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Waiter: She left just a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, she won't be able to join you.

Katie: Tsk. I was afraid you might say that.

Waiter: I've held the table if you'd like to stay for dinner.

Katie: Oh, no. I don't like to eat alone. Thank you so much, though.

Waiter: Sure. Excuse me.

Simon: Hey, you're welcome to join me... if you're all alone.

Katie: Oh, I'm not alone. I was, um, I was just probably gonna call Mike.

Simon: Well, maybe Mike made other plans, seeing how you were meeting-- who was it?

Katie: Kim. My boss.

Simon: Oh, you were probably just jumping at the chance to get out of the house, right?

Katie: Uh...No, I wasn't jumping at anything, it was a business mee--

Simon: I'm just teasing. Come on, please. Just sit down with me.

Katie: Carly won't mind?

Simon: Why should she?

Katie: She isn't meeting you here?

Simon: Uh, I don't know. Maybe later.

Katie: Oh, a night cap. That's nice and business-like. Will this be with clothes or without?

Simon: Who told you that? Can you please just sit down? You're making me nervous.

Katie: Why does it matter who told me?

Mike. Good old Mike. He's such an old gossip.

Katie: He's not a gossip. We tell each other everything.

Simon: Listen, I don't blame the guy. I mean, it must be tough for him. I mean, his wife's ex-husband comes into town. I mean, he knows how close we were.

Katie: Mike and I are closer than you and I ever were.

Simon: I don't think that's possible.

Katie: That's because you can't conceive what's it like to be so in sync with one other person, to want the same things...

Simon: Like a little cottage in the woods, a badly-positioned sun deck...What else is on the wish list these days?

Katie: A baby, actually. Mike and I are starting a family.

Carly: Hi.

Dallas: Hi.

Carly: Is Hal here?

Dallas: No, he's not. He's actually on assignment in Washington.

Carly: Still? When I spoke with him the other night, he thought that he might be back by now.

Dallas: Well, you know if the Feds are involved, you can usually count on plenty of delays, so...

Carly: (Laughs) Yeah, that's true. My hus-- My ex-husband, he was an FBI agent, so I understand about that.

Dallas: Well, is there anything I can help you with? I'm Officer Griffin.

Carly: Oh, right. You're Jessica's nephew.

Dallas: (Laughs) Yeah, Dallas Griffin. And you are?

Carly: Um, Carly Snyder.

Dallas: Jack's, uh, Jack's...

Carly: Jack's. Yeah. You know, I got a call regarding my sister, that she was hurt. Gwen Munson? Her husband called me from the hospital, but he couldn't give me any more details.

Dallas: Well, there was a situation up at Raven Lake. A serial killer attacked a bunch of kids. I mean, your sister's fine. She made it out, so...

Carly: Was this...You know, I've reading about some kids being killed here in Oakdale.

Dallas: Yeah, it's related.

Carly: So it's the same killer.

Dallas: That's the presumption.

Carly: And he's in custody?

Dallas: It's a woman, actually.

Carly: A woman?

Dallas: You probably don't know her, she's here from Chicago visiting family. Eve Browning.

Carly: Henry's sister.

Dallas: His older sister.

Carly: Is Jack here?

Dallas: No, he isnít.

Carly: Was he at Raven Lake? Does he know what's going on?

Dallas: He was actually the officer that made the arrest. The commissioner told him he could take some time off. He was -- it was a rough one.

Bartender: You good?

Jack: What do you think?

Bartender: It's just a question, Pal.

Emily: Here's to you and me.

Paul: Here's to you, Emily and to "The Intruder" -- excuse me one sec. Hi, Emma. Good to see you. Holden.

Emma: Hi.

Paul: Holden. You all look nice. What's the occasion? Someone's birthday?

Meg: We were gonna surprise you.

Paul: Well, you did. Thought I was gonna call you after my meeting.

