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Mike: She's been missing a couple of days. Have you seen her?

Bartender: I wish I could help you out.

Mike: How about a tall guy, Australian, dark hair?

Bartender: Sorry.

Mike: Maybe you could post some of these and if you hear anything just let me know.

Bartender: I'll let you know.

Vienna: I don't know why you keep getting your hopes up.

Mike: You know, if you want to leave, go.

Vienna: Your wife fell off a cruise ship and into the ocean. She's been missing ever since.

Mike: I'm telling you, she's out there somewhere right now waiting for me. If you think I'm gonna give up on her, you're crazy.

Vienna: All right, all right. Give me some of those thingies. And I'll ask at the hotel. And you check at the cabanas and -- Mike, wait -- wait for me!

[Simon whistling]

Katie: Simon!

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, what's wrong?

Katie: It's beautiful!

Simon: What -- that? Yeah, I know. And it's sturdy, too.

Katie: I can't believe you built it so fast.

Simon: I know. I am kind of handy to have around, you know?

Katie: It's so cozy. When are you gonna build one for yourself?

Simon: What? Oh, I thought we'd --

Katie: We'd sleep here together? Think again.

Simon: Well, we were married once --

Katie: And now I'm married to Mike. And when he finally finds me on this godforsaken island, I'm not going to be spooning in a lean-to with you.

Simon: Spooning? I hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it, that would be fantastic. Listen, where are you going now?

Katie: I'm going to wash off, I feel disgusting.

Simon: In the ocean?

Katie: Where else?

Simon: Well, you could do that. But there's gonna be a fresh water source somewhere on this island. I'll go find it.

Katie: No -- please, you just want to see me naked.

Simon: Yes I do. No, I just want to make you comfortable. Katie, come on, we don't know how long this is gonna be our home for.

Katie: This is not home. It's a temporary emergency situation.

Simon: Is that what we're calling it?

Katie: That's what it is. Don't worry, Mike will find us in a couple of days at the latest.

Simon: And if he doesn't? Maybe you should think about what happens then.

Jade: Where did everybody go?

Will: Gwen's upstairs changing Johnny and Carly's getting Parker ready for the memorial service.

Jade: Oh, and where would you like to be right now? Pick a place. Any place.

Will: My back yard, about 11 years ago.

Jade: Why?

Will: I thought it would be cool to use my toy forklift and dug up my mom's garden. And I ruined all her daisies. And Jen ran around like crazy to pick them all up and she made this stupid bouquet and gave it to Mom.

Jade: She loved it.

Will: Every time she wanted to keep me in line, she'd glare at me and say, "Daisies" in this really mean voice and we'd both crack up. I'd forgotten about that.

Gwen: Hey, we're all set. I talked to Johnnyís sitter and she's gonna meet us over at your momís.

Will: Let's go.

Gwen: Thanks for breakfast.

Carly: Hey, any time. I'll see you later, okay? Did you do all those dishes?

Jade: Oh, I knew you got your hands full, so -- thanks for letting me stay here, Carly.

Carly: Sure. Well, if you keep cleaning up after my kids, I'll never let you go. [Doorbell rings] Ah, that must be Hal.

Jade: I'll just go finish up in the kitchen.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Hi.

Carly: Hello. What are you doing here?

Jack: Hal got hung up at the hospital. He asked me to pick up Parker.

Carly: Well, why didn't he call? I could have brought Parker to the church.

Jack: He probably thought you were busy with J.J. and Sage. Where are they?

Carly: They're next door playing. Hey, Jack, I thought that we had an understanding. You can't keep popping in like this.

Jack: I won't be here long. Is Parker ready?

Carly: Almost.

Jade: Don't mind me. Just passing through.

Carly: Okay, Jade, would you tell Parker to come right down when he's ready?

Jade: Sure.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: What's she doing here?

Carly: She's staying with me for a while.

Jack: Living here? Since when?

