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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/5/06

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Hal: You want me to let Paul out and give him another shot at hurting you?

Jennifer: Dusty is alive, and Paul knows where he is.

Hal: Maybe.

Jennifer: Dad, you follow him, you will find Dusty.

Hal: And what about the other charges?

Jennifer: If the murder charge is gone, why can't you just let the rest of it go?

Hal: Honey, it is not that simple. I can't just pick up the phone, call the D.A. and tell him to let Paul walk.

Jennifer: Dad, I am begging you to make it simple. Find a way to drop those other charges and let Paul go.


Emily: This is insane. If they know you didn't kill Dusty, then how can they keep you here?

Paul: Hal is holding me on old charges.

Emily: How? How is that possible? Where's Jessica? We have to get Jessica to talk to him and make him let you go.

Paul: Hal goes by the book. And the book says that I jumped bail and I destroyed hospital records. Unless there's a way for Hal to see Dusty with his own eyes, Hal is determined to keep me here.

Emily: He's like a dog with a bone, that man.

Paul: He just wants proof. Apparently, seeing a mug shot of Dusty in the newspapers did not impress him.

Emily: It was real! I mean, they proved it was real, right?

Paul: Real, yeah, but not enough for your ex.

Emily: Well, what more does he need?

Paul: I know what I need -- I need to leave here and go home with my wife. And start our honeymoon.

Emily: That's what I want. That's all I want.

Paul: Yeah? But unless we parade Dusty, alive and kicking, right in front of Hal in his own station house, I'm stuck here for a long, long time.


Meg: Mama?

Emma: You didn't answer my call.

Meg: Oh, I'm sorry. My lawyer called, and then I got sidetracked.

Emma: What did he want?

Meg: Well, he had good news. I won't be needing a lawyer much longer.

Emma: So, are you going to continue staying here at the Lakeview?

Meg: Yes.

Emma: How? Well, you're not working. It's his money, isn't it? You're being kept by Paul Ryan.


Carly: Hey. Hi, Gwen.

Gwen: Hey, where's the fire?

Carly: I'm sorry, I gotta go, something's come up.

Gwen: I just -- I need to talk to you.

Carly: I can't right now. I'm sorry, we'll talk later, okay?

Gwen: Look, it's not gonna -- it's not going to take very long.

Carly: Look, if you need a place to stay --

Gwen: I don't need a place to stay.

Carly: Then I'm sorry. Whatever it is, I can't help. I have too much on my own plate right now.


Jack: What are you doing here?

Nick: Emma let me in.

Jack: What, you came by for the pie?

Nick: It's great pie.

Jack: Get out.

Nick: Jack, you saved my life, my job, my reputation. I just wanted to say thanks.

Jack: Go to hell.


Hal: Moreno, get me an update on that surveillance on 21st street.

Jennifer: Paul knows more than he is saying.

Hal: That's what scares me.

Jennifer: And if you let him go, you can assign a whole team to watch him --

Hal: Sykes, bring in those witnesses. They're late.

Jennifer: Would you talk to me?

Hal: I can't tell you what you want to hear, Jen.

Jennifer: So then you're just going to give up?

Hal: I'm not giving up.

Jennifer: Like you gave up on Johnny.

Hal: Hey, that was different.

Jennifer: Well, but you thought I was crazy then. Maybe you think I'm crazy now.

Hal: I don't think you're crazy, Jen, but trusting Paul to help us find Dusty might be a little delusional.

Jennifer: Dad, just follow him.

Hal: For all we know, he and Meg are still tied into this together.

Jennifer: Well, then so they'll both lead us to Dusty.

Hal: You don't buy that they're on the outs?

Jennifer: I'm not sure.

Hal: He married Emily.

Jennifer: Well, I still don't understand that.

Hal: Jen, go home, take care of Johnny.

Jennifer: You're angry at me, aren't you? Because I accused you of keeping Paul in jail for personal reasons.

Hal: Paul is in jail because he broke the law. Trust me on this.

Jennifer: Oh, that's so funny, Paul used to say that to me all the time.

Hal: Don't you compare me to him.

