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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 7/18/06

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Damian: Let's just say I made it possible for you to visit your mother without anyone knowing. I just wanted you to have some time alone with her in peace.

Luke: Thanks. Thanks, I appreciate that.

Damian: You're my son. It's the least I can do.

Luke: So tell me again how you knew my dad wouldn't be here.

Casey: Maddie, talk to me. You've got to tell me what's going on before the cops get here.

Maddie: The cops?

Casey: I'm going to fix this, but you've got to tell me what's going on. Why'd you trash Lia's car?

Maddie: What?

Casey: You were trying to tell me something at Java and then -- I don't know, you shut down and took off. And now you're here.

Maddie: I was looking for you.

Casey: So tell me what's going on? I'm going to fix this. I promise. But you've got to tell me what's going on.

Maddie: When I was in Chicago --

Casey: Yeah? Before you moved here? What happened?

Maddie: I --

Margo: Casey? What happened?

Emily: It's over, Paul. We won.

Paul: "We?"

Emily: My child and I. You can't touch us.

Paul: This is my child, too. You can't just shut me out.

Emily: See, that's where you and I are different. I would never try to shut you out of your child's life, you're the father. But I'm the baby's mother. And I'm going to do everything I can to give he or she a wonderful life. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Paul: You're kidding yourself. You just caught a lucky break here today, that's all.

Emily: What is wrong with you? This is what Jennifer wanted. And I know deep down, you want to give this child the best possible life. And now that I'm free, I can make that happen.

Paul: Okay, while you're patting yourself on the back? Know this. I'm going to do everything in my power to put you away. This isn't over.

Emily: You know what's funny? You don't scare me anymore.

Susan: Hey, hey! My daughter deserves this chance. My grandchild deserves to know his mother.

Paul: What do you want me to say, Susan? I disagree.

Susan: If there were any justice, you'd be the one facing charges. You used her. You made her an accessory in all your crimes!

Paul: My crimes?

Susan: You almost destroyed my daughter and then you threw her away, so let's not pretend that you're the injured party here. You just didn't get your way today. That's all that happened here.

Meg: Come on, let's go home.

Paul: What the hell was that?

Dusty: Are you talking to me?

Paul: Yeah, I'm talking to you. You, who let Emily walk out of here. Do you have any idea what you've done?

Dusty: Yeah. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. - It's good. - Terrific.

Dusty: I made Emily your problem because you're responsible for all of the horrible things she did.

Paul: So that's what this is?

Dusty: So now you got to deal with it.

Paul: You let Emily go to try and get back at me?

Dusty: No.

Paul: Well, then, why would you let her walk?

Dusty: Because my wife asked me to. And you should respect that, being that she was your sister.

Emily: Dusty? Dusty!

Susan: No, Emily. Emily.

Emily: I want to thank him.

Susan: I don't think he's ready to talk to you.

Emily: He did this for Jennifer. I know that.

Susan: And Johnny. But you don't have to think about all that. You need to keep the focus on yourself and the baby and Daniel. You have a whole future -- a whole future to plan!

Emily: I know. I know. I just can't believe it. I mean, last night, I thought I was going to jail or to an institution -- and now this.

Susan: You owe it to Jennifer and the kids to make the most out of this fresh start.

Emily: I know, and I will, as soon as it all sinks in. Come here. Thanks.

Tom: Congratulations, Counselor.

Cass: None of my doing, but I'll take it. Thanks.

Emily: Tom? I'd like to see Daniel -- tomorrow, if possible.

Tom: I think Daniel will be thrilled to see his mom.

Emily: Thanks, thanks.

Cass: Take care, Tom.

Tom: Bye-bye.

Cass: So we won.


Emily: No, no, no, we won big.

Cass: How about a little celebratory drink at the Lakeview?

Susan: Up to you.

Emily: What, are you kidding me? This is the best day of my life. Come on.

Cass: Let's go.

Damian: I spoke to Lucy -- we discussed this before, remember? She understands your need for privacy.

Luke: It's not privacy, it's my dad.

Damian: Yeah, well, she understood that, too. As you know, Lucy’s had more than her share of problems with Craig.

Luke: Her father is a piece of work. He's back in jail, did you know that? Again.

Damian: I heard. It's been very difficult for her. So she understands your situation.

