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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06

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Simon: New York was the wind-up. This is the big pitch.

Carly: The boys with the bankrolls are coming to town.

Simon: You nervous?

Carly: What? No, no, of course not. You thought I wowed them in New York? Well, now they're on our turf.

Simon: Uh, Mike -- Mike? No point in bagging up your toys and going home. You'll only have to bring them back in the morning.

Mike: I won't be back. I quit. And if you're smart, you'll do the same.

Lucy: Grandmother --

Lucinda: Oh, there you are. Up and about.

Lucy: Look, we've been through this. I'm fine, really.

Lucinda: You took an awful risk, Dear.

Lucy: Yeah. The main thing is Damian’s out of our lives.

Lucinda: Oh, yeah, he just turned into a bat and flew back to Malta.

Lucy: Any changes in Lily?

Lucinda: No. But I'm -- I'm feeling more sanguine today. I have more faith -- it's stronger, anyway -- that she's going to wake up and be herself again.

Lucy: What's different about tonight?

Lucinda: Well -- a new beginning, and you're invited.

Lucy: The beginning of what?

Lucinda: Life. What else is there for us to celebrate?

Holden: I know it's here somewhere. Your mom, she never throws anything out.

Luke: What are you looking for, Dad?

Holden: That list of baby names that your mom put together before Nat was born. I think it's here.

[Holden hugs Luke]

Luke: What was that for?

Holden: I'm just happy that you're home. I'm happy that you're safe.

Luke: Yeah. I'm very happy to be home. So, the list?

Holden: Right. List of baby names from A to Z. A list that your mom put together and usually submitted for my approval at 3:00 A.M.

Luke: Well, I know they say "What's in a name," but I do think it's kind of rude to keep calling my little brother "Wiggles."

Holden: Your grandmother's right. Baby Boy Snyder, he needs a name.

Luke: I agree. But do you have to give him one tonight?

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Gwen: Hey, there. You better hope your mom doesn't come back and see you out here. She wanted us inside with the door locked.

Casey: Whatever.

Gwen: Anything we need to talk about?

Casey: Like what?

Gwen: I don't know. We could stick to sports and weather. Unless you're mad at me.

Casey: About what?

Gwen: Look, I know that you didn't want me to tell your mom about the mask in that photo. But I had to. Because whoever attacked us was wearing it.

Casey: I'm not mad at you. I'm just -- I hate that the mask belonged to Maddie.

Gwen: I know. I do, too.

Casey: I mean, I really hate it. I mean, ever since Lia was killed, I've tried to convince myself that Maddie wasn't a murderer and that she didn't bash me in the head and nearly strangle you.

Gwen: Hey, you know what? Maybe she didn't do any of those things.

Casey: You don't believe that any more than I do.

Gwen: Well, I want to. I mean, come on. Maddie? Look at her -- look at her face. She couldn't kill anyone.

Casey: I agree. But if Maddie isn't the Slasher, then who is?

Eve: Louis, where are you? I can't believe the horrible things that henrys’ accused you of. I'm sorry. I know you love Maddie, and you would never do anything -- please, just come back to the hotel so we can talk. I love you.

[Knocking at door]

Margo: Eve, is Maddie here?

Eve: No, she isn’t. What do you want from her this time? Fingerprints, DNA?

Margo: No, no, no. The mask in this photo. Do you recognize it?

Eve: No -- I don’t.

Margo: You're lying.

Henry: Look, you've already done the hard part -- admitting that Louis raped you. And the only person in line to get hurt right now is our dirt bag brother-in-law when we feed him to the cops.

Maddie: No, Henry!

Henry: Yes, yes, dropping a dime on this sicko is going to be the best money I've ever spent.

Maddie: We cannot go to the police.

Henry: Why, because he threatened you?

Maddie: Not just me.

Henry: Oh, my God. You think he's the -- you think he's the one that's responsible for these murders?

