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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/31/06

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Maddie: Casey! Casey, where are you? Casey! [Maddie screaming] Casey, oh, my God, no! Casey, Casey, you have to wake up. Casey, wake up. You can't do this, Casey. Come on, please. Please, come on. Wake up. We have to get out of here, Casey.

Margo: All right, great. Well, thanks, Jack. Just keep me posted.

Tom: I just had the wildest vision of you.

Margo: Oh, yeah? Did it involve a kitchen table?

Tom: No, actually, you were downstairs. You were raiding the pantry, because you remembered I was up in bed starving and you were going to feed me.

Margo: I'm sorry. I know I promised you second helpings.

Tom: Yeah, there were cheese and crackers involved. I know you promised a cold beer.

Margo: Well, I will be your serving wench. Don't you ever tell anybody I ever said that -- ever!

Tom: So -- no news on the Louis Browning escape?

Margo: No, he's still on the run, that -- oh, yes --

Tom: You know what? Look, Maddie got away from there safely with her sister, okay?

Margo: You know, I -- yeah, I put out an all points bulletin -- thank you -- to Chicago PD, but I was thinking, maybe just to be safe, that I would contact the sheriff up at Raven Lake. You know, where the kids are spending the weekend?

Tom: That's what you were thinking? You're kidding, right?

Margo: Yeah, in my half-kidding-semi-not kind of way that you know so well -- that you love.

Tom: Is the afterglow making you irrational.

Margo: I'm trying so hard to be rational, I am. I really am. And I'm trying to think of it as just another time that a boy walks out the door with the car keys and the "don't wait up" look in his eye, but this is different. This Raven Lake thing is -- so Raven-y.

Margo: It's a party! Just like they used to have parties when we were kids. You don't remember the ones we went to? There was swimming and food, and dancing and campfires, then the ghost stories that were designed to push the girl right next to you right into your arms. There was a lot of beer drinking and making out.

Margo: This is not making me feel better.

Tom: They're gonna be okay.

Margo: It's just that that monster is out there. If Casey hadn't already been hurt once, I'd be okay.

Tom: Casey is as safe at Raven Lake as he is anywhere. Now, after the summer he's had, he deserves some time to chill out and be away from the parents.

Margo: You think?

Tom: Yeah, I do. He's trying to squeeze the last bit of fun he can out of summer. He deserves it, so let him enjoy it. And you, too.

Margo: Yeah.

Tom: All right?

Margo: Yeah.

Maddie: No, casey! Casey, no, you can't be! Casey, Casey! Come on, Casey.

[Maddie screaming]

Gwen: Oh, no!

[Gwen crying]

Barbara: Hello.

Dusty: Have a seat.

Barbara: Thank you.

Dusty: How's business in Philly?

Barbara: It was good. How's my grandson?

Dusty: Excellent.

Barbara: I missed him. I brought presents.

Dusty: You haven't even been gone a day.

Barbara: I don't care, I brought presents. They're upstairs. I plopped my bag -- I need to go find Will.

Dusty: Why, what's going on?

Barbara: Will and Gwen are separated. All Will's doing. I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to speed, but I felt you had enough going on.

Dusty: That's okay.

Barbara: I just feel terrible. Gwen's been the best thing that's ever happened to Will. If they don't make it -- but on a more positive note -- Johnny’s okay?

Dusty: Great. As long as your other son stays away from Lucy Montgomery.

Barbara: What has Paul done now?

Dusty: You don't want to know.

Lucinda: It's a white flag. It's a truce, it's not a surrender.

Lucy: All right. Hello, Grandmother. Are we fighting?

Lucinda: Well, Darling, you know, one of my worst offenses, in my opinion, is that sometimes I'm too aggressive. Now that candlelit dinner for you and Dusty --

Lucy: Your problem, watching too many TV classics.

Lucinda: Maybe you're right. So, I'm here. If you want to chastise me again, I can take it.

Lucy: As a matter of fact, there is something that I wanted to say about that night. Thank you.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Oh –

Doctor: How long was he under the water?

Luke: I don't know. A minute? Not long. Is he going to be okay?