Carly: Will and Gwen asked her to stay here when I was in Montana. She's a friend of theirs. And then when I got back and realized she had no place to stay, I --

Jack: She's bad news, Carly. You got to get rid of her.

Meg: You look nice.

Paul: You look nice, too.

Meg: So you snuck out on me.

Paul: No, I left a note.

Meg: Yeah, all it said was that you'd be back. I thought that was a given.

Paul: I'm completely in love with you, so yeah, it is a little redundant.

Meg: How long have you been here?

Paul: A couple of hours. I couldn't sleep. I kept seeing Jen's face.

Meg: Paul.

Paul: She was 12 and she didn't want to smile because she didn't like her braces. And I made her smile. I told her that one day she'd be beautiful enough to be a model.

Meg: Well, I'm glad you're having such good memories of your sister.

Paul: Yeah, me too. Because then she started talking to me.

Meg: Really? What did she say?

Paul: She said be at my memorial service or I'll never forgive you.

Hal: What's wrong?

Barbara: Dusty's still in the room with Jennifer.

Hal: It's been hours --

Barbara: I know. I know. I thought that he had left, but then Bob called me. Apparently he's been in there all night long. He won't let anyone touch her.

Hal: Did you try to talk to him?

Barbara: Of course I did.

Hal: All right, let me see what I can do. Fellas, could you give us some time here? Thank you. Dusty? It's time to finish saying your good-byes. I know this is hard, Dusty, but we have to let her go.

Mike: Captain Spaulding?

Captain Spaulding: You must be Mr. Kasnoff.

Mike: Yeah. You have any news about my wife?

Captain Spaulding: Not yet.

Vienna: Vienna Hyatt.

Captain Spaulding: Ma'am. I've been briefed by the captain of the cruise ship. Judging from the statements from various passengers, we have pretty good coordinates on where your wife and the male passenger --

Vienna: Simon Frasier. My boyfriend.

Captain Spaulding: Oh, I didn't realize.

Vienna: Yes, and Simon's also Mike's wife's ex-husband. Small world, isn't it?

Captain Spaulding: So your wife and Mr. Frasier are together, and you two --

Mike: No, no. Simon and Katie aren't together. They just went overboard at the same time.

Vienna: Yeah, we've been pooling our resources and comforting each other.

Mike: Okay, look, I know she's out there somewhere. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

Vienna: Do you think there's any chance that they're still alive?

Mike: Vienna --

Captain Spaulding: We're proceeding as if they are, ma'am. We've got three cutters and a rescue chopper scouring the sea and the surrounding islands. Now if they're still afloat, we will find them. But the more time that passes --

Mike: How can I help out?

Captain Spaulding: Keep distributing those flyers and coordinating with the local police.

Mike: All right.

Captain Spaulding: Mr. Kasnoff, I've got a lot of manpower and equipment dedicated to this search. Now if there's any chance that your wife and Mr. Frasier planned this disappearance --

Mike: They didnít. Captain, please, help me find my wife.

Captain Spaulding: I'll be in touch.

Mike: What are you doing? You made it sound like Simon and Katie had something going on.

Vienna: Just because you refuse to see it --

Mike: Katie loves me.

Vienna: If that's true then where is she?

Katie: Okay, I see what this is -- a desperate situation, a cozy lean-to, a nice bath with coconut oil and tropical flowers, maybe some fresh jungle juice --

Simon: Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep going. Sounds good.

Katie: And I just won't be able to help but fall in love with you again.

Simon: Well, they do say third time's a charm.

Katie: Except for the fact that I love Mike and he loves me. And he's gonna find me.

Simon: Katie, come on, lets just be realistic about this situation. There are literally hundreds of islands out there. You think the guy can check every single one?

Katie: He will if he has to.

Simon: Where are you going now?

Katie: I'm gonna go find that fresh water you were talking about.

Simon: Hey, listen, I've checked up there -- I looked up there. There's nothing up there, just pure jungle. And I even saw a couple of snakes, yeah.