Maddie: I can't prove it, but --

Henry: But you're pretty damn sure. No, that makes -- no, that makes a lot of sense, actually. That he would go after you to shut you up about the rape -- and Casey and Gwen, in case you had filled them in on it.

Maddie: Yeah, but it doesn't explain Lia and Nate.

Henry: Unless, Honey, he wanted to make you look so guilty that -- that if you did try to blow the rape whistle, who's gonna believe a crazy little girl with a lot of blood on her hands? Now, this makes a lot of sense. This is adding up. We need to report this bastard before he kills somebody else.

Maddie: No, Henry! No, Henry, we can't report it! No!

Henry: You don't mean that. You don't mean that. You're not thinking this through.

Maddie: I haven't meant anything more in my life, okay? We are going to act like there was no rape, and if you say anything, I swear I will tell everyone that you're lying.

Maddie: Louis told me, after he did it, that if Eve ever found out that I had betrayed her, he would -- she would just be destroyed.

Henry: You did not betray her, okay? It was a rape, it wasn't a love affair.

Maddie: I still feel guilty.

Henry: Oh, Honey, I know you do. That's how guys like this work, okay? They pile on -- they pile on the fear and the guilt until you get so loaded down that you can't move, you can't think -- you can't even call out for help.

Maddie: Eve is going to be so devastated.

Henry: I know, she will be. When she finds out what kind of person she is with, she is going to be devastated. We're going to have to help her through that. But right now, we have got to get her away from him, before something happens to her, too.

Maddie: Louis wouldn't do anything to Eve.

Henry: Baby, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. And if he's running around attacking people -- killing people -- to stop you from ratting him out -- we've got to get her away from him.

Maddie: Okay, you're right, but --

Henry: Okay.

Maddie: I want Eve to hear it before we go to the police, okay?

Henry: All right. Okay, that's my girl. We'll go talk to her right now.

Maddie: Oh, Henry?

Henry: Yeah?

Maddie: I know you're gonna think I'm a coward --

Henry: No -- not in this or any other lifetime.

Maddie: But seeing Eve's face after you tell her what her husband did -- I don't know -- i don't think I can handle it.

Henry: All right, well -- I can't leave you here, Sweetheart. I called Louis a rapist to his face. He could be looking for you right now.

Maddie: No, well, being here in a random parking lot is a lot more safe than being in the hotel.

Henry: With Louis on the loose, I don't think any place is safe.

Maddie: I will lock the doors and honk the horn if there's trouble.

Henry: Do you have your cell phone?

Maddie: Yes.

Henry: Is it charged?

Maddie: Yes, I promise.

Henry: You do not leave this car. Do you understand me? You do not leave this car at all.

Maddie: I won’t.

Henry: Don't go out there in crazy town.

Maddie: I won’t. Tell Eve I'm really sorry.

Henry: And I'll tell her you love her.

Maddie: Okay.

Henry: Lord -- lock this door!

Maddie: Okay.

Eve: Detective Hughes, where do you get off?

Margo: Casey told me that this mask -- it's Maddie’s. And then Gwen Munson told me that the person who attacked her was wearing this mask along with a dark hooded sweatshirt.

Eve: Oh, so it follows that Maddie’s the attacker and lying to cover up for her?

Margo: Look, I know that you are doing your level best to keep Maddie from being arrested.

Eve: You have no evidence tying my sister to any of these crimes.

Margo: Could we not have this conversation in the hallway? Thank you. I know it's hard, isn't it? It's hard trying to figure out what's best for the people we love. And I know that -- you know, I have sympathy -- you're trying to protect your sister. But you have to understand, I'm doing my job. I'm trying to make sure that there's not another murder here. So if you know anything, I'm warning you, withholding evidence from a police investigation could result in your own arrest.

Eve: Let me see the picture again. This is Casey behind the mask?

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Looks like a perfect fit. Maybe he's the Slasher.

Margo: But -- no, there's no motive. I mean, there's nothing that points to him.

Eve: What, it's not a possibility that he's framing Maddie for breaking up with him?

