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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/5/06

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Gwen: Wow, look at this place.

Will: Look at that smile. Looks like you're going to break out laughing any minute.

Gwen: I could. We did it, Will. And those cap and gowns are by far the ugliest things I think that we will ever wear, and I can't wait!

Casey: You guys ready?

Will: Yeah, so ready to be done with this place.

Gwen: Hey, don't say that. This place has been good to us. They let us come back late, catch up, graduate with the rest of the class.

Casey: Yeah, they were glad to take the money.

Will: Yeah, only from me. Gwen still kept her scholarship, you know? She's the brains and the looks in the family.

Casey: So what does that make you?

Will: Oh, I'm the muscle.

Casey: Right.

Gwen: Says the guy who just aced calculus. Hey, did you finish that playlist for the party?

Casey: Actually, I wanted to ask you about that.

Will: I'll go get in line, I'll save you guys a spot.

Gwen: All right, thanks.

Will: Later.

Maddie: So, you're going through with graduation?

Will: Yeah, graduating was the whole point. What did you think I was going to do?

Maddie: Thought that the guilt might eat you up. If I figured out that you were cheating without even trying, you think that Gwen's not going to find out?

Will: Its one day, Maddie. I get through tomorrow and then we move on to the next thing. Okay?

Maddie: Is that really how it works?

Will: Yes, if you keep your mouth shut.

Maddie: Don't worry, I'm not going to be the one that breaks Gwen's heart.

Lia: I don't see why we have to. This is a nightmare.

Zach: It's fine, just lose the cap. Talk to Weber himself. He can be the first principal in the history of the school ever to cave to the fashion police.

Lia: You know what? Forget it. I'm not spending the last day of school in the principal's office.

Zach: You don't have to. He's right over there.

Lia: Weber's here? What for?

Zach: I don't know. He looks like he's trying to find somebody.

Mr. Weber: Have you seen Will Munson?

Carly: Hey --

Jack: You're supposed to sleep.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jack: To check on Nick.

Carly: They caught him? Good.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: You know, you could call the station from here if you wanted to.

Jack: He's in the hospital, Carly. He was shot trying to escape.

Carly: By a cop?

Jack: No. Katie shot him.

Margo: Nick was dangerous. Look what he did to you and Carly. It could have been Mike with a bullet through him. Look, you went after Mike because you love him. And he knows that. And he loves you too.

Katie: I know, I just want everything to be okay.

Margo: How's Nick?

Katie: Is he in surgery?

Mike: No, Katie. Nick's dead.

Katie: I thought the doctor said they could save him.

Mike: They were wrong.

Margo: I gotta call Hal.

Katie: Mike, this is my worst nightmare. I don't know what to say.

Mike: Don't say anything.

Lily: Holden, you're back early.

Holden: I thought I'd surprise you. And instead, you surprise me! How long has he been here?

Damian: Holden, you can speak to me yourself.

Holden: Get out of my house and away from my family. Now!

Lily: Holden, please --

Holden: Where are the girls?

Lily: The girls are upstairs playing.

Holden: You're sure about that.

Lily: They're not in any danger and neither are we! The threat is gone.

Holden: Right, it just dried up and blew away.

Damian: I never would have come if I thought it wasn't safe.

Holden: I heard that before.

Luke: Dad, it's true.

Holden: He said the same thing the last time he showed up. Next thing you know, boats are blowing up.

Damian: I just wanted to see my son, Holden. That's all.

Holden: You said that before too. I shouldn't have listened to you then and I'm not about to start now.

Damian: After all the misery I brought you last time, do you think I would risk that again?

Holden: Sure, why not? Not get out!

Lily: Please, Holden --

Damian: Its okay, Lily. I understand. I'll go.

Luke: Wait, wait. In case I don't see you again.

Damian: That is yours now. Your birthright. And don't worry you'll see me again, very soon.

Jade: What's wrong, Will? You look freaked.

Will: Yeah, the principal's looking for me. I gotta get out of here.

Jade: He's probably just going to congratulate you on a great comeback. Why don't you hang here and I'll go find out what he wants.

Will: No, Jade donít. Just leave it alone.

Gwen: Hey.

Maddie: Hey.

Gwen: Hey, you look so sad.

Maddie: I'm okay.

Gwen: What's the matter?

Maddie: I'm fine.

Casey: You heard Lia's little sister is coming here next year, right?

Gwen: Oh, no -- we'll protect you. We'll still be in town.

Maddie: Right, well I know. It's just, not seeing you guys in the hall and everything. It's going to be a little weird.

