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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/16/06

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Pilot: You folks want to buckle up? We're beginning our descent into Oakdale. Should be on the ground in ten minutes.

Simon: So what do you say, one last glass?

Carly: No, no, no, not for me. So was it me, or did we really impress those -- those big guys with their big, fat checkbooks?

Simon: Well, you wowed them. You absolutely blew them away with your designs.

Carly: Well, no. You did, too. Now, you've always talked a good game, but using that power for good, and not evil? I was thoroughly impressed.

Simon: Wow, high praise. So does this mean you forgive me for hanging up on Jack?

Carly: Forgive you? I ought to thank you.

Simon: Praise and gratitude. Well, I ought to play those odds in Vegas.

Carly: You were right. My life has changed. And what happens to Jack isn't my worry anymore.

EMT #1: Lucky the bullet just grazed you.

Jack: Ah, no, I've had worse.

EMT #1: You need to get it checked out at the hospital. Anybody you want me to call to meet you there?

Jack: No, no. There's no one. I'll be fine on my own.

Damian: Now, listen to me, Luke --

Luke: Why? Why? So you can say something that makes it all better? My mom is in a coma because of you! I thought she was trying to send me away, that's why we fought. That's why she fell! But you -- you were the one who wanted that Kreeger guy to --

Damian: It wasn't just me, Luke! Your mother was with me all the way. She wanted to help you. We both did.

Luke: Help me? Help me? Help me -- what, not be gay? Send me to some camp for the hetero-challenged? Straighten me out?

Damian: Your mother and I both agreed that Ross Kreeger’s program --

Luke: Oh, Ross Kreeger is a sick, creepy control freak. And my mom finally got that -- right before she fell. Right before she fell, she told me that she made a terrible mistake. Trusting you was that mistake, wasn't it, Damian? Wasn't it?

Louis: It'll be okay, Maddie. The two of us will talk the way we used to. And you'll feel better.

Maddie: Can't I just go to bed?

Henry: Of course you can, Sweetheart.

Louis: We need to deal with this.

Eve: Louis, it has been a long day.

Louis: And the police will be here first thing in the morning. So maybe it'd be good to have some idea of what we're going to tell them, so we can keep Maddie out of jail.

Henry: Look at her. She's dead on her feet, all right? This can wait until tomorrow.

Louis: Your sister was found at a crime scene. Maybe you can build sweet dreams on that, but not me. I care too much.

Eve: We all care.

Henry: This is not a contest, for crying out loud.

Louis: But helping Maddie so far, you've had what results? And she's never had any trouble opening up to me. What will it hurt if I reach out and get to the bottom of this Slasher business?

Eve: Is that all right with you, Sweetie?

Henry: You can always say no, Maddie.

Maddie: Whatever.

Louis: That a girl. Eve, Henry, excuse us?

Henry: Don't you think Louis is taking the "big brother-in-law" thing just a little bit too far?

Eve: That's who he is to her. After you moved here, Maddie missed you so much. And Louis seemed to understand that. He made time for her. I mean, he knew more about her interests and her school work than I did. Look, I know Louis can be driven --

Henry: I wasn't gonna say that, but yeah --

Eve: But he made a real effort with Maddie. So, let him help her, Henry.

Henry: All right, look, I don't have to be in on this bonding session, but that doesn't mean I can't watch. You want to join me for a nightcap?

Eve: No, I can’t. I gotta run out and take care of some things.

Henry: Okay. I'll just keep an eye on these two.

Eve: All right, you won't interfere?

Henry: They won't even know I'm here.

Bob: Whoa, that's quite a bump. Whoever knocked you out was really meaning business.

[Casey remembering]

Maddie: Casey, if you don't stay away from me, you could be next.

Bob: No sign of a concussion. Any dizziness, nausea?

Casey: No. I just have a major headache.

Bob: Well, I can give you something for that.

Gwen: Hey. I checked out okay.

Casey: Yeah, me, too.

