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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/20/06

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Jade: Oh. I'm glad I caught you.

Luke: Well you're blocking the front door it's pretty hard to miss, you should be careful I could've been Mom.

Jade: No she left about twenty minutes ago.

Luke: What? So now you have the whole house staked out?

Jade: You didn't answer my calls and I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Luke: I'm fine.

Jade: You're still mad at me about last night.

Luke: Jade, you jumped me.

Jade: That's what kissing me felt like? Like you were jumped?

Luke: I can't be into you, and you know why.

Jade: I just thought maybe the whole gay thing was about Kevin. He was the only guy you'd ever talked about.

Luke: No, Jade, I really am gay.

Jade: I'm sorry if I made you feel worse.

Luke: You couldn't have, actually I kind of feel like, you know. I think my life would be a whole lot easier if I really was in love with you.

Jade: As long as they think that we are you can be free.

Luke: Free? No, I'm walking around with this gigantic knot in my stomach.

Jade: Well I mean a lot of people go their whole lives and they never come out to their family.

Luke: That's not me.

Jade: I'm just saying you're not required to especially, if it's clear they don't want to know that you're gay.


Casey: Okay. Not a good sign.

Maddie: I'm reading about the French revolution. And I just got to the guillotine part.

Casey: Yeah, that's way more interesting than me. A little better. Are we okay with everything?

Maddie: What do you mean? Are we okay with you spending all your time at Crash with Gwen, leaving me alone and forlorn? Yeah, we're fine.

Casey: Good.

Maddie: And you're here.

Casey: I couldn't miss your big day.

Maddie: What?

Casey: I can't believe I had to read it in the newspaper, but okay. Fine, treat me like one of your drooling fans.

Maddie: Whoa what are you babbling about?

Casey: That.

Maddie: What's going on?

Casey: Like you don't know. Today "Oakdale Confidential's" author will be revealing her true identity to the world. And that's you, right? So get ready for your close-up, Maddie Coleman.


Paul: Come on Jennifer just look at it.

Jennifer: I know you shot yourself, Paul. I don't have to see it to believe it.

Paul: Shooting yourself? Tough way to commit suicide.

Jennifer: What?

Paul: Just look at it, look at the scar?

Jennifer: I don't give a damn about your scar right! All I care about is finding Dusty. That's what matters.

Paul: Emily has him. Until you realize that, you don't stand a chance of getting him back. Now look at it. And Jennifer its an exit wound.

Jennifer: You couldn't have -- couldn't have, no --.

Paul: Emily shot me. In the back, while I was walking away.


Emily: Tom?

Tom: Hey thanks officer we'll be fine.

Emily: What's going on? Is something going on with Daniel? Is he okay?

Tom: No, he's fine. That's not why I called you.

Emily: Okay, well I don't have time to chat so --.

Tom: Well this is official business.

Emily: What -- what am I arrested or something?

Tom: No, no I just have a few questions.

Emily: About what?

Tom: About Meg Snyder. You heard that she was arrested yesterday.

Emily: Yeah I heard.

Tom: So we're just going over the entire case. We're going back to first arrest and up until now.

Emily: So what's that have to do with me?

Tom: Well you were the reason that first arrest. I mean no one was even looking at Meg Snyder until you showed up, talking about what you'd found when you illegally broke into her hotel suite. So, why did you do that?


Jennifer: If someone shot you --

Paul: Emily.

Jennifer: So you didn't try to kill yourself.

Paul: No. Emily shot me in the back, and then she pushed my body over a cliff. Come on Jennifer, if I wanted to kill myself, do you think that I would aim here?

Jennifer: So Dad was right.

Paul: Yes, he was --.

Jennifer: But your fingerprints were on the gun.

Paul: I put them there. Because I didn't want Emily to go to jail. Because it was -- all my fault.

Jennifer: Your fault?

Paul: It was New Years Eve, and we were supposed to get married and all I could think about was what you had said to me. You said I should think about somebody else. And I did -- I kept thinking about everything Emily had given up to be with me, and what she'd have to give up if she stayed with me. So I told her we couldn't get married.

Jennifer: So Emily shot you on New Yearís Eve. And now she has Dusty.

