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Paul: Thank you for meeting me here.

Lucy: Yeah, no problem.

Paul: So, any word from your dad about selling me the paper?

Lucy: No.

Paul: Lucy, you promised me --

Lucy: No, I told you I'd try to get a message to him. He hasn't gotten back to me yet.

Paul: Okay. Well, let me know as soon as you hear from him, all right?

Dusty: Why? Lucy doesn't owe you anything.

Lucy: Dusty --

Dusty: Why would you do him a favor?

Paul: Hi, Dusty.

Dusty: He'll get what he wants from you, and then he'll make you pay for a long, long time.

Emma: How's Luke doing? I was kind of hoping he'd come out.

Holden: Well, it's been kind of rough on him, but I think it's great that he's out with his friends having a good time.

Emma: Oh, you're right, you're right. Maybe he'll meet a nice girl, you know, help him get over that Jade person. I bet all the girls are just waiting in line to help mend his sweet, little broken heart.

Holden: Mama --

Meg: Mama, did I tell you who I saw at the hospital yesterday?

Holden: I think that I need to tell you something --

Meg: Do you remember Mrs. Burton, from grade three?

Emma: Shh -- just a minute. What? What, Holden?

Meg: Holden?

Holden: It's important that you know something -- Luke is gay.

Kevin: I just can't believe you, Man.

Jade: You know what? I can't believe him either.

Luke: Jade --

Jade: I can't believe he ever tried to be straightforward and honest with a jerk like you.

Kevin: I don't think you can use the word straight.

Jade: Oh, can I use the word pig? Because what I don't understand, is how a pig like you thinks he has the right to judge anybody.

Luke: Jade, please, this really isn't helping --

Jade: Luke is kind and smart and strong, and he's more of a man than you could ever dream of being.

Kevin: He just said he's not a man.

Jade: Did you really just say that?

Luke: Look, Jade, Jade, just go away. Please, go away.

Jade: How? How could you ever love someone like that?

Emily: Hi!

Henry: Hi! What?

Emily: Are you sick?

Henry: What, I am not aloud to have a refreshingly cool, nice, non-alcoholic beverage?

Emily: Are you really Henry Coleman?

Henry: Ha ha ha -- [Emily laughs] What are you doing on your feet?

Emily: Walking?

Henry: Well, no, wait a second -- what happened to complete bed rest?

Emily: Well, I can't run a publication from my bed, Henry.

Henry: Well, Hugh Hefner does it. [Emily laughs] I thought that the doctor said that your blood pressure read like the Dow Jones.

Emily: My doctor says that I'm allowed to resume normal activities.

Henry: Define "normal," in Emily terms.

Emily: Canít. You?

Henry: I read the headlines last night -- thank you.

Emily: Aw, come on -- anyone can lead with a serial killer story.

Henry: Well, just thank you for bearing it.

Emily: How's Maddie?

Henry: She's not so good, but it's gratifying to know that she's safe and sound in Chicago.


Will: And it's Will Munson who, once again, demonstrates his awesome command of the game --

Gil: You better hot-dog down field, Gwen isn't paying any attention at all.

Casey: Hey, you okay?

Gwen: I can't believe I walk all the way here and then I step in a hole. I twisted my ankle. Now I know why the Chicago Bulls wear real football shoes.

Casey: Bears, football. Bulls, basketball.

Gwen: Aw, yeah.

Casey: Here, let me see --

Gwen: What, you're going to touch my icky foot?

Casey: It's in my genes. My grandpa's a doctor, remember?

Will: Hey, you guys playing football or what?

Casey: Ignore him. Hey, can you flex your toes?

Gwen: Yeah. What do you think really happened to Ann and Zach? I thought they wanted to play.

Casey: I think Ann and Zach wanted to be alone more than anything. They're probably having a better time than we are right now.

Ann: Look --

Zach: It's just the closet.

Ann: Feet -- some pervert's watching us.

Zach: Hey, what do you think you're doing?


Zach: Let's get out of here.

