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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/18/06

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Katie: Oh, it's okay. Did you have a bad dream again? The same one as last night? Is that why you came down here?

Mike: Yeah. No point in both of us losing a night's sleep.

Katie: Oh, I just wish I could burn that damn book.

Mike: It's not the book. Maybe if I'd found the rubies, I'd have a shot at getting out of this mess.

Katie: You still do. Honey, you didn't steal them, you just hid them. It's not like you killed somebody. And listen, after today, "Oakdale Confidential" is not going to be a problem.

Mike: Why not?

Katie: Because I have a great idea of how to fix everything.

Mike: Do I want to know?

Katie: No. Just cross your fingers that it works, okay? I love you.

Mike: Love you, too.

Nick: Did Katie leave already?

Mike: Yeah.

Nick: Well, it must have been some kind of fight.

Mike: We didn't fight.

Nick: What's going on?

Mike: You want to keep being a cop, Nick?

Nick: Yeah.

Mike: Then you don't want to know.


Carly: So last week you loved oatmeal, and this week it's on your do not eat list, huh? Well, I'm not throwing it away. And right after you get dressed, it's you and me and that porridge, baby bear. [Doorbell rings] Hi.

Gwen: Hey. Can I come in?

Carly: Oh, yeah. So you're not out on the Munson family bike ride, huh?

Gwen: No, I don't have a bike.

Carly: Did Parker wear his helmet?

Gwen: Yes, and elbow pads.

Carly: And they're going to ride on the bike trail, right?

Gwen: They're off the road. Hal's good with him, Carly. They had a campout downstairs last night.

Carly: Why didn't Parker sleep in his bed?

Gwen: Maybe you should talk to Hal about that.

Carly: I'm talking to you.

Gwen: It's was no big deal, you know. He kind of missed you.

Carly: I knew it. I knew I should have called him again.

Gwen: No, no, you know what, though? He was fine when I got there. Hal must've cheered him up. They were laughing, they were having a good time.

Carly: Well, how late was he up?

Gwen: Okay, enough. I'm not doing this. Hey, cutie. How you doing?

Carly: I was just curious.

Gwen: No, I am not getting in the middle.

Carly: So then why the visit?

Gwen: Parker needs his keyboard. Hal said something about a lesson.

Carly: Yeah, in a couple of days.

Gwen: I guess, I don't know, for practicing or something like that.

Carly: Parker practices here. He does his homework here. He lives here. You can tell Hal for me that not one more piece of my son's life goes walking out that door.


[Loud music playing]

Lisa: I like it.

Nancy: It's a little loud.

Lisa: Casey's just getting used to the equipment.

Casey: Sorry about that. What'd you guys think, except for that last part?

Lisa: I could dance to it.

Casey: Gran?

Nancy: It's no fox trot.

Lisa: I think it's more the mashed potato.

Will: What are they talking about?

Casey: Beats me.

Lisa: Nancy, come with me, I want you to go up there and see my brand new kitchen.

Casey: Hey, don't let her put an apron on you, Gran.

Lisa: Oh, hush, you're so fresh.

Casey: You, too.

Lisa: Yeah.

Will: You are such a suck up.

Casey: I meant every word. Besides, Grandmas love that kind of stuff. Nice suit.

Will: Yeah, I had an extra shift after the auditions.

Casey: So how is life behind the broom?

Will: It's sweet.

Casey: Do you want a change?

Will: Well, do you need a janitor?

Casey: I'm talking about fun, William. If I ask my grandma, dude, I'm sure she'd find you a job here.


Paul: Will you just put Meg Snyder on the phone, please? There's a payphone in holding. I know. I've used it.

Cop: I'm not authorized.

Paul: Well then, find someone who is.

Emily: Who is what?

Paul: The minute Meg Snyder leaves that station, I want that restraining order enforced. I don't want her anywhere near me or my wife. You got that?

[Paul sighs]

Emily: Wow. According to the "Times," Meg's not a problem anymore.

Paul: They're just questioning her.

Emily: Yeah, today questioning, tomorrow life?

Paul: Yeah, well, here's hoping.

Emily: And all poor Dusty did was dump her.

Paul: Yeah, listen, I've got to go out for a little while.

Emily: Where? Where are you going?

Paul: My license is expired and, you know, I got to file for that extension on my taxes.

Emily: I'll go with you.

