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Damian: They still have fireworks at the country club for this holiday?

Luke: Yeah. I didn't know you liked 4th of July so much.

Damian: I love independence and I love fireworks.

Luke: Well, didn't you get to see them in Malta?

Damian: All the time. Every village has a festival for its saint. If I don't get fireworks four times a week, I don't know its summer. Ha ha? Okay, let's play tennis, and then we'll open presents.

Luke: Wait -- presents?

Damian: Yeah.

Luke: You got presents for the 4th of July?

Damian: Why not?

Luke: Well, I didn't get anything for you.

Damian: That's all right. Let's have a good time. That would be presents enough. Come on.

[Knock at the door]

Vienna: I fetched. I never fetch for anyone.

Mike: I'm honored.

Vienna: I figure we're in the same boat. I can't believe I said that, either. But we are. We're in the same boat. If only our partners were, too.

Mike: We're going to find Katie and Simon. [Knock at the door] That's the Captain, he said he has an update for me.

Captain: Morning, Mr. Kasnoff.

Mike: Good morning. Any news about my wife?

Captain: A total of four witnesses now report seeing a woman go overboard on the starboard side of the ship and a man go in after her.

Mike: Why didn't they say anything?

Captain: They did, just as fast as they could with a storm washing over the decks. And we began our search just as quickly.

Mike: But?

Captain: I'm sorry. It now appears your wife and your companion are lost at sea.

Emily: Oh, thank you, Mom, for getting me out of the ward for a little bit.

Susan: I had to get special permission. I can't just leave the E.R. What was so urgent?

Emily: I couldn't stand sitting in my room for another second. Every time I look up, I see somebody walking by. I keep praying its Jennifer. I can't help but hope that she's kept her promise and she's going to talk to Dusty about my hearing.

Susan: Honey, she can't help you now.

Emily: No, look, I know Dusty still hates me, I realize that. But if anybody can convince him to just give me some slack, it's her. I mean -- what? What's going on?

Susan: I'm sorry there hasn't been time to fill you in. Things have changed.

Emily: What?

Susan: Jennifer is in the hospital.

Emily: Why? Is she sick?

Susan: She's not just sick. Jennifer is dying.

Dusty: Hello, my love. You ready for action?

Jennifer: Look at you. I'm ready for our wedding.

Dusty: I've been working on it with a few friends. The final countdown is about to start.

Jennifer: Good. Maybe you could get me a robe or something to wear over this?

Dusty: Your mother's bringing you something beautiful to wear.

Jennifer: Oh. What is it?

Dusty: I haven't seen it yet. But that makes it pretty special, doesn't it? 'Cause the first time I'll see it, it'll be on my beautiful bride.

Will: Dad, hey.

Hal: Son. Gwen, you look very pretty.

Gwen: The dress is okay? I've never been a bridesmaid before, it was hard to pick the right thing.

Hal: I'm sure Jen will love anything you wear.

Will: I told you, she's only picky about her own outfits.

Paul: What's going on here?

Dusty: You have got to back off.

Paul: I want to see my sister.

Dusty: You're not seeing anybody.

Paul: Jennifer wanted to see me yesterday. You can't stop me from seeing her, Dusty. Not now.

Dusty: Watch me.

Meg: We just want to know how she is.

Paul: We saw everybody dressed up. We started to think --

Dusty: You're wrong. She's fine, you hear me? She's going to beat this thing. And she doesn't need anybody around who doesn't believe that. Would you please, Hal? I've got stuff to do.

Hal: Sure.

Paul: For what? This is a public place.

Hal: Not here.

Paul: You can't -- you can't keep me from seeing my sister.

Hal: No, but I can keep you out. This is private.

Paul: What's private? Why is everybody all dressed up?

Hal: Jennifer and Dusty are getting married today.

Dusty: She's got to get strong, you know? We've got to get her through this until we can get her some real treatment.

Will: Uncle Bob said there wasn't any kind of treatment.

Dusty: No, there is. There is treatment, in Texas. Some real cutting edge stuff.

Will: Well, that's fantastic.

Dusty: Yeah. I've got to go talk to Bob about it now. This is important. There's something I gotta ask you to do.

Gwen: I stopped by Kimís to see Johnny this morning.

Jennifer: How is my little man?

Gwen: Here, see for yourself.

Jennifer: Look at him.

Gwen: Yeah, he decided to wear breakfast this morning.

