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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/12/06

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[Cheers and applause]

Maddie: Encore.

Gwen: No, thanks. That was bad enough.

Maddie: Oh, whatever. They loved you. You were great.

Gwen: I'm just -- I'm glad it's over. You know, Will was supposed to be here --

Casey: Now hold on, he had a rough day. Let's cut him some slack.

Gwen: That's just it -- I didnít. I was so -- I was so mad at him.

Maddie: It's okay. You have every right to be mad at him, Gwen. Casey was just saying that -- wait, what were you saying?

Casey: I was saying that Will's a guy. You know, he got drunk -- it happens. He'll sleep it off and he'll wake up tomorrow feeling like dirt and know that he owes you an apology.

Gwen: No, you should've seen his face. He was so hurt and I just walked away. And now he's all alone and feeling bad about himself. I mean, how could I do that? How could I take a situation that was terrible and make it even worse?

Bob: What is it?

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't know. He just seems -- he's really hot. And he kind of seems listless, you know? He's looking at me, but he's not really focusing. Hey, honey.

Dusty: Is he okay?

Bob: I don't know. Let's get him to the hospital and find out what's going on.

Jennifer: I've never seen him like this before.

Bob: Yes, this is Dr. Hughes. I'm at the groves country club. I need an ambulance right away.

Jennifer: An ambulance? Why don't we just take him ourselves?

Kim: Bob's just not gonna take any chances with this boy. I'm gonna go talk to the parking valet -- have him clear the front drive.

Barbara: Hey, honey. Are you okay?

Jennifer: I don't understand. He was fine just a minute ago. How could he get sick so fast?

Barbara: He is a little warm.

Bob: I've arranged for him to be taken directly to the pediatric ICU.

Jennifer: Intensive care? Why -- is that really necessary?

Dusty: Yes, don't worry, honey. We're lucky to have Bob with us. Whatever's going on, we'll get it taken care of, okay?

Kim: Okay, I talked to the staff. They're gonna give us a heads up when the ambulance gets here.

Jennifer: Okay, all this is just precautionary, right?

Bob: Well, let's put it this way, if he were a couple of years older, he could tell us what's wrong and he can't do that. So this is the best way to get to the bottom of things, right? Try not to worry.

Paul: Here.

Meg: Paul, what are you doing?

Paul: I am sick of this. I am sick of everything. I am sick of you holding this surgical consent form over my head. If you want to sign it, you sign it! Come on, Emily, let's just get this over with! Go ahead, say good-bye to your child.

Emily: Be careful what you ask for. You might get what you want.

Meg: Paul, don't --

Paul: I can't have her holding strings over our heads anymore, okay? It's not fair to me, it's not fair to you, it's not fair to this baby. I have done everything I can to reassure her about this baby. But she doesn't care about this child. All you care about is sticking it to me! Well, that's enough! I've had enough! Go ahead, sign the paper! You know what? I don't even care anymore. Come on. Let's go.

Emily: Fine -- fine, if that's what you want. [Emily sobbing] I can't do it. I can't sign away my baby's life. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone. You win.

Paul: You did the right thing. This is what's best for everybody -- you and me and especially this baby. And you know what? I'm glad we're finally being honest with each other. I know that this is not an ideal situation. But, Emily, we have to make the best of what we've got.

Emily: No, no, you are -- you're making the best of it. I don't have a choice.

Paul: You had a choice. You had a choice and you just made your choice, Emily. All right? We both know that you go what you wanted, all right? You love this baby already, I know you do.

Meg: I'm going to get her a glass of water.

Paul: All right, look, you know what? I'm gonna talk to Jessica and I'm gonna have her draw up papers, okay? You and I should settle this custody battle before this baby is even born. And I know what a huge sacrifice this is. You need to know that Meg and I will devote the rest of our lives to making sure that this little boy or this little girl is happy.

Emily: You always manage to come out on top. How do you do that?

Paul: This isn't about me, Emily, this is about the child getting the life that the child deserves. [Paul sighs] Look, Meg and I are gonna make sure that you and the baby get whatever you need.