Katie: Big snakes?

Simon: Big, about -- come on, I thought you wanted to find your wedding ring.

Katie: I do.

Simon: All right, good. Let's go and I'll help you look.

Katie: You are just trying to me. And I'm telling you something, Simon, it's not gonna work.

Simon: No, I insist on helping.

Katie: Why? What do you care about my wedding ring? You would throw it into the ocean if you could. Maybe you already did.

Simon: You know what? I would never do anything so hurtful.

Katie: You already have. I don't love you anymore, Simon.

Carly: Would you run that by me again? Did you just tell me who I can and cannot have in my house?

Jack: Do you know what that girl did Lily- and Holden? The problems she caused?

Carly: I heard about some of it.

Jack: She pretended to be Rose's daughter. All so she could live in their house and take advantage of them, Carly.

Carly: Well, Jack, she's been nothing but helpful since she's been here -- with the dishes and the children and the laundry.

Jack: You're falling for her scam.

Carly: She's just a kid, Jack!

Jack: She's trouble!

Carly: Well, so was I when I was her age. She's got no place to go.

Jack: There are organizations that can help her.

Carly: I've been her. I've been broke with no place to go and it's pretty scary. [Laughing] And anybody who can make Parker laugh like that right now is okay in my book.

Jack: You cannot be softhearted with this girl.

Carly: Why? Because she's lied? So have I. Because she's made some mistakes? Well, I've made a couple myself. But unlike you, Jack, I think people deserve a second chance. And Jade is getting one. From me.

Hal: Dusty, Jennifer's got a lot of family and friends that want to say good-bye to her and we've got to let that happen. You can't change this, Dusty. You can't bring her back.

Barbara: What did he say?

Hal: Nothing. He's just sitting there, like he expects her to wake up. I'm glad she had that. Had him. Had someone who loved our little girl so much. So much he never wants to let her go.

Barbara: I walked in there and I saw him keeping vigil with her. And all I could think was how much I resented it. I mean, what right did he have? He was married to her for less than a day. I'm her mother. Does that mean that I love her any less?

Hal: We've just got more miles, Barbara. And we've learned. Jennifer's not there in that hospital bed. She's here with us. Always.

Barbara: So, do we say that to him? What do we do?

Hal: I don't think Dusty's gonna be able to hear that.

Barbara: We have to do something, Hal.

Hal: I know. I just don't know what.

Will: Nobody's here.

Gwen: I thought your mom would've had the place decked out by now. With flowers and pictures and things.

Will: Yeah, this is weird. I'm gonna go call her.

Gwen: I don't -- I don't think we should. Her daughter just died. Maybe we should try to take care of things if we can.

Will: You mean put the memorial together?

Gwen: Your mom probably already called to the minister. Maybe you don't feel like it, though. I'm sorry, she was your sister. I'm sorry.

Will: No. I love you and I love that you always try to take care of everybody. Me, my mom and Johnny.

Gwen: How do we take care of Jen? You know, this is about her. I mean, what would she want?

Will: I think I know. But I can use some help.

Gwen: You got it.

Meg: You do realize that Dusty might not want you to be at Jennifer's memorial?

Paul: Yeah, so he'll snarl. I'm used to that. And why are you all dressed up?

Meg: I figured you'd want to go to the service but you could use a friend to hold your hand. And if Dusty kicks your butt, then I'll be there to fix the wounds.

Paul: Like always.

Meg: Like always. Unless I can talk you out of it.

Paul: She's my sister.

Meg: And Dusty's wife. This memorial isn't for Jennifer, it's for the people who are left.

Paul: I think I have enough guilt about my sister without adding today to the top of that pile. I want to honor her. I want to say good-bye to her. And because that's what Jennifer wanted. I want to make peace with Dusty.

Meg: Well, I don't you're gonna do that by crashing Jennifer's memorial service.

