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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/27/06

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Meg: Good morning. Is this because we live in a small town, or --

Emily: Yeah, that's it. Trust me, I had no idea you were out here.

Meg: Okay.

Emily: What, do you think I'm stalking you or something? In fact, you know what? Show me where Paul is, and I would literally run in the other direction.

Meg: I don't know.

Emily: What, he's not here?

Meg: No, he's not here.

Emily: Oh. Well, that's good to know. You okay, Meg? You seem a little, I don't know, down. Is it because of Paul?

Meg: No, Emily, it's because of you.

Barbara: Hold it right there.

Paul: It's amazing that you can still do that to me.

Barbara: Why haven't you called me?

Paul: Sorry, Mother, but I've been busy watching my future slip through my fingers.

Barbara: Yes, please, tell me how this happened. How is it possible that that woman is walking around free? We have to come up with a plan.

Paul: We have to come up with a plan?

Barbara: Yes. You have to do something. You have to hit hard and fast, before Emily has a chance to reposition herself.

Paul: On?

Barbara: On your child, my grandchild. Somehow, you've got to find a way to guarantee that you will have that baby completely.

Holden: And his nose -- it looks kind of like Faith’s. But the eyes -- the eyes are definitely you. Even though -- even though they're still kind of closed, I can definitely tell. And he's content, you know? Just like Luke. You remember how Luke was, with his eyes wide open, looking at the world, ready to meet it and take a chunk out of it. That's this little guy. Luke's pretty lucky. He's got the perfect little brother. You'll see.

[Luke overhears this standing at the door]

[Jade is standing outside their door looking in at them in bed]

Gwen: Hey.

Will: Good morning. Still our own place.

Gwen: Yeah, it's still ours.

Will: You know, we can run around in our underwear and not have to worry about scaring 7-year-olds?

Gwen: I'll race you to the kitchen.

Will: Later.

[Knocking at door]

Gwen: Maybe the 7-year-olds miss us.

Will: Yeah, so much for just the two of us.

Gwen: No.

Jade: Did I wake you?

Will: Yeah. It's early.

Jade: Sorry, but you have to know.

Gwen: Know what?

Jade: That's her, right?

Will: Who?

Jade: Lia. The one who was after Casey. Maddie stabbed her car with a butcher knife. I mean, it has to be her, right? There can't be many other Lias.

Gwen: No, Lia McDermott. It's her.

Will: Lia's dead?

Gwen: Yeah. She was killed last night.

Jade: No, you saw it right there. Not just killed. She was stabbed to death.

Ann: I don't care if the paper says no suspects, we all know.

Zach: We don’t.

Ann: Yes, we do. Maddie Coleman.

Girl: Maddie Coleman wouldn't hurt a fly.

Ann: Hello! She completely trashed the inside of Lia’s car with a huge knife tore up all the upholstery.

Zach: Technically, that's not a living thing.

Ann: But it's like a step. Haven't you seen those cop shows? First, you destroy someone's property, then you go for their throat. Maddie Coleman is a murderer.

Casey: That's a lie. Maddie didn't do this.

Ann: You're so sure?

Casey: Yeah.

Ann: Lia called me yesterday, Casey, completely freaked out.

Casey: Stop it.

Ann: You know it's true.

Casey: No, you don't know what you're talking about. Maddie didn't kill anyone. She couldn’t.

Henry: I can't remember the last time I had breakfast with my two favorite sisters.

Eve: Who wants banana pancakes this morning besides me?

Henry: That sounds good. I was thinking French toast. How about you, Maddie? You love the way they do it here, don't you? Kitten? Madeline, where are you?

Gwen: Casey, its Gwen. We just heard. Call me as soon as you get this, okay? He's not picking up.

Will: I don't blame him. If this is true, and he found the body --

Gwen: Does it say anything about Maddie in there?

Will: No.

Gwen: So then you don't know.

Jade: Lia was killed with a knife, and Maddie sliced up the inside of her car.

Gwen: The cops took that knife.

Jade: Oh, so there's only one knife in the world? Look, I'm sorry, I'm just saying -- what I saw at the bridge last night.

Will: What?

Gwen: Nothing.

Jade: Yeah, I ran into Maddie out there, and it looked like she was dropping something into the water. And when I spoke to her about it, she acted, like, really freaked out, like I should forget that I saw her there.

Gwen: Well, you know, you weren't --

Jade: Then she got really nasty with me.

