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Katie: Stupid wave! Stupid fire! Stupid island! Oh, go ahead, Simon. Stoke your fire. Cook your food. I don't need you. I'll eat fruit, berries and seaweed until Mike comes and gets me. So put that on your Barbie and smoke it! Ow!

Golfer: Don't touch that ball! It's still in play. Oh, man! Did I hit you? Are you okay?

Simon: Yeah -- yeah, no, I'm great now. Where did you -- where did you come from?

Golfer: Well listen, don't tell anyone that I hit you, okay? I mean, it's bad enough that shot went so wild that it came all the way over to the undeveloped side of the island. I -- I stink at this game.

Simon: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey -- you said undeveloped?

Golfer: Right.

Simon: Which means there must be a developed side?

Golfer: Well, you could call it that, yeah. There's three staff members for every spa guest and a golf course that's better than St. Andrew's. What happened here? Did you have some -- did you have some boat trouble or something?

[Simon chuckling]

Simon: Yeah, something.

Golfer: Well, help's only about a half a mile away.

Simon: That close?

Golfer: And there's ferry service back to the mainland, three times a day.

Vienna: There's only one thing that can take a bite this big out of a life preserver.

Mike: Okay, you know what? I don't want to hear it, Vienna.

Vienna: We have to face it, both of us. They're not coming back. Simon and your wife have been shark food.

Mike: Okay, there's no way I'm gonna believe that. She got away.

Vienna: This piece of clothing is shred --

Mike: Katie is fine, I'm sure Simon is, too.

Vienna: They have been gone too long, Mike.

Mike: You know what? You give up if you want to. I'm not going to. I'm gonna make sure the captain keeps on searching.

Vienna: There's only one thing left to do. Don't you understand?

Mike: What, search for them on our own?

Vienna: No, make the best out of a bad situation.

Jack: It's all right, I got it. How's Lily?

Holden: The same. It just kills me to see her like that.

Jack: And the baby?

Holden: Doing well. They'll both be fine as long as Lily comes out of it soon.

Jack: Good. But that's not why you asked me here.

Holden: I got Kreeger to agree to meet with me.

Jack: Really? Did you get anything? Anything I can use? When I questioned him about his part in Lily's accident --

Holden: Jack -- I just need you to back off. I need you to back off the whole thing.

Kevin: Hey, there better not be any vodka in that.

Luke: Kevin, hey. How's it going? You working today?

Kevin: Yeah, my lifeguard shift starts in a few.

Luke: Yeah, you liking it?

Kevin: Definitely. So, I heard about your mom. I'm really sorry about that.

Luke: Oh, thanks.

Kevin: I wanted to tell you -- I'm sorry about a lot of things.

Damian: I know all about life and death decisions. Regretting the choice you made -- it's a waste of time.

Lucy: But I -- I should have tried harder to stop my patient from leaving the hospital.

Damian: Why didn't you?

Lucy: Honestly? I think it's because I wanted her to like me. Because my father did some terrible things to her. And also, because of her fiancť.

Damian: The man you once loved.

Lucy: They're getting married today. He loves her so much. And because of me, he's going to spend the rest of his life without her.

Meg: I just tried to get in touch with one of my friends at the hospital, but she's already gone home for the day. At least, when I spoke to her a little while ago, there wasn't a change.

Paul: How could things get any worse? Can -- can we just go? Can we take a walk? I don't know, go for a drive -- something?

Meg: Sure. Whatever you want to do.

Paul: Well, I want to spend this time with Jennifer, but that's not an option. Let's just get the hell out of here.

Meg: Dusty? What are you doing here?

Dusty: I'm looking for you.

Paul: Dusty, is she dead?

Barbara: Honey, you sleep now, okay? Dusty will be here soon. And then you're getting married.

Jennifer: Why can't I keep my eyes open?

Barbara: It's okay. It's okay. It's all right.

