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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/20/06

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Jade: Who is that?

Gwen: Some new band that wants to get a gig here. My vote is no.

Jade: Is Casey working tonight?

Gwen: I don't know. We may need you to cover. He called, he said something about Maddie -- helping her out.

Jade: I think she's finally gone off the deep end, slashing Lia’s car.

Gwen: Yeah, I just -- I wish I knew what was going on with her. Anyways, thank you for coming early and helping out with deliveries and everything.

Jade: Oh, yeah, I can definitely use the overtime. And riding in with you saves me bus fare. So --

Gwen: It's been cool, all of us crashing at Carly’s. I'm gonna miss that when Will and I get our own place.

Will: Gwen, you won't believe these places. They have, like, indoor pools and media rooms --

Gwen: Oh, come on, do we need all that?

Jade: You guys are moving out? I thought you couldn't afford anything.

Gwen: Oh, I meant to tell you. Will's mom came through with his trust fund, so --

Will: So we're not gonna be staying at Carly’s. This one has a golf course.

Gwen: Okay, but we don't play golf.

Will: Okay, how about your own tennis court?

Gwen: You're a goofball.

Jade: That's so great. I'm really happy for you guys.

Gwen: Yeah. I don't know, I married a trust fund boy. I never saw that one coming.

Jade: So now you're rich. How does that feel?

Eve: Maddie!

Henry: Hey.

Eve: How are you, Honey?

Maddie: I'm fine.

Henry: Oh, Sweetie, no one is fine after some time in the lockup. Trust me, I know.

Eve: Did you eat something? I can't believe this has taken so long.

Maddie: Can I go home?

Henry: Our sister Eve has been a miracle worker. She's got a lawyer, and we're working on getting the bail set.

Eve: Honey, is there anything you need?

Maddie: Yeah, can I use your cell phone, Henry?

Henry: Yeah, of course. Who do you want to call?

Maddie: Casey, I need to talk to him.

Henry: I'm sorry, Sweetheart, that's the one phone call I can't let you make.

Margo: Casey, what are you doing here?

Casey: Lia asked me to come.

Lia: Yeah, can he stay? Please, Mrs. Hughes?

Casey: Look, I know this is official police business. I'll just sit here. I'm not gonna say anything.

Margo: All right. I wanted to ask you some more questions about the incident with your car.

Lia: Is Maddie still in jail?

Margo: Yeah, yeah, she is.

Casey: What? You didn't give her bail or anything?

Margo: You know what, Maddie admitted to trashing Lia’s car, and bail can't be set until she's arraigned.

Casey: But that should've been taken --

Margo: I thought you weren't gonna talk?

Casey: Sorry.

Lia: Look, its okay, Case. He's just worried about Maddie. I am, too.

Margo: Maddie -- Maddie got through the night just fine. Her brother and sister are with her. And she has expressed remorse for what she's done.

Lia: We've all done stupid stuff -- you know, pranks and stuff.

Casey: Maddie wouldn't have trashed your car unless something was wrong with her, Mom. Something bad's going on.

Lia: She's such a sweet girl. I mean, I wish there was something we could do for her.

Margo: Wow, that is very -- that is extremely generous of you, Lia. And you know what? I'm gonna take you up on that. There is, in fact, something you can do to help to Maddie.

Casey: Then we'll do it. Right? Whatever it takes.

Katie: Hey, Babe, where are you? Mike? [Phone rings] Hello?

Carly: You were so right!

Katie: Carly?

Carly: And I just had to thank you.

Katie: For what?

Carly: Last night. You told me that my ship would come in, and you were right. It has. Maybe.

Katie: What's going on?

Carly: I got an e-mail. Well, most of an e-mail, anyway look, the bottom line is that some big-shot saw my website and he's meeting me at the Lakeview in like two minutes.

Katie: And you're just calling me now? Who is this? I mean, what company is he with?

Carly: I don't know I couldn't get the whole e-mail, so I couldn't do any research. I just hope I don't blow it.

