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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/31/06

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Mike: So, do I have the job or not? I obviously put in the lowest bid, or else you wouldn't be here.

Katie: Mike, no.

Mike: Do you have a problem hiring me?

Simon: Do you really want to work for me, Mike?

Mike: Why not?

Carly: Oh, come on, Mike. Simon, let's go. I mean, come on, this is just a silly game that you guys are playing.

Mike: No, no, no. Nobody's playing here. Right, Simon? If you think this is a game, you're making a big mistake. The kind of mistake that could put you in a lot of danger, Carly.

Lucy: The pediatrician gave the all clear. Your son can go home today.

Holden: You're sure about that?

Lucy: Positive. The baby's ready. If you are.

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, sure. I just wish that Lily --

Lucy: If you need some help at home --

Holden: No, no, no. It's okay. I hired a nurse to help us out. We'll be okay.

Lucy: Well, I'll go push the paperwork along.

Holden: Guess what, great news -- the baby gets to go home today. Now all we need is you, and we can be a whole family again. Because Luke is coming home. Thank God, because I've never needed him more.

Luke: I can't leave you alone now. What kind of a person would I be if I left you by yourself while you're so sick?

Damian: I know what kind of person you are, Luke. You're a wonderful person. And now that I have the privilege to see you as an adult, I've seen it with my own eyes. So as far as I'm concerned, I have everything I could ever ask for. I don't need anything more.

Luke: Of course you do. Look, let me help my dad get set with the new baby. And I just want to check on my sisters. And then you and I can make plans.

Damian: If that's what you want, I'll be grateful.

Luke: You don't need to thank me. I'm doing the right thing. So I'll talk to my dad and then I'll call you.

Damian: Certainly. And Luke, I hope we can keep this between us.

Luke: What?

Damian: My illness. I don't want anybody's pity or interference.

Luke: My dad would never pity you.

Damian: Probably true. Nonetheless, I don't want him in my business. I just want my privacy.

Luke: Okay, I won't say a word.

Damian: Thank you.

Luke: I'll call you later.

Damian: It's me, with good news -- Luke is definitely coming to Malta.


Gwen: Thanks.

Ann: That was beautiful. Just like Lia.

Gwen: Oh, thanks. Thanks for helping me pick out a song that would've meant something to her. Take care. I need to get some air. You okay?

Casey: Yeah.

Gwen: Will already left. I think I will, too. I mean, if you're all right.

Casey: No, I'm fine.

Gwen: Okay, if you need anything, just call us, okay?

Casey: All right, thanks for singing.

Gwen: Yeah, no problem. [Gwen see’s Nate’s body] [Gwen screaming] Help me!

[Gwen screaming]

Casey: Oh, God, not again. It's okay, it's okay.

Ann: What is it?

Zach: Stop!

Casey: Zach, ease up. Here, Gwen, are you okay?

Gwen: Is he dead?

Casey: I don't know. We don't know. We don't know.

Gwen: I was just walking and I wasn't looking where I was going, and I heard a sound and then I tripped. And it was him.

Casey: Zach, call 911.

Ann: Is it true? Is he dead?

Casey: Yeah. Just -- okay, don't look at him. Just close your eyes and breathe.

Gwen: No, I'm fine. I'm not going to start screaming again, don't worry.

Casey: All right, maybe you should sit down.

Gwen: I don't want to sit down. I want to do something. Isn't there something that we should be doing?

Zach: An ambulance is on the way.

Casey: What about the cops?

Zach: I guess?

Casey: All right, it doesn't matter. Just don't touch anything. Mom, it happened again. And Nate Bradley’s dead. No, no, I checked the pulse, I couldn't get anything. I told everyone to just stay put. No, somebody else found him this time. Gwen. All right, just hurry, please.

Jade: What's going -- oh, my God!

Casey: Where were you?

Jade: I was at the bus stop. And I heard a scream.

Casey: Did you see anyone?

Jade: No.

Casey: You didn't see anyone? No one running?