Doctor: You gave him --

Luke: Kevin. His name is Kevin.

Doctor: You gave Kevin CPR?

Luke: Yeah, we took this class last year. He woke up, coughed up some water, tried to talk and then passed out again. I was nervous that he had a concussion. He got hit pretty hard in the head with a paddle.

Liv: Kevin took my bikini top, and I didn't want to sit in the middle of the lake, giving the whole world a free show. I was just trying to get my top back. But Kevin’s head hit the oar. He's gonna be okay, isn't he? Please --

Doctor: I think this young lady could use a warming blanket and a cup of hot tea.

Luke: You didn't answer her question. Is Kevin gonna make it?

Doctor: If he does, he owes you his life.

Gwen: Who did this to you? The Slasher. He's here, he's following -- [Gwen gasps] Will!

Will: Gwen, what happened?

Gwen: I don't know. I don't know. Thank God you're here.

Maddie: Please! Please, this has to stop! Please, God, make it stop. Please -- please --

Gwen: Oh, God, please, not again.

Will: Is she dead? You sure?

Gwen: This psycho is following us, he wants us dead.

Will: It's okay, it's okay, I've got you. No one's gonna hurt you, okay?

Gwen: I don't -- I don't understand. I saw her down by the lake earlier. She said some guy was, like, staring at her, so I gave her my sweatshirt.

Will: Gwen, do you think that --

Gwen: What?

Will: Well, if she's -- if she's wearing your sweatshirt, then maybe the Slasher thought that --

Gwen: That it was me?

Will: Let's get the hell out of here.

[Maddie screaming]

Maddie: Somebody help me! Please!

Will: Hey, guys, listen, listen!

Tad: Hey, do you guys see what I see?

Gil: Looks like a couple of heavy breathers.

Tad: Call of the wild. Hey, Will, you and Gwen howling, we could hear you all the way --

Gwen: Shut up!

Will: Look, something happened, okay?

Ada: Yeah, right. The on again-off again couple is on again.

Will: Shut the hell up!

Tad: Hey, I don't see the marshmallow goddess. Where's Geneva?

Gwen: She's dead!

Will: Guys, we found her, okay? She's been stabbed to death.

Ada: This is so not funny.

Gwen: Do we look like we're joking?

Gil: You better be. My dad's gonna kill me.

Will: Guys, she's dead, just like Lia and Nate!

Ada: Are you saying it's the Slasher?

Will: Yes, it has to be.

Tad: Well, what are we supposed to do?

Ada: We're gonna get the hell out of here. I don't want some psycho coming after me with a knife. I want to go home.

Groupie: Me, too.

Will: Okay, definitely, but we're all gonna stay together. We're gonna get out of here safe. Before somebody else becomes a target, all right? There's a bus, right, where everyone can fit?

Gil: Right, it's down the road a mile. I gave the keys to you for the life jackets.

Tad: Oh, I don't know where they are.

Ada: Do you want us all to die.

Groupie: Wait, hold on, Casey Hughes drove here in his own car.

Gil: How many of us will fit?

Tad: Not everyone here.

Will: Nobody's getting left behind. Who's the last person who saw Casey? [Footsteps] Okay, everyone, be really quiet and just stay together.

Gwen: Will, I'm scared.

Will: Okay. I love you. Do you believe that? Then you've got to believe that everything's going to be okay. We're all going to be okay. We can hear you! Come out before we come in after you.

Gwen: Maddie?

Tom: All right. Upstairs, serving wench.

Margo: You're gonna have to carry me for that.

Tom: You know what, it doesn't have to be upstairs. I'm sure that somebody mentioned something about -- was it the kitchen table?

[Margo laughs]

Margo: That'd be real dreamy. Until one of us rolls of and breaks something. And one of my uniforms has to answer the 911.

Tom: Well, don't forget, Casey is gonna be going off to college, and we're gonna have the house all to ourselves to do whatever we want.

Margo: What about our other son, Daniel?

Tom: What about him? He's busy with band practice, scouting, all that kind of stuff.

Margo: Spice sounds nice. But I kind of like things the way they are.

