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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/12/06

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Margo: Why is he not waking up?

Tom: Hey, Honey -- he's exhausted.

Margo: Yeah, but what if he's slipping into a coma, or something?

Tom: You know what, Dad checked him in the minute they brought him over here. He's going to be fine.

Margo: Baby, we're here. Everything's going to be all right. Mom and Dad are right here.

Tom: Hey.

Margo: Hi. Hey.

Thomas: How are you feeling?

Casey: Where?

Margo: You're in a different hospital now. You're in Memorial, now.

Tom: Do you remember what happened?

Casey: Where's Maddie?

Will: It's looking better.

Gwen: Yeah. The doctors said I was lucky that you were there. You did all the right things to keep the wound from getting infected.

Will: Well, you spend enough time as a janitor in a hospital, you pick up some things.

Gwen: I really don't know what I would've done if you weren't there.

Will: Just like you've always been there for me.

Gwen: So --

Will: You're all done.

Gwen: Thank you.

Will: You sure you're okay with me staying here?

Gwen: Yeah. Especially since Carlyís going to be around. I'm not too big on staying alone in this house.

[Knock at the door]

Will: I got it.

Henry: Will, great, you're here. Gwen! Good, you're here too! That's two for two.

Gwen: Hey, what's going on?

Henry: I've been looking all over for you guys. I really need your help.

Kim: Oh. Well, the joint venture with Lucinda has been in the works for months. But this event, we pulled together in the last 72 hours.

Barbara: Why?

Kim: That's due to Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto's previously unscheduled visit to Oakdale, and I'm so glad you are here. I need all the moral support I can get.

Barbara: You two are going to do just fine. It's gorgeous.

Kim: Well, thank you. We've had, of course, bouts of doing this, and then bouts of worrying about Casey.

Barbara: How's he doing?

Kim: Well, he's recuperating from his surgery, so -- I guess all's well. What about Will and Gwenny? How are they doing?

Barbara: Gwen's been released from the hospital, but she did not go home with Will.

Kim: Oh.

Barbara: I hope that will happen soon. I just hope they both realize that --

Lucinda: Ah!

Barbara: Well, hello. Congratulations, I guess.

Lucinda: Well, we hope we're going to have something really big to celebrate when this is all over, after all of this.

Barbara: What's the goal today?

Lucinda: Well, our goal is to convince Mr. Yamamoto that he does indeed wish to back our venture -- joint venture. My company and with Kimís television station.

Kim: Indeed. [Lucinda laughs] And our strategy is to create content for new markets -- podcasts, video games, on and on and on.

Barbara: You two will win him over.

Lucinda: And here comes my good-lookin' ace-in-the-hole.

Dusty: Ladies.

Barbara: Hi. You're back at work? Why is the mother-in-law always the last one to know?

Dusty: Well, you know the story. I got a boy to support. Yamamoto's coming to Oakdale -- its perfect timing.

Kim: Speaking of which, I better go check the video presentation.

Barbara: I'll come with you.

Kim: Oh, good. Come on.

Dusty: When's Yamamoto getting here, anyway?

Lucinda: Oh, he's already arrived. Where's your date?

Dusty: Where's yours?

Lucinda: Well, he's someplace. He's around here, somewhere. My companion is Basil Hightower.

Dusty: Basil Hightower?

Lucinda: Yes.

Dusty: You're dating him?

Lucinda: Yes.

[Dusty laughs]

Lucinda: I am. Today, I am. And he's perfectly nice, and he's certainly presentable. I do so wish that you hadn't come alone, darn it.

Dusty: What makes you think I came alone?

Lucinda: You changed your mind.

Dusty: Well, when you're right, you're right.

Maitre d': Good afternoon, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: Hi, Greg. We were hoping to have some lunch.

Maitre d': We're only serving in the lounge today. I'd be glad to get you a table there.

Paul: Ah, no thanks. "WOAK and Worldwide welcome Yamamoto Communications?"

Meg: Wow, Yamamoto Communications is coming to Oakdale? That's a big deal.

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: Okay, let's get lunch!