Meg: Yeah, well Momma saw the ring --

Emma: Yes, yes, we heard the news, and we thought we'd come over and welcome you to into the family, but it looks like you're -- you're busy.

Doctor: Another inch and she would've nicked the femoral artery. You would've bled out.

Gwen: I was lucky. My husband saved my life.

Will: Doctor, is there any word on Casey Hughes? They sent him to another hospital.

Doctor: He's in surgery so it'll be awhile. Mrs. Munson, I'll see you tomorrow.

Gwen: Wait a minute, I have to stay overnight?

Will: Yeah, you want that to get infected?

Doctor: Exactly. See you tomorrow.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Look, I know you don't want to stay --

Gwen: No, it's probably better this way. I mean if they released me, where would I go?

Will: Well, you could come home with me.

Gwen: Will, I'm not really ready to go home with you yet.

Will: Well, no pressure. I just want you to feel safe.

Gwen: I know, but I don't --

Will: This is a bad wound, you know, and when you get out of here your gonna need a little help getting around. I just wish you'd let me do that for you.

Barbara: Well, it's about time. Where can I put these?

Will: Mom, you ever knock?

Barbara: You know what, I don't even know how you can stand him, Gwen. Sometimes he's such a grouch.

Will: Mom. Gwen and I -- there's nothing settled yet, so I don't want you to come in here and assume that --

Barbara: You're not back together? Gwen, he has saved your life twice. How many dragons does the poor boy have to slay?

Paul: I would love to celebrate. Let's do that. Would you get us a seat in the dining room, and I just have to finish up.

Emma: Finish up your "business meeting?" Listen Meg, I'll see you back at the farm.

Holden: I'll see Mama home.

Emma: Night, night.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: I'm so sorry.

Meg: Well, my mother was almost happy for me.

Paul: I know.

Meg: No, you donít. She was feeling so festive she wanted to make a big production out of welcoming you to our family.

Paul: And I made her think that youíre better off with anybody but me. You know, if you'd let me know your plans --

Meg: If you'd told me that your business meeting was with Emily --

Paul: Well, I can explain that --

Emily: Hey you guys, I'm sorry -- do you want to reschedule our meeting? I don't want to interrupt a family gathering. Was it someone's birthday?

Meg: Actually we were celebrating --

Paul: Yeah, cause how many months has it been, and we still haven't gone out with Emma? So we asked her to come and she agreed, which is huge because Emmaís very protective.

Emily: Oh, I know most mothers are.

Simon: A baby. Well, that's -- that's big. That's great news.

Katie: Yeah. Thank you. It is. Mike and I have been wanting to start a family for a quite some time. And we just thought this was the perfect time.

Simon: So, you're pregnant?

Katie: Well, I wouldn't be surprised. Considering, you know, all the -- opportunities, I guess you'd say?

Simon: All right. So, you're not pregnant?

Katie: I could be.

Simon: But you don't know yet?

Katie: No, not yet.

Simon: That's kind of awkward news to share with an ex-husband, don't you think?

Katie: Well, you're not just an ex-husband, you're living here now. You're making life for yourself. You're going to see me.

Simon: So, you thought you could just tell me that you and Mike were doing it north, south, east, west, sideways --

Katie: No, I never said that.

Simon: So, you implied it.

Katie: We're trying to have a baby. I mean, what else do you do? Mike and I are obviously --

Simon: Doing it very chance you get, 'cause youíre so desperate to hear the pitter-patter of little feet?

Katie: No, I'm not desperate to do anything.

Simon: Except convince me that you're so happy.

Katie: I am happy.

Simon: So, why are you trying so hard to make me jealous?

Katie: Why I would I try to make you jealous?

Simon: Because you still have feelings for me.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: You heard.

Carly: Yeah. Will called to tell me about Gwen --

Jack: She's going to be okay?

Carly: That's what he said, yeah.

Jack: Go on. Say it. I sure know how to pick 'em. Hmm?

Carly: Not your fault. And that's not why I'm here. Hey. One for me please, and another for my friend.