Paul: Yes and that proves what she's capable of. She's capable of --

Jennifer: No, no, this makes no sense. Makes no sense.

Paul: It does -- it does make sense. I'm trying to explain to you.

Jennifer: I don't care! All I care about is finding Dusty.

Paul: That's all I care about. That's why I married Emily.

Jennifer: Emily, who shot you --

Paul: Yes.

[Jennifer laughing]

Paul: Stop you can't go. You can't go to Emily now.

Jennifer: Why.

Paul: Because she doesn't know that we're onto her yet.

Jennifer: We, whose we?

Paul: Me and Meg. Now you and you now.

Jennifer: That is not company that I care to keep.

Paul: You can not go straight at Emily.

Jennifer: Why because she's going to shoot at me?

Paul: She could yes.

Jennifer: You know what, I'll take my chances.

Paul: Look are you going to take chances with Dusty's life? Because that's what you're doing. If you go right at Emily she feels the walls closing in, there's no telling what she'll do to your boyfriend, Dusty.


Emily: I knew Paul hadn't killed Dusty, he couldn't have. Meg was the obvious suspect.

Tom: But he's already confessed to that crime.

Emily: Yeah because he's been overwhelmed with a lot of things but he's innocent.

Tom: Paul Ryan? Innocent?

Emily: He was. I mean, he is. Everybody knows that now Tom.

Tom: Yeah but he wasn't your husband. Not then. The story then was he'd dumped you at the altar, and you two were barely speaking.

Emily: We are working at rebuilding our relationship. Which is no of your business. The point is, they have proof that Dusty was alive while Paul was in jail. He didn't take him. That's all that matters.

Tom: Well then who did take him, where is he, is he still alive. Those things matter too.

Emily: You have the person who took him. Ask Meg.

Tom: Well then we need leverage. We need to build a real case against her so that's why we're going back to the beginning and looking over everything.

Emily: Well what about the bloody clothes? What about Dusty's bloody clothes, they found in Meg's car. You have that don't you? That's what I read in the paper this morning.

Tom: We do but there's no evidence she ever handled those. And she swears she had nothing to do with Dusty's disappearance.

Emily: What did you expect? Of course she denies it.

Tom: We have one piece of circumstantial evidence.

Emily: What about the gloves that had Dusty's blood all over them?

Tom: The gloves are inadmissible. The judge ruled that their tainted because someone obtained them when they broke into her hotel room. So, don't have enough evidence to charge her. I donít even have a motive. And I don't have enough evidence to convict her. So, guilty or not, Meg Snyder will walk.


Casey: Go on, don't you want to meet your adoring public.

Maddie: No.

Casey: Yeah, you're probably right. You don't want to spoil the big surprise.

Maddie: Right. No, Casey, listen --

Casey: I can't believe they're late.

Maddie: Who?

Casey: Lia, Skyler, Megan and Bryn.

Maddie: What? You invited all the girls who ignored me at school? Plus the ones that chase after you?

Casey: Yeah. You don't want them to miss your moment of triumph, do you?

Maddie: I'm going to be nauseous.

Casey: That's probably normal. Just make sure you throw up before you change.

Maddie: Change?

Casey: For the television interview. You weren't going to wear that, were you? Forget I said that. It's a great outfit. I'm sure it's going to look even better on camera.

Maddie: This is such a big mistake.

Casey: No, it's not. You want the big splash, right? Live.

Maddie: Live?

Casey: Yeah. And they're going to be tuning in at school in the lounge, too.

Maddie: Casey, why did you tell people that I wrote this book?

Casey: Because I'm proud of you. What's the big deal?

Kim: All right, all right, everybody, everybody. The moment of truth has finally come.

Casey: Here we go.

Kim: I give you the author of Oakdaleís page-turning, tell-all novel, "Oakdale Confidential." Our very own Nancy Hughes.



Holden: Aren't you pushing it?

Jade: I made sure you were home before I came over. I wanted to apologize to you for last night.

Luke: Yeah, that's okay. Later.

Holden: Where are you going?

Luke: The library. I have got a study group.

Holden: Can I speak to you a minute before you go?

Jade: Do you want me to stay?

Luke: No, it's okay.

Jade: Are you're sure?

Luke: Yeah, my dad and I have stuff that we need to talk about.