Paul: No, come on. We don't both need to be bored.

Emily: When are we ever bored when we're together, hmm?

Paul: Right.

[Phone ringing]

Emily: Don't move, okay. I've got to get my phone. Don't move. Hello?

Henry: Ditch the groom, I'm coming in.

Emily: Mother, I am so not in the mood.

Henry: You better get in the mood or I will talk.

Emily: That's not really necessary, now, is it?

Henry: When the cops find out that you hid Dusty's bloody duds in Meg's car, it'll hit the fan so fast you're going to smell like you were born in Emma Snyderís barn.

Emily: Fine, fine. Good-bye. My mother. She's coming over.

Paul: Oh, to give us her blessing?

Emily: Or her curse. I'm sorry. Don't be long, okay? I love you.

Paul: Okay. Yeah, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Emily: Okay. Orange is definitely your color, Meg. [Knock at the door] Extra, extra, read all about it. Meg Snyderís --

Henry: Where are you holding him, Em? Where are you holding Dusty Donovan?


Meg: So isn't there a rule about family?

Jack: Hal cleared me to work on your case.

Meg: Is that a good thing?

Jack: That depends.

Meg: On what?

Jack: On how badly you want to get out of here.

Meg: What do I do?

Jack: You start by telling me how Dusty's clothes got in your car.

Meg: I don't know.

Jack: If the lab proves that's Dusty's blood on those clothes, Meg --

Meg: Jack, I didn't kidnap Dusty, okay? And I don't know how those clothes got in my backseat, okay? I am telling you the truth.

Jack: Well, help me out here. Because I just came from sitting across the table with Emma this morning, begging me to get you out of this mess.

Meg: I was set up.

Jack: For kidnapping Dusty? Come on, Meg, who hates you that much?


Gwen: I know what it feels like, Carly. And Parker's -- Parker's not gone forever.

Carly: I don't know that.

Gwen: No, but I do know what it feels like to have everything one minute and then your whole world explodes and you have no idea that it was coming.

Carly: At least what happened to you wasn't your fault.

Gwen: No, yes, it was. It was my fault.

Carly: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you --

Gwen: Forget it. How's J.J. holding up?

Carly: He wants Jack.

Gwen: He's mad, but he loves you.

Carly: He loves Jack more.

Gwen: Well, that's just because Jack's not in the trenches every day, you know, telling him to do his homework and take a bath.

Carly: Gwen, they know that I made their father leave. And so, behind all the nice words about how we're -- we're going to be happy and everything's all right and we're going to have twice the fun -- they know the truth. They know the smiles are fake and that our days of being a happy family are over and there's nothing I can do about it. I can't fix it. I don't have anymore tricks. I'm out of major appliances to sabotage. I'm sorry, you should go. You don't want to listen to all my problems.

Gwen: Just think about coming over, you know, talking to Hal.

Carly: You mean deal with my problems like an actual adult?

Gwen: What've you go to lose, huh?

Carly: Not much, little sister.


Casey: Working here you'd see Gwen, like, all the time.

Will: Yeah, that's a definite perk.

Casey: And you'd lose that uniform.

Will: Right, so how's the money?

Casey: Two out of three ain't bad.

Will: What's the pay like?

Casey: Minimum wage, maybe more.

Will: That's it?

Casey: It's a start up.

Will: Yeah, but, you know, Gwen and I need our own place.

Casey: So hold out for your trust fund while you hanging out here having fun.

Will: Yeah, but having fun doesn't really pay the bills, and besides, my trust fund's not even really a sure thing.

Casey: Why not? You're going to graduate.

Will: Dude, have you met my mom? I think I'm going to stick to the broom.

Katie: Hey, guys.

Will: Hi.

Casey: Hey, Katie.

Katie: Nancy, I'm so glad I've finally tracked you down. Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, honey.

Nancy: What's the matter, Katie?

Katie: I really need to talk to you. It's very important.

Lisa: Ladies, excuse me. I have matters to take care of in the back. Nancy, please stick around. We need to talk.

Katie: Thank you. Thanks so much, Lisa.

Nancy: Katie, what's the matter?

Katie: Save me, Nancy. Without you, I'll never get to marry Mike.


Nick: And nothing was there?

Mike: I didn't say that.

Nick: Well, you haven't said much.

Mike: Nick, you're a cop.

Nick: Tell me or I'll nose around.