Jack: So why are you here?

Carly: Well Jack, because I know you. And, I know that you are beating yourself up right now because you didn't see some kind of a sign. The fact is, nobody saw any signs. Not her family, not her husband -- nobody. She's a psychopath, Jack. Their tough to spot. You know, we've had some experience with the type. It's hard to spot them, especially when they're just showing their sweet side all the time. So stop blaming yourself. You didn't do anything wrong.

Jack: I just didn't see it. You know, she'd tell me that she was afraid of her husband. That she'd catch him prowling in the middle of the night going on these internet sites with the young girls and I fell for it.

Carly: Well, because that was probably true. Did you just tell me that her husband assaulted Maddie? Clearly, he is not innocent.

Jack: But he isn't a murderer. Or he wasn't, because he's dead. Along with Nate and Lia, the Thompson boy -- Alex Hoffman.

Carly: His sister used to baby-sit for Parker.

Jack: The Samuelson girl, what's her name, Geneva, I think. And a couple other kids, I don't know their last names. I just hope they don't turn up any more bodies in the next couple weeks.

Carly: I was on the phone with the hospital on the way here, and they said that Gwen is going to spend the night for observation. And apparently, Caseyís in surgery in some hospital closer to Raven Lake.

Jack: Yeah, they didn't have enough time to get him to Memorial. He lost too much blood. He could die.

Carly: I heard you made the arrest.

Jack: For all the good it did.

Carly: You stopped her. That is not nothing.

Jack: What you said before, about us both having been around the block with a psycho?

Carly: Yeah, I was talking about Julia.

Jack: Yeah, of course, I know. It's just that, you'd think I'd learn something.

Carly: Jack, this wasn't even your case. Margo and Dallas Griffin were supposed to be handling this.

Jack: That's not the point! The point is I spent time with the woman. We had drinks together. Carly, I was even thinking of --

Carly: Asking her out?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Well, that doesn't make you a bad cop, Jack. That just means you're single.

Katie: I'm sorry Simon, but I don't have feelings for you anymore. And you just keep twisting things around like you always do. I mean it's obvious that you're the one that still has feelings for me.

Simon: Sure I do. Hey, yeah. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Katie: Well, you're not married.

Simon: So, if you weren't married, you'd be willing to admit that you still --

Katie: No, no, no donít. Don't go there. I did not say that.

Simon: Why? Why do you feel so guilty about it, huh? It's not unusual, you know. People jump into rebound marriages all the time once they've lost the love of their life.

Katie: Mike is the love of my life.

Simon: You only get to use that phrase once every lifetime, Katie, and we used it on each other.

Katie: He's there for me. He comes home every night and I'm thrilled to see him walk through that door. I never had that comfort with you, Simon. Mike and I have the kind of marriage that I dreamed about having with you.

Simon: So, you wanted that kind of life with me?

Katie: You could never give it to me.

Simon: If circumstances were different --

Katie: But they werenít.

Simon: Well, I'm happy for you. You know what, I really am. You finally got the life you wanted.

Katie: Thank you.

Simon: You know, I just -- I'm just wondering that -- never mind. Don't worry.

Katie: What? You know I hate it when you do that.

Simon: I know everything about you, Katie. And you know everything about me. But, you know what, you're married now, to a decent, reliable, honest guy. And I've changed too. You know what, I've got a whole new life. And we're both happy.

Katie: Okay.

Simon: Watch what you say. Hubby, at nine o'clock. Listen, Mike, take a seat. Katie was kind enough to share a drink with me, but now I've gotta run. And listen, congratulations. You and Katie and the little one have a very bright future ahead of you.

Mike: The little one?

Katie: You know Simon. How are you?

Mike: What happened to Kim?

Katie: Oh, she had to cancel.

Mike: So you thought you'd sit down and tell Simon that we were trying to have a baby?

[Door slams]

Holden: Mama, are you sure you want to go out to the barn dressed like that?

