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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 9/13/06

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Bob: I didn't see you on the rotation.

Lucy: Hi. Dr. Hughes, you surprised me.

Bob: Are you working tonight?

Lucy: No, no. I just had a post-op patient this morning. I thought I'd check her chart, see how she's doing.

Bob: That's a chart for a new admit.

Lucy: Yes. Yes, it is --

Bob: Well, then would you mind telling me exactly why you're here now?

Dusty: I'd like to know the same thing.

Paul: I just really need to see you.

Emily: Right now?

Paul: Yeah, well, tonight would be good. Why, is something wrong?

Meg: Isn't there always?

Emily: No, no, it's just that I'm out right now. Can I meet you there, where are you?

Paul: At Yo’s. But I could just as easily come to wherever you are.

Emily: No. No, Yo’s is great. I'll see you there.

Paul: Emily's on her way.

Meg: That works out best for her, does it?

Paul: I am not looking forward to this.

Meg: That's how she likes it.

Paul: First I had to convince her that I was gonna buy the paper, and now I have to tell her that I couldn't do it. What did those poor little peanuts ever do to you?

Meg: I like shelling peanuts, okay, here. Knock yourself out.

Paul: Is something wrong?

Meg: How could there be anything wrong with me? Things are wrong with Emily. Nothing is ever wrong with me.

Paul: Okay, stop, don't do that. If something is wrong, just talk to me.

Meg: Okay, fine, I will. You're worried that telling Emily about the paper is a bad thing, but I think it could be a good thing.

Paul: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Meg: Look, she told you she wants to be independent of you. I think this could be your chance to finally make that happen.

Gwen: What are you doing out here?

Will: Maddie and Casey seemed pretty intense, so I decided I should leave 'em alone.

Gwen: Yeah, it's good they're talking.

Will: Is that the book Margo wanted you to get for Casey?

Gwen: Yeah. She also gave me the name of the minister who's gonna be doing the memorial service.

Will: Yeah, this all seems really weird. Planning a memorial. Really, we should be planning a big party before everyone heads off for college.

Gwen: Yeah, I think we had that party.

Will: Yeah. We did.

Gwen: Planning the memorial service, it actually makes me feel better. Like there's something that I can do.

Will: Yeah. You were never really a big one for sitting around brooding.

Gwen: No, I leave that to the master. I'm going to give this book to Casey, then we should be heading over to the church --

Will: Gwen. I just want to say that I'm really proud of you.

Casey: Maddie. Am I wrong to think that we can work through this together?

Maddie: You can get through it. But what if I can't?

Casey: The way I see it? That's not an option.

Maddie: Look at what my sister did --

Casey: Yeah, your sister did those things. Not you.

Maddie: I still feel like it's my fault.

Casey: That's why we do this together. That way when you say stuff like that, I can tell you that's a big crock.

Maddie: You make it sound so simple. It's not.

Casey: I know that. But I also know that if you stick with me, we'll both do a lot better than either one of us would do on our own. Face it, Maddie. We're in this together. I said the wrong thing again.

Maddie: No, you said a really great thing. It's just --

Casey: It's just what?

Maddie: I know you want me to feel better and to get better and be like I was before. But I don't know if I can, and I'm scared I'm gonna let you down.

Casey: I don't want you to be like you were before.

Maddie: Stay still.

Casey: I will if you listen to me. All right, I heard what your sister said to you earlier, or at least I heard part of it.

Maddie: I don't want to think about it --

Casey: All right, well, then think about this. She wanted you to feel bad. She wanted you to feel like everything was your fault. But before she even started killing people, there was something really wrong with her, and she aimed all that at you.

Maddie: It makes sense in my head. But I can't stop myself from feeling like I caused all this.

Casey: Write and tell Eve that, I'm sure that'll make her day. You got a lot to figure out. I've gotta figure out how to get back on my feet. You know, we'll help each other.

Will: You just seem to know exactly the right thing to do.

Gwen: That is very far from reality.

Will: Well, look at how you apologized to Maddie. That was very classy.

Gwen: That was just necessary.

Will: I guess that's the best part about you. You do all these great things, and you don't even know it.

Gwen: Will, honestly, I'm just trying to get through this. And hoping that people are right when they say that it gets better with time.

Will: Well, thank you for letting me go through it with you. Now, I know we don't really know where we stand yet.