Katie: You're not going to. Listen, as soon as he sees that business proposal, he's gonna hire you right away.

Carly: You think so? Even though I have absolutely no experience in interior design?

Katie: Listen, just go be your confident self. Grab a table early and just site there and practice being authoritative. And call me as soon as you're done.

Carly: Hey, why don't you meet me afterward? Come to Lakeview in an hour, and we'll celebrate.

Katie: Okay, I'm there. Good luck! [Saw running] What are you doing?

Mike: Building our future.

Carly: Thank you. And later, could you bring over a bottle of your best champagne? With two flutes already filled and the rest of the bottle on ice? But don't bring it over until you see me talking to my girlfriend. She's cute as a button -- long, blonde hair.

Bartender: Got it.

Carly: Thanks. Because, you know, I'm meeting a potential backer here, you know, in just a couple of minutes.

Simon: Actually, I'm already here.

Holden: What's wrong?

Lucy: I finally got some good news. The baby is out of the breech position.

Holden: That's great news!

Lucy: So we're taking Lily and the baby off the critical list for now.

Holden: Hey, did you hear that? The baby's okay. You just have to open your eyes now.

Lucy: Did Grandmother go home?

Holden: Yeah, she's with the girls right now.

Lucy: And Luke?

Holden: I tried to call him about 20 times last night. I finally left him message and told him that the situation was critical for both Lily and the baby.

Lucy: Well, I'm sure he'll call you back. That's not like him --

Holden: No, I know. And I was angry first, but I have to tell you, I'm starting to get worried now.

[Sirens blaring]

Jack: Hey, kid, you okay? Kid? Oh, my God, Luke!

Cop #1: You know this kid?

Jack: Yeah. He's my cousin's kid. He's got a pulse and he's breathing. Get an ambulance. Luke. Hey, come on, wake up. Luke!

Cop #1: We've got an SVA with injuries. Request an ambulance. Mill Road at Highway Ten. How's he doing?

Jack: He's drunk.

Holden: I can't believe I haven't heard from him in 24 hours.

Lucy: You think Luke’s avoiding you?

Holden: Lucinda left him messages, I have Jack trying to figure out where he is --

Lucy: Did you call Damian?

Holden: I did. I left a message for Damian, told him to have Luke call me, but I haven't heard from him either. What you said about the breech reversal, you said it was working. What exactly does that mean?

Lucy: Well, we've bought some time. But I'm sure Dr. Hughes already told you -- there's no guarantee that the baby won't move back into the breech position again.

Holden: Then we're back where we started. Where I could, lose Lily or the baby. Or both of them. [Cell phone rings] Luke?

Jack: Holden, it's me. Okay, first thing, it looks like Luke’s okay.

Holden: What do you mean, looks like?

Jack: He was in a car accident. Off Highway Ten at the Mill Road.

Holden: A car accident? But you say he's all right?

Jack: He's conscious, yes, and he looks okay, we called for an ambulance. We'll know more when the paramedics get here.

Holden: I'm on my way.

Lucy: Go. I'll look after Lily.

Eve: Maddie, the lawyer was really clear about this.

Henry: You can't have contact with anyone on the case, not Casey, not Lia --

Maddie: I don't want to talk to Lia! I need to talk to Casey.

Henry: Why, Sweetheart?

Maddie: Because I need to explain to him. I need to get him to understand --

Eve: Honey, how do you explain what you did without getting into what you told us last night? Are you ready to tell this boy you were attacked back in Chicago, because last night, you made it pretty clear that you didn't want to talk about this with anyone?

Maddie: I know, but, I just --

Henry: Give her a break.

Eve: I just don't think it's time to be calling someone who's just going to ask a lot of questions she can't answer.

Henry: I know. I agree with you. Just stop being so hard on her.

Eve: You're too easy on her. Look where she's ended up. I'm sorry.

Henry: No, no. You're right. It's true.

Eve: No, it's not. Maddie -- I let you down, Maddie. I should have realized something was terribly wrong when you left Chicago so quickly.