Tom: Is somebody having an early attack of ENS? Empty nest syndrome. I know the signs.

Margo: Do you? What are the signs, Counselor?

Tom: The sighs when Casey decides to give up his comic book collection. Or muffled sobs when he doesn't show up for your famous tuna casserole.

Margo: Well, you never showed up, either. And don't use my bad cooking as an excuse. Oh, Baby, it just feels so weird, missing my son, and he's not even gone yet.

[Door bell rings]

Tom: That would be company.

Margo: Who's that?

Tom: It's Kim.

Margo: Oh, God. Honey, I'm naked here. Answer the door and turn off those bedroom eyes.

Tom: Hi.

Kim: Hello.

Tom: Come on in.

Kim: Oh, Boy, you're both home. I'm so glad, because I have a belated graduation/early going back to college gift for Casey from Bob and me. A teeny, tiny suitcase. No, just kidding. It's a laptop.

Margo: Wow, that's great! That's perfect, Kim.

Tom: Casey's been wanting one of those for ages. It's how they take notes in class, stay in touch with their professors.

Kim: Oh, I'm so glad. You know, we covered a software convention at WOAK this summer. This baby has every bell and whistle anybody's ever thought of. It's all set up so he gets unlimited wi-fi anyplace, anytime, wherever he ever wants. If he's here, call him down and I'll show you.

Margo: Uh, Casey’s not here now.

Kim: Ah. Oh. You know, it did cross my mind that it is just a bit early for bed.

Margo: Yeah, Tom and I, we've put in a couple of tough weeks.

Tom: Yeah, just decided we're gonna, you know, hunker down here for awhile.

Margo: Yeah, catch up on our sleep.

Kim: Oh, good, good. Well, before I run blushing from the room, I do have a serious question I want to ask you. We've been covering the Slasher story around the clock at the studio. I just wondered, have you had any kind of a breakthrough?

Margo: No.

Kim: I'm really sorry. That's really scary stuff, isn't it? Okay, toots, I'll let you get back to your hunkering.

Tom: Thanks.

Kim: So, where is our college-bound boy anyway?

Tom: He took a drive up to Raven Lake. Just a little fun in the sun with his friends.

Kim: Somehow, I don't think you should count on that.

Will: Maddie, what are you doing out here?

Ada: What do you think? She's hacking people up, just like she did back in Oakdale.

Maddie: No, that wasn't me. It wasn't me. Please, have to believe me.

Gil: Look. Look at her hands.

Gwen: It's blood.

Luke: So, I drag you out of the lake, you wake up, you see me, and you pass out again. I guess I'm the last person you wanted anywhere near you. But Kevin, I couldn't stand by and watch you drown. No matter how much you hate me for being gay, I would -- I would never let you die.

Kevin: What's going on?

Luke: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You have got to leave that in until the doc says it's okay.

Kevin: The doc? Where the hell am I?

Luke: How much do you remember?

Kevin: Man, I really need a beer.

Luke: Somehow, I doubt that's your parents' prescription plan.

Kevin: So what went down?

Luke: You did. You were in the water and Liv accidentally hit you in the head with a paddle, and you went under. You could've drowned.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Liv.

Doctor: Kevin, good to see you're awake. You must have a monster hangover.

Kevin: Who said I was drinking?

Doctor: Your breath was a giveaway. And the tox scan confirmed you had way too much alcohol in your system. Stick to water.

Kevin: You don't have to tell my parents, do you?

Doctor: Forget the parents. I'm talking to you. Do you have any idea how close you came to dying?

Luke: Yeah, but you're going to be okay now.

Kevin: Yeah, and it wasn't thanks to Liv. She can't swim. It was you, Luke. You're the one who saved me.

Lucinda: It's just, in my long life, I've noticed that some things just need a little push. A nudge.

Lucy: What if Dusty and I don't want to be nudged?

Lucinda: Well, then you stand your ground. You cancel the candlelit supper and the delicacies and you grab a cheeseburger at the diner. Whatever works.

Lucy: Well, we kind of ran into each other already. Here.

