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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/19/06

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Katie: Why are you looking at that note again?

Mike: Simon's up to something.

Katie: Why, because he sent back my wedding ring?

Mike: Look, after that stunt he pulled at the island, making you believe that you were stranded, I take nothing he does at face value.

Katie: He's out of our lives, for good this time.

Mike: I wish it were that easy, but I don't think we've heard the last of Simon Frasier.

Katie: I do. That man is never gonna darken our door --

[Knock at the door]

Mike: You were saying?

Katie: I'll get it. Hey!

Carly: Hi.

Katie: Carly, come on in.

Carly: Thanks. I'm sorry to drop in so late. But I need a favor -- a big favor.

Simon: Double vodka with a twist, my man. And just put it on my room tab.

Bartender #1: Of course, Mr. Frasier.

Vienna: Make that two.

Simon: Well, well, well, hello, Sweetcheeks. Little far from the party circuit, aren't you?

Vienna: Lucky for you, I'm not the vindictive type.

Simon: Now, Vee, just --

Vienna: No -- no, no, don't "Vee" me. You left me at that island without as much as a good-bye.

Simon: Sweetie, you know how much I hate good-byes.

Vienna: No, Simon, you hate messy good-byes.

Simon: And would this one have been messy?

Vienna: You have no idea.

Simon: Well, I just think it's time for both of us to move on.

Vienna: Oh, you see, Love, that's the catch. No one moves on without me, unless I tell them to.

Margo: That's why I confided in you, Maddie, because I thought if you knew about my experience, it would help you to tell me what had happened to you. But you didn't talk to me. You started acting out in all this strange, self-destructive behavior. So, now, as your friend, I can't beat around the bush. Maddie, I think that you were sexually assaulted. And the memory of that has come back to haunt you for some reason. And it is making you desperately, desperately unhappy. Its okay, Baby, you can cry. Maddie, you are a intelligent, strong, beautiful young woman, but the memory of this, the pain is so deep inside of you that it's making you do all sorts of strange things, and that's why you slashed the seats of Liaís car. That's why you started the fire in crash.

Maddie: Can I just pay what I have to pay and go home? Please?

Margo: Well, I'd like to do that, but I don't see how I can. What's gonna happen next time?

Maddie: There's not gonna be a next time, Margo. Lia is Lia.

Margo: All right, I understand -- you're not a fan.

Maddie: I mean, she thinks she's all that and -- okay, yeah, maybe I went a little psycho on her car. I'm sorry.

Margo: Honey, listen to me, what happened in Chicago was not your fault. You don't have to walk around with this the rest of your life. Just open up to me. Let me help you. Just tell me what happened and then we can get through this together.

Henry: Yeah, why don't you tell me, too, while you're at it? Okay, young lady? Because you are in so much hot water, you won't have to bathe for a week.

Kevin: You two kids have fun. All right, we're gonna go check this place out.

Ada: God, it's so hot tonight.

Luke: Yeah.

Ada: I love the summer, don't you? No school, no rules -- you can do what you want, when you want.

Luke: I guess.

Ada: Kevin said you weren't much of a talker, but I don't mind.

Luke: Look, Ada, this place is a dump. Let me go grab Kevin and we can head back to Java.

Ada: Wait, no, Luke! Its okay, we don't have to leave. Kevin warned me you're not into girls.


Damian: Lucy, I'm sorry. You misunderstand my motives, really.

Lucy: I have been in the middle of a lot of power struggles with my parents, Damian. I know how the game is played. Luke is Holdenís son, too. Get him out of the middle of your turf war.

Damian: Games? Turf? What are --?

Holden: What's going on?

Damian: I was just asking Lucy for an update on Lily's condition.

Lucy: That's not true. We were talking about you and Luke.

Holden: What about me and Luke?

Lucy: Damian drew me into something I'm not very proud of.

Damian: It's really of no consequence.

Lucy: Either you tell him, Damian, or I will.

Damian: I'm afraid Lucy has the wrong impression.

Lucy: No, I donít. Damian wanted me to let him know when you weren't around so Luke could visit Lily.

Holden: Why when I wasn't here?

Lucy: You want to take that?

Damian: Oh no, please, go ahead. I don't want to interrupt you. You're doing great.