Paul: Well, no, no -- I'm a member of the media elite. I own a newspaper.

Meg: Well, you don't own it quite yet.

Paul: Well, I will. Maybe sooner than we think. Let's go in.

Meg: Well, we weren't invited. And come on, you said we'd talk about wedding plans.

Paul: We will. Right after this. Greg --

Maitre d': Yes, sir?

Paul: We are members of Lucinda Walshís party.

Maitre d': Of course, sir. Come right in.

Paul: Thank you.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Now, this isn't my idea of a good time.

Paul: Yeah, well you know what, why don't we do this for a little while, and then we'll have a good time later.

Dusty: How'd you get changed in less than an hour?

Lucinda: You made this date in less than an hour?

Both: It's not a date.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Okay. All right. Have it your way. Have it your way. But please don't use that phrase in front of the Yamamotos. Please donít. And thank you,Darling. Whatever this is, thank you for coming, and thank you for being on time. And, let me introduce you, hmm?

Dusty: Did you notice --

Lucinda: Yes. I'll handle it myself.

Mr. Yamamoto: Lucinda, your video presentation was outstanding. So much ingenuity here in Oakdale.

Lucinda: How kind of you to say so. Kano and Mori, may I introduce and present my granddaughter, Lucy.

Lucy: How do you do?

Lucinda: And this is her companion, Dusty Donovan, who happens to be the young executive in charge of all of our joint ventures. He's just -- he's cracker jack. Any questions you have, you ask this young man.

Dusty: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto.

Mr. Yamamoto: The pleasure is ours.

Lucinda: Would you just excuse me for just a moment? I'll be right back.

Mrs. Yamamoto: You make a lovely couple. Have you been together long?

Lucy: Dusty and I have been friends for years. And I understand you just celebrated an anniversary?

Mrs. Yamamoto: Our 30th.

Lucy: Congratulations.

Mr. Yamamoto: Thank you, Miss --

Dusty: Doctor. Montgomery.

Mr. Yamamoto: Quite an accomplishment for such a young woman.

Mrs. Yamamoto: I hope you pay more attention to your patients than my doctor does. He hasn't been able to help me with my tennis elbow at all.

Lucy: Oh, that can be very painful. Have you heard about the new treatment out of Hong Kong?

Mrs. Yamamoto: No, but you must tell me about it. If you don't mind?

Lucy: I'd love to.

Paul: Lucinda, great party.

Lucinda: Indeed. I just don't recall seeing either of your names on the guest list. Would I want to be 25 again?

Meg: I'm sorry we intruded, Lucinda. But we saw the exhibits, and -- well, who wouldn't be curious?

Paul: I have every right to be here -- I'm expanding my media interests.

Lucinda: Are you renewing your subscription to my newspaper?

Paul: No, I'm buying my own. "The Intruder."

Lucinda: When did that happen?

Paul: Well, we're still sorting out all the details.

Lucinda: And Craig is amenable to that?

Paul: We have opened avenues of communication.

Barbara: Lucinda, Kim said that the press is ready for interviews and photographs.

Lucinda: Oh, thank you. Well, in deference to your mother, I will not have you removed. Unless, of course, you're still here when I get back.

Paul: Thank you for your gracious hospitality.

Barbara: You are buying "The Intruder"?

Paul: Yeah, that's the plan.

Barbara: That's a rather sizeable investment.

Paul: I can afford, Mom.

Barbara: If you'd ever shown any kind of interest in running a newspaper, I might understand. Which leads me to believe this is something to do with Emily.

Paul: It's got nothing to do with you.

Barbara: Emily has brought you nothing but trouble. For Gods sake, she shot you, she tried to kill you Paul.

Paul: She's the mother of my child.

Barbara: Oh yes, which means you will have to have some kind of dealings with her, but that doesn't mean you have to go and do business with her!

Paul: You should be glad about this Barbara.

Barbara: Really, why?

Paul: If I buy "The Intruder," Craig Montgomery to come back to Oakdale if he's released form prison. I am providing a safe, and secure future for the mother of my child. Your grandchild -- don't forget.

Barbara: You're okay with this?