Bob: Well, that's great. But I want you both back here tomorrow for a follow-up.

Casey: All right. Thanks, Grandpa.

Bob: Listen, I gotta go. But I'm serious --you be careful. And you, too.

Gwen: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Gwen: Does your grandpa know that Maddie might be a suspect?

Casey: No, I didn't say anything about it. But, how are you doing? Whoever that was really went after you.

Gwen: Yeah, that's the thing. We could have been killed, and all I can think about is that Will was with Jade when it happened.

Jade: This place isn't a total roach trap. And the soda machine works. And if I smile at the guy at the front desk, I'm sure I can get him to send up a cot. Or we could be bed buddies. Wouldn't be the first time we slept together.

Will: Forget it, Jade. I'm not going to do this.

Jade: I don't snore, and I won't hog the covers, so what's the problem?

Will: I have enough trouble without piling on more.

Jade: Is this because I told the cops that you and I were together when Gwen and Casey were attacked?

Will: You lied to the police. And I should have stopped you. We weren't together.

Jade: Well, they don't need to know that. It's not like we're serious suspects. Anyway, you never know when a good alibi can come in handy.

Will: Why? You need one?

Jade: I was standing up for you. I didn't want to see you get arrested for something I know you didn't do.

Will: Okay, I get that. But now Gwen thinks that you and I were together while she was fighting off some maniac.

Jade: Well, she needs to get over it. She should be happy she's alive.

Will: Gwen left me because I slept with you. How am I going to get her back if she finds out that we're staying in a motel together?

Jade: I don't even know why you want her back. She completely stood by while the cops had you on a rack, making you look guiltier by the minute.

Will: She doesn't think I did it. She told me.

Jade: Yeah, and then she blew you off and went home to Casey. And you can't go home because now it's a crime scene. Listen, the real reason I want you to stay is because I'm scared.

Will: You're scared?

Jade: Maddie wasn't arrested tonight. And who knows who else she'll attack? So please, would you just be my friend, and let me be your friend?

Will: Okay, sure. I'll be your friend. But we're going to do it my way.

Casey: You know, Will's beyond stupid when it comes to you and Jade.

Gwen: Okay, come on, Casey. That's not going to help anything --

Casey: No, no, no, I mean, he knows that she's trouble, so why is he hanging with her? And I'm not just saying that because she's got it in for Maddie.

Gwen: Okay, can we not --

Casey: And now she's got her hooks into Will, and he's like brain dead, and she's leading him around like he's a little dog --

Gwen: Okay, I'll forgive you because you got your head smashed, but it's really not what I need to hear right now, okay?

Casey: Sorry.

Eve: Gwen, Casey, is it okay if I come in?

Casey: We were just leaving, actually.

Eve: This won't take long. How are you doing?

Gwen: We're okay.

Eve: Thank God. I wanted to make sure and tell you how sorry I am.

Casey: Why?

Eve: Because you're Maddie’s friends and you could have been murdered. I mean, I can't begin to imagine how horrible that must have been for you, and for her. On top of the attack on Maddie.

Casey: Yeah, it seems like nobody's safe.

Eve: Look, I know the police think that Maddie’s behind these slayings. And I hear people talking, or not talking. And every time we walk into the lobby at the Lakeview, the silence, the looks -- Casey, I'm just really grateful that my sister still has you on her side. You do still believe in Maddie, don't you?

Louis: I'm glad we finally have some time alone together. We have a lot to talk about.

Maddie: I have nothing to say to you.

Louis: Aren't you glad to see me? I've missed you. Haven't you missed me?

Maddie: I'm tired.

Louis: Maddie, it's me. You know I'm always here for you. When Eve told me you were in trouble, I didn't hesitate. I dropped everything to come and help.

Maddie: Well, you can go back, because I don't need your help.

Louis: Everybody needs help sometimes, Maddie Pie.

Maddie: Don't call me that.

Louis: All right, Madeline. We'll do this your way.

Maddie: I just want to go to sleep.