Luke: Oh, my dad is nothing like her dad.

Damian: Of course not. But you two are at odds. And she knows how hard that can be -- especially with your mom so ill. That's why she offered to keep an eye out, let us know when Holden’s not here. So if I were you, I'd take advantage of the opportunity and spend some time with your mom.

Luke: Thanks.

Damian: Hey, I was happy to help. Go on, go on. She's waiting for you.

Holden: Hey, Lucy. How are you? I thought they kept you interns locked up.

Lucy: We sneak out from time to time. Do you want to have a cup of coffee with me?

Holden: I was just about to head back to the hospital to see Lily. But -- yeah, sure, I'd love to catch up.

Lucy: Look, I'll just be a minute. Do you want to sit outside? I could really use the fresh air.

Holden: Fine by me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Damian: Lucy?

Lucy: Hey, I just ran into Holden. He's headed back to the hospital in a few minutes.

Damian: Luke just went in to see his mother. You think you can delay Holden a bit? Just buy Luke a little more time?

Lucy: You know, I don't think it's a problem -- Luke running into his father. I still think it's a good idea if they had a chance to talk. And, besides that, I don't like spying on Holden.

Damian: Spying? No, no, no. Look, I don't want you to do anything like that. I was just trying to make it easier for everyone. Perhaps you're right. I've been a little too protective of Luke. Luke's a young man, he needs to fight his own battles.

Lucy: Well, I'm glad we agree. This was starting to feel a little strange.

Damian: I don't want you to feel uncomfortable ever, Lucy. I'm glad we talked.

Lucy: Me, too. Okay, so I'm going to go. I'll have a cup of coffee with Holden and then he'll be in to see Lily and he and Luke can talk.

Damian: And we'll just leave it up to them. Apparently Holden is on his way back to the hospital. I just thought you should know.

Luke: So I should go?

Damian: I don't think you want a confrontation with Holden, do you?

Luke: No, probably not.

Margo: Anybody? What happened here?

Dallas: So nobody saw anything?

Margo: Casey? Case?

Casey: I guess we all kind of got here after it started, but it was still happening.

Margo: What was happening?

Casey: Maddie -- she was taking it out on the car, slashing the seat with this.

Margo: Maddie? Maddie, honey, is that true? Were you slashing the seats of this car? Officer Harrison will be taking statements. No one is to leave until they provide him with your name, your address, your home number and a detailed description of what you saw.

Jade: She sets a fire and now this.

Gwen: You think she started that fire?

Jade: She lied about not being here last night, and when I called her on it, she made it sound like she was going to blame me for the fire. I think she's losing it. I mean, look at her.

Casey: So what happens now?

Margo: Officer Griffin will read Maddie her rights and then we take her down to the station for questioning.

Casey: But Mom, you don't even --

Margo: Casey, a crime has been committed.

Dallas: You have the right to remain silent.

Casey: Maddie, are you okay?

Dallas: Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Lia: Can you believe it? Straight “A” Maddie vandalizing a car. I mean, she's totally out there. She's like a criminal.

Casey: Wait! Ask me.

Holden: So tell me, did you make the right decision? Becoming a doctor? I know you were headed towards political science.

Lucy: Yeah -- I was. [Lucy laughs] But then I started taking all the intro courses, and I started to wonder if I'd really want to go into the family business. My mom sacrificed so much to go into politics. And I couldn't quite picture myself on the campaign trail yielding questions about my father's next parole hearing -- if you know what I mean.

Holden: Oh, yeah. Sounds like you've made peace with it, though.

Lucy: Yeah. Well, what are you going to do. I -- how are things with Luke? I haven't seen him at the hospital --

Holden: Yeah, yeah -- that's my fault. I spent so much time with lily after the accident -- not enough time with him. He blames himself for what happened, but it's not his fault.

Lucy: Have you told him this?

Holden: I tried. But then he moved in with Damian. And I haven't seen him since.

Lucy: Have you tried to call him?

Holden: I left messages for him. But he didn't return my calls, so I stopped calling. Tell you the truth -- I really don't know what to do. I love him so much -- he's my son. And it just kills me to see him being so hard on himself. And if his mother knew that he'd moved out and that he and I were out of touch -- that would break her heart.

