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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/16/06

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Katie: You're staying?

Mike: Of course I am. I was looking for a belt or something. Cause somebody forgot to pack my suspenders.

Katie: Ohh -- sorry about that. I know how much you hate dressing up.

Mike: I'll wear anything for you. Though I may lose the pants.

Katie: Fine by me. Maybe we should stay inside.

Mike: Okay.

Katie: I'm just so happy that you're here.

Mike: Of course I am.

Katie: Have some more champagne?

Mike: Brilliant.

Katie: This really is the best thing, Mike. Putting as much distance as we can between Oakdale and us. Mike!

Jack: You sounded urgent on the phone. What's up?

Holden: Damian Grimaldi is back.

Jack: You're kidding.

Holden: Wish I was. He conveniently showed up while I was out of town. Things between Lily and Luke are bad enough, and now that he's here I think they could get worse.

Lily: What do you mean, it's too late? You haven't sent Luke off to this bogus leadership program, or whatever your friend Kreeger is calling it. We could still go back. We still have time to stop this.

Damian: But Ross Kreeger is over at the house now. He's probably convinced Luke already.

Lily: Well, we can unconvince him. Once he finds out -- Luke finds out what this place is really all about, he's not gonna want to go.

Damian: It's a camp, Lily! It's hiking --

Lily: Have you listened to anything that I've said. The brochures, the literature -- it's all propaganda. Ross Kreeger is a deprogrammer. He brainwashes kids into thinking they're not gay.

Damian: Nobody could do that, Lily.

Lily: No, they can't, they're not going to do it to our son because I'm not going to let it happen.

Damian: But you want -- you want Luke to come to his senses. You've said as much to me, so don't try to deny it now, Lily. You want our son to be straight.

Ross: We have to leave tonight, Luke, or you'll lose your place. There's lots of other kids who want to be there. I don't want you to miss out. We'll call your dad from the road. He'll understand.

Luke: You think?

Ross: Yeah, he'll be glad you took the initiative.

Luke: To what? To have you guys get to work on me? Cause that's what you said. That you wanted to get to work on me. What is this? Some sort of scared straight thing?

Ross: I don't know what that is.

Luke: Oh, take a wild guess.

Ross: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Luke: Okay. I'm gay, Mr. Kreeger. As I'm sure you already knew.

Ross: No. I didnít.

Emma: Hey, stranger.

Meg: Hey, Mama! I've been staying at Paulís. Did you get my message on the machine?

Emma: Yeah, I got it. So, you're back. What happened? Did he kick you out or did you just come to your senses?

Paul: Well, neither -- yet. She's still madly in love with me. You know, I've given her a million reasons to run away.

Emma: Isn't that charming? I'm afraid the time is long gone since you could charm me, Paul Ryan.

Meg: Mama --

Emma: Not too long ago you were in my kitchen crying your eyes out over this man. What's changed?

Meg: Well, we have a baby to consider now. Paul's baby.

Paul: We're going to raise it together.

Emma: I see -- well, how does Emily feel about that?

Paul: Well, she's agreed. Which has made things easier. But either way, she's going to be locked up for a long time, so Emily's not an issue.

Emma: No, she's not an issue, she's a person. And you haven't answered my question.

Emily: You're okay, sweetie. You did great.

Jennifer: How did it go? Are you in any pain?

Emily: No, not really. But the baby's okay, that's all that matters. How's Johnny?

Jennifer: He won't wake up. The doctor's let me hold him for a little while and he tried to open his eyes --

Dusty: He's hanging on.

Jennifer: Yeah, he's hanging on.

Jennifer: Uncle Bob --

Dusty: What is it?

Bob: The stem cells from Emily's fetus are an ideal match for Johnny.

Jennifer: Oh, thank God.

Dusty: He's going to make it.

Susan: Emily, have you spoken to Dr. Schiller about this?

Emily: Yeah.