Jennifer: Oh, but his appetite's regular again.

Gwen: Like a champ. His appetite's all back.

Jennifer: Look at him. He kept trying to take the bowl from Kim. He does better if you let him hold the spoon with you. Okay? Remember that.

Gwen: You'll be able to feed him yourself soon.

Jennifer: Remember.

Gwen: Okay.

Jennifer: Look at him wave. Like he's here. Could you tell my dad I want to see him? And then I want some time for you and me.

Gwen: Yeah.

Hal: It's not good for Jennifer to see you.

Paul: You're a doctor now, Hal? Why don't we find a doctor, ask him? Better yet, why don't we ask Jennifer?

Hal: We have.

Paul: Jennifer said that she didn't want me here?

Hal: We made a list of all the people she wanted at her wedding. We made the calls last night. You didn't make the list.

Dusty: I need a best man. My son's too young. Will you do it?

Will: You want me?

Dusty: You know a lot more about marriage than I do.

Will: Yeah, that's kind of weird. I do. You've never been married before.

Dusty: No. Never had a family. Never had a brother.

Will: Well, you do now.

Gwen: Hey, Hal. Jennifer wants to see you.

Meg: Come on, let's go. Come on.

Luke: You got me a car for the 4th of July?

Damian: Every young man should have a convertible for the summer.

Luke: Well, what happens in September?

Damian: We change it to something for winter.

Luke: Damian, this is too much.

Damian: It's only temporary while you're at Fairwinds with me.

Luke: You mean, so I don't notice how my dad can't stand the sight of me?

Damian: No. The house is isolated. I want you to feel free. Independence Day, yes?

Luke: I guess.

Damian: Good. How else would you like to celebrate?

Luke: Well, usually we have a barbeque in the back yard. You know, the whole family. But I guess that's not happening this year. Look, I'm going to go swimming. Thanks for trying.

Captain: The good news is one of the life preserver rings went missing at the same time as your wife. So it's likely ms. Hyatt's companion went in after your wife.

Vienna: That's good news?

Mike: They had a way to survive.

Captain: We've -- based on the times of the report, we've narrowed the search area to this quadrant.

Vienna: It's so blue.

Mike: That's what color they make water on the map.

Vienna: I mean, it's all blue. There's no land nowhere in sight. How are we gonna find them in all that blue?

[Simon coughing]

Katie: Only you.

Simon: Yep.

Katie: Only you would use a disaster to try and hit on me!

Simon: Only you would take me for granted as a pillow.

Katie: Where are we?

Simon: Ashore.

Katie: Where?

Simon: I have no idea.

Katie: You did this, you know.

Simon: Yeah, I did this. You were the one who climbed up on that railing.

Katie: I didn't climb up on the railing. I was trying to get away from you.

Simon: Yeah, on a pitching boat in the middle of a storm. What? The thought of brushing me as you left the deck was so terrible?

Katie: Yes!

Simon: Oh, I'm sorry I make you so nervous.

Katie: Oh! [Katie scoff] That's so -- Simon. You're a disaster.

Simon: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Katie: Everything with you is a disaster.

Simon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. I'm such a natural disaster. [Both sigh] Look, however we got here, we're here, okay? So why don't we just take a look around, see what we've got to work with and figure out a plan.

Katie: Fine. Ow!

Simon: You okay?

Katie: Ah!

Simon: Look, you've got a cramp. Just flex it out.

Katie: Oh, go flex yourself. I can flex my own foot. Let's just go try and find a way off this rock.

Simon: You really should give it a rest.

Katie: We didn't even make it halfway across the island.

Simon: The island's still going to be there once you're not a cripple.

Katie: Let's just make a signal for the rescue boats.

Simon: Good. That's a really good idea. We should do that. After you take a break. [Katie crying] And have a good cry.

Katie: Poor Mike.

Simon: Yeah, poor Mike. Poor Mike's dry and sitting at the breakfast buffet.

Katie: He's probably worried sick about me. He probably jumped in after me.

Simon: Well, that'd be a stupid waste of time, wouldn't it? 'Cause I was the one who jumped in after you and saved you.

Katie: After you put me in danger. You don't get points for saving me after you put me in danger in the first place.

Simon: Ah, where are you going? Wait, wait.

Katie: I'm better off alone.

Simon: Listen. Come on. Just help me gather some firewood and then you can go off to some little bush and sulk to your heart's content. How's that sound? Good?