Meg: Well he won't be involved in running the "Intruder." He'll hire somebody to do that.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: You really don't think that Emily is going to just stand by -- she will find some way to be by his side constantly? Tending to him and the child?

Paul: Yeah, well she can try, but she won't succeed.

Meg: I believe this is the best thing for everyone. Paul believes that and so do I.

Paul: Thank you, Darling.

Margo: There, that's good.

Casey: My head hurts.

Margo: Well yeah, you know I'm gonna have the nurse to order you some painkillers.

Casey: So Maddie left? I guess she decided she didn't want to talk to me.

Tom: No, no -- it wasn't that at all.

Margo: You know what -- we have all been so worried about all of you. Henry just took Maddie home. We thought she needed some rest. She's been through quite an ordeal too.

Casey: I know, but can you call her now? So I can tell her how sorry I am.

Henry: Hey! Look who I found!

Gwen: Hi.

Will: How you doing, Maddie?

Maddie: Hi.

Henry: Well, she's thrilled to see ya, I can tell you that much. How about an ice cream sundae? What do you say to that?

Maddie: Did you guys come on your own, or did Henry ask you to come?

Gwen: Well, Henry --

Maddie: That's what I thought. You should go.

Henry: I'll just be in the next room.

Maddie: Henry, no, Henry. I don't want them here.

Gwen: Why not?

Maddie: Why can't you just let me stay by myself?

Will: Because that's where we made our first mistake. Doing what you wanted. You said you wanted space, so we gave you space. And we tried to talk to you, and you pushed us away, so we stayed away. Why don't you just listen to what we want?

Maddie: Fine.

Will: I want to be there for you when you were there for me, when I needed help with calculus. I want to stick up for you the way you stuck up for me even though you knew I cheated. I want to trust you again, because I always could before.

Gwen: Can I go? First of all, you have to know that there was nothing going on between Casey and me.

Maddie: I know.

Gwen: No, you donít. Because when you asked me, I got all defensive about it, instead of just telling the truth, until I made sure that you heard me. And all those times that you saw us together, we were mostly likely talking about how much he loved you, and -- look, anyways, we are friends. We're not competition for each other.

Maddie: Thank you.

Gwen: Maddie, we got to stick together right now. Especially since so many people that we know -- they're gone now.

Will: How is Casey?

Maddie: I don't know.

Gwen: When are you going to go see him?

Maddie: Maybe after he gets home from the hospital.

Will: Come on, Maddie. That's how this all started. You pushing Casey away every time he tried to help. You love him?

Maddie: Yeah.

Gwen: Okay, then let's go.

Maddie: I canít.

Gwen: Why not?

Maddie: Because. If Casey turned away from me now, I don't know if I could take it.

Casey: I need to see her, Mom.

Margo: I know. To apologize. And what else? What else do you want from Maddie?

Casey: I want her to be my girlfriend.

Margo: And what if she's not ready for that?

Casey: Mom, I know that Maddie was pushing me away for a long time, but things can be different now.

Margo: Honey, she was sexually assaulted. She was forced to do something that she desperately did not want to do. And the pain from something like that, the emotional pain, it's a lot to recover from.

Casey: Okay, then I'll wait.

Margo: I just don't want you to make promises to Maddie that you can't keep.

Casey: Fine, I won't make promises. Look, you and I could talk what-ifs all day. But until I see Maddie, I don't know what I'll say or do. I just know that I want to be with her, and that I don't want her to think she's has to go through this alone.

Margo: What if she doesn't want to be with you?

Casey: Did she say something?

Margo: No, no, I just think it's a possibility that you should be prepared for.

Henry: How's everything going out here?

Will: Well, we just talking about going to visiting casey.

Maddie: But I don't to, because I can't face him.

Henry: Why not?

Maddie: He nearly got killed protecting me.

Henry: Honey, Eve hurt Casey, not you.

Maddie: I know. I just don't think I can see him right now.

Henry: Maddie --

Gwen: You know what? Will and I will go. All three of us will visit Casey, that why you feel more comfortable.

Maddie: I don't know.

