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[Loud music playing]

Carly: Can you turn that down?

Simon: What?

Carly: The noise --

Simon: The music?

Carly: Yeah, it's been rattling my brain for an hour.

[Music stops]

Simon: So, come on, what do you think? Are we done?

Carly: I think we're done.

Simon: What is that incredible smell?

Carly: Oh, I'm doing a test run of the hors d'oeuvres. I've got enough to feed an army, so just hope that an army of brokers comes through that door in a few hours.

Simon: They will.

Carly: So, what do you think?

Simon: Are you kidding me? The place looks amazing. We should double our asking price. And by the way, I noticed these before. I like the homey touches.

Carly: Yeah, I thought you might.

Simon: But didn't this go out with the silent movie period?

Carly: This is a retro building, Simon.

Simon: Ah --

Carly: We want it to exude sophistication and a hint of old-fashioned romance.

Simon: Well, I'll settle for a hint of cold, hard cash.

Carly: Did you say cold?

Simon: Cold, green, crisp.

Carly: Simon --

Simon: Yep, enough to throw around on something frivolous when we're done.

Carly: You gotta see this. Simon! Look.

Simon: An ice storm this time of year?

Carly: Do you notice anything else?

Simon: Well, it's pretty dark out there.

Carly: The only lights are around here. The power must have gone out every place else.

Simon: The roads must be impossible.

Carly: It's gonna make it pretty difficult for the realtors to get here, don't you think?

Simon: Oh, my God, I do not believe this.

Bob: Alert the O.R. take this patient to pre-op. Find Dr. Kellan. Tell him I want to bed-to-bed accounting for every patient in this hospital. Go!

Nurse #2: Okay. Yes, Dr. Hughes.

Margo: Bob, how's it going here?

Bob: Oh, B oy, am I glad to see you.

Jack: We pulled in as many units as we could.

Bob: That's great. Look, I need your people to help my staff keep things in an orderly fashion, especially in the ER.

Jack: You got it.

Margo: Bob, have you seen Katie or Mike?

Bob: Why?

Margo: Well, Mike was in the pile-up on the interstate and Katie was out at the scene with me. She saw Mike's car, but Mike wasn't in it, so she went off looking for Mike on her own. I was on the scene.

Bob: I hope not on her own.

Margo: Yeah, on her own. You know her. And she's not gonna stop until she finds him or dies trying.

Katie: Mike! Mike! Where are you? Mike!

Luke: Dad, what could've happened to her?

Holden: Well, the hospital is so overloaded, maybe they're moving patients around to make more room.

Luke: Well, do you think she took a turn for the worse.

Holden: Luke, we were just here. She was stable, her vitals were strong. She's okay. You know what? Maybe we should get to the bottom of this. Nurse, my wife has been in this room for the past few weeks and suddenly she's not here.

Nurse #1: I just checked on Mrs. Snyder 30 minutes ago. I noted it in her chart.

Holden: Did someone move her?

Nurse #1: Not that I'm aware of.

Holden: Can I see her chart?

Nurse #1: Yes, it's in here. It's right over here, by her -- bed. All right, it's gone, but I'm sure it's at the desk. With all the, you know, problems going on, it's really hard to keep track of everybody.

Holden: Maybe you should page her neurologist.

Nurse #1: Dr. Waide isn't here. He's on his way back to the hospital.

Holden: Nurse, my wife is in a coma. There's no way she just got up and walked out of this room. Somebody must have moved her.

Nurse #1: I'm sorry. I will see what I can find out, but it may take awhile. The lines of communication are not working well tonight --

Holden: All right, you know what? Forget it. I'll find her myself.

Lucy: Dusty, thank God you found us.

Dusty: How is he?

Lucy: I haven't been able to get his fever down. I was heading to the hospital, but my car hit an icy patch.

Dusty: Are you hurt?

Lucy: No, no, I'm fine. I'm just cold, but fine.

Dusty: Are you okay to keep going?

Lucy: Yeah.

Dusty: We gotta get Johnny to the hospital. Let's go! Lucy -- Lucy?

[Paul takes a blanket outside the barn and gets in wet in the horse trough and he puts it over his head and leaps in the barn where the flames have the doorway engulfed]

Paul: Meg!

