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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/26/06

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[Will dreaming]

Gwen: Hey, Will. Hey. Wake up, Sleepyhead.

Will: Gwen? Gwen?

Jade: Will, it's me. Jade.

[Knock at door]

Gwen: Hello?

Casey: Hey, Gwen, it's Casey. May I enter with my eyes open?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah. I'm decent.

Casey: It's wicked out there.

Gwen: Still? I almost froze to death last night.

Casey: You know, but today is worse. So I went to the cafeteria earlier and I was looking for you.

Gwen: Oh, I'm so excited, I can't eat.

Casey: Yeah, well, I got you that coffee.

Gwen: Oh, that's great. Thank you.

Casey: So it felt pretty cool. First night, you know, on my own. I thought I'd test out the whole "stay up as late as you want" thing, and I made to 11:30. [Gwen laughs] Yeah, it was either that or listen to my roommate talk about his ant farm.

Gwen: Wow. My roommate hasn't even gotten here yet.

Casey: Yeah, well, let's hope that she doesn't use those strips -- you know, for snoring?

Gwen: Mm-hmm. Or a cheerleader who does pom-pom routines all day and all night.

Casey: See, that doesn't sound too bad.

Gwen: Hey, come on, bad boy. So, what's on your agenda for the night?

Casey: I thought that we could go to the campus bookstore.

Gwen: Yeah, that sounds -- that sounds fun.

Casey: You sure? You all right?

Gwen: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be all right? This is the life, right? This is what we all wanted.

Gwen: I don't even know how that got in with my stuff.

Casey: I do. Let's face it. Maybe you living in the dorms isn't the life for you right now.

Lucinda: It's cold outside. It's freezing. Hi, Dear. Have you been out yet today? It's September, but my heavens, it's so inclement.

Dusty: Thanks for the weather report. You can leave the contracts right there. And if don't need anything else --

Lucinda: Well, actually, I'd rather like a cup of something hot. Or barring that, could I have a cup of kindness for my granddaughter?

Dusty: I don't have time for this. I gotta catch a flight.

Lucinda: Yeah, New York, with Mr. Yamamoto. But I know why you're in such a rush to get out of town. You're running away from the poor girl, and I think it stinks to high heaven.

Bob: Has the storm started yet?

Lucy: No, not yet.

Bob: Good day to stay home. Matter of fact, aren't you supposed to be off today?

Lucy: I signed on for an extra shift.

Bob: Well, would that all our interns were that dedicated. I got a call from two who are on vacation saying that they can't get back because of the weather.

Lucy: Well, it's pretty nasty out there.

Bob: Yeah, it sure is. Listen, I'm glad you finally got in. We can always use the extra hands.

Lucy: No problem. It's not like I had other plans.

Mike: Excuse me. Dr. Chen?

Dr. Chen: Yes?

Mike: I'm Mike Kasnoff. From your office the other day? I was here with my wife, Katie.

Dr. Chen: Yes, of course, Mr. Kasnoff. How can I help you?

Mike: Well, I've changed my mind about the fertility testing. Since it means so much to my wife, I've decided to go through with it.

Katie: Nancy, I can't believe you still showed up with this horrible storm coming. You need a cell phone. I would have called you back to cancel.

Nancy: Don't worry about that. You sounded so upset on the phone, Dear.

Katie: I am beyond upset. I don't even want to say this out loud, but -- my marriage is in big trouble.

Emily: All right, that's it. That's it. If you don't stop following me, I'm calling the cops and I'm having you arrested for stalking.

Radio announcer: An unprecedented early ice storm has hit in Oakdale, where the governor has declared a state of emergency.

Meg: I'm stalking you, right.

Emily: Oh, so you're not following me?

Meg: Of course not.

Emily: So that wasn't you pulling up behind me at the cleaners earlier?

Meg: I wear clothes, Emily. And yeah, I spill things. So what am I supposed to do? Stay at home and do my own stain removal so I don't risk running into you at one of the few good dry cleaners in town?

Emily: Okay, what about after that, at Al's? Huh? I was picking up an order, and who was there?

Meg: Coincidence.

Emily: Coincidence, huh? Paul's out of town. He's out of town for real this time, and he's got you shadowing me, doing his dirty work. You know what? I bet you I know how he got you to do it.

Meg: You know what? I'm really not interested in your analysis about my relationship with Paul.

