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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/1/06

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Gwen: Do you hear that?

Will: Hear what?

Gwen: It's quiet. No Parker and J.J. fighting over the bathroom. Your dad isn't banging around in the kitchen. Just us, in our own place. I love it.

Will: You'll love it even more when the houseguest is out of here.

Gwen: Well, hopefully, Jade is a very sound sleeper.

[They start kissing in bed] [Jade rushes in without knocking]

Jade: Oh my God, there's somebody outside the house. It's the slasher. Coming right towards the door.

Damian: Good to see you, Sergio. I trust these are the documents?

Sergio: Your complete medical history.

Damian: And it's as I requested?

Sergio: Even the greatest skeptic will order flowers for your funeral.

Damian: Good man.

Sergio: I trust things are going well with you son.

Damian: Oh, yes. Everything is working out as planned.

Lisa: Oh no, they're not. What about that dinner you promised me, you bad boy? And who is this handsome man? You have not introduced me?

Lucy: How did you make out last night?

Holden: Well, the baby slept better than I did. I couldn't stop thinking about Luke. When he said he was staying with Damian, he never mentioned anything about going to Malta.

Lucy: But he told you he wasn't coming home?

Holden: He said that he was staying with Damian, because Damian needed him more.

Lucy: Maybe he's afraid to tell you the rest.

Holden: Well, it's not like I'm going to get upset with him. Especially not everything that happened. I would ha that's for sure.

Lucy: Holden, I may know why Lukeís leaving.

Holden: If you know what it is, then tell me, because I don't understand any of this.

Lucy: I think he's going back to Malta to say good-bye to Damian. For good.

Luke: Mom, I have to go away. Not forever, but for a while, and I wish -- I wish so many things, but -- but most of all, I wish you knew how much I love you, how much I miss you. I don't want to go. I don't want to leave you, I don't want to leave Dad, I especially don't want to leave this little baby brother, but I am trying to do what's right. And I feel it's been so long, that I don't even know what that is anymore. So, I'm gonna go away for a while, but before I do, if you would do just one thing. One thing that would make all the difference. Will you just open your eyes, please? I don't want to say good-bye to you like this.

Meg: How'd you track me down, Paul?

Paul: I still have some secrets.

Meg: You're not going to propose again, are you?

Paul: Why, you want me to?

Meg: Look, you know what I'm really busy. I need to figure out a way to make a living.

Paul: Well, could you figure out a way to make a living some other day because I've got the afternoon of your dreams planned.

Meg: Oh, really? Who knew?

Paul: This no ordinary day in a small town girl's life from Oakdale.

Meg: Am I starring in a reality show?

Paul: It looks like a fantasy show.

Meg: Is this fantasy legal?

Paul: If you have a license, yes.

Meg: But not a marriage license?

Paul: No. Please come with me. I think you're going to love this. Is that a yes? Is it? Because it kind of feels like a yes.

Meg: Yes. Yes. So, you know all about my dreams, Ryan?

Paul: No but I'm learning quickly. Believe me -- after today, you're gonna pop the question to me.

Meg: You sound so sure of yourself.

Paul: I'm going to knock your socks off.

Emily: Ah -- well, this is seriously awkward.

Paul: We were just on our way.

Emily: Yeah -- listen thank you for yesterday. The spa, I am like a changed woman after that massage.

Paul: You're welcome.

Meg: Massage? You know what -- no, I don't want to know.

Paul: It's no big deal.

Meg: You know what? Maybe today isn't such a good idea. I have to get on this job thing, and I promised Mama I'd help out at the farm.

Paul: Hey -- wait --

Meg: I need to find a job.

Paul: You need to find a job in the next five minutes?

Meg: So, I've changed my mind.

Paul: Why? Because of Emily? Because that's ridiculous. Emily and Susan were having a conversation with the spa manager. There was some confusion over their appointment --

Meg: And so you just happened to ride in with a nice bottle of massage oil and a handy bribe to squeeze them in?

Paul: I was only doing what you asked.

Meg: I asked you to make sure Emily had a spa day?

Paul: You asked me to look at the situation with new eyes. You asked me to call a truce with Emily. And this is my reward? Emily drops a "thank you" designed for maximum weirdness.

Meg: Are you saying you wouldn't have made the gesture with Emily if you and I hadn't argued?

Paul: I doubt it.

Meg: So you only did it to score points with me.