Meg: We're all right. But we need to get Emily to the house right away. She's in labor!

Radio announcer: An unprecedented early ice storm has hit in oakdale, where the governor has declared a state of emergency.

Jade: Help me!

Meg: Paul, Paul, you need to get Emily out first. She's in labor.

Paul: Don't be silly. Nobody's going anywhere -- I'm not leaving here without you.

Emily: Oh, God, I can't! I can't! The baby! You guys, I can't!

Paul: We'll all go out together. Here.

[They all put the wet blanket over their head]

Holden: Excuse me, my wife, Lily Snyder, Room 213. She's missing. She's not in there.

Luke: And her chart's gone.

Nurse #2: No, it's right here. I just filed it.

Nurse #1: I'll take it from here, kit. Mr. Snyder, I know you're upset, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for where she is.

Holden: How reasonable is it for a woman in her condition to go missing and no one notices?

Nurse #1: It's possible that she was scheduled to be in radiology for tests.

Holden: Is she?

Nurse #1: There's nothing here, but sometimes one of the doctors puts in order on the computer and then we update the chart later.

Holden: Can you check the computer?

Nurse #1: I canít. The system's down.

Holden: Okay, where do they do the tests?

Nurse #1: Radiology, fifth floor.

Holden: Let's go --

Nurse #1: Use the stairs. The elevators are on emergency power and they are reserved for patients who are critically injured.

Holden: Come on.

Carly: It's like the whole town's under glass.

Simon: Well, at least we still have power. Those real estate brokers may show up yet.

Carly: How, by dog sled?

Simon: Greed is a great motivator.

Carly: Simon, my entire financial future is buried under an inch and a half of ice and there is nothing I can do about it. And who do you think that I ticked off in a past life?

Simon: I don't know, but I'll bet it was a guy.

Carly: Let's turn on that fancy sound system. See if we can get a weather report, huh? Where is it?

Radio announcer #1: The airport is shut down due to current conditions. Over a half-million customers are without power. The governor has declared a state of emergency and ordered all non-emergency vehicles off the roads.

Carly: Oh, no!

Simon: I know --

Carly: Simon, you don't suppose that the brokers are driving around in emergency vehicles, do you?

Simon: Not likely.

Carly: So, then this whole night, all of this work, it's just been for nothing then?

Simon: Oh, come on. Where we are, we are stuck in a five-star penthouse surrounded by all the creature comforts to get us through the storm. That's hardly nothing.

Carly: I don't want creature comforts. I want my open house!

Lucy: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Dusty: Are you sure you're not going to pass out?

Lucy: No, I'm just tired, and I'm so glad to see you. You're not a mirage, right?

Dusty: I'm not a mirage. It's me. Can you walk?

Lucy: Yeah.

Dusty: All right, it's about two and a half miles to the hospital. Do you have any idea what's wrong with Johnny?

Lucy: No, I went to the Lakeview as soon as Jane called the hospital. But his fever spiked pretty high.

Dusty: Do you think it has anything to do with the stem cells?

Lucy: I don't know. They'll have to do tests. I tried calling an ambulance, but there weren't any.

Dusty: An ambulance? You thought it was that serious?

Lucy: I didn't like how fast his fever came on.

Dusty: All right, let's go. Hold onto me. Are you with me?

Lucy: It's these stupid shoes. Dusty, I'll slow you down. Go ahead without me.

Dusty: No, no, no, we're going together or not at all.

Lucy: Johnny needs to go to the hospital. I'll slow you down.

Dusty: You're going to hold onto me. Hold onto my arm. We're going to the hospital. We're going to make it. Don't argue with me. Just keep moving. Keep moving.

Lucy: You know what, it's no use. I can't walk in these shoes. And if I take them off, I'll get frostbite.

Dusty: You gotta try. Keep going.

Lucy: I can't, Dusty. Johnny has a fever. You need to get him to the ER.

Dusty: No, he needs you. He needs your attention. I'm not going to wait behind a dozen other patients.

Lucy: Bob's there. He won't make Johnny wait. I'll go back to the car and I'll wait there until you --

Dusty: No, I don't have time to argue! Johnny doesn't have time!

Lucy: But you can go a lot faster without me. Please, Dusty. This way I can go back and check out that man that helped us.