Ann: No, you have to see if he's dead!

Zach: How?

Ann: I don't know, touch him.

Zach: You touch him.

Ann: Zach, he could still be alive!

Zach: No. He's dead. What do we do?

Ann: Call someone --

Zach: There's no service, remember?

Ann: We'll catch up with the others.

Zach: They're like a mile away by now. Ann, don't go alone!

Will: Gwen, you okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm fine.

Will: Well, if you're hurt, you should let me take you back to the cabin.

Gwen: And deprive everyone of their starting quarterback? I'm fine, just go play --

Will: Well, if you're hurt --

Gwen: I'm not hurt, it's just a sprain --

Will: Look, why don't you just let me take you back?

Casey: Will? Everyone's watching. Gwen would like for everyone to not be watching. What do you think would make that happen?

Gil: Hey, so that's your wife back there?

Will: Yeah.

Gil: With that guy Casey?

Will: Yep.

Gil: You guys on a break or something?

Will: No.

Gil: Really? Kind of looks like you're on a break. Hey, maybe she's on a break, and you just don't know it.

Will: Look, there's just a lot of things that Gwen and I need to talk over. We just have to find the right time.

Gil: Well, I think if you want to find the right time, you better get her away from Hughes.

Gwen: This is fun. I mean, I was having a lot of fun before, but spraining my ankle, it actually makes it even kind of better.

Casey: I'll take you back.

Gwen: No, no, no. That'll just make things worse with Will. This weekend -- it's like one of those all-time great ideas.

Casey: I'm sorry.

Gwen: Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything.

Casey: I talked you into coming.

Gwen: Yeah, but you didn't know that Will and the ever popular Jade were going to be here.

Casey: To be fair, I don't think he knew she was going to be here either.

Gwen: Yeah, well, maybe I don't feel like being very fair right now.

Casey: Gwen, you should seriously think about going back, because he's not backing down and he's not going to leave you alone.

Gwen: Even though I told him to?

Casey: Even though you told him to.

Gwen: I used to love that about him. He's so persistent. I'm not going home. I'm not running from Jade.

Casey: And he's not going to take no for an answer.

Ann: Gwen! Will! Casey!

Zach: Ann! Ann, where are you?

Kevin: What did you just say?

Luke: Jade --

Jade: He defends you, do you know that? You act like a pig and he tells me I don't know what you're like!

Kevin: I'm not like that!

Luke: Jade, just shut your mouth and listen to me. You told me that I need to come out here and handle this myself. So please let me.

Jade: You can't let him talk to you like that.

Luke: And you can't fight my battles for me.

Jade: He's not worth it.

Luke: You can't decide that either. Jade, look, I'm so glad you're in my corner. But you have got to go. Please, you have to.

Jade: You don't deserve to be his friend.

Kevin: Don't worry, I'm not! Look, don't come near me, don't even come close --

Luke: Kevin, Kevin, we need to talk about this.

Kevin: You expect me to stay here alone with you? After what she just said --

Luke: I think you should just --

Kevin: I think you're out of your mind.

Luke: Kevin, we need to talk --

Kevin: Look, if I stay here longer, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you.

Emma: What did you just say?

Holden: I think you heard me.

Emma: Well, this is nice -- nice. We were having lunch, talking about this and that -- and guess what? Guess what? Your grandson is --

Holden: Gay. I thought you needed to know.

Emma: How do you know that?

Holden: Because he told me. And you're acting like this is something wrong. And it's something that we shouldn't talk about --

Emma: I don't really think I said anything at all --

Meg: Guys, guys, you know the way we get? Well, you're getting that way. Holden --

Holden: Mama, you didn't have to say anything, because it's written all over your face.

Emma: Well, I'm sorry. Maybe you should tell me how to react when you just -- you tell me my grandson is --

Holden: You can't even say the word. You know, even Lucinda --

Emma: Lucinda knows?

Meg: Here we go.

Holden: Yes.

Emma: Did Lily?