Susan: Did you tell them? Emily is very sorry. But she can't do this. Her doctor strongly advises against it.

Emily: No, Mom, I know the risks.

Susan: Emily, please, don't do this. You know you can't do this. Don't take this chance. It's very brave of you to want to donate the stem cells, but I think we've all jumped the gun here. This stuff is very experimental. I've been trying to explain to Emily that most of this work hasn't even been approved outside of clinical trials.

Bob: It can be done. Susan, it can be done as part of a study. Of course, the physician who's running the studies would have to be present for the treatment. It would take a lot of paperwork, and waivers and I have to get a clearance from the hospital board.

Dusty: How long does that take?

Bob: Well, this is an emergency, I think with a conference call we could do it tonight.

Dusty: That's great.

Susan: Wait a second! This isn't settled.

Emily: Yes it is.

Bob: Well, listen I'll start the ball rolling. And we'll be ready either way.

Emily: Bob, I've decided.

Susan: Can I see you two outside?

Emily: No, Mother, whatever you have to say, say it in front of me.

Susan: Do you hear her? Do you know what she's trying to do? She's trying to earn the right to be in the room. To be treated like a human being. But her baby could die. Bottom line, that's the risk she's taking. She could sacrifice her baby to buy your forgiveness. Now is that what you want?

Dusty: We want our son to live.

Susan: So do I. And if this weren't so experimental, maybe I would feel differently. But, there are no guarantees. What if it doesn't work?

Jennifer: Susan this could be his only hope.

Susan: But, what if Emily's baby dies and Johnny still isn't cured? That's a very real possibility here. Everybody loses. And Emily has to live with the fact that she gave up her baby's life for nothing.

Emily: Mom --

Susan: Emily, you don't have to do this. You've got a choice here. You can change your mind.

Dusty: Emily.

Emily: Just go -- will you all just please go! Please!

Paul: You want me to tell you how Emily feels about Meg and I raising her baby?

Meg: Mama, that's not fair.

Emma: I'm sure that is just the way Emily feels.

Paul: I can't answer that question. Look, I'm sure part of her hates it. Iím sure she's sad, I'm sure she's angry. But she knows that this is the way it has to be. She's accepted it.

Emma: Oh, I see. I see. Well, I have chores.

Paul: Listen, hold on -- please, I know that you're worried about Meg.

Emma: And I bet you know why. Standing right here, in this barn.

Meg: Yes, and he's willing to stand here and beg you for a chance, so the least you can do --

Emma: What I'm trying to say, my sweetheart, is that he's no stranger to this farm. He knows his way around this farm, don't you Paul?

Paul: Yes, I do.

Emma: Yes, he does. I mean, after all he spent an awful lot of time here, trying to convince Rosanna Cabot that you loved her.

Paul: Yes, I did.

Meg: Mama, that's cruel.

Emma: Not quite.

Paul: Look, you've seen my mistakes first hand. And I only hope that you're here to see me get it right. Because I've learned. Meg and I, would love your blessing. It means a lot to both of us.

Meg: Just give us a chance. Or at least a break. For once, can you do that?

Paul: All right, look, I know that you mortgaged the farm to help pay Meg's legal bills. And I know that you wouldn't take it when she tried to pay you back. And all of that trouble is because of me. Please -- Emma take this and pay back the mortgage.

Emma: You think you can buy me off? Oh, my dear, dear man. You just think again.

Katie: Are you sure you can --

Mike: Yeah, I got it. To us.

Katie: To us. How's the eye?

Mike: I don't know. How's it look?

Katie: Better.

Mike: I look all right?

Katie: You look hot.

Mike: So do you.

Katie: What was that?

Mike: Fireworks, I guess.

Katie: Pretty, huh?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: It's like a new start. Just for us. You and me baby. You are smooth tonight!

Mike: You like that?

Katie: What is going to go wrong now?

Jack: Damian says there's no danger now.

Holden: He says a lot of things.

Jack: How long's he staying?

