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Emily: What's happened? What have I done with my life?

[Emily remembering]

[Gunshot] Oh God! Oh God! Oh, Paul, I loved you. I loved you so much. More than myself. More than anything. And now I'm all alone. What am I gonna do? Oh God, what am I gonna do?

[Emily weeping]


Meg: You really know where Emily might be?

Paul: I was leaning on Henry and he accused me of turning my back on Emily, and then it all kind of fell into place. I bet she went back to where it all started on New Yearís Eve.

Meg: The bluff where you were supposed to get married?

Paul: The bluff where I couldn't go through with the wedding.

Meg: Oh, come on, Paul, you honestly think she would go back to the same place where she gunned you down? I don't think so.

Paul: I don't know. I feel like there's some kind of pattern. I mean, she shot me there and then she takes Dusty back there to the same woods and holds him hostage. And I don't know what it is, but I feel like she has some kind of sick connection to that place.

Meg: But why now? To what end?

Paul: I'm not sure. One way or the other, I'm going up there and I'm gonna find out.

Meg: No. No more heroics, okay? Let the police handle this. We're calling Hal.


Hal: Any word on Emily?

Cop #1: No, lieutenant. But state troopers are teaming up with us to cover all exits out of town.

Susan: I know my daughter, Hal. She's scared. She wants to turn herself in, but she doesn't know how.

Hal: Yeah, well, I want to believe that. But at this point, anything is possible. For all we know, Emily could be halfway to Mexico by now.

Tom: I found this on my doorstep this morning.

Hal: Looks like Emily's handwriting.

Tom: "My dearest Daniel, Mommy wishes she had more to give you."

Susan: Can I see that?

Hal: That's it? One line?

Tom: No, this was in a box along with the note. Look familiar to either of you?

Susan: It's a family heirloom. It belonged to Emily's grandfather. She got it when he died. She told me she wanted to give it to Daniel when he turned 13.

Tom: So then if she left it on my doorstep to give to him now --

Susan: What?

Tom: That means she's serious about running. I think it's time to call in the feds.

Susan: No, please. You don't need the FBI for this.

Hal: I was gonna hold off a little longer on that. I still want to believe we can bring her in ourselves.

Tom: For all we know, she's already crossed state lines.

Hal: I don't think so. I don't think she's left this city. We've got roadblocks up everywhere.

Susan: If you bring in the fbi, that's gonna drive her into a corner. Who knows what she'll do? This isn't her fault. If you want to sic the feds on somebody, send them after Paul Ryan. This is his fault, not hers. He's the one you need to lock up!


Dusty: Jennifer, there's nothing you can do for your brother right now that won't put you in danger. He's out there looking for Emily. So are the cops. You don't want to put yourself in the middle of that.

Jennifer: So you really expect me to sit here waiting and worrying.

Dusty: Your father's gonna fill you in on everything that happens.

Jennifer: Unfortunately, my father doesn't care about Paul any more than you do. He still believes that Paul and Emily were working together.

Dusty: So do I.

Jennifer: Well, you're both wrong. Paul wants to bring Emily in.

Dusty: Why does he even care?

Jennifer: Because he feels responsible for the state she's in. He knows he pushed her over the edge.

Dusty: Well, it's gonna end up bad because Emily's a psychopath. Your brother might end up dead and take Meg along with him. You think I'm gonna let you walk into that trap?

Jennifer: Honey, that's not gonna happen.

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: I'm sorry I don't trust him like you do, and there's a reason for that. There's a reason I'm not taking any chances. When I was away -- when I was locked up all that time, you and Johnny were the only thing that kept me going. I held on because I got to come home to you guys. Nothing's gonna take you away from me, you understand? Nothing.


[Emily weeping]

Emily: Oh God! Oh, Paul, why did you leave me? Oh God, I'm lost without you!

Paul: Turn around.

Emily: Paul? You're here.

Paul: Yes, I'm here.

Emily: I knew you'd come. Oh God, I knew you'd come for me because you still love me! Please, I'm so scared. Tell me what to do. You're so cold. You're like ice. Why are you looking at me like that?