Dusty: What man?

Lucy: I'll fill you in later.

Dusty: What's that?

Lucy: I don't know --

Tractor man: You folks need a lift somewhere?

Carly: No cell service.

Simon: I'm sure your kids are fine. They're with Jack, right? The man's a cop. He knows how to handle himself in an emergency.

Carly: Yes, I'm sure he's been called into work.

Simon: So, he would have put them in good, safe hands.

Carly: What if they're on the road?

Simon: Then Jack has them in one of those emergency vehicles.

Carly: Yeah, you're right. You're probably right.

Simon: They are probably roasting hot dogs on an open fire, playing games by candlelight as we speak. Speaking of food, I am famished.

Carly: How can you think about food right now?

Simon: My survival instinct just kicked in. Are those puffy things -- I'm going to go check on the puffy things.

Carly: Why? Why is this happening?

Simon: Come on, you know what the news is like. They blow everything out of proportion, so people get upset and the ratings go up. I'm sure the worst is over.

Carly: Simon, it's a disaster out there. Only an idiot would risk life and limb to come and lay a few bucks down on a condo.

Simon: Luckily, the world isn't short of a few idiots.

Carly: Let's face it. Tonight is a bust, complete failure.

Simon: Oh, come on, there is no such thing as failure. Just delayed success.

Carly: Yeah, delayed for how long? A day, a year, the rest of my life?

Simon: It's just weather.

Carly: Tell that to my checking account, okay?

Simon: All right, do you know what? If everything was so bad, then we do we still have power? Come here, come here, come on. Come over here. Now, we are going to put some music on, ladies' choice. And then we are going to sit here until the storm blows over and we will reschedule the open house in a day or two. Okay? See, now, things could be a hell of a lot worse.

Meg: The contractions are getting closer.

Emily: How close? How close?

Meg: Two to three minute apart.

Emily: Okay, okay, we're getting there.

Paul: Okay, all the animals are in the shed. I think the -- storm put out the fire. But listen, it didn't spread at all. How's Emily?

Emily: In the room. Where she can hear you.

Paul: All right, how you doing?

Emily: How does it look like I'm doing, huh? Thanks to your crazy girlfriend, locking me in a burning burn. I swear to God, if anything happens to this baby, Paul, I'm going to kill her.

Paul: Relax, Emily, nothing's going to happen to the baby.

Meg: Okay, can we stop pointing finger here? Okay? The thing we need to focus on is keeping you and the baby safe. Paul, Mama keeps camp lanterns underneath the sink, okay? And you're going to need matches. They are on top of the counter. Careful.

Paul: Got it.

Meg: And we need a pot.

Paul: Are you serious? You actually have to boil water?

Meg: Yeah, and lots of it. Here, use this one, okay? The stainless steel one.

Emily: Oh, God! Why is this happening? I thought what you gave me was to slow these contractions down so we can get to the hospital --

Meg: Okay, well, it doesn't look like we're going to make it, okay? So, what I need you to do is just breathe and take it easy. All right? Paul, you need to wash your hands, okay? And get me some juice with a straw for Emily. Are you okay for a sec?

Emily: No, I'm not okay for a sec.

Meg: Okay, I need you to go upstairs and get some pillows and a sheet and also -- thanks -- and also some blankets for the table.

Emily: For the what? For the what?

Meg: We need to cover her up, okay? The linen closet's upstairs, to the right.

Paul: Here.

Meg: Thanks. Okay, all right. Emily, listen to me. Okay? You need to listen to me.

Emily: You listen to me, you get my mother on the phone, and you get her over here right now.

Meg: I can't do that. The phone lines are down. And the roads are a mess. And even if I could get through to her, do you really want her driving in these conditions?

Emily: Yes, I want her here. I want her with me.

Meg: Okay, fine. I understand, but I just can't do that, okay? How's the pain?

Emily: Painful!

Meg: Okay, just breathe. Maybe we can still slow this down -- I know we can, okay?

Paul: Here. You okay now?

Emily: Yeah, nothing a good epidural won't cure.

Paul: I've got the juice.

Emily: I said epidural, Paul, not juice.

Paul: Meg, what are we looking at?

Meg: I tried slowing down the labor, but it's really hard once the water breaks.