Maddie: It's okay.

Eve: It will be. I've decided to stay here in Oakdale with you and Henry for a while.

Maddie: Why?

Henry: What about Louis? Won't he be upset that his wife ditching him?

Eve: He'll barely miss me. He's on the road so much anyway.

Henry: Okay, well that's great. Right, Maddie?

Eve: I know I can be a little bossy sometimes. But I love you, Maddie. And you need me, don't you? Honey, don't worry. Soon it will all be okay.

Lia: I want to help Maddie. I mean, you know I do. What about my car?

Casey: You've got insurance, right?

Lia: Okay, what about the deductible?

Margo: I'm sure that Maddie and her family will be more than happy to take care of that.

Lia: Oh, that's okay -- I guess.

Margo: Okay, so then you'll drop the charges? Effective immediately?

Lia: Sure, but --

Casey: But what? What's the problem?

Lia: What if Maddie’s dangerous or something?

Casey: She's not. I promise. Please?

Lia: All right. I'll drop the charges.

Casey: Thank you! Geez!

Lia: You better stick around to protect me. Just in case --

Casey: I will. I will. So what happens next?

Margo: Next, Maddie gets out of jail, and then she gets the help that she needs to deal with some things.

Casey: What things?

Margo: Just some personal things. I can't talk about them, Casey.

Lia: Mrs. Hughes? Look, I don't want to start trouble or anything. And I want to help Maddie, but --

Margo: What? What is it?

Lia: I'm a little scared of her right now. I mean, her and Casey used to go out. And now me and him are hanging out. And that seems to be what set her off.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I understand. And I'm gonna make it very clear to Maddie that she's to stay away from both of you and Casey for a while.

Lia: Thank you.

Casey: Mom, I need to talk to her. I need to see her.

Margo: No, that's not a good idea right now.

Casey: But, Mom --

Margo: It's not a good idea right now, Casey. It's for Maddie’s sake. Look, she needs some time. And you're just gonna have give it to her. Thanks so much, Lia.

Lia: It's okay. Are you okay?

Casey: Yeah. Thanks for dropping those charges.

Lia: See, I'm not like all people think. I can be nice.

Casey: I'm starting to believe that.

Lia: We should go do something tonight. Just the two of us.

Casey: Why?

Lia: So I can show you just how nice I can be -- to you.

Katie: Okay, um, we had breakfast. I go out for a couple of errands and I come home and there's all this. What are you doing?

Mike: I'm building an extended deck for the house.

Katie: Okay. Why?

Mike: I love you. I love this house. But it's not really mine.

Katie: What are you talking about? Of course it's yours.

Mike: I didn't forget this place started out as your dream house with Simon.

Katie: I don't think of it that way anymore. I mean it. You and I fell in love here. We christened practically every square inch of this place with an emphasis on the couch for some reason.

Mike: Well, I'm staking a claim.

Katie: On me or on this place?

Mike: Both. I don't know. When I saw Simon, it just got me thinking -- he thought he had a shot with you.

Katie: He was wrong.

Mike: Well, that's because you made a choice. To be with me and only me. All right, and I'm making a choice to build something for us. All right, come here. Close your eyes. Wood has memory. Okay, touch, sound, vibration. It all becomes part of the wood. Gives it texture.

Katie: I never thought of it that way.

Mike: My love for you is already in here. When I see you, I think about you coming out here, barefoot, having your morning coffee. Us dancing out here on a summer night. Barbecuing, holding our babies together out here. Too mushy?

Katie: No, and what would we do after we put the kids to sleep?

Mike: I'll come out here and I'll hold you. And we'll watch the night together. That's the life. That's our life. And it begins right here.

Carly: You're a dead man, Frasier!

Simon: Yeah, yeah. I've heard that a few times before. Actually, do you want to have a seat? Should we --

Carly: What game are you playing here? You let me think -- how can you do this?

Simon: I'm prepared to make you a serious business offer, Carly.