Paul: Do you really think I'd here to help you? Do you really think I could feel anything but hate towards you? After what you did? There's no love here. Not tonight.

Emily: Don't say that. Please don't say that. You're scaring me, Paul.

Paul: Oh, you should be scared. Tonight you face everyone you've ever hurt. Tonight there will finally be justice.

Jennifer: How could you do this, Emily?

Meg: You tried to destroy my life and you're gonna pay for it.

Emily: No.

Jennifer: You hurt me so much. You kept my child from me for so long.

Emily: No, no, I thought I was doing the right thing.

Jennifer: And then you took Dusty from me.

Dusty: I almost died because of you. I almost lost everything that matters to me. Now it's your turn.

Emily: Oh God! Make them stop, please! Oh God, make them stop

Paul: This wound in my chest is just one of your crimes. Tonight, you will answer for al of them.

Emily: I never meant for it to happen. I never meant for things to get so out of control.

Paul: Oh, but they did, didn't they?

Emily: No.

Paul: And now you're going to get what you deserve.

Emily: No, no, I know what I did was terrible. Unforgivable, even. But can't you just give me a second chance? Please, just one more chance.

Paul: It's too late for that it's way too late.

Henry: Didn't I tell you that Paul was on to you, Em? Didn't I warn you to get out of Dodge? But you didn't listen to me, though, did you? You never listen to me.

Emily: I just wanted him to love me.

Henry: I know, I know. That just proves how pathetic you really are.

Emily: Don't say that. You're supposed to be my friend.

Henry: I tried, Emily. I bent over backwards to be Mr. Compassionate for you, but you used me more as a servant than a friend. You stole my money. You used me to get what you wanted. You never thought about what I needed. It was always you, you, you.

Emily: No, I did care. I thought you wanted me to find happiness.

Henry: Not by involving me in kidnapping and planting evidence. That's not friendship, Emily, its blackmail.

Emily: No, but I did it because I love Paul. You knew that!

Henry: Change the track, will you? I am sick and tired of the same old song.

Emily: Tell him! Tell him! He doesn't understand! He doesn't understand everything I did was because I love you. Please, tell him!

Dusty: You don't know what love is! That's the problem. For love, you took a child away from its mother? For love, you kidnapped me and tried to frame it on Meg?

Meg: For love, you'd pull the trigger and kill the man you claim you can't live without? That's not love, Emily.

Dusty: It's madness. Pure and simple. Let's face it, you've lost your mind, and there's no going back.

Emily: No, no! Oh God, no!


Jennifer: The cops are after Emily, not Paul.

Dusty: Right now. But once they find her, don't be surprised if they get her to implicate him.

Jennifer: Paul had nothing to do with your kidnapping. Not after what Emily did to him. Honey, I saw that gunshot wound. You don't have to be a doctor to know that that was not a self-inflicted wound. She put that bullet in his back.

Dusty: And as far as s know, it could have been foreplay that got out of hand.

Jennifer: What a horrible thing to say.

Dusty: I'm just saying, I don't want you to trust your brother so quickly. You understand? No matter what he tells you, he's always looking out for himself. So if he's out there really looking for Emily, he's taking care of himself. Don't worry.

Jennifer: Well, I'm sorry. But if something happened to my brother and I did nothing about it, I would never be able to live with myself. And I'm sorry that you can't understand that.

Dusty: Jen --

Jennifer: Look, obviously, we've said everything that needs to be said. And obviously, we will never see eye to eye on this. So, I'm just going to go.

Dusty: No, wait a second. Jennifer, Jennifer. If you're really doing this, I'm calling the babysitter, because I'm going with you.


Emily: You have no right to judge me! I won't let you judge me like this! [Emily sobs] Jennifer, you're here. You're not like them. You're a good person. Tell me that you understand that I never set out to hurt you. We love Paul. Tell them. Tell them I did what I had to because I love him.

Jennifer: I can't do that, Emily. Because you're incapable of love. You're dangerous. To yourself and to everyone around you.

Emily: I'm a woman, just like you. I want to be loved.

