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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/27/06

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Announcer: The role of Casey Hughes is being played today by Scott Porter.

Maddie: Guess who?

Casey: Avril Lavigne?

Maddie: Would Avril Lavigne do this?

Casey: If I'm lucky. But now, not so lucky. There's still tons of stuff left to do.

Maddie: Yeah, but I just saw Gwen --

Casey: Who knows? I got the sound problems, I don't have a live act, and there's a problem. So, later, okay?

Maddie: But I'm wearing perfume.

Will: There is nothing sexier than a woman with a guitar.

Gwen: So, what's the -- what's the look? Raitt, Etheridge, a little Sheryl Crow?

Will: It's pure Gwen Munson. Hey, stop, what are you doing? I'm kind of enjoying the view.

Gwen: I feel silly.

Will: No, not in my fantasy.

Casey: Oh, great, great. You changed your mind.

Gwen: No, no, actually.

Will: About what?

Casey: Going solo tonight.

Gwen: I'm not -- I'm not going solo. I told you, I need -- I need a band. I need a little, you know, moral support.

Casey: You didn't need it last night.

Will: Last night?

Gwen: It was nothing. I just played something so Casey could do a sound check.

Casey: Yeah, and it was off the hook, Will. You should've heard her sing.

Gwen: Okay, well, it's easy when there's no pressure. I mean, the place was empty.

Casey: Well, then just pretend it's empty tonight. Look, I need a live act. Can you talk to her?

Will: Why don't you just dedicate the set to me and then make every guy in the place jealous?

Casey: Yeah, whatever works.

Will: You know, you're always singing around the house.

Gwen: Oh, that's different.

Will: They'd love you.

Gwen: You really think so?

Will: I know so.

Gwen: Okay, sure. Okay, why not?

Casey: Great! Great. All right, I'll go get a sound check ready.

Will: You know, I didn't mean to push you. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

Gwen: No, no, it's not that I don't want to. I was just -- I was just thinking, what if you're the only one that claps?


Carly: Well, thanks for keeping the kids tonight, Joan. No, no, I don't have any plans. Just tell them I'll call them to say goodnight. Thanks.

[Carly screams]


Nick: You know, they should have those forensic reports and those bones by now.

Mike: You think Jack knows anything?

Nick: Probably. The good news is he hasn't hauled you in yet.

Mike: Yet. He made a pretty big point of telling me not to leave town.

Nick: Yeah, but he's gotta question you. I mean, you told him everything you knew about the hidden rubies, right?

Mike: Yeah, I told him I hid them in the wall. I left you out of it.

Nick: You didn't have to do that.

Mike: You've had enough trouble.

Nick: How's Katie?

Mike: She tries to pretend like everything's normal, but ever since she saw that skeleton, I can tell she's worried sick for me.

Nick: Well, I'll find out everything we need to know from forensics.

Mike: Just keep yourself out of it, all right?

Nick: Listen, I'm doing this for Katie. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even have a job. All right, I'll let you know what I find out. Hey.

Katie: Hi. What's up with Nick?

Mike: Where's your florist?

Katie: What did he tell -- did he tell you anything about the case?

Mike: No.

Katie: Come on, Mike. You can tell me. I can handle it. Unless they're going to arrest you and then I might decide to freak out.

Mike: Hey, look, Jack just wants the truth, same as us. There's nothing to worry about. Jack's on our side.


Meg: You can't keep me here.

Jack: Yes, I can.

Meg: Why?

Jack: Because it's safe.

Meg: I'm safe at the farm.

Jack: Not alone.

Meg: Mama has a gun.

Jack: That hasn't been fired since the 80s.

Meg: Well, what about Paul?

Jack: Paul can take care of himself.

Meg: Not against Emily.

Jack: I warned him, Meg.

Meg: Look, can't you get one of your fellow cops out to find him?

Jack: I don't have cause.

Meg: Emily kidnapped and nearly killed Dusty. If she thinks that Paul turned on her, she not gonna think twice about killing him. If that's not cause, Jack, what is?


Dusty: I think you missed your calling.

Jennifer: What, Geisha?

Dusty: Best shave I ever had.

Jennifer: The only shave you've had in a while.

Dusty: Your hands are like miracle workers.

Jennifer: Gosh, I'm touching you and I still can't believe you're here.

Dusty: Believe this. [Johnny crying] I think somebody wants to join the party.