Katie: Argh!

Simon: Is that a yes?

Dusty: Is that the dress that Jennifer's going to be wearing?

Barbara: Yeah. I just wanted my baby girl to be in something beautiful.

Dusty: Oh, she can't wait to see it.

Gwen: You're shaking.

Dusty: Barbara --

Barbara: I just don't know if I can do this, Dusty.

Dusty: Are you okay?

Jennifer: I'm so glad everybody's here today.

Hal: Oh, we wouldn't be anywhere else.

Jennifer: Did Gwen show you the video she took of Johnny?

Hal: Oh, no, not yet.

Jennifer: Have her show you. I'm so lucky to have him, Daddy.

Hal: He's lucky to have you.

Jennifer: But I'm not the one who saved him. You know, he wouldn't even be with us if it weren't for Emily.

Hal: Honey. Honey, no.

Jennifer: It's true, Dad. She saved my son and I want her here. And I know that it's not fair to ask you, but I can't talk to Mom or Dusty about Emily. So, please.

Dusty: Come on. You're tired and you're anxious. You've got to try to hold it together. Okay? For Jennifer.

Barbara: This is so wrong. We can't just wrap her up in a wedding dress and pretend that everything is all right.

Dusty: It's more than all right. It's what she wants. She wants her wedding now. So we're gonna give her her wedding now. We'll have a bigger one later, the way you wanted it. It's okay.

Barbara: You make sure you say everything you want to say, okay? Don't wait. Don't be sorry.

Dusty: Did you get in touch with the clinic?

Bob: They've reviewed Jennifer's test results and also her history.

Dusty: Good, will they be ready after the wedding?

Bob: Dusty --

Dusty: What is it? Lucinda has a plane on the tarmac. We get a team of nurses and we can fly, Bob.

Bob: Dusty --

Dusty: What do you say?

Bob: They won't take her at the clinic.

Dusty: Why not?

Bob: She's ineligible for treatment.

Dusty: Ineligible?

Bob: Her condition is too advanced. The damage is too severe.

Dusty: Because she left the hospital before she was supposed to. If she waited, she would've gotten the proper treatment soon enough.

Bob: We don't know that.

Dusty: I know that.

Lucy: I'm sorry. Sorry.

Dusty: I know that.

Gwen: Hey, Jen, you needed something?

Jennifer: Yeah. Thanks, Daddy.

Hal: I'll be back.

Lucy: It's like Dusty thinks it's all my fault. I don't know what else I was supposed to do. I tried to keep her here.

Bob: I know. Look, your shift is over. Why don't you go?

Lucy: I'll keep my pager on.

Jennifer: Did I hear Dusty outside?

Gwen: Yeah, he -- he has some things to do.

Jennifer: Oh, good. Do you have anymore discs for this?

Gwen: Yeah, sure. Why?

Jennifer: Can you put a fresh disc in, please? And then turn it on.

Susan: Here you go, Sweetie.

Emily: How does that even happen? Jennifer was a perfectly healthy woman, mom.

Susan: Some viruses are impossible to stop.

Emily: Oh, my God. That poor woman. She wore herself out, looking after Johnny, didn't she?

Susan: I don't know about that but you saved her baby. And she was very grateful for that. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. I know you were counting on her being able to help you.

Emily: For my baby's sake.

Susan: And for your sake.

Emily: No, listen -- whatever happens to me, I bought. But my baby -- I mean, I knew if Jennifer was here, that she would look after my child. She would help. She would see to it.

[Pager beeps]

Susan: I'm sorry, Sweetie.

Emily: It's okay. Go. Just go.

Susan: I'll be up to see you later, okay?

[Emily sobbing]

Emily: We can go now.

Guard: I just got a call. You should wait here.

Emily: Why?

Hal: Thanks. I'll take her from here, Officer.

Emily: What's going on? What, am I going to jail now?

Hal: No, to a wedding. Jennifer's marrying Dusty and she wants you there.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: If anybody's responsible for this, it's Simon. And if he has done anything to hurt her, he'll answer to me.

Simon: Ah, water, fire, don't mix.

Katie: Bite me!

Lucy: I did a terrible thing to someone I love.

Jennifer: Happy birthday, Johnny. I'm not sure, but I hope you remember me. I'm your mommy. And I love you very, very much. It was a year ago that I was on the floor of a cabin screaming my lungs out. And it was all for you, my sweet little man.