Lucy: He told me that you had a problem with Luke seeing his mom.

Holden: That's a lie. What have you told Luke?

Damian: Lucy is making more of this than need be, that's all.

Lucy: I don't think so. You made it perfectly clear that Holden didn't want Luke around his mom.

Holden: Okay, all right, so Luke was here? He came to see his mother?

Lucy: Yeah, just a little while ago. Are you okay with it?

Holden: Of course I'm okay with it. Luke needs to be here for his mom. She needs to hear his voice.

Lucy: Yeah, well, I'm really sorry. I really messed up. I'm sorry.

Holden: You know, it's not your fault.

Damian: So now you're agreeable to Luke visiting.

Holden: You know that I am. But you made him think that I didn't want him here. What other lies have you told him?

Damian: Your problems with Luke are of your own making, Holden.

Holden: I only have one problem with my son -- and that's you, Damian.

Luke: Kevin's a jerk.

Ada: So, do you like girls? 'Cause seemed to think you were more in the market for a woman.

Luke: What are you talking about?

Ada: Like Jade Taylor.

Luke: But what about Jade?

Ada: Look, I know she's older, but I've got just as much experience maybe more.

Luke: Look, let's just wait in the car.

Ada: You're still not over her?

Luke: No, that's not it.

Ada: I saw you two around, a lot. Things looked pretty hot.

Luke: Look, I just don't want to talk about Jade, okay?

Ada: Luke, I've been into you for a really long time.

Luke: Okay, look -- it's not you, I'm just -- you know, I'm not in the mood to party right now.

Ada: Well, lucky for you, I brought a little something to help get you in the mood. Here, you first. [She gives Luke a bottle of whiskey]

Mike: Carly, this is incredible.

Katie: When did you do all this?

Carly: Between soccer and baseball and ballet and late at night and early in the morning before the kids got up.

Mike: This is a solid business plan.

Carly: And what about the margins?

Mike: It's healthy, but fair.

Katie: When did you decide to get into interior design?

Carly: I was thinking about my options and it occurred to me that design is design, right? It's color and style and setting a mood. So really, when you boil it down, what's the difference between a really great wardrobe and a really great room?

Mike: I've seen a lot of designer homes, Carly, and these sketches rank right up there with the best of them.

Carly: Really?

Katie: When can we hire you?

Carly: Well, hopefully after tonight. I've got a meeting with the VP of Business Development.

Mike: Steve Phillips?

Carly: Yeah, you know him?

Mike: Yeah, my business accounts are with Oakdale National.

Carly: Oh, well, I'm really nervous. That's why I wanted to run it by you guys first.

Katie: Carly, if you need a loan, I just got a royalty checks from the book --

Carly: No, I donít. I appreciate it. Thank you, but no thank you. I need to do this on my own, I really do.

Katie: Okay.

Mike: Don't you think it'd be a little bit easier to work for somebody first before taking on all this risk yourself?

Carly: Easier, but not as flexible. On my own, I can set my own hours, I can work from home.

Mike: Well, just give Mr. Phillips the same pitch you just gave us.

Katie: When's your meeting?

Carly: Very soon. Now! I think I have to go.

Mike: All right, I'll give you a hand.

Carly: Thanks, here. Thank you. And I'm really sorry that I interrupted your champagne.

Mike: No, I'm just glad it was you at the door.

Carly: What do you mean? Who were you expecting?

Mike: An annoying ex-husband.

Carly: Simon?

Katie: He found my wedding ring on the island and he sent it back with a note.

Carly: Well, hopefully, that means that he's onto another mark -- far, far away.

Vienna: You came here because of Katie. Do you have any idea how many Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kasnoffís there are?

Simon: No, tell me.

Vienna: More than you think.

Simon: Wow, you are a determined girl.

Vienna: You said you were over her.

Simon: I am.

Vienna: Then what are we doing in the middle of Smallville?

Simon: Oakdale.

Vienna: I know where I am!

Simon: All right, all right, trust me. I know this is hard for you to believe, but this place here -- Smallville, as you call it, is the only real home I've ever known. Believe it or not. This place -- I've missed it. The people are kind, straight-forward. They're not impressed by the your jewels or your large bank account.

Vienna: Well, then pull out the fiddle and send up the flag. I've found America.