Emily: Yeah, thanks to you. Thanks to you, my water broke. Because she locked me in the barn.

Meg: For a while, the contractions had stopped, but then the fire started, and they started back up again. And now, they're just over two minutes apart.

Paul: Okay, there's still time. There's no straws. Go to the hospital.

Meg: How? How, Paul? You were out there. You know how bad it is. Look, I know this isn't ideal, but it's much better than what we have to deal with out there in the storm, right?

Paul: Did you call Jack?

Meg: Twice. And I couldn't get through. Look, we need to face it, right now, this is as good as it gets, okay?

Paul: You have done this before, right?

Meg: I've assisted in a few dozen births.

Emily: Oh, God, it's coming! It's coming, you guys!

Meg: All right. Just breathe, okay? Breathe. Okay, you're going to get through it, all right? Breathe. Your hand.

Paul: It's fine. It's going to be fine.

Meg: That burn is nasty --

Paul: We have another patient we need to -- Em, hey, hey, it's going to be over in a second, okay? Yeah.

Emily: Okay. Okay, okay.

Paul: Okay. All right. Better?

Emily: It will be okay.

Meg: I'm going to get you some ointment for that hand.

Paul: No, no --

Meg: But it can get infected. And then it's --

Paul: Look at you, are you going to take care of the whole world? I don't know what I'd do without you.

Emily: What are you two whispering about? Hello, I can hear what you're saying. What are you saying?

Paul: We're not saying anything. Nothing --

Emily: Okay, you two, listen up. Listen up right now, because this is how it's going to play out. I'm getting up, I'm walking out that door, through the storm to Memorial Hospital, before I let this woman touch me --

Paul: Emily, please --

Emily: She is not delivering this baby, so help me God, no way, no how.

Jack: Here.

Margo: Oh, thanks.

Jack: Yeah.

Margo: The kids with Carly?

Jack: No, they're at Collins' farm. Bea Collins has the farm next to Emmaís and since Emmaís out of town, Bea insisted that the boys and Sage stay with her while I work tonight.

Margo: You know, I'm going to check ER again --

Jack: I was just down there, Margo.

Margo: Yeah, but the storm's getting worse.

Jack: We got salt trucks out there.

Margo: Yeah, but they're not going to take care this kind of ice.

Jack: Okay, you know, sometimes, the worst doesn't always happen.

Margo: Really? Where've you been living lately?

Jack: I bet you anything that Katie's at home right now, wearing out her dialing finger trying to get through to you.

Margo: I hope so.

Jack: Yeah, I'm going to keep my ear to the scanner and I'll let you know if something comes up.

Margo: Great, I'm going to go relieve Moreno in ER.

Jack: Being down there doesn't up your chances of her coming in. You know that, right?

Margo: I know, but it makes me feel like it does.

Jack: I'll check with the guys in the field, okay? What do you want me to tell Katie when I find her?

Margo: Tell Katie I want the ten years back that she and the kids have taken off my life.

Katie: Mike! Mike! Oh, dear God please! Please let him be okay. Please let me find him. Mike! He's got to be around here somewhere. Mike! Mike!

Jack: Hey.

Margo: Hey, the lines are still down to the station. So, for now, we are stuck with these noisy things.

Jack: A blast from the past, nice.

Margo: So, what's the word on the bus accident?

Jack: Everybody's fine, a few cuts and bruises. But they're sending a National Guard crew out there to pick everybody up and send them in.

Margo: Anything come in on Katie?

Jack: No, not yet. Listen, I put extra guys along the interstate. They're fanning out through the woods.

Margo: Oh, I'm glad I got someone like you on my side.

Jack: Does Tom know we're spending the night together?

Margo: Let's go.

Holden: Excuse me, my wife is not in radiology. And no one there has seen her.

Nurse #1: I'm sorry, Mr. Snyder, but I'm trying to find --

Lucinda: Oh, what a mess!

Holden: Where are the kids?

Lucinda: They're fine. They're fine. They got something to eat. They found two little friends to play with. There are tons of volunteers down in day care.

Holden: And the baby?

Lucinda: He's still sleeping. He must love the noise.

Holden: Listen, when you were with Lily earlier, did anyone mention anything about moving her to another room? Or another floor?