Gwen: You weren't her favorite person.

Jade: Yeah, but that's no reason to make up lies about me and Will.

Will: Yeah, and Maddie hasn't really been herself lately.

Gwen: That's way different than being a killer. Come on, you guys. Maddie's a good person, which means she isn't capable of killing another person.

Will: Why not? I did.

Ann: I know you had a thing for her, but Casey, Maddie is sick. We've all seen it. And sick people can do sick things.

Casey: Stop saying that.

Zach: Let's all just back -- back up, okay?

Casey: She's wrong.

Ann: You don't know!

Casey: I was there! I'm the one who found Lia after the -- look, in a million years, Maddie couldn't have done that. Whoever did was a psychopath.

Ann: I can't believe Lia’s gone.

Zach: We're lucky they didn't get you, too, man.

Casey: Yeah, or maybe if I'd gone back a few minutes sooner, I could've scared the freak away, and Lia would still be here.

Zach: Dude, if it was as ugly as you say, there's no way you would have scared the guy away. You'd be laying there right next to her.

Ann: You're such a help, Zach.

Zach: Sorry, I'm just thinking.

Casey: Well, stop. Look, so why'd you guys text me?

Zach: We had an idea -- something we wanted to do for Lia. But we need your help.

[Maddie is looking at the steak knife, she picks it up]

Henry: Madeline.

Maddie: What is this doing here?

Henry: It's a mistake. Here, give me that. Waiter? Excuse me. Here, can you take this, please?

Waiter: Of course, sir.

Maddie: Henry, it's no big deal. They probably just left it after the dinner shift.

Eve: It happens. So, what are you having?

Maddie: Everything. For some reason, I'm just ravenous today.

Nate: Hey, Maddie --

Maddie: Hey.

Nate: Did you hear about Lia? She got killed last night.

Maddie: I heard.

Nate: So, a bunch of us are putting together this thing for her at Crash later on, like a memorial. If you want to come with me, I can pick you up --

Maddie: Not a good idea. Lia doesn't want me at any service for her, not after what I did.

Barbara: You know full well that Emily will try to move heaven and earth to retain full custody of your baby.

Paul: Yes, Mother, I've already thought of that.

Barbara: So please tell me, what happened at that hearing? How did it spiral so out of control? You were there. Didn't you fight?

Paul: Of course I fought. I fought with everything I had. And even after the judge let her go, I still -- I was ready to do anything.

Barbara: As you should.

Paul: Well, Meg walked out on me, so maybe I shouldn’t.

Barbara: She what?

Paul: I proposed, and she said no.

Barbara: Oh, honey, I -- I am so sorry.

Paul: Are you, really?

Barbara: Yes, of course I am.

Paul: Of course?

Barbara: Of course -- Paul, I know you want to be with this woman. I know that you love her. And I have learned that if I want to stay in my children's lives, I have to respect their choices.

Paul: Yeah, I heard about will's trust fund.

Barbara: Well, it's true. I gave it to him, no strings.

Paul: I'd love to see the paperwork on that one.

Barbara: Anytime. He's free.

Paul: In Jennifer’s honor?

Barbara: I'm trying. I thought you were, too.

Paul: Yeah, I'm trying. Jennifer wanted Emily free, too. She didn't believe that Emily was a threat anymore.

Barbara: Jennifer had the most kind and loving -- she only saw the good in everyone.

Paul: Yeah, well, you see the good in everyone, then everyone gives you their best back.

Barbara: Except sometimes, it's dangerous when you're too trusting. Which is why I was so glad that Dusty was in her life, 'cause I knew that he would protect her, from Emily, or anyone who would try to hurt her.

Paul: Dusty let Emily go free because of Jennifer.

Barbara: Or, he wanted to sit back and watch you have to deal with Emily, which would be his justice.

Paul: That's what he said.

Barbara: Well, honey, there it is. There it is right there. Paul, no one believes that Emily Stewart would be a good mother. So the question is, what are you gonna do about it?

Emily: Look, I want nothing to do with Paul. I mean, if I had my way, we would never lay eyes on each other again.

Meg: You had your way, Emily, and you did the one thing that would tie you to the man forever. So don't even go there.

Emily: What? I didn't try to get pregnant. I slept with my husband, who I thought at the time loved me. If there was anything underhanded or manipulative going on there --

Meg: You know what? I've heard it. We've all heard it.