Jade: No.

Gwen: Maddie.

Casey: Oh, no.

Jade: Maddie came with Nate.

Ann: Where is Maddie?

Gwen: Oh, God, no, come on, he didn't get her, too? Come on, no.

Casey: Wait, where's Maddie?

Ann: She should be in jail!

Casey: You know what? You shut up! Anybody? Has anyone seen Maddie? Maddie! All right, you know, I've got to find her.

Henry: Lenny, I know the stake. I know you don't get to that table for less than ten grand. Hold on. I'm going to have to get back to you, Lenny. Hey, Maddie? Hey, what's the matter?

Maddie: Nothing.

Henry: Nothing? You look like you just ran a marathon, Sweetie.

Maddie: No, I'm fine. I just need to sleep.

Henry: You need to sleep? Okay, fine. You can do that. Just, why don't you come over here and tell me what's wrong?

Maddie: Nothing! Why is that all anybody says to me anymore?

Henry: Maybe because you look like you're upset all the time, that's why.

Eve: Was the memorial awful? Oh, Honey, I wish you hadn't gone.

Maddie: Me, too.

Eve: Were the other kids mean, or -- Maddie?

Maddie: What?

Henry: Oh, my God.

Maddie: There's blood all over your hands!

Damian: Grazie, Sweetheart.

Lucy: Don't you look happy today.

Damian: It's a good day.

Lucy: It is.

Damian: Oh?

Lucy: Lily's baby is going home today.

Damian: Really?

Lucy: Yeah, the little one is healthy enough to go home, so he can leave the hospital.

Damian: Without his mother?

Lucy: Yeah.

Damian: How is Lily?

Lucy: The same. Holden's being as brave as he can, but I could see it on his face today -- it's really taking a toll.

Damian: Yeah, lucky for everyone, Holden is a strong man.

Lucy: You almost make that sound like an insult.

Damian: Do I? Nobody could be happier than I that Holden takes good care of his family.

Lucy: Well, he's had a lot of help from you lately.

Damian: Me?

Lucy: Yes, you. Don't be modest. When you found out things were healing between Luke and Holden, you could've caused problems, but you didn’t. I give you real credit for that.

Holden: Hey, just in time.

Luke: Yeah, there's something that I need to talk to you about, too.

Holden: Well, let's do it in the car. We get to take your little brother home today.

Luke: No kidding? Really?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. He's ready to go. I could use your help getting him home.

Luke: Now?

Holden: Yeah, the nurse is ready to bring him out. I just spoke to Mama. The girls are very excited to see him. And it's going to be crazy without your mom, so I need you to step up and help out.

Luke: Yeah, I know.

Holden: All right, great. So what did you want to say? What did you want to talk about?

Luke: Oh -- nothing that can't wait.

Carly: Danger? Don't you think that's a little dramatic, Mike?

Mike: Simon may have a money now, but he is the same con man he's always been. He'll use you.

Simon: So that's why you want to work for me, is it, Mike? Oh, yeah -- oh, to protect Carly, that's it?

Mike: Among other things.

Simon: Do you want to settle this between us, Mike, or hide behind the ladies?

Mike: Oh, by all means, let's go outside.

Katie: No!

Mike: It's just business.

Carly: So what's going on here, Katie?

Katie: I don't know. Honestly, Mike didn't say anything. It's got to be a bluff.

Carly: A bluff, how?

Katie: He's putting Simon on notice. There's no way he actually wants to work for him.

Carly: So he wants to scare Simon away? Well, I happen to need this job. So why can't Mike just leave things alone?

Simon: So, what, you feel the need to babysit me, Mike? Is that it?

Mike: Somebody's got to do it.

Simon: Are you that afraid of what your wife might do with me in town?

Mike: No, I'm not afraid. But I think you are.

Simon: Yeah? All right, tell me, of what?

Mike: Of whatever scam I'll dig up when I'm working on your project. I mean, you obviously have an angle, or else you wouldn't be involved. The last thing you want is me to find out what it is, right?