Lucinda: Egad. And did the sparks fly?

Lucy: We had coffee and some laughs. Actually, at your expense.

Lucinda: It's all right, I don't mind, so long as it achieved a thaw.

Lucy: Yeah, that's actually why I wanted to thank you. You setting us up, or us talking about it, really broke the ice.

Lucinda: Hey, I'm an icebreaker. I'm a matchmaker. It's just that I work on a time delay.

Lucy: Yeah.

Lucinda: So all's well that ends well? No foul, no harm.

Lucy: Yeah, just don't expect too much.

Lucinda: From you and Dusty?

Lucy: We had coffee and a few laughs, and that's all. Then we went our separate ways. I didn't see him again until today.

Lucinda: And what?

Lucy: We didn't run slo-mo into each other's arms. I was talking to Paul Ryan here and, for obvious reasons, Dusty got concerned and then he got involved. [Lucinda laughs] Okay, what's with the knowing smile, laugh --

Lucinda: --Smirk?

Lucy: Smirk, yes.

Lucinda: Come on, honey. I mean, first, you have a near-death experience, then the ghastly candlelit dinner, and now he's riding high on his white horse, saving you from Paul Ryan’s evil eye. What more evidence do you need that Dusty's interest in you has been rekindled?

Lucy: He -- he called me Princess. I don't know if he meant to, it just sort of slipped out.

Lucinda: Oh, well now, Darling, if he called you Princess, you just get on the phone right now, invite him to your version of the candlelits. And why not do it tonight?

Lucy: I can’t. Getting together with Dusty now is the worst thing I could do, and you should know that.

Dusty: Paul's asking Lucy to reconnect with her father so he can close a business deal.

Barbara: What does any of that have to do with Johnny?

Dusty: Paul wants to buy Craig’s newspaper. If he makes a deal, Craig’s an issue again. For all of us.

Barbara: You think he'd want to be involved in Johnny’s life?

Dusty: Your son opened the door wide open. That's what I'm saying. After putting Jen through hell -- after making her think her baby was dead -- all in the name of keeping Montgomery away.

Barbara: Paul made some very unfortunate choices. He knows that.

Dusty: Jen's been dead a while now, so Paul's moved on. He's using Lucy to welcome Montgomery back into our lives.

Barbara: Dusty, when it comes to protecting Johnny, it's not Paul we have to worry about. It's Lucy Montgomery.

Ada: There's blood all over her. I'm going to be sick.

Will: Maddie, where did the blood come from?

Maddie: All I wanted to do was to talk to him. I just needed to get him to understand. It wasn't supposed to happen. Casey wasn't --

Will: Maddie, what about Casey?

Maddie: He's dead. And it's my fault.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: Lucy's not to blame for Jen's death.

Barbara: You certainly have changed your tune.

Lucy: I’m falling in love.

Lucinda: Princess. Princess. Fortune cookie say, "don't postpone joy. You never know when it will be taken from you."

Tom: Something tells me that at the end of the summer party, the last thing that he needs is his mommy checking in on him.

Margo: All right. He wasn't answering anyway. He must have his ringer off.

Tom: Maybe he's just having too much fun to hear it.

Gwen: Will? Will, hey, what's wrong? Hey!

Gwen: Maddie --

Maddie: I made this happen.

Gwen: What are you talking about? Where's Casey?

Maddie: I made it happen.

Gwen: What did you do?

Tad: Why are we wasting time? She basically just admitted she killed the guy. What are we sticking here for?

Ada: You lost the keys to the bus.

Gwen: Maddie, can you hear me?

Groupie: Why are you even trying to talk to her? She's the Slasher! She killed Lia and Nate.

Gwen: Maddie, what about Casey?

Will: Maddie, come on, you gotta talk to us. Where's Casey?

Maddie: He wanted to help and -- now he's dead. It's because of me.

Tad: We've got to stop her.

Gil: How?

Tad: I don't know, tie her up. You got rope in the bus?

Gil: Just jumper cables.

Tad: That'll do.

Ada: I want to know. Did she kill Geneva, too?

Maddie: I didn't mean for this to happen.