Emily: No, no, no. Paul does one relationship, Meg. Based on his wants, his needs. "Come on, Meg, do this one thing for me, and I'll give you the moon." You know, sometimes I honestly feel sorry for you.

Meg: Save your pity.

Emily: No, really, I mean, it's got to bother you. You're finally in this place with Paul, and everything's okay. And then you find out I'm pregnant, and Paul's all about the baby. And he asks you to hide his happiness, your engagement. I mean, that's got to hurt.

Meg: Well, that was my idea.

Emily: Or he made you belie it was your idea. Like that cute, little plan of pretending that he was out of town. Was that your idea, huh? Until I caught on and I ruined it for the both of you?

Meg: We really weren't trying to hurt you, Emily!

Emily: I know that. I know that now. And honestly, if the situations were reversed, I would probably do the same thing to you in a heartbeat. Only, I would make your life more miserable, Meg. I mean, look at me, I already have. And deep down, I'm sort of sorry about that.

Meg: Emily, do you really mean that?

Emily: No, Meg, that is me lying to you, just like you and Paul lied to me. So tell me, Meg, how does that feel?

Meg: Paul, hey. Call me. I can't do this anymore.

Gwen: Living in the dorms, I always saw it as this kind of, like, rite of passage, you know?

Casey: Yeah, I mean, it's all we talked about senior year.

Gwen: But even before that. When I was a kid, I used to have these fantasies about what it would be like to go to college and living on campus.

Casey: Keggers, midnight pizza runs.

Gwen: Yeah, meeting kids who came from places I've only seen in the movies.

Casey: Solving the world's problems while sitting in the second floor stairwell.

Gwen: Gaining the freshman 15. That's more of a nightmare than a fantasy, but --

Casey: Yeah. So, are we leaving anything out?

Gwen: Classes?

Casey: Classes, yeah.

Gwen: I mean, kids leave home for college, right? For all kinds of reasons. Not just the keggers or the all-nighters, or even school. But just because it's -- like, it's the next thing that you do. Or to get away from something. Leaving home has always been my dream. Until I found a new one. With Will.

Casey: That's what I mean. Maybe home with him is where you need to be.

Gwen: I cannot go there right now, Casey. I just can’t.

Casey: Okay, no, fine. Sorry. If this is what you want, then you'll make it work.

Elwood: Holy guacamole, Dude! Is this foxy lady your girlfriend?

Gwen: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry, you look exactly like this boy that --

Casey: Alex.

Elwood: Oh -- he died, I know. He was my cousin.

Will: So, are you feeling better? How are you?

Jade: Fine. I am not going to let morning sickness own me. I'm going to stock up soda and crackers, and as soon as I get a job and get a couple of paychecks under my belt I'm going to get out of your way.

Will: Jade, you're not in my way.

Jade: That's nice of you to say. But I know the only reason why you took me in was because I had nowhere else to go. But you gave me and our baby a roof and a bed, and I'm nothing but grateful. Here's your coffee.

Will: Thanks.

Jade: Drink up. Warm your insides. The weather guy said it's gonna get to below 30 tonight. How freaky is that? So, I'm gonna take a hot shower and shake off the chills.

Mike: I think Katie's getting a little ahead of herself. I mean, we've only been trying to have a baby for a couple months. I'm sure if we let nature take its course, it'll happen.

Dr. Chen: You made that quite clear in my office.

Mike: Well, you're the expert. And Katie has her heart set on getting pregnant. And, you know, since it means so much to her, why don't you go ahead and give me the cup?

Dr. Chen: I beg your pardon?

Mike: The cup? You know, I can go in the room with the magazines and -- you know -- then you can tell me whether or not things seem to be working.

Dr. Chen: Mr. Kasnoff, I'm happy that you and your wife have resolved your differences. See my secretary and you can schedule an appointment for early next week.

Mike: Next week? Why can't we do it now?

Dr. Chen: I'm sorry, I have to go pick up my son. I'll see you next week.

Bob: Hey, Mike. I haven't seen you in long time.

Mike: Hey, Bob.

Bob: What brings you here? You okay?

Mike: Well, yeah. I mean, I'm not sick, if that's what you mean. I'm trying to find Katie.

Bob: Well, my mother said that she was joining Katie for coffee.

Mike: Thank you. And to answer your question, everything's going to be fine.

Bob: Good.