Emma: The animals don't mind what I wear. I'm gonna check on that little lamb. It got into the herb garden. She ate herself sick.

Holden: Guess she won't do that again.

Emma: You watch. I tell you, once they get a taste of it, there's no stopping them. Does that sound familiar?

Holden: Mama --

Emma: Listen, there's no need you and I getting into a fuss over this. This is your sister's problem.

Holden: Okay.

Emma: Okay. You know, that Paul Ryan is going hurt her as sure as I'm standing here!

Holden: You may be right. But it's also could be a reasonable explanation here -- Emilyís having Paul's child. They're going to be parents together, and they're going to be connected from here on out.

Emma: You'd think she realize the impact of all that. But she only sees what she wants to see. A grown woman -- and she doesn't even have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Excuse me.

Emily: I gotta tell you it's a huge relief that you're buying the paper.

Paul: Let's hope.

Emily: Yeah, let's hope. So I'll talk to you soon?

Paul: Yeah, as soon as Craig agrees to the sale I'll let you know.

Emily: Okay, thanks.

Paul: No problem.

Meg: Okay, so you were talking to Emily about "The Intruder --"

Paul: I bought her a glass of apple cider. You know, to celebrate --

Meg: And you didn't think it was a big deal so you didn't tell me -- fine. But why would you lie to her about why my family was here?

Paul: Oh, no, no, no. I made it very clear that you and I were together, and we were celebrating with your family --

Meg: Paul, you hid my hand. You hid the ring. You obviously didn't want her to know that we're engaged. And you know what? That's not okay with me.

Will: Mom, now is really not the time --

Barbara: Then when, Honey?

Gwen: Can I talk to your mom alone for a minute?

Will: Yeah, I'll be right outside.

Gwen: Barbara, I understand why --

Barbara: Now you listen to me, little girl. It took me a long time to accept you -- but I did. I opened my heart to you. And believe me, that's not something I do very often. So don't press your luck.

Bob: That was a terrible thing you kids went through --

Will: Yeah, I'm really worried how it's gonna affect Gwen. She was having a tough time as it was and to be attacked like that -- now, Mom's got her cornered.

Bob: Oh, really?

Will: And you know Mom. She doesn't take "no" for an answer. Gwen's in no shape to be pushed.

Barbara: When you were first attacked, I begged you to take Will back. But you said you weren't ready.

Gwen: Because you found him at the Wagon Wheel Motel with Jade.

Barbara: Don't tell me Jade is still in the picture?

Gwen: Well, she was up at Raven Lake. He said he didn't know that she was going to be there, and I want to believe him but he's lied about her before. And I try not to think about it, but I can't help it. Because he slept with her. How am I supposed to just forget that?

Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Gwen: I'm so glad you stayed.

Will: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Mike: Well, maybe youíre jealous of somebody else. Like Carly.

Simon: You're starting to have doubts about this whole divorce thing aren't you?

Barbara: I don't mean to sound insensitive here, but I know it's going to be very difficult when you run into Jade. But life is full of predatory females and naive men. And Will is naive. There's no question about that. But he's also loving, and sweet and kind and intelligent --

Gwen: I know who he is. And I want things to work out. But I'm just not there yet. So it would mean a whole lot to me if you could just give us some time.

Barbara: I will give you all the time in the world. Just let him know that you're willing -- it'll make all the difference. He's just so sad.

Bob: Well, how you feeling, Gwen?

Gwen: I'm okay, how are you?

Barbara: Can we possibly get her moved into a suite?

Gwen: That is so unnecessary --

Bob: No, I think what Gwen needs right now is some privacy. Dr. Cohen has ordered a sedative and we want her to get some rest.

Barbara: Okay -- that's fine. You rest up, alright? I'll come see you soon. And remember what I said. You take care of your wife alright.

Bob: I'll walk you out.

Will: So did you get a word in?

Gwen: It was okay. But I'm glad that you came back.