Carly: You don't know anything about my business --

Simon: Yeah, you see. I was here last night and I overheard your less than successful chat with a certain banker.

Carly: You had no right to eavesdrop on me and any conversation I have with anybody!

Simon: That guy really was a drone, wasn't he? Shall we get a cup -- you already got a cup. Can I get coffee?

Carly: Simon, I'm not doing anything with you.

Simon: Well, I think you'll have second thoughts about that. See, I picked up your card, and I checked out your website. Now, Carly, I think your business definitely has tremendous potential.

Carly: And you would like to invest?

Simon: Yes, yeah. I would actually. That would be nice.

Carly: With what?

Simon: Money, whatever you need.

Carly: You have money?

Simon: Lots of it. So, shall we talk?

Carly: Yes. Yes, we should talk. And let me start my pitch by saying this, you can take your money and shove it!

Damian: Lucy. Have you seen Luke?

Lucy: You don't know where he is?

Damian: He didn't come home last night? I was hoping he would to come back here to visit his mother.

Lucy: No.

Damian: Hey, you know something, right? Has something happened to Luke? Lucy, please tell me. Where's my son?

Jack: How is he?

EMT: Nothing serious. A few cuts. The kid's lucky.

Holden: Luke! Are you okay?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

Jack: Paramedics just checked him out. Nothing but bumps and lumps.

Holden: What happened? Have you been drinking? Luke?

Jack: He tested at a 1.1 and given that the accident happened hours ago, he was probably pretty intoxicated when he was actually driving.

Luke: Look, Dad. I got this message on my phone about Mom. Is she okay?

Holden: So, you got my message, you knew your mom was in critical condition. But you went and got drunk anyway --

Luke: I mean, look. It happened after -- is Mom okay?

Holden: Mom's fine. What are we looking at here, Jack?

Jack: For starters, he's gonna have his license suspended. And he could be facing criminal charges.

Holden: How could you do this, Luke? How could you start drinking again?

[Luke remembering]

Luke: I don't need any, no.

Ada: I thought you said you wanted to have fun?

Luke: Just, just. I said no.

Ada: What is your problem?

Luke: Just back off, okay?

Holden: Luke, don't just stand there. Answer me.

Will: We're not rich, not even close. I just got the brochures as a joke.

Gwen: Yeah, we'll probably just gonna get a small place down by campus.

Jade: Oakdale U?

Will: Yeah. Now that we can afford to go --

Jade: Oh, you're going straight from summer school to college? If I were you, I would be taking a break on a nice, hot beach.

Will: We might try and squeeze that in, too.

Gwen: I'm excited. We finally get to have a place of our own. You know? Like real newlyweds.

Jade: That's great. I'm really, really happy for you guys.

Gwen: Oh, jade -- with staying at Carly’s, I didn't even think --

Jade: It's fine. I'm gonna find a place.

Gwen: I'll talk to my sister. I'm sure that she'll let you stay.

Jade: No, please don’t. Carly would probably say okay to be nice, but she hardly knows me. And you guys have already done so much for me. Will got me this job, and I've actually saved some money. So, --

Gwen: Enough for rent and a security deposit?

Jade: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna find a place.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Crash.

Jade: Um, would you tell Gwen I've got some something to do?

Will: Jade, wait. Jade!

Jade: It just blindsided me, you know. You guys moving out. I just -- I need a second.

Will: You don't have enough money for a decent place, do you?

Jade: Let me worry about that.

Will: Well, you can let us help you try to figure something out.

Jade: Will, please. Let's just get real here.

Will: I thought we were already there.

Jade: Oh, come on. You got to be relieved that we aren't going to be living in the same house together anymore. So, you don't have to see me every day and be constantly reminded of what we did.

Will: I'm worried about you.

Jade: I bet you are. You've got money and I don’t. You think I'm gonna make you pay to keep me quiet?

Henry: Hey, is it time for the arraignment?

Margo: I have good news. The charges have been dropped. You are free to go, Maddie.