Simon: You see, I know you pride yourself on being some homegrown, red-blooded American hero, Mike, but what if you're the one with the ulterior motive here?

Mike: Like what?

Simon: Oh, here's an idea -- you come work on my building so you can sabotage it and then blame me.

Mike: See, that's how you think.

Simon: All right, then. Unless you can't bear the thought of being away from me, what's your deal?

Mike: I submitted a bid. I'm a licensed contractor, I do good work.

Simon: And that's it?

Mike: You get a quality job, I get a paycheck.

Simon: All right, and how can I trust you?

Mike: My work speaks for itself. Ask around. And if you're legit, you've got nothing to be scared of.

Simon: No worries there.

Katie: This should've taken five seconds.

Carly: Well, at least I don't hear any shouting.

Katie: At least shouting would make sense.

[Door opening]

Mike: So just get me the specs next week and we'll start the initial demolition and framing process.

Simon: All right, sounds great.

Katie: Wait, what?

Simon: What? Oh -- oh, Mike and I have a deal.

Mike: Yeah, I'm starting on Simon's project next week.

[Katie and Carly both]

No way!

Holden: Hey, how are my favorite girls?

Faith: Fine. Where's the boy?

Luke: Me? You mean me? Oh, I bet you mean this boy.

Faith: Duh, yeah!

Luke: You want to see him?

Faith: He's so cute.

Holden: He looks just like you did.

Luke: Especially when he squinches up his eyes and yells.

Faith: I don't!

Luke: You do.

Faith: Daddy, can I hold him?

Holden: You bet you can. But we need to do it over here on the couch. And you need to put your hand underneath his head so you can support him. There we go.

Luke: Ready? Okay, here we go. Say hello to baby brother.

Faith: What's his name?

Holden: We don't know. He didn't tell us yet.

Luke: What do you think his name should be?

Faith: Wiggles or Squinchy.

Holden: Wiggles Squinchy Snyder. Do you like that? You do. Not bad, right? Can we keep him? Are you going to help out? Because there's going to be a lot of work to go around, okay? And it's a good thing we have your big brother to help us out.

Luke: Well, today. Look, Dad, I'm -- I'm sorry, I can't stay.

Maddie: Wow. Look at that. I must've cut myself when I fell.

Henry: You fell?

Maddie: On the way home.

Henry: How did you fall in Nate’s car?

Maddie: I didn’t.

Eve: But Nate drove tonight.

Maddie: I left earlier. The whole memorial was a nightmare. You were right, I shouldn't have gone.

Henry: Did something happen there?

Maddie: The whole thing was just wrong. Everything. Why won't this come off?

Eve: Maybe Henry could go get us some water.

Henry: Yeah, sure, sure.

Eve: Maddie, we know. It's obvious something else happened tonight. Please tell me.

Gwen: Maddie's not in the ladies room.

Casey: There's no sign of her around here in the parking lot. Did you see her?

Jade: The last time I saw Maddie, she was leaving with Nate.

Casey: Is that how you're going to say it to the cops? Just like that?

Jade: How do you want me to sound?

Casey: You know what? You don't know a damn --

Margo: Casey, are you sure you're okay? You're okay?

Casey: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

[Police sirens]

Margo: Rope it off.

Dallas: Gone?

Coroner: Barely an hour.

Dallas: Anything else?

Coroner: Yeah. But not until I get him on the slab and I can be sure.

Dallas: Come on, look --

Coroner: It looks familiar, okay?

Dallas: Yeah.

Margo: Did you touch anything?

Casey: No, just his wrist --

Margo: All right, all right, you did good.

Dallas: Where did you walk?

Casey: Huh?

Dallas: Show me where you stepped.

Casey: Right here. I mean, in there. I don't -- Gwen?

Gwen: I tripped right by him. I didn't mean to. I didn't even see him. I'm sorry.