Jade: Okay. See you later.

Holden: I'm sorry that I had to run out of here last night. But I had to help out with Meg.

Luke: Yeah, she's in jail? Did she do something do Dusty?

Holden: Yeah, you know what? It's a mess. I'm more concerned about you.

Luke: I'm fine.

Holden: What about that fight you had with Jade?

Luke: We're over it. It wasn't a big deal. I was just trying to stick to Mom's rules. Like I said.

Holden: And I appreciate that you're doing that, but back to what I walked in on. If you're having a problem and you need somebody to talk to --

Luke: Dad, Dad, its okay. Just please stop.

Holden: What is it?

Luke: There's something I need to tell you.

Lily: What are you doing out here?

Jade: Hi.

Lily: Why are you snooping around?

Jade: I wasnít. Luke's giving me a ride to the library. I was just waiting to see if he was on his way out.

Lily: You couldn't ring the bell and ask?

Jade: No. I know that I'm not welcome here and I didn't want to intrude. I can go wait by the driveway.

Lily: Yeah, thank you. Jade, Jade, Jade. I don't want to leave things this way.

Lily: Holden told me about the money that you tried to leave for me yesterday.

Jade: I still have it if you want.

Lily: No, I don't want your money.

Jade: Well you can let me repay you. I know that I don't have that much.

Lily: No, no, no, I don't want it. I think you should keep the money you earn from that library for rent.

Jade: Oh, how much rent do you want? I can give it to you as soon as I get --

Lily: No, no, no, rent for your new place.

Jade: You want me to leave.

Lily: Jade, the only reason I let you to stay in the guesthouse is because I didn't want my son to get sick. Once I know Luke is okay, you're on your own. You'll pay the landlord rent.

Jade: Sure.

Lily: Thanks for the gesture.

Jade: You're welcome. Let me get that for you.

Lily: Oh no, no, no, it's fine.

[Lily winces]

Jade: Wait a minute, are you all right? What just happened?

[Lily winces]

Lily: It's nothing.

Jade: Are you sure? Maybe you should sit down.

Lily: No, no, no, I'm fine.

[Lily winces]

Luke: You've been so good about all of this. It's actually unreal.

Holden: Well, I'm done yelling. Because it doesn't seem to work with you anyway. So what is it?

Luke: Well I feel like for the past few months all I've done is disappoint you.

Holden: That's not true. That's not true at all.

Jade: Call a doctor.

Lily: No. No. No. Not yet.

Holden: What's wrong?

Jade: It's the baby.


Casey: I'm never gonna live this down. Why'd you lie to me?

Maddie: I didn't! I never actually said I wrote the book.

Casey: One simple sentence, that's all it would've taken. Instead you tried to steal the spotlight from my great grandmother? I mean, who does that to a sweet lady?

Nancy: Who are you calling sweet?

Casey: Gram. Hey.

Nancy: Hello, darling. Thanks for coming. Especially on such short notice.

Casey: No way I could miss this. All these people are waving at you. I think they want your autograph.

Nancy: They want to know my sources. But I will never spill the beans.

Casey: Psych.

Maddie: You knew all along.

Casey: Oh, and you're gonna act all outraged?

Maddie: Oh you know what? You are so lucky I'm scared of that sweet lady.

Casey: Who isn't?

Kim: My mother-in-law swears she will not reveal her sources, but she will sign these books, so come on down. Maybe you can slip a question in, and maybe she'll give us a hint.

Lisa: Nancy Hughes, you've got some nerve.

Nancy: Hello, dear. Is there a problem?

Lisa: You better believe it! This is what I think of your trashy book!

Nancy: Ohh.


Jennifer: So Emily shot you. And now you're married to her.

Paul: Because Emily has Dusty and this is the best chance we have of finding out where. That's the only reason I have anything to do with Emily.

Jennifer: Because miraculously you've managed to fall in love with Meg Snyder.

Paul: Yeah, Meg is amazing --

Jennifer: Who had Dusty's bloody clothes in her car!

Paul: Because Emily planted them there.

Jennifer: Why am I supposed to believe that? How do I know that Meg didn't take Dusty? How do I know that the two of you aren't in this together to get rid of Emily? And you're just using Dusty to do it?