Will: Maddie, the guy saved your life. You're his first request post-surgery, and you're going to stand him up?

Henry: No, she's not. I think you should go.

Will: Well, we should probably sneak her out the back.

Gwen: There are reporters down there, just so you know.

Maddie: Oh.

Henry: Thanks, guys. Come on, it will be okay. It will be okay.

Maddie: I don't know.

Henry: Yeah, it will. Come on.

[Knock on the door]

Emily: Hey, you up for any visitors? Henry? Oh, I know this is a really dumb question, but what's wrong?

Henry: Everything.

Lucy: Did you just close the deal?

Dusty: Getting close. Where did you come up with that stuff about their anniversary?

Lucy: I hitched a ride with my grandmother's chauffer and did some quick research on my way over. It turns out Mrs. Yamamoto has a blog.

Dusty: Thank you, Lucy.

Lucy: You think "thank you" is going to cut it? You know, I had to hear about Mrs. Yamamoto's bursitis and her heel spurs, and her tendonitis --

Dusty: All right, I owe you. How about I buy you a drink in the lounge when all of this is over?

Lucy: I'd love that.

Meg: What?

Paul: You were great with Barbara. Thank you for presenting a united front.

Meg: I like being united with you.

Paul: Are you ready for round two?

Meg: What?

Dusty: Paul's coming over. Do you want to go?

Lucy: No, I've got a message for him.

Dusty: From your dad? I thought --

Lucy: You thought I took your advice? I did.

Paul: Lucy, Dusty, good to see you.

Lucy: I'm glad to see you, too. It saves me a phone call.

Paul: You heard from Craig?

Lucy: I'm through communicating with my father on your behalf. If you want to do business with him, you're on your own.

Announcer: Coming up, on "As the World Turns."

Meg: I'm sorry.

Paul: It's okay. There's more than one way to get to Craig Montgomery.

Barbara: I'm just concerned.

Lucy: About Dusty? Why?

Barbara: Does the word "rebound" mean anything to you?

Casey: Wow, you're here.

Paul: Can I talk to you about this alone, Lucy?

Dusty: That's up to Lucy.

Lucy: I'll be right back.

Meg: You know, you don't need to watch them like that. He's not going to twist her arm.

Dusty: Well, you know, Paulie boy hates to take "no" for an answer.

Meg: Well, maybe Lucy shouldn't say no.

Dusty: So what's this? He's working on Lucy and you're working on me?

Meg: I just know how important the paper is to Paul. And he's important to me. What?

Dusty: I don't know. Something's different about you.

Meg: Well, maybe for the first time in a long time, I'm happy.

Dusty: It looks good on you. So does the ring around your neck. Why isn't it around your finger?

Meg: Emily. She's trying to avoid stress, and Paul and I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to tell her that we're getting married right now.

Dusty: That's probably a good idea. Oh, she's nuts. I mean, if you make her jealous, it's definitely a risk.

Meg: Yeah, that's why it's important for Paul to buy "The Intruder." And then she'll run it, and that'll keep her occupied, and she'll be happy, which means the baby will be happy.

Dusty: And Paul will be tremendously happy. When's the wedding?

Meg: Soon.

Lucy: I think I made myself clear, Paul.

Paul: But I don't understand the 180, because you already gave a message to Craig, right? So you're just waiting for an answer.

Lucy: I didn't take any of his calls. And I wonít.

Paul: Why not?

Lucy: I realized I shouldn't be in touch with my father at all. Even through a third party.

Paul: Dusty got to you, didn't he?

Lucy: He reminded me of things about my father I never should have forgotten. I'm sorry if it ruins your plans, but that's my decision. Excuse me.

Meg: I wish you the same kind of happiness that I found with Paul, whenever you're ready to find it.

Dusty: I wish you well. Where's Lucy?

Paul: I'm not sure. You ready to split?

Meg: Yeah, of course. See you, Dusty. So, did you make any headway with Lucy?

Paul: Nope, she's dug in. Dusty got to her.

Meg: I'm sorry.

Paul: It's okay. More than one way to get to Craig Montgomery.