Luke: I'm sorry I have to leave. The thing is -- Dad and I aren't really getting along. He blames me for what happened. It's not anything he said, but I can tell. It's like the way he looks at me -- the fact that he never calls. Oh, I've moved in with Damian and it's been great. He's been great. In fact if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have anybody on my side. I miss you, Mom.

Casey: You have to cuff her?

Margo: Casey. What do you think?

Casey: What I think -- I think that something's wrong with Maddie. If you let me ride with her to the police station she'll be fine. Then you can ask her the questions you want and everything.

Margo: You want to ride in the squad car? [Lia crying] Lia?

Lia: I'm fine. Casey can ride with Maddie. It's okay. I understand.

Margo: Listen -- do you want us to call your parents?

Lia: No. I'm fine, you know. It's just that you know -- first it was my sweater, now it's my car -- I'm a little freaked. Nobody's ever really hated me before.

Margo: You know what, Casey I really need you to stay here with Lia so she can talk to the insurance agent. And just know that we will get Maddie to the station in one piece.

Lia: What if next time it's me she attacks, you know.

Jade: I told Maddie that spying on her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend was a bad idea.

Gwen: How was she spying on them?

Jade: Like a stalker.

Henry: Where am I? I'm at church -- where else? Yeah, yeah, next week is fine. Honey, I would not have called you if I didn't need you. But I'm sure that I can handle things for the next few days. Just get here as soon as you can, okay.

Emily: You guys, this is incredible. I mean to be outside, even/ everything's changed so much. The flowers, the roses and those -- what are those big, blue --

Susan: Hydrangeas.

Emily: Oh, I love those.

Susan: I know. What is he doing here?

Emily: What he's always doing here, mother. You guys go to get a table -- I'll meet you in a few.

Henry: Honey, I've got to let you go. Something miraculous has just happened -- yes, you're right, I should go to church more often -- ha, ha, ha. What is this?

Emily: Hi!

Henry: No ankle bracelets? There's no posse in hot pursuit?

Emily: Nope. Free as a bird.

Henry: What happened?

Emily: Jennifer. What she said to dusty finally sank in. He refused to testify against me and they had no choice but to drop the charges.

Henry: You jump off a cliff and you bounce. [Emily laughing] And then you get out of jail and now you’re laughing. Which is the biggest miracle of all -- I can't believe it.

Emily: Oh, God, I'm so happy! And you -- you are the best friend in the whole world. I am so blessed. Do I really get to keep my baby Henry?

Paul: If they're not gonna arrest her for kidnapping Dusty or indict her for shooting me, then we'll get an injunction.

Meg: On what grounds?

Paul: She's an unfit mother -- she threw herself off a cliff, for God's sake, Meg!

Meg: She didn't know she was pregnant at the time. And since then, she passed a psych evaluation. So you can't claim she's a danger to herself or the child --

Paul: So fine -- then a civil suit. You can testify as to the nature of my wounds and where you found me -- what I said. And how? We'll get an expert witness to corroborate the direction of the bullet and we'll charge her with illegal possession of a firearm or reckless endangerment -- I don't care what we charge her with -- but she's not gonna get away with this.

Meg: With what?

Paul: With taking away my child!

Meg: Do you hear yourself? That's Emily’s child too, Paul!

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Gwen: Look what she's doing. It doesn't make any sense. There has to be something else going on.

Casey: Yeah, but what?

Dallas: And you didn't want to talk to me in Chicago, but you're gonna have to talk to me now.

Meg: I want you to forget about Emily and focus on us for a change. Do you know how to do that?

Dallas: You'll be fine. Do you want me to call an attorney for you? It's your right now.

Maddie: I don't want an attorney.

Dallas: You know, I think things are finally starting to catch up with you, Maddie. Now, you didn't want to talk to me in Chicago, that's fine. But you're gonna have to talk to me now. And I think you want to.

Margo: She's down at the station now.

Henry: She vandalized a car and set fire to a nightclub? Maddie?

Margo: I told you she might start to act out.

Henry: Margo, I thought you meant she'd eat a quart of ice cream or fail Latin.

Margo: You need to get down here now, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, okay, okay. Tell her to stay put, I'll be there as soon as I can. Bye. Hi, it's me again. It is a lot worse than I thought. How soon can you be here?