Holden: Yes.

Emma: Did you know?

Meg: Mama, does it really matter?

Emma: Does it really matter when something so important happens like this in the family and I don't know about it? Until I say something, something that sounds, to you, apparently inappropriate and then you fling it in my face?

Holden: I didn't fling it.

Emma: Who else knows? I mean, who else have you talked with this about?

Holden: I talked to Jack. I needed to share it with someone -- and Luke told Lucy -- they're close.

Emma: So, so, so. People -- people that you're close to -- and Luke. But not me. Everyone but me.

Ann: Hello? Anyone! Who is it? Zach! Zach, I'm lost! Zach?

[Ann screaming]

Lucy: Gee, Dusty, I don't know which I like more -- you listening in on my conversations or telling me how to live my life.

Dusty: You're dealing with your father and him, and you're mad at me?

Lucy: I'm not mad. It's just not your problem --

Paul: Can I explain -- Dusty?

Dusty: Explain how you have someone else's interests at heart?

Paul: Well, actually, there's nothing in it for Lucy at all.

Dusty: Wow, I'm blown away by your honesty.

Paul: I asked Lucy to get a hold of Craig and find out if he'd be willing to sell me the newspaper. I mean, Emilyís having a very difficult pregnancy. I mean, she's not in great shape to begin with --

Dusty: What does she have to do with this?

Paul: Well, Emilyís gone back to work at the paper. And she's really stressed out because the newspaper's in such bad shape financially. And I'm really worried about the baby. Emily's already been in the E.R. once already. And I thought if I owned the paper, and I fixed all the problems, then Emily wouldn't be so stressed out about the whole thing going under. I begged Lucy to help me.

Lucy: And I wasn't dealing with my father, I left him a message.

Dusty: Think about how much you've given to guys like this and then how much they've taken from you.

Lucy: And this is your business, because --?

Dusty: Because I saved you -- from sticking around with guys like your father.

Lucy: He's in prison now, okay? He's paying for what he's done.

Dusty: He'll pull you back in, believe me -- just like him.

Lucy: Oh, Dusty, you've opened my eyes, thank you for saving me from myself. Paul, I'll call you as soon as i hear anything. I hope Emilyís okay. I'll do anything I can to help.

Paul: Thank you.

Lucy: You can go.

Dusty: It's good to see how medical school has matured you.

Lucy: Why should I change? You know, you obviously havenít. Oh, and by the way, you can go now.

Dusty: I'll go as soon as you tell me why you're trying to help Paul Ryan. - It's good. - Terrific.

Lucy: Hmm. The real reason I'm helping Paul? Because it couldn't be that he's really, really worried about Emily and the baby and I can help -- no, it must be some kind of failing in me. Can I get a black coffee? Thank you.

Dusty: Can I have a water? Sometimes when a daughter has a father who's always looking for favors, the daughter then has a tough time in life, you know, defending herself against similar people.

Lucy: Ever notice when people analyze you, it's never to tell you how smart or strong you are? Why didn't you just say, "Hey, Luce, you're being an idiot"?

Dusty: Paul's an idiot. He's using you.

Lucy: Like I used him. It's called friendship. He didn't save me from kidnappers, but he flew me to Williams when I was in a bind. And asking my dad about the paper isn't exactly donating a kidney. So, why don't you either calm down -- or butt out.

Emily: You're not going to believe this, but Paul and I are actually at a good place.

Henry: He's dead?

Emily: No, he's not --

Henry: Okay.

Emily: He's actually being very supportive about my going back to work and the baby.

Henry: Really? What about you? Do you have pangs for what was, or what is, or what could be?

Emily: No. Not at all.

Henry: Okay. Just remember, Emily, that underneath this new and improved Paul Ryan is the same guy that pushed you off the deep end, literally.

Emily: My eyes are wide open, Henry. You don't have to worry about me.

Henry: It's not a job, it's a calling.

Emily: Aw, I missed you --

Henry: I missed you, too.

Emily: My friend. And I don't want to talk about me.