Margo: It's all right, it's all right. We just need to know where people walked so that we can get shoe prints so we can elimiNate people.

Gwen: I didn't mean to mess it up.

Margo: Its fine, you're fine. Did anyone else out there come out here?

Casey: Pretty much everybody.

Margo: All right, Dallas?

Dallas: Let's get shoe prints of everyone, all right? Can you wait inside, please? This doesn't look like a struggle.

Margo: I know. It must have been someone so big that he didn't have time to struggle.

Dallas: Or someone so little, he wasn't even afraid.

Margo: Oh, Man.

Dallas: Look, we don't have to jump. Okay, let's just take it slow.

Margo: I'll take statements. You finish up out here. And then we've got to notify next of kin.

Dallas: You want me to take care of that?

Margo: No, I'll do it. I knew Nate and his family. It's okay. [Dallas sighs] All right, kids. All right, great. Thank you for staying together. Listen, I want to know if anybody saw anything out of the ordinary tonight. If you saw any strangers around. Anything whatsoever.

Ann: What are you talking about? It's obvious it was Maddie Coleman.

Margo: What? What? Hold on, hold on.

Ann: Hello, she came here with Nate, and now no one can find her. They already looked. She killed Nate just like she killed Lia.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: To a successful venture.

Simon: In every way.

Dallas: Where were you?

Will: What?

Dallas: I saw you run in here after the murder.

Margo: Where were you before that? You had better have a very good alibi for the time of the murder.

Maddie: I'm just gonna come out with it.

Margo: Where is Maddie?

Ann: Hiding her knife for next time.

Margo: Did you actually see something?

Ann: She came here with Nate. He's dead and she's gone!

Margo: I'll take that as a no.

Ann: Whatever.

Margo: Don't throw accusations.

Casey: You hear that? Don't throw accusations around.

Will: What's going on?

Cop 2: Step back, it's a crime scene.

Will: My wife's in there. Gwen!

Gwen: Will? Will --

Will: Hey, are you okay?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, but I found him.

Will: Who?

Gwen: Nate. He's dead.

Margo: In the lobby? You sure? No, no, no. Stay outside, don't approach. But don't let them leave either. Yeah.

Margo: All right, everybody listen up. Forensics has arrived. We need shoe prints from everybody. Make sure that the officers have your name, your home address and your home number. If you saw anything tonight that you think that we need to know now, tell us now. If not, we'll contact you in the morning and we'll get full statements, okay?

Casey: Don't say anything.

Margo: About what?

Casey: Nothing.

Jade: About what I saw.

Casey: Which is nothing!

Margo: Casey?

Casey: Whatever, it's bogus.

Margo: Well, what is it?

Jade: Never mind.

Margo: No, tell me.

Jade: Okay. It's not like I'm trying to be a rat or anything. It's not like I'm happy about this.

Margo: It's all right, just tell me.

Jade: Okay. The night that Lia was killed, I saw Maddie on the old footbridge near Pine Brook Road, and she looked really, really out of it. And I saw her throwing something away.

Casey: You didn't see that!

Jade: I didn't see what it was! But, anyway, when I said something about it, she acted really nasty with me. She told me to forget that I saw her there.

Casey: And that makes her guilty of what? Hating you, maybe?

Margo: Casey, please.

Jade: You know what, it didn't sound innocent. And the way that she looked at me, it wasn't just not liking me. There's really something going on with that girl.

Margo: All right, great. Thank you so much for your statement. Make sure that the officers have your home number and address.

Jade: Oh -- okay.

Margo: So Maddie was with Nate here tonight?

Casey: Yeah. They left kind of together. That's why I thought maybe something happened to her. But before you guys got here, we checked everything. We didn't find anything, so –

Margo: I know where Maddie is.

Casey: Oh, you do? Like, you checked her out?

Margo: Honey, I had to. Like you said, she could've been hurt.

Casey: What are you thinking right now?

Margo: You know what I'm thinking right now? I think I want you to go home. I want you to go to bed. Your dad's waiting for you there, okay?