Katie: We went to see a fertility expert because I wanted to know why we weren't getting pregnant. And when it came time for Mike to -- you know, do his part -- he freaked out, we got in a huge fight and he left.

Nancy: Oh, Dear.

Katie: Yeah. When I got home, he wouldn't talk to me. When I woke up this morning, he was gone. I've been trying him on his cell, he won't pick up. He wants nothing to do with me.

Nancy: Or he wants everything to do with you, but not in some sterile clinic.

Katie: Well, I just wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong. I mean, we've been trying for a while now.

Nancy: Well, not, in the general scheme of things, too long. And perhaps in trying so hard to get the baby, you've forgotten there's a real man involved, with real feelings.

Katie: Yeah, maybe I have been pushing a little too far.

Nancy: You pushed him right out of your bed.

Katie: Nancy, what am I gonna do?

Nancy: Katie, take all your how-to books, and your calendar and your temperature readers, and throw them in the fire. And snuggle up to it, and make yourself concentrate on absolutely nothing but how much you love your husband and how much he loves you.

Katie: Yeah, you make it sound so simple.

Nancy: Man and woman haven't been simple since Adam and Eve.

Katie: You are right, I do have to make this up to him.

Nancy: Now, go home and apologize to him.

Katie: Okay. You'll be okay? I mean, I don't want to just leave you here.

Nancy: It's all right. I'll sit here and finish my coffee. Now, go! And Katie, be happy.

Katie: Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without you. And cross your fingers, okay? I am going home and I'm apologizing to Mike.

Dusty: You still here?

Lucinda: Did someone ask me to leave?

Dusty: My mistake.

Lucinda: Your first big mistake, my friend, was running out on Lucy last night.

Dusty: None of your business.

Lucinda: It becomes my business when you use your job with my company Worldwide in order to hurt my granddaughter.

Dusty: But using your granddaughter to help Worldwide, that's cool?

Lucinda: It's killing two birds with one stone. Thrift, Horatio, thrift.

Dusty: You got the contracts?

Lucinda: Do I have the contracts? I spoke with Lucy last night.

Dusty: Mm-hmm. I got that part.

Lucinda: So you know that I know how things are going with you two.

Dusty: Between Lucy and me?

Lucinda: Yes, yes.

Dusty: Listen, if you don't want me to close this deal with Yamamoto, just say so.

Lucinda: I didn't say that. I am just hoping that you are not using this important, important business deal in order to put distance between yourself and a young lady.

Dusty: Come on, let it go.

Lucinda: Or to punish Lucy for who she is.

Dusty: What does that mean?

Lucinda: Look, Lucy can't help it that she's Craig Montgomery’s daughter. The genes, the experiences, there's nothing she can do about that. And you know perfectly well, better than anybody in the world that she's as unlike him as can be. She is her own person.

Dusty: You don't have to tell me who Lucy is. Give me the contracts. Or not. Either way, I'm going to New York. And this is the last time we talk about my private life.

Gwen: So you're Alex’s cousin?

Elwood: Yeah. His dad and my dad are brothers. But Alex and I didn't see a lot of each other growing up, 'cause I'm from California. So I didn't really know him. What was he like?

Gwen: We didn't actually really know him either. But we were up at Raven Llake.

Elwood: Yeah, it's a terrible thing.

Gwen: Yeah, I'm very sorry.

Elwood: Thanks. So, anyway, I'm Elwood.

Gwen: Oh, hi.

Casey: Oh, yeah, this is Gwen. And she's my friend, not my girlfriend.

Elwood: Oh, Gwen. Is that short for Gwendolyn or Guinevere?

Gwen: Neither, but nice try.

Elwood: Cool. Well, I'm named after my uncle. We used to spend Saturday nights on his crystal radio, trying to contact life on other planets.

Gwen: Oh, cool, did you ever make a direct hit?

Elwood: No. But I'm going to use the astronomy lab just to keep an eye out.

Gwen: Yeah, you never what's out there.

Elwood: So, what's your major?

Casey: Excuse me, I'm going to finish unpacking. You two just --

Gwen: It was really nice meeting you, Elwood.

Elwood: Yeah -- well, hey, no hurries, no worries! I mean, classes don't start until tomorrow. All I gotta do today is just buy some ant chow.

Gwen: Yeah, I heard about that.

Elwood: Well, since you're not Casey’s girl or anything, maybe you'd want to meet the little critters?

Gwen: No, thanks.