Margo: Excuse me, but Casey has done nothing but protect Maddie at every turn, and with mounting evidence and even at the risk of his own life. So to accuse him of framing her for murder is just not logical. Not only that, it's downright ungrateful.

Eve: Well, you'll have to excuse me, Detective, if I'm not bursting with gratitude over the hell that my family's going through right now. I've answered your question --

Margo: Untruthfully.

Eve: I would like you to go now.

Margo: I would like to search the premises.

Eve: No way in hell!

Casey: You know, you don't have to stay out here.

Gwen: I know. I -- I want to. I want to do something, say something, tell you that everything is going to be okay.

Casey: I just keep thinking about something my mom said. She said that this was going to be my golden summer. You know, between high school and college. No worries. But what was going to make it golden was Maddie. You know? What happened to that?

Gwen: I don't know. It's like there's no way that the person you love and believe in could do something so heinous. But then they do it, and it just --

Casey: How did it get so twisted? I mean, this is Maddie we're talking about -- the girl that drove me nuts with all of her rules about doing the right thing. And the girl that had kittens on a notebook. She wouldn't even eat a grape in the grocery store without even paying for it.

Gwen: I know.

Will: If she was jealous about me and Lia, the Maddie I know would have wanted to talk about it 24/7, not turn into some psycho Slasher who stalks people and then -- or maybe I never knew Maddie after all.

Luke: Ah, here it is. Here it is, Mom's list of baby names. That one. I remember she said that that was her favorite.

Holden: She wrote the name's meaning next to it. Not bad.

Luke: Works for me.

Holden: So we're pre-approved, we're all set.

Luke: Yeah, but, Dad -- if you knew about the list, then why did you wait until now to name the baby?

Holden: Because I wanted to have both of my boys home at the same time.

Luke: Anything I can do to help?

Holden: Yeah. Would you a couple extra duties around the house?

Luke: Whatever you need.

Holden: How about being your brother's godfather?

Luke: Are you serious?

Holden: Yeah.

Luke: Why me?

Holden: Because your brother needs somebody to look up to. And I think you're the man for the job.

Luke: I'd be honored. Thanks, Dad.

Holden: Good. [Doorbell rings] That must be the minister.

Emma: Hey!

Lucinda: Darling --

Holden: Hello, welcome.

Emma: Hello, my baby.

Lucinda: Hello, other darling! Good to see you, darling.

Emma: Hey, save some of those for me, young man.

Luke: Hi.

Lucinda: Jump in.

Emma: My goodness, you look great.

Luke: Thank you. I feel great.

Holden: So Mama, where's Meg?

Emma: Well, she felt odd about asking for the night off on her first night back at her job.

Lucinda: How about that? That something good happened? Because she saved Lucy's life, they've reinstated her at the hospital.

Meg: Isn't that wonderful?

Holden: Is that it?

Emma: That's it. This is it. This is the Snyder family christening gown.

Lucinda: Now for the answer to the big question.

Emma: We have the baby, we have the gown --

Lucinda: What is the name?

Emma: Hmm?

Simon: You know you can't quit, Michael. You're under contract.

Mike: Sue me. I'll tell the judge how you bypassed the building inspector and got someone to sign off on a structure that's not up to code.

Carly: Oh, tell me -- Simon, you tell me that you did not do that!

Simon: Oh, come on, this? Please. This construction, completely solid.

Mike: Katie warned you about working with him.

Simon: Yeah, well, Katie hasn't had a good word to say about me in a long time.

Mike: Well, it didn't take you very long to do something unethical and completely illegal, did it?

Simon: A little overdramatic, Mike.

Mike: All right, you know what? Carly, you've still got a chance to walk away from this. Or you can hang around and hope this building doesn't collapse on you. I hope you walk, but that's up to you. Excuse me.

Simon: Well, that boy is really uptight. Makes you wonder how Katie finds any fun with him.

Carly: At least Mike's not a liar.

Simon: Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait, wait. No, no, no, no, no, no. You can't quit on me, too.