Emily: You don't need to take care of me or my baby, and it is still my baby until the day it is born. So why don't you and your girlfriend go find someone else to torture?

Casey: This isn't your fault, this is Will's fault. He's the one who bought the paper and cheated on the test.

Gwen: No, it's not -- I'm not blaming myself for what Will did or how I felt. But it's how I handled it. I don't even remember what I said, but it couldn't have been good because all of sudden words were coming out of our mouths that were really hurting each other. And now he's out there feeling like I don't love him and that's the story of his life. And now I've gone and done the same thing.

Maddie: So call him and tell him that.

Casey: Guaranteed, he'll come running.

Gwen: I don't know.

Casey: I do. His phone rings and he hears your voice, he'll be there.

Maddie: Yeah, and if he still sounds drunk, tell him you love him and you'll call him tomorrow.

Gwen: Okay.

Jade: Was it -- was it okay? It seemed okay to me.

Will: Yeah, it was fine.

Jade: Are you mad at me?

Will: No, why would I be mad at you?

Jade: I don't know, you seem unhappy.

Will: Well, I just cheated on my wife, Jade. How am I supposed to feel? I'm sorry. It's not your fault.

Jade: It's no big deal, okay? You were drunk. You needed a friend, and I was here.

Will: I just trashed my vows to my wife. I'm married! It's a very big deal.

Jade: People mess up like this all the time. Guys cheat on their wives all the time.

Will: That's not the way we are.

Jade: Here we go.

Will: What?

Jade: Mr. and Mrs. Perfect.

Will: Hardly.

Jade: But that's the way that you expect it to be. I hate to break it to you, Will, but you're a normal guy. You make mistakes just like everybody else and you have problems just like everybody else.

Will: Yeah, like flunking out?

Jade: You don't care about flunking out. You're just upset because you let people down. That's your problem, you're too concerned about what everybody else thinks and what everybody else wants. But you need to figure out what you want and go for it.

Will: I want my wife back.

Jade: Okay. Well, get yourself presentable and I'll drive you back to the party.

Bob: Mitch, thanks for coming in. We need admissions, blood, a full culture work-up and probably a good idea to keep him on oxygen.

Lucy: What happened?

Jennifer: I don't know. He got sick and now he's in the intensive care unit.

Dr. Lake: Lucy, I need your help.

Bob: Jennifer, give them a minute. You can see him just as soon as they get him settled in.

Jennifer: Bob, I really want to be with him.

Bob: I know, I know.

Dusty: How is he, doctor?

Bob: Well, I've asked Dr. Lake to run some tests. Is there any possibility that he was running a fever before today?

Jennifer: I don't think so. I mean, I would've noticed if he was warm when I was holding him.

Dusty: When you saw Dr. Lake for his shots, did he get a checkup?

Jennifer: No. I mean, when we put off the vaccinations, we cancelled the whole appointment.

Bob: So he was due a vaccination and he did not have it?

Jennifer: Right.

Bob: Okay, let me see if I can expedite things.

Jennifer: Uncle Bob, I can bring Johnny home tonight, right? He doesn't have to stay?

Bob: Well, we'll know a lot more in a couple of hours. Look, hopefully, it's a dehydration. He needs some fluids and then he'll be back to normal. I'll come back just as soon as I get the results of the test.

Jennifer: You don't think this is because I cancelled the vaccination?

Barbara: Why'd you do that, honey?

Jennifer: Well, the ones he had had before, he had such a bad reaction to, I just wanted to space them out. The doctor said it was fine. We were coming back next week.

Kim: Honey, whatever's going on with Johnny, I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the vaccinations. Think about it, when you were a little girl, they had half the things they give children now. And a few days, one way or the other, wouldn't make any difference.

Barbara: I remember when you had your vaccinations, I had to bring in half your toys just to keep you calm.

Jennifer: Johnny's monkey is in the car.

Dusty: I'll get it.

Jennifer: Okay.

Dusty: You did nothing wrong, okay?

Dr. Lake: And tell the lab this is Dr. Hughes' nephew. He'll want the results ASAP.

Nurse: I'll put a rush on it.