Gwen: Will, honestly, we really gotta get going. We should just give Casey this book and you know, hit the --

Will: Right.

Gwen: Thank you for saying all of that. It's just really, you know, hard to talk, right now.

Will: Yeah. I know.

Casey: So you can help me get through my reading list, and I can help you --

Maddie: Not be such a nutcase?

Casey: Hey. You don't get through stuff like this without backup. Like look at my parents through all of this. I don't take what I have for granted. Helped me see what you didn't get.

Maddie: I know, but you're you. You're great and strong and everything.

Casey: Hey, whoa. You're great and stronger than you think. But seriously, I am gonna need your help. I'm going to miss the first couple weeks of school, so I might flunk out before I even start. And are you really going to say no to a guy in a hospital bed?

Gwen: Hey.

Maddie: Hi.

Gwen: I got that book for you.

Casey: Thanks.

Gwen: I took a look at it in the elevator. It's a very impressive choice.

Casey: Yeah, Maddie’s going to read it to me, aren't you? Aren't you?

Maddie: Yes.

Gwen: Are you staying? Because we were going to see if you needed a ride.

Maddie: No, that's okay. I'm gonna stick around and make sure Casey doesn't get behind on his reading.

Will: All right, if you need anything, you got my cell, right?

Casey: Right.

Gwen: So, we'll be heading out. You enjoy the book.

Maddie: "Cloud Atlas."

Casey: You like it?

Maddie: Yes, I love it. It is the most major piece of fiction since "Ulysses."

Will: Ooh, just a shame we have to leave. See you later, Bud.

Maddie: Bye, Will. Casey, you are going to love this book just as much as I do.

Casey: You know, I think you could be right.

Meg: I am going to the E.R., and I know you're going to handle Emily beautifully. Good luck with her. Okay, I'm saying I'm sorry. I am.

Paul: Thanks. You're still gonna marry me, right?

Meg: Yeah, I guess so. Even though I don't think you deserve me.

Paul: Story of my life.

Meg: I'm going to go out the back way. I'm afraid if I bump into Emily, we'll just start chatting and giggling, and I'll be up late for work. You know how it goes. I'll see you later.

Paul: Bye.

Emily: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Emily: You seemed like you were in a good mood. I hope you have good news.

Paul: Thanks for coming.

Emily: Oh, sure. I like Yo’s. You get to read the people who actually read the newspaper. Our circulation in Milltown is really, really strong.

Paul: Really?

Emily: Yeah, but you know what the truth is? I think we can do better. I had this idea for a series of articles focusing on Milltown and coupling that with a real push to get new advertisers. Unfortunately, it makes it really difficult when the owner of the paper is in prison. But now I've got the new owner sitting right across from me. So, about-to-be owner? What do you think?

Paul: I think there's something you and I need to discuss first.

Lucy: Would you excuse me, please? I'm talking to the chief of staff of the hospital where I work. I'm sorry about that. I was checking on a patient. I grabbed the wrong chart by mistake.

Bob: Right. You do realize that this is an E.R., not a social club.

Lucy: I -- I do know that. I came here right after my grandmother's luncheon, and -- I didn't know he followed me.

Bob: I hope I don't have to tell you that your focus should be on work when you're here.

Lucy: No, I know that.

Bob: There's a great deal of pressure on first-year interns. I think it's a good idea if you see that your personal life does not interfere with the professional.

Dusty: Hold on a second. Hold on a second. What's going on with you?

Lucy: What's going on is my boss just chewed me out.

Dusty: Because of me? Sorry.

Lucy: So, if you leave now, it won't happen again.

Dusty: Why'd you leave?

Lucy: I had to work.

Nurse: Hey, what's with you? You finally get a day off, and you're hanging around here? Ooh, I love the shoes.

Dusty: You said they called you back here to work. You never used to lie.

Lucy: I didn't lie. Exactly.

Dusty: So why'd you leave?

Lucy: This isn't the place, okay?

Dusty: All right, let's go someplace else --

Lucy: No, Dusty, I can't do this, okay?

Dusty: Lucy, I don't like fighting with you.

Lucy: We're not fighting.

Dusty: The tone in your voice, running away. Whatever. When you say stuff like "I can't do this," I don't know what that means.

Lucy: I shouldn't have left without talking to you.