Ada: There's your answer. She killed them all. Are we just going to let her get away with it?

Tad: What are we supposed to do with her?

Ada: I don't know.

Will: Look, the only people dealing with Maddie are going to be the cops.

Ada: Hello, 911? Our cells can't get a signal.

Will: There's a pay phone on the gas station on the road coming up here, right?

Tad: Yeah, who'll go?

Will: Me and Gwen will. You guys stay here and watch Maddie.

Will: We've got to find a payphone.

Gwen: How can Casey be dead?

Will: Don't think about that right now. Let's just get where we're going.

Gwen: No, he can't be. Maddie wouldn't do something like that, would she?

Will: Look, I'm looking at the body count. Casey, Geneva. Who else was missing from the campfire?

Gwen: Zach and Ann and Alex.

Will: Right. And Kevin, Liv, Luke. And Jade. Last time I saw her, she said she was going us alone. We've gotta find a payphone.

Kevin: It was you, Luke. You're the one who saved my life.

Luke: Somebody had to.

Kevin: But it was you.

Luke: Yeah.

Kevin: Why?

Luke: Why? Come on, man. I couldn't watch you drown. And Liv was useless.

Kevin: So you just went right into life-saving mode.

Luke: Yeah. Remember that CPR class we took?

Kevin: Yeah. Mouth-to-mouth.

Luke: Look, I'm gonna let you get some rest.

Kevin: No, don't -- don't go. There's something I've got to say.

Gil: Weird.

Tad: You don't even know.

Ada: You don't even want to know.

Groupie: What should we do?

Gil: What do you mean?

Ada: She's a serial killer.

Tad: With blood on her hands.

Ada: We should at least frisk her. Make sure she doesn't have a knife.

Gil: That's good idea. Who wants to do it?

Tad: We'll all do it. No weapons. But that doesn't mean she still can't hurt somebody. I mean, look at her. She's like a zombie.

Gil: Forget her. You better be thinking about where you put the keys to the bus.

Tad: I think I left them down by the docks when I was dropping the keg with Kevin. I'll go look.

Gil: I'll go with you.

Ada: And leave me here with Lizzie Borden? No way.

Tad: All right, then we'll all go. I guess it's better than risking somebody else getting murdered.

Gil: Maddie, let's go.

Tad: Get up. I said, get up. Get up! Let's go!

Tad: All right, you, get down. Look, if you try anything, you're dead.

Ada: Come on, Tad, I just want to get out of here.

Gil: Yeah, man, find those keys.

Tad: I know. I'm looking for them. But I told you, I don't think they're here.

Ada: Oh, great.

Tad: But the keg's here. And I don't know about you guys, but I could definitely use a drink.

Gil: Me, too.

Ada: Well, hurry up. We need to get our hands on those damned keys.

Tad: It's heavier than before.

Gil: Come on, give it muscle.


Barbara: Thank you. I know that you and Lucy used to be close, but surely you must understand by now that any child of Craig Montgomery’s comes with more than their share of baggage.

Dusty: She hasn't been in touch with him since he went to prison.

Barbara: But you just said that Paul persuaded her to contact him.

Dusty: That's right.

Barbara: And Craig will see that as an invitation. He'll start to work on her, he'll reel her back in --

Dusty: Maybe he doesn't even care enough about her. He had her kidnapped, remember?

Barbara: And she forgave him.

Dusty: Do you know why she did that?

Barbara: Yes, I do. Because he's her father. You can't break those ties, no matter how horribly he treats her.

Dusty: You shouldn't label Lucy by her father's mistakes, you of all people should know that.

Barbara: Oh, I do. Absolutely.

Dusty: Don't hold Lucy responsible for her father's mistakes.

Barbara: Lucy doesn't need her father to look bad. She could do that all on her own. We all know the kinds of mistakes that she's made. Starting with the day that she decided to let my daughter die.

Lucy: I'm not calling him, Grandmother. I've made so many mistakes.

Lucinda: Well, it's hardly an exclusive club.

Lucy: I'm talking about Jennifer.

Lucinda: You're not responsible for her death, Dear.