Jennifer: Dad, Emily is gone, okay? She was crazy to leave you, but she did. She doesn't love you anymore.

Hal: I know that.

Jennifer: Do you? Or are you just holding on to enough of the good memories to put aside the fact that she made you miserable? She wants Paul. You can't change that. But Dusty is alive and Paul knows where he is. So let him go. Please! I need you to love me more than you hate Paul.


Paul: You know, I can't stop wishing -- if we could just tell Hal where Dusty is, Hal could go there and this whole thing would just be over.

Emily: Oh, God, I wish that were possible.

Paul: Do you?

Emily: Why would --

Paul: Do you really?

Emily: Why would you ask me that?

Paul: I'm just a little frustrated. I'm sorry, I don't mean to take it out on you.

Emily: I just wish -- I wish there was something else I could do. I wish I could've tried harder.

Paul: Come on, like what?

Emily: I don't know, talk to Hal, maybe.

Paul: I think that would just make things worse.

Emily: No, he used to listen to me.

Paul: Yeah, well, not anymore. I mean, things are different now. And you can't trust Hal. Emily, the only people that you and I can trust are one another. And that's how it's always been with you and me. It's you and me against the whole world.

Emily: It still is.

Paul: That's why you were the only one who understood why I could keep Johnny away from Jennifer.

Emily: I know, because -- because you loved her so much.

Paul: That's right. We don't listen to what anybody else says about what's right or wrong. We make our own rules. We listen to our own heart about what's right.

Emily: Everything I do, I do for you.

Paul: I know that.

Emily: Because I love you so much. And when you do something out of love, it can never be wrong. Never.

Paul: Never.

Emily: I have to talk to you about something.

Paul: Okay. What? What is it?

Emily: Just promise me you're gonna understand, okay?

Paul: Emily, if I can understand why you shot me, and I do, I do, I can understand just about anything.

Emily: Oh, God, I feel so terrible about this. I'm an awful wife.

Paul: No.

Emily: No, I am an awful wife.

Paul: No, you're not.

Emily: You are inside this cell, feeling awful, feeling trapped, and here I am, having my feelings hurt because you said a few things to me. And that is awful, that is unfair.

Paul: That's --

Emily: I need to stop thinking of myself and start trying to figure out a way to get you out of this place.

Paul: That's not what you were going to say. You've got something else on your mind, right?

Emily: Yeah, there's a million things on my mind. There's a million things on my mind. My husband is in jail, and my honeymoon is on this perpetual hold. And the only people I talk to these days are lawyers. And every time I try praying to God, he hangs up on me.

Paul: Okay, I'm sure that God will understand no matter what you've done, that it came from a good place.

Emily: I can't do this.

Paul: What?

Emily: There's something I need to go do.

Paul: We're not done talking.

Emily: I can’t. I can't talk to you about this.

Paul: Emily, please, what's going on?

Emily: Nothing, okay? I just can't -- you know that phrase, "God helps those who help themselves?"

Paul: Yeah --

Emily: Well, I've gotta give God a little push. I will be back. I love you. Have faith.


Emma: Meg, the man has been accused of murder.

Meg: Not anymore. Dusty's alive. That's why my lawyer called. Jessica Griffin told Paul that the murder charges were dropped. The police found evidence that he's being held somewhere.

Emma: You mean he's been kidnapped?

Meg: Whoever it is sent Jennifer a note and a photo.

Emma: So Paul is free?

Meg: I don't know.

Emma: And what about you? Aren't you still under suspicion?

Meg: I'm not sure. But my lawyer's not worried.

Emma: But what about Dusty's gloves with your blood on them?

Meg: Okay, Mama, I can explain that, okay? I found Dusty's wallet at the parking lot of the wagon wheel motel.

Emma: You mean that place out by the airport?

Meg: Yeah, the wallet was covered with blood. I picked it up and that's how blood ended up on my gloves.

Emma: And that's what you threw off the bridge?

Meg: I knew how it would look if anybody found out I had Dusty's wallet, so I panicked and I just got rid of it.

Emma: Then why -- why didn't you tell me before? Are you protecting Paul?