Louis: First, you're going to tell me what happened tonight. Where were you when those two kids were attacked?

Maddie: You're not my keeper. I don't have to tell you anything.

Louis: Look, clearly, you're upset. But, if there's something you need to talk about, something you can't keep to yourself anymore, you need to tell me about it. You know you can tell me anything.

Maddie: There's nothing.

Louis: Are you sure? You used to talk to me about everything. Those days you'd come home from school crying, because the kids were mean and called you a geek. I was the one you talked to, turned to, trusted. The one who knew you better than anyone else. We were friends, Maddie.

Maddie: You were lots of things, Louis. But you were never, never my friend.

Louis: Maddie, wait!

Henry: That's enough.

Jack: I'm fine.

Carly: Jack, my God. Are you all right?

Jack: I'm fine. What are you doing here?

Carly: We just got back from New York. What happened?

Jack: It was just a little graze.

Carly: What do you mean, just a little graze? Somebody shot you, Jack? Are you all right? Who did it? Did they catch him?

Jack: You're not my wife anymore, Carly. It's not your job to worry about me.

Carly: What do you mean, it's not my job? Jack?

EMT #1: Ready to roll?

Jack: Yeah, I'm ready.

Carly: All right, well, if you're going to the hospital, I'm going to go with you.

Simon: Carly, wait, wait, wait, you heard what Jack said. You're not his wife anymore. Just let him go.

Damian: I believed in the program, Luke. I was convinced it was what you needed. I admit, I kept certain details --

Luke: Details?

Damian: -- From your mother, yes.

Luke: Details? Deprogramming in a resort setting. Enjoy the Olympic-sized pool while a staff of trained professionals messes with your head, tries to unscrew something that wasn't screwed up to begin with.

Damian: I downplayed certain details of the program to your mother. Because I didn't want her to worry. I didn't want her to stop you from becoming the man I know you were born to be, Luke.

Luke: But Mom caught onto your agenda. That's why you didn't want me going to the hospital. You said it was because my dad didn't want me there.

Damian: You blamed yourself for Lily's fall --

Luke: Yeah, but you let me blame myself. The real reason you didn't want me going to that hospital, was because you were terrified that my mom would wake up and tell the truth. That you never for one second accepted who I am. It was all an act. I'm gay, and you were going to cure me, change me into some strapping, Grimaldi male.

Damian: You are a Grimaldi, Luke. Don't you ever forget --?

Luke: You played me against my family. To get me to stay away. Because you were terrified that my mom would wake up and tell you to stay the hell away from me.

Damian: Luke, Luke, I'm sorry. I love you. Our connection is real. Can't you see --?

Luke: What was it going to be? A few months at camp straight arrow? After wood shop, they would show us pictures of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. And then, when I'm all dazed and confused, and macho'd up, you'd slip right in and get me to sign my inheritance away to you?

Damian: That's not how it was supposed to be.

Luke: Yeah, because my mom fell into a coma, which works even better for you. Plan B. Drive a wedge between me and my family. Make me think that they don't even want me here -- and my only home was with you, 1,000 miles away!

Damian: You're my son, Luke. I haven't seen you for years. I needed time with you. I wanted time with you. I need it.

Luke: And you were going to do whatever you could to get it. No matter what it costs me. You were going to take me away, knowing full well, that my mother could die. And I would never get a chance to say that I'm sorry or that I love her -- all because you needed my time and you wanted my money to save your own worthless life! You stupid lying son of a bitch!

Carly: Jack is hurt. He needs me.

Simon: He needs medical attention, Carly.

Carly: He was there for me when I was hurt. And he'll need someone at the hospital. He'll need someone --

Simon: To what? To what, to what? Hold his hand, fluff his pillows? All the wifely duties that you were so ready to sign off on?

Carly: I didn't expect to get off a plane and see him here, shot! And just because Jack and I are separated doesn't mean that we aren't friends.

Simon: Okay. Carly, you and I are friends. You and Jack -- that's a whole other story.