Lucy: Dr. Lake? I think it would be best if I didn't assist on this case.

Dr. Lane: Why?

Jennifer: That's not true. I'm glad you're here.

Meg: Emily, I want you to know that Paul and I will respect your privacy. That's a promise. And if there's anyone you want to talk to, I am willing to put the past behind us for the child's sake.

Emily: Oh, aren't you Miss Generosity?

Meg: Just think about it. I'll be helping to raise this baby and I think it would be better if you and I could talk.

Emily: You may -- you may get custody, but you and I will never be friends, and I will make sure my child knows why.

Paul: Emily, why don't you get some rest? You okay?

Meg: She's giving up her child, Paul. That can't be easy.

Paul: No. Then again, do you really want to have Emily as your mother?

Meg: Another time, another place -- who knows?

Paul: You're amazing. Another reason to love you. Look at you, you're gonna forgive the woman who caused you so much grief. I'm really lucky.

Meg: We're gonna be parents.

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: You and me and baby makes three.

[Emily grunts]

Henry: Well, somebody's in a good mood. And if you're gonna cry every time you see me, I'm gonna stop showing up, Em.

Emily: What are you doing in that get-up, Henry?

Henry: Emily, there is a naked clown out in the parking lot and you're worried about me? [With a southern drawl] C'mon, now, I don't care who you are or where you're from, that's funny right there.

[Henry chuckles]

Emily: I'm sorry. I appreciate you stopping by. I'm just not good company right now. I think I'm gonna go take a nap.

Henry: Oh, no, now, what happened?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: It's a long story.

Henry: Well, I seem to know most of it. Do you want to just fill me in?

Emily: Paul was here with his girlfriend.

Henry: He brought Meg to see you?

Emily: Yeah, she's working here now. It's not even the point. I've agreed to have the baby and give it to them. I can't have an abortion, Henry, it's not in me. And he's the father. So if he's gonna take me to court, he's gonna win custody. So I just -- I gave up. I feel like such a failure.

Henry: Emily, from where I'm standing, this is the smartest thing you've ever done.

Will: I can't talk to Gwen. Not now. Not yet. I'm still drunk and she's still mad at me. She's probably at home packing her bags, hating me.

Jade: Will, would you please stop feeling so sorry for yourself? It's really unattractive. Anyway, you've got so much going for you.

Will: Yeah, like what?

Jade: Well, you're a nice guy when you want to be. And not you're bad looking. And you're rich.

Will: I'm not rich.

Jade: Well, your mom is. And your dad doesn't do too bad for himself either. And you've got friends. And you've got a wife --

Will: Not for long.

Jade: No -- not if you refuse to go after what you want. It's not gonna be handed to you. If you want something, you have to go for it.

Will: I canít. I canít. Not yet.

Jade: What's that?

Will: It's proof.

Jade: Of what?

Will: That I'm an idiot.

Gwen: He's not picking up.

Casey: Maybe he's at home.

Gwen: No, I tried. The machine's picking up.

Casey: Maybe he's asleep.

Gwen: No. He's not gonna go home until he's sobers up. He doesn't want to face his dad. Especially since his dad doesn't even know what happened. He wasn't at graduation. There was some emergency with one of his friends in Chicago.

Maddie: All right. Well maybe he's outside. I'll go look. Stay here.

Casey: Where am I going to go?

Gwen: I'm sorry for wrecking your night.

Casey: You didn't wreck my night.

Gwen: I'm sure that you and Maddie didn't plan on babysitting me. I'll just -- I'm gonna go home. I'll wait for Will at home.

Casey: And what are we supposed to do? Worry about ourselves? What fun is that?

Gwen: I don't know. I thought maybe you could dance with your girlfriend.

Casey: Maddie? That's who we're talking about, right? The girl that has a one-track mind? Like she'd dance with me when she'd be worrying about Will. No. So until we find him, you're stuck with us.

Gwen: Thanks.

Maddie: Okay, so -- he's not outside. But Bethany Williams? Remember that blonde girl with the one blue eye, one green eye? She was in your American history class last year?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Maddie: I saw her outside. She was in the woods with Zane Smythe.