Casey: Where are you going?

Margo: I'm working. I'll see you later.

Eve: You can tell me what happened.

Maddie: I don't know. Like I said, I must've cut myself when I fell.

Henry: Where did you fall, Maddie?

Maddie: On the way home.

Henry: Drink that, okay? Catch your breath. Did you find out what happened?

Eve: No, but something's definitely wrong.

Henry: Yeah, definitely. The question is, what do we do for her now?

Damian: Here we go. For all your hard work with my family.

Lucy: They're my family, too. And I don't know if they'd like you staking that claim.

Damian: Probably not. You're a very loyal woman, Lucy.

Lucy: Well, Lily and Holden have been very good to me.

Damian: Yes, and Holden is the father my Luke grew up with.

Lucy: I like to think perhaps now Luke has the best of both worlds. His rock of an American father, and his charming continental dad.

Damian: You know, if medicine ever fails you, you have a future as a diplomat.

Lucy: I'll leave that to Mom, thanks.

Damian: You know, Lucy, I'm very glad I've had the chance to spend this time with you.

Lucy: Why does it sound like you're telling me good-bye?

Damian: Because I will be, soon. I never planned to stay in Oakdale forever. I will have to go home soon.

Lucy: I see. Well, I hope the trip's been good for you.

Damian: Oh, yes. I'm going home with exactly what I came here for.

Luke: Everyone settled?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, everybody is upstairs with the new nurse.

Luke: I think it's a great idea that you got her, Dad. She'll be a big help.

Holden: Not as good as having you around. Did I do something wrong? 'Cause --

Luke: No, no, no, it's nothing like that. It's just, Damian needs me right now.

Holden: Damian needs you? I don't understand that.

Luke: Well, it's not like you guys -- still --

Holden: Explain to me how and why Damian would need you more than your family would need you?

Luke: Just you and a lot more family that can help out. And --

Holden: And poor Damian, he needs you?

Luke: Look, Dad, I gotta go.

Holden: Luke, wait, wait.

Luke: I'm sorry, Dad.

Katie: Why on earth would you subject yourself to this, Mike? I don't want to have anything to do with Simon.

Carly: Listen, Simon, this is awkward at best. Now, I'm sure there was another bid that was just as reasonable.

Simon: Mike's the best contractor in the whole of Oakdale. Or so he keeps telling me.

Mike: Well, how about we drink on it?

Simon: Ah, that'd be -- that'd be brilliant. Yes, love to.

Mike: Great. A beer to seal the deal.

Simon: Sounds great. Don't worry, ladies. There will be a contract, as well.

Katie: Unbelievable.

Carly: Why are you doing this?

Simon: To get him off my back.

Carly: And how is that going to work exactly?

Simon: Listen, if Mike's sure.

Mike: Here we go.

Simon: All right.

Katie: Great.

Mike: To a successful venture.

Simon: In every way.

Carly: Cheers.

Carly: All righty. Great, well, thanks for the drink. Let's go, okay?

Simon: What? Oh, really? Are we in a hurry?

Carly: Yeah, no -- I would sort of like to go now. Okay?

Simon: All right, right behind you.

Mike: I'll walk you out. Carly, everything is going to be okay.

Carly: Really? Is it? Or are you just trying to make trouble? Because this job is very important to me.

Mike: Look, I know that, okay? But look at this way. If I'm there to keep an eye on Simon, then less chance of him getting thrown in jail and end up doing something to get the site shut down, right?

Katie: You can take that with you, if you want.

Simon: No, no, I'm done, thanks. I see you -- you kept those.

Katie: I always loved them.

[Simon leaves and Katie looks like she could cry]

Holden: Hello.

Lucinda: Oh, hi. You're here? Already? I was going to be here waiting.

Holden: Yeah, well, they let us leave the hospital earlier than we thought.

Lucinda: How's it going?

Holden: Not bad for the first day. He just finished a whole bottle a little while ago.