Will: Should I go after Dusty?

Barbara: I don't know, honey. I just don't know anything anymore. I don't know how we can do this.

Will: You designed an entire line of clothes and did a fashion show blind. Yeah, Jen told me. No one could tell that you couldn't see. But you pulled it off.

Barbara: I had Paul and Jennifer working with me -- the whole family was together.

Will: And you made it work because it mattered. And it matters now. You can do this. I've seen it before. Be that Mom again.

Jennifer: Happy birthday! Four years old. You must be so big. And I bet you're asking Daddy all kinds of questions -- why is the sky blue? Why do I have to brush my teeth? Sometimes, honey, the answer really is -- just because. I can't believe you're in first grade in a whole brand new school. Just remember, things may seem hard at first, but then, if you keep trying, they get easier. And pretty soon, you'll be so excited to learn. I bet, right now, you think your dad is the most uncool person you know. When I was a teenager, my dad was pretty lame, too. But don't worry, dads learn. And in the meanwhile, you can always turn to your Uncle Will and your Aunt Gwen. They know a thing or two about learning from mistakes and your dad does, too. So don't you give up on him, J.D. Happy 21st birthday, I bet your not letting them call you Johnny anymore, John Dustin Donovan. I wish I could be there for that party. Better not get in too much trouble. I bet your dad is there. Just like he was there the night you were born. When you fit right in his hand. He loved you from that first second. You roped him in for me. And from that moment on, I was the luckiest woman in the world. So don't you ever feel bad for me. 'Cause I had it all. And I wish that kind of love for you, Johnny, in your life. That's all I wish for you. I love you with all my heart.

Gwen: Jen -- is there something I can do?

Jennifer: Make copies. And when you think Dusty is ready, give it to him.

Gwen: I will.

Luke: Hey, Lucy! Over here.

Damian: Hey, Luke was just saying how he wished we had more family around for the holiday.

Lucy: Holiday?

Luke: Does 4th of July ring a bell?

Lucy: Oh, you know, I've been at the hospital non-stop for three days. I didn't know, I'm sorry.

Luke: How is everything there?

Lucy: Your mom's the same.

Luke: Well, is there anything else? I mean, you seem a little upset.

Lucy: It's just another case. I don't want to talk about it and I canít. I have to go.

Damian: Hey, hey, you don't have to entertain us. Let us distract you instead. Give us a chance to make you smile. What do you say?

Mike: Any luck?

Vienna: Daddy said all the satellites are busy looking for bombs or spies.

Mike: Tell me you did not just talk to someone with power to redirect satellites.

Vienna: My car got stolen once. Even without an alarm, he found it. But out here, it's way harder.

Mike: So we have to wait for the captain to organize things?

Vienna: Unless you have a better idea.

Mike: Yeah, I want to turn this boat around and go right back to where Katie went overboard.

Vienna: You should've kept your wife on a leash.

Mike: Donít.

Vienna: Simon shouldn't have been out on that deck. She must've lured him out there.

Mike: You know that's not true. If anybody's responsible for this, it's Simon. And if he has done anything to hurt her, he'll answer to me.

Katie: No, no, no, no, no --

Simon: What?

Katie: You go over there and start your fire. I'm starting my own over here.

Simon: What?

Katie: Two chances we'll be spotted.

Simon: Oh, that's completely dumb, one big fire stands a much better chance of being seen.

Katie: I'm not listening to you.

[missing some of the transcript here, due to the shuttle launch.]

Paul: See you soon. Meg, I going to get a chance to say good-bye, right?

Meg: We'll go back tomorrow.

Paul: What if tomorrow's too late?

Barbara: Can we hide that somehow?

Nurse #1 of course.

Jennifer: Why don't we ask them to move the hospital to the lake, so we get a better view?

Barbara: Don't think I didn't considered it. You look so beautiful. You did a great job with her makeup, Gwen. [Jennifer coughing] Honey, honey, honey -- small sips. Small. Okay? All right? Do you want some more water?

Barbara: Get that woman out of here.

Jennifer: No. Mom, I invited her.

Gwen: Dusty gave Will a list. Are we done in here for a few minutes?

Barbara: Yeah, I think so.

Hal: Honey, you look gorgeous. Let's go help Will and Dusty. Barbara, we need you.

Emily: I am so honored you want me here.