Carly: Watch me.

Simon: So you're really going, huh?

Carly: Yeah, unless that door falls off its hinges and traps me underneath it.

Simon: And what happened to staying and wowing the investors?

Carly: Well, they're most likely stuck in the elevator. I think I'll take the stairs.

Simon: Oh, come on, Carly, don't -- this is our big chance. Don't walk away from this.

Carly: Simon, I am walking away from a disaster before it happens. After everything that's gone down over the last year, I can't afford to get into anymore trouble. Especially not if it involves selling investors on a possible death trap. I'm not gonna trade my children for a prison jumpsuit because you're too cheap or too stupid or too lazy to figure out what's wrong with this building and fix it!

Simon: Listen, my dealings with the building inspector have nothing to do with you -- or Mike.

Carly: That's right. As long as we get out while the getting's good.

Simon: And look, you know, you know he's signed on to this project, trying to find a way to get to me. And he thinks he's hit on it.

Carly: Simon, you bribed a city official!

Simon: I didn't bribe anyone. I merely made a very small down payment on our future success.

Carly: Down payment? Is that what you're calling it? That's cute, Simon. That's very creative.

Simon: Come on, Carly, you know if I'd waited for those repairs, our whole enterprise comes to a screeching halt. The deal cools, the investors take their red hot little checkbooks and go scouring someplace else.

Carly: Well, yeah, I'm sorry. I was always taught safety first!

Simon: Safety first? Fine, if that's your attitude, then pack your stuff, and go home. Because no one got anywhere by playing it safe. Oh, and I might as well just rip this up, huh?

Carly: Well what is that?

Simon: This? This -- this is just the work orders for the minor repairs to commence as soon as the investors sign off on our project.

Carly: But Simon, isn't that like fraud? Isn't that taking their money under false pretenses or something?

Simon: Carly, Carly, Carly, Carly, you have my word. That everything will be brought up to code and beyond once this deal is made.

Carly: Walk away. Walk away Carly, walk away. And don't turn back --

Simon: Look, if everything's made right in the end, why not stay and play? Do what you did in New York, and they will be throwing money at you. Because at the end of the day, you and I -- we can make this hunk of glass and concrete into a showplace, four stars and rising. We'll be the talk of the town. But you know what? I'll admit Mike is right about one thing, it is your choice. So, if you want to run along like a scared little rabbit, I'm not going to stop you.

Emma: What were you two whispering about?

Lucinda: Well, Holden has chosen a name from a list that Lily made ages ago.

Emma: What, are you going to let me in on it? Oh, that's nice.

Faith: Tell me, tell me!

Holden: Maybe your brother can tell you?

Faith: He can't talk.

Holden: Sure he can. Ready, let's see. Okay, come on over here.

Faith: That was you.

Holden: Nah, I can't fool you, can I?

Lucinda: Well I think it's absolutely perfect name. Leave it to my Lily to pick something original and perfect.

Holden: Come on, guys. Sit down.

Lucinda: There you go.

Lucy: Smiling faces. I'd almost forgotten what they look like.

Luke: You know, home hasn't felt like home until now.

Lucy: I know. So much sadness. Dusty. Jen. Well, aren't I just the old party pooper?

Luke: So, how are things with you and Dusty?

Lucy: I don't know. He saved my life. That's as good as it gets, right?

Luke: I don't know. Is it?

Lucy: Well, we've made progress. Not as much blame in his eyes. He's tried to make me feel less guilty about letting Jennifer leave the hospital.

Luke: But it's not like you guys are new best friends.

Lucy: I'm still the grim reminder. It's hard for Dusty to be around me. So, it's better if I just keep my distance.

Holden: Hey, Luke, can I get your help over here.

Luke: To be continued.

[Door bell ringing]

Lucy: I'll get it. It's probably just the minister.

Eve: I told you I've never seen the mask before. If you want to search my rooms, you need to get a warrant.

Margo: You realize you're just making things harder for Maddie.