Maddie: I am?

Margo: Uh-huh.

Eve: How did that happen?

Henry: Who cares? That's great.

Eve: Thank you, detective. This is wonderful! Isn't it, Maddie?

Margo: There is a condition, however.

Henry: Sure, fine. Whatever gets her out of here, we are all over it. What's the deal, Margo?

Margo: I need you to make me a promise.

Maddie: Okay.

Margo: You promise me that you will talk to someone, get the help you need to deal with what happened.

Maddie: I hate -- I hate talking about it.

Margo: I know, I know. Listen to me, Maddie. You have been sexually assaulted. You didn't deserve it, you didn't ask for it. But you do have to deal with it. Because it's going to be eating you up inside. And all the fear and all that pain, it's gonna find its way out somehow.

Maddie: Like with Lia’s car. I'm really sorry.

Margo: It's okay. Listen, I made a list of therapists. Just pick one and stick to it.

Maddie: Okay.

Margo: Okay.

Henry: All right. Let's -- thanks Margo. Let's get you home.

Maddie: How's Casey?

Margo: Casey -- Casey’s fine.

Maddie: I really need to talk to him. I've been --

Margo: You know what? No, it's not a good idea if you see him.

Maddie: I need to talk to him, though.

Margo: No, I think that you need to deal with the assault and come to grips with that. And maybe later.

Maddie: I can't see Casey?

Margo: Maddie, whose sweater did you burn? Whose car did you slash?

Maddie: Lia's, but --

Margo: Yes, exactly. And Lia’s attachment with Casey is a real trigger for you. You take one look at her and it just boom. It unleashes all the fear and all of the pain. And it doesn't matter how much you try to control it, Baby. You can’t. Now, you got to work on that. And I told Casey and Lia to stay away from you until you do.

Maddie: Casey doesn't want to see me anymore?

Margo: No, Honey. He wants what's best for you. And so do I. Please listen to me. Please don't make me put out a restraining order to enforce this. You just concentrate on you. And Casey will come around.

Eve: Thank you.

Henry: Why don't we go to Al's -- Al's and we'll get a bite to eat?

Eve: Maddie's probably tired. Don't you want to go home, Honey?

Maddie: No. Would you just please leave me alone?

Simon: You don't believe that I got the funds? Is that it?

Carly: I'm not into being used. And if you're just trying to get to Katie --

Simon: Katie, no. No, I'm not. Why does everyone -- honestly, I think it's time for me to put roots down somewhere. So, hey. Why not here?

Carly: Simon, because your ex-wife lives here with her new husband. And because you just put them through hell with some scam on a not-so-deserted island. You didn't think I knew about that, did you?

Simon: Oh, yeah. Look, I don't mean Katie or Mike any harm. I don’t.

Carly: Then why didn't you give them a call? Why didn't you drop them a line. "Hey guys, moving to town. Thought you would want to know."

Simon: Yeah, that would make sense, wouldn't it? But you know? I like to keep life a little bit more interesting. Which brings me back to you.

Carly: Simon, I'm not going into business with you. You wouldn't even be talking to me if I weren't friends with Katie. And that means this is about her, it's not about me, and I'm not playing.

Simon: All right. Fine, if this is cards-on-the-table time, you only here about the ace I'm holding? Do you? You see, I did look at your website last night, Carly. And checked over your proposal. Now, quite frankly, between your lack of capital, your complete lack of experience as what, an interior designer, and your completely erratic work history, you are never gonna get the money you need to start that business. Oh, yeah. Unless it comes from me.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jade: You're the best.

Maddie: What are you doing?

Damian: Don't worry. I'll go with Luke.

Carly: He's back.

Carly: You think I can't see what you're doing?

Simon: What? What am I doing? Look, I'm just making you a viable offer to make money and me a little bit more money.

Carly: You're used to getting what you want, aren't you? First you get a woman to fall for you. And then you leave her. And as soon as she starts to find balance, figure out a way to go on with her life, here you come again. And again. And again!