Lucinda: Hi. Where's Lucy?

Dusty: She was just chatting with Paul Ryan, so who knows?

Lucinda: Is she all right?

Dusty: She's great.

Lucinda: You two -- you're a big hit with the Yamamotos.

Dusty: What can I say? We're good.

Lucinda: Yeah. You were very good. Very good. If this deal goes through, we can expect some repeat performances. Good.

Barbara: Lucy, don't you look lovely.

Lucy: Thank you.

Barbara: Lucinda and Kim have done a wonderful job in there, don't you think?

Lucy: Yes, yes, they have.

Barbara: I saw you here with Dusty. It's nice to see him out.

Lucy: Yes.

Barbara: I was wondering -- no, that's okay, never mind.

Lucy: What is it?

Barbara: Well, I don't mean to intrude, but since you're with him, I thought that maybe you could tell me if Dusty's having a good time.

Lucy: I suppose. I mean, since this is a business function, I --

Barbara: Yes, I know. It's always hard to tell. Dusty's so good at hiding his feelings.

Lucy: I guess.

Barbara: I'm just concerned, that's all.

Lucy: About Dusty? Why?

Barbara: Does the word "rebound" mean anything to you?

Henry: You didn't have anything stronger?

Emily: Oh, I could drop a couple of olives in if you want.

Henry: No, that's okay. I like my water straight. So, what brings you by? You need a laugh? A loan? Lamaze coach?

Emily: Well, I sort of thought you'd be having a hard time today.

Henry: Yeah, well, finding out my sister Eve is a serial killer, that's a bit of a bummer, I guess.

Emily: You know, Henry, I was thinking about all the times you've been there for me when I was down. I think about you dressed up like a clown, and you brought me a dog once.

Henry: A stolen dog.

Emily: Yeah, well -- I brought you this.

Henry: That's just silly, Emily. Thank you. Thank you, I could use silly today.

Emily: What else could you use, Henry? Come on, please talk to me. You look so sad.

Henry: I'm thinking about packing. You know, how manual labor and Mondays, they always bring me down.

Emily: Whoa, wait, you're leaving?

Henry: No. Wow, by your reaction, though, it seems like, almost, that you might miss me.

Emily: Almost. Okay, so what are you packing?

Henry: Oh, so much of this stuff belongs to Eve. It's got to be depressing for Maddie. I know it depresses the hell out of me.

Emily: Okay, so we'll get rid of it.

Henry: We? You're going to help me pack?

Emily: Absolutely not. Come on, I'm the pregnant lady. I'm going to supervise. You're going to pack. I mean, it's always easier when you have company, right?

Henry: Right, okay. Okay, so then can you put a leash on this guy, don't let him go on the carpet. And --

Emily: And no barking.

Henry: Yeah, no barking. Thanks, Em.

Margo: Hey, hi. I am so glad you guys are here. Casey's been asking for you, Maddie.

Gwen: We figured we'd all go in and say hi.

Tom: Actually, I think one visitor at a time is better for right now.

Maddie: Oh, well then I can just -- I'll come back later.

Will: No, you stay. We'll go down to the gift shop and get him a card or something.

Tom: You know, that sounds like a good idea. I'm going to see if I can find something to read.

Margo: Yeah.

Maddie: Maybe I should go with them.

Margo: No. You're still not ready to see Casey, huh? Maddie, I am really sorry about being so rough on you the past couple of weeks.

Maddie: It's okay, you were just doing your job. I should've talked to you when you gave me the chance. Does Casey really want to see me?

Margo: Yeah. More than anything.

Casey: Wow, you're here.

Lucy: You think Dusty's on the rebound with me.

Barbara: Well, perhaps "rebound" is too strong a word.

Lucy: Yeah, I think so, since we're not dating or anything. I was just helping out with this business function, because he asked me to.

Barbara: I see.

Lucy: You say "I see" like my grandmother does.

Barbara: How's that?

Lucy: Like there's something I'm not seeing. You want to tell me what I'm missing here, Barbara?

Barbara: All right. Do you want to know what I think the true cause of my daughter's death was?