Jennifer: Uncle Bob --

Bob: Your mom's right. You try to get some rest.

Jennifer: No, I -- can we go easy on my meds, just for the wedding? I just feel so foggy.

Bob: Well, it's not the meds that are causing that. It's --

Jennifer: But it's too soon.

Bob: Jennifer --

Jennifer: No! No, it's too soon. Mom?

Barbara: Honey, I'm right here. I'm right here. Right here.

Jennifer: Will you help me stay awake? Please? I have to stay awake so I can marry Dusty.

Bob: Something for the father of the bride. The one who gets the least amount of attention.

Hal: I can't believe that Jennifer asked for Paul.

Bob: He's her brother.

Hal: And Emily. They betrayed her. Let her believe her son was dead. They lied to her, and she's got what -- minutes with us left and she invites them here.

Bob: She's the young woman that you raised to be, Hal.

Hal: I can't take credit for her. She's a remarkable woman in her own right. She really wants this wedding, bob. Is she gonna have it?

Bob: If we hurry.

Emily: Hey. Will said you -- you could use some help.

Gwen: Yeah, he was right.

Emily: Jen was really amazing, you know, to include me. I just wish there was more I could do for her.

Gwen: I think that saving Johnnyís life was probably enough. [Emily crying] Hey, come on, don't start, okay? Or I will, and the whole goal is to get through this without crying, right?

Emily: Yeah. You're right, you're right, you're right, all smiles. Come on, letís make some bouquets together.

Barbara: When you were a little, you never wanted to go to sleep. I would finish one book and you would want another.

Jennifer: Then I would tell you about my day, and when I ran out of things to say --

Barbara: You'd make something up.

Jennifer: You knew.

Barbara: Of course I knew. I always knew. I'm your mother. I remember when you once told me there was a giraffe in the backyard.

Jennifer: It was a toy giraffe. Did I mention that?

Barbara: Of course it was. Come on, honey, try to stay awake, okay? Think about Dusty. Think about childbirth. Think about the time that -- that winter that I taught you to ski. You loved that.

Jennifer: I hated the cold. But I loved going fast.

Barbara: You sure did. You took a couple of years off my life.

Kim: I'm sorry, I got back as fast I could. Johnny needed to be fed and changed and now he -- [Whispering] should we let her rest?

Barbara: No, no, no, she wants to stay awake. She doesn't want to miss any of that. And I don't want her to leave me. And if that means that she rest --

Kim: Honey, Honey, Honey, we need to let this day be what Jen wants, don't you think? I know that's what you want. You know your mommy. Your mommy is having a little rest here. And you having a little rest right with her.

Jennifer: Johnny.

Kim: Look who's here. Look who's here. Look at your mom. Oh, it's okay. [Johnny fusses] No, no, it's okay. It's okay. Okay, okay. Yes, a sweet boy. Here he is all ready for the wedding.

Jennifer: He looks so handsome. Hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. Your mommy and daddy are getting' hitched today. So you remember this day. You remember your mommy was so happy.

Dusty: Jennifer's fine. She's getting ready to get married.

Meg: That's -- that's wonderful.

Dusty: But we better get going. We don't have all day.

Paul: You want me to come to the wedding?

Dusty: It's what Jenny wants.

Paul: And that's okay with you?

Dusty: Hal even threw in a police escort to get you there faster. Let's go.

Paul: Meg's coming.

Meg: Jennifer might not want that.

Dusty: No, it's okay. She'd be happy to have you. You're coming.

Meg: Dusty, thank you for doing this.

Dusty: It's all Jennifer's doing -- all of it.

Damian: You still love this man even though he is marrying someone else?

Lucy: I -- need it, I suppose. But the other side of it --

Damian: The romantic side?

Lucy: That's been over for a long time. I shouldn't need his forgiveness --

Damian: But you do. I understand.

Lucy: I believe you do.