Elwood: Or we could watch the skies for ufos? Or we could go out dancing tonight, and I could show you my moves?

Gwen: Listen, Elwood, it's not going to happen. I'm married.

Elwood: Married? Whoa. I've never been with a married chick before.

Gwen: Casey!

Jade: I used your shampoo, I hope you don't mind.

Will: No problem.

Jade: Can you see the bump? Will, can you tell I'm pregnant?

Will: No.

Jade: Oh -- well, some women take a while to show. Can I use your laptop?

Will: Yep, sure. Jade, about you getting a job?

Jade: Mm-hmm. I'm looking for one online.

Will: Yeah, Oakdale’s not too big on that. You'd probably have better luck just driving around, looking for help wanted signs.

Jade: I don't have a car.

Will: Well, take mine.

Jade: You don't need it?

Will: I'm not going anyplace.

Jade: Well, I don't know if I can brave that storm. And nothing in my wardrobe works for this weather.

Will: Take this, it should be enough to keep you warm.

Jade: Be a little more obvious, why don't you? You don't want me here, fine. But you don't have to bribe me to get rid of me.

Lucinda: Of course I want you to go to New York. I wouldn't put a stop to it. Business is business, and Mr. Yamamoto is fun, but --

Dusty: Just give me the contracts.

Lucinda: Right over there. Here's the contract. Have a safe trip. You seek the lord hamlet, there he is.

Dusty: Don't worry about her. Boy, it looks like it's really raining out there. Let me take your coat.

Jane: Thanks.

Dusty: So, I'd like you guys to stay inside today. I'm only going to be gone a couple of days, but I only need you one night. My mother-in-law is coming back tomorrow, and she'll take over. Believe me. I put some numbers down for you over here -- the pediatrician, the hotel where I'm staying -- and you always have my cell phone. He's been eating a little fussy, so wait a while, then give him peaches and yogurt. And he'll take the spoon from you, but don't worry about it. Okay, I think we got it covered. There he is. Daddy loves you. More than anything in the world. You and only you.

Lucy: Hello, Meg.

Meg: Hey, Lucy.

Lucy: Great day to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head.

Meg: You know what? I was thinking the exact same thing. It's wall-to-wall sleet out there.

Lucy: Which unfortunately means car accidents and a loaded E.R.

Meg: Yeah. You know what? I should go down and make sure everybody's good to go.

Lucy: Page me if you need me.

Meg: Yeah, okay, thanks. [Cell phone rings] Hey, Paul, I can't talk right now. No, Emily can't hear, I'm at work. Emily is wherever she needs to be. Look, I tried following her and she called me on it. Yes, I know how important this is to you. Emily wants to take off, and she wants to make sure you never see your baby again. And I hate this as much as you do, Paul, but I'm just not good at this. Okay, okay, okay, okay, fine. Fine. As soon as my shift is over, I'll pick up the trail again. I'm sure Emily can't do that much damage between now and then.

Henry: Hey!

Margo: Henry? Come in, come in, come in!

Henry: Yes, it's me!

Margo: Oh, look at that!

Henry: I really do know how to come in out of the rain -- or the sleet, in this case.

Margo: Is that Maddie’s stuff?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah. How's she doing?

Margo: Well, you know. Sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good. She had a nightmare last night, she woke up screaming.

Henry: Well, that'll go away, won't it?

Margo: Not on its own, you know?

Henry: I don't know what I know.

Margo: Oh, Henry, come on. Maddie put out a lot of calls for help, and none of us really heard them.

Henry: Yeah, I know. I wish I knew why it was easier to buy her an ice cream soda than it was to just open my ears and listen, you know? You know, she once asked me to place a bet for runaway money? Can you imagine that? My baby sister was sitting there, practically in tears, asking me to put $20 on lefty to show, and its all fun and games for me.

Margo: Well, done is done. You know? You can't do your sister any good by beating yourself up.

Henry: Well, what will do any good?

Margo: Just time, love, therapy.

Henry: You don't think her being here, that's not just me copping out again?

Margo: No. No, that's the best way to show her that you love her. Because I can talk to her in ways that you can’t.

Henry: But I'll get her back, won't I?

Margo: Of course you will, Henry. You're her favorite person in the world.

Henry: Is she here?

Margo: No, she's out doing some errands.

Henry: Isn't it a bit too soon for that?

Margo: No. Life goes on.