Lucy: My incompetence?

Barbara: No. Blaming you was convenient, but not completely accurate. Jennifer died because she was in a hurry. She wanted to get home to take care of her son. She ignored her illness, she ignored your warnings, and never gave a thought to what losing her would mean to Dusty, or to me, or to Johnny. And do you know what I find most astonishing?

Lucy: What?

Barbara: How alike you and Jennifer are.

Lucy: I don't understand.

Barbara: You've always been in a hurry, too, haven't you, Lucy? Always on the fast track, rushing through college, rushing through med school.

Lucy: If you think I'm rushing Dusty into something, you don't know him very well. No one pushes Dusty where he doesn't want to go.

Barbara: Dusty just lost his wife. And of course he needs companionship and friendship, and love and laughter. And you're right there to give it to him.

Lucy: And you don't like it.

Barbara: I'm afraid of it. Because grief takes time. You have to give it its due. And if Dusty rushes into something with you -- well, the first time he kisses you, you make love, he tells you that he loves you, all of a sudden it will occur him that he's still grieving over Jennifer because he didn't give himself enough time. So don't do that to yourself, or to Dusty. Don't be in such a hurry.

Lucy: I'm not rushing into anything. And neither is Dusty.

Barbara: Good. Then maybe you're exactly what he needs -- a woman who will put his needs above her own.

Paul: Just approach Craig Montgomery with the offer. Yeah, Cass, I know it's a lot of money. That's the whole point. I'm going to make him an offer that he has trouble refusing. Okay, well, just call me when you get an answer. Thanks.

Meg: Wow -- you're welcome. You just won't take no for an answer.

Paul: That's true. But otherwise, I never would have gotten you to agree to marry me.

Meg: What if you don't get the paper?

Paul: Oh, I'll get the paper.

Meg: Maybe your mother was right.

Paul: Wait, hold on a second. Barbara Ryan is never right.

Meg: Look, if all you want to do is make sure that Emily has less stress, isn't there a better, cheaper way to go about it? I mean, what about a little antique shop in old town or something?

Paul: She wants the paper. Why are you fighting me on this all of the sudden?

Meg: I'm not fighting you on this. I thought I'd just -- you know what? While you're waiting for Cass to call you back, do you want to make some wedding plans?

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: What do you have in mind?

Meg: Well, we need to decide on a place and a date.

Paul: Okay, Las Vegas. In about three and a half hours.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Well, I was thinking more like the pond at the farm.

Paul: Okay, the pond. In about three and a half hours.

Meg: Well, that would be a little too quick to get it together, but the sooner, the better.

Paul: Well, I'm free tomorrow.

Meg: How about October? The leaves will be changing, it won't be so cold. I'll still have a few weeks to invite friends. I do have a big family. What's wrong?

Paul: The baby's due in October. And if I'm going to give this wedding my full attention -- which I very much want to do -- then with the baby on the way and, you know, this newspaper deal up in the air, how can I?

Meg: Okay, well, we can make it sooner, we could do that.

Paul: But then, you know, you don't get to make all the plans with your mom, and find the perfect dress, deal with your whole family. We both want all that, right?

Meg: That would be nice, but it's still --

Paul: How about next year?

Meg: Next year?

Paul: Yeah, it's only a few months away. We shoot for early spring, that way we can still do it at the pond. How's that?

Meg: Well, it seems so far away. You know, if you close this deal --

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: It's Cass. All right, keep your fingers crossed. All right counselor, give me the good news.

Henry: I prayed that this would all be over for her. That they would find the bad guy, and that she could just go back to having a normal, happy, teenage high school life.

Emily: Yeah, but she can't, because the bad guy was her big sister.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. You know, the funny part is that -- that Eve was supposed to be the normal one in the family.

Emily: Yeah, faking normal. But hey, look at me, I'm the queen of faking it. So don't you dare kick yourself for being fooled.

Henry: Maddie didn't hurt anybody, and she is stuck with all the blame and the guilt.

Emily: I know, but, hey, so are you.

