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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/17/06

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[Phone falling]

Holden: Jade!

Jade: Oh, Holden, sorry, I didn't know anybody was here.

Holden: Obviously. Where's Luke?

Jade: I don't know.

Holden: I thought Lily and I made it very clear. We didn't want you sneaking around with him, be alone together.

Jade: We werenít.

Holden: Well, then why are you here?

Jade: I --

Holden: Did you leave this?

Jade: It's for Lily.

Holden: What is it?

Jade: It's between me and Lily, okay?

Holden: I hope it's not something that's gonna upset her.

Jade: I would never upset her on purpose, she's pregnant. If you don't believe me, open it.

Holden: What is this?

Jade: That's me trying to make things right.


Luke: Hey, Kev. What's up?

Kevin: Same old -- I heard you were sick.

Luke: Oh, yeah, my kidney thing flared up again. But I'm okay now.

Kevin: Cool. Two lattes.

Luke: Actually -- actually I wanted to talk to you.

Kevin: About?

Luke: About Jade. We're seeing each other.

Kevin: Really?

Luke: Yeah, I mean, it's nothing serious or anything but --

Kevin: But I thought --

Luke: What?

Kevin: Aren't you two cousins?

Luke: Oh, no. No, no, no. That was -- that was a misunderstanding.

Kevin: Well, then you lucked out. I mean, the girl is hot. Is she still living at your place?

Luke: Actually, she's at my granddad's place.

Kevin: The one that's practically in your backyard?

Luke: Yeah, yeah, that's the one.

Kevin: Man! A hot babe with her own place? Can I please have your life?

Luke: Actually, since Jade and I started seeing each other, my folks --well, my dad, he's calmed down about a lot of stuff.

Kevin: That's good, because he was -- he was pretty intense. I mean -- I mean, no offense.

Luke: No, I totally hear you. But I don't really think he's that mad anymore about, you know, how we used to go out drinking or whatever.

Kevin: Okay, good.

Luke: Yeah, so I was thinking that maybe -- I mean, if you want, we could start hanging out again. You know, like the way we used to.

Kevin: Look, Luke, that's not gonna happen.


Maddie: Ooh, nice.

Gwen: Will!

Will: Hi. Hey.

Maddie: Hey.

Casey: Do I get one of those?

Maddie: Yeah.

Gwen: What are you guys doing here?

Will: We -- I begged Maddie for a break from Calculus.

Maddie: Yes, and since he wanted to see you, I figured I would just drag myself here and see Casey. What are you guys doing?

Casey: Getting ready to audition some singers.

Will: Oh, yeah, why?

Casey: We need acts for the club. So we thought we'd round up some local talent. Gwen's idea.

Gwen: Well, since we don't have a lot of money to spend, I thought it would be a good idea to involve the community, bring in a new fan base.

Will: That's smart.

Gwen: See, I told you.

Casey: You don't get to say that until we actually find someone who can sing and will work for next to nothing.

Maddie: Can we stay and watch?

Casey: Sure.

Maddie: Maybe we'll hear someone fun.

Singer #1: Or you could find someone really great. Hi, I'm Max.

Casey: Casey. I'm in charge of music here with Gwen.

Gwen: Hey.

Singer #1: Hi. How are ya?

Gwen: Nice to meet you.

Singer #1: And you are?

Will: I'm just a -- observer. Will.

Singer #1: Nice to meet you.

Casey: And this is Maddie.

Maddie: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Singer #1: Nice to meet you. Where should I set up?

Casey: Right over there, man.

Singer #1: All right.

Casey: You play?

Singer #1: Oh, no, no -- I rock.

Casey: This was a great idea.


Carly: What was that noise?

Katie: I don't know.

Carly: It sounded like a -- like a thump. It sounded like it came from somewhere inside. [Katie screams] What? What is it?

Katie: Come on!

Carly: Why?

Katie: No, did you hear that? Come on!


Holden: There's no note, it's just money. Why would you be giving Lily money?

Jade: She got me a job the other day at the library.