Holden: Good question. First he shows up, says he's only passing through. Next thing you know, he's renting Fairwinds on a long-term lease.

Jack: Oh, brother.

Holden: Yeah, what if he's back because something started, in Malta?

Jack: He'd be a fool to come back here then. What reason did he give you for coming back?

Holden: He didn't say anything. He just showed up with a signet ring and a lot of talk about Luke's birthright.

Jack: I thought he'd given up on that whole family dynasty thing?

Holden: Yeah, we thought too. But then -- if it's not that, then what is it? Because he certainly didn't show up just to say hello.

Jack: Okay, I still have my contact at Interpol from the last time around with this clown. If he's in trouble in Europe, this guy will know about it.

Holden: It's kind of late over in Europe, isn't it? If you want to give him a call --

Jack: Sit tight. I'll be right back.

Ross: So -- you're gay?

Luke: Yeah. Do you still want me at your camp?

Ross: Why wouldn't I?

Luke: No reason, especially since it's your job is to brainwash me into being straight.

Ross: Nobody can make you into something you're not.

Luke: No, they canít.

Ross: You don't trust me.

Luke: No I donít.

Ross: You can't trust me, because you don't trust yourself. That's what we want to help you with, Luke. Trusting yourself. That's what your mother wants for you too.

Luke: Does my mother know what you do at this program of yours?

Ross: Of course she does, Luke. She understands that we can help you. There's nothing sinister here, son. We're giving you a chance to find yourself. That's exactly why your mother wants you to join us.

Lily: I want our son to be happy with who he is.

Damian: Which is a very confused young man who's blaming that confusion on being gay. But he's not gay.

Lily: You're so sure of that.

Damian: So are you, Lily.

Lily: It is possible. It is also possible that Luke is gay. You're missing my point. That this Kreeger foundation -- what they're all really about. Damian --

Damian: They're good people, Lily.

Lily: You knew.

Damian: Knew what?

Lily: You knew. You knew what Ross Kreeger had planned all along.

Damian: He wants to help.

Lily: He wants to change Luke.

Damian: Yes. He wants to take away the confusion. Which could be painful at first. Maybe Luke will even resent us for a while. But once he's better, it'll all be worth it. Listen, Cara. He'll find a girl, we'll have a wedding, you'll have grandchildren. Isn't that what you always wanted for your son?

Lily: Yes, yes.

Damian: That's what he wants too.

Lily: No, you don't -- we don't know that.

Damian: It would be one thing if it were just a rebellion, just a kid saying things to upset his parents as a way to assert his independence. But if he takes action, Lily, he could do something he could never take back.

Lily: Like what? Falling in love with a boy?

Damian: It wouldn't have to be love, Lily. You know how they are, how it could happen.

Lily: Oh my God. Did I sound like that to my son?

Damian: What?

Lily: Like you. So wrong.

Damian: Lily, our son needs -

Lily: Don't tell me what our son needs. Our son doesn't need to change. But I do. I listen to what you're saying and I think how Luke must feel. To have a parent stand in front of him and judge him.

Damian: We're not judging --

Lily: Judging him. Rejecting him. Sending him off to some place to be remodeled into something more conventional, more familiar, more -- oh my God, how could I have been so blind.

Damian: Be careful, Lily. Your baby.

Lily: As mad as my mother used to get at me, as many times as I disappointed her, she never ever judged me. The world was less than perfect, but I was always perfect. She never looked at me like -- I have to go.

Damian: Lily, wait.

Lily: No! I'm going back to my house, I'm gonna kick Ross Kreeger out and apologize to my son. And to my husband.

Damian: You think that's going to be enough? We went behind Holdenís back, Lily. He's never going to understand. Unless you let Luke go, and then let him come back as he's meant to be.

Jack: I made a few calls. My contact at Interpol, and then some follow-up, just to make sure.

Holden: So, what's Damian up to?