Mike: Weren't you just suspended from the force?

Nick: Okay, I'll nose around, figure out what's going on.

Mike: All right, Nick, wait. Okay. All right, I went over to Jack and Carly's place.

Nick: You broke in.

Mike: I was just going to go in, get the rubies, and get out.

Nick: And bring them to the police station, drop them off anonymously. But there was no rubies. I got that much.

Mike: Well, the thing is, when I broke through the wall, something fell out.

Nick: Don't keep me hanging. What was it?

Mike: A skeleton. Somebody stashed a dead body in Carly's basement.


Emily: How should I know where Dusty is?

Henry: Oh, let me count the ways.

Emily: I did not kidnap Dusty.

Henry: Really? Like you didn't plant his clothes in Meg's car? And what is the haute couture for kidnapping victims these days? Is it a birthday suit with a stunning accessory of leg irons?

Emily: What is it with you? I thought you were happy for me.

Henry: I thought your evil twin had gone back into the mirror where she belongs.

Emily: I am just fine, thank you.

Henry: Meg's not fine. Dusty's not fine. I'm not fine, I'm not fine! I am the one that slipped the lock on Meg's car. I called her, told her to meet me at the old mill. By the way, on our way there, she happened to get pulled over by the cops. Do you think she's forgotten about that little confab?

Emily: Meg is in no shape to blame anybody.

Henry: Well, you know what? You know what? That road, all of Meg's problems, they all lead back to me. And if the cops follow that trail, I get an all expense paid trip to the slammer.

Emily: For Peteís sake, it isn't illegal to ask somebody to meet you somewhere.

Henry: I don't know if I mentioned this, but I am going to bring up your name a lot. So for every year of prison time the cops put on the table for me, I'm gonna make sure they save ten for you.


Jack: Fine. Stonewall. My list of people who'd come after you is pretty short. It starts with Paul Ryan and ends with Paul Ryan.

Meg: It wasn't Paul.

Jack: Meg, you and Dusty have history. I've got a pair of your bloody gloves down in evidence. And I've got clothes that could be Dusty's in the crime lab. Bloody clothes that were found in your car.

Meg: Jack, if I kidnapped Dusty, would I be stupid enough to be driving around with his clothes in my back seat?

Jack: Then who put them there? Fine. I'll drag Paul Ryan in again.

Meg: No.

Jack: Why not? Meg, you're like a sister to me. I'm family. I love you. I'm trying to help you, and for the life of me, I can't figure how the woman I know would lie to Jen about her baby, get mixed up in a kidnapping and end up with a restraining order filed against her from someone like Paul Ryan.

Meg: I've always been an overachiever.

Jack: You think this is funny?

Meg: You want answers I can't give you, Jack.

Paul: I need to talk to Meg.

Jack: Get him out of here!

Meg: No, let me talk to him, please.

Jack: Weren't you just whining about a restraining order? Now you want in the room?

Paul: Yes.

Jack: Let him go, Moreno. Fine, you're in.

Paul: Thanks, Jack.

Jack: I didn't do it for you. Quit stalling, Meg. I want you to tell me exactly how you two are tied into this case.

Jack: Anybody need a lawyer?

Paul: No, Jack, we don't need a lawyer.

Jack: We?

Meg: Jack, can you leave us alone for a --

Jack: What? You want me to leave you alone? Forget it, absolutely not.

Meg: Please?

Jack: No way.

Meg: After I talk to Paul, I'll tell you everything.

Jack: You'll tell me everything right now.

Paul: Jack, why don't you trust me?

Jack: Give me one good reason why I should, Paul.

Paul: Because I want Meg to be out of here as much as you do.

Jack: Tell me about that restraining order, then.

Meg: Jack, if you just give me a few minutes with Paul, then you can call my mom and tell her that I plan to cooperate.

Jack: Boy, you know what buttons to push. You'll give me a complete statement, no matter who it incriminates?

Meg: Yes. Please, just a few minutes.

Jack: Five minutes, that's it.

Meg: Thanks.

Jack: You get her in any deeper --

Paul: Oh, stop. Hal's got dibs on coming after me.

Jack: I just got bumped to the front of the line.

Meg: Oh, thank God you're here. Emily set me up.

Paul: Yeah, I know, I know. We need to stay ahead of her.

Meg: How?

Paul: I'm not sure, but Meg, it's important that you stay here.