Dusty: I guess I made you angry without knowing it?

Lucy: No. This isn't the place to talk about it.

Dusty: Let's go someplace else. Let's go for a drink. You have the day off.

Lucy: They shouldn't give me days off. I don't do well with them.

Dusty: Are you all right?

Lucy: Not the Lakeview.

Dusty: "Not the Lakeview." That's not really decisive enough.

Lucy: I meant I'd have a drink with you, but not at the Lakeview. But now I changed my mind, since you're too sarcastic to drink with.

Dusty: No more sarcasm. I promise.

Lucy: Fine. Weird you had such a big reaction to being ditched. I mean, it must happen to you all the time, right?

Paul: I even contacted an attorney, your old friend, Cass Winthrop. But no matter how I tried to get the offer through to Craig, he just blocked my way.

Emily: And that came as a surprise to you?

Paul: Well, I thought I could get through to him, yeah.

Emily: Yeah, I know you did. And you dismissed it when I told you how much Craig hates you, and he probably wouldn't want to do business with you.

Paul: I was thinking.

Emily: No, you weren’t. That's it. You don't think. That's why you always have all the answers, because you don't bog yourself down with details, Paul, like thinking and reality --

Paul: Okay, that's not really fair.

Emily: You know what? Can I ask you a question? Did it ever occur to you to keep this big plan of yours to yourself until you knew that you had a prayer of it panning out?

Paul: Well, I had to make sure everything was okay with you first.

Emily: With me? You came to me with this big plan, this big change in my life, and I objected, and you batted it down. And then Paul Ryan, ta da, here's your next big idea. And stupid, stupid me, I've been through it a million times with you. I think to myself, you know, maybe this could work. Paul might actually come through for once.

Paul: I tried, Craig wouldn't sell the paper.

Emily: You know that idea that I pitched to you when I walked in here, all casual about upping the circulation in Milltown? Well, guess what? I stayed up till 2:00 in the morning working on that, 2:00 in the morning, working and reworking that schedule.

Paul: Emily, you shouldn't be working that hard.

Emily: I wanted to. You made me want to! I got excited about something, but you were just -- you were blowing smoke rings like you usually do. "Oh, maybe I'll buy you the paper, Emily. Maybe I'll win the lottery, maybe -- maybe I'll try that new restaurant down on Market Street --"

Paul: Emily, calm down.

Emily: Don't ever, ever make me believe you again! Ohh! The baby. Oh, God. Oh, God, don't go. Call somebody. Oh, God.

Casey: What's with this guy? You want to write a book, you want to tell a story, but you go out of your way to make sure people can't understand it. And how is it supposed to be good if it doesn't even make sense?

Maddie: You've heard, like, the first ten pages, and you're already saying it doesn't make sense?

Casey: Ten pages, and I know I don't want to hear more.

Maddie: Okay, let me ask you this, then. The music that you love. How do you know that you like it after only hearing the first two or three bars? Don't you listen to more than the first few bars before you actually have heard it and liked it? Haven't people said to you, "listen to this," and you did because you knew they knew something, and you wanted to learn something?

Casey: Whoa.

Maddie: Sorry.

Casey: No. No, you're good.

Maddie: It's just that I love this book --

Casey: All right, go back, read me those pages again. And I might have some questions this time, probably some stupid ones.

Maddie: Like when you played me John Coltrane for the first time?

Casey: Something like that.

Maddie: I'm glad I stayed.

Ada: Hey, Casey, we brought you --

Gil: Oh, what's she doing here?

Gwen: This is where you said goodbye to Jen.

Will: Yeah. And now all those kids.

Gwen: Back in the hospital, you asked me if I'd let you get through this with me? You're the only one who makes this easier. So you'll stick by me? Get me through this?

Will: I will. And you with me?

Gwen: I will.

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Gwen: Let's start over together.

Will: I love you.

Gwen: I love you, too.

Dusty: I'm glad I got you as a friend.

Ada: I don't want her messing you up, too. You're too nice for that.

Casey: You know, get out. You're wrong about her.

Maddie: Are they?

Emily: I'm so sorry --

Bob: They're ready for her in cubicle two --

EMT: Her blood pressure --

Bob: Emily, Emily, let go now. We've gotta start treating you.