Jack: Nothing, according to these guys. Apparently Damianís kept his nose clean the last couple of years. I can't even bust him on a traffic ticket if I wanted to.

Holden: So that means he can stay in town indefinitely?

Jack: Legally, yeah. How's Lily handling it?

Holden: She's okay. Better than okay. Damian's her new ally.

Jack: With what?

Holden: They both think Luke's going through this phase that he can be talked out of.

Jack: What phase are ya -- is that what you were worried about before? This -- phase?

Holden: Yeah, it turns out that Luke is gay.

Jack: Okay.

Holden: And she's having a hard time adjusting to it. She refuses to believe it.

Jack: That's not good.

Holden: No, it's not. And now Damianís here and by agreeing with her, it's just making it that much harder for her to come to terms with reality. It's not a healthy situation, Jack, and I think that Luke is the one who's going to really suffer here.

Ross: Your mother said you'd been very unhappy these past few months.

Luke: But that was before. When I was lying about who I was. Now everything --

Ross: Now what? You're happy?

Luke: Yes! Everything's fine.

Ross: Things are good at home?

Luke: They will be.

Ross: What do your friends think? Do you even tell your friends?

Luke: I've told some.

Ross: Why not tell everybody? If hiding is the problem, Luke, why are you still hiding? Because you know, don't you? You know that being gay means being rejected, misunderstood, alienated. Is that the kind of life you want, Luke?

Luke: It doesn't have to be.

Ross: Well, it is for you, isn't it?

Luke: No.

Ross: Not yet. As long as you don't tell, you can pretend it won't change anything with your friends. Luke, you can fit in. Don't you want to like yourself? That's all your mother wants for you too.

Luke: Get out.

Ross: Excuse me?

Luke: Get out of my house! Or I will call the cops. And have you thrown out!

Ross: Well, you can't have me thrown out, Luke. Your mother invited me here. You're a minor, she entrusted you to my care. There's nothing the police can do about that.

Meg: I told she wouldn't take it.

Paul: Emma, please, it's only fair.

Emma: I'll tell you what I told my daughter, Meg here, when she offered me that money. I don't need it and I don't want it.

Meg: Why are you being so spiteful when I'm finally happy!

Emma: Oh -- you're happy?

Meg: I was until I came here. Paul loves me. And yes, I am happy.

Emma: Well, I see the last time I heard that, it was Dusty. When you were happy and in love forever.

Meg: Well, he loved somebody else. Can't you see that's different, Mama? Paul's not waiting or wishing for anybody else. It's me. Finally. I'm the one.

Emma: Yes, well that's the way it should always be. You should be the one!

Meg: That's right! I didn't settle this time. And I know things aren't perfect but it's real. We're going to raise his child. And I'll be a mom. And you can be the baby's grandma. Please, this child needs you. We need you. Just be happy for me.

Emma: I see -- if you say you're happy -- I'll try and be happy for you, but please don't ask me to forget what I know about this man.

Meg: Can you at least leave some room to get to know him a little bit more?

Emma: Look, you two finish up out here and you just call me when you're finished because -- I didn't milk Cher today and I have to milk her before I go to bed.

Paul: There's a cow? Named Cher?

Meg: Yeah, a mean old heifer.

Paul: There's a joke in there somewhere. I just can't think of any. That was pretty intense with you and your mom.

Meg: Yeah, she and I could go at it pretty good. Even before you came around.

Paul: Right, but now it's even more special.

Meg: Oh yeah.

Paul: I'll get her on our side.

Meg: I'm used to her disapproval.

Paul: Forget you, then, I'll get her on my side. Because I know the other options for this baby in the grandmother department. I'll win her over.

Meg: You think so?

Paul: I know so. I'll do whatever I have to.

Meg: Umm -- I hope you mean that.

Emily: I don't want to lose this baby.

Susan: No, you donít. You need to rest. This decision can wait a little bit. Just clear your mind. Be sure.