Damian: Lucy, in your career, itís good thing. Your patients need you to be more than a scientist. They need a connection from the person trying to make them well. Even though you're much too beautiful to be a doctor.

Lucy: You didn't really say that.

Damian: What's wrong with it?

Lucy: Let's just say that attitude is a little retro.

Damian: Oh, yeah? Well, who cares? As long as it made you smile Ė

Katie: And I know it's hard to face, but you signed your own death warrant by biting me. So, now I'm gonna have to eat you. You understand, right? You eat creatures that are smaller than you? And now my toe is bleeding, fantastic. I need a leaf or something. Aloe! I will heal myself with nature. You stay right there, buddy. No! No, no, no! No, wait! Get back here! Get back here you little Ė

Simon: Magique island? Is that what it is? How come I've never heard of it?

Golfer: It's a pretty well-kept secret. We try to keep it exclusive. Listen, if you want, you can make the next ferry. I can show you the way back.

Simon: No, no, no, no, no. No, I can find it. I just got to put out of this fire and get rid of this stupid little sign here, you know? So, you want your ball?

Golfer: Ah, keep it. I hate this game.

Simon: Yeah. [Simon whistles] Hey, hey, what happened?

Katie: Do you want to be my friend? Do you want me to like you, just a little bit?

Simon: Hmm. Are you making me an offer?

Katie: I'm begging you. Get me off this Godforsaken island.

Mike: Whoa, what are you doing? I thought you cared about Simon!

Vienna: I do!

Mike: Then why are you kissing me?

Vienna: Simon would want me to be happy.

Mike: Okay, stop!

Vienna: Let me ease your pain --

Mike: Okay, no, no, no. I'm not gonna give up my wife because of a half-eaten life preserver. All right, you do whatever you want to do, just don't do it with me.

Vienna: But what if they're dead?

Mike: What, do you think I'm just gonna give up on my wife just like that? You are just like Simon -- con artists, out for yourselves. You know I hope you find him, because you two really deserve each other.

Simon: Well, you're gonna be crazy about me when I tell you this. I just -- Katie, you're bleeding. What happened?

Katie: I couldn't start a fire, and then a crab bit my toe, which was fine, because I was gonna eat him, then he ran away --

Simon: It's all right. Come here. Sit down -- just there. And I'll go find something to put on it, okay? Wait until you find out --

Katie: No, no! Don't go!

Simon: Okay, whoa, I wonít.

Katie: Sorry I'm being so needy.

Simon: No, no, no, it's okay.

Katie: It's just that I'm tired, and I'm hungry, and I miss Mike, and I don't have any sunscreen, and he's gonna be wondering what's happening to me --

Simon: Listen, look at me. Now this is gonna be over, probably sooner than you think. I just found out --

Katie: Can I just come over to your side of the island? Please? Until someone finds us?

Simon: Of course you can.

Holden: I don't know what happened the day that Lily got hurt. Kreeger says that he doesn't know Damian.

Jack: Well, that could be a lie.

Holden: Probably. But according to Kreeger, there's no paper trail to Damian.

Jack: Well, that's according to Kreeger --

Holden: Yes, but there is one to Lily. And if you bring him in, question him, get that on the record --

Jack: Okay, listen, I haul him in, I put some pressure on him. I guarantee you he will roll on Damian if I push hard enough.

Holden: You know what, forget it. This is not about Kreeger. It's not about Damian.

Jack: Well, what is this about then, Holden?

Holden: Luke. This is about Luke.

Luke: Taking off?

Lucy: Yeah.

Luke: It looks like you were having a pretty good time with Damian.

Lucy: Oh, he can be very funny when he wants to be. Do you like him?

Luke: I'm getting there. You know, he seems to really want to get to know me. And he is my biological father, so -- I kind of want to get to know him, too.

Lucy: Oh, did I see you talking to Kevin?

Luke: Yeah, we were just catching up.

Lucy: Good.