Paul: Yeah. That was part of it.

Meg: Paul, easing things with Emily won't work unless that's what you want.

Paul: Okay look -- I'm still Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck's son, okay? Swallowing all of my pride and becoming a better man? That's not going to come easily to me. The beast is still going to come out, and -- what I hope is that with your help, eventually, doing the right thing will become my default mode.

Meg: And you'll what? Turn into a prince?

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: I'm not your moral compass, Paul.

Paul: I, look -- when you love somebody, you tell them your opinion, right? You tell them how you feel, how you think, and if you hate something they are doing, you call them on it, right?

Meg: This feels bigger than just throwing out a few occasional opinions.

Paul: I need your input. I love you, Meg. And if I'm lucky enough to have some kind of healthy relationship with my child, I will have you to thank for that. You know, never mind, we'll get you another copy of the want ads and you can pound the pavement for the rest of the day.

Meg: Some prince. You offer a girl a dream date, and then you just yank it away?

Paul: What you want to go?

Meg: Yeah, I do. So, which way to Camelot?

Holden: Why can't Luke just say good-bye to Damian here?

Lucy: Holden, I think Damianís sick.

Holden: Sick? What do you mean sick?

Lucy: Luke came to me very upset. He found a drug Damianís taking, Calutide. It's a hormone therapy of last resort for terminally ill patients.

Holden: And you're sure that Luke asked because of Damian?

Lucy: Yes.

Holden: He doesn't look sick.

Lucy: That was my first reaction.

Holden: And even if he is, and I don't think that he is, what kind of father burdens a teenager with that sort of thing?

Lucy: I agree, but Luke seems determined to go.

Holden: Yeah, but why didn't he come to me first? Talk to me about it so we could help Luke get through it together?

Lucy: He knows you wouldn't let Luke go.

Holden: No, he knows I'd expose him as a fraud. Ever since Lily's fall, he's been trying to drive a wedge between me and Luke. Putting him up at Fairwinds, helping him out with the cops. Luke must feel like he owes him.

Lucy: Or, maybe Damian really is sick and they're trying to spend as much time together as they can.

Holden: Okay. You're a doctor. Does he look like he's dying?

Lucy: No, but I have seen patients who are a lot sicker than they look.

Holden: Damian's lying about this.

Lucy: Who are you calling?

Holden: Luke.

Lucy: You can't do that. If Luke wanted you to know, he would've told you last night.

Holden: You're right. I need somebody to talk to Luke. Somebody he trusts -- and it would be great if that person turned out to be you.

Damian: Sergio manages many of my overseas investments.

Lisa: Oh, well it is a pleasure to meet you.

Sergio: Ah, the pleasure is all mine, dear lady.

Lisa: Thank you.

Sergio: Unfortunately, I must be leaving.

Damian: Thank you for delivering the documents. I'll call you as soon as I look them over.

Sergio: Until we meet again, no?

Lisa: I look forward to it. Well, it seems like these days you can just carry on your business no matter where you happen to be in the world.

Damian: It's true. But I must return to Malta quite soon. This deal is very pressing.

Lisa: When are you leaving?

Damian: Hopefully by the end of the week.

Lisa: Oh. Oh, well, does Luke know about this?

Damian: Luke is coming with me. We've become quite close.

Lisa: I think that's just wonderful, but I find it hard to believe that he'd be running off now, leaving Holden with the new baby?

Damian: My son is not responsible for holding that family together, Lisa.

Lisa: That family happens to be his family!

Damian: Well, I am also his family. We've lost too many years together. It's time to step up and guide the boy into the kind of man he'll be proud of some day.

Lisa: Holden has been doing that for years.

Damian: Holden is unable to devote the time Luke needs right now.

Lisa: Well now, just tell me something. Does Holden know about but he knows about this trip?

Damian: I'm not sure what Lukeís told him.

Lisa: That's not the answer I wanted to hear. I think something really smells like trouble here, Damian. What are you really up to?

Jade: It was right outside the door.

Gwen: Maybe you were just dreaming.

Jade: I know what I heard.

Will: Okay I'm going to go look outside.

Gwen: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Will: It's not the slasher.

Jade: Yeah, I'm sure that's what Nate said before Maddie stabbed him.

Gwen: Maddie didn't stab anybody.

Will: Calm down. Look, I'm going to go check it out.