Jennifer: If Emily doesn't go through with this I don't know what we're going to do.

Dusty: She will.

Jennifer: We can't force her.

Dusty: We won't have to. She'll do the right thing.

Jennifer: I want to get back to Johnny.

Dusty: Okay, I'll wait here for Emily.

Jennifer: Dr. Lake said that he would look for other donors. You'll ask? In case --

Dusty: I will. I'm going to come back with a solution. Our boy's going to make it.

Susan: Emily is resting.

Dusty: I think you scared her? When she was ready to say yes.

Susan: She hadn't thought about the consequences if this all goes wrong.

Dusty: She's saying no, now?

Susan: She's thinking about it. [Pager beeping] Leave her alone, Dusty.

Dusty: I'll be with my son. Someone will call -- when she decides?

Susan: I'm sure they will.

Dusty: Did you do it on purpose? Did you put hope up in front of us and then yank it away? You want me to jump around some more for ya? Cause I'll do it. Name your price.

Emily: I'm so sorry for what I did to you --

Dusty: Prove it. Tell me, what's it going to take for you to say yes. Cause I'll do anything to save my son.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns"--

Luke: They told me that you wanted to fix me!

Lily: No! Please, Luke just come down here.

Dusty: He'll hang on.

Katie: Who's there?

[Knocking on door]

Waiter: A very special meal, prepared especially for Mrs. Nancy Hughes.

Katie: She ordered this?

Waiter: Mais oui. Shall I present?

Mike: Sure, why not.

Katie: Yes, please present.

Waiter: Voila!

Mike: Oatmeal?

Katie: They did not talk to Nancy Hughes or they would know better. Yuck. Mike, I'm sorry.

[Louie, Louie playing]

Mike: What. Food fight.

Katie: No!

Mike: Hey, hey -- I'm kidding.

Katie: I just -- I just wanted everything to be perfect!

Mike: Angel, everything is perfect. It's absolutely perfect.

Jack: Damian thinks he can talk Luke out of being who he is?

Holden: Probably. He thinks that it's some kind of random choice. Or that I fell down on the job and that I'm the reason Luke turned gay.

Jack: He actually said that?

Holden: Not in so many words. But the way he sees it, Luke's unhappy and confused because I was a bad father.

Jack: What a complete moron. I would've punched him.

Holden: I did.

Jack: Good, good for you! Because you know that's a load of garbage, right? About being the kind of father that you are.

Holden: Yeah, well I know now. It took me a while.

Jack: Well, Luke knows that you accept this, right?

Holden: Yeah, he does. I just wish I'd gotten it sooner. And I wish that I could help Lily.

Jack: What did it for you?

Holden: She did. When Luke told her, hearing her say some of the words that I thought, hearing them come out of her mouth -- it was like I got how wrong it was. And that's when I knew that it was important for me to be there for my son.

Lily: You still can't hear yourself? Luke does not need to be fixed. Now, I have to stop this and I don't care if Holden gets mad at me.

Damian: So you don't care if you create even more stress in your house? Luke already feels like he's the cause of all your troubles, you know.

Lily: But he's not. And I'll make that very clear to him. Don't worry.

Damian: Wait, Lily, wait. What if Luke already decided to go with Ross Kreeger?

Lily: Then I will forbid it. I love our son. And I'll accept him for who he is. But if you can't do that, then I'll make sure you never see him again. Now please let me go.

Luke: So, what? This is like some sort of sick, gay intervention which I can't do anything about because I'm not 18 yet?

Ross: Why do you want to turn this into a war, son?

Luke: Okay, don't call me son. I have a father. A real father, who accepts me.

Ross: Would it help if you talked to one of our recent graduates?

Luke: What?

Ross: There's a guy here with me now. He went through the program. He's come back this year as a counselor. Should I bring him in?

Luke: So, what is he like the muscle?

Ross: That's not how we do things. Luke, its camp. Come hang out with us. Go canoeing, go horseback-riding. How bad could it be?