Paul: Jen had a son. I'm his uncle. I should be there.

Meg: Okay, so, starting tomorrow --

Paul: No, look, if I wait one more day, I may not get a second chance to get through to Dusty. Today, Dusty's remembering everything that Jennifer said. How she reached out to me. How she wanted Dusty and I to get along. I want our children to be friends. Jen's kid and ours.

Meg: What time's the service?

[Cell phone rings]

Barbara: Hello?

Paul: Hi. Look, I know you're not gonna like this --

Barbara: You know what, Paul? I don't have time for your problems today, because I just don't have the energy, do you understand me?

Paul: Mom?

Barbara: Honey, Dusty is here with your sister. He won't leave her room. So I don't if I'm gonna make it to the memorial service or not. So whatever your problem is, I'm sorry.

Meg: What's wrong?

Paul: Dusty's still with Jennifer.

Meg: Where? At the hospital?

Paul: He won't leave her side.

Meg: Well, this is all the proof you need. Today is not the day to get in Dusty's face.

Will: I went to Dad's house, and I grabbed all the pictures I could find. When I went by Jen's, I took these albums.

Gwen: She really was beautiful, wasn't she?

Will: Yeah, she was. I figured we could take these and put them over there so people could see them when they get here.

Gwen: That's a good idea. Will, these pictures are cut up. Who would have done that?

Will: I did.

Gwen: Why?

Will: When Mom left, I got so mad that I cut her out of all the pictures. Jen must have found this in my room. She never said anything about it.

Gwen: Some of them are taped back together.

Will: Jen must have -- I can't do this.

Gwen: What? What? The memorial? What?

Will: Yes, the memorial! What are we doing here?! We're pretending to be something we never were. Telling lies with flowers and pictures.

Gwen: No, you loved your sister. That's not a lie.

Will: I can't pick up where she left off. I mean, Jen would get mad, you know, at me or Mom or Paul, but you knew -- you knew she'd always get over it. I'm not like that. I stay mad, and I hold a grudge. And without Jen here, I don't know how to deal with my family. I can't get past things.

Gwen: Okay, then let's go. Let's get out of here. Let's leave. Come on.

Will: What are you talking about?

Gwen: The person you were closest to in your family is gone. Let's go.

Will: You can't mean that.

Gwen: I'm with you, wherever.

Will: I guess I could try to figure out a way to deal with my family, just for today.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Don't you ever leave.

Gwen: I'll never go. You either, okay?

Jade: Parker's almost ready to go. I was helping him with his tie.

Carly: Thanks, Jade.

Jade: I need to run an errand, unless you need me to stick around.

Carly: No, go. No, that's fine.

Jade: Okay.

Carly: And thanks again for all your help.

Jade: You're welcome.

Jack: You have got to listen to me about that girl.

Carly: Jack, I'll keep an eye on her, okay? And if she steps out of line, I won't let her get away with it. But I am not gonna kick her out of this house just because you don't like her!

Jack: My children live in this house!

Carly: Oh, come on, Jack. You know good and well that that girl is not a threat to your children.

Jack: I can't be sure about that, Carly, and neither can you. You don't know her!

Carly: Oh, back off, Jack! You just back the hell off! You walked out that door. You ended this marriage. You said that you couldn't live under the same roof with me. And that means that running this household is my business, which means that you have zip to say about what goes on here. Jade stays.

Bob: Well, I think our best bet would be to get a grief counselor in there as soon as possible.

Paul: You don't need to do that. I'll talk to Dusty.

Hal: You? You're the last person he's gonna listen to. You'll be lucky if he doesn't slug you.

Paul: Whatever works. You need to get going to the church, all of you.

Hal: And leave you here alone with Dusty?

Paul: Either I get through to him, or I donít. But there are people waiting to say good-bye to Jen. You belong there. I belong here.

Barbara: Will we see you at the church?

Paul: Yeah, I'll be there.