Paul: If I wanted to get rid of Emily, all I would have to do is go to the cops and show them where Emily shot me. I could have done that months ago. Look, I know that if I don't bring Dusty home to you, that I'm as good as dead to you.

Jennifer: You know, Paul, if Dusty doesn't come home you're dead. Period. I will see to that.

Paul: Which is the second worst thing that could ever happen to me? It's almost as bad as if you cut me out of your life. Now, why would I do anything that would risk either one of those two things happen?

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't know, Paul. Because this is all pretty twisted to me.

Paul: Well, Jennifer. Look, we're gonna work this out. We're gonna straighten it all out.

Jennifer: Ok, so she has him hostage somewhere? Why?

Paul: She's scared. And she's not thinking straight. And now she's using Dusty to try and frame Meg.

Jennifer: If Emily wants to get rid of Meg, it's not enough to have her just arrested. She's gonna want her convicted and sent to prison.

Paul: For life. Emily wants Meg gone. And she will do anything, including kill Dusty to make that happen.


Emily: So you need Dusty's body, don't you?

Tom: Well, if he's dead. I mean, we hope that he's alive and we can get a location. But they grilled Meg Snyder all night and she did not budge. Doesn't have Dusty, doesn't know where he is. They found her very convincing.

Emily: Oh, Tom, please. She's a woman scorned. Dusty dumped her, she wanted to pay him back.

Tom: Because she loved him.

Emily: Exactly.

Tom: Then why the restraining order?

Emily: What?

Tom: Jack Snyder tells me that Paul took out a restraining order against Meg because she was stalking the two of you.

Emily: Yes. That's right. The woman is seriously unbalanced.

Tom: So in love with Dusty that she killed him because he dumped her. Yet at the same time so in love with Paul that she began harassing the two of you?

Emily: Yes. Yes. That's what I'm saying. First Dusty, then Paul. Don't ask me to explain. I don't know. The woman has always been desperate and grabby.

Tom: Well that's not how a lot of people see her.

Emily: You want me to be nice about the woman who's after my husband? Forget it. You know what? Do yourself a favor, ask Jennifer Munson what she thinks about Meg. In the meantime you need to keep Meg behind bars!

Tom: Lucky for you that's where she is.

Emily: What do you mean lucky for me? She got herself arrested, I had nothing to do with it!

Tom: Nobody said you did.

Emily: Well then what are you implying?

[Cell phone rings]

Tom: Excuse me. Tom Hughes. I filed this morning. When is he ruling? Then tell Lansky to stall him, and I'll be right over. I need to go to the courthouse.

Emily: That's it?

Tom: Yeah, that's it. I know where you live.

Emily: I am so onto you.

Meg: Excuse me?

Emily: You pull this whole wounded bird act for your cousin Jack to get him on your side, and then he talks to Tom and pretty soon you've got the whole town bending over backwards for poor little Meg. Well guess what? I'm not gonna let you walk out of this place. I'm gonna make sure you spend the rest of your life behind bars.

Meg: If anyone belongs in jail for what they've done, it's you!


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns."

Jade: I can stay with Lily. I don't mind at all. Let me help.

Jennifer: Now all we have to do is figure out how to rattle Emilyís cage.

Paul: I have an idea.

Emily: You gonna try to pin Dusty's murder on me?


Jennifer: You think that your ex killed my boyfriend because she's jealous of your new girlfriend.

Paul: You want me to feel worse? Do you think I could possibly feel anymore responsible than I already do? I would do anything to make this right, including marry Emily.

Jennifer: Well, then, what do we do? What do we do? We can't wait for the miraculous moment when Emily finally decides to tell you where Dusty is.

Paul: I don't know. That was the plan, yes.

Jennifer: We don't have time for that! Dusty -- hm-mm. No, there has to be another way. Henry. Henry.

Paul: Henry, he doesn't know where Dusty is. I just spent hours trying to get him to talk.

Jennifer: He didn't want to tell you. But if we bring him down to the police station and we get my dad to talk to him.

Paul: Oh, right. Because Hal is so reasonable and detached when it comes to Emily. Come on! Henry doesn't know anything. And parading Henry through the police station isn't going to make Emily feel anymore safe.