Jennifer: Then how could take Dusty away from me and keep him locked up? [Johnny fussing] You let me think that he was dead! Just like you did with Johnny. You kept my child from me!

[Johnny crying]

Jennifer: What kind of a mother are you, anyway?

Emily: I love my son. I would do anything for him.

Jennifer: Then why isn't he with you?

Why did Tom take him away from you?

Daniel: Mommy where are you?

Emily: Oh, God, Daniel! Oh, oh! I missed you so much, my baby!

Daniel: Mommy? I can't find you. I'm scared.

Emily: Honey, I'm right here! Oh, God, I'm right in front of you! Please see me! Oh, God! Daniel, I'm right here!


Tom: Susan, blaming Paul Ryan for everything is not helping anyone, least of all Emily. Now, Hal is gonna need all the help he can get tracking her down, and if that means calling the FBI, then he should, by all means.

Susan: You didn't see the desperation in her eyes. I did! She's at the end of her rope.

Tom: That is why she's running.

Susan: No, no, I disagree. I think that note means that she's planning something much more drastic.


Daniel: Mommy? Where are you?

Emily: I'm right here. Mommy's right in front of you. I'm --

Tom: Don't you touch him.

Margo: We're not about to let you destroy this poor boy's life. You've poisoned him. You've poisoned everything you touch.

Emily: How could you think I would ever hurt my son?!

Daniel: I can't see you.

Emily: Oh, God.

Daniel: Are you here?

Tom: Don't you understand? You're dead to him now, and its better that way.

Emily: Oh, no. You tricked him! You made him tell you -- told him that I was never coming home! You made this little boy believe that I abandoned him.

Margo: We would never hurt Daniel.

Emily: Oh, yes, you would! You've been wanting to get rid of me for years. Give me my son! Give me my child!

Tom: No, Emily, I'm sorry. It's time to say good-bye.

Emily: Please! I know I made mistakes, but I never deserved having my son taken away from me! Please, bring him back!

Barbara: Listen to you. How desperate you sound. Do you know what happens to desperate people, Emily? They get locked up so they can't hurt anyone.

Emily: I am not crazy.

Barbara: Oh, trust me, I know all the signs. I've been there myself. Now, it can be a little scary in the beginning, but pretty soon, you'll just -- you'll be comforted, just to let go, take a nice, long rest and let other people make decisions for you.

Emily: No. You did this! It all goes back to you! You ruined Paul, and then he ruined me! You're the horrible mother, not me!

Barbara: How easy it is to throw stones when your back is against the wall. The truth is, Emily, you've brought this all on yourself.

Emily: No. No, it was you who twisted Paul's mind. You messed him up when he was growing up, and now he doesn't know how to love.

Barbara: No, darling, he just doesn't know how to love you.

Emily: No, he did love me. He loved me, I know it. I could feel it. And we would still be together if it weren't for you!

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: How pathetic you are. Listen to yourself, Emily. Paul doesn't love you. He never did.


Paul: Stop. Look, the last thing we want is for Hal to be involved. For him, this is all way too personal.

Meg: Oh, and it's not personal for you? Because it seems to me like you've got your own axe to grind with Emily.

Paul: I have my reasons for finding Emily, but none of them are anything to do with vengeance. I feel responsible. I feel like, since I'm the one that pushed her to this point, I'm the one that should go get her help.

Meg: You know, I still can't believe that you're blaming yourself for what she's done.

Paul: But I am to blame, partly. Look, when I told her that I couldn't marry her on New Yearís Eve, I did it so that she could be free -- free from me, and free from all of my baggage. And I know that I was doing it because Jennifer pointed out that I should put somebody else's needs in front of mine. But she doesn't know that. And she felt rejected. She felt kicked in the teeth. And it started this downward spiral, and people got hurt. Can you understand why I would want to make this right?

Meg: Well, what makes you think that it's not too late?

Paul: I don't know, I just -- I want to get there before the cops get there and something terrible happens.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: I'm not gonna talk you out of this, am I?

Paul: No.

Meg: Okay, then I'm going with you.

