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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/4/06

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Previously on "As the World Turns" --

Minister: Now by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband --

Jennifer: "Don't give up hope, I'm still alive." Johnny, he's still alive. Dusty is alive!

[Luke gasps]

[Machine beeping]

Lily: Luke -- Luke!

Jack: I wanted to be your true north. But somehow, we both got lost.

[Carly dreaming]

Jack: Love isn't the problem. I'm the problem. Because I always want to believe you. I can't live that way.

[Carly gasps]

Carly: You're back.

Jack: I couldn't stay away. I tried. But I love you so much.

[Carly wakes up]

Carly: Jack. You're back.


Katie: Coffee's ready! And the paper's here, filled with lots of crimes for you to solve.

Nick: What is it with you and being a human alarm clock?

Katie: This paper is for Nick Kasnoff, detective, newly-reinstated, first day back on the job.

Nick: Katie, I'm not in the mood.

Katie: Why aren't you dressed? Aren't you are going back today?

Nick: It just feels weird.

Katie: Come on, Nick, you didn't do anything wrong. If anyone should be ashamed to show their face, it would be Carly. She's lucky you let her off like you did. Why did you do that again?

Nick: For her kids and for Jack. I owe him.

Katie: Yeah, I guess you do. So why don't you get out there? Protect. Serve.

Nick: Katie, I messed up. All right, I was wrong about Jack. I wouldn't even have my job if it wasn't for that guy.

Katie: So, maybe you should thank him.

Nick: How?

Katie: Go out and do the job.

Nick: Okay, okay. Well, at least there's one good thing about all this.

Katie: You stopped drooling over Carly?

Nick: At least Mike's not here to watch me crash and burn.

[Nick laughs]

Katie: Oh, I'm gone. Bye!

[Doorbell rings]

Mike: Yeah, I got a delivery for Katie Peretti.

Katie: What are you doing here?

Mike: Huh?

Katie: You weren't supposed to deliver them here! And they're supposed to be balloons, not flowers!

Mike: Oh?

Katie: So, just go back wherever you came from, and switch them out for balloons and wait for my call to tell you the right address.

Mike: Hey, yo, lady, you sure you want me to go back to where I came from?

Katie: I ordered balloons.

Mike: But Latviaís a long way to back, don't you think?

Katie: Oh, my God! What are you doing here?


Henry: Emily --

Emily: Henry! Are you always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Really?

Henry: Yes, when I'm hiding my money with the wrong person. Speaking of which --

Emily: Did you get the robe I asked you to pick up?

Henry: Yes, I got the robe you asked me to pick up.

Emily: Oh, good.

Henry: And although I think it's a very generous of you to thank me for everything I've done for you in the last couple of weeks. I prefer cash in lieu of gifts.

Emily: It's not for you. It's a homecoming present for Paul.

Henry: Oh, really? Oh, no kidding? And, is a -- ooh. Is this a homecoming gift for Paul as well? Emily, sweetheart, the man is in jail for murder. The homecoming isn't going to come around for, like, 20 years or so.

Emily: Maybe we'll get lucky.

Henry: Yeah, right. You've figured out a way to spring Paul, haven't you?

Emily: I did not.

Henry: Yeah, you have.

Emily: No, I didnít.

Henry: Yeah, you have. And there's a problem with that.

Emily: What?

Henry: Well, I'm betting that since he's accused of murder, the only way to get him out of trouble is to get somebody else into trouble.

Emily: What is your point?

Henry: That somebody else better not be me.


Jennifer: Dad, I was right? The photo and the letter prove that Dusty's okay?

Hal: According to the experts -- yesterday, whoever took that picture, at that time, Dusty was alive. Let's hope he still is.

Jennifer: That means that we have to get to him pretty quick, Dad, because whoever's holding him might decide --

Hal: I checked with your hotel, the note was delivered shortly after the morning edition hit the stands. Honey, that's good news. It means whoever took the picture had to get to Dusty, get the paper and get the letter delivered to the hotel in a certain time frame.

Jennifer: So Dusty's close by?