Emily: What about the baby? They wouldn't say anything about the baby in the ambulance --

Paul: The baby is going to be fine. And you're going to calm down, right? Okay, calm down.

Emily: Oh, God, I'm scared. Paul, I'm scared.

Paul: It's all right.

Meg: Emily?

Paul: She started screaming, she was so upset -- and then she just, she grabbed her stomach, all of a sudden, she doubled over. It was awful. It's the pre-eclampsia all over again.

Meg: Or just Emily’s special brand of payback.

Dusty: Here we are.

Lucy: Right.

Dusty: So what happened with you tonight?

Bartender: What can I get you?

Dusty: Princess?

Lucy: A club soda. With lime, please.

Dusty: Water. Uh, not water. That beer I like.

Bartender: You got it.

Dusty: Thank you.

Lucy: Dr. Hughes was right, I probably need more rest to stay focused --

Dusty: You see? I told you. You didn't have fun after all.

Lucy: That's not true. Not really.

Dusty: Talk to me. We've always talked. Something happened at the luncheon.

Lucy: You're right. Barbara happened.

Maddie: I'm gonna leave, Casey.

Casey: You know, just -- you know what? Could you guys give us a minute?

Ada: We'll wait outside. Smooth as ever.

Maddie: I'm gonna leave the book here for you.

Casey: You're running away.

Maddie: No, your friends are here to see you, your old friends, and they don't want to see the sister of the woman who terrorized them and killed their friends.

Casey: You don't know that, okay? They were just surprised to see you. And Gil, he always a jerk. But they're really not that bad.

Maddie: I didn't say that they were. He was surprised that I was here. You know, it doesn't even matter. I'm staying in a town where everybody knows everything about me.

Casey: About your sister.

Maddie: About me! You think -- you've heard what Eve said to me. You think that I want you to know all that about me? That my family is crazy? What Louis did to me, everyone knows. I can see it in their eyes, Case.

Casey: You stick around, and you might find someone that could know all that and still really like you. Run away, and it always has to be a secret.

Maddie: But it's so hard --

Casey: Then fine. You take a break, I'll talk to them, and get rid of them, and then you can read me some more boring stuff.

Maddie: It's not boring.

Casey: Maddie. You were doing fine with just me, all right? So we'll go one-on-one for a while. And Gwen and Will, you're cool with them. So we just take it slow. We won't rush, but just don't run away.

Maddie: All pale, in a hospital bed. It's like saying no to Ashley Wilkes.

Casey: Right. Whoever the hell she is.

Maddie: Okay. If I stay, we're not just gonna read. We're gonna watch movies. Chick movies. Gil, Ada, come on in.

Ada: What are you so happy about?

Gwen: You know, when you go through something, or see something, and it isn't until way later that suddenly you figure it out?

Will: I don't think I have that much figured out.

Gwen: When Jen was sick -- when she was dying, and she wanted so much to marry Dusty, I remember -- I remember that I thought it was really beautiful. But I don't think I understood. I mean, would it actually make them closer if they were married?

Will: She thought so.

Gwen: She was right. It does. It makes a big difference. You know, as screwed up as we got, or as far apart as we were, as mad as I was, and then as scared as I was, I wasn't alone. We were still connected in that way.

Will: Sometimes it's not until you screw it all up that you see what it really was in the first place. You know, when we first got married, I was too stupid to know that.

Gwen: Jen knew that she was going to die, and she knew that if she married Dusty, then she wouldn't die alone.

Will: It wasn't the wedding or the words. You know, they married each other that day. They did it, nobody else.

Gwen: I want that. I want to be married with you.

Will: Thank God.

Gwen: You know, this is a very, very, very silly example. I saw this puppy playing in Casey’s neighbor's yard, and I couldn't call you to come see it. And I've never felt alone in quite that way before.

Will: Gwen. I swear to God, I'm not as stupid as I was. And I'm not so stupid that I don't see I'm getting a second chance when some people don't get any.

Gwen: Let's start over together.

Will: I love you.

Gwen: I love you, too.

Dusty: What'd she say?

Lucy: I can't remember the exact words --

Dusty: What'd she say?

Lucy: She just wanted me to remember how little time it's been since --

Dusty: Since my wife died? What else did she say? She didn't stop there, did she?

Lucy: No. She said it was too soon for you to be out with another woman.