Margo: Thank you, Officer. You can close the door on your way out.

Dallas: But, Detective I --

Margo: Thank you, Officer. I'll take it from here. I bet you don't even remember doing this, do you? Do you remember slashing the seats of Lia’s car? Why did you do it?

Maddie: I don't know!

Gwen: Okay, you can still drive it, Lia. It's just the upholstery.

Lia: I wouldn't get in that car if you paid me.

Jade: Yeah, but, once they fix the seats --

Lia: It's still not the same. Besides, Daddy'll want to buy me a new one anyway. Wait, its Casey I'm worried about. What if mad little Maddie had used that knife on him.

Gwen: Okay, you know, Maddie’s not gonna do that.

Lia: Please, the girl's, like, out of control jealous. I talked to her.

Casey: What do you mean you talked to her?

Lia: Well, before we started going out. You know, I said Maddie, look, we're friends. You know, if you and Casey are still an item than I'm no poacher. But she said you guys were over and it was done and she was cool with it. And now she's, like, torching my sweater and kniving my car.

Casey: Whoa, hold on. You don't know that she started the fire.

Gwen: Case, why don't you give Jade the keys so she can take Lia into Crash and get her a soda, you know, or something. You can call your insurance agent and your dad or whatever.

Lia: Okay, perfect. Thanks. Look, I don't want you to think that I'm coming down on Maddie. Maybe she didn't start the fire. Maybe someone else did. But I really do appreciate you staying and helping me.

Gwen: What, you think she's right? You think Maddie did it because she was jealous?

Casey: If she still jealous then why would she break up with me?

Gwen: That's the million dollar question. Because she still loves you, that's obvious.

Casey: Is it? I just hear what she tells me.

Gwen: But look at what she's doing. It doesn't make any sense. There has to be something else going on.

Casey: Yeah, but what?

Emily: To Cass.

Cass: Oh, no, no, no, not this time. This is your victory, Emily. I'm just happy to share in it. And collect my fee, of course.

Emily: I'm sure.

Cass: Seriously, you did a brilliant job neutralizing the opposition.

Emily: Well, I didn't intend for that to happen but if it worked --

Cass: Enjoy your win.

Susan: Emily's really turned her life around.

Cass: You've been given a very rare opportunity. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a plaintiff abandon his position like that.

Emily: Excuse me. I have talk to Dusty.

Susan: Emily, don't, don't --

Emily: Excuse me. Dusty, sorry, can I speak to you just for a moment?

Dusty: I got to pick up my son.

Emily: Just for one minute. I want to thank you for what you did for me today. It means so much to me and my children. That you're finally starting to forgive me --

Dusty: That's not what's happening. I didn't testify against you, but I'll never forget that you kept me away from Jennifer and my son. I'll never forgive you for that.

Emily: If you didn't forgive me, then why did you let me go free?

Dusty: Because that's what Jennifer wanted. So Johnny and I could move on. Excuse me.

Meg: Look, I know you're disappointed and frustrated. I mean, you expected to get full custody of your child and it didn't work out --

Paul: You don't know that.

Meg: Paul, the charges were dropped. Emily's not going to jail and she's not gonna be committed. She's free. So, there is no reason for her not to raise her child.

Paul: There's no reason for her not to raise the child? Is that what you just said? There's no reason?

Meg: I don't like this any more than you do.

Paul: Really? 'Cause it sounds like you've accepted it.

Meg: I have. Look, when you asked me to do this with you -- raise the child because Emily was going away for life, I agreed. That was the reality. But reality just changed. And for you not to see that fact -- well, I'm sorry, but I think you're being a little obsessive. And for you to assume that I'm gonna go along with the ride without even asking me --

Paul: If you and I are gonna have custody of this child --

Meg: We have to destroy Emily?

Paul: I'm trying to prevent Emily from destroying the life of an innocent child and you're defending her? Why?

Meg: And why are we still talking about her?

Paul: I don't know, the last thing I want to do is talk about this. I thought that after today that this whole thing would be over.

Meg: It is over! You lost! She won! Like it or not, you have to share custody.

Paul: And is that what you want? Shared custody?

Meg: I want you to forget Emily and focus on us for a change. Do you know how to do that?

