Lily: Okay. Let's go for a ride.

Mike: We're gonna have a baby no matter what it takes.

Katie: If it happens, it happens.

Mike: It's going to happen. I went to see Dr. Chen today. I told her that I'd take the fertility test.

Katie: But you said it was so humiliating.

Mike: So? Hey, if that's what it takes to get pregnant, then that's what it takes. Unless, of course, we get pregnant tonight. Which I think is a good idea. You with me?

Katie: Let's just not worry about getting pregnant.

Mike: What are you saying?

Katie: I'm saying that you were right. I was making way too big a deal out of all of this. Talking about it too much and thinking about it too much and obsessing over it and taking the tests and taking the temperatures. I mean, it was all too much. I'm sick of it now, okay? So, no more baby talk.

Simon: Carly? Carly? Okay. Carly, give me your hand. Carly, give me your hand. Come on Carly, don't die on me! Give me your hand. Can you hear me?

Simon: Come on!

Carly: Simon --

Simon: Carly, thank God you're breathing!

Carly: If you don't get me out of here and that electrical tower keeps sparking like that, I won't be breathing for much longer. I'll be toast.

Simon: All right. Now listen, can you move your legs?

Carly: No.

Simon: All right. Just leave your hand there.

Carly: Don't leave me!

Simon: Would I do that?

Carly: You kind of tended to look out for number one.

Simon: Well Carly, I still am. You see, if I save your fe, then you'll feel indebted to me, and then you may sleep with me. And if I don't save you then you'll die, and then what use are you to me then?

Carly: Simon, I can't feel my legs.

Simon: Well, I can see your toes moving. They are tapping to beat of the band.

Carly: Really?

Simon: Yeah, let's find a way to get this thing off of you. All right, listen, listen. I'm going to put this under here, and then I'm gonna lift this off of you, okay? I'm gonna lift this off of you, and when I do, on the count of three, you'll roll toward me. Can you handle that?

Carly: Yes, will you hurry up?

Simon: Ready? Three! Come here. Careful. Are you all right? You okay?

Carly: You lied to me, didn't you?

Simon: Which time?

Carly: About seeing my toes.

Simon: Well, I can see them now. And they are all manicured and lovely. How about your legs?

Carly: Okay, I think.

Simon: All right, do you want to test them out?

Carly: Yeah.

Simon: Come on. You all right?

Carly: No. It's gone. The side of the whole place is gone. How could this happen? This building should have withstood a storm like that.

Simon: Carly, the building's fine. It's the electrical tower that crashed through the wall that's a problem.

Carly: That's not what caused this.

Simon: Have you noticed the sparks flying off exhibit a?

Carly: You caused it, Simon! You!

Mike: Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Katie: What?

Mike: No more baby talk, why?

Katie: Because I'm over it.

Mike: Okay, but the prime focus of our lives lately has been getting pregnant. What changed?

Katie: I guess I just figured something out when I was out there looking for you, praying that you were okay.

Mike: What's that?

Katie: The way my life usually goes, I only get one good thing at a time. So, if you're the one good thing right now --

Mike: Hey, explain one good thing.

Katie: All right. I have the best mom in the world, but my dad died when I was three. I couldn't have a better sister than Margo, however Craig is the worst brother in the world -- a horrible father, a horrible husband and a felon. So, why fight it? If I only get one good thing at a time, I don't need a baby, Honey. I just need you.

Dusty: Excuse me. Where's the Donovan baby? He's not in his room.

Nurse: And you are?

Dusty: I'm his father. Where is he?

Nurse: But that's impossible.

Dusty: What are you talking about? Where's my son?

Nurse: The other man just took him.

Dusty: What other man?

Nurse: Johnny's father.

Dusty: I'm his father. Where'd they go? Where'd they go?

Nurse: To the sunroom.

Emily: Please get away from me. Please tell me where my baby is, Paul. Please stop hiding her from me.

Paul: I don't know what to do.

Emily: I've got to go find my baby. Let me get up!

Paul: Can't you give her something?

Meg: I can't risk giving her anything unless she's examined by a doctor.

Emily: I'm begging you, please, please get me my baby.

Emily: Look at you. Oh my God, my sweet little angel. You're so beautiful. Isn't she beautiful, Paul? She's so beautiful. Look at her. Look at her eyes. Those little eyelashes. She has your eyes, Paul. She does. Oh, you are so sweet. You're so quiet. I know birthing is very, very hard work. You worked very hard, its okay. Just sleep, okay? Take all the time you need. When you wake up, Mommy will be here waiting for you, okay? Your mommy and daddy will be right here.

Carly: If you hadn't cut corners with the construction. If you had done everything that Mike told you to do. He told you there were flaws with this building. You should've fixed them.

Simon: Carly, you know what? Check out that electrical tower. Now that would have crashed through any building with precisely the same result. It was an act of god -- unpreventable.

Carly: Well, I could have prevented it, all right. If I had stuck to my guns. Not let you get me all hot and bothered --

Simon: Then you would have been lying exactly where that tower is right now.

Carly: Thank you.

Simon: You're welcome.

Carly: How do we get out of here?

Simon: We donít. Not until someone comes and digs us out. Look at that thing covering the door.

Carly: So what do we do?

Simon: Talk about your acts of God. Get royally drunk?

Mike: So if we have a baby, do we send it back?

Katie: Come on.

Mike: Well, what if we have a perfectly healthy child the first time, do we not have a second because you only get one good thing?

Katie: I don't know, I'm just scared. I don't want to push my luck. I mean, maybe having a baby isn't meant to be.

Mike: Well, we're meant to be, aren't we? I want a family with you. I want everything with you.

Katie: Me too. But whether we have a family or not, I never, ever want to risk losing you again to get it, okay?

Mike: I promise you never will.

Lily: So, when can I go home?

Holden: Well, nobody's going home tonight. Not you, not me, not your mom.

Lily: My mom's here?

Holden: Yeah, she's been here the whole time. Watching over you. She's down with the kids.

Lily: The kids?

Holden: Yeah, everybody's here. There's been an ice storm, so we're all kind of couped up here. We're all gonna bunk here close to you.

Lily: Where's Luke?

Holden: He's with your mom and the kids. You should see the baby. He's gotten so big.

Lily: Baby? What baby?

Emily: I don't understand why she's sleeping so deeply. Jennifer, wake up. It's Momma. Come on baby, wake up for me.

Paul: Emily.

Emily: What?

Paul: She's not gonna wake up.

Emily: Why not?

Paul: She was too soon. She was so little. And she couldn't even breathe.

Emily: No, no, no, she can't be. She's gone? Oh my God, she's gone. Oh no, you're gone. Oh God, she's gone.

[Dusty walks into the hospitalís sunroom and Craig is in a wheelchair holding Johnny, Lucy is standing next to them]

Dusty: Craig Montgomery.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: Give me my son, or I'll kill you.

Holden: I have someone here who wants to meet you.

Emily: How dare you show your face here? After what you did, you killed her! You killed my baby.

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