Casey: Whoa, Zane and Beth?

Maddie: Doesn't matter. Anyway, she said she saw Will's car.

Gwen: Where?

Maddie: Out by the footbridge.

Casey: Well, let's go.

Dr. Lake: Jennifer, I have another patient I have to check on but Lucy knows how to find me. I'll be with the Sullivan boy. Page me when Johnnyís results are in?

Lucy: Yes, doctor. You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings, Jennifer. If you're more comfortable with someone else --

Jennifer: Lucy -- Lucy, what you said about how I shouldn't put off the vaccination?

Lucy: I shouldn't have said anything.

Jennifer: Is that -- could that be why he's sick?

Lucy: No. No, of course not.

Barbara: Tell me why Bob was so insistent on an having ambulance when he doesn't think there's anything really wrong?

Kim: You know Bob when it comes to babies. He's a marshmallow.

Barbara: But after everything that little boy has been through this year. I'm gonna go check on him.

Kim: Wait a minute, Barb. Jennifer's in there with him. Why don't you give her a little space?

Barbara: Because I'm his grandmother --

Kim: I know, and she's his very new mother. She's only had that boy back for a few months. And she's very unsure of herself.

Barbara: All the more reason for me to go in.

Kim: -- To back off. You need to back off. If she sees that you trust her, then she'll trust herself. If she needs you, honey, she knows where you are.

Barbara: And what if I need her?

Kim: Oh, sweetheart. You'll just have to settle for me.

Lucy: Johnny's condition has nothing to do with delaying a vaccination. If anything, he still may be reacting from the first set of shots -- in which case, you were right to postpone.

Jennifer: But not having that vaccination -- he couldn't have caught whatever up

Lucy: No. No, those illnesses have long incubation periods. Whatever it is -- and it's probably just a virus -- it's not your fault. Jen, babies are designed to, you know, terrify their parents. It's in their dna. He'll be fine.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Dusty: How's he doing?

Lucy: He's stable. I'm going to go see if the preliminary results are back yet.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: Is there a problem?

Bob: I got some of the test results back from the lab. I'd like to talk to both of you.

Henry: A free woman, Emily, let me remind you, doesn't have to give up her child at all.

Gwen: He was here.

Meg: I'm so glad it's finally over. You know, right up until the very end, it felt like it could've gone either way.

Paul: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Meg: So how'd you know she'd back down?

Paul: I didnít.

Meg: What are you saying? You didn't know what she was gonna do? You were willing to put your child's life at risk?

Paul: I had to insist that we just settle things. You know, if I didn't, Emily would've fought for custody of this kid until it was like, 18 years old. And what kind of life is that for a kid? Or for you and me? I just -- I had to settle things.

Meg: What if she decided to terminate the pregnancy? I mean, she was an inch away from signing those papers, Paul. What would you have done?

Emily: I don't think you're getting enough oxygen through that stupid nose of yours. How is giving up my child a smart thing?

Henry: Because you're proving them wrong. You're doing the right thing. You're doing the noble thing. It's the far, far, far better thing.

Emily: For who? For who? For Paul?

Henry: No, not for Paul! For the baby! You're in a psych ward, right? They're observing you. And yeah, you're occasionally knocking over a glass of water and pouring your heart out to a passing clown. But the bottom line is, you're making tough decisions. You're putting your baby first, Em. You're sacrificing your own happiness, and for some reason in this day and age, that is called sanity.

Emily: Are you finished? Because you can go now.

Henry: Em. Hey. You can't -- you can't blame this on Paul. I mean, he's a louse, yeah. Absolutely. I'm not defending the guy, but you're in here -- you're in here because you let yourself get carried away. And I don't wanna dump on you when you're down, sweetie, but you've done some really stupid things for love.

Emily: I know. I know. I know that.

Henry: Giving up -- giving up the baby -- and at the same time, giving up said baby's worthless father, that -- that's one of the smartest things you've ever done. Now you keep this up, you're gonna convince the doctors here that you're coming out of that very dark place called temporary insanity. And that's the diagnosis you need for this trial.