Jennifer: Well, he missed you so much.

Dusty: I missed him.

Jennifer: I'll be right back.

Dusty: I'll go get him.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no, no. You shouldn't be lifting anything heavier than a champagne glass.

Dusty: Ow!

Jennifer: I told you he was finally home.

Dusty: There he is. Hey, Johnny. You been taking care of your mom?

Jennifer: Yes, he has.

Dusty: Now it feels like I'm really home.


Susan: Emily?

Emily: Shh! For God's sake, don't say my name! Get away from the door!

Susan: Here, I brought you a couple things.

Emily: Crackers and water? Are you kidding me? I could get this in prison.

Susan: The cafeteria's was closed.

Emily: Give me your wallet. Where's your wallet?

Susan: What are you doing?

Emily: I need money, Mom. I need cash.

Susan: It doesn't matter how much money you have. Where are you gonna go? The police are after you.

Emily: $30, Mother? What's the limit on your credit cards?

Susan: It doesn't matter. You can't leave.

Emily: Give me your lab coat. Take your coat off.

Susan: You think this is all it's gonna take for you to sneak out of here?

Emily: I snuck in. Didn't I, Mom? Get it off!

Susan: Emily, you've gotta stop running. You have to stop running. We can fight these charges, together.

Emily: I would rather face a firing squad.

Susan: Don't say that!

Emily: He never loved me, Mom.

Susan: Baby, he was never worthy of your love.

[Knocking at door]

Emily: Oh, God!

Susan: It's probably just --

Emily: Oh, God! Okay.

Susan: It's probably just the security checking rooms.

Emily: Do you think they know I came in?

Susan: I don't know.

Emily: Mother, listen to me! Turn around and look at me! You cannot turn me in. I can't go back to jail. Mother, please! Please, God, help me. Oh, God.

Paul: Where is she, Susan? Where's Emily?


Maddie: Break time.

Casey: I don't have time for a break.

Maddie: My boyfriend the workaholic?

Casey: Hey! Don't put those there. And I need two amps. And can we get some decent lighting in here for the live performance?

Gwen: Can you say stressed?

Maddie: Oh, you see me? I'm not invisible?

Gwen: I think Casey’s pretty nervous right now.

Maddie: Yeah, yeah, well, his rep for being the best deejay in town is on the line, so -- but he said that there's gonna be a live performance. I didn't know that. Do you know who it is?

Gwen: Um, yeah -- that would be me, actually.

Maddie: Really? You got your band together?

Gwen: No, just me, myself and a lone guitar.

Maddie: Well, you are gonna be great.

Gwen: Yeah, well, we'll see. My knees have got their own tempo going right now.

Maddie: Are you kidding me? You're gonna rock this place. I'm telling you right now.

Gwen: That's what Will says. He got me this, like, amazing guitar strap.

Maddie: I know. I saw it last night. It's really cool.

Gwen: Yeah, let's hope that it brings me luck, huh?

Maddie: Gwen, how do you do it?

Gwen: Do what?

Maddie: The whole "couple" thing. I mean, Will gets it. He gets it. He knows what to say and what to do and --

Gwen: You know, I don't know. You know, maybe -- maybe it takes living through rough times and finding out that you're stronger together than you are apart.

Casey: Hey, Gwen, are you ready for that sound check?

Gwen: Yeah, Maddie and I were just --

Casey: All right, let's go. We don't have a lot of time. Come on.

Gwen: Dude, I'm sorry, are you blind?

Casey: What?

Gwen: Maddie looks incredible.

Casey: Yeah, so?

Gwen: So, open your eyes and tell her so, or I don't sing a single note tonight.


Carly: I can design something better than that. [Knocking at door] Who is it?

Will: It's Will. Hi. Hi.

Carly: Hi. Where's Gwen?

Will: That's why I'm here, actually.

Carly: What's wrong?

Will: Nothing's wrong. Can I come in?

Carly: Sure.

Will: So, I heard about Jack and everything and I'm -- I'm sorry about that.

Carly: Thanks.

Will: Are the kids home?

Carly: No. No, they're spending a night at the neighbors.

Will: Well, that's good. So, let's go.

Carly: Go where?

Will: Crash is opening tonight. You know, Lisa’s new club. They're having this huge party. So, unless you have a better offer, you should go with me.


Meg: Any word?

Jack: Meg, relax, we'll find Emily.

Meg: And in the meantime?