Jennifer: So what?

Paul: So what? I told you, the only thing that's really important here is that Emily not panic!

Jennifer: That's it. No, why, why, why? Because she's going to run straight to Dusty?

Paul: That's what we need. That's exactly what we need.

Paul: Yeah, we wind her up and then I follow her.

Jennifer: No, we follow her.

Paul: No, you're not going anywhere near Emily. She's too dangerous.

Jennifer: Why, because she shoots? But only at you.

Paul: I'm not taking chances with you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: That's not your call. I'm looking out for Dusty.

Paul: Jennifer.

Jennifer: No, the last time the two of you were in a room together, you almost killed each other. Right, that part was true. You got into a fight.

Paul: Yeah, but --

Jennifer: Well, then, I'm going. Now all we have to do is figure out how to rattle Emilyís cage.

Paul: I have an idea.


Emily: So I should be scared of you? Huh? Were you going to try to pin Dusty's murder on me?

Meg: He's dead?

Emily: No. I don't know. How would I know that?

Meg: I didn't say you would.

Emily: Well, then, why should I be in jail?

Meg: You shot Paul. You shot him and left him for dead.

Emily: He understood.

Meg: It was still a crime.

Emily: Well, you know what? Paul doesn't see it that way. In fact, he told me this morning while we were in bed that he wanted to get past all the bad times and misunderstandings and start over. So we did. Over and over and over. Paul would never let me go to jail, Meg. Never.

Meg: Want to bet?


Casey: I so had you going.

Maddie: Yeah, you did.

Casey: I just wish I'd had a camera to see your face when I said Lia and Skylar were coming.

Maddie: You know, you're so vicious. Why didn't I see that before?

Casey: Because I have a really good smile. Hides my true nature. So next time?

Maddie: I know. One simple sentence. So are you really disappointed that I'm not some great author?

Casey: No.

Maddie: No?

Casey: You could've been. Either way, I'm the luckiest guy at Oakdale Latin.

Maddie: How about the whole town?

Casey: Don't push it.


Lisa: And you couldn't tell me to my face?

Kim: Lisa, what's wrong?

Lisa: Page 110, for starters.

Nancy: Refresh my memory, dear, would you please?

Lisa: Nancy, did you have to line them up that way? It's down at the bottom of the page.

Kim: Oh, yeah. Okay. The Elizabeth Taylor of Oakdale. Full legal name of Lisa Miller Hughes Eldrige Shay Coleman Mitchell. No, McCall Mitchell from Aldi.

Nancy: Did I leave anyone out?

Lisa: No one I can think of. You just made it sound like an ugly law firm.

Kim: Lisa, you have never been ashamed of your marriages.

Lisa: No, I'm not. I'm not, Nancy, of course. It's just that they're -- when you put them down like that and then you follow it with your comments about my fashion sense -- that's page 113. Oh, just don't bother to read it.

Nancy: Yes, she must.

Kim: Mom, you know what you wrote.

Lisa: Deluded Britney Spears wannabe.

Nancy: I never could have written that.

Lisa: Yes, well, that's close enough. You know good and well I have never, ever been anything but proud of my age. I have never tried to pass myself off as anything but who I am.

Nancy: That's why you're the star of my book.

Lisa: But I'm hardly that. I'm just a cameo at best. And then one in a leather miniskirt. No, you never -- you've never seen me in a leather -- you've never seen me in a miniskirt! Well, maybe you did, in the 80s.

Kim: Lisa, at least you're in the book.

Lisa: So are you, Miss. Oakdale's saint. St. Kim!

Nancy: Lisa, what can I do to make it up to you?

Lisa: Short of calling old Lucy and telling her to pull these potboilers off the shelf?

Nancy: Short of that.

Lisa: It beats me. I can't think of a thing.

Kim: Well, actually, I can. So why don't you two just come along with me, okay? Come on.


Holden: Yes, any of those numbers are fine, thank you. Dr. Schiller's going to call us back in about 20 minutes.

Lily: You're overreacting. Thank you. You're overreacting. This is braxton hicks contractions.

Holden: You don't know that for sure.

Lily: Oh, I don't know that. I've had them with all the kids.

Holden: Still, we need to be careful here.

Lily: How much time between the last pain?