Carly: Because you're the expert, right? You know what I think? I think that you're just jealous, because I can be there for Jack in a way that you can never be there for Katie.

Simon: All right, fine. Carly, go on. Chase after Jack. 'Cause if you do that now, you will be doing it for the rest of your life. You know where I'll be? I'm gonna be at the bar, enjoying a drink to my clean start.

Holden: Luke -- Luke, you need to calm down.

Luke: Why? Why? Why? Maybe if I punch -- punch his face in -- what, will I be man enough for you, Damian? Huh? Huh? How's that? If I kick your teeth in, am I a real Grimaldi?

Damian: If it makes you feel better, Luke, go ahead. Kick my teeth in. I had to make sure that this is what you really are. What you want to be. Can't you understand? Can't you see that?

Luke: No! No, because you didn't make it just about me! You are the reason my mother's in a coma, why she missed the entire summer with her husband and her children and the birth of her son. The first few minutes of his life holding him. And you are the reason that I turned my back on her and made her fall. And if she doesn't wake up, if she dies, and leaves my little brother without one memory, then it is all your fault! And I let you do it!

Damian: It was an accident, Luke.

Dallas: I just talked to the ADA, explained her the situation. Now, it's her opinion, but she thinks we have enough to hold Damian here to a kidnapping charge.

Holden: Then arrest him, Dallas. Read him his rights. Cuff him!

Dallas: It's not up to me. Your son here is gonna have to press charges.

Luke: Look's like I'm not the only one.

Henry: You okay?

Louis: Of course she's okay. Maddie knows I would never hurt her.

Henry: Then why did you grab her?

Louis: To keep her from walking out on a conversation just because it got a little uncomfortable. It's called respect and responsibility -- a couple of things that have been missing from Maddie’s life since she came to live with you.

Henry: Oh, really?

Louis: All she's learned from you is how to place a bet and mix the perfect martini.

Henry: Well, what has she learned from you, Louis?

Louis: You've allowed this girl to run wild, show no respect for authority -- that's why I stopped her.

Henry: You -- you stopped her and you grabbed her in the name of a higher power. That higher power being you. You know what? I don't know if you noticed, but most people don't like to be manhandled. And contrary to your assumptions, Maddie does not like to share her innermost thoughts.

Louis: There's a killer on the loose. Maddie was found at the scene of the crime. Somebody needs to get through to her. You don't get to go until this is settled!

Henry: Get your hands off of her.

Louis: Maddie, talk to me, you were there tonight when that girl was attacked.

Maddie: No, I wasn’t.

Louis: Stop this nonsense. Of course you were, detectives there found you and brought you home.

Maddie: I wasn't there, I was in the bedroom.

Henry: Say again?

Maddie: I was in the bedroom. You were there. Tell him.

Eve: Casey, wait. Wait. What don't I know? Do you have doubts about Maddie?

Casey: Look, Mrs. --

Eve: Call me Eve.

Casey: Eve, I've got this terrible headache. And I'm sure Gwen’s kind of shaky, so --

Eve: Wait -- well, did you see something? When you were attacked? Something that casts doubt on my sister?

Gwen: You know what? It all happened in a flash. You know, Casey was knocked unconscious, and whoever came after me was -- a very -- just a scary blur.

Eve: Casey, so nothing's changed?

Casey: You know what? Your sister and I aren't together anymore. She doesn't want me around.

Eve: Yeah, but have you lost faith in her? Please, tell me you haven't given up on her.

Casey: What difference does it make what I think? According to your husband, I should stay out of her life.

Eve: Look, you're gonna have to forgive Louis for coming down so hard on you. He is very protective of Maddie.

Casey: Yeah, I sort of got that.

Eve: Yeah -- Louis likes to be in charge, or feel as if he is. And people do misunderstand him when he comes on a bit strong, but he's just really anxious to get to the bottom of this and clear Maddie of any suspicion. And that's what you want, too, isn't it?