Hal: Good luck.

Paul: What do you think you're doing, Dusty? You trying to prove to the world that you love Jennifer better than the rest of us?

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Vienna: Simon Frasier is his name.

Golfer: Well, I never actually caught his name, but I think I know where he is.

Katie: Simon, were you just talking to someone?

Dusty: I've put up with you for a long time because of your sister. But that's over now, you understand?!

Golfer: PiŮa colada?

Simon: No, I'm trying to give up. Hey, listen, did you lose another golf ball? 'Cause I haven't seen it.

Golfer: Tell me something.

Simon: Yeah, please be quick about it, 'cause I'm kind of busy right now.

Golfer: You're busy?

Simon: Yeah.

Golfer: What is going -- did you lose a bet or something? Because you're out here picking fruit in the middle of nowhere when there's a lobster bar and all the well-aged scotch you can drink just over that hill.

Simon: Well, you are right about something. There is something going on.

Golfer: I knew it. I knew it. You're doing one of those reality television shows out here, aren't you?

Simon: No, no, no, no. Listen, I should've told you before, but it's kind of embarrassing. But I don't need to be rescued, so Ė

Katie: Simon?

Golfer: You have a girl out here. Is she a model?

Simon: Well, she is hot, and she's my wife. And you know, we're doing one of those, you know, little island fantasies. You know, lost on a deserted island, just the two of us. And if someone turns up --

Golfer: I get it. Spoils the mood.

Simon: Kills it.

Golfer: Enough said. I understand. And here I was feeling bad for you.

Simon: Do not.

Golfer: You're a lucky devil.

Simon: I certainly am. Listen, thanks a lot. Enjoy your golf, your piŮa colada. Off you go.

Katie: Simon?

Simon: Yep?

Katie: I thought -- were you just talking to someone?

Mike: Hey, you have any news?

Captain Spaulding: No, we haven't seen any sign of them, but we have an emergency situation. A ferry boat crashed west of here. I've got to pull the resources, send them over there.

Mike: You're calling off the search?

Captain Spaulding: The chances they could have survived this long are practically non-existent, Mr. Kasnoff. I wish we could have done more, and I'm sorry.

Jade: Hey. The place looks great.

Will: What are you doing here?

Jade: I just came to see if I could help out or anything.

Minister: I apologize for the mix-up. The church secretary got the dates confused. And Will, is your mother here? I'm surprised she didn't call.

Will: My mom and dad got hung up, but it's okay. We took care of everything.

Minister: Is there anything I †can do to help you?

Will: Yeah. I got this music from my sister's house. So if you have a CD player --

Minister: Of course. I'll set it up.

Will: Thanks.

Gwen: Does it need anything else?

Will: No. It's perfect.

Paul: I know it's difficult, but it's time to say good-bye.

Dusty: Get out of here, man.

Paul: You're being selfish. You know that? Barbara and Hal need to make arrangements for the funeral home.

Dusty: I'll do it.

Paul: No, they need to do that. They need to do that! Don't you see that? And the hospital needs this bed for somebody who's sick. Jennifer's dead. She's not coming back.

Dusty: I put up with you for a long time because of your sister, but that's over now. You understand?!

Paul: You want to hit me? Go ahead, hit me.

Dusty: Do you want me to?

Paul: You want to hate me, go ahead.

Dusty: I want to knock you into next week for what you did to her!

Paul: It won't bring her back. It won't stop the pain. And it won't help the people who love her move on. But go ahead, Dusty, if you think it'll make you feel better. Go right ahead. I know I deserve it.

Carly: All right, new rules.

Jack: Rules?

Carly: No dropping by here unannounced, not anymore.

Jack: Why not?

Carly: Because you don't want to be my husband! And every time I manage to forget for a minute -- I'm trying to make a new life here, Jack.

Jack: But the kids --

Carly: No one is keeping you from the kids. You just have to call first. And if it's a bad time, I'll tell you. That way, there won't be any surprises.