Emily: I wanted to raise this child alone. I've done everything in my power to make that happen, and I will continue to make that happen.

Meg: And he's gonna fight you at every turn. That's his life now, fighting for his baby.

Emily: He loves his child. Meg, is that a problem for you?

Meg: No, not at all.

Emily: 'Cause it's not the same thing, you know? The love of a child.

Meg: Do you really think I need relationship advice from you, of all people?

Emily: Have a good day, Meg. ...

Holden: Go ahead, tell her.

Luke: He's right. He does have faith's nose.

Holden: You heard, huh?

Luke: Yeah.

Holden: Did you hear me say that he's pretty cool, like his big brother, too?

Luke: I heard that. I hope you did, too.

Holden: Oh, she does. Luke hasn't had as much practice talking to you as I have, because he really wasn't here in the beginning. Because I made a mistake.

Luke: No, no, you didn’t.

Holden: No, no, no, I did. I did. And I'm sorry. And I hope that you'll come home to us, because everybody wants you there. Especially me.

Lucy: I heard that my favorite newborn was out visiting. Look at him. Can -- [Baby cries] We did.

Holden: Oh. He's waking up.

Lucy: Hi.

Luke: Hey -- hey, Lucy, is it okay if I use my phone on this floor?

Lucy: Yeah, sure, sure.

Luke: Okay, I'll be right back.

Holden: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Damian: Hello?

Luke: It's Luke.

Damian: Luke, how are you? And Lily, how is she?

Luke: Great. We were really lucky. Both Mom and the baby are doing fine.

Damian: Well, that's wonderful news. You must be very relieved.

Luke: Definitely.

Damian: But something's wrong?

Luke: Well, I'm just here with my dad now, and the baby, and my sisters are at home, and they really need me. My dad needs me to come home.

Damian: Of course. You should stop by before we leave.

Luke: No, I mean I have to be at home. I can't go to Malta with you.

Damian: Look, it was very emotional to see the baby, I'm sure, but you can't make such a big decision at this moment.

Luke: I can. I have.

Damian: All right, listen, I'm coming over. We need to discuss this face-to-face.

Luke: Okay, I'm at the hospital.

Paul: I will look after my baby. But maybe, just maybe, that doesn't include destroying its mother, mother.

Barbara: If the mother is Emily Stewart, it certainly does.

Paul: Yeah, well, Meg doesn't see it that way.

Barbara: So you're gonna let some controlling woman lead you around by the nose? I don't think that's the way to go, Paul.

Paul: That's funny. You're unbelievable.

Barbara: You have got to come up with a plan on how to deal with Emily.

Paul: I'll get right on that. See you later, Mom.

Barbara: I certainly will, son.

Susan: No, that's impossible. I booked the full-day package for myself and my daughter. Massages, facials --

Spa manager: I'm sorry, there was a mix-up in scheduling.

Susan: So there's nothing? Somebody wrote it down wrong or didn't write it down at all, and we're out of luck?

Spa manager: We can accommodate you tomorrow.

Susan: But -- I'm on rounds. I'm in surgery. My daughter's on her way here right now.

Spa manager: That's all I can do, ma'am.

Susan: Well, thank you very much.

[They leave]

Paul: Excuse me. Hi. I wonder if there's some way we couldn't work a little something out.

Gwen: Will, I --

Jade: Okay, why don't I wait outside? Gwen, can I get a ride with you when you guys go?

Gwen: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Will: Don't be.

Gwen: I -- I didn't mean to say that you weren't a good person. I didn't even know you when the whole rose thing happened. You were too young. So I never even, you know, put the two together.

Will: It's okay.

Gwen: There were so many ways that that wasn't your fault.

Will: Yeah, but I did it. I was that mixed up, you know? So mixed up that I thought what I was doing was actually a good thing. It can happen. That's all I'm trying to say. It can happen to anybody.

Gwen: Do you think Maddie did it?

Will: No. That's not what I'm trying to say. But I don't know. No one can know what's going on inside Maddie’s head except her.

Gwen: Yeah, I guess.

Will: So let's go find Casey.

Gwen: Yeah. Wait. You'd tell me, right?

Will: Tell you what?

Gwen: Anything that was bugging you. I mean, anything that you thought was too embarrassing, or stupid, or upsetting. I mean, just promise that you'd tell me.