Jack: Paul wants to keep you safe, I'm keeping you safe.

Meg: Nobody's keeping Paul safe.

Jack: Paul went out to take a walk to clear his head.

Meg: And you believe him?

Jack: It's not my job, o cousin of mine, to keep tabs on your boyfriends.

Meg: Jack, Paul and you are on the same side now.

Jack: I am not on the same side where people take law into their own hands.

Meg: Are we talking about Paul or Carly?

Jack: We are not having this conversation.

Meg: Look, arrest me or let me go.

Jack: And deal with Emma? No way. It's called protective custody, Meg.

Meg: You can't keep me here. I haven't committed any crime or broken any laws. So, if you're not gonna do anything to help Paul, I will.

Jack: Meg! Meg –


Susan: Shh! I've got a very sick patient in this room.

Paul: Has Emily called you? Have you talked to her? I'm only trying to help.

Susan: Oh, she's had enough of your help.

Paul: I'm not proud of the way I've treated her.

Susan: You're not proud and she's being hunted by the cops. I don't think that's a fair exchange.

Paul: Okay, look, just -- just promise me that if she does comes to you, you'll let me know.

Susan: She's not gonna come to me. You made sure that she cut herself off from everybody who loved her.

Paul: I just -- I just want to talk to her.

Susan: And say what? That you love her? That's all she wants to hear, you know, even now.

Paul: I would tell her that I wish I could love her the way she deserves to be loved. And I would tell her that no matter how scared she is right now, she is not alone.

Susan: So, what are you saying? That you'll stand by Emily as her husband? That someday she'll have a future with you? [Susan laughs] I didn't think so.

Paul: You know where she is, don't you?

Susan: I gotta page --

Paul: No, hold on a second. I don't want some rookie cop with a bad case of nerves cornering her.

Susan: Because you care?

Paul: I do.

Susan: Nobody who cares about my daughter could've -- could've played with her emotions the way you did. To actually go ahead and marry her?

Paul: I had to. I had to find Dusty and bring him back to my sister. Jennifer has been through hell.

Susan: What about the hell my daughter's been through? And thanks to you! I've got work to do.

Emily: You see? Do you see the way he is? How easily he lies? He doesn't care about me. All he cares about is that I don't hurt his precious Meg.

Susan: I'm so sorry, baby.

Emily: God, I almost -- I almost believed him. I want to believe him -- still. Don't you get it? That's why I need to go far away. I need to go far away so I don't trick myself into hoping. Mother, please, my God, you've got to help me get out of here!

Susan: All right, okay. I'll help you.

Emily: Please!

Susan: I'll help you. I'll make sure that you get out of this, okay? I'll do everything I can.

[Emily crying]


Katie: All these flower arrangements are starting to look the same.

Mike: What time's our appointment with the florist?

Katie: I cancelled it when I went to pick up the brochure.

Mike: Why?

Katie: Because Lisa called to invite us to the opening of crash tonight.

Mike: What'd you tell her?

Katie: That I would talk to you first. I didn't really know if you were in the partying mood.

Mike: Not really but maybe a party's exactly what we need.

Katie: Really?

Mike: Sure. Maybe if we start acting like everything's okay, sooner or later it will be.

Katie: Dead people falling out of walls is not okay.

Mike: Hey --

Katie: We should just admit we're scared if we're scared.

Mike: The only thing that scares me is losing you.

Katie: Not gonna happen.

Mike: Okay. Nick's gonna find out what he can from forensics, and he's sure that Jack is not out to pin this on me.

Katie: All right, let's just pray that he's right.

Jack: What the hell are you doing?

Nick: What's in this file, Jack?

Jack: It's not your case.

Nick: I'm Mike's cousin.

Jack: Yeah. That's why you gotta stay out of it.

Nick: Just tell me the I.D. on the body.

Jack: Forget it.

Nick: How long was that skeleton in the wall? I mean, is there a cause of death?

Jack: If you want to look at this file, write up an official report to Hal or the commissioner.

Nick: I'm asking for a favor.

Jack: That's a good one.

Nick: Jack, he was trying to do the right thing by returning stolen property. Would he have gone near that wall if he thought he'd implicate himself in a murder?

Jack: I am not having this discussion with you right now.

Nick: All right, if you find anything that could tie Mike to that body, would you tell me?

Jack: Stay out of this case, Nick. Having you on my back is the last thing that's gonna help Mike right now.