Casey: Look, I can't do this right now, okay? You ready?

Gwen: Yeah, sure.

Casey: All right.

Jade: We are definitely in sync. We get claustrophobic at the same time. Open our doors at the same time. We have rooms close to each other --

Will: Mine was the last room they had left.

Jade: Lucky us. I was just coming out here -- to make a wish on a star just now. And then I realized it was a plane.

Will: I -- I don't believe in that stuff.

Jade: Oh -- but if you did, how far back would you wish? That tonight never happened? Or, that Gwen never went home with Casey? Not that I don't think it's perfectly innocent. It's just really funny how things turn out. Or not.

Will: Yeah.

Will: What are you doing?

Jade: Wondering what's meant to be. How we ended up here. Thinking about stars. Maybe there's a message out there and it's up to us to figure it out. What do you think?

Will: I don't know.

Jade: Sorry, I guess you want to be alone.

Will: No, that's the last thing I want.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Damian: You'll always be my son. It's not over between us.

Holden: The hell it isn’t.

Louis: Maddie, wait!

Henry: No, you wait. Now, you lay a hand on my little sister again, and I will rip it off and shove it down your throat.

[Eve and Jack laughing]

Jack: Well –

Jade: Your room is like a suite at the Lakeview, compared to mine.

Will: I doubt it.

Jade: Yeah, it is. See? You've got these little shampoos and conditioners comped. All I got was a strip cross my toilet bowl that said "sanitized for your convenience." No fair, how come your bedspread doesn't smell like French fries? It's really soft. Feel it?

Will: I believe you.

Jade: Hey, you have cable. What day is it?

Will: I don't know. I think it's still Wednesday.

Jade: Awesome. There's a Tor Grimsby film festival.

Will: Who's Tor Grimsby?

Jade: He's this really extreme film director. He's known for his Slasher flicks. There's -- "Dead Man Calling." "Nightcrawlers" -- parts one through six. And -- "I know what you did." He won the golden dagger for this one -- "Die and Die Again". It's just starting.

Will: Jade, can I ask you something?

[Screaming on TV]

Jade: Sure.

Will: With everything that's going down, do you really think we should be watching this?

Jade: You can really get into it when you know that it's not real life.

Will: Right. It's real life that I have a problem getting into.

Jade: Are you hungry? When's the last time you ate?

Will: Gwen and I were still together.

Jade: Then you must be starving. Why don't I make a food run?

Will: What about your Slasher flick?

Jade: I've seen it, like, a hundred times. Anyway, you don't want to miss this next part. The hunchback takes the girl, and -- whatever, I don't want to ruin it for you. So, what are you in the mood for?

Will: I don't know. Whatever.

Jade: Okay, two orders of whatever coming right up. But it's going to have to be your treat, 'cause I'm a little bit low on cash.

Will: Just help yourself.

Jade: I'll be right back.

Gwen: Hey, what's going on?

Casey: You want some coffee?

Gwen: No, I want you to tell me what's going on. Why were you so weird with Maddie’s sister?

Casey: I forgot that aspirin at the hospital. Do you have any?

Gwen: Yeah. So what's the deal?

Casey: I need some water.

Gwen: Hey, stop playing dodgeball with me. What happened? Did Eve ask too many questions?

Casey: Yeah, Gwen. I was just conked over the head by a masked killer. I didn't really feel like doing the play-by-play.

Gwen: Because you're wondering if Maddie might have played a part in it? Look, you got real quiet when your mom started asking questions about her. And you said something about not knowing what to believe, where she's concerned. Was that because Maddie threatened Jade and me?

Casey: No. It's because of what she said to me.

Maddie: You saw me in the bedroom, Louis. Tell my brother.

Louis: You're not making sense.

Henry: Wow, Louis. That's a great way to get her to open up.

Louis: Are you talking about tonight? Because tonight, Eve and I were resting in our room upstairs, so there's no way I could have seen you, because you weren't there. Were you?