Luke: No, I probably still won't, you know, come out to him. I mean, why bother? He's not gay. He'd probably just freak.

Lucy: Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing's for sure -- hiding your real feelings? It just makes you miserable. Bye.

Paul: Hal.

Hal: Hello, Paul.

Paul: Thank you for the police escort.

Hal: Yeah, I'd do anything for your sister. I'll tell the chaplain we're ready.

Kim: Oh, Gwennie, these are just beautiful.

Gwen: Oh, thanks. I didn't really have time to pull much together --

Kim: Oh, but this is perfect.

Gwen: Now I just have to help Will with the music and then remember where I put the video camera, and then I gotta make sure --

Kim: Listen, why don't you let me do the video, okay?

Gwen: You sure?

Kim: Absolutely. It's my thing, isn't it?

Bob: You can take the producer out of the newsroom, but you can't keep her hands off the production.

Kim: How are you? Where's the camera?

Gwen: It's -- I think I left it in the other waiting room.

Kim: Fine.

Barbara: Need any help?

Will: I'm all set.

Barbara: Picked out the music already?

Will: Mom, it's handled.

Barbara: Good. Anything's okay, as long as it's classical.

Jennifer: Is your baby moving around?

Emily: Oh, kicking nonstop since the stem cell procedure.

Jennifer: I will do everything I can to make sure our kids grow up together.

Dusty: You ready?

Jennifer: You bet. Paul. You brought him.

Paul: Thank you for inviting me.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Kim: Okay, Will, honey, why don't you stand over there next to your sister? We'll get started with a family shot. Where's Barbara?

Barbara: Right here.

Kim: Oh, good.

Barbara: Where's Hal?

Hal: Move aside, kid. You're not her husband yet.

Barbara: Will, where's Gwen?

Gwen: Hey, what do you need?

Will: You. Get over here.

Dusty: You ready to get married?

Jennifer: I'm ready.

Barbara: Oh no, you're not. Excuse me. Gwen?

Gwen: Sorry, I almost forgot. Sorry. Sorry.

Barbara: Oh, I bought this for you when you and Dusty got engaged for your wedding. There we go, honey.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Kim: Here's something borrowed for you, Sweetheart. Okay.

Jennifer: This is beautiful.

Gwen: Jen, the flowers are blue -- almost. And for the something old, I hid a little picture of Johnny inside the bouquet from before -- from before you had him.

Jennifer: Now I'm ready.

Barbara: Hit it, Will.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Katie: What is that?

Simon: What? Whoa, hey! Where's your wedding ring?

[Katie gasps]

Dusty: Wear this ring forever as a symbol of my love.

Jack: Did Kreeger threaten you or something?

Holden: Lily's fall was an accident. Luke told me that. I should have just accepted it.

Jack: What was Kreeger's story?

Holden: He said that when Lily walked in, Luke was very upset. And then Lily asked Kreeger to leave, and he doesn't know what happened after that.

Jack: Okay, but why was Lily upset? If she invited Kreeger into your house, why'd she ask him to leave?

Holden: I don't know. I just don't want my son raked over the coals for what happened to his mother.

Jack: Nobody said anything about questioning Luke.

Holden: Yes, but if you bring Kreeger in and he makes a statement about how irrational Luke was, it might make him look responsible.

Jack: So he did threaten you! By pointing the finger at Luke. That's why you want to back off?

Holden: I can't afford to make the wrong move here. How many times do I get to let my son down before I run out of chances with him?

Jack: Holden, you haven't let Luke down.

Holden: I left Lily, I put him and the girls through that. In the meantime, he's drinking, he's acting out, he's scared to tell me that he's gay. And now with Lily -- I said or did something to make him think that I'm pushing him away.

Jack: Okay, Damian was the one who set Luke up with Kreeger. Don't you think Luke has a right to know that?