Gwen: We should just call the cops, okay?

Will: No where not calling the cops. It's daylight.

Jade: So?

Will: So, both murders happened at night.

Jade: Maybe she's changed her pattern.

[Scraping noise]

Will: Shh. Okay I think I hear something too.

Jade: Oh, that's it! I'm going to call 911.

Will: No wait. Just wait.

Gwen: Will.

Will: Hold on, okay?

Gwen: Just be careful, okay?

Will: Go back in the bedroom. Both of you guys.

Gwen: No --

Will: Yeah, go.

Will: I found your killer. Morning, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Hi. [Lucinda laughs] Killer? No. You're not up yet? I awakened you? I'm so sorry.

Gwen: No, no, no, it's okay. It's fine. We're just glad it's you.

Lucinda: Oh. Well, I'm no killer. It's just that the ground crew did such a miserable, lousy job. I'm up and I started to work on the boxwood and I got excited. I got down. And outside your door, it's really a mess. It's really --

Will: Well, you know, I can finish that later.

Lucinda: Oh, no, no. I'm going to carry on. This is therapy for me. This is actually -- it's therapeutic. Better to do this than to vent at your friends. I'm sorry. Darlings, I'm sorry that I disturbed you. Forgive me.

Gwen: No, we had to get up anyway, actually.

Lucinda: Oh, that's a perfect diplomatic statement.

Will: Jade, you can come out now.

Lucinda: Jade? What on earth is Jade doing in your place?

Paul: Stop, stop. No peeking.

Meg: Okay, well, let's see. We drove here, so it's probably not Paris. And I feel grass under my feet. And the not-so-distant scent of a cow pasture. So it's definitely not Paris.

Paul: Okay, hold out this hand.

Meg: I mean it, Paul, if you slip a ring on my finger, I --

Paul: Does that feel like a ring? Hey, no, no, no, no. Just stop. Take it easy. Easy, easy, easy. One more second, it's coming. I bet you can't wait.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: A fishing rod?

Paul: Yeah, with a very sharp hook on it.

Meg: And a tackle box?

Paul: Yeah, well, of course there's tackle. You can't go fishing without tackle. I know that, because the guy told me that at the fishing-tackle box store.

Meg: This is my dream day?

Paul: Yeah. You said that you used to love to come here with your brothers. Those were some of your happiest childhood memories.

Meg: You remembered that?

Paul: I remember everything you say.

Meg: That's very sweet. Thank you.

Paul: You're welcome. I was hoping we could make some new memories.

Meg: Do you want to bait my hook?

Paul: I thought you'd never ask. With what?

Meg: Bloodworms.

Paul: Right, bloodworms. What's a bloodworm?

Meg: Okay, there must be something in the box here. Here we go.

Paul: Here, I'll hold this.

Meg: Good, now we don't have to dig our own. There we go. This is a bloodworm.

Paul: Oh, nice to meet you. Okay.

Meg: Yeah. Well, you slip it over the hook.

Paul: All right.

Meg: Through the hook.

Paul: Through? Wow. Stinks to be at the bottom of the food chain, huh? All right.

Meg: Wow. Looking like a pro.

Paul: Yeah, looks good? [Meg laughs] So here you go.

Meg: Well, where's -- where's your rod?

Paul: I'm the coach.

Meg: Oh. Okay, now we sit here and we wait for a nibble.

Paul: That's when the bobble thing goes up and down, right?

Meg: Yeah, but we don't have to wait for the bobble thing.

Paul: Okay. I don't know, but don't get mad at me. I just don't speak trout.

Meg: Okay, here, give me your hand. You hold onto here. All right? Now, a real fisherman can feel a nibble through the rod. Come on, you have to keep very quiet. And you can feel the slightest vibration. Stop it.

Paul: What? I felt a vibration.

Meg: You need to keep really still! Come on, I mean it.

Paul: Still?

Meg: Yeah. Do you feel something?

Paul: Are you kidding?

Meg: I think we've got something.

Paul: Yeah, we've got something.

Meg: Paul!

Paul: What? Oh! What did you do that for?

Meg: For fun.

[Meg laughs]

Paul: For fun? All right. Come on, help me up.

Meg: Okay, I'm sorry.

Paul: No problem.

Meg: Come on.

[Meg shrieks]

Paul: Now, this is definitely my idea of fun.