Casey: Will you stop thinking on next year and focus on tomorrow night? It's going to be a sweet party.

Maddie: I know, I know. I have this really nice dress I got for it.

Jade: You're wearing a dress? I thought it was going to be casual.

Gwen: I have no idea what I'm wearing. Whatever you have is going to be fine. People are going to be there in everything.

Maddie: She's coming to our party?

Gwen: Well, it's the school's party.

Maddie: And she's not in school. Why do you want to hang out with high school kids anyway? Looking for your next mark?

Casey: Hey, we're going to go over here and get my stuff, all right? Excuse me.

Gwen: I'm sorry about that.

Jade: It's not your fault. That girl's got it in for me.

Gwen: It's not fair.

Jade: No, she has every right.

Mr. Weber: Will Munson. Some of you must know him from class. I need to find him right away.

Katie: Mike, don't pull away from me right now.

Mike: I've got Nick's blood all over me. You don't need to get it on your clothes.

Katie: I don't care about that, honey. Mike?

Margo: Hal's on his way. He's got questions.

Mike: You don't have to wait for Hal. I'll answer them right now.

Margo: No, why don't we wait till Hal gets here.

Mike: Look, Nick never meant to kill Maya Gold. She fell and hit her head. He told me the whole story.

Margo: Mike, we don't care about that now. We've got questions about Nick's shooting.

Mike: Oh. Okay. We'll answer them.

Carly: Katie shot Nick?

Jack: With his own gun, apparently.

Carly: How did that happen?

Jack: I don't know the details.

Carly: How is she?

Jack: She's in shock, I think. Mike too.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sure he is. It must be hard for him to see what Nick really is.

Jack: Yeah.

Margo: Jack?

Jack: How's Nick?

Margo: He didn't make it.

Carly: He's dead?

Margo: Jack, Hal wants to close on the shooting.

Jack: Yeah, okay, I'll be right outside.

Carly: I don't believe it. Nick, he's just gone -- just like that?

Jack: Yeah. I gotta get going. Hey. I'm sorry, man.

Katie: Did he say anything?

Jack: No.

Margo: You know what? This is really hard for both of you. Come on, I want you to see a doctor. Okay, baby?

Katie: Why?

Margo: Because I want you to see a doctor.

Katie: I don't need a doctor.

Margo: Yes you do. Every officer sees a doctor after a shooting. It's standard procedure.

Mike: Hey, where's my cousin? Nick Kasnoff. He died in surgery. Why haven't you brought him out?

Orderly: I don't know. I can check for you.

Mike: Do that. You can't just leave him on a table somewhere.

Margo: Hey, hey, hey Mike. We'll take care of it. Why don't we step outside?

Mike: Where's Nick?

Margo: Mike, the coroner has to release the body. That's standard procedure. Come on, let's get out of the traffic.

Holden: I need to speak to your mom.

Luke: Yeah, sure. But for what it's worth, I believe Damian when he says that everything is all right. He's been here for a few days and nothing bad has happened.

Holden: I'm glad you're okay.

Luke: Welcome home. Good night, Mom.

Lily: Good night.

Holden: How long?

Lily: Just like Luke said. It's been a few days. Damian's been here --

Holden: No, I mean, how long did you plan this?

Lily: What?

Holden: Getting Damian out here, how long did the two of you --

Lily: I didn't!

Holden: So it was a big surprise when he showed up?

Lily: Yes! Damian just wanted to see if Luke was okay. That's it.

Holden: You're sure about that?

Lily: As much as I can be about anything these days, yes.

Holden: Okay, well then why did you lie to me?

Casey: I don't get it. Jade hasn't done anything to us.

Maddie: That we know of -- yet.

Casey: So you just don't trust her?

Maddie: I told you.

Casey: I know, maybe she learned her lesson with the Snyders.

Maddie: Maybe not.

Casey: You know, second chances, right? I got one.

Maddie: Yeah, well you deserved it.

Casey: This is so not you. Is this because Jade's hot?

Maddie: You think she's hot?

Casey: Absolutely not.

Maddie: Great. Now Jade's hot. That makes up for everything.

Jade: I'm just trying to be normal, I'm trying to have friends.

Gwen: You are. You have friends, at least, I want to be your friend. You were amazing to help will out with that paper. And Maddie, she will get over it.

Jade: I won't hold my breath.

Gwen: She's a really good person. And fun most of the time. She's just got a real right-and-wrong thing.

Jade: Great.