Emily: Well, that's a nice try, but it's not going to work. Because as soon as Dusty and Jennifer take the stand and they tell the judge what I did? I don't care how many sympathetic shrinks we march into that courtroom. I'm going to jail.

Jennifer: Lucy said it had nothing to do with the vaccinations.

Dusty: See, I told you. I could have been a doctor.

Jennifer: Dr. Donovan. So he's going to be okay?

Dusty: He's gonna be fine. Right -- right, Johnny?

Jennifer: Oh, but you see?

Dusty: See what?

Jennifer: Usually when he hears your voice, he lights up. He didn't even look at you.

Dusty: He's gotta sleep, honey. He's tired.

Jennifer: I just wish I could pick him up and hold him.

Dusty: He's gonna be fine. You heard what the doctor said -- we might even be able to take him home. Home to the best mother in the world. Right, J.D.?

Jennifer: Oh! There he goes. He tried to smile!

Dusty: Of course he smiled. He smiled because I'm his daddy.

Jennifer: Oh, that's right, i forgot. I forgot its official.

Dusty: Johnny knew it. He knew it all along, didn't you, buddy?

Jennifer: You're sweet. You're right. You're right, he's going to be fine. He has to be.

Dusty: You gotta trust yourself, Jenny. If your heart tells you he's fine -- he's fine.

Barbara: How's he doing?

Dusty: We're doing okay --

Jennifer: Hi, Mom. Come in, come in. Why don't you get us some coffee or something?

Dusty: Okay.

Barbara: That'd be great. Black, please Dusty.

Dusty: Got it.

Barbara: How's my little girl doing?

Jennifer: Who me?

Barbara: Yeah, you.

Jennifer: I'm just worried about him.

Barbara: Of course you're worried. You're a mother. That's what we do, we worry. I remember when will had the croup, and I was up all night with him. We camped out in the bathroom with the shower running.

Jennifer: Yeah, but he was fine the next morning. Yeah.

Barbara: And I caught pneumonia. Honey, you're a wonderful mother. Johnny's so lucky to have you.

Lucy: Oh, sorry --

Dusty: It's okay.

Lucy: How's Jen doing?

Dusty: She's hangin' in there. Thanks for easing her mind a little bit.

Lucy: Yeah. No, she didn't do anything wrong.

Dusty: Well, it's her kid. She feels responsible, so --

Lucy: Well, she's lucky to have you. And you're lucky to have her.

Bob: Is Jennifer still inside?

Dusty: Yeah, with the baby. Is there a problem? I got some of the test results back from the lab. I'd like to talk to both of you.

Gwen: Will? Will?

Casey: I didn't see his car. Did Beth say where he parked?

Maddie: Just that it was by the bridge.

Casey: Well, maybe he parked on the other side.

Gwen: No. I already checked. No, he's here. He's just gone.

Maddie: Well, maybe he went home, Gwen.

Gwen: No, I doubt it. We had a huge fight here the other night. I'd found out about that biology test that he skipped. And I couldn't get over it. And he tried to tell me what he was feeling. That he didn't care about school. But I didn't want to hear it. I thought he was just pretending not to care. And instead of understanding, I just made him feel worse.

Casey: So you'll get over it. And so will he.

Maddie: Yeah, that's what marriage is all about, isn't it? I mean, it's for better or for worse. And this is worse -- but it'll get better.

Gwen: No, I don't know. All Will and I had was each other, you know? We don't have kids or a home or money to hold our lives together. It's just us and a lot of trust. But without that --

Casey: Look, you're getting way ahead of yourself.

Gwen: I don't think so. There's a reason why he came here. He was thinking about how I jumped all over him about that biology test. I know it. That he couldn't talk to me. That he couldn't tell me the truth. Or at least he tried, but I didn't want to hear it.

Maddie: So you both screwed up. Now what?

Gwen: Well, I have to find him.

[Will sighs]

Will: We're too late. I knew it. She left.

Jade: She's probably at one of those parties with Maddie and Casey.

Will: Yeah, maybe.

Jade: Well, you could call her.

Will: No, I don't want to talk to her on the phone.