Damian: I don't mean to rush you, but if you want to avoid a bad situation with Holden --

Luke: I know, I'm going. Thanks.

Damian: You’re welcome. I'm happy to do whatever it takes to make things easier for you. Do you have plans for the evening?

Luke: Ah – I told Kevin that I'd go out with him and his girlfriend. She has this friend -- I mean, it's no big deal.

Damian: Sounds like fun. Well, you know this girl?

Luke: It's not like that.

Damian: I was just wondering if she was a classmate. That's all.

Luke: Yeah, we had history together, but I don't really know her well. We didn't talk much.

Damian: Well, talk tonight. Listen, why don't you take your friends to crash. I'm sure they'd enjoy the music and you need to have a little fun. I miss your smile.

Luke: Thanks.

Damian: You have your car keys?

Luke: Yea

Damian: I'll see you later. Drive safe.

Holden: What are you doing here?

Damian: I came to see Lily. People in her condition need all the support they can get.

Holden: You should know that I've decided not to look into the Kreeger foundation.

Damian: Really, why's that?

Holden: Because I think it might cast Luke in an unfair light and I don't want to incriminate my son.

Damian: You're right. If the fellow from the foundation were cleared, then the suspicion would fall back on Luke.

Holden: Luke would never hurt his mother.

Damian: There we're agreed.

Holden: That doesn't mean that I don't have a problem with the Kreeger Foundation and what it stands for.

Damian: I don't see what this has to do with Lily's accident.

Holden: Getting Kreeger involved with my family was no accident.

Damian: I wouldn't know.

Holden: I think you do know. I think you brought Kreeger in, to try and straighten out my son.

Damian: Lily's waiting.

Holden: I'm going to find out, Damian. I'm going to find out the truth.

Damian: As always, you'll do what you see fit, Holden. Hey.

Lucy: Where's Luke?

Damian: He had to go.

Lucy: You couldn't talk him into staying to see his father?

Margo: So, you don't know why you slashed the seats of Lia’s car?

Maddie: I can't talk about it.

Margo: Why not?

Maddie: I just can’t.

Margo: All right, all right. Let's talk about what happened earlier tonight. You went to Crash. Did you go inside? Were you meeting someone?

Maddie: No.

Margo: You went alone?

Maddie: No, I knew -- I knew that there was going to be people there.

Margo: Casey and Gwen? Jade? Did you talk to Casey?

Maddie: No.

Margo: To the girls?

Maddie: No.

Margo: You didn't talk to anybody? What did you do? Did you listen to music? Did you eat something? Did you dance?

Maddie: No.

Margo: Well then, I'm curious. Why were you there? Did you bring the knife with you? Did you pick up the knife there? Why? Did you see something?

[Maddie remembering]

Margo: Maddie, did something happen that made you pick up the knife?

Maddie: Yes. No, I mean, no. I -- I had to stop it!

Gwen: Look, Maddie’s the smartest person that I know.

Casey: Yeah, she's book smart. But she's got zero street sense. You know? When she can't find something in the library she's lost.

Gwen: So whatever's bothering her, it's something that she doesn't know how to figure out.

Casey: That's my guess.

Gwen: Did Lia do anything to her?

Casey: Why would she? She thinks she's already won.

Gwen: Yeah, before I question your taste --

Casey: No, I'm not into her. She's just --

Gwen: Convenient?

Casey: Not even. She came to crash and we hung out once or twice but I'd go back to Maddie in a heartbeat. But she said it was over.

Gwen: And she never did say anything.

Casey: No.

Gwen: Yeah, she wouldn't tell me either.

Casey: I tried to talk to her a bunch of times. And she'd almost open up and then boom, the door would shut and she'd disappear.

Gwen: She's scared of something.

Casey: Me?

Gwen: Maybe how you'd react to whatever. Just don't give up on her. Promise?

Barbara: Here's Daddy.

Dusty: That's my man.

Barbara: He's sound asleep.

Dusty: Has he been a good boy for Grandma?

Barbara: Nana, please.

Dusty: Okay -- Nana.

Barbara: He's been wonderful. He stuffed some cheerios up his nose. Finished his pears. Spilled the milk all over the waitress, and went sound asleep.

Dusty: I bet she loved that.