Meg: We were protecting each other.

Emma: Oh, I see. So, trading in your values, are you? What did it get you? Room service in a five star hotel.

Meg: Paul's innocent. And thanks for not judging me.

Emma: What do you expect?

Meg: Benefit of the doubt? Paul didn't buy my silence. It's just complicated.

Emma: The man is complicated. Look, he is trouble, Meg. He is trouble. Just stay away from him.

Barbara: Hello, Emma.

Emma: Hi, hi.

Barbara: How are you?

Emma: Well, a little tired after our ordeal. How about you?

Barbara: Oh, well, glad to be back home, in spite of our ride back in a pickup truck. Your mother is very resourceful. But I bet you know that, Meg, don't you? Well, have a nice day.

Emma: And how do you think she'd feel if she knew about you and Paul?

Meg: Paul doesn't talk to his mother.

Emma: And what does that tell you?

Meg: He's lucky?

Emma: Fine. So it's good to be supported by a married man?

Meg: You know about Emily?

Emma: What, you didn't expect me to know about that either?

Meg: Okay, look, Mama, I tried it your way. Okay? I settled down, I had a husband, I had a mortgage, but it didn't work for me.

Emma: Oh, yeah, what works for you? Being supported by a married man?

Meg: I have felt more alive in the last few months than I ever felt with josh. I love you, Mama, and I am so sorry you don't approve, but you don't know Paul the way I do. I have to go.

Emma: Where are you going?

Meg: You don't want to know.


Casey: So, did you decide on a name yet?

Lisa: I'm going to call it "Crash." And you make sure that you pick music for everyone's tastes, not just yours.

Casey: I will. Gwen helped me come up with some crossover tracks. We should be fine.

Barbara: And no one knows about crossing the tracks like Gwen.

Lisa: Hi there, Barbara.

Barbara: Hello, don't let me interrupt.

Casey: Hello, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: Hello. I didn't realize that you and Gwen were still friends.

Lisa: I think I should nip this interrogation in the bud.

Barbara: It's just a friendly question.

Lisa: Casey's gonna be my deejay in my new club.

Barbara: Well, that's very exciting. And now I understand why you were asking Gwen for advice. I understand she's rather musically inclined.

Casey: Yes, she is. I caught her band in Bay City about a year ago. The Itty Bitty Kitty Krew.

Barbara: Catchy.

Casey: Yeah. Well, Grandma, I'm going to pick that music up before I go to the library. Good seeing you.

Lisa: Good seeing you.

Casey: Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: Nice catching up with you, Casey.

Lisa: Well, honey, I must say you were almost civil where Gwen was concerned.

Barbara: Oh, I'm trying.

Lisa: I know. I think that's wonderful. If I had known that a run-in with a bear would change your attitude, I would have taken you to the zoo a long time ago.

[Both laughing]

Barbara: I'm trying to be supportive.

Lisa: Supportive enough to give Will his trust fund?

Barbara: If and when he graduates high school, yes. What are you looking at?

Lisa: I was just looking to see if any pigs got stuck in the chandeliers as they were flying through.

Barbara: Are we going shopping or what?

Lisa: Yes, we are. I want to find out where this change of heart comes from.

Barbara: Okay, come on, you. Here we go.


Jack: You still here?

Nick: Jack, everything worked out for me because of you.

Jack: Well, I got to the truth, Nick. That's what a good cop does.

Nick: Well, just for the record, Carly hated working at that club.

Jack: Don’t.

Nick: Every second.

Jack: Never stopped her.

Nick: All right, we don't have to talk about Carly. But what about work?

Jack: What about it?

Nick: You and I can get assigned to another case together.

Jack: I'll handle it.

Nick: I need more than that.

Jack: You came to the Lakeview to have sex with my wife. That's how that night started. Were you hoping I'd forget about that?

Nick: It wasn't personal.

Jack: It wasn't personal?

Nick: You know what I meant.

Jack: Walking out of my house was personal. Telling my kids I was leaving was personal. So don't come in here, put out your hand and expect forgiveness. I don't want your damn thanks or your worthless apology. I'll work with you, Nick. I'll have your back on the job, but don't expect me to like it.