Simon: Yeah, yeah. I heard about you and Jack, too. I'm sorry.

Carly: I'm talking about you.

Simon: This is strictly a business proposition, Carly. That's it. Nothing more.

Carly: Well, Simon, Katie is a very good friend of mine. And since you being here can only hurt her, there will be no business between us. No matter how desperate I get.

Simon: All right then. Listen, I'm glad we had this little chat. Um, well, yeah, good luck getting that cash you need. Okay?

Katie: The investor didn't show up?

Carly: Oh, he showed.

Katie: Oh, the meeting didn't go well. I'm sorry.

Carly: Save some of that sorrow for yourself.

Katie: Why? What do you mean?

Carly: He's back.

Luke: I was with some friends.

Jack: What friends?

Luke: It doesn't matter.

Holden: What friends? Who got you drunk?

Luke: Nobody! Okay? I was by -- look, I was by myself in the car and I just -- I did this.

Holden: You promised your mom and me that you won't drink again. You know how dangerous it is for you!

Luke: I know!

Holden: And here I am, worried that I'm gonna lose your mom and the baby. And I might have lost you too.

Luke: Look, Dad. I'm sorry. I did not mean --

Holden: Why, Luke? This family has never been through a tougher time. And here you are. You do this again! Make me understand, make me understand why!

Luke: Can I just go home now?

Jack: Luke -- I've got to take you down to the station.

Luke: You're gonna arrest me?

Casey: Lia, I don't know if I'm ready to start dating anybody besides Maddie.

Lia: Look, I'm not talking about a date. I'm just -- I'm talking about a little adventure. A late-night swim.

Casey: Where?

Lia: Here. After hours.

Casey: And how do we get in?

Lia: We break in. Come on, it'll be easy. We go through the back way. I know where they hide the key.

Casey: Or we could go swimming now, and hey, we won't be committing a felony.

Lia: Yeah, but we can't go skinny dipping right now. And later tonight, I just might let me talk me into it.

Casey: Lia, it sounds like fun, but I --

Lia: Please, Casey. I don't want to be alone tonight. You know? Seeing the way Maddie slashed up my car, it really freaked me out. And you also promised that you would protect me. Come on, it will take my mind off of things. Please? You owe me.

Casey: Okay, when you put it like that.

Lia: Yes! We are gonna have the best time tonight. I will see you later.

Casey: Wait, when?

Lia: An hour after the club closes. There'll be nobody around.

Casey: I'll be here. Lia, wait.

Lia: What? Casey, look, I know you still have a thing for Maddie. It's just, we'll take it slow until you get over her.

Casey: And you're sure that'll happen, why?

Lia: Because, Casey, you're a good guy. And if you care about Maddie, you know the best thing that you can do for her right now is just to leave her alone.

Will: I thought I had the whole get them before they get you thing nailed, you got you me beat.

Jade: I'm not gonna blackmail you.

Will: Yay! That's great. So then if you could stop doing this other stuff, we'd be golden.

Jade: What other stuff?

Will: I don't know. Deciding what I'm thinking, telling me how I feel.

Jade: It's pretty obvious.

Will: Is it? Let me set you straight on something, okay? I'm really happy that Gwen and I are gonna -- are getting out and having a place of our own. Because I love her. And the only thing that I ever wanted was for the two of us to be out on our own.

Jade: Don't you think I know that?

Will: And I'm really excited that I'm gonna be going to college.

Jade: Are you trying to make me feel guilty?

Will: No. What I'm trying to tell you is that it never occurred to me, not once, that you would try to mess that up for me.

Jade: Yeah, right.

Will: Okay, maybe it crossed my mind for like an instant. But the next thought that I had, the very next thought that I had, was even if you would hurt me like that, you would never do that to Gwen.

Jade: You're right. That night. The night that we had sex. I know why we did it. We were both --

Will: It's not important.

Jade: I hate that we betrayed her. I hate that about myself. But I would never, never ever use that to hurt you or her, Will. Not ever.