Holden: And?

Jade: Well, the things that she said to me -- she was pretty angry, so I thought that it would be best if I started paying her back for all the money that she spent on me.

Holden: Don't you think it's a little late for that?

Jade: Despite what you think, me coming here and meeting Lily, it was never about money. I lied about being Rose's daughter because I wanted to be part of a family.

Holden: Lily doesn't need your money. So keep it.

Jade: No.

Holden: Where are you going?

Jade: Why should I stay here? So that you can tell me how disgusted you are with me? How useless I am?

Holden: I didn't say any of those things.

Jade: Oh, you don't need to. My adoptive parents already have. Look, I know that I don't measure up, but at least I'm trying.

Holden: By paying off Lily?

Jade: You and Lily think that I set out to use you, but I didnít. See, you don't believe me.

Holden: And why should I?

Jade: Because I intend to pay Lily back, for everything. For rent, for food, for things that I use.

Holden: Look, Lily, she doesn't --

Jade: She doesn't want my money. She doesn't want me around. I get it. What she wants is for me to hate her and to hate this place and just get fed up and pack up and leave. But that's never gonna happen.

Holden: What's keeping you here?

Jade: Luke loves me. And I love him. And that's something that I've waited my whole life for. And as long as he's here, so am I. And I just -- I wanted to make things right.

Holden: Well, you canít.

Jade: If you would just --

Holden: No, no, you can't! Jade, when you lose someone so suddenly like we lost Rose, nothing is finished.

Jade: I understand --

Holden: No, no, you don't understand. Or you wouldn't be throwing money at it. Look, when you showed up, it was like Lily got a piece of her sister back. But then when we found out that you lied, it was like watching Rose die all over again. Keep your money.

Jade: I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt Lily. And the money, I just -- I thought if I gave her everything that I had -- just tell her that I'm sorry.

Holden: Jade -- wait. Is this all the money you have?


Kevin: It's just that I can't handle spending time with you right now.

Luke: Why not?

Kevin: It's like this -- I'm too busy spending most of my nights with her.

Luke: So you're seeing Liv now?

Kevin: She's crazy about me.

Luke: Well, that's kind of weird, because a few months ago you couldn't stand her. You thought she was a total skank.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- watch how you talk about my girlfriend.

Luke: Kevin, you said it, not me.

Kevin: I was wrong about her. Liv is fun. I mean, her dad doesn't give me a hard time. You know, we can party and do a lot a more. I mean, the girl's got some smooth moves. But you know -- you know all about that.

Luke: What do you mean?

Kevin: You and Jade. You two have been together, right?

Luke: Oh, yeah, right, yeah. She's -- Jade's great. So I guess -- I guess we both got lucky.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, I'll see you around.

Luke: Yeah.


Carly: There's nobody out there. Why are you doing this? Why are you wasting my time? First you drag me over to Java for some kind of serious conversation that never took place.

Katie: Well, I asked you to be at my wedding.

Carly: That took two minutes. Why are you still here?

Katie: But if there was an accident and we didn't do anything, I just --

Carly: Katie -- no accident, listen -- see, it's quiet. It's peaceful, calm. No accident. Go home.

Parker: Mom!

Carly: Oh, hey! Hey! What are you doing here?

Parker: Dad brought me.

Carly: He did?

Hal: Parker and I are going for a bike ride in the morning. So we came to pick up his bike. Katie, how are you?

Katie: Great, thanks. I'm just having a chat with Carly.

Hal: I thought you two were --

Katie: Oh, no, we worked things out. Didn't we?

Hal: Oh, good to hear.

Katie: Everything that went on with Nick is all done and dealt with. Right, Carly?

Carly: Yeah, right. Hey, so, why don't you boys come on in and have some cookies while I look for that bike.

Hal: Well, we can't stay long.

Carly: Well, you know, I don't even know where we stored Parker's bike for the winter. So it might take me some time to find it.

Parker: I'll get it, Mom. It's in the basement.