Dusty: She's my in-law, you know. She likes to tell me what's right and wrong for me.

Lucy: Don't be mad at her, Dusty. She meant well.

Dusty: I'm not mad at her. I know what she's been through. Grief can make you go nuts.

Lucy: You know, Dusty? Listen to me. Maybe she's not nuts. It hasn't been that long, and you and I have a history, you know.

Dusty: Yeah, I'm not mad at her. That doesn't mean I'm not mad at you.

Lucy: Excuse me?

Dusty: You're my friend. I invited you to a business luncheon of mine, and you disappeared like Cinderella at midnight.

Lucy: I thought she was right.

Dusty: Then tell me, like a grown-up, that she's right. I just don't like the drama.

Lucy: I --

Dusty: I told you this was a business function, right? Do you think I'm hitting on you?

Lucy: No, I think you're lonely, coping with a baby and your loss.

Dusty: I am, so don't run away like that. It hurts my feelings.

Lucy: You're right. Running away without talking to you was wrong. She just -- she really just she embarrassed me. It made me feel like I was -- well, you know, not a very good person.

Dusty: She made you feel like a piece of garbage.

Lucy: Yeah. I thought you liked her.

Dusty: Well, she's Jen's mother. But with regard to you, you know, that's her M.O. she's good at it.

Lucy: Right. Dusty, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't think.

Dusty: That's okay. Sometimes I overreact.

Lucy: We've always been above board with each other. Well, in our way.

Dusty: In our own way. I'm glad I got you as a friend. You want me to beat you at pool?

Lucy: No, Dusty. I didn't do it the right way, but the impulse wasn't wrong. I'm going to go now. And we're not going to do this again.

Meg: You know, if you just stopped and thought for a second, you'd see that I'm bending over backwards to accommodate this situation.

Paul: I know that --

Meg: I am wearing my engagement ring around my neck so nobody sees it and tells Emily so she won't get upset. We put our lives on hold so she won't get upset. You're trying to buy a newspaper so she won't get upset, and you know what? She got upset! She can get upset whenever she wants over whatever she wants. And you can't do anything to change it.

Paul: Okay, but it's not something she made up. It was real.

Meg: The pre-eclampsia she has is real. The stress that triggers it is real. But she's in charge of that stress, not you. It's like she has it on a drip, and she monitors the dosage. And whenever Paul Ryan gets out of line, she just slides that sucker right up there.

Paul: Okay. What do you want me to do?

Meg: Disengage. Look, I don't mean to be yelling at you. I know you're in a no-win situation. But she's like a drunk who says she'll stop after this one drink.

Paul: Theoretically I would agree with you 100% right. But we're also talking about my child.

Meg: I know.

Paul: It's not some science experiment. It's a hostage situation, and I'm not gonna play tough with her. It's just too scary.

Meg: Paul. This is the second time she's been here in how many weeks? She knows you're not going anywhere, or you're not gonna do anything but focus on her crisis till it passes. Why would she ever want to let go of that crisis?

Paul: Well, it will pass. You're forgetting that. It is gonna end. When she has the baby, this is all over.

Meg: I guess you need to believe that.

Paul: How's the baby?

Bob: The baby's fine. It's Emily I'm concerned about. She has severe hypertension. Her blood pressure is dangerously high. And it's an unacceptable risk for her and the baby.

Paul: What if this happens again?

Bob: Well, we have to see that it doesn't happen again. I can't tell you how important it is for Emily stay calm and rested.

Paul: She will. I promise. Can I see her now?

Bob: Sure.

Ada: So, Maddie. She was here to say she was sorry?

Casey: Why should she be sorry?

Ada: I don't know. Her sister attacked you?

Casey: Yeah, everyone's got a big problem remembering that there's a difference between Maddie and her sister. What?

Gil: Wouldn't do this, man.

Casey: Do what?

Gil: Take on a charity case. Work on a merit badge.

Casey: She's not a charity case.

Ada: No? She's not exactly a walk in the park.

Casey: No, she's my friend, and I'm hers. This isn't exactly an easy time for her. She's worried that people might blame her for what happened.

Ada: I gotta tell you, Casey, that nice guy thing you've got, it's gonna get you in trouble.

Casey: I'm not in trouble. And just in case you guys need it spelled out for you, Maddie didn't do anything to anybody. She had things got done to her --

Ada: My point exactly. She's got to be like a time bomb.