Paul: No --

Meg: No, no, no, no. I almost lost you once. It's not gonna happen again.

Paul: All right. Let's go. I hope we're not too late.

Dusty: Where's Emily?

Paul: I have no idea.

Dusty: Oh, you know, and you're gonna tell me. Tell me, now.

Paul: Dusty, there's no conspiracy here. Emily's on her own. We have no idea where she is.

Dusty: Where are you going in such a hurry?

Paul: I don't think that's really any of your business.

Meg: We're gonna go see Hal at the police station.

Jennifer: Is there news?

Meg: That's what we're trying to find out.

Paul: Yeah, maybe the police have had some luck tracking her down. We'll let you know if we find anything.

Jennifer: Okay, Paul, don't shut us out. If you know something, please tell us. We want to help.

Paul: There's nothing to do. There's nothing for any of us to do except wait. We're leaving this one to the police.

Dusty: If you find Emily, you better bring her in. If you let her get away, you'll deal with me.

Meg: Let's go.

Paul: Thank you.

Dusty: If he wants to figure out the progress that Halís making, all he has to do is pick up the phone. I bet he knows where Emily is and they're going after her on their own.

Jennifer: Well, even if that's true, I don't think he was planning on helping Emily escape. He wouldn't do that.

Dusty: Well, I've got to make sure, 'cause Emily's gonna pay for what she did. So does -- so does Paul. Let's go.


Emily: I know Paul loved me once. I couldn't have been wrong about it. I know it. I could feel it. I know it was real.

Barbara: Oh, please. You wouldn't know love if it walked up and bit you. You're a leech, Emily. You attach yourself to people, and you suck the life out of them. It's dependence, its addiction, and it's sick.

Emily: Paul loved me! And so did Hal. Don't tell me I don't know what love is! I have a soul! I have a heart!

Hal: I thought you did.

Emily: Oh --

Hal: That's why I fell in love with you. But it wasn't enough.

Emily: Oh, Hal -- oh, God, Hal, please, don't give up on me! Please, help me!

Hal: It's too late, Emily. Even if I could love you again it's too late.

Emily: Oh, no.


Susan: At least tell your people to be gentle with her. She's so fragile right now. Whatever else you may think about her, however she may have hurt you, I know you don't want to see her hurt.

Hal: Of course I donít.

Susan: Anymore than I do.

Tom: Hal has a duty to the law, so don't forget that.

Susan: What about your duty to your son? If something happens to his mother, are you ready to explain it to him.

Tom: Look, I know you're scared for your daughter, Susan, but if anyone is gonna give Emily the benefit of the doubt, its Hal.

Susan: Convince me, Hal. Tell me you still love Emily enough to keep her safe. Please, don't let anybody hurt her.


Hal: I could tell you that I still love you. I could tell you that you were the best thing that ever happened to me. But what good would it do? Because you never cared about me, not really. I was just a calm in the storm a temporary lull in the chaos you call your life!

Emily: I know, and I should have appreciated you more! I know that, 'cause we were good together. We were good together. You kept me grounded.

Hal: Then why did you trash everything that we had? Why did you hurt me?

Emily: I never meant to.

Hal: But you did, because you can't be grateful with what you've got. You always want more. And one day, you decided that wasn't enough!

Emily: I'm sorry.

Hal: No, I'm sorry, because you left me with a black hole where my heart used to be. And the only thing that will fill it now is to see you brought to justice.

Emily: No, no, you can't mean that. Please, you can't be so cruel. I'm sure you can find some way to show me some mercy! Hal, please!

Hal: I wish I could.

Emily: Oh, God.

Hal: But I don't seem to have any left.

Emily: Oh, God!

Hal: You have to go away for a long time, Emily. It's what you deserve.

Emily: Oh, no.

Dusty: For kidnapping me, and torturing me.

Meg: For setting me up for crime I didn't commit.

Jennifer: For trying to take my baby away from me.

Emily: No, please. Please, stop tormenting me.

Tom: For abandoning your only child.

Margo: Daniel deserves a better mother than the likes of you.

Daniel: Mommy? Where are you?