Will: I know. That night, I forgot for a few minutes how much I love Gwen. And how much she loved me. I dodged the bullet. But I'm not gonna forget again. And there is something else that I haven't forgotten. You were a friend to me.

Jade: I am your friend.

Will: And friends help each other out. So, don't take this the wrong way, okay? But I'd like to give you some money to help you get a place of your own.

Jade: Why would you want to do that?

Will: Because it's found money. Because it's what my sister would have done. Because when I go back inside, Gwen will probably try to talk me into doing it anyway. Because it's right. Because I wish someone would have tried to help us out when we were living on the street. So, any one of those reasons, pick one.

Jade: Can I just say yes? And thank you.

Will: That'll work.

Jade: You're the best.

[Gwen is at the doorway and overhears the last part of the conversation]

Maddie: What are you doing?

[She says this to Jade and Will hugging]

Holden: Jack, what exactly what are we dealing with here? Do I need --? [Cell phone rings] It's the hospital. Hello?

Lucy: Holden, its Lucy. I know you're in the middle of things with Luke.

Holden: How are Lily and the baby?

Lucy: Well, her status has changed. The baby may be moving back into breech.

Holden: Not again.

Lucy: Well if that happens, and the baby's stress levels go up --

Holden: So, do you think it's a strong possibility?

Lucy: It looks like it, yeah. Then the doctors will have to perform a c-section on Lily and that a very dangerous procedure for a woman in a coma.

Holden: Yeah, I know that. But I have some things here that I need to deal with.

Lucy: You have to come back to the hospital, Holden. There may be some very crucial decisions coming up and you're the only one who can make them.

Holden: I'll be right there. I've got to head over the hospital.

Luke: Is Mom okay?

Holden: We don't know yet. Do me a favor? Look out for him down at the station until I can make it back?

Jack: Sure.

Damian: Don't worry. I'll go with Luke.

Katie: Simon's in Oakdale? Since when?

Carly: Since last night, at least. He was here. He overheard me talking to a banker --

Bartender: Congratulations, ladies!

Carly: Oh, you know what? I'm gonna cancel the whole celebration thing. Okay? Can you take that back for me?

Bartender: Sorry but it's already been opened.

Carly: Here you go. So, what are you gonna do?

Katie: I don't know. Simon's really gonna live here?

Carly: He said something about putting down roots.

Katie: But why does he do this to me? He always just turns up in my life.

Carly: It's simple. He still wants you.

Katie: But it's like he didn't want me know he was here.

Carly: Of course he wanted you to know he was here. He knew I was gonna tell you. He knew that I would tell you and Mike that he was here.

Katie: Mike! I got to get to Mike before -- and tell him before someone else does.

Will: Hey, how you doing?

Maddie: I'm fine.

Will: So you're out. That's good. What happened?

Maddie: Lia dropped the charges.

Jade: She did? Why?

Will: Well, that's great! We've all been really worried about you.

Maddie: Really? It seems like you were focusing on other things.

Jade: Whatever you think you saw just now --

Maddie: Where's Casey?

Will: He didn't come in to work today.

Gwen: Hey, do you know where the -- Maddie? Hey!

Maddie: Hey.

Gwen: Hey, it's good to see you.

Maddie: It's good to see you, too.

Gwen: Hey.

Maddie: Can I talk to you alone?

Gwen: Yeah, sure.

Will: I'm gonna go inside and study.

Jade: Yeah, and I was just leaving. So, see you around.

Maddie: Is Casey really not here?

Gwen: He was pretty torn up, he didn't feel like working. That's why Jade came in to help out.

Maddie: Do you know where he is?

Gwen: Why don't you try calling him?

Maddie: I need to see him. Okay? Mrs. Hughes told me that I can't go near him or Lia but I have to see him. I mean, you understand that, right?

Gwen: Okay, when Casey’s mom said that you couldn't see him, was that like a police things?

Maddie: Yeah, I don't care though. I have to talk to him. I need to explain to him.