Hal: It's good news. Well, I figure within a 50-mile radius, but -- I know it's a big area, but I've got a lot of officers covering it. And as soon as I know something, I'll let you know. Jen?

Jennifer: We might not have to have a search party, Dad. Tell me where he is.

Jessica: What's this about?

Paul: No, Jessica, it's okay.

Jennifer: If I ever meant anything to you, Paul, you will do this one thing. Tell me what you know about Dusty, now.

Paul: I wish I could tell you where Dusty is --

Jennifer: No, no. No word games, Paul. You wish? Just say it! Where is he?

Jessica: Paul, I'm advising you not to answer any of these questions.

Paul: Look, she's my sister, she can ask me whatever she wants. Jennifer, I'm telling you the truth, I don't know where Dusty is.

Jennifer: Then how did you know he was alive?

Paul: Because Hal showed me the letter and the photo that was sent here.

Jennifer: No, I mean before. You knew because you're the one who made him disappear.

Paul: If I thought Dusty was alive, why would I confess to murdering the guy?

Jennifer: You tell me. For some reason you led me believe that you murdered him and buried him. And now you're going to have to change your story. So what's the new spin going to be? That you never even saw him that night?

Hal: Now, that might be a problem. Because if you never even saw him that night, where did all that annoying blood come from?

Jessica: Okay, not another word. In light of the evidence and my client recanting his confession, I filed a motion to have the murder charges dropped.

Hal: Well, unless Dusty Donovan turns up pretty soon, Paul's still our number one suspect.

Jennifer: You recanted your confession?

Jessica: Dusty Donovan was alive as of yesterday, which means my client clearly didn't kill him. [Cell phone rings] Excuse me. Jessica Griffin. Yes, your honor. Of course, I'll be right there. The judge wants to see me now regarding your case. Watch what you say. I want my client returned to his cell.

Hal: With glee.

Jennifer: Why did you do it?

Hal: Officer -- Jennifer, stop wasting your time. Officer, take him back to his cell.

Cop #3: Sure, Lieutenant. Come on.

Jennifer: Paul, you -- if you never even knew why or how Dusty disappeared, why'd you confess to his murder? Paul, you were looking at a life sentence in prison for something you didn't do. Why?

Paul: I had nothing left to lose.


Henry: Okay, who's taking the fall for Paul here? Because I promise you, it's not gonna be -- it's Meg, it's Meg. You're gonna nail Dusty's murder on Meg and then you're gonna get your husband free in the process.

Emily: Henry, Henry, I haven't done anything to Meg.

Henry: Well, then Paul has. I saw how he reacted when he saw her at your wedding.

Emily: I know. Could you believe that? I mean, he really laid into her.

Henry: Totally laid into her. It looked like he was using you to get back at her.

Emily: He loves me. He wasn't using me to get back at -- why do you care anyway, huh? Wasn't it you who said you were washing your hands of me and all of my schemes?

Henry: Yes -- that's right. And I would love to do that. Except for the fact that you've got some money of mine that you refuse to --

Emily: Oh, yeah, yeah, the million dollars.

Henry: That's right, the million dollars.

Emily: And you have no idea how much trouble that could get you into, do you?

Henry: Plus, I feel obligated to keep you from blowtorching your own life and, in turn, imploding mine. What are you up to, lady?

Emily: I'm just trying to stay positive.

Henry: Positive? You?

Emily: Can't I act as if something good's gonna happen to me for once in my life?

Henry: No, you canít. That's not the Emily Stewart I know. You were always looking for the worse. It's usually because you've done something that's coming back to haunt you.

Emily: Thanks a lot. You know, it's nice to know you think so little of me.

Henry: I don't think little of you.

Emily: Yeah, you do.

Henry: Listen -- listen to me. Just -- listen, whatever plans you have for Paul, would you just let them go, please? Would you just forget about him? Would you get out while you still have the chance?


Katie: You are real, aren't you? Please tell me I'm not dreaming.

Mike: How did you get prettier?

Katie: Never mind, liking the dream. What happened? You were supposed to be gone for another few weeks.