Meg: You want me to stay in jail?

Paul: Yes. It's safer here.

Meg: Paul, I am this close to being charged with Dusty's kidnapping.

Paul: Meg, if they had anything, you would have been charged already.

Meg: Jack knows that I'm holding out.

Paul: Yeah, well, he also knows that the restraining order's a joke, so -- we just need a little more time.

Meg: Paul, look, we can trust him, okay. He'll help us.

Paul: No. We tell Jack the truth, and Dusty Donovan is dead.


Emily: Henry, you are not going to jail.

Henry: I'd love to have that in writing, Emily, I really would.

Emily: The police have a solid case against Meg.

Henry: We know this how?

Emily: Because I was married to a cop, remember? There are two colors in their world, black and white.

Henry: As opposed to your hallucinogenic oranges and pinks and lavenders.

Emily: Meg loved Dusty. Dusty dumps Meg.

Henry: Yeah.

Emily: Dusty sleeps with Jennifer. Meg wants revenge. Case closed.

Henry: Where did you get the clothes?

Emily: You know what, I think it would be better for everybody if we just didn't have this conversation. The only thing you need to know is that nobody knows you broke into Meg's car. We're clean.

Henry: We're clean? We're clean as my gym socks.

Emily: Oh, don't grow a conscience on me now, please. Innocent people go to jail every day, Henry.

Henry: Not because of me! This whole whacky adventure of Emily and Henry -- it is over! I don't care about the money. I don't care about your obsession with Paul and I don't care about you. I donít.

Emily: Thanks a lot.

Henry: What?

Emily: Ooh.

Henry: What "ooh?"

Emily: I've got a surprise for you. I was going to save it for later, but I think it's the perfect time. Follow me.

Henry: Emily, come on.

Emily: No, I think I have just what you need to make you feel all better. Come on.


Katie: I wish I never wrote this stupid book.

Nancy: It's the best read I've had in years. Katie, it's wonderful.

Katie: Yeah, it's so wonderful, it's ruining my life.

Nancy: Specifically, your wedding?

Katie: Mike is really upset that I wrote about his past. And when it comes out that I wrote this book, he's going to be in the middle of the spotlight and I need to shift that publicity away from us.

Nancy: How do I fit into your plan?

Katie: I want you to tell the world that you're anonymous. Please, Nancy? Will you just announce to everyone that you wrote "Oakdale Confidential?"


Lisa: This "Oakdale Confidential" is not even worth the trees it took to make the paper.

Will: You think Maddie wrote it?

Casey: I'm not sure.

Lisa: Oh, no. I can't believe for a minute that precious girl would write such a stinker of a book. But I pity the person who did.

Will: You better hope Maddie didn't write it. Gwen got on Lisa's bad side once, and it wasn't pretty.

Casey: Yeah.


Gwen: She finished.

Carly: She ate it?

Gwen: Yep, every bite. How was your shower?

Carly: Relaxing. How did you do it?

Gwen: Well, if you sprinkle enough sugar on stuff, kids'll eat anything.

Carly: Well, maybe I'll call you for my next emergency.

Gwen: Isn't the plan to try to call Jack?

Carly: Yeah, I tried that. And I blew it. Now he just thinks I'm a desperate housewife crying wolf. He wouldn't believe me if I told him the roof was caving in.

Gwen: Well, so now what?

Carly: I guess I wait.

Gwen: You? Wait? How long? Like 5, 15 minutes, maybe.

Carly: Are you saying I'm impatient?

Gwen: Are you saying I'm wrong?

Carly: I miss him.

Gwen: He'll come home.

Carly: Not this time.

Gwen: No, no, you love Jack. He'll come -- he'll come back. And then Hal will let Parker move back in.

Carly: You know, Jack says that love isn't enough.

Gwen: He's wrong.

Carly: How do you know that?

Gwen: Well, because I'm here. And you messed up my life at least five times, and I still kinda love you.

Carly: I kinda love you.

Gwen: Okay, I have to go. So um, if you could -- if I could get the --

Carly: Oh, the keyboard, yeah. Tell Parker that he has to practice 20 minutes a day, no excuses, no arguments, nothing.

Gwen: I got it.

Carly: And none of this zoning out in front of any video games, either.

Gwen: Hal or Parker?

Carly: Both. Gwen, at night -- never mind.