Will: Do you want to know every single thought that's going through my head at all times?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: Are you that scared of what I might do?

Gwen: No, I just want you to know that it's okay. That whatever you are, whatever you do, whatever you think, I'll never stop loving you.

Will: Thank God.

Casey: Yeah, I think my grandma would be fine with that, especially if we have the service earlier in the day.

Ann: Do you think we could play Lia’s favorite music?

Casey: I don't know what that is.

Ann: I do.

Casey: Yeah, sure, I'll definitely play it. It's the least I can do. All right, I'll see you guys there.

Zach: Hey, where are you going?

Casey: I can't sit around here, that's for sure.

Zach: Don't be alone, though. That'll make it worse.

Casey: The only thing that will help right now at all is seeing Maddie.

Zach: No way.

Casey: Dude, I need to make sure she's all right.

Dallas: Now, you see, that's not a good idea, Casey.

Casey: Am I under arrest, Officer?

Dallas: No, don't do that. You heard your mom last night, right? It's better for you and the investigation if you just stay away from Maddie for a while.

Casey: So is that why you're here? My mom sent you to tail me?

Dallas: I'm just here for the coffee.

Casey: Right. Later.

Dallas: Just --

Casey: I knew it.

Dallas: Stay away from the girl, okay?

Casey: What if the girl needs me?

Dallas: No, she has a brother and a sister to look out for her.

Casey: That's not the same.

Dallas: What do you really think you can do for Maddie, huh? It's not gonna change what happened last night, and it's not gonna change what has to happen now.

Casey: You think Maddie’s guilty.

Dallas: I didn't say that.

Casey: No, you're convinced that Maddie’s the killer, and you're not even gonna look for anybody else.

Nate: Look, I heard that you and Lia got in a fight over Casey, but like that matters now?

Maddie: I can’t.

Nate: Okay. Then, let me know if you change your mind.

Maddie: Thanks.

Eve: He's cute.

Maddie: Yeah.

Eve: What did he want?

Maddie: Uh, there's a memorial for Lia. He wanted me to go.

Eve: Are you?

Maddie: No, it doesn't seem right.

Henry: Did you call the therapist?

Maddie: Who?

Henry: The name that Margo Hughes gave you. Did you call the doctor yet?

Maddie: Why?

Henry: Because it's a good idea, uh, 'cause I think you need to talk to someone about the assault in Chicago.

Eve: Henry --

Henry: It happened. And it's obviously left some real scars, so --

Maddie: It's over.

Eve: What is?

Maddie: The whole -- I talked about it. I talked to the police, I told you guys. There's nothing else I can do.

Henry: It doesn't work that way.

Maddie: I don't need a doctor, Henry.

Henry: You promised Margo that you were gonna follow up on this.

Maddie: What, do you think I need points with the cops?

Henry: Margo is not just a cop.

Maddie: That's all she is these days. Can we please just drop this?

Henry: No, we can't, no.

Eve: Let's get some breakfast.

Henry: Yeah, banana pancakes, Eve, that's gonna solve everything. Is this how you took care of her? Because it would explain a lot, it really would.

Eve: Hey, fighting will not help anyone.

Maddie: I don't need help.

Henry: Yeah, you do. I'm the one that loves you, and I tell you the truth. And the truth is, you are not okay, Maddie, and you have not been acting like yourself.

Maddie: I was upset.

Henry: You were so upset you couldn't tell us where you were, or what you were doing?

Eve: This isn't the way, Henry.

Maddie: What, what, Eve? What is it that you guys think that -- you think I did it. You think I killed Lia.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Luke: What's that?

Damian: It's nothing.

Emily: Is that what this is about?

Paul: What?

Emily: The baby?

Maddie: Did you see Casey?

Gwen: Yeah. He said to tell you that he's with you. Is there anything that you want me to tell him?

Dallas: Look, you don't know me, okay? But what about your mom? Now, you think she wants to frame an innocent girl for a crime?

Casey: No, I didn't say that. What I said is that Maddie’s not the murderer, so you need to start looking for another suspect.

Will: Hey, we heard. Are you okay?

Casey: Yeah.

Gwen: You must be completely freaked out.

Casey: It was a rough night.

Gwen: Have you talked to Maddie today?

Casey: No. I can’t.

Will: Why not?

Casey: See that guy at the counter over there? Don't look, don't look. Don’t. He's the new cop in town, and he's here keeping an eye on me.