Dusty: We gotta make up for lost time, right, J.D.? There's so much I'm gonna teach you.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah?

Dusty: Yeah. We gotta get him ready for summer, right?

Jennifer: What about summer?

Dusty: The beach, bird watching, whatever.

Jennifer: He's a little young.

Dusty: What, do you want him to grow up to be a mama's boy?

Jennifer: Yes, I do.

Dusty: No, you don’t. That's why I'm here.

Jennifer: And what would he do without you?

Dusty: Become a fashion designer.

Jennifer: Now I remember why he and I missed you so much.

Dusty: I missed the drool he put down on my best shirts. I got used to the damp shoulders.

Jennifer: You know, I think he knew something was wrong. He'd just start crying for no reason.

Dusty: He's such a good boy. He's so happy.

[Knocking at door]

Jennifer: Oh, that must be room service. I ordered us tons of food.

Dusty: What about the boy here?

Jennifer: I'll fix him something.

Dusty: You fix him something and I'll get the door.

Jennifer: Oh, I can get it.

Dusty: Its okay, I'm fine.

Jennifer: Okay. All right, buddy, what's on the menu? Huh? Huh?

Meg: Hey, Dusty, I'm sorry to bother you.

Dusty: What do you want?

Meg: Has Jen heard from Paul in the last few hours?

Dusty: No.

Meg: You're sure he hasn't called?

Dusty: Nobody called.

Meg: Can I speak to Jen? I'm worried about Paul.

Dusty: I'll tell her for you.

Meg: I'm not going anywhere until I speak to Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey, speak to me about what?


Emily: Give me your car keys.

Susan: Emily --

Emily: Give me your car keys, Mother. I have to drive myself to the airport.

Susan: Stop it! Think about this! Think about this!

Emily: Give me the keys!

Susan: Honey, honey, you can't go to the airport. The police are there. And besides, where would you go?

Emily: I don't know. Mexico, somewhere.

Susan: Mexico? How long could you last in Mexico?

Emily: I don't know, Mother, but I need to go. Paul knows you were covering for me. I could hear -- he could hear it in your voice.

Susan: Honey, Honey, your life --

Emily: Would you just listen to me? I need to go now!

Susan: Your life is here! Your son is here. I'm here, I love you, he loves you.

Emily: I can't stay and raise my son from a prison cell. Oh, God, a prison cell! Oh, my God, how did I get here? How did I get like this?

Susan: Paul. It's Paul! He got you here.

Emily: He loved me once. He did. He was the best thing that ever happened to me, Mom. I know it. And you never got that. None of you people ever got that from him.

Susan: You listen to me, those days are over! You gotta get your life back now. You gotta fight for it. You gotta fight for your son. You're strong. You can do it. And I'll be with you, but you can't -- you can't keep running. You have to stay. You can't go, baby. You can't go.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: Maybe we should postpone the wedding.

Nick: You know that stuff can give you a nasty headache.

Carly: Sort of like you.

Meg: I'm not going anywhere.

Paul: Look, it's not safe, okay? We can argue later.

Meg: We'll argue now. Paul, I don't need protecting.

Susan: I need Lieutenant Munson.

Emily: Try his pager, it's usually on.


Will: Of course, if you'd rather mope around here with a cheap glass of wine --

Carly: You're in the minors, will. I know head games. I invented head games. You want to get me all worked up so I charge out, go to the party just to prove a point.

Will: Is it working?

Carly: Sorry. I'm not in the mood, not tonight.

Will: Not even to hear Gwen sing?

Carly: Gwen's singing?

Will: Yep, and she's really nervous. So, I thought maybe, you know, if you were there, that would help.

Carly: Huh, my sister the rock star.

Will: Well, not quite, not yet. But, you know, watch out, someday. So, do you want to go? I'll drive.

Carly: I don't know. I'll think about it, but no promises, okay?

Will: Okay. She goes on soon.

Carly: I said I'll think about it.

Will: All right, well, I've got to get back.

Carly: Hey, Will. Thanks for letting me know. And if I don't show up, wish her luck.

Will: I will. And I hope you do show up, because it would really mean to the world to her.


Casey: Gwen, I'm a guy, all right? I can't do more than one thing at once.

Gwen: So, you can't run music and notice that Maddie’s alive at the same time?

Casey: I noticed.

Gwen: Yeah, what's she wearing?

Casey: Something -- nice.