Simon: Congratulations.

Vienna: What is wrong with you? She doesn't want you, Simon. She loves mike. She wants mike. You can't split them up, no matter how many tricks you've got up your sleeve. Look, my car is right out there waiting. Let's head to the airport and fly to Madrid.

Simon: No, there too many bulls in Madrid.

Vienna: You speak perfect bull. You'll be right at home.

Simon: You know what, I'm content right here, right now.

Vienna: People drop dead from contentment every day. Your tan is fading, Simon. Staying here is committing social suicide.

Simon: It's my tan.

Vienna: And it's my heart. I will not let you throw me over for that little miss congeniality. Snap out of it. Now!

Margo: I'm sorry, Henry, could you just give us a few minutes here?

Maddie: I want him to stay.

Henry: Why is this, Maddie? Margo tells me you vandalized a car. Why would you do that?

Maddie: I was angry.

Henry: You were angry? Angry is calling someone a bonehead. What, did you key the car, did you throw eggs at it? What?

Margo: No, Henry. A knife.

Maddie: I'm sorry, Henry. I don't even know why I did it. I don't remember --

Margo: We'll just try to sort some things out.

Eve: Sort what things out, Detective?

Maddie: Eve!

Eve: Honey, are you all right? I missed you so much.

Maddie: Me, too.

Eve: Everything's okay now.

Henry: Eve Browning, this is Detective Margo Hughes. This is my sister, Eve.

Margo: Very nice to meet you. I'm sorry about the circumstances.

Eve: Hughes?

Henry: Yeah, as in the ex-boyfriend.

Eve: Casey, right?

Margo: That's right.

Eve: I came as soon as Henry called.

Maddie: Henry, you shouldn't have done that.

Eve: Honey, this is where I belong. I wish I would have never let you leave Chicago.

Maddie: Please, don't start that again.

Margo: I'm gonna give you guys a minute, okay?

Henry: Thank you. Thank you, Margo.

Margo: I'll be right outside if you need me.

Eve: She seems very nice.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, she's top notch. I should know.

Eve: What's going on, Henry?

Maddie: I'm a total loser. That's what's going on.

Henry: No, you're not -- hey, hey, you're not a loser. You just took out your anger on another woman's car.

Eve: Are you serious? And where were you, Henry?

Maddie: Don't -- it's not his fault. Don't be mad at him.

Eve: I'm mad at myself. Before you left Chicago, you barely came out of your room. You were so moody and quiet. Louis and I chalked it up to being a teenager. We thought a new school, a new start -- you said she was doing well. Her grades were good, she made friends.

Henry: She is doing well. She's a straight A student, she's on the honor roll --

Maddie: I told Margo I'll take care of the damages. I'll make it up to Lia.

Eve: I'm not worried about the damages, Maddie. I'm worried about you.

Maddie: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Henry: She's okay. I'm no Freud here, Maddie, but even I can tell that something's going on underneath the surface.

Eve: When did all this start?

Henry: Around the time of the break-up with Casey.

Maddie: It's not Caseyís fault.

Henry: You know what, hey, we're going to a whole new level with the car thing, so maybe you wanna give us a break.

Margo: Excuse me, I'm sorry. I need Maddieís legal guardians to sign these forms so we can proceed.

Eve: That would be me and Louis.

Henry: Louis is her husband.

Margo: One is fine.

Henry: Where is Louis, Eve?

Eve: He's at work. I left him a message and got on the first train.

Henry: Maddie stayed with Eve in Chicago.

Margo: That's where it all started to unravel, huh, Maddie? That's why you moved here. You were trying to get away from something or someone, weren't you?

Maddie: All right, I admit, I did something stupid, but you're making me sound like I'm crazy.

Margo: No, nobody thinks that, Maddie.

Eve: Maybe the best thing is for you to come back to Chicago. Louis and I would love it, you know that.

Dallas: Why? She'll just run again.

Eve: Who are you?

Dallas: Dallas Griffin. I was a cop in Chicago.

Margo: He joined the force here a couple weeks ago.

Eve: How do you know my sister?

Dallas: I'd prefer she tell you that.

Margo: It's time, Maddie.

Maddie: You know, this is all your fault. I was fine before I saw you.

Dallas: You know that's not true.