Gwen: All right, but if talking to him means you're gonna get thrown back in jail --

Maddie: I have to see him! I have to see him!

Gwen: Maddie, just think about this, okay? You just need to calm down for a minute.

Maddie: I don't have a minute. Because Lia’s doing the same thing to Casey that Jade is doing to your husband!

Luke: Dad, go. Just go be with Mom.

Holden: Look out for my son. I'll be there soon.

Jack: Come on, it's time to go.

Damian: Give him a minute? Please?

Jack: One.

Luke: Damian, I really messed up. I got drunk. And then I crashed the car. And now Jack says he's got to book me, and --

Damian: Hey, it's all right. It's all right. Whatever happened, we can fix it. All right?

Luke: How?

Damian: Don't worry. I don't want you to worry. You had too much worries already. I'm here. Everything's gonna fine now.

Gwen: What is Jade doing with Will?

Maddie: Could you please just tell me where Casey is?

Gwen: No, I want to know what you meant.

Maddie: I just saw them hugging.

Gwen: So?

Maddie: When I walked in, they acted like I interrupted something. Like they were caught. They had these faces -- like they were hiding something.

Gwen: Look, I know -- I know that you're going through some stuff, right now. And it's making you a little paranoid.

Maddie: What are you saying?

Gwen: That you're imagining things with Will and Jade. Just like you went over the top with Lia.

Maddie: I know what I saw!

Gwen: Look, you never liked Jade, so okay -- what? So you're suspicious of her. But you know Will. And he loves me.

Maddie: You know what? Think what you want. I'm going to find Casey.

Gwen: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, don't do that, Maddie. Not if it's gonna get you in more trouble. Come on!

Maddie: Just leave me alone! Okay? Worry about your own life.

Will: How's Maddie?

Gwen: Not good.

Will: What'd she say?

Gwen: Nothing important.

Will: Well, I just did something that's gonna make you want to kiss me all over.

Gwen: Whoa. Must be really impressive.

Will: I think you're gonna like it.

Gwen: Did you buy me a present?

Will: No, I did kind of, like a good deed in your honor. I just told Jade that I would give her some money so she could get a place of her own.

Gwen: Why'd you do that?

Will: Okay, that's not what I expected you to say.

Gwen: I'm just confused.

Will: I thought you'd be happy. I could tell you were worried about what was gonna happen to her.

Gwen: I am. I am. I was. I am.

Will: So where are my kisses? What's wrong?

Gwen: I've just got things on my mind.

Will: You don't want me to help Jade? What did Maddie just say to you?

Maddie: What are you doing here?

Lia: This is amazing. I drop the charges, get you sprung from jail, and what do you do? You beat a path over here to harass Casey and me.

Maddie: Where is Casey?

Lia: You know, he and I are together now.

Maddie: That's not true.

Lia: Sorry, but it is. I mean, no guy on earth would want to be anywhere near a nut job like you right now.

Carly: It took you long enough. Where's the -- where do I sign?

Bartender: Your card was rejected.

Carly: What?

Bartender: I've been instructed to do this.

[He cuts up Carly’s credit card]

Mike: What brings you to town, Simon?

Simon: Well, I've come back to Oakdale to live, Mike. Now, before you punch me out. I just need --

Mike: I guess I should shake your hand. Thank you for telling us what your plans are, right?

Simon: I just wanted to hear it from me, and not anyone else. You know, I thought, maybe that's--

Mike: I'd be mad or something?

Simon: You're not?

Mike: A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

Simon: That's a terrific attitude to have, Mike.

Mike: And I just have to do this.

[Mike punches Simon]

Katie: No!

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Carly: This is my problem. Not Jack’s.

Katie: How is it that you neglected to mention that you had struck oil -- and also, planned on moving back Oakdale?

Simon: It has nothing to do with you.

Holden: I don't care what you do. I don't care where you go. I want you to stay away from my wife and I want you stay away from my kids.

Gwen: Do I have any reason to be worried about you and Jade?

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