Gwen: So you've got kind of this pop-punk vibe thing going on, which actually fits right in with what we're looking for.

Singer #1: Yeah, yeah, you know -- but plus my own unique groove. So, anybody got any requests?

Casey: Just give us the best you've got, man.

Singer #1: Oh, yeah.

[Whistling "Titanic" theme]

Casey: What song is that?

Maddie: It's the theme song from "Titanic."

Will: It works because this is a shipwreck.

 [Lifeless applause]


Jade: I had some money when i got here. I spent a lot of it on presents, you know, for Natalie and Faith and the baby.

Holden: Trying to get on our good side.

Jade: Yeah, that's exactly why I did it. Are we done?

Holden: So after you give Lily your last cent, how are you gonna eat? How are you gonna get to work?

Jade: I'll go on a diet, and I can walk.

Holden: Okay, listen, here's the deal. I'm gonna tell Lily that you tried to leave it for her, but that I insisted that you take it back.

Jade: But --

Holden: And when you get a couple of paychecks under your belt, you can pay us back. You can do it every other week if you want.

Jade: Thanks, Holden.

Holden: Is there any food down at the house?

Jade: I'll be fine.

Holden: What about getting to and from work?

Jade: I guess using your car is out, huh? I can take the bus.

Holden: The bus stop is five miles away.

Jade: Okay. I can do that.

Holden: At night? Here --

Jade: No, Holden --

Holden: No, no, no. Just take this. Here, take it. If you need to take a cab, do that. If you need to get some food -- decent food -- do that as well.

Jade: I'm gonna pay you back.

[Phone rings]

Holden: Hello?

Luke: Hey, what are you doing taking money from my dad?

Jade: Luke, chill. It was only 40 bucks. It's no big deal.

Luke: Well, I don't like you conning my dad out of money.

Jade: I wasn't, he offered.

Luke: Well, you could've said no. You know what, Jade? No, I can't do this anymore. I'm sick of lying. I'm sick of everything. We're done.


Carly: Can't you stay for just a little bit longer? J.J. and Sage are having dinner with Jack, and I miss Parker already.

Hal: We just came for the bike.

Katie: You know, you two sound like you have some private things to discuss.

Hal: No, we donít.

Katie: Well, just in case you do, I'll help Parker find his bike. Come on.

Carly: You know, for a minute there, I thought you were bringing him home.

Hal: I'm sorry you got your hopes up, Carly. But I meant what I said. After what you did to Nick and the fact that Jack's moved out --

Carly: Wait, now wait, I took care of Parker for a long time on my own before I married Jack. I think I can do that again.

Hal: I'll go help Katie.

Carly: Wait, please. I'm sorry, I know that I was wrong to try and set Nick up like that.

Hal: You risked his life, your life.

Carly: I was just trying to help Jack. And okay, so I went about it the wrong way. But Hal, you know me. You know I'm a good mother. And now that Jack -- please, I need my children with me, now more than ever.

Hal: And what about what Parker's needs? Getting yourself involved in that strip club and the lowlifes that hang out there. What if one of those thugs had followed you home?

Carly: Come on, Hal, you and Jack chase criminals all the time. You put them in jail. You don't think that one of those guys could come after you? Find out where you live? Follow you home?

Hal: No, that's different.

Carly: Different how?

Hal: Because it's my job and because I entrusted you to put Parker's needs ahead of your own. I trusted you to keep him safe.

Carly: He is safe here.

Hal: I can't believe that, not anymore.


Katie: Okay, Parker, I'll be right back with your bike.

Parker: But you don't know where it is.

Katie: It's in the basement, right? And that's right through the kitchen. So, we're good.

Parker: But it's behind some stuff. I'll show you.

Katie: No, that's okay. No, sweetie, really, I'll find it. The basement's probably dark and your bike is really big.

Parker: But we have lights. I'll show you where the switch is.

Katie: I'll find it! I'm sorry. Listen, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I don't mean to yell. I just -- I just really want to look out for you.

Parker: But it's my bike and my basement. So why can't I go with you?