Gwen: No, wait, wait, wait. What? Tell me.

Carly: When I kiss Parker good night, I tell him I love him heart and soul.

Gwen: Heart and soul, I got that.

Carly: Thank you. See ya. All right, little girl, I guess I promised you a tea party. Sage? Sage? Sage? Sage? Sage? Come on. Sage? Sage! Sage! Sage! Sage!


Emily: No, no, Henry. No, no, no. Come on, please. It's just right out on the terrace. Just -- oh, don't be such a chicken.

Henry: No, no, I'm afraid of heights. Check that. I'm afraid of being thrown from heights.

Emily: I couldn't toss you off my balcony even if I wanted to.

Henry: Really? I think you could toss Dusty over your shoulder, take him out to the middle of nowhere, and then leave him for dead.

Emily: I didn't kill Dusty.

Henry: The day is young.

Emily: Fine, stay, worry yourself silly about Meg, Paul, Dusty, world peace, global warming, how to pay your tab at the Lakeview. I am going to go out on my terrace and enjoy this beautiful spring air.

Henry: Maybe a bucket of water will melt her.

Emily: She can hear you.


Paul: Jack will be back any minute. You with me on this?

Meg: Paul, it's too dangerous.

Paul: No, I can control Emily.

Meg: She shot you.

Paul: Well, I turned my back on her. I won't do that again.

Meg: She can hurt you a dozen different ways.

Paul: Look, if we tell Jack the truth, he goes right to Emily. And then Emily slips away from him and goes and kills Dusty.

Meg: You don't know that.

Paul: Yes, I do. Look, we don't need anybody on this. We don't, okay? Trust me. Believe in me. I will find Dusty.

Meg: Paul, if anything happens to you --

Paul: Nothing's going to happen to me.

Meg: I didn't come this far to end up without you.

Paul: Okay. Well, now you know how I feel.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Emily: Either you keep quiet about what happened or I drop this briefcase and make this the luckiest day of their lives.

Paul: You with me on this?

Meg: Do what you need to do.

[Mike screams]


Mike: If I talk now, I'm a murder suspect. If I don't, you're --

Nick: Aiding and abetting.

Mike: Katie, too. Some wedding present.

Nick: Yeah, but even if you had the rubies and you told what you know, you'd walk on your reputation alone.

Mike: But I don't have the jewels. There's no statute of limitations on murder. It could take years and an ugly court fight for me to prove I'm innocent. Even then, I could still end up back in jail.

Nick: All right, relax. You don't have to decide this now. Sleep on it.

Mike: Sleep? What's that? All right, man, get to work, all right.

Nick: Okay, but you know where to find me.

Mike: Thanks.


Nancy: Can't you just stay anonymous?

Katie: No, the press won't let me. They're starting to dig for the truth, but if you come forward, maybe they'll stop digging.

Nancy: I'm not sure that'll work.

Katie: Well, I have to try something. The clock is ticking. Pretty soon, tabloids are gonna come after Mike. They're going to be doing exposes on him on TV shows and sleazy newspapers. You know, the ex-con who's trying to rise from his past angle. And he'll blame me. Every time the phone rings and it's some reporter who wants a piece of his story, a piece of his past, he's going to resent me.

Nancy: Katie, you know Mike is not the only one who resents these stories having surfaced again.

Katie: I know, tell me about it. But selfishly, he's the only one I care about at this point. You're like the patron saint of Oakdale, Nancy. Please? No one's going to stay mad at you for long.

Nancy: At my age, long is a relative term.

Katie: Listen, all I know from all this research that I did, is how much you and mr. Hughes loved each other. You raised your kids and you had a beautiful life. I just want that for myself, and you're the only one who can help me right now. Please, please, Nancy, just think about it?

Nancy: Me, a famous author. I will think about it.

Katie: Thank you.


Will: Hey.

Gwen: Promise me we'll never lose each other.

Will: Okay, I promise. What's going on?

Gwen: I was just at Carlyís. Not good.

Will: Well, we are never gonna be like that, okay. You're stuck with me for life.

Casey: Hey, are you here to work or make out?

Gwen: Um, make out.

Will: I've got to get to class in a little while.

Gwen: You look tired. You okay?

Will: Yeah. I had a gallon of coffee. I'm fine. I'm going to catch a nap later.

Gwen: Maybe we could catch one together?