Damian: I don't need Holdenís permission to be with my son, Lisa.

Lisa: You want my advice? Don't go packing Lukeís bags just yet. Because my money says the kid stays put.

Sergio: I hope, for your sake, she's wrong.

Damian: Don't worry. Lisa has no say in the matter.

Sergio: Just make sure you bring that boy back to Malta, Damian, or you'll face the consequences of your failure.

Luke: Its okay, Mom. You don't have to get up, not for me. I know you love me. And I know that one day all of the problems that you had -- that we had -- when you first found out that I was gay -- it'll be like it never happened. Because love fixes things. Yeah, and it'll fix us. Maybe it already has. But I know that you're afraid. And the truth is, I'm a little afraid, too, but I'm trying not to be. But when I get back from Malta, I will not be the same son you knew. I will be a better son. I promise you. I love you. Good-bye.

Lucy: Hi.

Luke: Hi. I was just saying good-bye.

Lucy: You're going to Malta?

Luke: I don't want to talk about it.

Lucy: When do you go?

Luke: Lucy!

Lucy: What, I'm supposed to just forget about it?

Luke: Yeah.

Lucy: Sorry, Luke, I can't do that.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: We leave in a few days.

Lucy: Does Holden know?

Luke: He knows that I'm staying with Damian. He doesn't know about Malta.

Lucy: Why do you have to go so soon?

Luke: Because Damian really has to go. And look, I know that the timing stinks, but Dad has tons of help with the baby and the girls. And Damian doesn't really have anyone.

Lucy: Luke, your dad was counting on having the family back together.

Luke: I know, and I wish that I could make that work, but I canít.

Lucy: Is Damian pressuring you?

Luke: No.

Lucy: It's not like the guy raised you. You don't owe him anything.

Luke: Yeah? And what about Craig? If something happened to him, would you -- would you ditch him?

Lucy: No.

Luke: Well, thank you for being honest.

Lucy: So why does Damian need you?

Luke: Well, he's been really great since he's been back. And, yeah, I think he really understands what I'm been going through --

Lucy: Luke, is this about the drug you asked about? Calutide? Is Damian the one taking it? Is he dying?

Luke: Lucy, just stop, okay, please?

Lucy: He is, isn't he?

Luke: He didn't want anyone to know.

Lucy: I'm sorry.

Luke: I wasn't supposed to say anything.

Lucy: It's not that hard to figure out.

Luke: Yeah. Now do you get why I'm leaving?

Lucy: Maybe going to Malta isn't the answer. We could do a battery of tests here at Memorial and reevaluate Damianís condition. New protocols and therapies come out every day. Who knows -- maybe there's something we can do for him right here in Oakdale.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Lucinda: If you take my advice, you'll get her out of your house!

Paul: There is no way that Emilyís going to keep you and me apart.

Meg: I want to believe that.

Emily: Ow! Oh, God, it happened again! What is that?

Susan: Okay, all right!

Holden: That's not much time.

Lucy: To do what?

Holden: To prove that Damianís a liar and to get Luke to finally see it.

Luke: Damian's already been to a ton of doctors. And if they can't do anything, i doubt that you can.

Lucy: We don't know that. Luke, I hate seeing you leave.

Luke: Yeah, but I can't let him die alone. Nobody deserves that -- it's awful.

Lucy: Well, it could get hard and rough at the end.

Luke: I know. I've thought about that.

Lucy: Does Damian have medical staff -- nurses, aides?

Luke: I guess. He has a really big estate, I'm sure he can afford it.

Lucy: Even with experts around, there are going to be scary times. And you don't know anybody there. And if you -- look, if you have any questions, or you just want to talk, I'm only a phone call away.

Luke: Thanks.

Lucy: I'm really sorry you have to go through this.

Luke: Me, too. Especially when we were just starting to get close. I hate to think of losing him.

Lucy: I know. I'll miss you.

Luke: Yeah, I'll miss you, too. Hey, promise you won't tell anybody. Lucy, please?

Lucy: I promise.

Emily: Are you going to finish this?

Susan: No, go ahead.

Emily: Thanks.

Susan: I'm glad you're in a good mood. Even if it is at the expense of somebody else's misery --

Emily: Why should I feel guilty if Paul breaks Megís heart, huh? You think she felt guilty when he broke mine? I don't think so.

Susan: Emily, you have a new start with this baby.