Katie: Well, you know what? I'll tell you what, if you stay here and stay put, I will bring you back a treat with your bike.

Parker: What kind of treat?

Katie: A good one. So stay put, okay?

Parker: I'm gonna go out with my mom.

Katie: No, no, no! Just stay here -- stay right here. And if you don't, no treat, okay?

Katie: Mike!


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Parker: The wall is wet.

Katie: What exactly did you find when you opened the wall?

Maddie: What are you guys gonna do?

Gwen: Work on this thing 24/7 until we get it done.

Casey: Yep. Just a lot of late nights, you and me.


Mike: What are you doing here? Where's Carly?

Katie: She's upstairs with -- never mind, don't worry. She's occupied. I tried to keep her away, but it was impossible. Did you find them?

Mike: No, no, no. Hey, you need to go back, okay?

Katie: Well, just tell me if you found the rubies.

Mike: What if Carly ends up coming downstairs?

Katie: She wonít. I'm on a mission to find Parker's bike.

Mike: Parker's here, too? You really should get back upstairs.

Katie: Honey, just tell me if you found the rubies.

Mike: No, you know what? Here, we'll talk about this when we get home. And you take this, okay?

Katie: Just -- honey, tell me if you found them.

Mike: No, listen, there's no time to talk about this! Please, go.

Katie: Mike?

Mike: What?

Katie: Just remember to go out the back, okay?

Mike: Okay, yeah. I need to finish this. Can you go, please?

Katie: I'm going.


Hal: I didn't mean to upset you.

Carly: Then you shouldn't have taken my kid.

Hal: He's my kid, too.

Carly: Why did I have to choose cops to father my children?

Hal: What is that supposed to mean?

Carly: You and Jack with your keen sense of right and wrong. If you cross the line once in a while, if you bend the rules, if you work 90 hours a week so that you never see your children, that's fine. That's just the way it is. I make one mistake, one bad decision --

Hal: You nearly ruined Nick Kasnoffís career. For weeks you were working in that strip club and nobody knew. What if something had happened to you, Carly? What would have happened to Parker?

Carly: Bad things happen, Hal, no matter how safe you think you are. I was sitting right here in this house, safe, the day that Jack's car went off a bridge. I made breakfast and did laundry the day that my sister ended up in coma. So please don't stand here and lecture me about what might have, could have happened in that club with those thugs!

Hal: They were dangerous men, Carly.

Carly: Anymore dangerous than you, Hal? Not one of them took my kid.

Hal: What would you have done, Carly, if I had put Parker in danger? How long would you have stood by and let that slide?

Carly: This is his home. His sister is here, his brother is here. His room, his things.

Hal: Parker will still see J.J. and Sage and you. If necessary, I will buy him new things. But when it comes to his childhood, Carly, there are no do-overs. We've got one shot to get this right. I will not have Parker hurt the way Jennifer and Will were hurt because I turned a blind eye to what their mother did in emotional situations.

Carly: I am not Barbara.

Hal: Really? Well, you sure could have fooled me. Because you're sure treating me like she does. Like the only role I have in my kids' life is to show up when she wants and do what she says.

Carly: I know that Parker needs you, Hal.

Hal: All he talked about today was home and you. He loves you, Carly. And that's not going to change. But I need to be his dad. I need to take care of him. And if you keep pulling at him like Barbara did with Will -- please, please don't do that to our son.

Parker: Mom?

Carly: Hey, buddy, what is it? Where's Katie?

Parker: Getting my bike. Can you come with me and Dad tomorrow? It'll be much more fun if you're there.

Carly: Oh, honey. You know, I think that you and your dad are going to have a really nice time. Just the two of you.

Parker: Why can't you come?

Carly: Well, you know how sometimes you and I spend some time together alone without J.J., without Sage? And we sing really loud in the car and we play catch, and we're just us together? Well, your dad's been working really hard and he hasn't had much alone time with you. He misses you.

Parker: I missed him, too.

Carly: Okay, well, then this will be great. Then the two of you can talk about bugs and snails and racecar driving and all that guy stuff that I'm just not into.