Henry: I'm not a teenage girl! How is she supposed to deal with all of this? There is so much of it. The rape, and the killings -- her own sister tried to kill her. God! God, I love her, I love her so much, and I have no idea how to help her.

Emily: Come here.

Maddie: I'm so glad you're okay. So, why did you want to see me?

Casey: To tell you how sorry I am. How I could think for one minute that you were the killer -- I should have known better.

Maddie: Like I should have known it was my sister? It's okay.

Casey: So, are you going to dump me?

Maddie: What?

Casey: My mom told me that you might not want to see me again. I told her that I wasn't going to push you, but I can't just let you go. I love you, Maddie. And I want to be with you. So, if you're thinking about telling me that you never want to see me again, then --

Maddie: I wasnít.

Casey: Good. Then why are you being so quiet?

Maddie: If I tell you something, do you promise you'll just listen and not tell me that I'm wrong?

Casey: What is it?

Maddie: It's my fault all those kids died.

Casey: No, it's not. Okay, tell me why you think that.

Maddie: When Louis -- raped me, I just ran. I didn't tell anybody, I didn't even let myself think about it. I pretended that it didn't happen, but it did. And all that time, Eve was --

Casey: Going crazy?

Maddie: If I would have just told someone. Dallas, or your mom, or you, no one would have gotten hurt. It's my fault, Casey.

Lucinda: Thank you, Dear.

Lucy: Oh, I was happy to help.

Lucinda: Well, have fun on the rest of your non-date.

Dusty: So, ready?

Lucy: I'm going to have to cancel on you. I've got to get back to the hospital.

Dusty: I thought you had the rest of the day off?

Lucy: I thought I did, too, but I forgot that I promised one of the other doctors -- one of my friends -- that I'd cover for her.

Dusty: I'll give you a lift over there.

Lucy: I can get there by myself. Thanks. I had a really nice time.

Meg: Bad news?

Paul: Craig won't sell the paper.

Meg: Oh --

Paul: And if he were to sell, it would never be to me. And furthermore, I should stop using his daughter as a messenger.

Meg: Well, that's pretty final then, isn't it?

Paul: Looks like it.

Meg: Look, we'll think of something else, okay?

Paul: Yeah, or maybe I just won't take no for an answer.

Henry: I'm no father figure. She was raped, and -- I don't know what she needs now. Who does know what she needs now?

Emily: I think I may have an idea.

Henry: Yeah?

Emily: Yeah, here's what you do. You tell Maddie you love her every single time you think she needs to hear it. You listen to her when she talks, and you hug her when she cries, and you just be happy when she's happy. You know what, just do what you do for me.

Henry: Give her advice that she consistently ignores?

Emily: Oh, Henry, just be her best friend.

Casey: Help me figure something out. If you had told someone about the rape, then Eve never would have killed anybody, right?

Maddie: Right.

Casey: And if she had never offered to let you live with her and her rapist husband -- who she probably had a hint was seriously messed up -- then you never would have been raped, right?

Maddie: Casey --

Casey: Right?

Maddie: Right.

Casey: And if she had never met Louis, or never been born, or your parents never met.

Maddie: You're being illogical.

Casey: Then tear holes in my logic. No, explain to me how it wouldn't have changed anything if Eve were never born, but it would have changed everything if you had told someone about Louis raping you?

Maddie: I know what I feel doesn't make sense, but I still feel it.

Casey: So we'll figure it out. That's what you're good at. Even when you're all confused and hurt, you're still the smartest girl I know.

Maddie: Smartest girl or smartest person?

Casey: She's back. See, you'll talk to a counselor or something. Or read some books about recovering from stuff.

Maddie: And reading those books are going to make me feel better?

Casey: You can read them to me. And that'll make me feel better. Because I'll be with you. Bottom line? You're going to get through this. And I can help. If you'll let me.

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Casey: Face it, Mad, we're in this together.

[Emily gasps]

Emily: Oh, oh, the baby!

Paul: What's wrong?

Emily: Oh, God! Oh, God, don't go! Call somebody!

Bob: Well, then, would you mind telling me exactly why you're here now?

Dusty: I'd like to know the same thing.

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