Jade: You could just tell her that you want to see her. Or not.

Will: You know, if she's packing her bags, I'm gonna flip out.

Jade: So you flip out. You're entitled to it. You've had a really rough night.

Will: Yeah, it was supposed to be so great. We were supposed to graduate, and then come to this party. And tomorrow start looking for jobs, an apartment --

Jade: You still can.

Will: No, you don't get it -- this wasn't just a fight, this was a deal breaker.

Jade: If that's true, then it wasn't much of a marriage. I'm sorry. If you flunking one course is so huge that your wife has to leave you, then she doesn't deserve you. I'm sorry. I mean it. Nobody's sick, nobody's dying -- so you got thrown out of one stupid little school. So you can go to summer school, or go online, or get a GED --

Will: I lied to her.

Jade: So make it up to her. You know you know how.

Will: Jade --

Jade: Will, I'm just kidding. Come on. I'll drive you around until you're sober enough to go home. All right?

Meg: So if Emily called your bluff and signed those papers, what would you have done?

Paul: I don't know. I just couldn't take any more of her manipulations, you know? And taking everything out on you. I know she's done a lot of things before, but I guess it just kind of reached critical mass. I wasn't even thinking about the consequences, I just -- no more, you know? No more. We got lucky, though, didn't we? It was a good thing she backed down.

Meg: But what if she hadn't? Then what?

Paul: I would have figured it out. Here's what I know. I know I want to be a father. And I know I want to raise a child with you.

Meg: And we would have found a way.

Paul: Yeah, we would have found a way. You know, you give me courage. It's because of you I was brave enough to call her bluff.

Meg: Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Henry: All right, first things first. You have to convince the doctors that you were crackers when you kidnapped Dusty. Who knows, you might even convince Dusty. But you have to think, Em. You have to think, "what is gonna convince the keepers that you no longer need to be kept?"

Emily: But Henry --

Henry: No, no "Buts." No "But Henrys." We don't have time for this. This trial reconvenes in, like, two weeks, all right? You have to convince them. You have to convince the doctors, and Tom Hughes, maybe some hard-nosed judge that you have seen the error of your ways, and that you're going to be a model citizen from now on. What does that mean, Emily? It means no more kidnappings. It means no more bear traps. It means no more diving headfirst off the nearest cliff. You've got to brush your teeth and fly straight. Capishe?

Emily: Okay.

Henry: Okay.

Emily: I'll smile, I'll brush my teeth, I'll say all the right things. But it doesn't change what happened. I gave up my baby, Henry.

Henry: No, no. You -- you gave up Paul. You gave up Paul. Yeah. Now you listen to your uncle bozo here, okay? If you care about this little thing that you're carrying inside there enough to give up Daddy, then you care enough about it to do everything you can to walk out of here a free woman. A free woman, Emily, let me remind you, doesn't have to give up her child at all.

Bob: Well, first the good news. His heart, kidneys, liver -- all major organs are functioning just fine.

Barbara: Well, good, then what's the problem?

Bob: Well, we're not quite sure. The blood work was inconclusive.

Jennifer: What were you looking for?

Bob: For an infection -- bacterial, viral or some underlying condition. But in any event, Johnnyís gonna spend the night here with us.

Jennifer: We can't take him home?

Bob: We've gotta find out what's causing these symptoms.

Jennifer: Other than a fever, what symptoms does he have?

Bob: Well, he has a distinct pallor, and his gums are starting to bleed. There's some swelling around the lymph nodes. I've called in the head of hematology to consult with Dr. Lake.

Jennifer: Hematology -- what are you saying? There's something wrong with his blood?

Bob: At this stage, what we're trying to do is just rule things out. We have to take a lot more tests, that's gonna take time. The lab is gonna take some time. So what we've got to do is stay positive and calm. And Johnnyís got to know that he can count on his mom. And his dad.

Dusty: We're here.

Jennifer: Let's go.

Dusty: Okay.

Barbara: Thank God for Dusty.

Kim: Come on, let's go get some coffee. I think this is going to be a long night.

Casey: Why don't we go check that rooftop where you guys used to hang out?