Parker: You'll be okay?

Carly: Oh, yeah, you bet.

Hal: Thanks. Well, maybe we should head out, Parker. Why don't you go help Katie find your bike?

Parker: I canít.

Carly: Why?

Parker: Katie told me to stay right here.

Katie: Here I am! I just didn't want poor Parker to have to navigate those basement steps with this bike and everything.

Hal: Oh, that was very thoughtful of you, Katie. Thank you.

Katie: No problem. Well, I'm gonna get out of here. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, Carly. It really meant a lot to me.

Carly: You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

Katie: All right.

Parker: What about my treat?

Katie: Oh, right. There you go.

Hal: Oh.

Katie: Enjoy.

Hal: Say thanks for the biscotti, Parker.

Parker: These cookies aren't sweet.

Hal: Say thanks for the biscotti anyway.

Parker: Thanks.

Katie: You're welcome. You know, I owe you one. Next time, super sweet cookies. Bye.

Hal: Bye. Thank you. You know what, Parker? Why don't I put the bike in the car. And why don't you take a couple of minutes to say goodnight to your mom.

Parker: Okay.

Carly: Thanks, Hal. So do you have everything you need at your dad's? Do you have clean shirts and clean socks, and more importantly, clean underwear?

Parker: Yeah. And if I want to come and visit J.J., Sage and you, I can come over, right?

Carly: Oh, yeah. Anytime you want. As long as your dad is cool with it. I love you, baby.

Parker: I love you, too, Mom.

Carly: And be careful tomorrow.

Parker: Oh, no!

Carly: What is it?

Parker: I forgot my helmet!

Carly: Oh, my. Well, let's just go downstairs to the basement and get it.


Jade: What happened? What's the matter?

Luke: I'm through pretending. You're not my girlfriend. And making people think that you are -- I can't do it anymore.

Jade: Would you be quiet? Or else your dad is gonna hear.

Luke: Jade, I don't care anymore.

Jade: Why? Why are you being like this?

Luke: Because I walk in here and I see you ripping off my dad and I don't like that. That was never a part of our plan.

Jade: That's not what upset you. Something happened. What is it? What happened?

Luke: I saw Kevin.

Jade: But that's a good thing. I mean, you're in love with the guy.

Luke: No, but I told him that I was sleeping with you.

Jade: Why did you do that?

Luke: I don't know. It just came out. I bumped into him and I was trying to find a way that I could ask him if we could hang out again.

Jade: Mm-hmm.

Luke: And the next thing I know, I'm just telling him about you.

Jade: What did he say?

Luke: He said, "Oh, dude, that's really cool. Jade's hot."

Jade: But you wanted him to be jealous and admit that he liked you.

Luke: Yeah, Jade, that's never going to happen.

Jade: Well, he's probably still scared of your dad.

Luke: No, he -- he had a girlfriend.

Jade: Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything. I mean, she could be a cover for him like I am with you.

Luke: Jade, he's crazy about her. Kevin's straight. And me thinking there's anything else -- it was just me wanting to have him, and that's not happening.

Jade: I'm sorry. I really wanted that to work out for you.

Luke: I thought that pretending we were together would be this great thing. You know, you would stay here and I could see Kevin.

Jade: Why don't you just give it some time? Maybe you've misread Kevin.

Luke: No, Jade, I know what I saw. And I know who he is. Kevin -- Kevinís straight. And everything else was me just wanting him. And he never liked me like that. And me and you pretending to be this couple, that's just got to be over.

Jade: Why?

Luke: Because it hurts my mom. And what good does it do now? Nothing.

Jade: If you're worried about hurting your parents, what do you think telling them you're gay is gonna do?

Luke: Well, I mean, I don't want to upset my dad, but I think that --

Jade: Look, you have been so focused on Kevin. I mean, he's not the only guy out there. Imagine how many other guys are totally hot for you and you never even noticed?

Luke: Jade, Jade, Jade, there's nobody like that.