Henry: Okay, thanks. Thanks, Margo. This beats chatting in the interrogation room, I can guarantee you. [Margo laughs] I'm going to get out of your hair.

Margo: No, why don't you sit and relax? You know, she'll be home soon with this storm a-brewin'.

Henry: No, I don't want to intrude. I really don’t.

Margo: Excuse me.

Henry: On second thought, you know, even if Maddie looked like a drowned rat, it'd be great to see her.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Henry: You're a fool.

Emily: No, I am a mom. And this is the last chance I've got of being a mother to my children.

Lucy: Either way, we can't wait. We've got to get Johnny some help.

 [Elwood’s singing]

Da da da da da da da da da da da

Gwen: Elwood, that's a very -- that's a great dance that you're doing. But if you could excuse me, I have a lot that I need to get done right there.

Casey: Yo, Elwood. You might want to go check on your art farm. One of them looks like they're having a crisis.

Elwood: Which one?

Casey: Gomer -- or that Gumby one?

Elwood: Oh, my God!

Gwen: Gomer? Gumby? Who names ants?

Casey: You just met him.

Gwen: Oh, yes, and thank you very much -- sincerely, from the bottom of my heart -- for leaving me alone with the strange one.

Casey: Oh, you don't know how strange.

Gwen: Oh, believe me, I'm catching a general drift.

Casey: Yeah, he's got this -- crystal radio set?

Gwen: Yes, to contact foreign life from planet Nerfwad. Ask me, the aliens have already landed.

Casey: Yeah, no, tell me about it. So, wait, you want to go to the bookstore or what?

Gwen: You know what? I changed my mind. 'Cause since my roommate's not here, I thought that I could get some curtains and some flowers and an electric teapot just to make this place, you know, feel more like home.

Casey: Okay, sounds like a plan.

Gwen: Can I borrow your car?

Casey: I don't know if you should be driving right now. It's starting to sleet.

Elwood: Gomer's dead. I'm planning the funeral, and you are all invited.

Gwen: Please, Casey, I have to get out of here.

Casey: Okay.

Jade: Two minutes and I'm gonna be out of here.

Will: Jade, come on. Where would you go?

Jade: Me and the baby are not your problem.

Will: Okay, ease up.

Jade: You throw money in my face. How do you think that makes me feel?

Will: I'm sorry.

Jade: You don't want me here. You've made that very clear.

Will: Yeah, I don't want you here. But you're here, and I'm trying to do what's best for you, and the baby.

Jade: Not the baby, our baby.

Will: My wife's just left me, so cut me some slack if I don't feel like playing daddy right now. I do want you to take the money, all right? And get some things that are warm to wear, or whatever else you need. So, please --

Jade: Beggars can't be choosers, right?

Will: You didn't beg, I offered. So just take it.

Jade: Thank you. As soon I get a job, I'm gonna pay you back every penny.

Will: No payback required. Just be good to yourself.

Jade: I'm gonna need your car keys, too.

Will: Yeah, sure.

Katie: Mike? I'm home! Mike! No, this is good. This is good. I have time.

Mike: Hey, Nancy. Bob told me you were having coffee with Katie.

Nancy: Katie just left. You just missed her. That won't be necessary. She's gone straight home and she's waiting for you. And I think you'll be very surprised.

Mike: Oh, I guess the storm knocked out a power line.

Nancy: Isn't this exciting?

Mike: Well, I don't know about that. But I know I don't want you driving home in this weather.

Nancy: No, but I'll just stay here and wait it out.

Mike: No, I don't think so. With the power out, you'll be better off at the hospital with Bob. Okay? I'll take you.

Nancy: Well, thank you. But then you've got to go straight home, because Katie is waiting for you.

Mike: No place I'd rather be.

Margo: Yeah, with the way this storm is brewing, we're going to need all hands on deck. So call in everybody who's off duty, and I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm sorry, Henry, but I gotta get to the station. We got power outages, we got down traffic lights.

Henry: Yes. Go, go, go. I will stay here and wait for Maddie.

Margo: Okay. Shouldn't be long, you know. She should be here with Danny.

Henry: Oh, great. Okay. The more the merrier. I'll heat up a can of something. Maybe two cans. You never know who might drop in.

Margo: Okay, that's great. Thank you so much.

Henry: Yeah, no problem. I'll just stay here and hang out and wait for the kids. You be careful out there.

Margo: Yes, sir, I will. Oh!

Henry: Come on! Get over here! Would you get -- what are you, the house call from hell?