Gwen: You'll see, once she gets to know you better, everything will change. In the end, she'll be fair.

Jade: I'm just -- I'm grateful for you and will.

Gwen: Yeah. Well, where is he? The line's wasn't all that long. I'm going to go looking for him.

Jade: Okay.

Will: Hey Zach, can you do me a favor and tell Gwen that I had to go home and get something I forgot?

Zach: Yeah, sure.

Will: Thanks.

Zach: Dude, the principal's been looking for you.

Will: Mr. Weber? I'll find him later.

Parker: Shh! She's asleep.

J.J.: I'm not going to wake her up. You wake her.

Carly: Hey you guys. Come on in here.

Parker: Mom!

Carly: Hello! It's so nice to see you. Where's your sister?

J.J.: Outside in the stroller.

Parker: With Ellen.

J.J.: Were you trapped in a cave?

Carly: Well, no, not exactly. I was waiting in a cave for Jack to come and find me.

J.J.: Ellen said a monster had you.

Carly: Ellen said that?

Parker: He listened while Ellen was talking on the phone.

Carly: Well, you don't have to worry about that monster, cause he's gone. And he's never going to bother me again.

J.J.: We'd protect you.

Carly: Well, then I'd know I'd be very, very safe. But you guys don't have to worry about that. Because it's all over.

Katie: I heard enough from Mike's end to know that it was Nick. And I followed him. I just wanted to be sure that Mike was okay. They'd been there awhile, so I didn't hear all of their conversation. So I didn't hear what Nick say anything about Maya Gold. But I'm sure it's what Mike said, that it was an accident.

Hal: So, you get to the shed.

Katie: Yeah, I walked in the door and Mike was on the ground. Nick had hit with an oar from one of the boats. And I was scared he was gonna hit him again. He started coming at me, so I looked on the ground and I saw a gun and I grabbed it. He just attacked his best friend in the entire world. I thought he was desperate. I didn't know what he was going to do, so I had to do something.

Hal: So you fired?

Katie: Yeah, I don't really remember much. I just remember thinking at the time that I didn't have any other choice.

Hal: Mike, is that how you remember it? Did Katie have any other option but to use that gun?

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Holden: This is what you want. Somebody to help you fix our son -- where I couldnít.

Carly: Things can turn around. And Mike --

Gwen: Will, what is it? What's wrong?

Hal: Mike? Was this shooting self defense?

Mike: It happened just like Katie said.

Hal: Thank you. What's your take on the scene?

Margo: The oar was next to Nick's body, it had Mike's blood on it. All the physical evidence matches. And CSU is ready to sign off on self-defense.

Hal: All right, that's it then. Katie, we're not going to be pressing charges. Let me know if you need anything.

Margo: I want her to talk to someone.

Katie: I'll talk to Mike.

Mike: So that's it? We're done?

Hal: We're not charging Katie. But I would like to speak to you about your contact with Nick.

Katie: Wait. Does he need a lawyer?

Hal: That's his right.

Mike: I don't need one.

Katie: Honey, it sounds like maybe you do.

Mike: I don't want one.

Katie: Why won't you let me help you?

Mike: It's okay, I don't need help. Just go home.

Katie: Not without you.

Hal: There's a waiting room right down the hall.

Jack: I know Carly would love to see you, if you got a minute.

Katie: Sure.

Mike: I'll come find you when I'm done, okay?

Katie: Thanks.

Mike: You want to know why I didn't call the cops when I heard from Nick.

Hal: Uh -- yeah.

Mike: I knew if you guys took off after him, he'd run. And he'd never stop running.

Hal: And maybe you thought that was better than jail.

Mike: Especially for a cop, right? That's what Nick said. I told him you guys would look out for him. That you would understand what happened with Maya. I tried to convince him that all the good things he'd done since then did count. That he had a chance at life. If that's aiding a criminal, then that's what it is. But he was my cousin and I loved him enough to want to save his life. So if that's a crime arrest me. 'Cause I really don't care.

Carly: So I might be able to go home tonight. But if I don't, you guys have to be prepared to stay at Emmaís one more night, okay?

Parker: Aunt Emma brought Jack's suitcase to our house.

J.J.: Dad said he'd stay with us.

Carly: At our house?

Parker: So maybe you won't get divorced.

Carly: We'll see about that. Why don't you guys tell me what time you think it is?

J.J.: But we haven't read you a story yet.

Carly: You haven't shown me your entire rock collection, either. You know its bedtime. Now go on, go home, get ready for bed, okay?