Jade: Because you never looked. What are you gonna do? Go through the nightmare of confessing that you're gay to your dad and you've never even kissed another guy? How can you even be so sure?

Luke: Because. Because I'm sure. And I'm so sick of lying to my parents. And I know that it's gonna make it hard for you, but --

Jade: It's okay.

Luke: You understand?

Jade: Yeah. I mean, Luke, you're an incredible guy, and you just want everybody to be happy. Me and Lily and Holden.

Luke: Yeah.

Jade: But there is a way that this could work. This could work out for everybody. In fact, you could end up being the happiest one of us all.


Casey: How could so many people be so terrible?

Maddie: I don't know. And, okay, what was with that song? My heart going on and on and on. I'm never gonna be able to watch that movie again.

Casey: At least something good came out of it.

Will: You know, maybe you guys could use some of them. I just mean, maybe they were so bad, you know, that people might find them entertaining in a weird way.

Maddie: Yeah, there's something about watching a train wreck.

Casey: Shipwreck.

Gwen: No. I could never make fun of somebody that way.

Casey: I could.

Maddie: Casey!

Casey: No, actually, they were too terrible to even be funny. Talent like that would kill this club.

Gwen: I'm sorry, it was a bad idea.

Maddie: Well, so, the club opens in like a week. What are you guys gonna do?

Gwen: Work on this thing 24/7 until we get it done.

Casey: Yep. Just a lot of late nights, you and me.


Luke: There is no way that keeping this going is going to make me happy. Or you, for that matter. I mean, pretending to be in love with me when you're not, that's --

Jade: Luke, I've liked you since the first day at Java.

Luke: Well, I've liked you, too.

Jade: You're just saying that.

Luke: No -- no, Jade. I mean, you're a handful. But I'm gonna miss you when you're gone. I really am. Are you crying, Jade?

Jade: It's just that I've never felt this way about a guy before. I've never had this connection. And -- I just don't want to lose that.

Luke: Well, there's always e-mail.

Jade: Yeah, well, that's just not going to be enough for me. But if that's all that I mean to you, then --

Luke: No, Jade. Jade, Jade, Jade -- I didn't mean it like that. You're taking this the wrong way.

Jade: Luke, I care about you. I've told you things that I've never told anybody else before and I thought that you felt the same way, too.

Luke: I do. I do, I really do. It's like you understand what I'm going through even though you've never been there yourself.

Jade: Oh, I have been there. Being a mixed-race kid and being adopted? And being raised by two cold fish? I've spent most of my life trying to figure out who I am.

Luke: Yeah. I guess growing up here, I just -- I figured that I'd have the exact same life that my parents had. It never occurred to me that I was anything different. And then -- and then one day I wake up and I realize that I am.

Jade: And maybe one day, you'll wake up and you'll realize that you've changed.

Luke: What do you mean?

Jade: I don't know. It's just that, we're so young and we've never even been to college. And, kids our age, they hook up all the time. And it's not just gays with gays and straights with straights. Sexuality is just so much more complex than that.

Luke: I know. And I know that. But I also know that I'm gay.

Jade: That's just a label. And who you fall in love with, it's all tied in with if you get each other's jokes and how you feel when you're around them. And how you feel when you kiss them. You know, there is somebody I have fantasized about kissing.

Luke: Someone here in Oakdale? Do I know who they are?

Jade: Yeah.

Luke: It's not Kevin, is it?

[Jade laughs]

Jade: Absolutely not.

Luke: Well, then, who is it?

Jade: Well, he's my friend and he likes being around me. And I love being around him.

Luke: Oh, Jade.

Jade: What? I care about you, Luke. Let's just try something. Let's just turn this lie that we've told into something real.

Luke: It would never work.

Jade: Why? I care about you. That's not a lie. And sometimes I do catch you looking at me and I feel like you want me. Is that a lie?

Luke: Sometimes I look at you and I wish that things could different. I wish that I could be just like everybody else.

Jade: It can be. You can be.


Katie: Where are they?

Mike: What?