Eve: Good-night. I have nothing more to say, Detective.

Henry: We need to talk.

Eve: Go away.

Henry: This is important.

Eve: Look, if you're here to spread more filth about my husband --

Henry: Please, Eve. Would you please let me in?

Eve: No more lies, Henry. Promise me.

Henry: They're not lies, Honey. They're not lies.

Eve: I think you'd better leave.

Henry: I just got back from Maddie. And she confirmed everything. In chicago, it was Louis, Honey. Louis raped our sister.

Eve: No. It's not possible. You know for weeks now, Maddie does not know what is real and what isn’t. I'm not saying she's lying deliberately --

Henry: She did not lie. But you know what? You just lied to Margo about the mask. I haven't seen the picture, but I know exactly what she was talking about. It was that mask that Maddie made, and you sent it from Chicago with a bunch of her stuff.

Eve: Look, the detective said that the attacker was wearing a dark sweatshirt and that mask when Gwen Munson -- I was trying to protect Maddie.

Henry: Look, we both know that she does not have it in her to attack anybody. But someone attacked her.

Eve: I do not have to stand her and listen to this --

Henry: Someone attacked her in the safety of her own bedroom. In the privacy of your own home! In the privacy of your own home.

Eve: Stop it! Stop it!

Henry: With the mask there, was she looking at that mask when Louis did what he did?

Eve: Stop it!

Henry: Listen to me, listen to me. All right, remember when we used to say that the worst things to ever happen in our lives were Mom and Dad? Do you remember that? Someone stole that to make her look guilty. And we both know, Sweetie, we both know it was Louis. Now, we have to stop him, before he stops somebody else.

Casey: Maddie was out there. Watching us.

Gwen: How do you know? [Casey shows Gwen the bracelet Maddie dropped outside the window] She could've dropped those ages ago.

Casey: It wasn't there this morning, Gwen. I would have seen it.

Gwen: You really think she came back?

Casey: To finish us off? I can't even -- I don't know. All I know is, I need to get the hell out of this town.

Gwen: You still thinking about Raven Lake?

Casey: If you don't want to go, I'm not going to push it. But if you stay around here, you're just asking for more trouble.

Gwen: Did you lock the door when we came back in?

Announcer: Coming up on -- "As the World Turns."

Lucinda: What are you doing after the ceremony this evening? Are you free to have dinner with me at my place?

Simon: You were amazing.

[Knock on the door] [Maddie thinks she see’s Louise banding on the car window]

[Maddie screams]

Simon: Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming.

Man: You're welcome.

Simon: If you would just give us a moment, we'll be right with you. So, what's it going to be, Carly? Are you with me or not?

Carly: How do I look? Do I have anything in my teeth?

Simon: Right there, just a little bit. Go get 'em!

Carly: Gentlemen, hello. It's so nice to see you again. How do you do? How are you? Well, Simon and I have prepared an amazing presentation. At the end at which, you will be begging to get in on the ground floor. So, just relax. Make yourselves nice and comfy, and let me do all the work.

Lucy: Dusty, I didn't expect you for the christening.

Holden: The man who saved the life of my child's godmother? He gets ringside.

Lucy: Of course. I didn't mean to -- Holden, did you just say what I think you said?

Holden: You earned your stripes, looking out for Luke, your godmother stripes. Now you get to look out for both of my boys.

[Doorbell rings]

Minister: Sorry I'm late.

Holden: Hey, Reverend, come on in. Set up inside.

Minister: Hello, everybody. [Everyone says "hello”] We will begin in a moment.

Emma: Here's your precious boy. Your angel boy.

Holden: You know, I think I'm having second thoughts about doing this without Lily here.

Emma: Oh, what do you mean,Sweetheart, Lily is here. Look around you. There's Faith, Natalie, Luke, and this precious new life. Lily couldn't be closer.

Minister: Are we ready to begin?

Holden: Yeah, we're ready. I think he's ready. And we're going to send this one to your mom, with lots of love.