Gwen: What, like a suspect?

Casey: No, they think Maddie is, and they think she's a threat.

Will: What, to you?

Casey: Yeah. It's totally bogus, but they've got it all under control, that we can't see each other. I think they'd know if I made a phone call.

Gwen: What, like they're tapping her phone, or yours?

Casey: No, I don't know. All I know is that I don't want to make any more trouble for Maddie with the cops.

Gwen: Everybody thinks she did it, right?

Casey: Yeah, and Ann’s been running her mouth. So most people probably will. And then, what if that gets back to Maddie? She doesn't need the added stress. She's already stressed out enough about whatever. So, could you guys check on her for me?

Gwen: Sure.

Will: Yeah, we were gonna go see her anyway.

Casey: Okay, cool. Get back to me when you do. I'll either be here or at Crash, setting up for this memorial.

Gwen: What memorial?

Casey: For Lia.

Will: Yeah, I got a text message about that on the way over.

Casey: Can you come, please?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, whatever you need.

Casey: What I really need right now is to know that Maddie’s okay.

Will: We'll leave her a note.

Gwen: Do you have any message?

Casey: Um, yeah. Tell her that I love her, and I miss her, and I wish that she was here right now. Nah, actually, don’t. Don't tell her that.

Gwen: She might want to hear it.

Casey: Or she might hate it, like she has for the past couple weeks. Just tell her that, um -- that I'm with her.

Eve: Honey, if the questions aren't coming out right, it's because henry is lead-footed -- and loves you to pieces. So do I.

Henry: We just -- we want you to be okay, all right? That's all. We want to help you.

Maddie: Really?

Henry: Really.

Eve: Absolutely.

Maddie: That's all? Then there is something you can do.

Henry: You just name it.

Maddie: Leave me alone.

Eve: Honey --

Maddie: If you want me to be okay, treat me like I'm me. I'm so -- don't treat me like I'm some weirdo. I'm so sick of feeling weird. It'll be okay if you let me be okay.

Henry: Sweetie, I know you'd like to think that.

Maddie: It's true. If you want me to be okay, just please stop pressuring me, okay? No more pressure. I don't want to talk about Chicago. I don't want to talk about last night ever again.

Barbara: There you are.

Meg: You're looking for me?

Barbara: I called your mom. She thought that you might be out here.

Meg: And you couldn't wait to gloat?

Barbara: What?

Meg: You must've heard about me and Paul.

Barbara: Yes, I did, but that's not any reason to gloat.

Meg: No?

Barbara: Come on, Meg, I thought we understood each other better than this.

Meg: You said you could be my ally or my enemy. I wasn't sure if we chose one.

Barbara: I'm always on the side of my children's happiness.

Meg: Uh-huh.

Barbara: Which is why I'm sad. I'm very sad for Paul. But more than that, I'm sad for you.

Emily: Oh, Mom, I cannot wait for this day. You have -- you have no idea. I have not had a chance to treat myself in months, and my body could sure use it.

Susan: Now I feel doubly rotten.

Emily: What? Oh, you have an emergency.

Susan: No, no, I'm completely covered. I've been looking forward to this day. But unfortunately, the spa has no record of our appointments.

Emily: What?

Susan: Somebody goofed, and they scheduled other clients. We're plum out of luck, baby. I'm sorry.

Emily: Oh, that stinks.

Emily: I know. It's okay. It's okay. We'll -- I don't know. We'll think of something else to do today, I guess.

Susan: Oh, but you need pampering. I wanted to give that to you.

Emily: I know. And you know what? Knowing that means a lot. So thank you.

Susan: Please. I've been pregnant. I know. Nothing is as good for your lower back as a good massage.

Emily: Yeah, no kidding.

Spa manager: Dr. Stewart, everything has been resolved.

Susan: Really? Wow! Oh, this is great.

Emily: Whoa. The deluxe package? Mom, you shouldn't have.

Susan: Oh, no, not the deluxe. Oh, wait, is this because you made a mistake?

Paul: Yeah, it's funny you should say that. I did this. I made it happen. I try to do whatever I can

Susan: How did you even know we had appointments? Did you tell him?

Paul: No, no, no. I -- I heard you arguing. I -- thank you so much.

Susan: So you just decided to horn in on something that wasn't your problem?

Paul: No, I was trying to help.

Susan: Help? Why?

Paul: Because I could.