Gwen: Man, I thought she mattered to you.

Casey: She does matter.

Gwen: Just not tonight?

Casey: Gwen, this is huge for me. I blew my chance to go to Wisconsin. I've been the family screw-up for the better part of a year and maybe I just want to do something right for a change.

Gwen: Oh, that's right -- I'm sorry, I forgot, you can't do two things right at the same time.

Casey: All right, you know what? I don't need attitude.

Gwen: Okay, well, what about Maddie? Do you need her?

Casey: Where's that list for the third set?

Gwen: Do you really not get it? Maddie looks amazing tonight. Not because she wants the general public to notice, but because she wants you to notice. All right, this place is great, and I want it to be a success as much as you do. But it's not worth me messing up with will or you losing Maddie, okay? No job is worth that much.


Jennifer: Did you try his cell?

Meg: Yeah, he's not picking up. He's gone after Emily. He's afraid that she'll hurt me.

Dusty: Maybe he'll get the Purple Heart.

Jennifer: Dusty --

Dusty: Come on, Red, she's playing you.

Meg: I'm scared, Jen. You know what Emily's capable of, and Paul won't quit till he finds her.

Jennifer: I'll call my dad. I'll see what he can do.

Meg: Thanks.

Dusty: Are we done?

Meg: We were done a long time ago. How can you hate Paul so much when he's the one that saved your life?


Paul: Where is she?

Henry: Oh, man. What, do I need a restraining order?

Paul: What did Emily say?

Henry: I don't know. She doesn't write, she doesn't call, I really don't -- ah-hah, you owe me eight bucks.

Paul: You tell me where Emily is, I'll buy you a whole case of booze.

Henry: I don't know. She's in Bali, yeah. Or South America. I hear New Zealand’s nice this time of year.

Paul: Damn it, Henry, I need to find her, okay? And I came to you because obviously she needs -- she needs help from someone.

Henry: Not my help. Not my help. I told her to get away -- as far away from here as her gorgeous little legs could take her. And if I get my wish, then she's on a beach somewhere now with a mojito in one hand and her very own little Paul Ryan voodoo doll in the other.


Emily: Oh, can I keep this, please?

Susan: He's changed a lot since then.

Emily: Send him to me. After I get myself settled, send him to me.

Susan: Emily, you want me to kidnap my own grandson -- ship him off to a foreign country where his mother is a fugitive?

Emily: I can't just never see my son again, mother. I need my baby.

Susan: What about his needs?

Emily: I'll make it up to him. I'll make it up to him once I get my life put back together.

Susan: You can only do that here, where it fell apart.

Emily: I can't stay here. I can't stay where Paul is in love with another woman. I cannot do it.

Susan: Forget about Paul! This is about your son! [Emily sobbing] I love Daniel. I love my son. I will give him a good home.

Susan: No, you won’t. He'll end up taking care of you, just the way you took care of me.

Emily: I am not you!

Susan: You won't get back the time. Life happens in very small moments -- in the school auditorium, across the breakfast table, doing homework. That's the way you raise a happy, healthy son. And maybe I didn't do it for you, but I'm begging you to do it for your son.

Emily: Don't you understand? Tom won't let me, the police won't let me.

Susan: Honey, if you stay and face the charges, then you have a chance to be a mother to your son --

Emily: No, no! Don't you see? They're gonna turn him against me!

Susan: Don't you understand? That is never gonna happen, he loves you. He cries for you everyday --

Emily: Oh, God, don't say it! I don't want to hear it! Please don't hear it!

Susan: Emily, you have to hear it. Listen to me --

Emily: Listen to me -- you listen to me! If you're not gonna send him -- then he's better off without me.

Susan: How can you say that?

Emily: Just let him -- let him remember the good times, you know, when he lived with me and Hal. He loved that. You know, I was home with him and I made him snacks and I took him to the movies. Because, you're right, those were the good times. I mean, I'm lucky if I'm just a good memory now.

Susan: And what am I supposed to tell him when he asks me where you are?

Emily: Tell him I'm dead.

Susan: Emily?

Emily: Just do it! It's cleaner that way. Just do it!

Susan: Emily, you can't --

Emily: I gotta go. Just stop talking, I have to go!

Susan: You can't go! You can't --

Emily: And I am never coming back. I can never -- I can never come home again. [Emily crying]


Will: Can I have an autograph?

Gwen: Hey, where'd you go?