Casey: The lights are on across the street. That means someone must have tripped the breaker.

Gwen: Where's the fuse box? Inside or out?

Casey: I think we should get out of here.

Tom: Oh, hey, guys. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare anybody. I think I hit the wrong breaker switch for the lights outside. What the hell are you doing with that thing?

Eve: He's not perfect, Henry. But he is not a murderer. He couldn't be -- he could never been that.

Henry: Did you know he was a rapist?

Eve: Stop saying that! God -- it's not -- it's not possible. I would know if something like that happened.

Henry: Maddie said you had a book club meeting that night. She even knows what book it was. It was "The Da Vinci Code." Do you remember that night?

Eve: Yeah, no one had finished the book, so we broke early and I came home.

Henry: Was Maddie there?

Eve: No. Just good smells coming from the kitchen. Louis had cooked dinner. There were fresh cut flowers on the table.

Henry: But no Maddie.

Eve: No. Louis came from the kitchen with two glasses of wine. And he'd showered and shaved. He'd showered. I asked him if Maddie would be joining us, and he said no, she'd gone out with friends.

Henry: Not to a frat party?

Eve: No. Just that she'd gone out. I remember thinking how happy I was that we had the place to ourselves. That I got scared later when she didn't come home. Oh, God. I had no idea.

Henry: Hey.

Eve: It was because --

Henry: No one is blaming you, Sweetheart. No one is blaming you.

Eve: I was supposed to protect her.

Henry: That's water under the bridge now.

Eve: Stupid book club. I was at a stupid book club.

Henry: It might have been a stupid book club, it would have been when you were having a girls' night out or you're late home from work. Whenever. Whatever. He would have found a way to get to her. We couldn't help her then, okay? We can help her now.

Eve: How?

Henry: Go to the police and we tell them about the rape, okay?

Eve: Is there some other way?

Henry: No, there is not another way. We have to do this. We have to do this. Not just for justice for Maddie, but there is much bigger thing going on here. Okay? These killings --

Eve: Stop! Stop, don't say it!

Henry: It wasn't Maddie. But it was someone who wanted to hurt her.

Eve: No, it's not Louis.

Henry: If you defend him, I don't need your statement. Do you understand me? You take one look at her, and you know she is telling the truth about this rape.

Eve: Okay, okay. She is telling the truth about that.

Henry: Good, good, good. You can give me that at least.

Eve: I hate what he did.

Henry: Then what -- then what is keeping you from going to the police?

Eve: What if my husband's not the killer? What if it is Maddie and Louis drove her to it?

[Maddie remembering]

Louis: You say one word and I'll get to Eve and Henry. You will lose them. Do you understand? What's private is private. Like what we have between us. You can't hurt me, maddie. You love me. Because up to now you have been a pretty good girl. You're going to stay one aren't you? Aren't you? You say one word and I'll get to eve and henry. You'll lose them, maddie. You understand? You've been a pretty good girl. You're going to stay one aren't you? Aren't you?

[Knocking on the window]

[Maddie screams]

[Maddie screams]

Margo: Maddie, its okay. It come on. There, there. Okay, it's okay. You okay? You all right? There are safer places you can be.

Maddie: Show me one.

Margo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. All right?

Maddie: How'd you know I was here?

Margo: I just put one and one together. I know you want to lay low and henrys’ vanity plates are pretty hard to miss.

Maddie: What do you want?

Margo: Here, this. This, take a look at this. That mask that Casey’s wearing. You made it. When's the last time you saw it?

Eve: All that hurt and fear she's been hiding. It's got to go somewhere, doesn't it Henry? All that anger and rage? I mean, God, Maddie. Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Until Louis. What if she's trying to get back at him, or she's trying to get back at us because we didn't protect her? Or she's trying to get back something that she can never get back? What if Louis has damaged her so completely, that she did kill these kids? That she did go after Gwen and Casey and now we've lost her forever?

Henry: No, no, Eve, no, no. Maddie is not a killer.