Henry: What?

Emily: I know that's hard to believe -- [Laughter] seriously, what are the leads on your brother-in-law?

Henry: There are none. So, I've got to keep a clear head, so that I can punch out the right guy when they drag him into the police station.

Emily: We could always track down the bum together. You could throw a table cloth over me, make me more conspicuous.

Henry: No. No, no, no, no, no. I don't want you within a mile of this guy. He has already hurt two gals that are very dear to me, and I don't want to go for the triple play.

Meg: Okay, could we just admit this isn't easy to talk about and proceed carefully?

Emma: We don't have to talk at all.

Holden: Mama, you needed to know -- because Luke is going through a very tough time.

Emma: Oh, really? Oh, I haven't noticed.

Holden: I'm not criticizing! It's just you have this thing where "boys are boys" and "girls are girls." And "we have to be very careful around Luke now."

Emma: Was I okay at the hospital when he asked me if his mother was ever going to wake up? Was I okay? Was I okay then?

Meg: Oh, Mama --

Holden: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Emma: I don't know. You act like I am so out of it, that I'm so rigid that I would hurt my grandson. Do you really think I'm that judgmental?

Luke: So that's the answer. You're gonna beat the hell out of me. I guess I had it coming. You didn't come out here to talk, you came out here to teach me a lesson.

Kevin: Don't push it, Snyder.

Luke: Why? I deserve it. I'm gay, right? And what's more, I didn't hide it. I just came right out and told you --

Kevin: You made me think you were like me. When I was after Jade --

Luke: I didn't make you think anything, Kevin! And you made it really hard for me to come clean, because I had a pretty good idea how you'd react.

Kevin: Like this is my fault!

Luke: Like you're not the friend that I used to have, the one with his head screwed on straight. Kevin, you're always angry, you're always putting me down.

Kevin: I can't believe we're talking about what's wrong with me.

Luke: Yeah. Because you're mad because I wasn't honest with you.

Kevin: You think --

Luke: Well, how could I be, when you --

Kevin: You think telling me you're gay, it makes me want to be friends with you? Like I want you looking at me --

Luke: Like a friend!

Kevin: You're not my friend. Because I can never be friends with -- damnit!

Will: You guys finish playing without me.

Gil: There goes your heisman, Munson.

Casey: You sure you don't want me to take you back to the cabin?

Gwen: No.

Will: Gwen, I came here to make things right. And to listen. But to do that, you gotta talk to me.

[Ann screaming]

Casey: What the hell was that?

Will: I don't know. Why don't you go check it out?

[Ann screaming]

Will: You gotta believe me. Jade came here because of Luke, not me.

Gwen: But I told you, I don't care.

Will: If you didn't care, then you wouldn't be so angry. And if you weren't so angry, then you and me together, it wouldn't really matter so much.

Gwen: And if it didn't matter so much, you couldn't hurt me the way that you do.

Will: Can you please just let me try to show you that I love you --

Gwen: I think that you do --

Will: That I love you enough to change. Can we please go somewhere and talk?

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Lucy: When you charged in, it was kind of nice to know you still care.

Liv: We interrupting something?

Casey: Whoa!

Maddie: Casey --

Will: Look, if we could just talk Ė

Tad: You know what we all decided? We hate good, wholesome fun.

Ada: Yeah, we've decided to play football some other time. Like, never.

Liv: So, come one, let's go tap the keg. We interrupting something?

Gwen: Hey, did you find anything?

Casey: No, it must have been a big bird or something.

Liv: Hey, let's go talk about all the thrilling details back at the cabin, where there's beer.

Casey: You going?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, we're all going back.

Ann: Zach? Zach? Someone is after me -- it's okay. Its okay, he's gone now -- okay. Okay.

Will: You look like you're having about as much fun as I am.

Luke: Where's Gwen?

Will: Well, thanks to Jade's sense of time and place, Gwen looks at me like I'm week-old garbage.

Luke: I told Kevin I was gay.