Lucinda: No. Why would anybody do that?

Luke: She's not in her room.

Holden: And no one seems to know where she is.

Luke: Dad?

Holden: Excuse me, where did the patient come from?

Orderly: I'm sorry Sir, I can't discuss --

Holden: No, I need to know. Who is she?

Orderly: She's been a patient here for a long time. She was in bad shape, never woke up from her accident. Past away about an hour ago.

Holden: My wife has been in this hospital for the past few weeks. She's in a coma. She's not in her room. I don't know where she is. I don't know what's happened to her. I need to see the body. I need to see if it's her.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: That's a thank you from Johnny. And that's a thank you from me.

Carly: Will you shut up, and kiss me.

Meg: Push!

Paul: Come on!

[Emily screaming]

Holden: It's not her. Thank you.

Lucinda: All right, I'm going to talk to Bob. This is totally irregular. Something's got to be done about this immediately -

Holden: Bob has his hands full.

Lucinda: We got to get people organized, we got to get orderlies, we're going to search this place, we'll find her --

Holden: This is what we're going to do. We need to do this ourselves, all right? I'm going to start on the fifth floor, I'm going to look all the way down -- you start on the sixth floor and you go up. Go to radiology, check the pharmacy, check physical therapy, and we'll meet at the chapel, in let's say, an hour. Okay?

Luke: Wait, Dad. Dad, what if we can't find her?

Holden: We're going to find her. All right, we'll do it together. Go.

Paul: Emily, listen, you are -- you are out of options.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not out of options. I can hold out. I can hold on until we get to the hospital. I haven't had a contraction for a long --

Meg: In almost two minutes. So, okay, get real. I need to check how far along you're dilated, so I can't do it with you sitting on that chair.

Paul: Emily, will you let her help. Come on, let's get you on the table.

Emily: No, no, no. No, no, no, I'm so not giving birth on Emma Snyderís kitchen table.

Meg: Okay, fine then. Pick another spot. What, the floor? The counter? Do you want upstairs --?

Emily: How about a hospital, Meg, where there are people who actually know what they're doing -- God, I cannot believe this is happening to me.

Meg: Okay, okay, just breathe. Breathe, breathe, okay?

Emily: Will you stop it with the breathing! I know I have to breathe, Meg! I've done this before!

Meg: Okay, you're almost through it.

Paul: Okay, come on. Let's get you up on the table now, all right?

Emily: Oh, God, no!

Paul: We'll go nice and easy. Nice and easy. Easy, slow. I'm going to pick you up, all right?

Emily: Remember this next time you have Thanksgiving dinner on this kitchen table.

Paul: Easy.

Emily: I got it. I got it.

Meg: Sorry.

Emily: Would you stop it?

Paul: All right, will you cut it out and let her do her job? Lean back.

Emily: Wasn't following me her job? Huh? Following me and locking me in a burning barn. Wasn't that her job? Wasn't that the plan, so excuse me if I have a problem with her touching me!

Meg: Emily, I have to examine --

Paul: Oh, okay --

Emily: Oh, great.

Paul: Do you want me to leave, right?

Emily: You know, it's a little late for that, don't you think?

Meg: Paul, I need some towels and there's the scissors on the counter, if you could put them in the boiling water to be sterilized. Okay. Let's see here. You know, I once did this in Waco. In a cab --

Emily: Let me guess. You delivered a baby, Meg.

Meg: Yeah, actually, a 9-pound baby.

Emily: My baby isn't close to nine pounds, okay? So I can do without your little pep talk, okay?

Paul: Is she okay?

Meg: Yeah, nine centimeters.

Paul: Okay, then we got plenty of time then.

Meg: No, actually, she's very close.

Emily: No! No, no, no, I am not close. I'm not close. You get your cell phone. Get your cell phone and call an ambulance. Or call the National Guard. Get me the hell out of this nightmare movie!

Paul: My cell phone doesn't have any service, all right? And the land line is down because of the storm. You know all this!

Emily: Okay, listen to me. Listen closely. You swear to me, swear to God, then when this baby is born, you're not going to leave me. You're not going to take the baby and leave, okay?

Paul: Emily, I would never do anything like that --

Emily: Yes, you would! You would do a lot worse, to keep your baby -- okay!