Lucinda: Of course, he did. Because he's a perfect baby. Well, I'll just go up.

Holden: No, no, no. Don’t.

Lucinda: No, no, no, I just want to welcome him.

Holden: He's sleeping.

Lucinda: Well, I'll gaze, adoring from afar --

Holden: Well, that's what they said. And the next thing you know, he's screaming his lungs out for the next half hour. It took me forever to get him down.

Lucinda: Yeah, but I can be silent --

Holden: No, let's just -- let's let him rest.

Lucinda: You look very tired. Why don't you sit down? You look absolutely exhausted. Darling, look -- we'll get help. We'll have good, professional help, all right? And Luke -- Luke loves that baby. He'll be with you, man. Man -- man to man.

Holden: Not from 5,000 miles away, he won’t.

Lucinda: Now, what do you mean by that?

Holden: He's going to Malta with Damian.

Lucinda: No.

Holden: Yeah, he just walked out that door. He told me that Damian needed him more than I did.

Lucinda: Let's slap the guy in leg irons!

Holden: It's not a kidnapping. Luke is going of his own free will.

Lucinda: But why?

Holden: That's what I can't figure out. I thought things were getting better between us. I thought we were making progress.

Lucinda: Look, what is this nonsense, this madness about Damian needing him more than you?

Holden: I don't know. When I asked Luke about it, he wouldn't talk. There's something he's not saying.

Lucinda: No, Damian has told him something and told him not to tell us.

Holden: Maybe.

Lucinda: Well, I put nothing past Damian, okay? I'll forgo the baby and I will go to Fairwinds --

Holden: No, no, don't do that. You're just going to make things worse.

Lucinda: Worse? How can things be worse if that boy goes back to where he was nearly killed? We've got to talk sense into Luke.

Holden: Luke thinks that you and I can't be fair where Damian is concerned. So, do me a favor -- just leave it alone for now.

Lucinda: Well, not for too long.

Holden: Just give me a little time to figure something out, okay? That's all I need. A little time.

Lucinda: All right. Not too much -- darling, please, promise me, whatever it is that you're going to do, please don't do it all on your own. Please, come on. All right, I'm going.

Casey: Nice move.

Jade: I had to say something. People's lives are in danger. If Maddie's innocent --

Casey: If Maddie's innocent? Maddie had your number from the minute you came to town. So if this is your idea of payback, I'll show you a payback --

Dallas: Okay, folks. Folks, listen up. Now I understand a lot of you are anxious to go home, but here's the procedure. Now, you make sure there is someone at home waiting for you. Okay? That's number one. Now if you got a ride, you wait inside with an officer until they can escort you out. If you drove here, you wait inside with an officer until they can escort you to your car.

Ann: You think the slasher's still out there?

Dallas: Look, we're just trying to keep everybody safe. Okay? So nobody goes into the parking lot alone. Got it? Casey? Officer Morales will drive you home.

Casey: I can drive myself home.

Dallas: Listen, I got a direct order from your mother and my superior. Okay? Morales takes you home.

Casey: Whatever. I got to close now, first. Hey, it's my job, man. I gotta do it.

Dallas: Fine, fine. Hey, an officer has your contact information?

Gwen: Yeah.

Dallas: And where were you?

Will: What?

Dallas: I saw you run in here after the murder. Where were you before that?

Will: I left before the memorial got started. I just wanted to take a break.

Gwen: His sister, she died a few weeks ago. He didn't want to sit through another memorial.

Dallas: So, did you go home? All the way to Walsh estate cottage? That's quite a hike. I mean, you must have driven very fast.

Will: I didn’t.

Dallas: Why not?

Will: I just took a walk.

Dallas: But your wife said she thought you were home?

Will: Well, I was gonna go home, but then I decided to take a walk instead.

Dallas: So you were nearby when the murder occurred?

Will: Yeah, I guess so.

Dallas: Did you see or hear anything suspicious?

Will: Yeah, I heard screaming. And that's when I came running.