Parker: Goodnight, Mom.

Carly: I love you, I love you, I love you. Go on and give Sage a kiss for me.

Katie: Hey, Jack said to come.

Carly: I'm glad you did.

Katie: I'm glad you're okay.

Carly: How are you?

Katie: Not a cut on me.

Carly: I'm not talking about that Katie. Jack told me what happened with Nick. It's okay.

Katie: He wouldn't stop, Carly. He was coming at me. He wanted to hurt me like he hurt Mike. I thought Mike was dead!

Carly: You did what you had to do.

Katie: I killed him. Two days ago he was sitting in my kitchen, laughing at something in the newspaper and today I shot him.

Carly: Or he would've killed you, Katie. Everybody understands that.

Katie: Not Mike. He won't talk to me.

Carly: What?

Katie: He won't look at me, he won't let me touch him, Carly. I think my marriage is over.

Casey: You cannot be jealous.

Maddie: I'm not jealous.

Casey: Good. Because you're just as hot as she is.

Maddie: Oh, just as?

Gwen: Excuse me. Excuse -- oh, wow. Have you guys seen Will?

Casey: No.

Maddie: Look for Jade.

Gwen: Okay, what's up with this, Maddie?

Maddie: I just -- I don't like her and I don't trust her, okay? I don't trust why she's hanging around.

Gwen: Well, maybe she's trying to fit in, make some friends. Bottom line, if she hadn't helped Will with his Biology paper, he might not be graduating.

Maddie: I know.

Gwen: So cut her a little slack, okay?

Maddie: Sure.

Zach: Hey, Will said to tell you that he had to leave.

Gwen: Oh? Why?

Zach: He forgot something.

Gwen: Okay. Thank you, Zachary.

Zach: Thank you.

Casey: Later, dude.

Gwen: Why couldn't he tell me himself? Okay, good-bye.

Casey: See you.

Mr. Weber: Well, you left in a hurry.

Will: Hey.

Mr. Weber: Did you hear I was looking for you?

Will: You were?

Mr. Weber: Yeah. Your Biology teacher, Mr. Glick, came to see me this afternoon, Will. He has some new software that does web searches and comparisons, looking for matches. He found that extra credit paper you wrote on a webpage where they were charging some $60 for it. And since it's been for sale over a year, I'm pretty sure it wasn't you trying to sell something you actually wrote to make a few extra bucks. And I know about the Calculus test, too. Once you'd bought a paper, I had to check all your classes. Your Calculus teacher was amazed at your miraculous improvement on the final. Things you hadn't understood at all right up to the last day, were suddenly a snap. Will -- Will! Do you have anything to say in your defense? Okay, obviously, you can't graduate tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow in my office with your parents and we'll talk about whether or not you can come back in the fall --

Will: Do my parents know?

Mr. Weber: Not yet. I'll let you tell your parents. And I'll see you all at 9:00 tomorrow morning in my office.

[Will reading]

Gwen: Question -- can the genius scientist who found the solution to global warming be happy with a starving musician for a wife? Please say yes. So proud of you. All my love.

Lily: If I had told you that Damian was here over the telephone, you would've gone crazy.

Holden: What I don't get is why you aren't reacting the same way. How many times has Damian hurt this family?

Lily: It's different this time.

Holden: He's singing the same tune. He's here to see his son, he means no harm.

Lily: I believe him this time.

Holden: No, you donít. You just want an ally.

Lily: What?

Holden: You still think that Lukeís going through a phase, and you want Damian here to help you talk him out of it.

Lily: No, no. But since he's been here, Lukeís been better with the girls. Luke's been better with me. Did you see him? He just gave me a hug. When was the last time he gave me a hug? That's a good thing, isn't it?

Holden: Sure.

Lily: So maybe this is good. This is something else for him to think about. Something else to focus on.

Holden: And maybe he'll forget that he's gay?

Lily: I didn't say that.

Holden: This is what you want, isn't it? Somebody to help you fix our son where I couldnít.

Hal: So you believe Mike was trying to bring Nick in?

Jack: Yeah, I do.

Margo: Nick's dead. Do we really want to press a case?

Hal: No. But this is family, which means it could look like favoritism. We've got to be absolutely sure before we can allow a walk here.

Jack: Then cut Margo out of it completely. I'll sign off on it. If anyone looked like they had an axe to grind about Nick, it's me.

Hal: Yeah. All right, let's cut him loose. Mike, you're free to go. It's over.

Mike: Over?

Hal: The department isn't pressing any charges against you.