Holden: According to my watch, ten minutes.

Luke: No, no, no, 9:34.

Lily: Oh, he's so cute. You are so sweet.

Luke: I really don't believe that you should be laughing right now.

Lily: Honey, it helps break up the pain.

Holden: Meaning you had another one?

Lily: No! You're all kind of being a little bit of a pain, so -- sorry. Wait, don't you have a study session today?

Luke: Whatever, it doesn't matter.

Lily: Whatever? No, what subject is it?

Luke: Physics.

Lily: Physics? That's a B minus bordering on C, I can recall. So get your books and go to study session.

Luke: No, no. I'm not going to do that.

Lily: You are already having such a hard time making up all your school work because of your sick days. You can't use my sick days.

Luke: What if something happens?

Holden: You know what? Your mom's right. Go study.

Lily: Yes.

Luke: Okay, well, I'll leave my cell phone on.

Holden: And I'll call you if there are any updates.

Luke: Don't go into labor.

Lily: I won't, I promise. You think everybody's going to be this nice to me when it's the real deal?

Holden: Only if you are too.

Jade: Hey, is everything okay with Holden?

Luke: He's worried about my mom.

Jade: No, I mean from before.

Luke: Is that all you can think about?

Jade: Hey, I'm not the bad guy here, okay? You can tell your dad whenever you want and I'm with you. I just want to know when so that I can handle it.

Luke: I am so sick of being something that has to be handled.

Jade: You're not a problem, Luke.

Luke: Yeah, Jade, I am. The minute I tell my parents I'm gay -- honestly, I don't want to deal with that.

Jade: Okay, well, whatever you want.

Luke: Look, I gotta get going and you know what? So should you.

Jade: Okay, see you later.

Lily: You can't just sit here with me all day.

Holden: Watch me.

Lily: No, you canít. April showers, may flowers? Ringing any bells?

Holden: Oh, no, that's today?

Lily: Yeah, that is today. Faith is the thundercloud. The dress rehearsal is for the little kids. And we promised Natalie.

Holden: We did?

Lily: Yes we did.

Holden: Maybe she forgot about it.

Lily: No, she brought a water gun to the breakfast table this morning. So she's ready.

Holden: Oh, so she gets to squirt the performers?

Lily: Yes, it's very interactive. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Holden: It does. Almost as much fun as making sure you don't go into labor.

Lily: Come on, I'm fine.

Holden: Not alone, you're not.

Jade: I can stay with Lily. I don't mind at all. Let me help.

Lily: I thought you got a ride with Luke to the library?

Jade: No, I decided to go in later.

Lily: You don't have to work?

Jade: No, I was only going in to pick up a check. And at the last minute, it felt like I should stay. And now I know why. You need help.

Lily: Oh, no really, I'm fine on my own.

Jade: Yeah, but Holdenís not going to leave you alone, right?

Holden: Right, I'm staying.

Jade: If I'm here, I can stay and keep an eye on things, and you can take Natalie to the play.

Lily: Look, I don't want you here!

[Lily gasps]

Holden: All right. That wasn't just some twinge.

Lily: Ahh. No it wasnít. It's something different.

Holden: That's it, we're going to go to the hospital.

Lily: No, don't! No hospital. Not yet. Come on.

Holden: Lily, don't fight me on this.

Lily: Oh, can we just -- [Lily groans] Can we -- let me just call your mother first --

Holden: No. Listen to me. Jade can take Natalie to the play.


Lisa: You know, I can sit here -- I can have a free drink any time I want.

Nancy: Well, in the old days I was doing your housework for you.

Kim: In fact, you did do that, didn't you? And now that you're so successful, and you can hire other people to clean up after you, that's not really an option anymore, is it?

Nancy: I could wash your car.

Lisa: Oh ladies, please. Just hush. I don't need payback.

Kim: Well, Lisa, why are you making such a hissy about this book?

Nancy: Her feelings were hurt. You thought I was making fun of you and saying you weren't good enough to be a Hughes. You were Lisa miller again. Not good enough to be a Hughes -- that wasn't true then, and it's certainly not true now.

Lisa: Come on Nancy, don't make me ruin my make-up. [Nancy chuckles] Maybe I should just thank you for making me feel like 20 again.