Emily: Oh, God! I'm right here, Daniel!

Hal: He can't hear you, Emily.

Henry: You betrayed my friendship. You made me waste a perfectly good cocktail set on you.

Emily: Oh, no.

Hal: It's time for you to suffer.

Barbara: For everything you did to Paul. Thank God you will finally be out of my son's life.

Susan: Let me through. Let me get to my daughter.

Emily: Please --

Susan: Let me get to her.

Emily: Oh, thank God you're here.

Susan: Emily, I'm so sorry.

Emily: Make it stop. Please, make it stop. Make them go away!

Susan: This isn't her fault it's mine. Honey, I failed you, and I'll never forgive myself. I wish there was something I could do for you, but I canít. It's too late. Hal's right.

Emily: No, it can't be too late! Please, just tell them to give me one more chance! Please! Oh, God.

Hal: It's time for you to pay for everything you've done to us, Emily.

Emily: No, I will not -- I will not let you take me away!

[Emily sobs]


Jennifer: You're headed back to Cokerís Woods?

Dusty: Honey, the cops are watching the bus station, the train station, the airport, all major roads, all major credit cards. Everybody in town knows her. Not too many places that she can hide. Although I've got to say, she can get pretty lost out here.

Jennifer: You don't think that she's headed back to the farmhouse where she held you hostage, do you?

Dusty: No, I think she knows the cops are still back there. I think she's headed in the other direction.

Jennifer: On foot, or do you think she has a car?

Dusty: I'm expecting to see Paul's car. I wouldn't be surprised if he's caught up to her by now.

Jennifer: Well, if Paul is with her, then I am -- I'm sure it's that he's trying to convince her to turn herself in. I'm sure of that.


Emily: Oh, Paul. Oh, God, is it really you? Oh, God.

[Emily sobs]

Paul: You're safe now, all right? It's all over.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Meg: Are you okay? I got worried.

Emily: What the hell is she doing here? What is going on?

Dusty: I know you love him no matter what, and he's your brother, but I'm not gonna let him screw up your life anymore. It all ends tonight.


Emily: Oh, God, thank God you're here. Oh -- you don't know -- you don't know what they did to me! You don't know they were tormenting me! You don't know what they put me through!

Paul: Who -- who are you talking about?

Emily: Jennifer -- Jennifer, and Hal, and Barbara, and Tom, and Margo. They were all here. They were all here.

Paul: They were here?

Emily: Yes! They were here, and they surrounded me, and they were telling me I was dangerous, that I was a bad mother, and they tried to take my son away from me!

Paul: Hush, hush, hush. Come on. Em, it was a bad dream, that's all.

Emily: It wasn't a dream, it wasn't a dream. I could feel it. It was real, and they wanted to hurt me. They wanted me dead, all of them!

Paul: They're not here now, okay? It's just me. I'm the only one who's here. And I'm not gonna let anybody hurt you.

Emily: Really, you're gonna help me?

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: Why?

Paul: Why? It's -- I owe you that much at least. Look, you're not here because of any choice that you made. It's all because of me.

Emily: Yes, it is.

Paul: All you did was love me, with everything that you are, the good and the bad, and I paid you back by walking away.

Emily: You have no idea how much that hurt. You have no idea.

Paul: I think I do. And I'm so sorry. I -- I know it's all my fault, and I'm here now to make everything right.

Emily: Then -- then you can help me escape. You can get me away. Get me away so they can't hurt me anymore.

Paul: Em, there's nowhere for you to go, okay? The police will look for you everywhere.

Emily: No! No, no, no, no, no! Just listen to me, you can get me across the border. Just get me across the border, and I won't ever come back. Please, I will never come back. Please help me, Paul! You are my last hope!


Jennifer: You don't believe me, do you? You still think that Paul's gonna help her get away.

Dusty: It's really hard for me to believe anything Paul says.

Jennifer: Well, he gave me his word.

Dusty: How many times did he do that when you thought Johnny was dead?

Jennifer: That was before. I -- I think all that's happened has actually changed him.

Dusty: Maybe you just want to believe that.