Mike: Okay, if we're gonna talk instead of kiss, you're going to have to let me come inside.

Katie: Sorry, come in.

Mike: Watch out.

Katie: Those are ridiculous. [Mike laughs] I'm sorry, do you want coffee or juice or some --

Mike: No, don't even think about it. I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Katie: What happened with your brother?

Mike: He recovered. By the time I left, he was working eight hours on the site every day. And since the job was almost complete --

Katie: Almost?

Mike: Don't worry. I'm here to stay. All right?

Katie: Why didn't you warn me you were coming home?

Mike: Warn you?

Katie: I would've met you at the airport.

Mike: Could you have brought the bed to the airport?

Katie: Good point, you're forgiven.

Nick: Mikey! What's up, buddy?

Mike: Man, whaddya know? Huh? She didn't get sick of you playing guitar and kick you out?

Nick: No, Katie's been great.

Mike: So what about this guy? Has he been behaving himself or was he nothing but trouble?


Carly: I couldn't sleep in our bed without you.

Jack: I had a tough time sleeping last night myself.

Carly: Jack, I'm sorry I let you down. I know we can get through this if you give me another chance.

Jack: Where are the kids?

Carly: The boys have had their breakfast, they're just getting dressed for school. And Sage is asleep.

Jack: Is she sick?

Carly: She was up a good part of the night. I thought it might be an ear infection.

Jack: Is she okay?

Carly: Yeah. No, she's fine. I'm just a little fried, so I thought I would just close my eyes for a few minutes before Sandy Lebo comes to pick them up and -- I must've fallen asleep because I had this dream --

Jack: What?

Carly: Nothing. Sandy's gonna bring the boys to school and then she's gonna bring Sage for a play date with the twins, so we have the whole morning to talk.

Jack: We've said it all, Carly.

Carly: Well, if you're through talking to me, why are you here?

Jack: I wanted to tell the kids what was going on.

Carly: Right now?

Jack: We've separated, Carly.

Carly: For one lousy night, Jack. You really want to make an official announcement before we've even tried to work it out?

Jack: I am not gonna change my mind. I don't want my kids to wake up one more morning wondering why I am. They've got to be told, today.


Mike: So, how's the Oakdale PD? Detonate any more bombs while I was gone?

Nick: Not exactly.

Katie: Hey, babe -- you know what, you must be hungry after that plane ride and the time change -- actually with the time change, want a steak?

Mike: No, I'm fine. Hey, man, how are things between you and Jack?

Katie: Hey, I bet nowhere in Latvia serves those lumberjack breakfasts like you like. You want one?

Nick: Yeah, and I'm gonna just take your bag upstairs. All right?

Katie: Oh, good idea!

[Doorbell rings]

Delivery guy: Delivery for Mr. Kasnoff.

Mike: That's me. Actually, I've been expecting these.

Delivery guy: The lady said to remind you to read the card.

Mike: I'll do that. Wait a second. There you go.

Delivery guy: Thank you.

Mike: Yep. Thanks.

Katie: Hey, babe, you want your eggs fried or scrambled? Oh, wait! Don't read that!

Mike: Hey, why not? They're for me, aren't they?

Katie: For you?

Mike: Yeah, admit it. You knew I was coming home, didn't you?

Katie: Well, um --

Mike: Its okay, it's okay. I told mark not to tell you, but I figured if you called, he'd say something. Sorry he ruined the surprise. "Can't keep a good man down. Happy reinstatement"?

Katie: Will you look at that? They put in the wrong card. Idiots.

Mike: These are for Nick.

Nick: What's for me?

Mike: You want to tell me why you just got reinstated and what you did to lose your job in the first place?


Carly: You really should think this through, Jack.

Jack: I have. Most of the night. Separation's the only way.

Carly: I'm talking about our children. This is going to devastate them.

Jack: You don't think I know that? We can't pretend this isn't happening, Carly.

Carly: They're getting ready for school. Could you at least wait until tonight?

Jack: I'm working tonight. Late. Now's the only time.

Carly: Then I'll tell them.

Jack: No, not a good idea.

Carly: Because then they can get through the school today without --

Jack: I want them to know the truth!