Kim: Oh, Lord. Not for all the money in the world would I want to be that young or that dumb ever again.

Nancy: Amen.

Lisa: Oh, I don't know. Maybe I would, if I could live it all over again with my very dear friends.

[Glasses clink]


Maddie: I can't believe anybody thought I could write this. Especially Mike.

Casey: Why not?

Maddie: Well, I mean, I don't even know half this stuff.

Casey: And you told him you didn't write it.

Maddie: Yeah, like he'll ever believe me.

Casey: Well, he should. You did tell him the truth, plain and simple.

Maddie: Yeah.

Casey: And he trashed you.

Maddie: Yeah, well he owed me. Well, a little bit. That stuff with B.J. Green, remember?

Casey: No, you know what, -- you apologized for that. You told him that you learned your lesson and you did.

Maddie: Yeah, well he'll get it eventually.

Casey: No, he needs to get it now.

Maddie: What?

Casey: Let's go.


[Phone rings]

Paul: Hello.

Meg: Hey, it's me. I only have a minute.

Paul: Meg, you can't call here. Emily could've answered the phone.

Meg: She just left here.

Paul: Emily was at the police station?

Meg: Yeah, meeting with Tom.

Paul: Daniel?

Meg: I don't know, it looked more official than that, but whatever it was, she was pretty freaked.

Paul: Oh no.

Meg: Look, don't worry about me, I have armed guards. You're the one she can hurt.

Paul: I can handle Emily.

Meg: Well, she's liked it so far.

Paul: I saw Jennifer. Thanks for dealing with her.

Meg: Yeah, she wanted to wring my neck, and yours.

Paul: She still may. But she understands the situation now and we have a plan. I think this whole thing could be over pretty soon. I gotta go, Emilyís home.

Meg: Be careful!

Paul: I'll call you when I can. Where have you been? I have been holding my breath, I have been counting the minutes --

Emily: Why?

Paul: Because I missed you so much.

Emily: Oh, that's so nice. I'm sorry, I've got some things to do. I'll catch up with you at --

Paul: Is the honeymoon over so soon?


Lily: This doesn't feel right.

Holden: That's why we're going to the doctor.

Lily: That's not what I'm talking about, and you know it. I don't feel comfortable with that girl staying with our children.

Holden: All right, fine. I will call Mama from the car, I will have her meet them over at the school and they'll all watch the play together.

Lily: Mmm.

Holden: They'll be fine.

Lily: Yeah, I guess it's going to have to be.

Jade: Somebody wanted to say goodbye.

Lily: Oh --

Holden: Hey sweetie.

Lily: Hey. Wanna say bye? Looking forward to seeing your sister? Yeah? Okay. Have fun.

Jade: We will. Bye guys.

Lily: Bye.

Jade: Bye.


Maddie: Looks like somebody's on a mission.

Casey: You know, my aunt's car's here.

Maddie: Yeah, but Mike's truck is not. Casey, they're probably together. Come on.

Casey: All right, you get a reprieve, Kasnoff. 24 hours, tops. Then you owe this girl an apology! It's pistols at twenty paces, bro!

Maddie: Hey Mike. Psyche.

Casey: I wouldn't care if he had heard. I meant it.

Maddie: I know.

Casey: Except the pistol part.

Maddie: Mm-hmm.

Casey: You know, we can wait 'till he gets home.

Maddie: Casey, come on. I don't need an apology. Really.

Casey: You want to bank it against future transgressions?

Maddie: Bingo. But you're my hero for saying that you'll duel for me.

[Maddie chuckles]

Casey: Let's go.


Kim: Ah, I see you doing this with your drink. If you're thinking of ordering another one of those, maybe I should call Bob, so he'd have an ambulance standing by.

Nancy: Oh, come on. All this is, is a little cranberry juice and some lemon and a dash of fun.

Kim: Otherwise known as vodka. In the middle of the day, no less.

Nancy: Lisa ordered it for me. I drank it out of courtesy, and it worked, didn't it? Everything's forgiven.

Kim: Well, she sure was mad though, wasn't she?

Nancy: As a wet hen.

Kim: So tell me, how did you think you were going to get away with that? When you started to write about her wardrobe, couldn't you just imagine her coming after you with a baseball bat?