Susan: But why? Why did you do it? What do you want?

Paul: Nothing. It's a peace offering.

Susan: A peace offering? I love this guy. You tried to have my daughter thrown in prison.

Paul: Yeah, sorry about that.

Susan: No, you're not. You'd do it again if you could figure out how.

Paul: It's a gift, Susan.

Susan: Oh.

Paul: That's all it is. It's in good faith.

Susan: It's a gift? Well, we couldn't possibly accept.

Emily: Of course we can. It was very sweet of you. Thank you.

Casey: I'm gonna be here for about ten more minutes, then I'm gonna head over to Crash. Black jeep, be across the parking lot. But you probably already have the license plate number anyway, so --

Dallas: Listen, I'm here for the coffee, all right? I'm not tailing you.

Casey: Right, right.

Dallas: But see, that doesn't mean its okay for you to just go look for Maddie Coleman.

Casey: You need to be looking for the killer. And if you even think that it’s Maddie, then you're looking in the wrong spot, and you're gonna miss something.

Dallas: Listen, we know our job, okay? Especially your mom, right? I mean, do you really think she wants to arrest Maddie Coleman?

Casey: No.

Dallas: Then back up off it, Casey, all right? Let us work. The sooner we find the killer, the sooner you can get back to your girl. All right?

Jade: Casey, who was that guy?

Casey: He's a cop.

Jade: Here in Oakdale?

Casey: Uh, yeah, where else? He's investigating Lia’s murder.

Maddie: It's a terrible thing.

Gwen: Are you okay?

Maddie: Yeah.

Will: Did the cops come here?

Gwen: What -- what happened?

Maddie: Um, they came and asked questions and left.

Gwen: Is there anything that we can do?

Maddie: No. Oh, um, except, did you see Casey?

Will: Yeah, earlier.

Gwen: Yeah, he said to tell you that he's with you. Is there anything that you want me to tell him?

Maddie: Just that I'm fine, and thank you for thinking of me.

Gwen: That's it?

Maddie: See you guys later?

Gwen: Sure.

Will: Bye.

Nate: Hey, you just missed my dad. He wanted to meet you. Maddie, did you want something?

Lucy: He really is pretty. That's the nice thing about c-sections, the baby does come out looking great.

Holden: Thank God he made it. He and Lily both.

Lucy: Yeah, well, Lily pulled through like a champ. I saw the chart.

Holden: Yeah, and things seem to be getting better with Luke, too.

Lucy: You guys, you know, worked through the misunderstanding?

Holden: Yeah. Things aren't gonna be better in one day, but I think he's coming around.

Luke: I had it all wrong.

Damian: You believe Holden’s version of events, the most recent one?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, everything was just very mixed up.

Damian: And you got very hurt in the process.

Luke: Yeah, but that's not the big thing right now. It's about my whole family, about my sisters and this new baby. I mean, what if we have to take that baby home from the hospital without Mom at first? My dad needs me there. I can't leave the country right now.

Damian: Do what you must, Luke. And if I can help in any way, I'll be happy to. Better call my pilot, let him know I'm flying solo.

Luke: What's that?

Damian: It's nothing.

Luke: Calutide? What is that? What are you taking medication for?

Damian: It's nothing.

Luke: But what's it for?

Damian: I have allergies.

Luke: To what?

Damian: Things in the air.

Luke: Yeah, but you never mentioned that before.

Damian: Because it's not important. Luke, I better go before your dad comes out and it makes a scene.

Luke: Damian, come on. Don't --

Damian: I'll see you later, all right?

Lucy: Your little brother is going to be a charmer.

Luke: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Lucy: Is something wrong?

Luke: I don't know. What is this?

Lucy: Um, Calutide?

Luke: Yeah. It's a drug, right?

Lucy: Yes. A very heavy-duty drug.

Luke: For allergies?

[Lucy laughs]

Lucy: No way.

Luke: Well, then what's it for?

Lucy: Well, Luke, that's an end-stage hormone treatment.

Luke: End-stage?

Lucy: This medication would be the last resort for someone who was very, very ill.

Meg: You don't have the facts.

Barbara: The fact is that I know that my son is trying to be a very good parent. But because he hasn't always had a good role model, sometimes he goes about it badly.

Meg: Well, that sounds so simple and so forgivable.

Barbara: It should be.