Carly: Katie -- there's only one way to look at this. You did what you had to do.

Katie: Did I?

Carly: Yes.

Katie: Mike doesn't think so. Maybe he's right, maybe I wanted to shoot Nick.

Carly: What? Did he say that? Did Mike say that?

Katie: No. But he blames me, I can feel it.

Carly: He's upset. He may be upset right now, but he's gonna be fair, once he realizes everything that Nick did.

Katie: He just doesn't want to see it.

Carly: Well, neither did you. And neither did I. But Nick was who he was.

Katie: I just still can't believe it.

Carly: I know. I know. Just tell me you're going to be okay.

Katie: I just should've yelled or something. I should've yelled louder.

Carly: No. Nobody could've yelled loud enough to stop him, Katie. You had to protect yourself. Mike will understand that, okay?

Katie: He's just so quiet, Carly. It's like he's afraid of what he might say to me. I look at his face and I can see all of these things going on in his head, but then I look in his eyes and for the first time, I can't see him.

Carly: Not tonight. But you will. I mean, look at me and Jack. Could it get any worse for a couple than it is for us? But he's here. He's staying at our house tonight.

Katie: Well, that's good.

Carly: Yeah, it's good. So you see, things can turn around. You guys love each other. And Mike Ė

Lily: You know, you say that Luke is old enough to make his own decisions -- why not let him decide about this? Ask him what he wants.

Luke: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Lily: Oh, that's okay. I'm going to go check on the girls.

Luke: Some night.

Holden: You're not kidding.

Luke: Look, domainís not my father. I mean, yeah, he is, technically, but -- but you're the one who raised me, you've been here my whole life, you love me no matter what. You're always gonna be my dad.

Holden: I'm not worried about that.

Luke: So you weren't afraid that I was going to run away?

Holden: No, we feed you too well. Listen, things with your mom -- how is everything?

Luke: It's good, actually. Since Damian got back, she's had other stuff to think about. So it's not always whenever I walk in a room, it's like "oh, look, here's gay Luke." Or "here's Luke, who thinks he's gay." Whatever.

Holden: So, you want Damian around? It's okay with you?

Luke: Why not?

Holden: Well, the list is very long, if you want it.

Luke: So suddenly, this is all up to me?

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, it is. And if you want me to get rid of him, I will. But if you want to have him around, then I won't get in the way.

Damian: Thank you.

Lisa: There you are, handsome. You better make that dinner date for us pretty soon.

Damian: Your calendar is filling up with lots of suitors who fall at your feet?

Lisa: That's it, that's it. So, where in the world have you been and what have you been up to? Are you causing trouble?

Damian: Not at all. I'm just spending time with my Luciano.

Lisa: Ah. Really? So Lily and Holden are okay with this, huh?

Damian: After a thorough background check from my former wife, she let me in the front door. She thinks I don't know.

Lisa: Well, they'd be very foolish not to check you out.

Damian: Oh, I understand. I'm only happy she approved.

Lisa: I'll bet Holden wasn't such an easy sell.

Damian: He arrived tonight with a big show of force. Lily was not impressed.

Lisa: Are you sure about that?

Damian: There was a lot of commotion. Luciano seemed very upset. I only hope I can distract him from their troubles.

Lisa: Damian, the best way to help Luke would be just to mind your own business.

Maddie: Turn and look at me. Smile. This is me making nice. Everyone thinks that I should come over and apologize to you for being rude and give you a second chance.

Jade: People can change, Maddie.

Maddie: Yeah, except you didnít. What I know, that Gwen and Casey don't, is that you had your second chance, and you trashed it.

Jade: I helped Will when he needed it. It was the only way that would get the job done.

Maddie: You helped him cheat.

Jade: Will is going to graduate because of me, and that's going to make Gwen very happy. You're the only one with a problem, Maddie.

Maddie: No, you have a problem. Me, okay? I'll be watching you. If you cause trouble for my friends, you will regret it.

Will: We did it. Together.

Gwen: Hey. I grabbed your stuff when I heard you had to run. Why didn't you tell me? Will, what is it? What's wrong? Zach said that you had to go get something. Is that true or is it something else?

Will: I -- I don't want to do this here.

Gwen: Okay. Okay, let's go for a walk. What did you do?

Will: Oh, that's nothing.

Gwen: Oh, Will, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I swear I'll get better at this.

Will: What?

Gwen: No, no, I should've gotten you something, too. You're supposed to get gifts for graduation. Just like for our anniversary, which I totally forgot --

Will: Gwen, I don't want a gift.