Emily: I know that. Look, it's not my problem that Meg feels jealous that Paul helped us out at the spa. I mean, are you kidding me? He bought a spa treatment, big deal.

Susan: Yeah, she should give that guy the benefit of a doubt. He was probably just being nice.

Emily: Okay, I wouldn't go so far as to say that.

Susan: Well, me either. That's why you've got to set boundaries, you've got to make rules and stick to them.

Emily: Mother, I'm not the problem this time. Meg can not compete with this baby, and she knows it. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. Paul is going to morph back into the manipulative jerk he's always been. And he's going to ruin their relationship all by himself. And that, in my eyes, is what real justice looks like.

Meg: You are going to pay for that, Ryan.

Paul: That's okay, I'll pay. You look really good soaking wet.

[Meg laughing]

Meg: You know, we better get out of these clothes.

Paul: Oh, you read my mind. Here, come on.

Meg: It does feel good to cool off.

Paul: Yeah? You're cooled off, huh?

Meg: Yeah, haven't you?

Paul: No, not even a little bit.

Meg: You have a one-track mind.

Paul: I'm in love --

Meg: You make it very hard for a girl to say no.

Paul: Yeah, that's the whole point.

Meg: How about the fishing?

Paul: You know what? I think we should make love and not fish. Is there a problem?

Meg: Well, the problem is across town sitting in Java.

Paul: We can find a way to peacefully coexist with Emily.

Meg: You know you're dreaming, if you think that's possible.

Paul: Okay, I'm dreaming. It's better than giving up.

Meg: I'm not giving up.

Paul: You're not?

Meg: No!

Paul: Are you sure?

Meg: Yes. But making love isn't going to fix our problems.

Paul: It can't make them any worse.

Meg: I'm not sure about that.

Lucinda: Jade, what do you want from Will and Gwen?

Jade: Nothing.

Gwen: Look, she needed a place to stay.

Lucinda: Oh, that sounds very familiar.

Will: It's just for one night.

Lucinda: Yeah, with luck, you hope.

Gwen: You know, what happened with Lily was a long time ago. A lot has changed since then.

Lucinda: Yes, a lot has changed. Will has got his trust fund. Yes, your sudden need for friendship. It all seems very convenient to me.

Jade: I don't want anything from them.

Lucinda: You don't want friendship from them? What did you want from Luke? You wanted family. It seems to me it's the same damn story, it's just a different cast of characters. And if I were you, Honey, I wouldn't let her out of my sight.

Gwen: That's unfair.

Lucinda: I'm sorry. I'm going back to my job. And if you take my advice, you'll get her out of your house. Out of your lives, right away! Out! Out!

Will: Bye. Wow, she's worse than my mom.

Gwen: I'm really sorry, Jade.

Jade: It's all right, it's true -- you shouldn't trust me.

Gwen: No, forget about what she said.

Jade: No, Gwen, I've been awful to you.

Gwen: That's not true.

Jade: Yes, it is -- Will didn't graduate because of me. I helped him get those answers on that Calculus final and I bought him the research paper.

Gwen: You know what? That doesn't matter. You know, Will had a chance to say no to you, and to walk away, but he didnít. So he's just as guilty for cheating as you are. Even more.

Will: Okay, I'm guilty. I could've said no, but I didnít.

Gwen: I'm just saying, it's not all Jade's fault.

Will: Agreed. So, can we move on?

Gwen: Sure, I just -- I think that we should all move on. You know, Jade, too.

Jade: It's kind of hard with Mrs. Walsh breathing down my neck.

Gwen: You know, when you get your own place, she won't be able to breathe down your neck.

Jade: You know what? Maybe you guys shouldn't help me.

Gwen: Are you crazy? You're not living on the streets, we offered. It's not like you're stealing the money.

Will: Yeah, Gwenís right. I'm going to go to the bank later.

Jade: Are you sure?

Gwen: Positive.

Jade: Thanks again, guys.

Will: Okay, so I'll call you so we can meet up.

Jade: I won't forget this, ever.

Gwen: Yeah, we can be your first guests.

Jade: Count on it. So, I'll see you later.

Gwen: Hey, Jade, you don't have to go.

Jade: Oh, no, it's cool, I want to check out some places. But, I'll see you later.

Will: So what happened to making love all morning?

Gwen: Its still morning.

Will: Okay.