Gwen: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. What's going on?

Carly: It's Jack.

Gwen: Yeah, what's wrong with Jack?

Carly: I can't do this right now. I can't talk to you right now, all right? I'm sorry.

Gwen: So am I.


Maddie: Where were you?

Will: I clocking a little overtime at work.

Maddie: Well, maybe you should clock a little overtime in Calculus. You're three chapters behind.

Will: Okay, all right, I got it.

Maddie: Did you review?

Will: Yes, Mother.

Maddie: I'm serious. The problems on the exam are going to be a lot tougher and this exam is 80% of your final grade.

Will: 80%, are you sure?

Maddie: Positive. So, if you tank this one, buddy, you don't pass Calculus. And if you don't pass Calculus, you don't graduate.


Hal: I'm sorry, Jen, letting Paul walk is not an option.

Jennifer: Leaving Dusty out there to die is not an option.

Hal: Jennifer, Paul was Craig’s accessory after the fact. When he kept Johnny from you, it made him a kidnapper -- that is a felony.

Jennifer: But if I don't testify to his lies, if I don't go to court --

Hal: Hey, you made your statement to the D.A.

Jennifer: I can change my statement.

Hal: Think about what you're saying.

 Jennifer: What I'm saying, Dad, is that I'm not gonna lift a finger to put Paul away. And Emily is his wife now, so she doesn't have to testify either and without us, your case falls apart. You want to play hardball, Dad? I'm playing hardball.


Emily: I ordered chipped beef?

Dusty: You gotta let me go.

Emily: What, are you kidding me? And miss the blue plate special?

Dusty: What happened with the photo?

Emily: Relax. Your precious Jennifer knows you're alive.

Dusty: And what about your little Pauly boy?

Emily: What about him?

Dusty: Well, did he get out of jail?

Emily: No. No, Hal wouldn't let go of the old charges. I swear to God, the man would give him the death penalty for jaywalking if he could get away with it.

Dusty: I think it's time for my help.

Emily: You?

Dusty: You need a plan. You don't have one.

Emily: I have a plan, thank you very much.

Dusty: Ransom?

Emily: No, Dusty, I don't think you're worth anything.

Dusty: Oh, really? Tell me, where are you going from here?

Emily: Shut up. Okay. Just shut your mouth and eat!

Dusty: This'll all go away. Do you understand me? Do you understand what I'm saying? I can get you out of this whole mess!


Nick: I'm not proud of what I did.

Jack: Is that supposed to make me feel better, Nick?

Nick: Jack, what do you want me to say? I learned a lesson. I'm sorry I went for the bait.

Jack: "The bait" was my wife, the mother of my kids.

Nick: Yeah, I know and I should've thought of that. Maybe the reason why I didn't was because I never had a Carly. Or a family like yours. But I'll tell you one thing, Jack, she never wanted me.

Jack: You wanted her though, right? That's why you showed up.

Nick: And I was wrong.

Jack: Whatever. Just stay the hell away from me.

Nick: It's a small squad room.

Jack: Yeah, remember that the next time you hit on another guy's wife. They might not let you off so easy.

Nick: Jack, I'll go. Come on, you stay.

Jack: No, you stay, finish your pie. This time, clean up after yourself for a change.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: I will beg for you!

Jack: No, Carly --

Carly: I will get on my knees!

Jack: Carly, get up!

Carly: Tell me what you want!

Paul: Jessica got the murder charges dropped, and Jennifer won't cooperate with any of the other charges -- I'm released.

Dusty: Emily -- Emily!


Cop #4: You've got a visitor, Ryan.

Paul: Is it my wife?

Cop #4: Upstairs. Let's go.

Paul: Why's it gotta be upstairs?

Cop #4: On your feet. Come on.

Paul: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi. Could I talk to my brother alone, please?

Cop #4: I'm sorry, Lieutenant Munson made it very --

Paul: He's got me on a very short leash.

Cop #4: All right.

Paul: You okay?

Jennifer: No, you?

Paul: Like you care?