Emily: Oh, no, I'm just checking on Daniel.

Henry: What? You couldn't just knock?

Emily: Oh, Henry, I'm so cold. I'm freezing. Would you get me a towel or something, please? Henry, please, a towel or something!

Henry: Right. Oh, yes, little mama! Yes, yes.

Emily: Thank you. Oh, God.

Henry: Oh, you are so busted!

Emily: I'm just -- look, help me. I'm looking for something.

Henry: Yeah, I know what you're looking, you're looking for trouble. That's what it is.

Emily: Thank you.

Henry: Yeah, you know and I know that I'm going to get this out of you sooner or later, so why don't we just make it sooner. What exactly are you looking for there?

Emily: Daniel's passport and his vaccination records.

Henry: No, no, no, no, you're not still going through this kidnap thing, are you?

Emily: Okay, Paul has forced my hand. I've got to get this baby as far away from him as possible. And there is not way I'm leaving my son behind.

Henry: We have talked about this and you know it's not going to work. You're not going to get away with it.

Emily: You don't know that.

Henry: I know denial when I look at it in the face. I also know that you and reality have serious issues.

Emily: Not today. Not today. I know what I have to do. I know what I have to do to keep my baby safe and my son in my life.

Henry: Why did I open the door?

Emily: But you did. Henry, you opened the door, you let me in, and didn't rat me out to Margo.

Henry: Emily, that does not mean that I'm going to help you kidnap Daniel and then spirit him out of the country.

Emily: But you are helping me. Don't you see? You are helping me with this small act of kindness. You letting me in from the rain. Henry, you've helped me in so many ways.

Henry: Yeah, I have. I have seemed to recall you spent a numerous days in the psych lockdown, right? And that wasn't one of your best events. And now you're going to risk life in prison?

Emily: Henry, I know what I'm risking here! Now, listen to me. I've got a flight booked for tomorrow for Daniel. I'm picking him up from cub scouts and then I'm getting on a plane and we're leaving Oakdale for good.

Henry: You're a fool.

Emily: I'm a mom. And this is the last chance I have got to being a mother to my children.

Henry: Emily, Emily, I promise you, running away is not how you want to go here.

Emily: I don't have a choice, okay? Paul has left me no choice. He's sworn to take his baby away from me.

Henry: It won't happen. At worst, he's get shared custody.

Emily: Are you kidding me? Are you talking the legal system? Huh? The courts? Henry, I'm talking Paul Ryan. The man is ruthless, and vengeful. He won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Henry: Okay, that's precisely why you need to go home.

Emily: No, I'm not going home. I'm not going home, Henry. I'm seizing the moment.

Henry: In this weather, come on!

Emily: I don't care about the weather! I don't care if this is the worst blizzard on record, okay? I need to do it what it takes to get my children. I'm getting my children and I'm going to go somewhere. Somewhere safe. I don't know.

Henry: Do you think that there is such a place, Toto?

Emily: No, I don't know. For my children -- for my children, I will make it happen. Where are you? I got it. Okay, I'm off and running.

Henry: No, no, no, no, I know this face. I know this face. This is the face that Maddie had when she tried to run away from the world and nearly got herself killed.

Emily: Henry, we all have choices to make, okay? And I'm so glad you chose me as your friend.

Henry: Wait, wait, will you at least let me know where you're going?

Emily: No. I love you, Henry.

Henry: Em? Em?

Pilot: Good evening, folks. As you can see, we've got some heavy weather working out there. We're going to wait for the worst of it to blow over de-ice the wings and then we'll be ready for takeoff. I apologize for the delay.

Dusty: Miss? Can I use my cell phone?

Flight attendant: I'm sorry, Sir. Not after we pulled away from the gate.

Hospital operator: I'm sorry but Dr. Lake isn't in today because of the storm. He's referred all calls to the pediatric ward. One moment, I'll connect you.

Lucy: This is Dr. Montgomery how may I help you?

Jane: I'm watching a baby who suddenly spiked a fever.

Lucy: How high?

Jane: 101.

Lucy: That doesn't sound good. Can you bring him over? How far are you from the hospital?

Jane: I'm babysitting at the Lakeview Towers. Penthouse four.

Lucy: Wait. You're talking about Johnny Donovan, Dusty Donovan’s son. Look, I don't want you taking him out in this weather, given his medical history. Sit tight, give him a teaspoon of acetaminophen, and I will be there as soon as I can.