Will: How'd that go?

Luke: Well, he acted like he never wanted to be in the same room as me again, but stopped short of punching me out, so I guess it went well.

Will: I'm sorry. That was brave.

Luke: So -- Gwen won't even talk to you?

Will: No. Seeing as how I screwed up, and the whole thing with Jade, Gwen can be as mad at me for as long as she wants, and I just gotta hang in there.

Luke: Just keep on keeping on, huh?

Will: Something like that. [Luke laughs] You, too, huh?

Luke: Yeah. I guess we do what we can. Look, good luck with Gwen.

Will: Thanks.

Luke: And Will -- this whole camping thing? We gotta do it again sometime.

Will: Yeah, it's a real barrel of laughs.

Gwen: This is Alexís. Where is he? He doesn't go anywhere without this thing.

Casey: He's probably looking for someone new to complain to. I swear, even if I had post-nasal drip, I wouldn't talk about it. Look's like Zach and Ann are gone, too.

Gwen: Yea they're probably out collecting and cataloguing native flora.

Casey: I've never heard it called that before. Well, at least their displays of affection will no longer be public.

Gwen: Yeah, Ann has set that bar dangerously low.

Casey: Yeah, well, I hope they enjoy the flora for a very long time. This is the last I'm ever taking them camping.

Zach: Ann?

[Zach screaming]

Gwen: You know what? Maybe we're being a little too hard on them.

Casey: Are you kidding? After that stunt that Zach pulled with you? I mean, if you got a knife anywhere near Zach, he'd wet himself.

Gwen: Yeah. It's weird, you know, you go camping with your friends and then you end up, like, not liking any of them anymore.

Casey: Am I bothering you?

Gwen: No, not at all. I was really mean to will at the game.

Casey: You asked him to leave you alone and he didnít.

Gwen: Yeah, but it's like you said -- at least he's trying. And I do want to talk to him --

Casey: But what?

Gwen: When I found out that Jade was here, I got so mad, I couldn't even see straight.

Casey: And you had every right.

Gwen: You know, just once, just once, I'd love to see that girl get what she deserves.

Jade: You scared me!

Will: What are you doing here all alone?

Jade: I was looking for you.

Will: You don't catch on too quick, do you?

Jade: Forget it.

Will: Do you know how mad Gwen is? And can you figure out why?

Jade: How many times do you want me to apologize? When are you going to realize you're not the only one with problems?

Will: Oh, I'm sorry, did you break a nail in the woods?

Jade: I was talking about Luke. Gwen can overreact to my presence, but that's not gonna change why I'm here. I'm here for him, and Kevin was awful to him, just awful --

Will: Yeah, I know. Luke told me. He told me when I found him sitting all alone while you were out looking for me, which kind of blows a hole in your whole "I'm only here for Luke" story.

Jade: Well, I was looking for you so that we could help him together.

Will: Mm-hmm? You know, I think he's stronger than you think he is. He's gonna be okay.

Jade: I don't think you realize how wrecked he is.

Holden: Neither Luke nor I could have gotten through this last month without you --

Emma: But you were worried about this. Worried that I couldn't handle it?

Holden: No, it's just -- I have this kid. And there are people in the world who make these judgments about this being right, this being wrong -- this is masculine, this isn't --

Emma: And you think I'm like that?

Holden: I think your opinions are pretty definite. And I just thought that --

Emma: You thought that I'd have to curb my tongue, watch my step, is that it?

Holden: Luke's own mother tried to pretend that it wasn't true. And look what it did to him. I mean, look what happened. You know what? This is all wrong. I'm just gonna take this and -- head out to the barn.

Meg: He's gone. So, tell me, does it really bother you that Luke is gay?

Dusty: You want me to calm down?

Lucy: Or butt out.

Dusty: I guess I'd better butt out. Because Paul's never gonna get a break from me.

Lucy: Obviously.

Dusty: Because, unlike you, I'll never forget what he did to my wife.

Lucy: I know how you feel about Paul. And I understand why.