Gwen: Yeah, you do. You deserve it. You deserve a wife who thinks to do things like that.

Will: Gwen, stop. Just stop.

Gwen: No, I'll learn, it's just still new. You know, wanting things that make you remember special days. And having special days that you want to remember. You gave me that.

Will: No.

Gwen: Yeah. I've never been a scrapbook kind of girl. But right now, at this moment, I am, and it's all your fault. So live with it. I'm gonna go get a scrapbook, tonight, just so I can have it ready to put things in it tomorrow.

Will: Don't, donít.

Gwen: Why not?

Will: Because Aunt Kim always gives scrapbooks for graduation presents. She puts checks in the front.

Gwen: I like page one already. Can I open it tonight? Or do you want to wait until after the ceremony? Now? Now sounds good.

Will: Now is perfect.

Gwen: Wow. "June 6, 2006. We did it. Together." I love it. I love it. I love you.

Casey: Feel better?

Maddie: So much better.

Casey: You say you made nice?

Maddie: I did. I was very clear and I smiled.

Casey: Good. So Mads, if this little problem persists, and you want to settle things with Jade once and for all?

Maddie: Mm-hmm?

Casey: Mud wrestling. I'll referee. What? You're the one who wants to fight the girl.

Maddie: I do not.

Casey: Then what?

Maddie: Nothing.

Casey: Well, can you just forget about it and concentrate on tomorrow night?

Maddie: I'm trying, Casey. I'm really trying.

Damian: You misunderstand, Lisa. I only wish to keep Luciano out of a fight that isn't his.

Lisa: No, I'll bet if Holden and Lily are having a fight, it's about you.

Damian: No. No. Their troubles -- Lukeís trouble -- is not because of me.

Lisa: Are you sure?

Damian: Yes.

Lisa: You just want to jump right in the middle of Holden and Lily?

Damian: Not at all. My only concern is for my son.

Lisa: Well Damian, he's Holdenís son.

Damian: And perhaps now, he needs a new influence. I have arrived just in time. Lily herself thinks so.

Lisa: Is that what she said?

Damian: Yes. She believes I am just what Luke needs right now. And I agree. I can make sure everything comes out right.

Luke: Maybe it would be cool for Damian to stick around for a little bit.

Holden: You know he'll go away again.

Luke: Yeah.

Holden: But your mom will always be here.

Luke: But maybe I wonít.

Holden: What does that mean?

Luke: I mean, it's only a year, right? Then college.

Holden: You know, you could go to school around here.

Luke: Or I could go to school 1,000 miles away.

Holden: That would be running away.

Luke: No, it's not running away. It's just -- it's life. Whatever. People leave.

Holden: And your mom will always be your mom.

Luke: Yeah. But maybe if she's my mom who's 1,000 miles away, things would be easier for all of us.

Holden: No. Not for me, and not for your mother, either. Look, I know that this is hard on you that she hasn't accepted you. But you just have to give her time. And I know that it should have been automatic, but people aren't perfect. It took me time. If you want, I can talk to her.

Luke: No, no, I don't want that. I'm so sick of being a sore spot between the two of you. I don't want that.

Holden: That's not how we think of you.

Luke: Okay. Well, how about I hang out with Damian for a little bit, you guys hang out with the girls.

Holden: That's what you want?

Luke: Yeah.

Holden: Okay, then.

Carly: Hey, you're back.

Jack: Of course.

Carly: You know I feel fine. I think I can go home.

Jack: Did you hear what the man just said?

Doctor #1: I already ordered a sedative. You'll feel it any minute.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Thanks.

Carly: Jack, the kids --

Jack: Are fine. I'm staying with them tonight.

Carly: Oh. Yes, I heard about this.

Jack: Ellen brought the kids?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Thank you for staying with them tonight.

Jack: I wanted to keep their routine. You know, their rooms, their stuff.

Carly: I'm sorry I won't be there.

Jack: Well, you'll be home soon.

Carly: And you'll be there.

Katie: I'm so glad the police aren't charging you.

Mike: They should have. I'm the reason Nick's dead.

Katie: Honey, don't say that. There is nothing you could've done to change --

Mike: You know, Katie, I'm tired.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Casey: You're going to the University of Wisconsin this September with all of your friends!

Will: How do I tell her that I'm not going to graduate?

Jade: Maybe you don't have to.

Doctor: Jennifer and Johnny Munson, I'd like you to meet Dr. Lucy Montgomery.

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