Eve: But all the evidence points to her, and not Louis.

Henry: Not all the evidence.

Eve: What do you mean?

Henry: Where does Louis keep his stuff?

Minister: May I present, in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, Ethan Walsh Snyder.


Faith: Hi, Ethan.

Emma: I'm so proud of you, Holden for doing this. Lily would be proud to. Come on, I'll walk you out.

Lucinda: What are you doing after the ceremony thing?

Dusty: John is at the babysitter’s.

Lucinda: That means you can have dinner with me.

Dusty: You are just are worrying about me being alone.

Lucinda: Do I have the face of a woman who just wanted to talk about what your next venture is for Worldwide. Did it ever occur to I don't want to be alone?

Dusty: All right, I like that.

Lucinda: Okay.

Carly: So, there you have it, Gentlemen. Frasier Towers.24 stories of designed living. With all of brochures of the amenities. But I assure you that is just the starting point. Everything from floor covering, carpets and window curtains, and you should also know that my partner and this property will actually increase in value before us even so, in terms of your investment I’ll call a win-win proposition. Any questions at all?

Man: Come to my office in the morning and we'll talk terms.

Simon: Absolutely much for coming and we will definitely be there.

Carly: So, how do you think it went?

Simon: Are you kidding me? You were amazing.

Carly: Where the hell did that come from?

Simon: Damned if I know. If you'd like me to do it ai--

Carly: No, no, again, excuse me.

Simon: Oh, right.

Holden: So, here he is. Our boy, Ethan. I hope that name rings a bell because if it doesn't, we're in big trouble. It mean steadfastness.Constancy. I thought, what could be more steadfore than my love for you? I thought it was perfect. You know, today was one of those special family days that you weren't there and it was a rough one. It just wasn't the same without you. This little guy, he needs you. So I want you to do something for me. I want you to come back to us. The sooner the better.

Lucy: That was graceful.

Dusty: It's all right.

Lucinda: And you thought the man hated you?

Lucy: Oh, don't start, Grandmother.

Lucinda: I just wanted to have dinner with you.

Lucy: I'm just -- I'm not even going to go there.

Lucy: On one condition.

Lucinda: No brussels sprouts, ever.

Lucy: No mention of Dusty.

Lucinda: Oh, Darling, his name will never cross my lips.

Tom: I'm sorry, Case. I didn't know. In fact, I didn't know anybody was here when I got here.

Casey: No, that's okay.

Tom: Actually, it's not. We've got a masked Slasher running around. No wonder you guys were scared when the lights went out.

Casey: Yeah, it's been a weird couple of weeks.

Tom: Well, your mom is so wrapped up in this investigation, I'm not even up to speed on that. So, I assume the order to steer clear of Maddie Coleman in this case still stands.

Casey: Yeah, no problem, Dad.

Tom: Okay, I'm going to give your mom a quick call.

Casey: So, do you think he and my mom will be cool with me going to Raven Lake for a couple of days?

Gwen: Well, I think they'll understand why you might want to get away. You want company?

Casey: Are you serious?

Gwen: How long will it take you to pack?

Casey: I'll race you.

Gwen: Last one done has to do a cannonball into the lake.

Margo: Maddie, do you recognize that mask?

Maddie: It's mine. I made it.

Margo: Do you remember the last time you saw it? Do you know where it is?

Maddie: Where?

Margo: I'm sorry, Maddie, you don't leave me any choice. I got to bring you in.

Eve: Henry, why are you doing this?

Henry: Margo said the killer was wearing a dark sweatshirt and Maddie’s mask.

Eve: Then why aren't you searching her things instead of my husband's?

Henry: This is why.

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Dusty: I told you take you up on your dinner invitation.

Eve: I can't hide from it anymore. Louis is capable of anything.

Louis: I warned you, little girl. I warned you.

Gwen: Oh, he's not going.

Ann: You're not going with your husband?

Will: Yeah, I'm going to need a ticket from Oakdale to Raven lake.

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