Dusty: What I see is a person who wants to help people. But you're helping the wrong people. People like Paul Ryan kept my wife away from her child. He put her in a psych ward. So I'm a little worried about you. You understand?

Lucy: Okay. If it means anything, I'm no longer really, really angry at you.

Dusty: Just kind of angry?

Lucy: You know, maybe you don't understand. But I like thinking I can take care of myself.

Dusty: But that's delusional. Because everybody needs help making big decisions. What are you? You're a doctor, you're not god, right? You can't make decisions on your own.

Lucy: Well, you and I both know I've made some pretty bad ones.

Dusty: Jennifer insisted upon leaving the hospital. And you wanted to help her. But people -- people like Paul Ryan -- you're wasting your time even talking to guys like that.

Lucy: I'll be careful. I promise. If I promise to consider your advice, would you take a bit from me?

Dusty: Mm-mm. Only works one way.

Lucy: Don't dwell on Paul. Don't think about Jenniferís pain. Think about how happy she was with you.

Emma: You're not going to like my answer.

Meg: Well, we need to be honest, not correct.

Emma: I know that -- I know that you're not supposed to have favorites, but Luke --

Meg: I know, we're all your favorite.

Emma: No. You see, I -- I want him to be happy. And I'm so afraid -- I've been so afraid, because, you know, he's been through so much already.

Meg: He's being honest. That's how you get to be happy.

Emma: I am not judging, Meg. I am not! It's just --

Meg: What? What? Tell me.

Emma: Well, when he was born -- I mean, Damian -- I mean, his whole life, his whole life was like a tug of war. I mean, if -- if we didn't give him enough stability, or if we failed him in some way --

Meg: Okay, listen to me. Do you remember the first time you saw Dad? And that feeling you got?

Emma: Well, dimly.

Meg: Do think that feeling came because he had stability? Hey, how would you feel if somebody told you that that wonderful feeling was wrong?

Emma: Okay. You've made your point.

Meg: One more thing.

Emma: I said, Meg, you've made your point, okay?

Meg: Holden -- he loves you. All he was trying to say is that, you're always so sure that you're right --

Emma: Now, just a minute. This is not fair, it is just not fair!

Meg: Okay. Do you remember me and Paul? Well, you -- you kind of made me feel a little bad.

Emma: You act like I -- this is really a bad day.

Meg: Look, I know you do what you do because you love us. But Holden -- he's just being a little extra protective about Luke right now.

Emma: Well, you want to know how I feel about Luke being gay?

Meg: Yes.

Emma: He's my grandson, I love him. And it doesn't make a damn bit of difference to me.

Will: I don't think you should flip out over Luke. He probably just wants to be alone.

Jade: Well, when we find him, we can both ask him if that's true. But right now he needs to know that he has friends.

Will: Maybe --

Jade: Absolutely. So, when did you see him? And which way did he go?

Will: It's this way. Come on.

Gwen: Now I've got you in a bad mood.

Casey: No, I was just -- I was thinking, you know? I should have made Maddie talk to me.

Gwen: Why? You saw what happened when will tried to make me talk.

Casey: Yeah, but at least he's not copping out. You know? I mean, maybe I did with Maddie.

Gwen: Well, I did it with Will this afternoon. Do you think there's some kind of, like, Zen potion in the mosquito spray?

Casey: We're both getting real philosophical here, huh?

Gwen: Yeah. You know, when we got married, i said for better or for worse. That means I'm supposed to be able to get over this.

Gil: Hey, somebody just figured out, if we're having a campfire -- we need something to burn.

Gwen: Really?

Gil: Yeah. I thought wood would work. Everybody seems to thinks that you are the guy to handle the campfire wood situation.

Casey: And is that because everyone else was out there busy handling the keg situation?

Gil: Shh. No one knows.

Gwen: Right. I'm gonna go find Will. I'll catch up with you later, okay?

Casey: All right, good luck.

Gwen: You, too.