Henry: Why don't we take it down a notch?

Margo: No, I think that Maddie needs to see this through, Henry.

Eve: See what through?

Margo: Maddie, what you're holding inside you -- it's hurting you far worse than the real truth will.

Maddie: Leave me alone.

Henry: Hey, Sweetheart, you know -- hey, hey -- look, hey, come on, come straight with me. I'm sorry, Baby. It's just me, all right. It's you and me, there's no one else around here. We're at the Lakeview, we're kicking our feet up, we're watching "It's a Wonderful Life" for the 30th time.

Eve: Henry --

Henry: Hey, Eve. Come on, Bright Eyes, I think Margo and company are right here. Something happened in Chicago. Something you were running from and you're trying to forget?

Maddie: Yeah.

Henry: Yes?


Katie: Eat up, baby, you're gonna need your strength.

Mike: Drink up, I've got big plans for tonight.

Katie: Really? So does Carly. Do you believe what she pulled together?

Mike: She's an ambitious lady.

Katie: With a ton of talent.

Mike: And a lot to prove.

Katie: To herself or to Jack?

Mike: Well, I imagine facing life alone can be a pretty big motivator.

Katie: I remember the feeling.

Mike: You know what's a worse feeling? Is looking over the railing of that ship and wondering that the person you love most in the world is alive and safe. I don't ever want to fell that scared again.

Katie: Me either. I love you.

Mike: You think Simon got the message?

Katie: I think if Simon thought he had the slightest chance of coming between us, he would keep that ring like a trophy. But he didnít. And that's all the proof I need.

Vienna: I want my old Simon back.

Simon: Well, Sweetie, we think we've hit the end of the road.

Vienna: Says you --

Simon: You know what, Babe, the world is full of pretty people with deep pockets and shallow souls.

Vienna: Fine, sit around and wait for Katie to look in the rearview mirror. I'm going where the party's hot and the men are even hotter.

Simon: You know what, I think I'll take another double.

Carly: Mr. Phillips, I'm so sorry I'm late.

Mr. Phillips: Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: Yes, can I get you a drink -- I see you have one.

Mr. Phillips: May I order you something?

Carly: No, no, thank you. I'm sure you'd like to get right to the presentation.

Mr. Phillips: Please --

Carly: Great. All right. Well, Mr. Phillips, I am certain that after you see my business plan, you'll agree that my design firm is a win/win proposition for me and for your bank.

Ada: Shame to waste it. You sure?

Luke: No, thanks.

Ada: I didn't mean to get too personal about Jade.

Luke: Oh, that's okay. Look, if I seem a little weird right now, it's just -- I've got a lot of stuff going on.

Ada: Like what?

Luke: Well, my mom's in the hospital.

Ada: I heard. I'm sorry. Is it bad?

Luke: Yeah.

Ada: Look, we don't have to party if you don't want to. We can just hang out and talk. So what happened to your mom?

Luke: She fell.

Ada: Is she gonna be okay?

Luke: I don't know.

Kevin: Hey, I'm glad you're not tied up. Come here.

Luke: What's wrong?

Kevin: I'm a little short on supplies.

Luke: What are you talking about?

Kevin: Party hats -- condoms. Give me your wallet.

Luke: No, Kevin, I don't have any condoms.

Kevin: Just -- can you give me one?

Luke: Kevin, why would I lie to you? Look, let's just call it a night. And you can come back here later when you're more prepared.

Kevin: Forget it. It never stopped me anyway.

Luke: Kevin, you can't go hav --

Kevin: Always finish what you start. And what's taking you so long with Ada? She's hot. Be a man, Snyder. Conquer. All right, you two guys have fun. Just don't come knocking.

Ada: I know, he's a pig. But he's a fun pig.

Luke: Hey, wait.

Ada: Don't you want to talk some more?

Luke: No. I want to have some fun.

Lucy: I hope you and Luke can talk things out.

Holden: Yeah, me, too. If Lukeís mind hasn't been poisoned.

Damian: Come on, there was no agenda.

Holden: I think there was.

Lucy: Arguing won't help Lily. Excuse me a minute.

Damian: If Lukeís afraid to see you, maybe you shouldn't have made him feel guilty for hurting Lily.