Jennifer: Oddly enough.

Paul: Since when?

Jennifer: You know, I'm confused, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, well, I'm a confusing guy.

Jennifer: No, don't do that.

Paul: Sorry.

Jennifer: Do you love me? It's a simple question. Do you love me?

Paul: Since the day you were born.

Jennifer: You know, when I was -- when I was in fifth grade, I had to write this essay about who my favorite hero was. And everyone thought, of course, that I would pick my father, the cop. But I didn’t. I chose you, and you want to know why? Because when I came to you and said that I wanted to be a ballerina, you said, "good for you, Jen. Go for it." And the first time that I had my heart broken, you were there with flowers and a box of tissues. And today, I just started thinking, trying to figure out why you changed. And then I realized something.

Paul: What?

Jennifer: The way that you see it, you haven't change at all. The second that you knew Johnny was alive, that you decided you weren't gonna tell me, you thought you were still being my hero. You thought that it was okay, that you were keeping me safe -- from Craig.

Paul: Jennifer, look, I've given up trying to get people to understand what I've done.

Jennifer: But that's the thing, Paul. I think I finally do understand.

Paul: Kind of sudden, don't you think? I mean, a few minutes ago you were ripping into me, accusing me of knowing where Dusty was.

Jennifer: I was scared. I still am. But I thought about what you said, Paul. And I -- I believe you. I have to believe you because the one thing that I have feared most in my life is starting to happen to me.

Paul: What? I don't understand. What's starting to happen?

Jennifer: Do you remember the day that I told you to move far away?

Paul: Yes, of course I remember.

Jennifer: I was afraid that having you around would remind me of what happened to Johnny, and I didn't want to end up going to that dark place where I would be unfit to raise my own son.

Paul: Oh, never. You're too good of a mother to ever be unfit.

Jennifer: So was our mother, a long time ago. We know what bitterness can do to people. That's why I -- I know that you can't go, so I have to let go of the anger, for Johnny.

Paul: On my life, I had nothing to do with Dusty's disappearance.

Jennifer: Well, I hope that's true. But whether it is or not, I have to stop hating you. That's why I told my father that I will not cooperate with his case. And without me, he has no way of convicting you. So, you're free, Paul. And now, finally, so am I.


Dusty: How's your kid? Who's taking care of him right now? Tom? Tom? [Dusty sighs] For how long?

Emily: Will you please just stop talking?

Dusty: For how long?

Emily: I don't want to put a gag in your mouth -- just shut up!

Dusty: I'm just asking you, how long since things have been normal for you? Huh? And if you ever want to get back to that, you gotta start thinking to yourself really serious -- what the hell are you gonna do with me? Okay? They know I'm alive now. They're gonna step up the search. And believe me, you don't want them to find me like this, all right?

Emily: Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Release you and everything will be hunky dory?

Dusty: No, no, no, I told -- I told you, I'm gonna keep you out of it. I can tell Hal that, you know, I got picked up by a old Chicago connection and I got away.

Emily: Picked up for what?

Dusty: Bad debt, bad woman. I don't know, whatever.

[Dusty sighs]

Emily: But what if he wants a name?

Dusty: I'll give him a name -- not yours. You walk. And Pauly boy walks as well. Okay? What do you say?


Will: Are you listening to music or are you helping me?

Maddie: I'm multi-tasking.

Will: It's a book about new age rock.

Maddie: Oh. Well, now that Casey’s a deejay at his grandmother's new nightclub, he's constantly talking to me about all these groups that I have no idea who they are. You know, him and Gwen can talk about this band and that band, and me? I'm lost.

Will: You should check that shelf right there. You'll find everything from the 50s to five minutes ago.

Maddie: Do you mind?

Will: No, I got plenty to keep me busy.

Maddie: Okay.

Will: Hey, what's wrong?

Gwen: Sometimes I think I was better off before I even knew that I had a sister.


Carly: Are you on your way out?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Can we talk?

Jack: We've talked, Carly.

Carly: Jack, please, can we go inside?

Jack: No, no way. Not until Emma gets an exterminator. How are the kids?

Carly: How do you think?