Gwen: No, he's not there.

Maddie: How do you know?

Gwen: Because we haven't been up there in months.

Maddie: So where else could he be?

Gwen: I don't know. He's probably just driving around with all the windows open.

Casey: I hope it sobers him up. Have you ever driven with the guy? He has no patience, he hates stop lights and he's never met a stop sign he respected.

Gwen: That's all we need. He gets pulled over and then loses his license.

Maddie: Yeah. And they are going to be stopping people. I mean, it's graduation. There's parties everywhere. Skylar told me that the football team got a keg. What? I don't want him to get hurt! You were the one that told me last year they turned Main Street into a drag strip.

Gwen: No, Will wouldn't do something like that.

Maddie: He wouldn't need to. He runs that stop light at fifth and main and bam --

Casey: Maddie!

Maddie: We need to go look for him.

Gwen: You wouldn't mind?

Maddie: No. Of course not. Come on.

Gwen: He was here. I left this note for him last night.

Crash waiter: Hey, you guys are gonna have to leave. I gotta clean up.

Will: Okay. Where's that music coming from?

Crash waiter: One of the tech guys burned a copy of the girl who sang tonight. He can probably burn you a copy if you want.

Will: No, that's all right. Thanks. Gwen wants to be a singer. She used to be in this band.

Jade: She's singing like her heart was broken. What does that tell you?

Will: That she hates me?

Jade: Yeah, that really makes sense. No wonder why you flunked out of high school. You laughed. I saw it.

Will: Okay, we should probably get out of here before he kicks us out.

Jade: Mission accomplished.

Will: What do you mean?

Jade: She still loves you.

Will: I don't know why.

Jade: Me neither.

Paul: Here you go.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: You're welcome.

Kid #1: Mom said no balls at the pool!

Kid #2: This isn't a ball, this is a beach ball!

Mom: I'm sorry --

Paul: No problem.

Mom: No balls, no beach balls, and no pool if you don't cut it out.

Dad: And what are they supposed to do, Miriam? Play chess?

Mom: Oh, and who's going to teach them? Mr. Too Busy to spend two seconds? Hey!

[Dad sighs]

Dad: I give up.

Meg: Promise me --

Paul: Never gonna happen. Never. We'll -- we'll find a way.

Emily: You know what, Uncle Bozo? You are surprisingly a really good friend.

Henry: I'm a great friend. And you're gonna get through this. Because you're a fighter. So time to play the general, Emily. We're starting a campaign here. The campaign to Emily out of jail free, and you've already made your first maneuver. You surrendered. That's why I know you're going to win.

Emily: Wow, you missed your calling. You would've made a great motivational speaker.

Henry: Don't touch the nose. So, you -- are you gonna do it?

Emily: I'm gonna think about it.

Henry: You're gonna think about it. Okay, well think about this. You've got a baby growing inside you who's waiting for you to do the right thing. So concentrate. Concentrate on how much you love this child, and that will get you out of this. I guarantee it. The tyke might even be your saving grace, who knows? And there's the nurse. I was supposed to be in pediatrics about an hour ago. I'm probably gonna terrify those poor children. If you need me -- just give me a call.

Emily: Thanks, Henry. Oh, God. You know, I was never going to do what I told your daddy I was going to do. You've gotta know that, baby. Who knows, maybe Uncle Bozo's right. Maybe you are my saving grace.

Dusty: As soon as we sign him in, I'll go home, and get a change of clothes for you.

Jennifer: Okay.

Dusty: I know you wanna spend the night with him, right?

Jennifer: I'm not going to be able to sleep.

Dusty: Well, I'll be with you. We can count sheep together.

Jennifer: I just keep wishing that I hadn't lost all that time with him.

Dusty: Oh, you're gonna have plenty of time with him, red. Plenty. Maybe he just has an allergy or something. Maybe he's got a virus.

Jennifer: He just looks so pale.

Dusty: He's going be fine. Believe it.

Lucy: I know you're still waiting for more labs. But you're afraid Johnnyís very sick, aren't you?

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Gwen: I think maybe he left me.

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