Nancy: All's well that ends well. That's the important thing.

Kim: But, I'm curious.

Nancy: About what?

Kim: Oh, it's a creative process. Tell me, when you sit down to write, is it -- something takes hold of you, and you go with it, like an altered state, where you throw caution to the winds?

Nancy: It's different with everyone. I suppose.

Kim: Yes, I imagine it is. But, how was it with you? Specifically?

Nancy: I'm not very good at analyzing these things.

Kim: I'll say you're not. Because you didn't write the book.

Nancy: Excuse me?

Kim: Never try to kid a kidder. I have known you too long. Even if you have the desire to write Oakdale Confidential, which I seriously doubt, you would never have the time, because you're so busy volunteering for everything under the sun. Hello?

Nancy: May I order another one of these?

Kim: Nancy Hughes, you look me in the eye. I knew it!

Nancy: Kim, you can't tell anyone.

Kim: Well, I'm not going to. Because that's your job.

Nancy: I canít. I promised. And I have my reasons. Good reasons.

Kim: Oh you do, do you?

Nancy: Yes, I do. Now, I'm your mother-in-law, and I still outrank you. So we are not going to talk about this again, ever. That's final.


Tom: Yeah, well tell him to get it done. Hey, I'm sorry for the delay.

Meg: My calendar was empty this afternoon.

Tom: Good. Now, I know you had a tough session last night. Are you sure you want to be talking to me without an attorney?

Meg: I don't have anything to hide.

Tom: Now that we found Dusty's bloody clothes in your car --

Meg: I didn't put them there.

Tom: So you've said.

Meg: Several hundred times now.

Tom: And no idea how they got there?

Meg: No. Look, why don't you chase after who called the cops in the first place? The anonymous tip that I was on that road?

Tom: Driving erratically.

Meg: I was sober. There was no reason for them to pull me over. It was that phone call.

Tom: The call that led to the evidence.

Meg: Look, doesn't it strike you as a little too neat?

Tom: We're looking into the call. Any idea who'd want to set you up? Any enemies that you would like us to look into?

Meg: Just keep digging. You'll get the truth.

Tom: Well, the investigation is still open. And I hope for your family's sake that you are cleared, because your family's good people.

Meg: Yes they are.

Tom: And if you are cleared, I hope you'll reconsider your relationship with Paul Ryan. Everything he touches blows up in his face. I don't think he's worth it.

Meg: Come on, Paul. Come through.


Paul: What's the matter?

Emily: Nothing. Nothing, really. I just have errands to run. I didn't get a chance to do them morning.

Paul: Something more important than spending the whole day in bed with me?

Emily: Yes! I mean, no --

Paul: Wow. I didn't mean to interfere with your very busy schedule.

Emily: I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry, sweetheart. Listen, let me just run these errands and I will see you at dinner. I promise. I gotta go. Let me just go.

Paul: No, no, no. I can't let you run out of here.

Emily: You're making this so hard.

Paul: Yeah, that's the whole point. Please. One little drink.

Emily: Okay, one quick drink.

Paul: Great.

Emily: Okay, go ahead.

Emily: Fingerprints will stick a long, long time. Just be careful not to smudge them. Oh, I will definitely be careful. Can I stick these in ten different places? So Tom can find Meg's prints on ten pieces of evidence --

[Phone rings]

Paul: Honey, can you get that?

Emily: Yeah, sure. Hello.

Jennifer: Emily its Jen. I need to speak to Paul right away.

Emily: Honey, what is it? Are you okay?

Jennifer: I'm great! It's the best news I could get. But I'm scared too.

Emily: What? What is it?

Jennifer: It's the answer to my prayers. He's alive!

Emily: What?

Jennifer: Dusty is alive.

Emily: Well, we all hope so.

Jennifer: No, you don't understand. That's the miracle. I know he's alive. Dusty called me!


On the next, "As the World Turns" --

Mike: I found the skeleton in a wall.

Jake: What wall?

Mike: It was in the basement of your house.

Jennifer:: Paul, it's me. I don't know why -- I've been trying to call you and I don't know why you're not picking up, and you might not get this message, but I have to go inside. I have to see if she has Dusty.

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