Jack: I'll call, after school, maybe I'll stop by.

Carly: They'd like that, Jack. I'd like it.

Jack: It's for them, Carly.

Carly: You can't separate me from the children. We're a family, Jack. What you're doing to us --

Jack: What about what you did to us? A little personal responsibility here would go a long way.

Carly: I know what I did. I own what I did.

Jack: Would you do it again? Hey, here's a game. Let's play, "what would Carly do?"

Carly: Oh, Jack, please don't --

Jack: No, come on, you're really gonna like this game.

Carly: Stop it!

Jack: We start with, Jack's career hits another speed bump. A -- Does Carly get a decent job to help out the family? B -- Does Carly tell Jack what she's planning on doing and why? C -- Does Carly let Jack know where she's gonna be in case of an emergency? Or D -- is Carly secretly planning to blow up the speed bump for Jack's own good?

Carly: That's is not funny --

Jack: D, Carly. Answer's always D.

Carly: Stop it, Jack.

Jack: If blaming you -- if blaming me helps you, knock yourself out. But we'll end up right back where we started. Nothing's gonna change.

Carly: Wait! I brought that for you.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Just take it.

Jack: No.

Carly: You won't take it because you know it'll bring you back to me. It always brings you back to me.

Jack: I won't take it because it's a cheap reminder of what we used to have.

Carly: Don't say that.

Jack: It's just a thing, Carly. Maybe it stood for more once.

Carly: It still does.

Jack: No. It's just sad.

Carly: I need to make you understand, Jack.

Jack: Well, that would take mutual trust, honesty and knowing how to love.

Carly: We do know how to love each other.

Jack: You say that, but I can't make it fit with the rest of the picture. The picture of you in the club, every guy in the joint -- secret fantasy of how they were going to get you behind the bar and strip --

Carly: I don't want to talk about those jerks, Jack!

Jack: Those jerks got your time, they got your attention! They got a hell of a lot more than me and the kids!

Carly: I was in that club to help you, g-man.

Jack: Don't call me that. I don't want to hear it. Almost as much as I don't want to hear how you did it all for me.

Carly: Stop it. Stop trying to make it sound like we're over, because we're not over. Do you want me to beg you, Jack? Is that what you want? Because I will.

Jack: Carly, stop it.

Carly: I will beg for you!

Jack: No, Carly --

Carly: I will get on my knees!

Jack: Carly, get up!

Carly: Tell me what you want! Tell me!

Jack: I told you! You can't give it to me!

Carly: I can. I can. I will.

Jack: What, you'll change?

Carly: Yes!

Jack: You'll turn into someone that you're not?

Carly: You're leaving me for being the woman you love?

Jack: I'm leaving you because the woman I love made me feel like half a man.

Carly: Oh, Jack, there isn't a man alive who can come close to you. I love you. Now and forever. Jack, please. Please, come back to me, g-man. I am the love of your life, you know that. And you're mine. If you walk out on me right now, I will never love again. And neither will you.


Barbara: Well, do you think Gwen’s gonna like the top I bought her?

Lisa: Oh, I think she's gonna be in shock.

Barbara: It's just a gesture.

Lisa: I think it's a very nice gesture.

Barbara: Thank you for noticing.

Lisa: Yes, yes.

Barbara: I figured, if you could win Margo over all those years ago, I can do the same Gwen.

Lisa: Well, it wasn't easy.

Barbara: How'd you do it?

Lisa: Well, I tried to get to know Margo and, you know, meet that common ground -- see what she liked.

Barbara: How?

Lisa: Well, I found out that she loved trunks. She has a passion for old trunks. Have you noticed that in her house, she's got them in every bedroom, she's got them in the hallway, downstairs, everywhere. So, whenever I was reading the paper and I saw that there was gonna be an auction or maybe a yard sale, I'd call her up and I'd say, "you think we could get together on some prices on this." So, honey, if you want my advice, try to get inside Gwen’s head and find out what she likes.

Barbara: Lisa, you are a genius. I know exactly what I want to do for Gwen, but I'm gonna need your help. I'm gonna need a big favor if I'm gonna be able to pull this one off.