Holden: I don't blame Luke for anything. But you've seemed to have gone out of your way to --

Lucy: The nurse is paging Dr. Hughes. There's a complication with the baby.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Maddie: I was in a room with this guy. I was fighting him off --

Eve: Oh, God.

Maddie: He was too strong.

Holden: Could I lose them?

Bob: Yes.

Carly: So where do I sign?

Mr. Phillips: Right here, alongside your husband.

Carly: My husband will not be cosigning for this loan.

Bob: I just reviewed the latest ultrasound. The baby is in a breech position.

Holden: What does that mean?

Bob: Lily is very close to her due date. If she goes into labor now, it could involve serious risk for her and the baby.

Holden: Well, what do we do?

Lucinda: Thanks for calling, Darling.

Lucy: No problem. Is that okay?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, it's fine.

Lucinda: Bob, can you do a c-section?

Bob: Well, she's comatose. Under those conditions, any surgery is more risky than usual.

Holden: Did you talk to her OB?

Bob: Yes, Dr. Schiller recommends that we do an external cephalic procedure.

Lucinda: Dear God, what is that?

Bob: We employ techniques outside of the abdomen to change the baby's position to a head presentation. Now, if that doesn't work, then we're faced with a high risk birth or c-section. And it could involve serious complications.

Holden: Well, you're not saying that she could die or that the baby -- Bob, you need to answer my question. Could I lose them?

Bob: Yes.

Holden: Well, then we need to do this procedure as soon as possible.

Bob: I'll tell Dr. Schiller. She'll want to do a no-stress test on the baby to make sure that the heart rate is strong.

Holden: All right. Thanks you.

Bob: Holden, this is a procedure that can be successful in many cases. And Schiller and I believe it's our best option.

Holden: Can I --

Lucy: Of course.

Lucinda: Can I come with you?

Holden: Yeah.

Lucinda: All right.

Holden: It seems that this baby of ours has a mind of its own. Bob says that our kid's doing somersaults in here. And that they need to do a procedure that's gonna put the baby back in the right position. So I think it's the right thing to do.

Lucinda: Darling, its Mom, and I think it's the right thing, too.

Holden: What if it's the wrong thing?

Lucinda: It's not wrong.

Holden: I think that Luke should be here.

Lucinda: I tried his cell on the way over, and I just got the voicemail.

Holden: Can you stay with her?

Lucinda: Of course.

Damian: Holden, I'm truly sorry.

Holden: Where's Luke? He needs to be here with his mom.

Damian: I don't know where Luke is.

Holden: No more games, Damian! I need to find my son.

Luke: Kevin doesn't go for the cheap stuff.

Ada: You mean his folks donít. Feeling better?

Luke: I'm feeling great.

Ada: I wish we were at your family's pond right now. It'd be so nice to cool off.

Luke: Well, maybe next time.

Ada: Really?

Luke: Sure. Why not?

Ada: That was nice.

Luke: No, Ada -- Ada, don't --

Ada: But I thought you said wanted to have fun.

Luke: Just -- I said no.

Ada: What is your problem?

Luke: Okay, just back off, okay!

[Luke remembering]

Kevin: She's hot. Be a man, Snyder. Conquer.

Ada: Luke! Luke, wait, where are you going?

Carly: Here I contrasted a contemporary look in the seating area, with a traditional, clean background.

Mr. Phillips: Design doesn't interest me, Mrs. Snyder. The bottom line does.

Carly: Yes, right, of course. Well, you can see from my cost projections that I plan to be profitable within six months.

Mr. Phillips: Assuming a growing client base.

Carly: Of course.

Mr. Phillips: It is an ambitious plan.

Carly: Thank you.

Mr. Phillips: And the application seems to be in order.

Carly: So where do I sign?

Mr. Phillips: Right here, alongside your husband.

Carly: Pardon?

Mr. Phillips: Well, we'll need a co-signer. A guarantor.

Carly: But this loan is for me. It's for my business.

Mr. Phillips: Oh, I realize that. But it's very common to acquire backup from a party with a stable income base.

Carly: Mr. Phillips, my husband will not be co-signing for this loan.

Mr. Phillips: I'm sorry to hear that.

Carly: I don't quite understand why my signature isn't enough.

Mr. Phillips: Well, perhaps if you had a higher credit score --

Carly: I pay my bills.