Jennifer: Maybe I -- maybe I want to trust him, no matter how wrong that seems to you.

Dusty: How many times has he lied? He confessed to my kidnapping, and then he takes it back. He says he tried to kill himself, and then he says that Emily shot him. He dumps Emily 'cause he loves her too much, and then he marries her, to trap her into incriminating herself? He's insane!

Jennifer: Please don't say that.

Dusty: I'm sorry. I know you love him no matter what, and he's your brother, but I'm not gonna let him screw up your life anymore. It all ends tonight.


Paul: Emily, look, I can't get you to the border of anywhere. This isn't just Halís people anymore. The state police are on the case.

Emily: I'm not some vicious criminal.

Paul: Well, I know that.

Emily: Well, then why -- why do they need so many people out there? What do they think I'm gonna do?

Paul: I think they're afraid you're gonna hurt somebody. After what happened with Dusty --

Emily: Yeah, but I was scared! I was scared! That's why I did that! Don't you understand? I was afraid. I was losing you. But I'm with you now, and when I'm with you, I'm fine. You can tell them that. Tell that I'm with you, I'm fine. They'll listen to you.

Paul: Yeah, I don't think that's gonna fly.

Emily: No, they will believe you, I know it, because you love me. I know you love me. That's why you're here, and that's how I know you're gonna get me out of this mess -- only you.

Paul: Okay, yeah, I'll try. I'll do everything that I can. But first, Emily, you need to trust me one more time. Can you do that? Can you do that, Em?


Tom: Susan, don't be so dramatic. No one is going to harm Emily.

Susan: How do you know?

Tom: Daniel's the one I'm worried about. Emily always looks after Emily, but she doesn't have a very good history of looking out for her son.

Susan: That is not fair. Emily loves Daniel. She's scared of you. She's always been terrified that you're gonna take Daniel away, and that's just what you've done!

Tom: Well, I had no choice. After what she's done, did you seriously think I should leave him in her care? I should have taken him a long time ago. But Margo and I have bent over backwards to try to keep Emily in Daniel's life. Every time she messed up, I forgave her. I always offered her a second chance.

Hal: We all have. That's part of the mistake. Emily's had so many second chances, she thinks she can get away with anything right now. I'm as guilty as you are, Susan. But I think it's time we took off the blinders and stopped making excuses.

Susan: I'm not making excuses for my daughter. I'm pleading for her life. If you two don't understand that, then neither of you deserve to be called a parent.


Paul: There is one way to get you to safety. But you need to do what I tell you to do, okay?

Emily: No, the only safe place for me is as far away from Oakdale as I can possibly get!

Paul: Maybe, I don't know. But why don't we go somewhere now?

Emily: No, would you listen to me? Just listen to what I'm saying! We don't have time! You -- you have friends. You have friends in other countries, right? I know you do. You've got people that can make documents for us. Listen to me, Mexico. We would love Mexico, and we would be happy there. We could pretend these last four months never happened!

Paul: Okay, stop! Look, forget about Mexico! Listen to me. You -- we need to focus on getting out of here, all right? Now, someone could have found our cars by now, and in a few minutes, this place could be overrun with cops. I mean -- not now. It's not now, all right? Right now, it's just you and me, but we need to focus on getting out of here. We need to think fast. And you -- Emily, you need -- you need to trust me one more time. Can you do that, huh?

Emily: I want to trust you.

Paul: Okay.

Emily: One more time?

Paul: That's great. Come on. Let's go.

Meg: Paul? Hey, you okay? I got worried --

Emily: What the hell is she doing here? What is going on? It was just a trick.

Paul: No, it wasn't a trick.

Emily: You're a liar. You said it was just you and me.

Paul: It was you and me. It was the truth. Emily, every word that I said to you was true.

Emily: Stop it! Shut up! I don't believe a word you say. And you -- you came here together. You came here together to hurt me. Oh, my God, what, are you gonna kill me? You want to kill me up here?

Paul: How can you even say that? We came to help you!