Barbara: She did. They all love him here. The all came over to say hello to him.

Dusty: He's a charmer.

Barbara: How you doing?

Dusty: I've had better days.

Barbara: Me too. We were sitting outside earlier -- all those red highlights in his hair just started glowing.

Dusty: Just like his mother. Did you hear that? Do you hear that, Buddy?

Barbara: I had this thought. That I should do one thing every day in Jennifer’s memory. Something that she would approve of. So today I handed Will's trust fund over to him.

Dusty: You feel better?

Barbara: I feel my daughter smiling down on me.

Dusty: Me, too. I mean, I felt I had to do something in her memory.

Barbara: Really? What did you do?

Dusty: I let Emily go free.

Barbara: You what?!

Emily: Well, Dusty’s not interested in being thanked.

Cass: Just be grateful he came through for you. Now if you'll excuse me. I've got to get back to bay city.

Susan: Oh, thank you. Thank you for everything.

Cass: My pleasure. And if there are any complications --

Susan: You mean like Paul Ryan?

Cass: If he'd had a leg to stand on, the judge wouldn't have dismissed his complaint. Still, it might not stop him bringing suit. If he does that, give me a call I'll take care of it.

Emily: We will. Thank you.

Susan: Thank you. Bye. Cheers!

Emily: I'm not feeling very cheery. Sorry.

Susan: Honey, don't let Dusty ruin everything.

Emily: He -- he's never going to forgive me.

Susan: Well, then that's his problem. You took a terrible risk to save his son. You humbled yourself to try to thank him. If he can't appreciate that then, it's his loss. You got to keep the focus on yourself and your children. You're going to be fine.

Emily: Thank you.

Susan: Cheers to you, and to my grandchild.

Emily: Thanks.

Paul: Meg, I am completely focused on you. You and me, that's what this is all about.

Meg: What to destroy Emily?

Paul: I don't care about Emily. I want custody of my child!

Meg: I know what you want, Paul. But you can't take a baby away from its mother just because you don't love her anymore. I don't want to argue out this anymore.

Paul: Why are you so angry?

Meg: Because I'm losing you!

Paul: No you're not.

Meg: Until you accept what Jennifer said that you have to forgive Emily and move on, you'll never be happy.

Paul: You make me very happy.

Meg: Not lately. All you care about since you found out that Emily was pregnant is getting custody.

Paul: Okay, look, until today, we both thought that custody was a done deal. And then all of a sudden everything's turned upside down. You need to cut me a little slack. Okay? I'm just reacting. That's all. And maybe a civil suit isn't really the way to go. We should hire a lawyer.

Meg: Paul, you're doing it again!

Paul: What? What am I doing?

Meg: You are trying to control things. And you can't! The child has a mother, a grandmother --

Paul: A father! I'm the child's father! Meg, I'm not going to apologize for wanting to guarantee that my child has a decent future --

Meg: But, you can't guarantee anything! All right? You're not God! And the more you try and force that issue, the worse you're making it for yourself, okay? You need to ease up. Take care of yourself. Spend some more time with me. Because if you don't? You're going to lose me.

Margo: What did you have to stop, Maddie?

Maddie: Casey and Lia. They were kissing.

Margo: But why would you have to stop that? You and Casey aren't together anymore.

Maddie: Listen, are you going to book me for vandalism? Because if you are I need to call my brother to get him to bail me out. How much do you think that's going to be?

Margo: We'll get to that later, okay? Listen, Maddie I need to talk to you now. Not as a detective but as a friend. Okay? Remember I told you before that I went through something traumatic years ago? I was sexually assaulted and thinking about it hurt me so much that I just pretended that it didn't happened? But I couldn't forget that it had happened to me. So, I had to talk to somebody -- I had to deal with it. And I talked to a lot of people honey. And I never could have gotten through it if it hadn't been for their support. So, that's why I confided in you. Because I thought that it would help you to open up and tell me what had happened to you. But you didn't talk. You started acting out and all this self-destructive behavior. So, now as a friend, honey, I can't beat around the bush anymore. Maddie, I think that you were sexually assaulted. And the memory is coming back to haunt you for some reason. And it is making you desperately, desperately unhappy.

Casey: I know what you're saying and I'm trying. Ever since you and me, I've been trying to do the right thing and it was working. Maddie and I were really great.