Holden: Whatever you find out, it's gonna come back to Luke. And we don't need that. I know that he would never do anything hurt his mother. I know that. So why spin my wheels investigating Kreeger and Damian? I just need to concentrate on Luke. I need to get him out of Damian's place, and I need to get him to move back in with me.

Kevin: Hey, good, you're still here.

Luke: Yeah, but don't you have your whole lifeguard thing?

Kevin: In a minute. I wanted to run something by you first.

Luke: Okay.

Kevin: Well, you and Jade broke up, right?

Luke: Um -- yeah.

Kevin: So I was thinking -- I don't know if you'd be even interested. I mean, who knows?

Luke: No, no, no, just say it.

Kevin: Well, you remember my girlfriend, Liv? She's got this friend who thinks you're pretty hot.

Luke: Yeah?

Kevin: So I was thinking since you have wheels and I don't, you know, maybe all of us could go out and hang out sometime.

Luke: Well, the thing is -- you know, since my mom got sick, I really haven't been into the whole dating thing.

Kevin: I'm -- oh, God, I'm sorry, dude. I wasn't -- I wasn't thinking.

Friend: Hey, any way you two lovebirds could break it up?

Kevin: All right, shut up.

Friend: Does Liv know that you've got somebody new?

Kevin: Shut up, trey. All right, look, I -- I gotta bounce. But I'll see you at the pool, all right?

Luke: Absolutely.

Kevin: Okay.

Hospital chaplain: I know that Jennifer and Dusty had hoped their wedding would be a lavish affair with hundreds of guests. I'm sure that would have been a nice wedding, but not necessarily a perfect one. I think we can all agree that nothing is more perfect than Jennifer and Dusty's decision not to allow even the most extraordinary circumstances to stand in love's way. Jennifer, are you feeling well enough to say a few words?

Jennifer: Dusty, you were with me when Johnny was born, and I don't think there was ever a more reluctant midwife. You brought Johnny into this world. And with him came my love for you. After that night, all I ever wanted was to be with you and my son. And lucky me, I got my wish. I have had everything I ever wanted -- a life that most people dream about -- because of you. I have loved and been loved.

Hospital chaplain: Dusty?

Dusty: I always wanted more. I never thought anyone's love would be enough. But it is. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. I love you more than anything in the world. And I'm never gonna let you go. My boys... are boys.

Vienna: What are you doing?

Mike: Going through this scrapbook Katie made for us. I'm gonna get as many pictures of her as I can. That way, when I get to the dock, I can make copies, I can post them --

Vienna: You really love her. Every time I mentioned the word love to Simon, he just found a way to change the subject. My intuition always told me that there was a woman in his past, a woman he loved so much that he could never get over, and now I know who it is. It was Katie. He's still in love with Katie.

Mike: Wake up. Simon doesn't love anybody. He talks a big game. But when it comes down to it, he doesn't care about anybody but himself.

Vienna: I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Simon loves Katie with everything he has. And I think -- when I've seen them together -- the way she looks at him, the way she snarls at him. Mike, I think your wife is still in love with him, too.

Simon: There you go. Feel better?

Katie: I thought I would, but I donít. I miss my husband. And I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with my ex-husband.

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, that's such a shame. But you are hungry, right?

Katie: Starving.

Simon: And I do have food.

Katie: Which you won't share with me unless I, what --

Simon: Well, I don't know where to start. I mean, after all, I did jump overboard and save your life.

Katie: I wouldn't have been overboard if you hadn't have been hitting on me in the middle of a typhoon.

Simon: All right, okay, let's just put all that aside. Listen, Katie, I think it's time for you to start to face facts. If we're going to survive this island, we have to work together. I mean, who knows how long we're gonna be here. It could be days, weeks, months.

Katie: Months?

Simon: Who knows? I'm just saying. And I think it's going to be better for both of us if you come to peace with that. Here. You'll feel better once you eat.

Katie: What is that?

Simon: What? Whoa, hey! Katie, where's your wedding ring?