Lucy: Whether I was or wasn't, it's way too soon for Dusty to be even getting involved in a relationship.

Lucinda: I don't know, I think talk shows have just ruined the world. Who said anything about a relationship?

Lucy: You did. And I'm saying it's way too soon after his wife's death for Dusty to be even thinking about getting involved with another woman.

Lucinda: Oh, getting involved? You make falling in love again, okay, sound like it's a trip to the dentist.

Lucy: Oh, great. Now you have us falling in love.

Lucinda: Well, Princess -- Princess -- what about a walk in the park? What about a movie? What about some mooshu pork at fung lum?

Lucy: I don't know. It seems wrong to expect Dusty to --

Lucinda: To what? To what? To live his life? No, what I think is wrong is having faced death and looked at it -- it's wrong if you don't grab life by the scruff and just live the heck out of it. Take that from somebody who has some experience, all right, Darling? So why don't you just get on the phone and invite him fung lum's? Fortune cookie say, "don't postpone joy. You never know when it will be taken from you."

Will: The road should be just up ahead.

Gwen: Ow!

Will: What is it?

Gwen: No, I'm okay.

Will: Your ankle? Can I take a look at it?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: Yeah, if I tighten this, it's going to feel better, okay?

Gwen: How stupid do I feel complaining about a sprained ankle, when people are lying dead in the woods -- Casey’s out here somewhere, all by himself. How wrong is that? Somebody just left him here to die.

Will: Not somebody. Maddie.

Kim: I don't believe it. If I'd had any idea that Gwen and Casey were going up to the lake together, I would never have encouraged Will.

Tom: Kim, I want you to stop worrying about this.

Margo: Casey and Gwen, really, they're just friends.

Tom: I mean, it might wind up being good for them. Let these -- give these kids a chance to work this out.

Margo: Yeah, and Gwen and Will, they're young, and their marriage is young -- I think that, you know, they got a chance. And who knows? Maybe when Maddie comes home from Chicago, and Casey finds out what she's really been going through, and why she's been pushing him away -- I think maybe they've got a chance to find their way back to each other.

Tom: I have no doubt about it.

Margo: That's the great thing about being young. They've got their whole lives ahead of them to make everything right.

Ada: You killed Alex, too. Who else, Maddie? Who else?

Tad: What the hell is wrong with you?

Groupie: You are so sick.

Gil: This is it, man. I am out of here. I don't care what you guys do.

Ada: Without the keys?

Tad: No. Wait, there they are.

Groupie: Hold on, I thought we were going to wait for Gwen and Will to call the police.

Tad: Forget about them. It's every man for himself.

Gil: What about him?

Groupie: Well, it's too late for him, Man.

Ada: What about her?

Tad: Listen, if you try to follow us, we'll hurt you. Do you hear me? Answer me? The hell with her, let's go.

Doctor: Aside from being extremely intoxicated, you took a blow to the head. No signs of concussion, but we're going to keep you here overnight for observation.

Kevin: Just like on TV.

Doctor: Ah, alert enough to mouth off. Good. While your lips are flapping, thank God and your friend you're alive.

Kevin: Dude's got attitude.

Luke: Yeah, like you don’t. How are you feeling?

Kevin: Like hell.

Luke: Look, Kevin -- I don't know what you expected me to do, but I didn't really have a choice, okay? Someone I care about -- like a friend -- I couldn't stand by and watch you drown. No matter how much you hate me for who I am.

Kevin: Thank you.

Luke: What?

Kevin: Thank you. For saving my life. After I did everything to trash yours.

Luke: Yeah, you acted like a jerk. But that doesn't mean you deserved to die.

Kevin: I was worse than a jerk. Saying I knew that there was always something wrong with you. And calling you a -- a faggot. It was wrong.

Luke: Yeah.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I take it back.

Luke: Liv must have done a number on your head.

Kevin: I'm not saying I'm cool with what you laid on me. It's just -- the way I reacted, I crossed the line. I mean, you saved my life after I made fun of you. I mean, who does that? Look, anyway, thank you.

Liv: I called my parents.