Carly: I cannot believe what you're doing to our family.

Jack: I'm just dealing with what's already been done.

Carly: With what I've done, right? Tell them what you want. Blame me all you want, but I'm not gonna sit here and watch those boys' faces while you do it.

Jack: What about Sage?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Would you like me to go wake her up for you, Jack? So you can tell her that her Mommy and Daddy are separated? How is she supposed to understand that? I don't even understand it.

Jack: Fine, then just the boys. But you are gonna do this with me.

Carly: And act like I'm fine with the fact that you're bailing on us?

Jack: United front, Carly. You owe that to them. And to me.

J.J.: Dad!

Parker: Jack!

Jack: Hey, guys!

Parker: Did you catch lots of bad guys last night?

J.J: Can you drive me to school today?

Jack: Not today. Not today, buddy. Look, your mom and I have something we want to tell you. Come on, sit down. Um --

Jack: Guys -- your mother and I -- we're gonna be living apart from each other for a while.

Parker: Why?

J.J: Because of us?

Jack: No, no. J.J., No, this has nothing to do with anything that you guys did. And this doesn't mean that we love you boys or Sage any less. We love you. No matter what. Whether we live together or not.

J.J: How long?

Jack: How long are we gonna be apart? Well, it looks like a long time, J.J.

Carly: Jack, no! Please, stop!


Henry: Getting him out of jail right now is the worst possible thing you can do. While you're a prison bride, you're safe. You let him out, Emily, and all he's gonna do is rip your heart out again.

Emily: No, he loves me, Henry. He proved that to me the minute he asked me to be his wife.

Henry: What he proved is that he's so desperate he is gonna marry the woman that shot him just to get what he wants.

Emily: Are you trying to hurt me?

Henry: No! I'm not -- I'm trying to wake you up, okay? Before you end up on that cliff again with a gun in your hand. You got -- you got lucky, once. Nobody died. And he didn't even name you as the shooter. But the next time --

Emily: Stop, okay? I only shot him because he was walking away from me. But don't you see, now that we're married, everything is the way it was meant to be.

Henry: If he walked away from you once --

Emily: He won't do it. He will never hurt me like that again.

Henry: Are you sure? Don't answer -- look at the big picture, he drove you to do the unthinkable once. Don't let him give you a reason to go back there again. It is not too late.

Emily: Thanks for picking up the robe.


Paul: Look, I know you're not gonna understand this, but for me, there was a certain logic that I found appealing. I had lost everything. I had lost everyone. And I had caused so much pain, especially to you.

Jennifer: And you decided to hurt me more by saying that you murdered the man I love?

Paul: I thought Dusty was dead and they couldn't find the body. And I thought that if I confessed, at least I could spare you all of all the questions. I know that you would hate me, but --

Jennifer: So you did it for me?

Hal: That's the biggest load of bull I've ever heard.

Paul: But it's true.

Jennifer: You know, you said that once before, that you did it for me. When you were trying to explain why you made me believe that my baby was dead. But then you admitted that it wasn't for me. It was for Rosanna. So, who are you trying to score points with now, Paul?

Paul: Nobody. Look, Hal, I think it's time for me to leave.

Jennifer: Is it for Meg Snyder?

Paul: What about Meg Snyder?

Jennifer: Because she actually is the one who made Dusty disappear, right? His blood is all over her gloves. And by confessing, you helped her keep her secret, until now. What happened?

Paul: Nothing! Hal, please, can we get out of here?

Hal: When your sister's finished.

Jennifer: Why would you sacrifice yourself for meg?

Paul: Meg had nothing to do with my confession.

Hal: Really? Let's see.

Paul: Hal, stop. No, stop! Just, please, leave Meg Snyder out of this!

Hal: Hmm. For somebody you pretend not to care about, that was a pretty passionate reaction. I wonder how your wife would feel if she knew how you still feel about Meg.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Paul: You knew all along that there was a way for me to beat this, didn't you?

Parker: Did you stop loving her?


Paul: The only feeling that I have for Meg Snyder is regret that I ever trusted her. And I don't want her here because I don't want to be anywhere around her.