[Katie gasps]

Jennifer: I, Jennifer, take you, Dusty, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death us do part.

Dusty: I, Dusty, take you, Jenny, as my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, to love and to cherish you always.

Hospital chaplain: The rings?

Dusty: I'll go first. Wear this ring forever as a symbol of my love. With it, I wed you, and give you my body, my heart and my soul. Your turn.

Jennifer: With this ring, I wed you. Wear this ring forever as a symbol of my love. I give you my body, my heart, my soul.

Hospital chaplain: You may seal your vows with a kiss.

Jennifer: Thank you all for being here, for making this day possible -- but --

Barbara: I think that the bride and groom need some time together. So everybody, please --

Katie: I know I had it on my finger when we woke up here this morning.

Simon: You sure? I mean, you could've lost it in the ocean.

Katie: No, no, I didnít. I know I didnít. But what could have happened to it? Simon, we have to find it.

Simon: Come on, let's go sit by the fire.

Katie: No, I canít.

Simon: Well, you're not gonna accomplish anything rummaging around in the dirt like this. You'll end up infecting your cuts. Come on, come back over here, relax, eat some food, build up your strength, and then we'll spend all the time we need finding it.

Katie: You don't care about my ring.

Simon: No, I donít. But you do, so I promise we will find it.

Katie: Well, we have plenty of time to look for it. This looks good.

Simon: Thanks.

Katie: They'll find us, right? I mean, the coast guard's probably on its way now. Mike and Vienna must be looking for us.

Simon: Well, Mike's probably looking for us. Vienna? She's probably sipping cocktails with the captain.

Katie: They're gonna find us. I mean, how many islands can there be within surviving distance of that ship?

Simon: Who knows?

Katie: Poor Mike -- he's probably freaking out right now.

Simon: Hey, listen, you know, it could have been a whole lot worse. Right? I mean, we could have been separated at sea. Lost, alone, drowned. Look, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes them to find us -- at least we've got each other.

Holden: The few times that Luke and I have had a chance to talk, something always goes wrong. Either I say the wrong thing, or he takes it the wrong way.

Jack: Yeah, well, you've got the girls to deal with. You're with Lily around the clock. When are you gonna able to grab some one-on-one time with Luke?

Holden: I don't know, but I have to find a way. I can't change what happened. And I don't want to change my son. I just want him back, that's all.

Damian: Was that a friend of yours?

Luke: Who?

Damian: The guy who was teasing you and your other friend about being gay.

Luke: Guys do that all the time.

Damian: They were laughing. So were you.

Luke: Yeah, well, they were just messing around.

Damian: You should talk to them. Tell them you don't like it.

Luke: Oh, come on, Damian. So far, coming out's been the worst mistake I ever made. I mean, you're cool with it. But my mom's in a coma. My dad's so torn up about it that he can't even deal with me. Do you think that the guys I hang with are gonna be cool with me being gay?

Damian: I don't know. And neither do you.

Luke: Oh, come on, you heard them. It's all one big joke. And I'm sorry, I'm not ready to wave my freak flag so they can just stomp all over it. You know, I'm gonna go for a ride in that brand new car you got me. You want to come?

Damian: I'd like that. Let me pay the check, I'll be right there.

Dusty: How do you feel?

Jennifer: Like a woman who is madly in love with her husband. Come here.

Dusty: You're so beautiful.

Jennifer: You have made me so happy -- the happiest I've ever been in my life. But there's something that we need to say. Something we didn't say in our vows.

Dusty: What'd we leave out?

Jennifer: The truth.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Henry: Are you in some kind of trouble?

Maddie: No! No.

Henry: Then why do you want to get out of town?

Dallas: Your mom just stepped out.

Casey: I'm not here to see my mom. What the hell did you do to my girlfriend?

Jennifer: Stop fighting me on this and help me.

Dusty: I don't want to let you go.

Jennifer: I know.

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