Paul: I promise you. Then as soon as you do a great job, giving birth to our baby, we will never leave your sight.

Meg: Another one's coming --

Emily: No, oh God no!

Paul: Squeeze my hand. You can squeeze as hard as you want, all right? You can do this. Hold my hand.

Emily: I can't, I canít.

Meg: You're doing good. Okay, you're doing fine.

Dusty: My boy is sick. I got to get him to the hospital.

Tractor man: Yeah, I saw a car a ways back --

Lucy: Yeah, that's mine. I skidded off the road. Did you see a man there? He was trapped under a tree.

Dusty: Lucy, we got to go -- come on!

Lucy: But Dusty, he's the guy that pulled us out. If it wasn't for him, I would still be stuck in my car.

Dusty: We'll send somebody back for him, its okay.

Tractor man: Ma'am, I looked around. There's nobody there.

Lucy: No, he was tall, wearing a ski mask --

Dusty: We'll, somebody back. We'll send the cops back after we get Johnny to the hospital, all right?

Tractor man: Here, cover yourself up.

Dusty: It's going to be okay. You're going to be okay, Buddy. We're all going to be okay.

Tractor man: All right, hang on! Here we go!

Simon: Let there be light.

Carly: Here you go.

Simon: And perfect.

Carly: Really?

Simon: Yup, I've been stuck in a hell of a lot worse places than this. Trust me. You hungry?

Carly: Yeah, I'm hungry. I'm hungry, I'm dirty, sweaty -- I'm tired --

Simon: You know what? You need to relax. You need to go in there and take a long, hot shower.

Carly: And put these grubby clothes back on? No, thank you.

Simon: Well, you can always put this on.

Carly: Simon, this cost $400. Okay, we are going to put that back.

Simon: Oh, you are worth a lot more than that.

Carly: It's meant to dress the apartment, not me. It's an accent piece.

Simon: Well, I have a feeling that it will accent you a lot better than this apartment.

Carly: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Simon: What, me? Being stuck in a gorgeous penthouse apartment with a beautiful woman. No, enjoy is too tame a word, Carly. I'm relishing every second of it. And you know what? I think you are, too. Feeling better? Well, you're looking better. Darling, you're like a vision. So, what do you think of this jacket? It's a perfect fit, right? So, it's almost like you had me in mind when you bought it.

Carly: It's getting worse out there.

Simon: Can't say the same in here.

Carly: You see -- you see champagne and candlelight and I see debt. Mountains of it, piling up out there with all that ice.

Simon: You see, you've lived in a practical world far too long.

Carly: Kids will keep you practical.

Simon: Even on a night life this?

Carly: Especially on a night like this. You worry about them. You hope that they're safe and warm. That they're not afraid.

Simon: Carly, they're safe. They're warm. And they're excited because they have the day off school tomorrow. That's just icing on the cake.

Carly: I just wish we could get a weather report, you know?

Simon: Um, okay. Cold, wet, and excuse me, icy. Yeah, how's that?

Carly: How do you do that? "It's just an ice storm. It's just a busted open house. It's just a couple hundred thousand dollars, give or take a comma."

Simon: Well, surrender. That's the secret. If you can't change it, why not enjoy it?

Carly: You know something, Simon? You could rub off on a girl.

Simon: Is that an invitation?

Carly: These clothes were supposed to give the illusion of romance --

Simon: See that's where you're wrong, Carly. You see, romance isn't an illusion. It's real.

Carly: Well, I'm very glad that I have you here to tell me that I'm wrong. Because I really missed that in a man. So, tell me something. What is Simon Frasierís idea of romance, huh?

Simon: I'm glad you asked. See, romance is a man and a woman looking for warmth in a cold and frozen world.

Lucy: Where's Dr. Hughes?

Nurse #1: He's up on seven.

Dusty: Get him down here --

Bob: What is it?

Dusty: Johnny's sick. He's burning up.

Lucy: He's spiking a fever, listless.

Bob: Tag and id the baby. John Dustin Donovan. He's been a patient here before, so pull his chart. Our computer's are down, so we are doing everything by hand. Get him to pediatrics.

Dusty: I'm going with him.

Bob: No, wait, we have to examine him first.