Kevin: Did you tell them what a really good time you're having?

Liv: Yeah, right. They totally freaked out when I told them what happened. I mean, I could have drowned. Anyway, they're driving up to take us home.

Kevin: The doc says I should stay overnight. Do you think they can come in the morning?

Liv: No way. After this day from hell, all I want to do is go home and sleep for, like, 24 hours. Should I have my parents call your dad?

Luke: Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. And maybe they could call Kevin’s parents while they're at it?

Liv: Right. Okay, I'll go wait downstairs.

Kevin: It's okay. You can go with her, Snyder. I'll call my parents in the morning. I'll be fine. Look, you don't have to stay.

Ada: Hey, there's Ann.

Tad: I guess she heard about the murders.

Gil: Good thing she didn't leave without us.

Tad: She couldn't have. We have the keys.

Groupie: Well, then how'd she get in?

Tad: Hey, Ann, open up.

Ada: Ann, come on, we want to get out of here. Ann, what is your problem?

Tad: Did you hear us pounding?

Ada: Hello?

[Car horn blaring]

Maddie: It wasn't supposed to be like this. No one was supposed to get hurt.


Will: That's the road up ahead.

Gwen: Thank God.

Will: How you holding up?

Gwen: I'm okay. I just want this to be over.

Will: I'm right here with you.

Gwen: Hey, which way is the phone booth? Will? Will! Will, hey, what's wrong?

Dusty: Lucy's not to blame for Jen's death.

Barbara: You certainly have changed your tune.

Dusty: I was angry. My wife died. I needed a reason. I made Lucy a reason. I realize now that no force in the world could have kept Jen from going home with her son.

Barbara: My dear, Mr. Donovan, you are missing my point, entirely. Lucy didn't say no to Jen's request. She said yes, and with that one thoughtless word, my daughter, your wife, and Johnny’s mother died. And as far as I'm concerned, that's more than enough reason to stay far, far away from Lucy Montgomery.

Lucy: Grandmother, I do have my own cell phone.

Lucinda: Wonderful. Then why don't you use all those anytime minutes to call Dusty, dear?

Lucy: Grandmother, you're a peach.

Lucinda: Yes, I am. He cares for you and you care for him. And if nothing else, the two of you could give some comfort to each other at this time, and what on earth is wrong with that?

Kevin: It's okay, Man, you don't have to stay with me.

Luke: Well, I know. It's just that I missed this issue of "trailer travel." "Handling your double-wide on the interstate." [In British accent] Do you want me to read it aloud?

Kevin: Take a hike, Snyder.

Tom: Thank you so much for the computer. I will see that Casey calls you the moment he receives it.

Kim: Oh, don't worry about it. I just hope he enjoys it. Love you guys, bye.

Margo: Bye.

Tom: Thanks, you, too. Who you calling?

Margo: Casey. No, come on, I just want to hear his voice.

Tom: Look, no offense, but something tells me that, at the end of the summer party, the last thing he needs is his mommy checking in on him.

Margo: All right. Well, he wasn't answering anyway. He must have his ringer off.

Tom: Maybe he's just having too much fun to hear it.

Ada: Drive.

Maddie: Wait! Wait!

Gwen: Hey, Will, what happened?

Will: I don't know. It feels like I got hit by a rock.

Gwen: No, there's too much blood. Okay, just stay here, okay? I'm going to go to the road and flag someone down for help, okay?

Will: No, Gwen. We gotta stay together.

Gwen: I got to go, okay?

Will: Gwen!

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Henry: Maddie's not in Chicago. That was Eve. She said she called her and said that she was staying here with me. You don't think Louis --

Dallas: Where's Casey this weekend?

Jack: I think I know where she is. Come on. Henry, come with me.

Maddie: I didn't kill your friends.

Ian: Yeah, you did. And you would have killed me. You would have killed all of us. And now, you're never going to get that chance.

Margo: It's just all these kids, Honey. Nate and Lia. I know that he's probably just fine and he's safe, but I'd really like to hear his voice.

Tom: So you want to drive up there?

Gwen: No, please, no! No! Will!

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