Gwen: Carly's having problems with Jack or something.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Yeah, she wouldn't really go into it, she just said that she couldn't help me with my problems because she had too many of her own.

Will: So, you told her that you were having problems?

Gwen: No, I wanted to tell her that we got married. She just assumed that I came to cry on her shoulder, which is bad enough. But then she couldn't even listen when I tried to explain.

Will: I'm sorry. That bites.

Gwen: Yeah. I don't need to dump this on you. You have work to do.

Will: You ever heard of a cosine?

Gwen: No, is it a band?

Will: No, it's on my Calculus midterm.

Gwen: Well, Maddie’s the math genius. Where is she?

Will: She's a little tuned out of math today.


Paul: I still don't see why Hal would go along with all this.

Jennifer: Maybe he doesn't want to be angry anymore.

Paul: Or maybe he's got a unit at my apartment right now looking for new evidence.

Jennifer: Would they find anything?

Paul: No.

Jennifer: Well, he has Will and Gwen living with him and Johnny and I coming and going. We're just trying to put our family back together.

Paul: Your family?

Jennifer: Paul, Dusty is alive. And he's coming back to me. They've got the whole force out there looking for him and they're going to find him. And when he does comes back, I don't want to be living in the past, I want a fresh start.

Paul: That sounds nice.

Jennifer: Maybe I want that for you, too. Could you tell my dad that we're ready?

Cop #4: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, at least now you'll finally be with the woman that you love.

Paul: Being with Emily is the most important thing in my life for me right now.

Jennifer: Then I'm happy for you.

Hal: Sign these. Officer Moreno will bring up your personal effects. We'll have the rest of your paperwork ready when you go through processing.

Jennifer: Thanks, Dad.

Paul: Jennifer, I'm gonna make all of this up to you, I swear I will.

Hal: Get him out of here. You think he went for it?

Jennifer: Yeah, he went for it. Thanks, Dad.

Hal: Let's hope this works. Munson -- as soon as Paul Ryan leaves the building, I want him tailed.


Dusty: You let me go, and we'll torch the place.

Emily: Torch the place? That's brilliant. [Cell phone rings] Oh, okay -- just, don't say a word, okay? I will be right back. Hello?

Hal: Where are you?

Emily: Well, that's none of your business, is it?

Hal: I need you to come down to the station.

Emily: I'm busy.

Hal: Well, get unbusy. I want you to get your husband out of my jail.

Emily: What happened? Is he free?

Hal: Just get down here as soon as you can.

Emily: I gotta go. I gotta go.

Dusty: Who was it?

Emily: God, I think. Listen, if you could figure out a way to eat this stuff, I would really try because you look awful.

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: Here, I'm sorry, Dusty.

Dusty: Emily! Emily!


Jack: I have to go.

Carly: Please, please -- fight for us, Jack. Please, we can fix it!

Jack: We're in too many pieces, Carly. We can't fix it.

Carly: Jack -- [Carly sobbing] Jack!

[Carly crying]

[Nick comes in and touches her head]


Jennifer: Promise you'll call.

Hal: As soon as we know anything. You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, go, I'll be fine.

Meg: What are you doing here?

Jennifer: If you came to see Paul, you better hurry.

Meg: Is he being transferred?

Jennifer: I'll let him explain.

Meg: Where are you taking him?

Hal: Paul Ryan isn't my problem anymore.

Meg: Thank goodness I got here in time.

Paul: In time for what?

Meg: Well, aren't they transferring you?

Paul: Well, kind of.

Meg: How can they do that? My lawyer said that they can't do anything about that --

Paul: Meg, Jessica got the murder charges dropped. And Jennifer won't cooperate with any of the other charges. I'm released.


[Chains rattling]

[ Dusty breathing heavily ]


Will: Hey.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Mike: I don't want to wait 'til September.

Katie: You are serious?

Mike: Yeah, let's get married today.

Nick: I never wanted your marriage to end.

Carly: You just wanted to chase me around a hotel room and send me home to my husband?

Emily: You're not mad at Paul, you're in love with him.

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