Emily: What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? You gonna bury me in the woods so nobody'll find me? That's a great idea. You could just tell everybody I just run away and then you two could be off and run to be together. You -- you and that slut of yours.

Meg: You're wrong, Emily.

Emily: Shut up! Shut up! And you -- your wedding ring? You couldn't wait to take it off, could you? Because our marriage was nothing but a lie! It was a trick! It was a trick!

Paul: Don't do this, all right. Don't throw away your only chance of getting out of here.

Emily: Why'd you marry me anyway? So I would tell you the truth about Dusty? And you? I know you were on it the whole time. You and Jennifer, all of you. You all -- you all want me to believe your lies, all of you. But I'm -- I'm smarter than you. I'm smarter than all of you. I hear everything. I see everything. And I know you all just want to hurt me.

Paul: Nobody wants to hurt you. Emily, nobody wants to hurt you! Okay, listen, you're very frightened right now so you are imagining things. But -- but, don't turn your back on me, all right? You said it yourself, I'm the only one left that can help you.

Emily: Oh, stop pretending you care! You don't give a damn! My eyes are wide open, now. You care about Meg. You've always cared about Meg! I heard you say it in the woods yesterday! You told Hal that all you cared about was Meg's freedom.

Paul: Yeah, I only said that for Halís sake. So that he wouldn't suspect that I was gonna come look for you.

Emily: Oh, yeah. You came -- you came -- you came for me, but didn't come to help me, you came -- you came to hurt me. To get me out of the way so you could be with her!

Paul: Meg, I think maybe you should just go --

Emily: Oh, stop it! You really think that's gonna make a difference? I will never trust you, again. I will never go anywhere with you, ever again!

Paul: Look, Emily, you're making a huge mistake.

Emily: Oh, God, stay away from me! I swear to God, stay away from me, Paul. Or I will make you suffer for the rest of your life. Do you understand me?


Dusty: Do you know what Emily said when I asked her if Paul was involved?

Jennifer: What?

Dusty: She said, "I'll never know what she's done for him."

Jennifer: That could mean all sorts of different things.

Dusty: Like what?

Jennifer: She -- honey, she's obsessed when it comes to Paul. So obsessed that she builds this fantasy world.

Dusty: Like hearing voices?

Jennifer: Just because she had this conviction that she was doing Paul's bidding, it doesn't mean that Paul was behind any of the things that she's done.

Dusty: Well, if it turns out you're right, nobody's gonna be happier than me. But my only concern's protecting you. Whatever it takes.

Jennifer: Honey, what did you do with that gun you took from Emily? Where is it? Oh --

Dusty: It's in my pocket.

Jennifer: Damn it!

Dusty: I'm not gonna use it, only if I have to. I mean -- I don't plan on using it. But I am gonna keep you safe.

Jennifer: Okay, I don't care how you feel about Paul. You are not gonna hurt him for any reason. Do you understand?

Dusty: That's Paul's car, right there, isn't it?

Jennifer: Yeah, it is.

Dusty: Well, I guess we're about to figure out who's right and who's wrong.


Tom: This is pointless.

Hal: And it gets us no closer to finding Emily.

Susan: You just want to find her so you can punish her. That's why I want to protect my her all the more.

Tom: The way to protect her is to get her off the street.

Susan: And you'll use any means possible, won't you? Because you just don't care. You only care about what's yours.

Tom: If you're saying I care about my son, you're damn right I do. And yes, I will authorize any means possible to be sure that Emily does Daniel no more harm.

Susan: Emily has never harmed Daniel! All she's ever done is love him! What's going on? Did someone find her?

Hal: What's up?

Cop #1: State chopper spotted just the suspect's car near Cokerís Woods.

Hal: Just the vehicle?

Cop #1: So far.

Hal: Thanks.

Susan: Emily abandoned her car? What does that mean?

Hal: That's what I'm gonna find out.

Susan: Hal, I'm begging you to keep your word. Please don't let anything happen to Emily.

Hal: You know I'll do everything I can.


Paul: Emily, you have two choices. You can stay here and be ambushed by some cop in the middle of nowhere or you can, please, come with me right now, please.