Jack: What kind of surprises?

Carly: Whatever.

Jack: Or whoever?

Carly: You've put our marriage behind you. It's time I did the same.

Simon: I was just talking to myself, you know? I mean, I've got to keep my spirits up somehow.

Katie: Why are you mad?

Simon: I don't know. I don't know. I mean, it could be that when you fell off that ship, I didn't think twice about going overboard to save you. I mean, if I hadn't grabbed that life preserver --

Katie: I wouldn't have made it. I know. I do know what you've done for me.

Simon: Well, you're acting like this is some kind of holiday for me. And all I keep hearing from you is, "Mike, Mike -- I wish Mike was here. I wish Mike was here." 'Cause you know what? I wish he was here, too, instead of me. And then he could figure out how you're gonna survive.

Katie: You're worried?

Simon: What, you're not? I mean, yesterday, you had a crab hanging off your toe. What if that gets infected? What if we get hit by another storm?

Katie: We're gonna be all right.

Simon: Yeah, we. We. Yeah, I did think there was two of us on this island. But you see, you're acting like this is all me.

Katie: I'm sorry. No, I didn't mean to. I just --

[Katie groans]

Simon: No, no, donít. Don't cry. I shouldn't have said that.

Katie: I just looked for my wedding ring everywhere, and I couldn't find it.

Simon: Oh, look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Look, I shouldn't have said any of that. I'm being an idiot. I just -- maybe Mike will find us.

Katie: I hope so. But you were right.

Simon: Really? 'Cause that's a first.

Katie: No, we need to work together. If we're gonna be alive when we get found, I need to help you instead of nagging.

Simon: You know, I'd like that. I really would.

Mike: Of course, Margoís a cop. Maybe she would pull some strings and get the search back on. My battery's dead. Bartender, can I use your phone to make a credit card call to the states?

Vienna: Oh, you can use mine.

Mike: Thanks.

Vienna: It's the least I can do.

Mike: You know what you should do? You should go home and forget you ever met a guy named Simon Frasier, because when I get a hold of him, there's gonna be nothing left of that guy. Mark my words. When I get a hold of that worthless Aussie snake, I'm gonna drag him by the neck all the way back to Australia myself.

Golfer: Excuse me, did you say you were looking for an Australian guy?

Mike: Yeah.

Golfer: Is he kind of a tall guy with dark hair?

Vienna: Right, right, Simon Frasier is his name.

Golfer: I never actually caught his name, but I think I know where he is.

Jack: Okay, let's just calm down for a second. I wouldn't even be here if Hal didn't ask me to come and pick up Parker.

Carly: But you didn't call first, Jack. Just like you didn't call yesterday when you dropped by to tell me about Jennifer. It's like you're trying to catch me doing something I shouldn't be doing.

Jack: But that is absolutely ridiculous! It just never occurred to me to call before showing up at my own door!

Carly: It's not your door anymore. It's mine. And I'm trying to find a balance here. Somewhere between locking you out of my life and keeping things open for you and the children.

Jack: Yes, I know, it's not easy.

Carly: You're damn right it's not. You look at me, and I feel things. You say my name --

Jack: It hasn't been any easier for me. I get within a mile of this house, and I think about you. What you're doing, what you're thinking, what you'll say if I show up. Hoping maybe this time I won't get the wind knocked out of me just from seeing your face. And you're right. I may not live in this house anymore, but I still feel like we're married. Like we always will be.

Gwen: So why did you really come by?

Jade: I came to ask you if you have any relatives that I can stay with. I think your sister is about to kick me out.

Gwen: Why?

Jade: Well, after you left, her husband showed up. He wasn't too happy to see me. He's related to Lily- and Holden, and since I'm not exactly their favorite person --

Gwen: Well, Carly and Jack are separated, so maybe she doesn't care what he thinks about you. But I mean, if you need another place, I'll help you find something.