Dallas: Nothing before that?

Will: No.

Dallas: Did anybody see you taking this walk?

Will: I guess not. Is that a problem?

[Cell phone rings]

Dallas: Griffin. Damn! All right, well, look -- Detective Hughes is going to want to know about that right away.

Eve: Let's go upstairs and get you to bed, okay?

Maddie: Yeah, I'm wiped.

Henry: You must be. You were exhausted before you even went to this whole thing.

Maddie: How did she know?

Henry: Know what?

Margo: Maddie, hi.

Maddie: Hi.

Margo: You know why I'm here?

Maddie: Not exactly.

Margo: Where were you tonight, Maddie?

Henry: Okay. You know, if this is some kind of legal inquiry, we are going to have to go ahead and get our lawyers --

Margo: Henry, please, we just need a little help, that's all.

Eve: The police need help, is that the "we" involved here?

Margo: Yes, that's right. Maddie, we heard that you were at Lia's memorial tonight.

Maddie: That's -- that's true.

Margo: And you went there with Nate Bradley? Did you leave with him?

Maddie: No, I left earlier.

Margo: Why?

Maddie: You know why. I can tell. How do you know?

Margo: It's my job.

Maddie: Then don't make me say it, okay?

Margo: You have to.

Henry: Okay, what the hell is this, Margo?

Margo: Maddie?

Maddie: Nate came on to me. And I was -- I was so stupid, it just hit me wrong. And --

Margo: So you --

Maddie: I ran. Like some little kid, I just ran and ran -- and ran.

Margo: And that's it?

Maddie: All the way home.

Eve: Oh, Baby.

Henry: What -- what aren't you telling us, Margo?

Margo: Maddie, you sure that's it?

Henry: You need to tell me what's going on before you get to answer another question.

Margo: Nate Bradley was killed outside of Crash. So, Maddie, based on what you just told me, you had better have a very good alibi for the time of the murder.

Mike: Katie?

Katie: Mm-hmm?

Mike: You gonna look at me?

Katie: Maybe.

Mike: Baby, do you trust me?

Katie: It's Simon I don't trust.

Mike: That wasn't the question. Do you trust me?

Katie: It's not about trusting you.

Mike: Yes, it is. Okay? You have to believe that I can handle whatever sin has planned.

Katie: But you don't have to, Mike. You don't have to make sure that Simon doesn't hurt the rest of the world.

Mike: I don't care about the rest of the world. I care about you and me. All right, you ever hear that expression -- "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?"

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Mike: Okay, that's all this is. If Simon is going to be around, then I'm going to be there to make sure I keep an eye on him. It's that simple.

Katie: Is it?

Simon: It's as simple as that. I took the best bid on the project and it just so happened to be Mike.

Carly: Right. So, if I say I believe you, will you buy me a refill?

Simon: All the coffee you can drink. Listen, you've been on edge ever since we left Katie’s. Are you all right? What's up?

Carly: Do you really need to ask?

Simon: Yeah.

Carly: Simon, if you are so completely over Katie, then why are you working with her husband?

Simon: He came to me, not the other way around. It's business, that's all.

Carly: Really?

Simon: Really.

Damian: Luke, if you need to change your mind, I will understand.

Luke: No, no, it's okay. It was just rough telling my dad.

Damian: Was there pressure?

Luke: No, it's just the situation.

Damian: A new baby brother, your little sisters, so full of life, that's a lot to give up for a sick man you barely know.

Luke: I'm not going to let you die alone.

Damian: You're a good son. Better than I deserve. And as you can see, I won't let that stop me.

Luke: You're not making me do anything. This is my decision.

Damian: I'm glad. I had a call while you were gone. From Malta.

Luke: Oh?

Damian: My doctors. Some tests have come back. I have to return right away.

Luke: What does that mean?

Damian: I have to leave by the end of the week.

Luke: Okay. Well, there's just one thing I have left to do here. And then after that, I can leave the country whenever you want.