Bob: Mike, thanks for bring my mother over.

Mike: Oh, no problem. I couldn't let this lovely lady sit alone in the dark. Speaking of which, there is another lovely lady I need to get home to.

Bob: Are you sure it's safe to drive?

Mike: Yeah, I'll take the interstate. I'm sure that the roads are swept by now. Nothing's going to keep me from seeing Katie.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Get in, get in.

Margo: Give me shelter. Give me shelter.

Katie: I thought you were Mike.

Margo: Here, I have never seen a storm like this my whole life. I'm sorry I'm not Mike.

Katie: Yeah, me too. I'm getting worried.

Margo: Well, I was patrolling the neighborhood, seeing if anyone needed help and I thought I would check on my little sister. Are you okay?

Katie: No, I'm not. Mike's out there. I haven't talked to him and I'm really starting to get scared.

Radio announcer: An unprecedented early ice storm has hit in Oakdale, also affecting Bay City and Springfield. This will make driving treacherous, with power outages already reported over much of the city. Patches of black ice are forming and the weather advisory is on high alert. You're strongly warned to stay home and please stayed tuned for further updates.

Radio announcer: A freak ice storm continues and a storm warning is in effect for today into tonight. Up to an inch of ice accumulation is possible before the freezing rain turns to snow tonight. Pet owners are advised to keep their animals indoors. Stay tuned for weather on the tens –

Meg: Oh, my gosh! I just remembered my mom is out of town at a livestock auction. I don't know if there's anybody home to take care of our animals.

Bob: Well, if you have to leave, we can cover for you. But you've head the weather report. I think you should stay here where it's safe.

Meg: Well, don't worry. I actually learned how to drive a tractor under any conditions when I was six and I also have a four-wheeled drive, so I'll be all right.

Bob: Hey, it's your call. But you go slow.

Meg: Okay, I will. Thank you.

Henry: Hey, I need to ask you a question.

Meg: Not now, Henry.

Hen: In your professional opinion, how dangerous is it for a pregnant woman to fly by plane?

Meg: It depends how far and how long.

Henry: Very far and maybe forever.

Meg: Are you trying to tell me something, Henry?

Henry: Just color me curious --

Meg: Emily's going out of town. Is that the message?

Henry: Oh, boy, I sure hope not. Because that would be bad all around, especially for Tom and Margo.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: Hello?

Meg: Emily, its Meg.

Emily: Hello? I think there's a bad connection.

Meg: I'll make it fast. I know what you're up to. But I have to go over to the farm. Okay, so meet me there.

Emily: Oh, I don't think so.

Meg: Be there or the police will be at your front door before you can pack a bag, let alone board a plane.

Emily: Hello? Hello? Damn. Damn. Damn.

Dusty: Excuse me, but do you have any idea how long the delay will last?

Flight attendant: That depends on mother nature.

Dusty: It's kind of crazy, isn't it? I mean, just sitting here. Can we go back to the terminal?

Flight attendant: Not after we've left the gate. Just be happy that you're warm and dry.

Lucy: Poor Johnny. The acetaminophen didn't bring his fever down. He should be in the hospital. Obviously, you've tried calling Dusty. He isn't picking up?

Jane: He's on a flight to New York.

Lucy: I can't believe they'd take off in this kind of weather, unless they beat the storm front. Either way, we can't wait. We've got to get Johnny some help.

Katie: Mike and I got in a huge fight. We haven't spoken since yesterday. I keep trying him on his cell and I can't get through.

Margo: Honey, it's the storm. At least you've got your candles already to go.

Katie: Well, yeah, that wasn't for the power outage. Initially, it was for make-up sex.

Margo: I'm sure that Mike just found a place to wait out the storm.

Katie: Why isn't he home, though? Maybe he's driving through the storm. Maybe he flipped his car?

Margo: Can you not do this to yourself? I'm sure Mike is fine. He's going to be home soon.

Jade: What the best-dressed pregnant woman will be wearing. [Jade looks over and picks up a negligee that’s in the seat] Thank you, Will. This will do perfect.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Meg: What do you have there, Emily? A pistol?

Dusty: I can't wait. My son's sick. I've got to get off this plane.

Lucy: I'm taking Johnny to Memorial.

Barbara: Over my dead body.

[Tires squealing]

Katie: Something's wrong. I can feel it.

[Tires squealing]

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