Casey: Yeah, I'm going to be over here gagging. You coming?

Gwen: Give me a sec.

Will: So, is there any chance you could maybe sneak away so we can be together before I have to go back to class?

Gwen: I will make the time.


Carly: Oh, God. God, please, don't do this to me.

[Phone rings]

Nick: Oakdale PD, Detective Kasnoff.

Carly: Margo Hughes, please.

Nick: She's not in right now.

Carly: Put her on the damn phone!

Nick: Carly? What's the matter?

Carly: Get Margo!

Nick: Well, she's not here. I think Jack's somewhere around here.

Carly: No, don't tell Jack. Don't tell Jack or Hal.

Nick: Calm down. Don't tell them what?

Carly: Sage is gone. I looked everywhere. I don't know where she is.

Nick: All right, I'm on my way.

Carly: Sandy, its Carly Snyder. I need help. I can't find Sage. She's not in the house. I need as many people as I can to go and look for her. She's wearing pink pajamas. Pink pajamas with flowers.


Emily: Mmm. It's never too early for a mimosa I always say.

Henry: Is that what I think it is?

Emily: This? Beat and battered, but still here. $1 million of B.J. Green's money. He's been gone a long time, Henry. I think it's safe for you to spend the money. What do you think?

Henry: I always thought it was --

Emily: At my mother's?

Henry: No. Out of reach.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's well within your reach. Not just yet.

Henry: You know, I can almost hear the beating hearts of all those dead presidents.

Emily: Here's how you get your money, finally, in the bonus round. You see all these people down there, Henry? Either you keep quiet about what happened with Meg, or I drop this briefcase and make this the luckiest day of their lives.


Meg: What if Dusty's already dead?

Paul: Then we just prove that Emily did it.

Meg: Promise you won't let anything happen to you.

Jack: I'm ready for statements. Who's going first?

Jack: We'll do this one at a time. Paul, out.

Meg: Jack, please.

Jack: Please what, Meg? Let you withhold vital information in this case?

Paul: Meg did not hurt Dusty.

Jack: Then who did, Paul?

Meg: Tell him, Paul. We can't do this alone.

Cop #1: Jack, something's up.

Jack: It can wait.

Cop #1: Dispatch got a call on missing kid. Itís Sage.

Jack: Did my wife call it in?

Cop1: No, it was one of our guys.

Jack: Get Meg down to holding.

Meg: That's Jack's little girl. If something happened to h --

Paul: I hope she's okay. Look, it brought us a little bit of time.

Meg: Paul, I have to tell Jack something I promised him.

Paul: No, no, no, stay quiet. And stall if you can. We need to stay on the offensive on this one. It's the only way we're  gonna beat Emily at her own game.


Carly: And I let Gwen out.

Nick: And then you shut the door?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Nick: Did it latch?

Carly: Yeah. I don't know. I don't remember.

Nick: Okay, I want you to calm down. Okay, how long before you knew she was missing?

Carly: Just a couple of minutes. Just a couple -- why aren't you out there? Why aren't you looking for her?

Nick: I've got three patrol cars searching the neighborhood. Now you've done everything you can, Carly. Now I want you to stay here while I go search the house.

Carly: I already did that!

Nick: I'm just going to take another look around. I want you to you stay up here. We're going to find Sage, Carly. We will.

Carly: Where are you, baby?

Nick: Sage? Sage? Sage? Sage, hey come on out of here. Nobody's mad. Carly, I found her! Everything's going to be okay, Sage. Everything's going to be fine.


Emily: There's a lot of money in here. I wonder who's going to get lucky.

Henry: You are a cruel woman, Emily.

Emily: You know what, look, there's a guy on the corner with a tin cup. Hey mister, you better get yourself a bigger cup!

Henry: Go ahead. Ya know what, give it to him. I can't spend that in Statesville, anyway.

Emily: Oh, would you stop it. Don't waste your pity on Meg Snyder.

Henry: I'm not talking about Meg, Em. I am talking about me. Trying to salvage what dignity I have left thanks to you.

Emily: Fine. Take your stinking money and get out.

Henry: Hey, Emily -- hey, you know what? Next time you feel the urge to throw something off the balcony, why don't you throw something that'll make the world a better place? You, for example.

Emily: Henry, don't ruin my happiness. I am finally living my dream.

Henry: Okay, you dream on, Malificent. Because I've got somewhere to be. I've got anywhere.