Meg: Well, it's not even the short version, not even close to what we're dealing with, or how Paul goes about things. And why am I even talking to you? Thank you for your concern. I'll see you around.

Barbara: May I have one more minute, please?

Meg: For what?

Barbara: To make a case for you and Paul.

Meg: Why do you want us together?

Barbara: Because that's what he wants. He thinks that you would be a good parent. And given his baby's unfortunate biology, I think that matters.

Meg: Well, that's not my problem.

Barbara: No. No, it's not. Did you hear Hal at Jennifer’s service? Did you listen to him? Hal isn't Jennifer’s biological father, but that never fazed him. He was just Dad, and she worshipped him. And given the complications of my life, I think it saved her.

Meg: So I should marry Paul to save this baby?

Barbara: You need to ask Hal if there was anything that he would do differently, that if there was anything that meant more to him in his life. And that's why I feel sorry for you, because you're saying no to life. Because it has warts, and Paul isn't perfect. But Paul has spent his entire life battling awful and impossible people, much worse than Emily.

Meg: Like his father.

Barbara: Like his father. And five years from now, when Paul has worked all of this out with Emily, he will be raising his child and living a happy life, warts and all. And wherever you are, even though you were justified, I hope you realize all that you're going to miss.

Susan: You cannot accept charity from Paul Ryan. I can't stand by and watch you be taken in again by that lowlife?

Emily: That lowlife happens to be the father of the child I'm carrying, Mom.

Susan: All the more reason for you to be on guard.

Emily: Would you -- it's a massage, Mother, a little pampering. I mean, some much-deserved TLC. We both deserve that. Taking this is not the same as being taken in, okay?

Susan: Oh, really? Are you sure about that?

Emily: Yeah, I'm sure. Would you relax, please?

Susan: Okay, if you say so.

Emily: Okay, I say so. So go check us in, and I'll meet you in a few minutes.

Susan: Emily --

Emily: Mother, will you please check us in, okay? I'll be there in a minute.

Susan: Okay.

Emily: Okay.

Paul: Maybe your mom thinks I rigged the sauna or something.

Emily: Yeah, probably.

Paul: Hey, you're not supposed to take a sauna in your condition.

Emily: They recommend that you don't if you're pregnant, yeah.

Paul: So then you probably shouldn’t.

Emily: I wouldn’t. Is that what this is about?

Paul: What?

Emily: The baby?

Paul: I want a happy, healthy child.

Emily: Me, too.

Paul: Great. So then we agree on something. We can make that happen, right?

Emily: I'll think about it.

Gwen: It was weird. Um, Maddie was out of it. Not like -- not like when she cut up Lia’s car. She was just -- distracted.

Casey: Yeah?

Will: Yeah, something's up.

Jade: Uh, Gwen, can I talk to you for a minute?

Gwen: Uh, yeah, sure. I'll be right back.

Will: So, if you -- if you can't see Maddie, then maybe you can help her some other way.

Casey: I wish I could, man.

Will: Well, have you gone back and tried to think about, you know, when you saw her last night? Anything that might help the cops?

Casey: No. It's all a blur now, man.

Will: I know. But if you really put your mind to it and try to calm down, you could, you know, look back and slow it all down, piece by piece.

Casey: This works?

Will: It can. I've done it when really bad things have happened. You know, you just got to walk through it. You remember something?

Casey: No.

Will: You did. I could see it.

Casey: No, man, it was just so brutal. Everything was so brutal. Whoever did this is seriously messed up.

Jade: I really think I should say something. I mean, wouldn't you?

Gwen: Why?

Jade: I heard Casey talking to that new cop, and Maddie is definitely a suspect.

Gwen: Big surprise. We all figured that. So?

Jade: So when I saw her on the bridge last night, it must've been right after the murder happened. What do you think it was she was dropping into the water?

Gwen: No, you said maybe, Jade. You're not absolutely sure.

Jade: No.

Gwen: So what, all you have is, like, this feeling? You know, plus the fact that you don't like Maddie. You never have.

Jade: You think I'm making this up? Why, to get Maddie in trouble? Guess what? She's already in trouble.

Gwen: Then why say a word?

Jade: What if it's true? Think about it. What if Maddie is involved in Lia’s death, and I don't say anything? What if somebody else gets hurt?

Maddie: I changed my mind.

Nate: About?

Maddie: Lia's memorial.

Nate: So you'll come with me?

Maddie: Yeah. I realize now I have to be there.

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