[Jade stars at them out their front door]

Lucinda: Ah, they threw you out already!

[Lucinda laughing]

Jade: They did not throw me out.

Lucinda: What do you want with them?

Jade: Nothing --

Lucinda: Yeah, Will's money, huh?

Jade: Listen, despite what you think, we're friends.

Lucinda: I'll tell you what I think. You want to hear what I think? I'll just say it. You do anything, anything at all to hurt those nice kids, and I'll just go Ė [Lucinda takes her hedge clippers and opens and closes them at Jade] okay? Ha!

Will: Now what?

Gwen: Nothing, I was just thinking about Maddie.

Will: First Jade, then Lucinda, now Maddie? We need crowd control.

Gwen: I know she's having a rough time, but why do you think she's so suspicious of you and Jade?

Will: Can we concentrate on us? Please? We didn't get to celebrate our first morning here. And this is not how I want to spend our second.

Gwen: How do you want to spend it?

Will: Like this.

Paul: Are we over?

Meg: No.

Paul: I don't get it.

Meg: I just think we need to slow down and work on our relationship before --

Paul: Before we -- go fishing?

Meg: Paul, when we're alone like this, it feels like we don't have a care in the world. But it's not real. It can't last.

Paul: Because of Emily or because of the baby?

Meg: You can separate the two?

Paul: Yeah. There's no way that Emilyís going to keep you and me apart.

Meg: I want to believe that.

Paul: Okay. Look, if -- if making love doesn't feel right to you -- then I'll figure out a way to manage.

Meg: How?

Paul: Well, we can go for walks. We can still go for walks?

Meg: Yeah, of course.

Paul: And hold hands?

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: Okay. Well, for the rest of the time, I will just take very long, very cold showers -- by myself, I guess.

Meg: Paul, I'm not trying to punish you.

Paul: I know. You're trying to make me a better guy. And you are absolutely worth the wait.

Meg: I love you.

Paul: I love you. I'll even drive you home.

Meg: I don't want to go home.

Paul: What do you want to do?

Meg: I want to really scare the fish this time. Come on!


Emily: All the baby and I have to do is exist, and Meg and Paul are doomed. I think Meg will actually thank me one day.

Susan: Really?

Emily: Mm-hmm, really. For saving her from a life with Paul Ryan. Oh -- oh, God --

Susan: What? What?

Emily: I don't know.

Susan: What's wrong, Sweetie?

Emily: Oh, God, it feels like it's the baby, Mom.

Susan: Okay, well, just try to relax, take some deep breaths.

Emily: Ow! Oh God, it happened again. What is that?

Susan: Okay. All right, no, don't panic. Don't panic.

Emily: Oh, God, Mom, I'm scared. What is that?

Susan: No, its okay, Sweetie. We're gonna get you to the hospital and find out what's going on.

Emily: Grab my bag, grab my bag!

Susan: All right, all right.

Emily: Help me get up.

Susan: Okay, okay. Come on. All right, slowly. [Emily winces] That's all right, okay. It's gonna be okay. Okay. Okay? [Emily cries] Breathe. Try to breathe. All right. Take some deep breaths.

Jade: Hey, stranger.

Luke: Hi.

Jade: So, what's the word on your mom?

Luke: Oh, she's still the same.

Jade: I'm sorry.

Luke: Yeah.

Jade: You okay?

Luke: I'm waiting for my dad.

Jade: Then I better go --

Luke: Oh, no, not Holden. Damian, my biological father.

Jade: Oh, well, then can I ask you a favor?

Luke: I guess.

Jade: If there's a change in Lily, would you let me know?

Luke: Why?

Jade: Because I care about her.

Luke: Well, you're going to have to get your information from somewhere else, because -- I'm not going to be here.

Jade: Why not?

Luke: I'm going to Malta with Damian.

Jade: You're checking out on Lily?

Luke: I'm not checking out.

Jade: What if something happens to her?

Luke: I'll fly back.

Jade: When you were in the hospital, she slept there. She never left your side for a second.

Luke: Well, I hate leaving her, too, but --

Jade: Then don't go.

Luke: It is none of your business.

Jade: Sorry --

Luke: Look, I know a thousand things can go wrong with my mom, but there's nothing I can do about it. So don't lecture me, 'cause I don't need it.

Jade: I'm not lecturing you. What is your problem?

Damian: Is everything all right, Son?