Katie: The rubies.

Mike: I don't have them.

Katie: You hid them again?

Mike: No, Katie, they weren't there.

Katie: What?

Mike: Yeah, I was pretty surprised, too.

Katie: What happened to them?

Mike: I don't know. Someone must have broken back into the wall after I hid them.

Katie: Are you sure you looked in the right place?

Mike: Of course I'm sure!

Katie: Mike! Woah.

Mike: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Katie: It's okay.

Mike: Look, I didn't mean to get upset. And back at Carly's --

Katie: Its okay, you were rushed and nervous. It's fine. I understand.

Mike: I love you, Katie. And what you did for me tonight --

Katie: I love you, too. Well, what was in the basement?

Mike: Nothing. I opened the wall exactly where I left the rubies.

Katie: Could they have shifted during a remodel or something?

Mike: No, the basic structure of Carly's house hasn't changed at all since I lived there.

Katie: Who could have taken them?

Mike: I don't know.

Katie: What about the woman who gave them to you? The one who stole them in the first place, could she have found them?

Mike: Maybe it was her.

Katie: Were there any clues when you opened the wall as to who could've them?

Mike: No.

Katie: Come on, honey, there must've been some clues. You just don't remember. Let's go through it together, okay? What exactly did you find when you opened the wall?


Carly: Your helmet has got to be down here somewhere.

Parker: Hey, Mom?

Carly: Yeah?

Parker: This is weird.

Carly: What's weird, honey?

Parker: The wall is wet.


Luke: Jade, Jade -- stop it, please! Just stay away from me, okay?

Holden: Hey, what's going on?

Luke: Um, Dad -- Dad -- Jade and I, we tried to stay away from each other, stick by the rules, but, you know, sometimes -- look, I'm sorry.

Jade: I should go.


Gwen: I like those guys.

Casey: They're too expensive, though.

Gwen: Okay.

Casey: Too heavy metal.

Gwen: Too naked.

Maddie: Ooh, let me see. Well, if you guys really are hard up, I could stand up on stage and read some pages from "Oakdale Confidential." It's selling out in all the stores, really.

Casey: You didn't write the book.

Maddie: Maybe, maybe not.

Gwen: This is going to take forever.

Casey: Yeah, we better get to it.

Maddie: Okay. Well, Will, you ready for planes and vectors? We should get back.

Will: Yeah, you're right. I should do some more Calculus before I go back to work at the hospital.

Maddie: Okay.

Will: All right, so, I love you. See you at home.

Gwen: Oh, yeah -- bye. Love you.


Carly: The wall must have gotten wet earlier.

Parker: How?

Carly: Well, there was a little accident with the boiler, but it's all right now, so don't worry about it. Aha! Helmet. Come on, honey. Your dad's waiting. Parker? Hey. Hello? Let's go.

Mike: When I opened the wall, I expected to find the bag there with the rubies. Instead --

Katie: Did they leave the bag, even?

Mike: Yeah, but there was nothing in it.

Katie: Well, was there anything else there?

Mike: No, no. Nothing but rubble.

Katie: Honey, that's a good thing. If there were no rubies, then there's no connection to you at all.

Mike: Katie, somebody took the jewels. They must know I put them there. And now --

Katie: What? Honey, they've probably been gone for a long time. I'm sure that they were taken by a stray workman who was working on the wall or something.

Mike: Yeah -- yeah, maybe.

Katie: I know you want to do the right thing, but there's no rubies and we don't know who took them. What else can we do?

Mike: You know what? I need to take a walk, okay?

Katie: What's wrong?

Mike: It feels like a lifetime ago since I hid those rubies there, and I kind of convinced myself it didn't happen. And now --

Katie: It's over. Are you okay?

Mike: Yeah, I just need some air. I'll be okay, all right? We'll be okay. All right?

Mike: Who was that?


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Jack: Quit stalling, Meg. I want you to tell me exactly how you two are tied into this case.

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Henry: Where are you holding him, Em? Where are you holding Dusty Donovan?

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