Jennifer: But if Meg did something to Dusty, you can't expect that the police are not gonna question her about it.

Paul: Fine! Look, you think Meg had something to do with Dusty's disappearance, just ask her. But please, keep her the hell away from me.

Jennifer: And where does Emily fit in?

Paul: What? I don't even know what that means.

Jennifer: Why did you marry her?

Paul: I married Emily because -- she has everything that I need. And that's all I'm gonna say.

Hal: Oh, get him out of here! Does he have any idea how much he sounds like his father? Talking in damn riddles.

Jennifer: Well, dad, I heard him loud and clear. He knows something, about Dusty. And we have to find out what it is before it's too late.


Emily: Hey, baby. Have you spoken to Jessica about taking back your confession?

Paul: Yeah, but I almost didn't have to.

Emily: Why?

Paul: Dusty's alive.

Emily: What? You're kidding me! Where has he been?

Paul: Nobody knows. But Jennifer got a letter with a picture of Dusty and a newspaper and then the lab verified it. It's all legit, so --

Emily: My God, this is fantastic! This is great! I am so happy!

Paul: Yeah, no celebrating until we're sure.

Emily: What do you mean -- what are you talking about? What's not to be sure about? They have to let you go. Where's Jessica?

Paul: She's in front of a judge, trying to get them to drop the murder charges immediately. But they could turn her down.

Emily: How? How can they charge you for something that never happened? This is wonderful.

Paul: Yeah, and the timing is just -- it's perfect. I mean, we get married and then -- like an answer to our prayers, news breaks that Dusty's alive.

Emily: It's a miracle.

Paul: Yeah, but not a surprise. I mean, not to you, anyway.

Emily: What do you mean?

Paul: Emily, you kept saying that you had a feeling. You knew all along that there was a way for me to beat this, didn't you?


Mike: Okay, who's gonna fill me in?

Nick: Me. But later. All right? I gotta go.

Mike: Nick, hey -- listen, man, if something happened, talk to me about it.

Nick: I handled it. It's all over.

Mike: Where are you going?

Nick: Work. Get inside, man, she's crazy about you. Come on.

Mike: So, is that true? You're crazy about me?

Katie: I might've missed you, but -- not really. He's your cousin, what's he gonna say?

Mike: I don't know, he's a cop. He watches people for a living.

Katie: Well, I don't know who he was watching because after a while, I just didn't even really notice you were gone.

Mike: Really?

Katie: Mm-hmm. And I had so much time on my hands -- I won a couple Nobel prizes, built a pyramid. You know, the usual.

Mike: All right, well, maybe I'll just call mark, see if he needs me back.

Katie: No, why don't you not do that? Come right back here. I just got you back, Mike Kasnoff. I am never letting you leave me again.


Carly: You're scaring them, Jack.

Jack: And what are you doing? Acting like it's all on me. Telling me to stop?

Carly: You were acting like it's the end of the line for us.

Jack: It's a separation, Carly. It's not exactly a beginning. I don't know how to do this.

Carly: Well, neither do I. But if we have to do it, we might as well do it together. So, boys -- you know how we're a family. And we're strong because we're always there for each other, right? Well, that doesn't -- that doesn't have to change just because Jack and I are living in different houses.

J.J: Why?

Jack: Why are we separating? You know sometimes when you guys have an argument and Carly and I send you to separate rooms to cool down? Well, that's -- that's basically how it is.

J.J: Did you guys have an argument?

Jack: Yeah.

Parker: Then say you're sorry.

Jack: We did. We are sorry. Aren't we? Listen, after we stopped and we thought, we realized something. That some of the things I do make Carly unhappy, every day. And some of the things she does make me unhappy, every day.

J.J.: Even when you're with us?

Carly: No, no. Being with you guys -- it's the best thing we do. It's what makes us most happy. Right, Jack?

Jack: Yes. So, we want to try to get rid of the unhappy parts but keep all the best parts. If Carly and I -- if we live separately, then we won't make each other unhappy anymore. And we'll still see you guys all the time and that's just about the best thing in the whole, wide world.