Gil: Nice work. You get her alone, she heads for the husband.

Casey: We're just friends.

Gil: Yeah, right.

Casey: I have a girlfriend! Or, I had one.

Dusty: Well, that's a very wise thing to say.

Lucy: I took wisdom 101 in med school.

Dusty: Well, I'll try. But it'll be a lot easier if I don't see you hanging out with losers like Paul Ryan.

Lucy: You know, if you hadn't made me so mad, here's what I would have said in the first place -- I didn't want to help Paul. I was trying to handle the situation so I'd have as little involvement as possible, with him and my dad.

Dusty: Oh. I didn't know that part. You should have told me the facts ahead of time. I would have been a lot cooler.

Lucy: Just Dusty being Dusty.

Dusty: Just you being you.

Lucy: One last thing -- and don't let it go to your head -- when you charged in, ready to take on Paul to protect me -- it was kind of nice to know you still care.

Dusty: Of course I do, princess. Of course I do.

Will: So, you and Luke, you guys really are friends again, aren't you?

Jade: Weird. It's like all the things that we went through ended up making us super honest with each other. I never really considered honesty as an option before.

Will: Well, you are, in your own way. So why are you so worried about Luke? I thought he was okay.

Jade: He's lonely. And this stuff with Kevin makes him lonelier.

Will: And you get what it's like to be lonely.

Jade: Yeah. I do. Look -- a praying mantis.

Will: You're willingly touching a bug?

Jade: He looks lonely, too.

Emma: Look, I'm sorry about Paul. I was just being protective, that's all.

Meg: I knew that. It's just -- what you think is really important to all of us, and when you think we're wrong --

Emma: Well, I never -- I never, ever thought you were wrong. [Meg laughs] What?

Meg: How can you say that? After all those lectures -- even worse, the silences.

Emma: No, I thought you were vulnerable. That's what I thought. And I thought Paul would use that --

Meg: Well, even if you think Luke is vulnerable, act like he's strong.

Emma: Well, you know something? I don't really have to worry about Luke, do I? I mean, he has Holden. You know, Meg, I look at your brother, I look at him and I think what a fine, fine, good man he is. You know, the world might give our Luke a hard time, but Holden will just get him through anything.

Liv: Kevin, don't!

Kevin: I'm looking for icebergs. It's my duty as first mate.

Liv: Kevin, you're rocking the boat. I can't swim!

Kevin: I'm the king of the world!

Liv: Kevin, sit down!

Kevin: Look who it is, our friend Luke. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to give a toast to a great guy -- a liar -- and a faggot!

Holden: Mama -- I'm sorry.

Emma: Let's just not talk, okay? We get in trouble when we talk.

Holden: We're -- we're okay, right?

Emma: Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, we're okay. We're okay. Come here, my sweetheart. My babies. My sweet babies. My beautiful family.

Henry: Here. What do you think of that?

Emily: It's good. It's a start, but I think you need to punch it up a bit.

Henry: Punch it up a bit.

Emily: You need to tell the world what the guy's really like.

Henry: All right, I can do that.

Emily: Henry, I promise you, from now until we find this guy, Louis Browning is page one.

Henry: Oh, great.

Emily: Pictures, get me lots of pictures of him, okay?

Henry: Wow, look at us, using our powers for good.

Emily: This guy's not going to be able to show his face in town without somebody calling 911.

Henry: Thank you.

Emily: Thank -- thank me? Nobody messes with the people I love and get away with it, Henry.

Henry: You keep talking like that, I'm gonna let you buy me a martini.

Emily: Come on.

Henry: Okay, okay.

Casey: Whoa!

Maddie: Casey -- I have to tell you everything.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Maybe it's time that we finally filed for the divorce.

Paul: Because until you let me put a ring on your finger, all of our hard work and our planning, it doesn't mean a damn thing.

Maddie: Somebody put that in there. Somebody put that in there. He wants me to look like the killer because everybody knows what he did to me.

Luke: Kevin!

Will: Gwen, I love you.

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