Holden: Hey --

Lucy: Hey, I thought I'd check on my new cousin on my way home.

Holden: Come on in. He's upstairs taking another nap. One of many.

Lucy: Oh, well, he was early, so he'll do that a lot. But I'm sure your nurse knows what to expect.

Holden: Yeah, definitely.

Lucy: Is something wrong?

Holden: Have you seen Luke today?

Lucy: Not since this morning. Why? I thought everything was worked out between you two.

Holden: Yeah, so did I. But he came home with me, and I thought he was going to stay, but then he said that Damian needed him. And that he had to leave right away.

Lucy: Well, it can't be for long, Holden. I just ran into Damian and he said he's going back to Malta soon. So Luke should be home then.

Holden: Unless --

Lucy: No.

Holden: You don't think it could happen? This is Damian Grimaldi. It could definitely happen. I could definitely lose my son.

Will: Gwen, I'm sorry I wasn't here.

Gwen: Yeah, me too. I mean, not for me, but because that cop was such a jerk to you.

Will: Believe it or not, I'm used to that.

Gwen: Why didn't you go home?

Will: I was gonna be lonely without you. You ready to get out of here?

Gwen: Yes. Hey, are you okay?

Casey: Yeah, I'm just waiting for my babysitter to take me home.

Gwen: I tried to call Maddie for you. But she's not picking up.

Casey: Yeah, she's probably being interrogated. It's such a crock.

Will: Don't worry, they're gonna figure that out.

Gwen: You know what? I forgot something.

Will: All right, later, Bud.

Cop #2: I can't let you go until I get an address and a number.

Jade: I told you, I don't -- I gave you the number.

Cop #2: This restaurant is the only place we can reach you?

Jade: Yes.

Jade: You guys taking off?

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: Where are you staying tonight?

Jade: Not sure.

Will: Where have you been staying since we left Carly's?

Jade: I've been staying in a motel for a little bit. And sometimes, there's a youth hostel --

Gwen: Sometimes?

Jade: It's fine. I'll be fine.

Gwen: No, look, come stay with us.

Jade: No, no, no, it's too much.

Will: Jade, there's a murderer out there. You should be with people you trust.

Gwen: Come on, Jade, let's go.

Jade: Okay, thanks.

Casey: Maddie couldn't do this. She couldn’t.

Maddie: I just ran, like I said.

Margo: You ran all the way from Crash back here to the Lakeview?

Henry: Yeah, she did. She was completely out of breathe when she got here, Margo. I was in the lobby, I saw it. I'm sure there were other witnesses, too.

Margo: Well, the time that she got here --

Henry: I was on my phone, I can check the time of the call.

Margo: Henry, the time that she got here doesn't really matter if we don't know what time she left Crash. Now, the coroner can put the time of death within an hour, but we're working in a very tight timeframe --

Maddie: Nate's dead?

Margo: Yes, that's right.

Maddie: I can't believe it.

Margo: Maddie, do you remember what time it was when you left Crash?

Maddie: He's dead. I was just with him a while ago. And Nate's --

Henry: That was just -- it is a terrible coincidence. That's all it is, Sweetheart. She needs to rest.

Margo: I want to see her tomorrow morning at the station first thing. So, don't go anywhere?

Eve: We'll be here.

Henry: Come on. Come on, Kid -- hey, come on.

Dallas: Well, the coroner just called with the preliminary.

Margo: Yeah, what have we got?

Dallas: Multiple stab wounds. Same pattern, same type of blade. So far, the evidence has been consistent with Lia Dermott’s murder, so -- it looks like we got a serial killer.

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[Gwen and Will are in bed making out and Jade rushes in their bedroom]

Jade: Oh, my God, there's somebody outside the house. It's the slasher, coming right towards the door!

Lisa: If you want my advice, don't go packing Luke's bags just yet. Because my money says, the kid stays put.

Lucy: I think he's going back to Malta to say good-bye to Damian, for good.

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