Parker: So who's moving out, you or Mom?

Jack: I'm going to stay with Emma for a while. And when you guys come to see me, you can ride horses -- pretty soon it's gonna be hot enough that you can swim in the pond --

Carly: And the rest of the time, you'll stay here with me.

J.J.: If we're really good, will you stay?

Jack: J.J. -- I promise, this has nothing to do with you or Parker or Sage. We love you so much.

Parker: You don't want to be a family anymore?

Carly: Well, do you know how your dad lives at his house? And Aunt Gwen lives someplace else? And that doesn't mean we're not a family. We're still going to be connected by love, you know. Even though we're not under the same roof.

J.J.: You promised you would never leave me.

Jack: No, J.J., wait. J.J., Wait. Hey, listen -- hey! I'll still see you, all the time. All of you. Probably more than ever.

Parker: You promised, too.

Carly: What, baby?

Parker: When we found Jack, you said that we would never lose him again.

Carly: I know.

Parker: Then why are you letting him go?

J.J.: I want to go with you.

Jack: No, J.J., you can't do that. You canít. Hey, all your stuff's here. Your clothes, your toys -- Parker and Sage.

J.J.: But I want you here, too.

Jack: Oh, J.J., you'll see me all the time. I promise.

Parker: Are you getting a divorce?

Carly: Parker!

Parker: Are you?

Carly: No!

Jack: We don't know. Listen, I know this is hard, guys, but we're gonna be okay. We'll see each other a lot -- we'll have dinner a lot, we'll go to games and stuff. We'll be okay.

Parker: Is it Mom? Did you stop loving her?

Jack: You know I'll always love your mother.

J.J.: Then why?

Parker: It was that lady, wasn't it, Mom?

Carly: No, Parker, that has nothing to do with this.

Jack: What lady, Parker?

Parker: Mom said you'd be mad if you found out the lady was here. But I didn't tell him, Mom. I didn't say a word.

Carly: I know, baby. I know. Parker, I want you to listen to me. What's happening between me and Jack is between us. It has nothing to do with you.

Parker: But the lady --

Carly: I was wrong to ask you to keep her a secret. I was wrong about a lot of things.

Jack: Guys, why don't you go on up and get -- and finish getting ready for school. Go, go.

J.J.: But if you're not here, who's going to make us pancakes on Saturday morning?

Parker: You said it was a family tradition.

Jack: Guys, it still is. I'll still make them whenever you come and visit me. Okay? Now, come on, give me a hug and finish getting ready for school. Okay? I'll call you tonight before you go to bed.

Carly: A divorce?

Jack: You even got Parker involved in your scheme against Nick Kasnoff?

Carly: He happened to be here when Chardonnay --

Jack: No, he was here when the hooker you paid to set up Nick Kasnoff came by looking for more money. I can't believe that you had your son promise to lie for you, Carly!

Carly: Like I lied for you just now? Telling them that everything is going to be okay, and all the while you've been planning a divorce?

Jack: I can't do this. We'll talk about this later.

Carly: When?

Jack: When? When we discuss what's going to happen with the kids.

Carly: What do you mean what's going to happen with the kids? They're staying with me. You just said that yourself.

Jack: Yeah, for now, yes.

Carly: Jack, what are you doing? You can't take those kids from me. They need me. I need them. They're my whole life!

Jack: Yes, and still you left them, night after night, to work at a strip club. I've got to get out of here. Hey, baby. Hey, come here. I'm not gonna go very far -- I promise. I love you so much. Here.


Emily: I didn't know -- I didn't know for sure how things would work out. I only hoped.

Paul: Yeah, but you kept saying that everything was going to be okay --

Emily: Yeah, well, that's what people say.

Paul: I shouldn't worry -- yeah, well, some people say things, but you -- you do things.

Emily: What could I have done?

Paul: I don't know. Listen at the right keyhole, make a few phone calls -- I really -- I have no idea. You know I love you for always standing by me.

Emily: Oh, good -- and that's why I did it.

Paul: What did you do?