Jennifer: I'm glad you're here.

Emily: But why? Dusty'll hate it.

Jennifer: He'll have to accept it. Like I do. For Johnny.

Emily: How is he?

Jennifer: He's better. Johnny is gonna be fine because of you. All is forgiven.

Emily: I can never make up for what I did to you. And to Dusty.

Jennifer: That's why there has to be forgiveness. I'll make sure Dusty knows that. Hate is wasted energy. And he has a child to raise. Like you will.

Dusty: Who let you out?

Jennifer: Dusty --

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Jennifer: I invited her.

Dusty: Honey --

Jennifer: Please.

Will: Dusty, the florist said this was the whole order?

Dusty: Uh-huh.

Will: Is this everything?

Dusty: Looks great.

Barbara: Set them down over there, honey.

Jennifer: It's perfect.

Bob: Well, how's the beautiful bride?

Jennifer: I'm getting married. I'm so happy.

ob: Well, they say love is the best medicine.

Meg: So, what do you remember most?

Paul: I'm sorry, what? What are you talking about?

Meg: You said you want to remember every single moment of Jen's life. So tell me. What hits you first?

Paul: She said she never wanted to see me again.

Meg: Oh, Paul --

Paul: No, no, no, no -- well, she said that a lot but, it was this time when I took all of her doll's clothes and I hid them and she said, "I never want to see you again." And then I embarrassed her in front of her first boyfriend. And she said, I never -- ever ever want to see you again.

Meg: Until the next day.

Paul: It didn't even last until dinner.

Meg: That's because you're not just Jennifer's annoying brother. You were her protector, too.

Paul: And that's why I can never listen to her, you know? I'm idiot enough to think that, okay, maybe it'll take a week -- it'll take a month, six months tops but there's not way that I can't make things right with her. And she's going. And, Meg, if she dies hating me, I will never, ever be okay.

Dusty: You're a beautiful bride, Jen.

Jennifer: Are you nervous?

Dusty: First time.

Jennifer: Promise me it won't be your last.

Dusty: No, we're gonna have to do it again in front of the entire town for your mother. I'll marry you everyday if you want.

Will: Dusty? Do you want me to get the chaplain?

Dusty: He's on his way, buddy.

Jennifer: Somebody's missing.

Dusty: Kim's on her way with our boy right now.

Jennifer: Somebody else is missing. Where's Paul?

Lucy: Now this man I loved hates me. He thinks I hurt his fiancť.

Damian: He thinks you would do this on purpose?

Lucy: Well, not exactly, I mean, he thinks I didn't try hard enough to keep her at the hospital.

Damian: Come on, that's absurd.

Lucy: He honestly believes that if he -- he could've controlled the whole situation if he'd only known.

Damian: Hey, listen, you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't make this woman sick, you tried to keep her in the hospital until she got better. If she didn't listen, how can that be your fault?

Lucy: That's what I thought. But it's all gone so wrong. I mean, she's going to die, Damian. And I can't do anything now. I'll always feel like I did something unforgivable.

Mike: Go away, Vienna!

Captain: It's Captain Dunn.

Vienna: And Vienna.

Captain: This concerns her, too.

Vienna: They found something.

Captain: Recognize that clothing?

Mike: That's Katieís.

Simon: What do you think about cracked lobster for dinner, Katie? Sounds good, right? No need to suffer while we wait. Katie?

Katie: Come on, come on. Mama needs a fire. Oh, yes. Yes! Come on! Yes!

Simon: Ah, water, fire, don't mix.

Katie: Bite me!

Simon: Is that an offer?

Katie: What do you think?

Simon: You don't want to know what I think. Look, would you just come over, please?

Katie: Simon, if you were my last way to the civilized world, I would rather be stranded alone!

On the next -- "As the World Turns" --

Katie: Do you want to be my friend? Do you want me to like you just a little bit?

Simon: Are you making me an offer?

Katie: I'm begging you, get me off this God-forsaken island.

Vienna: Don't you understand?

Mike: What? Search for them on our own?

Vienna: No, make the best out of a bad situation.

Holden: This is not about Kreeger. It's not about Damian.

Jack: Well, what is this about then, Holden?

Holden: Luke.

Dusty: You better get going, we don't have all day.

Paul: You want me to come to the wedding?

Dusty: It's what Jenny wants.

Jennifer: I have to stay awake so I can marry Dusty.

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