Holden: I just put the baby down. Did you see Luke?

Lucy: A little while ago. He was in with Lily, saying good-bye.

Holden: I don't believe this.

Lucy: He told me Damianís taking that drug.

Holden: Or Luke thinks he is.

Lucy: Luke made me promise not to say anything. And I hate breaking my word, but talking to Luke was like looking in a mirror. I kept thinking about all those times my father lied to me to get me to do what he wanted. And if that's what Damianís doing, Luke needs to know about it now.

Holden: You know, I really appreciate you doing this.

Lucy: I'm just as suspicious of Damian as you are. He shows no sign of a serious illness --

Holden: Okay, so what happens four or five months from now, when Damian is still alive? Does he think Luke is stupid? Or is there some miracle cure waiting in Malta?

Lucy: You know, who knows what he has in mind?

Holden: Well, Lukeís not going to find out. I don't quit on my kids, Lucy. And Damianís going to learn that -- he's going to learn that the hard way.

Gwen: What time do you have to meet Jade? Maybe we should get up so you can head over to the bank.

Will: No, I'm not ready to let go of you yet.

Gwen: You're never going to let me go.

Will: Maybe we should go shopping later.

Gwen: For what?

Will: A real wedding band.

Gwen: Hey, this is a real wedding band.

Will: Gwen, it's plastic.

Gwen: I don't care. It reminds me of the happiest day of my life.

Will: Yeah, but it's junk.

Gwen: Then if and when it falls apart, we'll talk about trading up.

Will: I love you.

Gwen: You and I are forever, Will.

Will: You sure you don't want to trade up?

Gwen: For you? I canít. They don't make better men than my husband.

Luke: No, nothing's wrong, I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just, talking about Mom, you know, it just gets kind of rough.

Damian: Of course it is.

Luke: Oh, Jade, this is my father, Damian. Damian Grimaldi, Jade Taylor.

Jade: Hi, I've heard a lot about you.

Damian: Nice to finally meet you.

Jade: Well, Luke tells me that --

Luke: Oh, look, look, look, I got to talk to Damian about something.

Jade: Okay, whatever. It was nice meeting you.

Damian: Look at me son, what's wrong?

Luke: I just said good-bye to Mom.

Damian: That must have been difficult.

Luke: Yeah. I'm going to be so far away -- I mean, if something happens --

Damian: Hey, we'll come back. We'll come back, all right? Or you will, if I'm unable --

Luke: So I was in there saying good-bye to her and Lucy came in, and I didn't see it, and she overheard me say something about going to Malta.

Damian: Did you tell her why?

Luke: No, no, but she was the one who I went to about the medicine when I found those pills you were taking. So once she found out that we were leaving, she knew that it was because you were sick. But she promised not to tell anyone.

Damian: It's of no consequence. Soon we'll be on our way.

Luke: It's so hard. I mean, no matter where I live or what I do, I feel like I'm going to be saying good-bye to someone I love.

Damian: I know, Son. I know Ė

Holden: When are they leaving?

Lucy: A few days, end of the week --

Holden: That's not much time.

Lucy: To do what?

Holden: To prove that Damianís a liar and to get Luke to finally see it. I can't do it alone, though. I'm going to need your help.

[Cell phone ringing]

Paul: Oh, I hate cell phones.

Meg: Let it go to voicemail.

Paul: That's a great idea.

Meg: Now this is my idea of a dream date.

[Pager beeping]

[Paul laughs]

Meg: You have a pager?

Paul: Yeah. So it must be something important. You know what? Just hold on one second, huh?

Meg: What is it? What's wrong?

Paul: Emily's been rushed to the hospital. There's something wrong with the baby.

Susan: Dr. Schiller's on her way down, Baby. And then I'll get you right into a room, okay?

Emily: Mama, what do you think's wrong?

Susan: I don't know. But everything is going to be all right.

Emily: Oh --

Susan: Oh, it's okay, Baby, try to relax. We just have to wait and see what Dr. Schiller has to say.

Emily: After all these months -- after everything -- I don't want to lose my baby. Oh, God! Ow! I can't --

Susan: Okay. Okay, Baby.

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Gwen: We're helping Jade with the deposit so she can get her own place.

Barbara: Are you out of your mind?

Emily: Don't lie to me. Am I going to lose the baby?

Margo: I want to know about those knives you took from Crash. Maddie! Maddie!

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