Emily: Why? So you can get rid of me in private?

Paul: No. So I can make sure you're treated fairly.

Emily: Fairly? Fairly? What's fair about the police targeting me and not you, huh? From the minute we were together, all I wanted was to make you happy. I just didn't know how sick you were. How far you'd go to protect your own sister -- but here we are, months later, and the police are targeting me and you're walking around scot free.

Paul: You're right. Don't you think that they should know that? They should be coming after me. You have to set the record straight, Emily, right? I mean, if you run now, you take the rap for everything. I get off scot free.

Emily: Is that supposed to convince me to stick around, because forget it. I'd rather be shot in the back than ever trust you again.

Paul: Wait, wait! What about Daniel? What about Daniel, huh?

Emily: No --

Paul: And your mom?

Emily: My son.

Paul: Think about how devastated your mother would be if she lost you forever?

Emily: My mother doesn't care anymore. Because of you, she turned away. She told me you'd break my heart and now she's gone.

Paul: Your mother would never turn her back on you, ever. Susan loves you no matter what and once you apologize to her --

Emily: No, no.

Paul: Once you explain that this is all my fault, I'm sure she --

Emily: Stop it! Stop trying to confuse me!

Paul: She's gonna fight for you.

Emily: There's no going back, now.

Paul: I'm not trying to confuse you --

Emily: I know there's no turning back.

Paul: Emily, please, let me help you.

Dusty: You're not helping anyone.

Emily: Oh, my God! What are they doing here? Oh, God, what are they doing here!

Paul: Get him out of here!

Emily: It's just like before! They're gathering around me!

Paul: No. Look, them being there. Here, has got nothing to do with me being here.

Meg: Paul's got it under control, okay?

Dusty: Oh, yeah, I bet he does.

Meg: He's convincing her to turn herself in.

Emily: No, no, no! I will never do that!

Paul: Please don't move!

Emily: Stay away from me.

Jennifer: Dusty, no.

Emily: Just stay away from me!

Paul: Take my hand, come on, please. Take my hand, that way you won't fall.

Emily: I'm begging you to stay away!

Paul: I'm on your side. Please, I swear. Just step back from the edge.

Emily: No.

Paul: No, think about Daniel. Daniel! All right, don't do this to him. Please! Please, Emily! Come on, take my hand!

[Emily crying]

Emily: Oh, God!


Hal: All right, guys. The troopers will contain her, but it's up to us to bring her home. Now I want that done as calmly and as safely as we can. I don't want to see any heroes out there, all right?

Susan: Bring her back to me, Hal.

Hal: I'll do my best.

Tom: Hal's as good as they come. He'll bring her back. And he will be careful.

Susan: If anything happens to my baby --

Tom: Look, it's been a -- it's been a tense day. I said some things that I didn't mean.

Susan: I know I haven't been a good parent. I have two troubled girls and it's mostly my fault.

Tom: As parents, we do the best we can and hope that it's enough.

Susan: What happens when it -- when it isn't?

Tom: Pray for a chance and hope we get it right.

Susan: I'm sure praying for that chance right now.

Tom: I know you are. Look, I want Emily to get the help that she needs. And I do not want any harm to come to her.


Paul: Don't let it end this way. Come on, take my hand. I'll make sure you don't fall.

Emily: What do I have left?

Paul: A chance to get better. Come on. Don't you think you've been through enough?

Emily: Because of you.

Paul: Yeah -- because of me. And I will take responsibility for that. I will. I will make sure that everyone knows that this was not your fault, none of it. Okay, they'll listen to me.

Emily: Will they?

Paul: Yes, they will. I'll make sure that they do. I swear.

Emily: I guess all I have to do is trust you, one more time.

Paul: Yeah. One more time.

[Emily sobbing]

Emily: All I ever wanted was for you to love me.

Paul: I know.

Emily: See, the thing of it is, after everything I know -- after everything that's happened -- if I trust you, if I take your hand -- oh --

Paul: What? What?

Emily: I'd never be able to forgive myself.

Paul: No! Emily, no! No! God!

[Emily jumps over the cliff]

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