Jade: Thanks.

Gwen: You're welcome.

Will: Mom called. She should be here any minute.

Jade: I should split.

Will: Where did the daisies come from?

Gwen: Jade brought them.

Jade: I was walking past a flower shop, and they were on sale and -- anyway, I'm sorry about Jennifer. Bye.

Gwen: That was really sweet of her.

Will: Yeah, it was.

Barbara: Honey, did I just see that Jade girl here? What is she doing here, Will?

Will: Mom, where's Dad?

Barbara: He'll be here in a second. Answer my question. Oh, Honey. It's beautiful. It's just -- it's beautiful. Thank you so much.

Will: You should thank Gwen, too.

Barbara: I can't --

Gwen: Oh, no, it's okay.

Barbara: No, no. Thank you is not big enough. It's just all I can think of right now. Thank you, Gwen. Thank you.

Dusty: I keep telling myself, if she never left this room, she wouldn't be gone. I wish I could stop time. I'd stay with her here.

Paul: Yeah, but then Johnny wouldn't grow up. And he wouldn't finger paint and go to preschool, and all of those things that Jennifer wanted for him, and for you. None of that would happen if time stopped when Jennifer did.

Dusty: Barbara and Hal still out there?

Paul: No, they're already at the church. It's just you and me, Dusty. Don't do this. Don't linger over this shell. Jennifer's moved on. And she would want you to move on as well -- you and Johnny.

Mike: Hey, so where have you seen this guy?

Golfer: Well, it's like this. Yesterday, I hit this slice. It went in way wide.

Golfer 2: Never seen anything like it.

Golfer: Anyway, so I track it down to the far side of the island, the undeveloped side, and there's this Australian guy there playing Robinson Crusoe.

Mike: Wait, the other side of the island -- this island?

Golfer: Yeah. And I've got to tell you, this guy was strange. He didn't want any help. He said that he and his wife were there having some adventure, pretending to be on a deserted island. Now, I didn't -- I didn't actually see the girl, but I heard her. Come to think of it, actually, she did call him Simon.

Mike: What did I tell you? She made it. Katie is alive.

Katie: And we need to find the highest point on the island. That's where we'll make our smoke signal. Actually, we should do that first.

Simon: Katie, Katie -- I'm not gonna let you down. I know I have in the past, and -- this time is different. I'm not gonna do it again.

Katie: Good, 'cause you're all I've got.

Carly: You see, the thing about me is, if I'm going to have a husband, I want him to act like a husband, every day. For better or worse, not just when nostalgia strikes.

Jack: Okay. I see your point.

Carly: I hope so. Because it isn't fair. And you can't keep waltzing in here whenever you want like it's some kind of grocery store or something.

Jack: What if right there on isle five, there's this rich, decadent, delicious chocolate. And you know you shouldn't have it. You know it's not good for you. But you want it. So you visit, because you remember what it feels like just to have a taste.

Carly: Even though you're allergic?

Jack: Yeah.

[Footsteps down the stairs]

Parker: Jack!

Jack: Hey, buddy. I came to take you to the church.

Parker: So we can say good-bye to Jennifer?

Jack: Yeah. And your dad's gonna meet us over there, okay?

Parker: Can Mom come, too?

Carly: Um, okay. I have to get changed and everything, but I'll meet you over there, I promise.

Jack: Don't forget to lock up.

Meg: Where are you?

Paul: Still at the hospital. But I think Dusty and I will be there soon.

Meg: You really did it? You got through to him?

Paul: Looks like. For the time being.

Minister: Will, I must apologize. Something's wrong with the CD player. I can't even get it to power up.

Will: Well, it doesn't feel right without Jen's music. So I'll run home, and I'll find a CD player.

Barbara: Honey, Honey, that won't be necessary. Gwen, would you do something for me?

Gwen: Yeah, sure.

Barbara: Would you sing for my daughter today?

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Mike: Well, she's right about that.

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