Mr. Phillips: There have been lapses.

Carly: Lots of people have lapses.

Mr. Phillips: And you haven't worked consistently in some time.

Carly: If you don't call raising children working consistently --

Mr. Phillips: Mrs. Snyder, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Carly: Yes, I do know what you mean, I just -- I think there's got to be some kind of option.

Mr. Phillips: Perhaps you could have another party to co-sign.

Carly: If I had another party -- wait, wait -- Mike Kasnoff, he does lots of business with your bank, right? Well, he said --

Mr. Phillips: He'd be a perfect candidate.

Carly: No, I don't mean that. I wouldn't ask Mike and Katie to co-sign a loan, but he is one of my references I have here.

Mr. Phillips: Could I give you a little advice, Mrs. Snyder? Take a little time to think about this. Don't make any rash decisions.

Carly: And if I don't find another party to co-sign?

Mr. Phillips: Well, then I'm sorry, Oakdale National won't approve the loan. Have a nice evening.

Carly: Have a nice evening.

Henry: It's crunch time, Maddie. I don't think running away is working anymore. Yeah?

Maddie: Okay.

Henry: Yeah, okay, okay.

Maddie: I was living with Eve and Louis. And I went to a frat party.

Eve: When was this?

Maddie: Not long before I left. I told you I was going to Terry's for a sleepover, but a bunch of us knew this guy, and he told us about this party --

Henry: You were never into partying.

Maddie: I know, I wasn't, it's -- everybody else was going, and I was just so sick of always hearing, "Maddie, stop hitting the books and lighten up a little."

Eve: You were way too young to be at a college party.

Maddie: I know. I'm sorry! I wish I would have never have been.

Henry: Its okay, it's okay, shh.

Maddie: I had a beer, only a few sips, Henry, and --

Henry: It's fine.

Maddie: -- Somebody must have slipped me something, because after that, the room started spinning, my head started spinning. I just -- everything was moving in slow motion.

Eve: I don't believe this.

Maddie: And I was in a room with this guy. And I was -- I was fighting him off.

Eve: Oh, God.

Maddie: He was too strong. I grabbed for something. And there were posters on the wall. And I don't remember anything else. I must have blacked out. And I woke up in the E.R. and Officer Griffin was there.

Dallas: Maddie wasn't able to answer any of my questions except for the name of the college and the friends she was with.

Margo: Honey, did the doctors do a pelvic exam?

Maddie: No.

Margo: Why not?

Maddie: I didn't want them to, Mrs. Hughes. I just wanted to go home. Henry, can we please go home?

Henry: Yes, we can. Yes, I promise, I promise.

Maddie: I told Officer Griffin that I'd call if I remembered more, but I donít.

Dallas: Maddie. Maddie, if you remember anything, no matter how small, I'll take it from there.

Maddie: I donít.

Henry: Are you sure, baby? Are you sure? Because I will stay here with you from now until next week if you can remember anything --

Maddie: I don't remember anything! Why can't you believe me?

Henry: Its okay, it's okay. We don't have to do this now.

Maddie: I can't, not ever, Henry, please.

Margo: Come on, Maddie, come on, come one. You made a really good start. Don't lose your nerve now.

Eve: She told you somebody slipped her something. How do you expect her to remember?

Margo: I know, but sometimes with a little effort, we can push the little things that seem to be anything, but they can open doors to all sorts of memories.

Dallas: Maddie, do you remember anything? I mean, you were struggling, right? Was he my size, shorter?

Maddie: I don't know.

Dallas: Was he white, African American, Asian?

Maddie: I told you, I don't know!

Margo: Honey, would you remember his voice?

Voice #1: It was fun! It was fun! It was fun!

Maddie: No.

Margo: Okay, okay, I think that's enough for tonight. That was good, Honey. Do you want to talk to a professional? Because the station has someone who specializes in sexual assaults.

Eve: Thank you, Officer Hughes.

Margo: All right. I'll leave you, then. Let's go.

Maddie: Margo?

Margo: Yeah?

Maddie: You're not gonna tell Casey, are you?

Margo: No, of course I'm not.

Eve: Honey, why didn't you tell me or Louis what happened?

Maddie: I couldn't, Eve.