Will: Any time.

Gwen: You know I'm really tired and I'm probably just gonna go to sleep -- you know, so maybe you should go -- you know, just go home.

Paul: You're right, okay. I didn't want to tell Emily that you and I are engaged, not yet because her blood pressure is such an issue with this preeclampsia.

Meg: Oh, and you don't think her blood pressure will explode when she finds out you were lying to her?

Paul: I wasn't lying to her. I made it very clear to her that you and I are a couple. I made it very clear to her that your family knows that you and I are a couple, right. I'm not going to rub salt in the wound, okay -- - and not for Emily even -- it's for the baby. Why do you think I'm buying this newspaper that I don't even want? Why do you think that I'm having a business dealing with my least favorite person on the earth? I just need Emily to settle down so that she's not an issue in our life --

Meg: Emily will always be an issue --

Paul: No, once she has this baby but and she goes back to work full time, everything will calm down. And you and I can go back to business of being insanely happy. But it's just a few weeks -- why rock the boat.

Susan: I am so proud of you.

Emily: Why?

Susan: You're taking care of yourself. And youíre avoiding stress -- avoiding Paul --

Emily: Actually, I just saw him. And as you can see, I wasn't bothered by it at all.

Susan: Was it about the baby?

Emily: No, it was about the Intruder -- he's buying it.

Susan: What?

Emily: Well he thought that, you know, dealing with Craig would increase my stress. So he decided to buy the paper.

Susan: Youíre gonna have to answer to Paul now?

Emily: No, Mother -- once I have the baby and I'm back to work full time he's gonna unload it. Come on, I'm gonna have some job security.

Susan: And what is he gonna get out of all this?

Emily: A healthy baby. Its win-win Mom, you'll see.

Mike: You're not even pregnant yet --

Katie: You don't know that.

Mike: So you thought you'd tell Simon before you told me?

Katie: No -- I just mentioned to him that we were thinking about starting a family. And then he did what he always does -- he made a big deal out of it.

Mike: Well, it's a pretty big deal.

Katie: To him. Not to us -- we're married -- it's a normal progression.

Mike: Okay, well I'm just wondering why you decided to confide in your ex husband.

Katie: Honey, I did not confide in him --

Mike: Okay, well then what was it? Were you trying to make him jealous?

Katie: No --

Mike: It seems like ever since I told you that I walked in on him with Carly --

Katie: Whoa, whoa wait a minute -- you said that you just saw them together -- I mean she was there and he was --

Mike: Naked.

Katie: But you walked in on them, or -- which one is it?

Mike: Why don't you just ask him -- you probably already have so --

Katie: No, I havenít.

Mike: I don't know maybe that's what's going on here.

Katie: Honey, I told you. Kim was supposed to meet me here for dinner --

Mike: I know, I know, and she cancelled so you sat down with Simon to tell him we were having a lot of sex.

Katie: Oh my -- I did not say that -- those words never came out of my mouth --

Mike: Sweetheart, there's only so many ways you can have a baby --

Katie: What is it with you men -- I'm talking about having a child and all you can think about is sex.

Mike: Okay, so you didn't talk about sex then --

Katie: No!

Mike: Alright, so if you're not trying to make Simon jealous --

Katie: Honey, Simon is already jealous -- and why not. He's never gonna be the man that you are and he's never gonna have the marriage that we have.

Mike: So maybe you're jealous of somebody else -- like Carly?

Carly: Jack, you didn't rush into things with Eve. You had a couple of drinks -- you had some conversations and you were thinking about maybe taking things further, but you were giving things a chance to develop before you did anything. Think about it -- if it were me I probably would've just jumped right in.

Jack: No, no you wouldnít.

Carly: Oh, come on Jack -- how many times have you complained about me not stopping to think?

Jack: Not about something like this.

Carly: You don't know that.

Jack: Should we even be having this conversation?