Emily: Nobody walks out on me, Henry. Just ask Paul.


Paul: So what happened last night, huh? Tell me.

Meg: I don't even know. I got a phone call from Henry.

Paul: Henry? What did he say?

Meg: He said Emily was unraveling. That it was an emergency and I should meet him over at the old mill. On my way there, I got pulled over by a cop who said someone reported me for reckless driving.

Paul: Emily and Henry, there's a couple for you. I wish they'd framed me.

Meg: Emily would never do anything to separate the two of you.

Paul: Yeah, well, she doesn't have a choice. Listen, last night --

Meg: Is the only thing that is getting me through this nightmare. I love you.

Cop #2: Time's up.

Paul: And I can handle this?

Meg: Do what you need to do.


Gwen: Casey, Will was at the hospital all night. Do you mind if I blow off work this morning?

Casey: Don't you have school?

Will: Well, I've got a little time.

Casey: You know, if you took my offer, you guys could see each other all the time.

Gwen: What offer?

Will: Nothing, don't worry about it. I'll explain later. See ya.

Casey: Hey, since when am I the responsible one?


Nancy: Kim Hughes, please. Kim, this is Nancy. I was wondering if you could arrange a press conference. For me. I want to make an announcement about "Oakdale Confidential."


[Mike screams]

Mike: No! Get off me!

Katie: It's okay. It's okay. It's just me. You were just dreaming.


Carly: Sweetheart, don't ever hide from Mommy again, okay? You have to tell me where you are. You answer me when I call you, okay? I love you, sweetie.

Nick: And from now on, you will, right, Sage?

Carly: Thank you.

Nick: Why don't you take her upstairs, get her cleaned up? I'll put back the boxes and I'll shut the light off on my way upstairs.

Carly: All right, Pumpkin. You need a bath.

Carly: Oh, Sweetheart. You know you scared me so much. Now don't you ever do that to me again, okay? Please?

Jack: Carly! Sage, oh, thank God. A call came into the station. Tell me you didn't use our daughter. Tell me you didn't get me over here on another one of your lies, Carly.


Henry: Fine, Em, fine. Go ahead. Please, shoot me. Please, put me out of my misery.

Emily: Henry, I don't want you miserable, honestly. I hate when you're miserable. I like it when you're Hazel the happy maid, rifling through hotel rooms. I love it when you're drinking your martinis one after the other. I love just hanging out with you. Honestly, I just -- I'm being honest. I'm trying to just tell you I love you.

Henry: Oh, lucky me.

Emily: Henry, really, this friendship is the only thing that's made all of this bearable.

Henry: Would you just shut up for a second, okay? Just stop the insanity here. For all our sakes. Please.

Emily: I will.

Henry: You will, really?

Emily: Yes, I will. As soon as you give me the key to the motel room -- Meg's motel room.

Henry: No!

Emily: No?

Henry: No, no! No, no, no. The only reason I helped you last night was to protect Meg.

Emily: Right, and we did that. We protected her. She is safe in jail. But we need to keep her safe in jail together.

Henry: No, the Lakeview has probably changed all the key codes.

Emily: Okay, so then what's the big deal?

Henry: The police, I am sure, have sealed the whole area, Em.

Emily: Well, so then what is to worry about it? Henry, the key. Henry, you don't want to be walking around with incriminating evidence, do you?

Henry: I hope you get caught.

Emily: You don't mean that. I know you donít. No, you donít. Love you. Call me. Meg, you messed with the wrong bride.


Paul: Henry, just the guy I was looking for.

Meg: Hey, did Jack call?

Cop #2: The labs came up positive for Donovanís blood. You're under arrest for the kidnapping of Dusty Donovan.

Meg: No, it's a mistake.

Cop #2: You have the right to remain silent.

Meg: I didn't do this, okay? It's a mistake.

Cop #2: Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided.


On the next "As the World Turns" --

Katie: Please just tell me what you're afraid of.

Mike: It's bad.

Paul: What's Emily hiding?

Henry: Emily's hiding something.

Paul: Mm-hmm. I think she's hiding something, and I think you know what it is.

Meg: Instead of wasting everybody's time insisting that I hurt Dusty, maybe you should be out there finding out what really happened to him.

Jack: It's over for us. There is no going back from this.

Carly: Then get out! You want out, then go!

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