Eve: But I should've -- I should've sensed something. How did I miss this?

Henry: I've been asking myself the same question, sweetheart. I've been so busy babysitting Emily Stewart, I didn't see that my own little sister's heart was breaking right in front of my eyes. And I'm -- my eyes are wide open now, Baby, okay, and I promise you, you will never be this alone or this scared again.

[Luke remembering]

Kevin: She's hot. Be a man, Snyder. Conquer.

Ada: What's your problem?

[Luke gets in his car]

[Car horn blaring]

Damian: I've tried Emmaís, that coffee shop, Java. Nothing.

Holden: So where is he?

Damian: I don't know. He was meeting some friends for the evening. But I didn't ask what their plans were. I don't want him to feel like I'm smothering over him.

Holden: You know what, you should make it your business to know where he is, who he's with.

Damian: Yes, you're right, you're right. Maybe he took his friends for a drive in his new car.

Holden: His what?

Lucinda: I'm gonna go and try Lukeís cell again, all right?

Damian: And I'll try Fairwinds. Maybe he went home and fell asleep. We'll find him.

Holden: Just find him.

Lucy: You're leaving?

Damian: To find Luke.

Lucy: I hope you understand why I told Holden about what was going on.

Damian: No, Lucy, I'm afraid I donít.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello.

Katie: How 'd it go?

Mike: Tell her, Carly, or my night's ruined.

Katie: Shh, I can't hear.

Carly: The bank wasn't as impressed with my talents as you and Mike.

Katie: They shot you down?

Carly: Direct hit.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry. Why don't you come over?

Carly: No, no. This is your first night back.

Katie: The first of many. Come on, it'll be fine.

Carly: I don't know. I guess wouldn't mind talking over other options, if it's okay with Mike?

Katie: Of course it's okay. We're your friends.

Carly: Thank you, Katie. I'll be right over.

Maddie: Henry, I'm the one to blame. I went to that party. Don't forget to rinse those dishes first.

Maddie: Henry, I'm the one to blame. I went to that party. I lied to Eve.

Henry: And then you came here, and you were hoping to get some attention from your big brother. And I've been raising you by remote control.

Maddie: You didn't know.

Eve: Look, it's no use dwelling on our mistakes. We are a family. We will get through this as a family. We're gonna get you some help and you're gonna start feeling better. I promise.

Maddie: Can I just go home? Please?

Henry: Yes, you can just go home. I'll get the car, I'll meet around front.

Margo: Sorry, Henry, Maddieís not going anywhere.

Eve: Why not?

Margo: Well, Maddie is charged with criminal destruction of property. System doesn't work in reverse. You're staying put.

Carly: Thank you.

Katie: I wish we were celebrating.

Carly: Me too.

Mike: Do want me to call Mr. Phillips?

Carly: No.

Mike: I don't mind.

Carly: No, I know you don't, and I appreciate it, but this is my project. I have to do it on my own.

Katie: So what's next? You need a back-up plan.

Carly: How about bank robbery? I could redesign prison cells.

Mike: All right, you've got about five more seconds of self pity left.

Katie: Mike's right.

Carly: Ah, you hear that? Mike's right. Two little words that should keep you guys very happily married.

Katie: You know, that bank just lost out on a great deal. There's somebody else out there with more vision, somebody else who's not afraid of a little risk. And that somebody else is going to jump at the chance to work with you.

Lucy: You're the one who put me in the middle of this, Damian.

Damian: I asked for your help.

Lucy: There is no reason why Luke couldn't be here with Holden. Don't play me like that again.

Damian: All I want is what's best for Luke. That's all. If you really knew me, you'd have no doubt about that.

Lucy: Any luck?

Lucinda: No, he must have turned his phone off. Now darling, how dangerous is this cephalic procedure that we're considering?

Lucy: You'll have to talk to Dr. Schiller. I can have her paged and --

Lucinda: Good. Do that.

Lucy: -- And then I'll have her talk to you.

Lucinda: I'd appreciate that.

Lucy: Okay.

Holden: Any luck finding Luke?

Lucinda: He must've turned his phone off. But I left a very strong message. He will come as soon as he gets it.

[Holden sighs]

Luke: Now what? Oh, my God -- Mom.

[Car horn blaring]

[Luke goes off the road]

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