Henry: You know what, Louis, I think Maddie’s had enough of your "reaching out" for tonight. Why don't you leave her to me?

Louis: Why don't you hit the bar and leave me to handle Maddie?

Maddie: No, I don't want you to "handle" me!

Louis: Maddie, wait!

Henry: No, you wait. Now, you lay a hand on my little sister again, and I will rip it off and shove it down your throat.

Luke: Lucy. Thank God you're all right.

Lucy: On top of attempted kidnapping, this man should be charged with attempted murder.

Damian: I meant you no harm, Lucy.

Lucy: You left me to die in your wine cellar.

Damian: I was going to call someone to let you out.

Lucy: Ever the gentleman. Do I make my statement here or at the police station?

Damian: Are you going to tell them all of it? How you seduced me? Moved into my home? Went through my private papers?

Lucy: What's the problem with that?

Damian: You betrayed me, Lucy. I locked you away for that.

Lucy: Because you wanted payback? Fine. I can get over it. But what you did to Luke? The son you claim to love with all your heart? Trying to change him --

Damian: I love my son. You don't know what you're talking about.

Lucy: Sure I do. You sacrificed your own son, because, after all, what's more important than what's good for you? I should know. My own father used me the same way. But I would never let him get away with it again. Don't you, Luke. Don't let Damian get away with what he did to you.

Luke: I won’t.

Dallas: Okay, cuff him and read him his rights.

Luke: No, no, no. No, let him go.

Dallas: Mr. Snyder?

Holden: This is Luke's decision.

Dallas: Well, maybe you need to take some time to make sure it's the right one.

Luke: No, this is the right decision for our family. If Damian’s arrested, then there'll be hearings and a trial and appeals, and we could be dragged through the courts for months. I'd rather spend that time with you guys, and my sisters and my baby brother. And getting the house ready for Mom to come home. If Damian goes back to Malta, we could just pretend he never existed. Hell, I'm already there.

Dallas: Well, looks like you just dodged a major bullet, Mr. Grimaldi.

Damian: Luciano --

Luke: No. No. That is not who I am. Not now, not ever.

Damian: You'll always be my son. It's not over between us.

Holden: The hell it isn’t.

Holden: Your hold on my son, and my family, is over.

Luke: Not yet, Dad. Isn't there something I have to sign? Some legal papers -- so you can have my inheritance, pay off your enemies? I should've known that you'd have it on you.

Holden: Luke --

Luke: No. I don't want my future paved with his blood money. I don't want any part of the Grimaldi fortune.

Damian: No, Luke, that's your ring. It's your birthright.

Luke: The money, the ring, you -- you are no part of me. I'm a Snyder. That's all I've ever been. And it's all I want to be.

Holden: Make this the last time, Damian. You won't just be fighting me if you come back, you'll be fighting Luke.

Damian: He's my son, and he's got a good heart. He'll forgive me.

Holden: Damian, he's onto you. He knows what you're all about. He wants no part of you. I promise you that. Don't ever come back here again.

Gwen: Maddie actually warned you that she might physically hurt you?

Casey: Well, there was more to it than that, but that was the scariest part of it.

Gwen: Okay. I did not know that.

Casey: Yeah, and it's like -- I tried to block it out, you know? Pretend that she didn't say it, but --

Gwen: But then she showed up where we were attacked.

Casey: Yeah. Pile that on top of the threats that she made to you and Jade. I mean, I'm just sick of it. Gwen, I'm so sick of it, and, like -- I'm starting to get to the point where I might actually believe that she's lost it.

Gwen: Look, I know this doesn't make it any better, but I do know what if feels like when somebody you care about turns into someone else.

Casey: And I tried to stand by her, and you know, like, not believe in the worst, because --

Gwen: Because, you love her.

Casey: Yeah. I still love her. And that's why part of me still believes that she's innocent, or wants to believe in her, but it's, like, how far do you take it, you know? How am I supposed to defend someone when I don't even know who I'm defending, or if she's guilty, or if she's innocent?