Luke: Well, I guess, I don't have any choice. Do I?

Ross: You are already enrolled. Why not make the best of it?

Luke: Okay, let me just go upstairs and back some of my stuff, okay?

Meg: You know, milking Cher is Mama's worst chore for the summer. So, you get this down and you're not going to be just a tourist in her barn.

Paul: Okay. You gotta tell me how to -- come at it.

Meg: Well, I wouldn't stand back there, you're right in the line of fire. So -- just come over this way.

Paul: That's helpful.

Meg: Okay, just take it slow. Okay, not so eager.

Paul: I thought you liked that.

Meg: Well, you're dealing with Cher now. She takes hard to get to a whole new level. So first we have to wash her teats.

Paul: Okay, you know, I always said I'd do anything for you. Now I know what that means.

Dusty: Although everyone wants to forget. You and I both know that you almost killed me. And no amount of crying or "I'm sorrys" is going to let us forget. You know what I mean? There's one thing you can do for me. Give me my son's life.

Emily: Would that be enough to make you forget?

Dusty: Yes.

Emily: You're lying. I know there's nothing I could do to take away those scars.

Dusty: There's one thing you could do. I'm telling ya. I'll never ask you for anything but this.

Emily: What if my mom's right? What if I'm sacrificing my own child just to make myself feel better? What does that make me?

Dusty: It makes you a woman who had a tough choice, but did the right thing. To make your kid proud. That's what you said you wanted. It's not about who forgives us.

Emily: No, it isnít. It's about helping Johnny.

Dusty: I want you to have faith that god's going to take care of you and the baby.

Emily: I will.

Dusty: Yeah?

Emily: Yeah. I'll do it.

Dusty: Okay. I'm going to tell Jennifer. I want you to be sure. Promise me you're sure.

Emily: I'm sure. Go tell Jennifer. I'll have Bob paged.

Dusty: Thank you.

Emily: Okay, baby this is it. You've always been my little miracle. Now you get to be a miracle for somebody else. Your cousin Johnny. All you have to do is hang in there. That's all you have to do.

Paul: That's milk!

Meg: Yup!

Paul: I did that because I'm the master. I am the farmer in the dell.

Meg: Yeah. What's this?

Paul: I did a lot there I need a little break.

Meg: Well, I think Cherís gonna get jealous.

Paul: Well, that's not my problem.

Meg: Mama, look, Paul got Cher to cooperate, can you believe it?

Emma: Fine, fine, that's good. Look, Paul, I just had some news from Kim Hughes.

Paul: What?

Emma: It's Johnny. He's sick. There's a chance he might not be able to make it through the night.

Susan: Let me check that protocol.

Nurse: All of her doctors checked it twice.

Emily: But see, now, I'll know its right.

Susan: Don't do that. Don't take care of me.

Emily: Hey, it's a nice change for me.

Susan: Listen, I need to hear you say it one more time. Are you absolutely sure?

Emily: I am. And for all the right reasons, Mom.

Susan: Tell Lake and Russo I'm scrubbing in to observe.

Emily: Whoa, that's service?

Susan: I'll do everything I can to make sure our baby survives. Okay?

Bob: The procedure doesn't take very long, so you might as well wait here.

Jennifer: Emily, I can't -- I'll never forget this.

Dusty: Neither will I.

Emily: Just tell Johnny to hang in there.

Dusty: You hang on, Red.

[Cell phone rings]

Holden: Hello.

Luke: Dad, its Luke.

Holden: Luke, why are you whispering?

Luke: I need some help. Can you come home?

Ross: Everything okay up there?

Holden: Luke, what's going on?

Luke: Just get here fast. Please. Yeah, I'll be right down.

Lily: Luke, where are you?

Ross: Mrs. Snyder, we were just getting ready to go.

Lily: Go where? Where's Luke?

Ross: He's upstairs packing.

Lily: Get out.