Carly: Probably not but it's good, I think. I think it's good. I mean it's not easy -- I'm still very sensitive about the subject. But you know, we have the children. And we are going to have to deal with each other for a very long time. Over the years there are bound to be new people in our lives.

Jack: So are you seeing someone?

Carly: Sage isn't even in school yet. So over the years, there are bound to be new people in our lives --

Jack: So are you seeing someone?

Carly: No. Are you?

Jack: Not now.

Carly: I think that's a good thing.

Simon: Listen, I'm sorry to interrupt but your babysitter told me you were here.

Carly: Is everything alright? Something wrong?

Simon: Yeah, we've got a major problem with the features in the lobby, we may have to re-think the whole design.

Carly: You've got to be kidding me!

Simon: I wish I were. Jack, sorry my friend, do you mind if I steal her away for a moment?

Jack: No, no, don't let me keep you. Listen, Jessica called she said the divorce paper work should be ready any day now -- so all we have to do is sign the final agreement.

Carly: Right.

Jack: I'll let you know. Simon.

Simon: Jack. Oh I'm sorry about that, you okay? I think I know that look. You're starting to have doubts about this whole divorce thing, aren't you?

Holden: I'll be there soon, bye Luke. I just talked to Luke. He told me what happened at Raven Lake. That woman? Eve Browning? She went berserk.

Jack: I know.

Holden: Luke was there.

Jack: So was I.

Holden: Oh, that's right, I forgot you knew her.

Jack: Yeah.

Holden: So you were there?

Jack: Yeah, I'm sorry I should have called you but once I found out that Luke was okay --

Holden: No, that's okay. Yeah, I understand. I guess that wasn't so easy.

Jack: No -- no, it wasnít. And this day just keeps on giving. My divorce. Nothing to stop it from happening now.

Carly: It doesn't even matter what I feel about the divorce. It wasn't my idea.

Simon: And Jack's pretty committed to ending things. Well that's I heard of your -- lawyer thing and all that.

Carly: That only came up because you arrived.

Simon: I'm sorry. And if I hadn't arrived?

Carly: We were having a nice conversation. For the first time in a long time.

Simon: About?

Carly: Dating --

Simon: Dating -- oh, he's dating?

Carly: No. But he will.

Simon: And so will you.

Carly: I don't know -- I have the kids with me.

Simon: Oh come on, you have three great kids. A lot of men love that.

[Carly laughing]

Carly: Oh yes and they're flocking to single mothers. Not to mention the fact that I'm still married and at the rate things are going -- it'll take forever.

Simon: Doesn't have to.

Carly: Well the papers that Jack's talking about is just the beginning. You know there's quite a lengthy waiting period after that.

Simon: Not if you go to Santo Domingo.

Carly: What's in Santo Domingo?

Simon: Oh I don't know -- I could fly you down there, you could get a quickly divorce in a day or two. No more waiting.

[Gwen dreaming]

Slasher nurse: It's time for your tetanus shot, Mrs. Munson. Don't worry this won't hurt a bit.

[Gwen screaming]

Will: Its okay -- it's okay -- it's just a dream. It's just a dream. I'm right here --

Gwen: Don't let her get me please --

Will: She's not going to get you. She's not going to get you. You just had a bad dream. I'm not going to let her get you.

Gwen: It was a dream?

Will: It was a dream. This is real.

Gwen: I'm so glad you stayed.

Will: I'm not going anywhere.

Paul: Emily's crazy.

Meg: You think?

Paul: And completely driven. You should have seen her trying to wade through the books at the intruder. The numbers were a mess. I took a look at them. There was no way she was going to make sense of them. She just doesn't have the background. But she didn't let that stop her. She would have stayed up all night if I hadn't showed up.

Meg: Funny how that worked out.

Paul: She didn't know I was going to stop by. [Meg lightly laughing] No look, even if she did okay, if she has some kind of unnatural fixation with me -- that's all the more reason to not share our plans. To keep them quiet.

Meg: Quiet or hidden.