Gwen: Well, I mean, it's hard when someone keeps so much of themselves locked up inside.

Casey: That's what I'm talking about. It's like this whole time, Maddie’s been holding something back. Like, something she's hiding from me.

Gwen: Like what?

Casey: I don't know, but it's something -- and you know it's got to be something. There's got to be some reason that she's so all over the place with me. Like, one minute, she's into me, and then she dumps me. Then she pulls me out of the reject pile, and pulls me in even closer, and then pushes me away again. I mean, I've been pushed and pulled in so many different directions, like, I really don't know how much more I can take.

Gwen: If you love her, you can take anything.

Casey: You mean like with you and Will?

Louis: Where the hell do you get off --?

Henry: Where do you get off, Louis? Hmm? You're grabbing her, you're giving her orders?

Louis: Maddie's out of control.

Henry: So are you. You do not, I repeat, you do not put your handprints on my little sister.

Louis: Someone's got to handle her.

Henry: Would that would be you, Louis? Is this how you handled her back in Chicago when she stayed with you and Eve?

Louis: Maddie had a good home, we gave her everything she needed.

Henry: Really? 'Cause hugs and home cooking don't send her off to a frat party. Now, it seems to me she would rather spend time in a room full of pledges burping the alphabet and girls getting sick on cheap wine than hanging out with you.

Louis: I didn't see you stepping up, thank goodness. I could just imagine breakfast -- "Maddie, Honey, one olive or two?"

Henry: Well, I will be the first to admit that I do not exactly channel Ward Cleaver, but I love that girl. And I would never grab her as if she were a thing whose feelings didn't matter -- or even exist. Now, she has never looked at me with panic, Louis. But that's what I saw when she looked in your eyes. She could not get away from you fast enough.

Louis: You shut your mouth right now!

Eve: Louis, it's just me. I wanted to find out how your talk with Maddie went. Call me when you get this. Jack --

Jack: Eve.

Eve: What happened to you?

Jack: What, me? Oh, it's no big deal. What are you doing here? Don't tell me Maddie was attacked again?

Eve: No, not Maddie. It was Casey and Gwen.

Jack: You're kidding -- you're kidding me. What happened? Are they okay?

Eve: Someone hit Casey over the head and tried to strangle Gwen -- but they're both okay, thank God. Dr. Hughes sent them home.

Jack: Unbelievable.

Eve: I know.

Jack: Okay, that brings me back to my original question -- what are you doing here?

Eve: Maddie was there tonight when the 911 was phoned in on Gwen and Casey, and she couldn't explain what she was doing there. Jack, she just looked so lost and scared --

Jack: Oh, Eve, I am -- I'm sorry.

Eve: You know what -- you're hurt, and I'm complaining about my problems --

Jack: I'm in no pain at all. [In Russian accent] I'm strong, like bull. [Eve laughs] Seriously.

Eve: Yeah, "bull" is right. You can stop playing a tough cop.

Jack: Law enforcement is not a game, young lady.

Eve: Yeah, especially when you get winged.

Jack: I will be back on the job tomorrow, good as new.

Eve: Ooh, super tough cop. You know, you should come with a warning label.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Yes, any suggestions?

Eve: I don't know, I was thinking -- "surrender"?

[Eve and Jack laughing]

Jack: Well –

Lucy: So anyway, Sergio tied us to this gas pipe, and then he left, and then I managed to work the knots, but then we hear this hissing -- gas leak.

Luke: Oh.

Lucy: Yeah, and then, Dusty grabbed this axe and he broke down the door, but it must've set off a spark of something, because then there was this huge explosion --

Luke: What -- but are you sure you're okay?

Lucy: Yeah, absolutely. But I guess I wasn't cut out to be a covert operative.

Luke: Well, if it wasn't for you, I'd be on a plane to Malta right now.

Lucy: It wasn't all me, Luke. Holden really made this happen. I'm going to go head home. Let Grandmother hover.