Ross: I'll be outside in the van. All he needs is a little encouragement --

Lily: I want you off of my property.

Ross: But the boy's father has made it very clear --

Lily: Damian is not Luke's father. Holden Snyder is his father. And he loves Luke the way he is, and so do I! Now, get the hell out of my house! Now!

Ross: This is a mistake.

Lily: Yeah, you're a mistake!

Luke: Mr. Kreeger?

Lily: Luke, he's gone. Luke, I'm so sorry, I had no idea. I had no idea. I didn't understand -- could you just come down here --

Luke: Yeah, right. Yeah, right. I come down and then what? Your new counselor comes and grabs me?

Lily: What?

Luke: This is just a trick to get me in that stupid van.

Lily: No, I wouldn't do that --

Luke: They told me that you wanted to fix me!

Lily: No! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I made a horrible mistake. Please, Luke, just come down here! Please!

Katie: Least our deejay's next door have good taste in music.

Mike: That was the best part of the cruise so far.

Katie: That is the best part. That smile. You're back.

Mike: I'm sorry I was gone.

Katie: Never to the point of no return. I would never let you go. You know that, right?

Mike: I know it. And I feel it.

[Door knocking]

Katie: Is that ours?

Mike: Yeah.

Mike: Hey, what you do want?

Katie: Who's there?

Mike: For the last time, what do you want?

Vienna: It's me baby.

Mike: I think you have the wrong room.

Vienna: What a pity.

Katie: Not really. Do we need to get you a porter or something?

Vienna: No, no need. Must be the other side of the hall. There it is. I'll see you around.

Katie: She wishes. Strange women throwing themselves at you. Things are back to normal.

Mike: A little jealous?

Katie: Should I be?

Vienna: I'm back with supplies.

Simon: Perfect.

Susan: Hey!

Nurse: Oh, she's coming around.

Susan: It's Mom, open your eyes. Come on. Emily, it's over.

Emily: My baby?

Susan: Is fine. You both did a great job.

Jennifer: Hi, they're prepping Johnny right now for his surgery and then -- we'll go when they're ready.

Dusty: Bob says everything went well.

Jennifer: Emily, you gave my son the best chance he could get.

Emily: I'm glad, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Dusty: And you're gonna give your baby a brand new start in life.

Susan: They both have to rest now.

Jennifer: Of course.

Emily: Let me know how it goes, okay? Tell me about Johnny.

Dusty: We will.

Paul: We heard about Johnny.

Meg: Yeah, how is he? Mama said it was serious but she didn't know the diagnosis. Is there's anything you need --

Jennifer: A few hours ago, that was a pretty big list. But I think -- it looks like he's going to be better.

Dusty: Yeah, the odds are pretty good he's going to make it.

Paul: Make it?

Jennifer: Yes, it was that bad. But now, hopefully Johnny will survive. Thanks to Emily.

Holden: I'm out of here.

Jack: Wait, you want backup?

Holden: I don't think so.

Jack: You think it's something with Damian?

Holden: Probably. If it is, I'll handle it. If not?

Jack: You call me. I got my cell.

Holden: All right, see ya.

Jack: Okay.

Luke: Stay there!

Lily: Luke, I just threw that creep out of here.

Luke: Yeah, so then he's waiting for me out on the driveway.

Lily: No!

Luke: He told me you'd signed me in.

Lily: No, no, no! He was supposed to talk to you. I never would've let this happen!

Luke: What do you think? He said that you wanted them to work on me! What do you think! Do you honestly think that I can be scared straight or --

Lily: No, no I don't want that for you at all!

Luke: No, no! Stay away! Mom!

[Lily falls down the stairs]

Damian: Lily!

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" 

Vienna: Boy, do I need you.

Dusty: I know your games. I know your games!

Jennifer: Please, don't talk to her like this, okay, after everything that she's done --

Paul: Jennifer, listen to Dusty, he's completely right about Emily.

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