Gil: Right. Not a gene pool I'd go swimming in.

Casey: You know what? Just get out right now.

Ada: Okay, listen, Gil, you're not helping. Look, Casey, I know you think I'm mean and shallow, but I think I'm practical. The girl is trouble.

Casey: No, she isn’t.

Ada: Are we all supposed to forget what she did to Lia’s car? And when her sister was going around killing people, she didn't even have a clue? Or that she didn't tell people what that weirdo did to her, when people were dying?! Why was that, Casey? Why? You know, maybe it's because underneath all that sweetness, Maddie only cares about herself. I don't want her messing you up, too. You're too nice for that.

Casey: You know, get out. You're wrong about her.

Maddie: Are they?

Will: I made vows when I didn't really know what it meant. But I do now. And I'll never hurt you again. And I'll be the guy you first saw in me. The person that nobody else ever saw.

Gwen: Will, we went through something really horrible. And we're still together.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: And I really do think if we can get through tomorrow, then the day after that can be a little bit better. A lot better.

Will: I want to go home. I want us to go home.

Gwen: Me, too.

Will: Wait. Hold on. Can I kiss the bride?

Dusty: You can't leave.

Lucy: Of course I can.

Dusty: You haven't paid for your drink.

Lucy: What!

Dusty: Your drink. Pay for it if you're going to follow Barbara Ryan’s orders.

Lucy: I didn't say that.

Dusty: Oh, follow her orders. She's very well-known for good decisions.

Lucy: See how mad you are? Doesn't that say something to you? I know what Barbara was trying to do and why. But if there wasn't a part of me that agreed with her, I would have told her to take a flying leap.

Dusty: You agree with her?

Lucy: Dusty, I said it. We have a complicated history.

Dusty: So we can't see each other. We can't be friends.

Lucy: This isn't just about you. You saw me with Bob tonight. He gave me a not-so-subtle warning that I better buckle down. You know, I'm a first-year intern. I'm responsible for things I sometimes have no business being responsible for. And I never get enough sleep, and you -- my heart aches for you.

Dusty: I don't want your pity.

Lucy: Of course you don’t. That's what makes this --

Dusty: Makes this what?

Lucy: This is why we can't see each other. Because you can say a million times we're just friends, but it never ends up like that. You know, it's too intense, and I can't handle it right now. Keep the change. I'll be damned if I'll tip for a drink I never got.

Paul: Did you get any sleep last night?

Emily: No, not much.

Paul: Why don't you sleep now?

Emily: Here?

Paul: Yeah. Just close your eyes.

Emily: Are you gonna leave? I mean, it's not fair. I know it's not fair of me to ask you to stay, but --

Paul: Em, stop. Get some sleep. When you wake up, I'll be right here.

Emily: Okay.

Paul: Okay? That's my girl.

Ada: I'm sorry. We really didn't mean to freak you out.

Casey: No, it's fine. Can you ask Maddie to come back in? And while you're at it, maybe you could treat her like a human being.

Ada: Casey? She's not out here.

Casey: What?

Ada: The nurse said she kind of ran off.

Casey: Great.

Ada: Casey, I'm sorry.

Casey: Just go, okay? Just leave me alone.

Maddie: "Maddie, I'm going to Chicago. I think I should talk to Bernadette in person about what happened." Yeah, that's right, Henry. Explain what happened. That'll make it all better.

[Cell phone ringing]

Will: So maybe I should have carried you over the threshold.

Gwen: That seems kind of silly now.

Will: I'll do it. You just gotta tell me, and I'll do anything to make you happy.

Gwen: I don't want big things. I just want -- you know, normal. Going to school, making plans --

Will: Watching puppies.

Gwen: Watching puppies. Will, I'm not made of glass.

Will: I just -- I didn't want to seem like a guy.

Gwen: That's okay. Maybe I could use my guy. I want your arms around me.

Will: Gwen, I've missed you so much.

Gwen: Thank God. Thank God this time is over.

Will: I love you.

Gwen: Of course you do.

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Carly: I've never been so miserable in my life.

Simon: Well, it just so happens I have the cure for what ails you.

Emily: Please don't go. I need you. We both do.

Casey: Maddie, it's me. I need to talk to you, and I'm not leaving until that happens.

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