Luke: Hey. Thank you, Lucy. Dad, I'm sorry.

Holden: For what?

Luke: Well, I guess I should have seen everything about Damian, you know? That he was using me. The way he just came in out of the blue.

Holden: He's your biological father. You wanted to get to know him. There's nothing wrong with that.

Luke: It's just, Damian -- he pretended to be cool with who I am, and I guess I really needed that, but the whole time, he was just trying to control me. You never did that.

Holden: Neither did your mom.

Luke: I know. You know, you could have stopped me. Legally, I mean.

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, I could've.

Luke: So, why didn't you?

Holden: You want to know, why? When I was with your mom, I was thinking about when we were your age, and how we were rebellious, and how we ran away, and all that stuff.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: So it runs in the family?

Holden: You should be proud of yourself.

Luke: Why?

Holden: You didn't want to leave with Damian to hurt us, you wanted to do it because you wanted to help him.

Luke: And so, you were going to let me go so I could learn from my own mistakes.

Holden: That, and I was going to be on the next plane right behind you. To keep an eye on you.

Luke: Really? Cool. I wish Mom were here.

Holden: So do I.

Luke: It just seems so weird. I finally learn that Damian was the only bad guy there was, and I can't even talk to her about it.

Holden: Sure you can. I think it's the news that she needs to hear right now.

[Damian remembering]

Luke: I'm a Snyder. That's all I've ever been, all I want to be.

Damian: We'll see about that.

Bartender: Evening, Mr. Frasier. What'll it be?

Simon: You know what, Frank? Yeah, I'll have a beer. Thank you.

Bartender: You got it. Say, where's your pretty business partner tonight?

Simon: It's a long story, Frank. Why don't you grab yourself one, and I'll tell all about our trip to New York.

Carly: Hi, Frank.

Bartender: Good evening.

Carly: I'll have what he's having.

Jack: Okay, Eve, what's wrong?

Eve: I don't know -- I guess I thought that Louis coming here was going to be a good thing, and --

Jack: And, it hasn't played out that way?

Eve: Maddie and my husband were really close when she lived with us in Chicago, and after she moved away, he just wasn't himself, you know? Not eating, moping around the house -- but then, you know, he snapped out of it. But since he's been here -- I don't know, Jack, we're all really worried about Maddie, but Louis has taken it to a different level. It's like I can't reach him. He is just so focused on my sister -- I'm sorry. I'm unloading again -- I don't know what it is about me, I keep telling you all my problems.

Jack: No, no! Cops are great listeners, that's why.

Eve: Yeah, but you're obviously off-duty.

Jack: I -- I guess that makes me a sucker for a hard luck story. I can tell you mine sometime if it'd make you feel better.

Eve: Deal. You know, when you were married, was there ever a time when you felt like --

Jack: What?

Eve: I love Louis so much, and sometimes I feel like I know him better than I know myself. And other times, I feel like he's a total stranger.

Henry: You're going to want to back off, Louis.

Louis: Why would I do that?

Henry: Because right now, I'm remembering that my sister loves you. In a few seconds, I'm going to forget that. Don't make us both sorry.

Louis: I took care of Maddie. Don't you or anyone else dare say otherwise.

[Henry sighs]

Gwen: Wow, this day keeps getting, like, better and better.

Casey: Yeah, my headache just got worse.

Gwen: You okay?

Casey: Nothing some fresh air won't fix.

Gwen: Let's go.

Jade: Hey. Some night, huh? Listen, Gwen, if you want to go back to your house, you can. I mean, I know you have issues with Will being there and all that.

Casey: It's a crime scene, Jade. No one's allowed in.

Jade: I know that. But just so you know, so you're not worried. Will's staying with me at the Wagon Wheel Motel.

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Mike: You have the best ideas.

Gwen: I mean, you have your own rooms, right?

Jade: Will, did you see where I put my robe?

Eve: You know how I told you that Maddie’s afraid of him? She's not the only one. I am, too.

Louis: Hello, Maddie.

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