Dusty: I'm going with my son.

Bob: We'll let you know just as soon as he's been examined.

Dusty: It's okay, Dusty. Let the nurse take him upstairs.

Dusty: Johnny, I'm right here for you. I love you. I think Lucy may have frostbite. She can barely walk.

Lucy: My fault.

Bob: Why don't you sit down? I'll get Tim Richards to take a look at you.

Lucy: No, the circulation will come back if I just keep moving. I'm here to work.

Bob: Are you sure? I'm not going to argue with you. I can use every hand I can get.

Dusty: Bob, the thing that made Johnny sick before, it can't come back, can it?

Bob: Let's wait and see what the doctor comes up with after the examination.

Nurse #2: I thought you could use these.

Lucy: Thanks.

Dusty: Here, let me. It took a lot of guts for you to take my son out in the storm like this.

Lucy: If it weren't for that guy out in the middle of nowhere, we would still be stranded that car. I hope the police are able to find him. Didn't you once accuse me of being Cinderella, running off from you?

Dusty: Well, it's not glass, but it's a perfect fit.

Jack: Lucy, this little guy took a bit of a spill. His arm's pretty swollen.

Lucy: I better get him to x-ray.

Jack: Thanks.

Dusty: You're going to be fine, Buddy. They got great doctors here.

Lucy: We'll be on our way to peds eventually. I'll see if I can get an update on Johnny while we're there.

Margo: Jack, I finally got a patrol car to the house, but Katie's not there.

Jack: Okay, listen, she probably found shelter somewhere and she's waiting out the storm.

Margo: Oh, man, I hope you're right.

Luke: Dr. Hughes? Dr. Hughes, have you talked to my dad or my grandma?

Bob: Not in the last hour or so. But I've been pretty hard to find. What's up?

Luke: It's my mom.

Bob: What about her?

Luke: She's missing.

Bob: What do you mean?

Luke: Well, we went to see her in her room, but she wasn't there. So then we went to a nurse's station to find out if they maybe knew where she was, but they said maybe she was taking away for tests or something --

Bob: No, that's highly unlikely. I mean, if there was a crisis situation, yes, but -- I would've been notified immediately.

Luke: My dad and my grandma and I -- we all split up to every department we can think of, but so far, nothing.

Bob: You know what, with all these trauma victims, there's a big push to rearrange all of the rooms. It's very possible that your mother was transferred to another floor --

Luke: And that's what we thought. And we have been looking everywhere, but so far, she hasn't turned up.

Bob: Look, I know this is very upsetting for you. And I give you my word, I will do everything I can to find out exactly what happened.

Luke: Thanks, I really hate throwing this all this on you right now. I know that the whole hospital needs you --

Bob: Look, Lily's important to me. I'll take the time.

Meg: Okay, Emily. A cleansing breath, okay? Long, slow, and nice, okay?

Paul: Oh, yeah, you're doing great.

Emily: Oh, God, I'm scared. I'm scared if the baby's small, we're going to need an incubator. You've got to get me to the hospital.

Paul: You need to relax. Meg's got a lot of experience.

Emily: Meg's got me on her mother's kitchen table, okay? And she's boiling water, even I know to do that much.

Meg: Okay, Emily, here are the rules. We don't need to bond, we don't even need to be friends, but you have to work with me, okay? We want this baby to have a good start. So, stop fighting with me and listen to everything I have to tell you from now until the baby's born.

Paul: Meg? Meg, how close?

Meg: She's crowning. Now, you're going to get the urge to push, but don't do anything until I tell you, all right?

[Emily screaming]

Paul: You heard what she said. All right, it's not long now. It's not --

Meg: Okay, okay, here we go!

[Emily screaming]

Paul: Hey, hey, all right! We're having a baby.

Meg: Okay, Emily.

Paul: I'm so proud of you. I am so proud of you.

Meg: Push! Push now!

Paul: Come on, now!

[Emily screaming]

Paul: Hold on! Here, hold on tight. Hold on tight. I'm right here, right here! You need something?

[Emily screaming]

Katie: Hello? Is anyone here? Mike? Oh, Honey, thank God I found you!

Jack: Okay, Katie's a lot tougher than you think.

Margo: Yeah, don't know that.