Gwen: Maybe it isn't you.

Casey: That's what my mom says.

Gwen: That cop -- Officer Griffin? Did you see how she looked at him?

Casey: Yeah, they know each other from Chicago. And that's another mystery. Ever since he showed up, she's been different. She's been tense. And like whenever he's around it's like she's someplace else.

Gwen: And she won't talk about that either.

Casey: Nope. She just shuts down. I really want to help her I just don't know how.

Damian: Luke was meeting some friends. And I don't think he felt comfortable keeping them waiting. But I wanted to thank you again for all your help.

Lucy: Look, I want to get something clear. I don't know what happened between Holden and Luke. But you're not helping the situation.

Damian: Me? What have I done?

Lucy: It's what you haven't done. Holden loves his son and Luke loves his father. And I think this whole thing is just a misunderstanding.

Damian: I'm sure you're right. But I don't see what I can do to change the situation unless I get involved.

Lucy: Luke is living with you. You could have him call his dad or you could have Holden stop by sometime.

Damian: Lucy, I thought we agreed to let them work things out on their own. All right, I invited Luke to stay with me when it was clear that he didn't want to live at home anymore. He's free to come and go as he pleases. Nobody's stops him -- stopping him from seeing Holden. As a matter of fact, why hasn't Holden called?

Lucy: I don't want to argue. So from now on? You do what you think best. Just leave me out of it.

Luke: Hey, Kev. Look, I'm sorry this is so last minute. But I'm wiped. I can't hang out tonight. I don't have the energy.

Kevin: What are you talking about, no energy. It was the fourth quarter -- Mr. Last down.

Ada: Mr. Right outside.

Kevin: Now this is fate. Look, you can't bail on me now. What do you say? We're all here. Come on, let's go out and party. Hey, we need you.

Ada: Yeah I heard Daddy bought you a top-of-the-line car.

Luke: Well, it's a lease and its okay.

Kevin: Hey, it drives and it's sleek.

Ada: So what are we waiting for? Let's go.

Kevin: The girl's ready, Man. I told you.

Barbara: You set that woman free? You weren't even going to go to the hearing. What happened? Did Susan get to you?

Dusty: No, Susan didn't --

Barbara: You know what? Do you have any idea what my daughter went through when you were presumed dead? Emily did that to her. She kept you both apart from each other.

Dusty: I know what she did.

Barbara: Do you know what this is going to do to Paul? She is carrying his child. He's going to have to go through a nasty custody battle now. Dusty, I am quite fond of you, you are a member of this family, but you've hurt all of us here. You will regret this.

Dusty: I did the right thing.

Barbara: Because Emily saved Johnny?

Dusty: Because it's what your daughter wanted. Jenny wanted me to let her go. I couldn't say no.

Emily: I'm finally -- I'm looking forward to the birth. I mean, until now, I thought I was going to have the baby and have to say goodbye -- and that would be the end and now I know that this is the beginning.

Susan: It's great to see you happy.

Emily: I am. What Cass said about Paul, do you think --

Susan: Paul's definitely going to fight you for custody.

Emily: Well he can try. I'm ready for him.

Susan: You mean that?

Emily: I am so much stronger than I was before. After what he's done to me I will never trust him again.

Susan: So you don't love him anymore?

Emily: How could I? After what he's done to me.

Paul: Meg, please, stop don't do this. We love each other. More than that we understand each other.

Meg: You know, I used to think that, Paul. I'd look at you and feel like I could read your mind and you could read mine. But you haven't been looking at me anymore.

Paul: So you're saying I'm neglected you.

Meg: I think you're obsessed with Emily. And it's unhealthy and it'll destroy our relationship and your relationship with your child.

Paul: So the fact that Emily poses a threat to the health and safety of my child -- I'm just supposed to ignore that.

Meg: Of course not. But the child isn't even born yet. And when it is, there is no judge out there that will give you custody of an infant. So what're you going to do, Paul? Bang your head up against the wall? Or mine? Because I'm not willing to go down that road with you. Look, Jennifer had the right idea. You need to forgive Emily and build a relationship with this child that will respect the fact that he has a mother. And if you can't do that? Then I'm out of here.

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Lucy: Either you tell him, Damian, or I will.

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