Paul: What do you want me to do? The last time I upset her, she shot me. And she tried to kill herself. I can't take that risk anymore.

Meg: Neither can I. My name's Gavin.

Paul: I love you. I just don't want to jeopardize my child's future --

Meg: I know that --

Paul: If you do know that can you put my ring back on please?

Meg: Paul, I'm a nurse. I know how dangerous preeclampsia is to the mother and the child. And I've read Emilyís chart, her full chart, including the reports from the psych ward. She's -- still not a well woman. Despite the findings of the court. And I can't in good conscience do anything to endanger your child --

Paul: Our child.

Meg: I'll probably feel that when I finally hold him, or her. But for now, while we're waiting, I'm taking this ring off. That doesn't mean we're not engaged, weíre still engaged -- so don't go getting any ideas. We'll just keep it under our hats. Till the baby's born.

Paul: You know what?

Meg: What?

Paul: I know that there's no way Emily can stop us.

Meg: That's what I keep trying to tell you.

Emily: Daddy's buying us the paper because he wants to take care of us. That's the first step. We'll be working together. And in time? Your daddy will realize where he belongs. With his family.

Paul: I can't wait to put that ring back on your finger.

Meg: But until then, it'll be right here, close to my heart.

Gwen: I'm afraid to close my eyes. I just keep seeing her body --

Will: I was thinking while you were asleep. Maybe we should put together a memorial service. You know, invite the entire community. Give people a chance to talk about what happened. They could read something, or sing a song, whatever. Because that's what it takes to make sense when something really bad happens -- you've got to deal with it head on before it can go away.

Gwen: Yeah, you do.

Will: And then maybe -- we can all start over. What do you say?

Gwen: It's a good idea.

Katie: Simon and I were together for a long time, or we were trying to be together. Mostly we were apart. Whatever, the point is -- he always used to tease me. It's just an old habit, it doesn't mean anything --

Mike: What was he teasing you about?

Katie: You. And me being married again. While he's single. So okay I told him we were starting a family, I just wanted to shut him up. Honey, the truth is, Simonís just a guy I used to know. You are my life. He's just --

Mike: It was a different kind of life with him.

Katie: It was terrible. Well, it wasn't terrible, I was just a kid. I'm grown up now and I'm married and I want a family. But I understand why you're upset. I reacted when you told me about Carly. Of course I reacted, that's normal. But it doesn't mean anything. I don't care what he does with Carly. All I care about is you and us and starting a family.

Mike: I hope so. Because all I want is you.

Katie: Good, cause that's all I want, too. That is all I want.

Jack: I saw Carly tonight. She was with Simon Frasier.

Holden: They're working together.

Jack: That, too. I kind of stuck it to her about the divorce.

Holden: How'd she take it?

Jack: Donít know, didn't stick around to find out. She came by to talk to me. She heard about what happened at Raven Lake.

Holden: How'd that go?

Jack: It was nice -- it was nice of her.

Holden: Are you sure you want to do this, Jack? End the marriage?

Jack: I am not sure of anything, anymore.

Simon: All right let's fly down to Santo Domingo and you have to retain your services as a couple of times. I could call him up and get the process started.

Carly: Oh, I don't know.

Simon: Come on you said it yourself. Jack's determined to go through with this, why draw it out.

Carly: Well I'd have to call him.

Simon: Call him from the hotel. Carly he walked out on this marriage, this is your chance to take some power back. Why leave yourself emotionally raw when this thing could drag out for months and months.

Carly: You're right about that. All right -- all right, I'll do it. I will go to Santo Domingo.

Simon: Santo Domingo and fly home a free woman.

Next week on, "As the World Turns"

Gwen: I still want to be together.

Will: I love you.

Gwen: I love you too.

Casey: We're going to get through this. And I can help if you let me.

Lucy: Dusty Donovan are you asking me out on a date?

Carly: If I didn't know better, I would say you're trying to get me in the sack.

Simon: You're right.

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