Will: Just had to check something out.

Gwen: How do I -- how do I look?

Will: You look like a star.

Carly: Hi. It's the best I could do on short notice.

Gwen: Hey. How did you even know?

Carly: I heard that you're headlining.

Gwen: Oh, so that's where you went?

Will: See, you're already up two fans. You guys want something to drink?

Carly: Yes, I'd love it.

Gwen: No, I'm cool, I'm good. He beg you to come?

Carly: Well, I stopped him before he got down on his knees.

Gwen: Look, I know you probably don't feel much like going out right now --

Carly: No, I'm fine. This looks like a fun night.

Gwen: You're okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I'm here to have fun, not cry about my marriage.

Gwen: Well, I'm really glad that you're here. Actually, I have to go check on a couple of things --

Carly: Yeah, no, go. I'll hold these for you. Go ahead and I'll see you on stage.

Will: Here's the lady I was telling you about.

Carly: Thanks.

Waitress: You’re welcome.

Will: Thanks. Is this close to what you had at home?

Carly: Yeah, it's close enough. Yeah.

Will: Great. So, where'd Gwen go?

Carly: Just to do whatever someone does before they sing.

Will: Okay, do you mind if I --

Carly: No, go ahead. Hey, Will -- thanks for inviting me.

Casey: When did she leave?

Lisa: Just a minute or so ago. She wasn't feeling well.

Casey: Can I borrow these?

Lisa: Yeah, sure. Here you go.

Casey: Thank you so much, Grandma.


Mike: Hey, I didn't think you were gonna make it.

Nick: Yeah, it's pretty slow at the station.

Katie: What did you find out?

Nick: Nothing. Jack won't let me near the case. Don't worry, I'll stay on him until we get some more answers.


Dusty: You hungry?

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I don't want to spoil your homecoming.

Dusty: Jen, you're not spoiling anything.

Jennifer: I really think Paul is trying to do the right thing this time.

Dusty: Paul can't do the right thing. He can't do the right thing before he always does the wrong thing.

Jennifer: No -- it's not that simple.

Dusty: It is simple. You love someone, you stick with them. You make a promise, you stick with it.

Jennifer: I don't think that he really loved Emily.

Dusty: Enough Emily. It's not about Emily or Paul or Meg. Tonight's about us. Tonight's about us. And nothing's gonna spoil it.


Paul: What did she use?

Henry: Use?

Paul: Emily, what did she use? What's she got on you, Henry?

Henry: What, I'm not capable of a little human compassion?

Paul: Not unless there's a certified check involved, no.

Henry: Oh, oh, that's really funny coming from the runaway groom.

Paul: When did you talk to her last?

Henry: A little before Dusty reappeared. Hey, help me out here. Help me wrap my olives around this idea, Paul. You got a woman who loves you more than your own mother, and she's a looker, she's really easy on the eye, and she's willing to break commandments for you. Now, would you please explain to me, what is not enough for you there?

Paul: If you talk to Emily, please let her know that I need to speak with her.

Henry: Why? She's gonna ask --

Paul: So I can get through to her.

Henry: Through to -- you tried that ace on New Year’s Eve, you know. And there's very few people who know where and when their lives fall apart. Emily has the misfortune of knowing the exact date, place and time. So you tried to get through to her that night, you did, and you blew it, you blew it. I wouldn't press your luck, she's gotten to be a much better shot since then.

Meg: Anybody call for a bodyguard?

Paul: Hey. Meg, no, no, wait. What are you doing? We gotta get you back to your mother’s.

Meg: I'm not going anywhere.

Paul: Look, it's not safe, okay? We can argue later.

Meg: We'll argue now. Paul, I don't need protecting. I need you.


Susan: Use this credit card. The pin number is your birthday.

Emily: Thank you, thank you, thank you. All right, go check and see if the coast is clear.

Susan: Emily, you don't have to do this, baby --

Emily: Mother, please, go make sure it's okay.

Susan: There's a nurse at the desk, use the emergency stairs.

Emily: Okay, okay, you distract her, okay? You take care of that and cover for me with Hal.

Susan: Honey -- okay, I'll try, but how can I let you walk out of here?

Emily: Think about -- think about our trip to the beach. Listen to me. I was nine. You were sober. We were happy. We swam. We ate ice cream for breakfast. See, I'm telling you, kids remember the good things.

Susan: I love you.

Emily: I love you. I love you. Okay, go. Please, just go.