Jack: Yeah.

Lucy: Jack? Jack, I was wondering if you've heard anything about the Good Samaritan that saved me and Johnny? I asked the police to send someone out to the crash site to see if they could find him --

Jack: Yeah, I just got news about that. They said that they didn't see anybody by your car. And we had people searching a half-mile area.

Lucy: There had to be footsteps leading away.

Jack: There were a lot of footsteps. A bunch of different sizes. They could be yours, or Dusty's or a dozen other peopleís.

Lucy: I just hope he's all right.

Jack: How's that little guy I brought in?

Lucy: Oh, he has a hairline fracture on his arm. They're casting it now.

Jack: And Johnny?

Lucy: No word yet. You'll let me know if your people find that guy. I would like to thank him personally.

Jack: Sure. Sure thing.

Dusty: How are the feet?

Lucy: The feelings back. Have you spoken with the pediatrician on Johnnyís case yet?

Dusty: No, nobody has.

Bob: Dusty? I've good news. Johnny's got a mild case of strep throat. We gave him the rapid test, it came up positive. So, we'll knock out the fever with a course of antibiotics and he'll be fine.

Dusty: Thank God. So, it's got nothing to do with the stem cell transplant?

Bob: No, no. Strep, right now, at this time of year is very prevalent. And also very contagious. You two should have your throats swabbed.

Lucy: All right, I'll handle it personally.

Bob: It's good that you brought him in, Lucy. You know, the way that fever was spiking, he could have had a seizure.

Dusty: What kind of seizure?

Lucy: Well, the body can't handle that kind of temperature rise, so it literally shuts down.

Bob: That's good that you didn't wait for assistance, it could have been a lot worse.

Lucy: Um, you know, why don't I go up and check on the floor and see if you can go there now? I'm sure they'll release Johnny soon.

Dusty: That's a thank you from Johnny. And that's a thank you from me.

Carly: It's like a ghost town down there.

Simon: Yes, it is.

Carly: It's eerie, isn't it? Being so cut off from the world.

Simon: Maybe tonight was meant to happen.

Carly: Excuse me?

Simon: Oh, you want my version of romance, Carly? Well, this is where it begins. In our corner of the world, sparkling like a diamond -- nothing to sustain us but champagne --

Carly: Oh, Simon, will you shut up and kiss me?

[Emily screaming]

Meg: Okay, whoa, whoa, stop, stop, stop!

Emily: Okay, oh, God, we haven't picked a name.

Paul: There's time -- there's time right now.

Emily: Okay, okay, hold on. If it's a girl, Jennifer, okay?

Paul: I'd like that.

Emily: I loved your sister so much. She was so good to me.

Paul: Jennifer it is.

Emily: Oh, God, another one's coming.

[Emily screaming]

Meg: It's coming! It's a girl!

Paul: It's girl? It's a girl!

Emily: It's Jennifer -- it's Jennifer --

Emily: What's wrong? What's wrong? Why isn't she crying? Why isn't she making any sound?

Luke: Did you guys find her?

Holden: No.

Luke: Well, dad, what could have happened?

Holden: I don't know, Luke. I just don't know.

Lucinda: Okay, we'll go check on the girls, all right?

Luke: No, no, I want to keep looking.

Holden: Luke, why don't you go with your grandmother. Just go look on the kids and just do it for a little while.

Lucinda: Luke, we can get some cocoa --

Luke: I don't want any cocoa. I want to find my mom.

Lucinda: Not you and me, for the kids --

Holden: Luke --

Lucinda: I'll check on the girls and then I'm tackle Dr. Bob. This is intolerable!

Luke: Okay, we won't be long.

Holden: I'll be in the chapel.

[Holden sees Lily in a wheelchair awake and he starts to remember]

Lily: Don't let go of me, Holden. Remember our promise -- to love each other for as long as we both shall live. For as long as we both shall live.

Announcer: Next week, on "As the World Turns" --

Holden: You should see the baby.

Lily: Baby? What baby?

Gwen: I don't really know if I want to hear this.

Maddie: You don't want to hear that Jade's faking this pregnancy just to keep her hooks into Will?

Emily: Meg, she's so quiet over there. Is she sleeping?

Dusty: Craig Montgomery.

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