Susan: I need Lieutenant Munson.

Emily: Try his pager. It's usually on. That's just great. Now my last memory of home is my mother ratting me out. Thanks for nothing.


Nick: Hey, what's your tally?

Carly: My tally? Somewhere between none of your business and get lost.

Nick: You know, that stuff can give you a nasty headache.

Carly: Sort of like you.

Maddie: That was a dirty trick.

Casey: Well, I didn't want you to go.

Maddie: What, so you block my car in so I can't get out?

Casey: Well, you can leave after we talk. Come here. Look, I got you flowers.

Maddie: These aren't for me, they're for the club. I saw you sign for them.

Casey: Okay, look, I should've gotten you your own flowers.

Maddie: I don't want flowers.

Casey: All right, all right, I know. I know, Maddie, look -- I am sorry that I've been ignoring you all night. It's -- it's just, you know, I've got a lot riding on this, but, you know, if you're not here, then it doesn't mean anything. Come on, I'm sorry. Stay. Please?

Maddie: Okay.


Katie: Did Nick come by to report on the case or to hit on Carly?

Mike: He's not hitting on her. He just came here to tell us that there's not much he can do until Jack loosens up a little bit.

Katie: Oh, well, that's not the way to get on his good side. I'm sorry. We're supposed to be in the party mood and I'm ruining it.

Mike: You know, when I got back from Latvia, I thought this was gonna be it for us -- now we're finally gonna be happy and together and -- I don't know, nothing seems to be working out the way we planned. Maybe we should postpone the wedding.


Will: What was that for?

Gwen: Inviting Carly.

Lisa: Good evening, may I have your attention, please? This will just a take a minute --

Nick: Carly -- would you stop walking away?

Carly: My, my, it seems like my glass is always half empty these days.

Nick: You know, I'm gonna drive you home.

Carly: I will drive myself.

Nick: You do that and I'll just follow you and pull you over. I mean, it's your choice, Carly.

Lisa: The best thing about Mabel’s was the red hots. Well, we intend to keep this place red hot. That's the thing about Crash, we want to keep it hot -- and it's a place to be seen. But first of all, I want to introduce you to two wonderful people -- young people who have put the music together for us tonight. My grandson over there, Casey Hughes. Come up here, darling. Come on, up here. [Applause] And certainly to Gwen Munson. Come up, come up. [Applause] Yes. Let's give them a big round of applause. [Applause]


Jennifer: Did you give him his pacifier?

Dusty: Yeah. Did you turn the monitor on?

Jennifer: Yeah, of course. The next time he wakes up, it's my turn.

Dusty: Something tells me you're not gonna sleep tonight anyway.

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Dusty: No, you're not.

Jennifer: I'm afraid for Paul, I can't help it. He's my brother.

Dusty: He kept you away from your son, Jen.

Jennifer: I just -- I don't want anything to happen to him.

Dusty: He's a big boy.

Jennifer: Yeah, so are you. And that didn't stop Emily from almost killing you.


Susan: Hal, I couldn't make her stay. I tried.

Hal: Don't worry. We'll bring her in.

Susan: I've never seen her like this. She even tried to convince me that leaving Daniel would be better for him.

Hal: She's not thinking rationally.

Susan: But what if something happens? I mean, what if she resists arrest? What if something could happen to her?

Hal: No, nothing's going to happen. Emily's been hurt enough. Tonight, the hurting stops.


Meg: Why are you being so stubborn?

Paul: You're the one that's being unreasonable.

Meg: Okay, fine, go, I'll just track you down again.

Paul: Meg, it's just something that I need to do by myself.

Meg: What did Henry say?

Paul: You're not listening.

Meg: Does he know where Emily is?

Paul: No, but he said something that makes me think I know where Emily's heading.


Emily: What have I done? I just wanted him to love me. But he lied to me over and over, so many lies. Why can't he love me? Why?


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Susan: This isn't her fault! If you want to sic the feds on somebody, send them after Paul Ryan. This was his fault, not hers.

Meg: You really know where Emily might be?

Paul: I bet she went back to the place where it all started, on New Year’s Eve.

Meg: The bluff where you were supposed to get married?

Paul: The bluff where I couldn't go through with the wedding. I hope I'm not too late.

Dusty: I know you love him no matter what. I mean, he's your brother, but -- I'm not gonna let him screw up your life anymore. It all ends tonight.

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