Emily: I believed in our love. I knew that if we could find our way back to each other, then we would find a way to get these charges dropped and bring you back home to me where you belong.

Paul: We'll find a way, how?

Emily: I don't know how -- I don't know how. It doesn't matter how, it's just that Dusty is alive now, and that's all that matters. And we are one step closer to starting our lives together.


Hal: You think Paul was trying to give you some sort of a message just now?

Jennifer: I have to go see Meg.

Hal: You can't do that.

Jennifer: Why not?

Hal: Because Meg just became our number one suspect.

Jennifer: No, Dad, she was going to tell me something before -- when I told her that Dusty was alive.

Hal: You told her? Oh, Jen -- you just gave us one less button to push when we interrogate her. Will you let me deal with Meg?

Jennifer: What, like before, Dad? You let her go!

Hal: We didn't have sufficient evidence.

Jennifer: Oh, and why gather sufficient evidence against meg when you have Paul's confession? His sick word against no one elseís. Dad, you blindly accepted that.

Hal: Because it made sense.

Jennifer: Because you hate him! Because he stole Emily from you and you can't stand it. And now the charges are going to be dropped against Paul, and he's going to be freed to do who knows what while Dusty could be out there dying. Oh, my God, he could be dying!

Hal: I didn't blindly accept Paul's confession. I had reason to believe that he was guilty.

Jennifer: Dad, I --

Hal: And I won't stop looking for Dusty. As for Paul going free, there's no way that's gonna happen.

Jessica: The judge ruled. The murder charges against Paul have been dropped. You'll start the paperwork?

Hal: I'll find you when I'm done here.

Jennifer: Now you have to release him.

Hal: Honey, there are so many charges against Paul, there is no way in hell he's getting out of here.


[Carly remembering]

Jack: I wanted to be your true north, Carly. I did. But it looks like we both got lost.

Carly: Hi, guys. Oh, good, you're all set to go, huh?

Parker: Can't I stay home with you today?

J.J.: Me, too.

Carly: No. No, you canít. You have to go to school. And you know why? Because when life surprises us, we have to continue and do what we are supposed to do, right?

J.J.: Why can't we get someone else to do this part?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: I kind of wish we could, too. But don't worry, it'll be all right.

Parker: How?

Carly: It just will.

Parker: But Jack was there then.

[Doorbell ringing]

Ms. Lebo: Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hi, Sandy. Now, thanks for taking Sage today. Boys, come on. They're ready to go. Now, you be good playing with those twins, okay? All right. And thanks again for bringing them to school. This morning has been -- it's been crazy.

Ms. Lebo: Oh, no problem.

Carly: Great. All right, thanks. You guys have a good day. And I'll be right here waiting when you get home. Bye! Bye, Sage, I love you!


[Jack remembering]

Parker: Don't you want to be a family anymore?

Jack: Hey, Emma. I'm heading right back out, so Ė


Katie: I know. I'm gonna be in bed all day. All right, thank you. Bye. Don't worry about Nick. He's all right.

Mike: Really?

Katie: Yeah. I think when you hear what he did, you might even be a little proud.

Mike: Katie?

Katie: Oh, no, you're getting all serious on me. What did I do?

Mike: Well, I'm about to ask you a very serious question. Will you marry me?

Katie: Did you forget I already said yes?

Mike: It's been a while. I wanted to hear the answer again.

Katie: Yes. I love these shirts.


Jessica: So, once they process the paperwork, the murder charges will be officially dropped.

Emily: Oh, my God -- Jessica, thank you. Thank you so much. You have made us both so happy.

Jessica: Well, we all got pretty lucky, huh?

Emily: We get to have dinner together tonight. I'm so excited! You know what? I'm not gonna stay here. I'm gonna go back to our place and fix it all up and make it all nice for when you come home.

Paul: Emily, I can't go home with you.

Jennifer: Dad, if a judge says Paul can go --

Hal: Honey, there're still other charges pending. Jumping bail, obstruction of justice --

Jennifer: And how long will that keep him here?

Hal: I don't know. A couple of weeks until he's tried -- honey, I will take care of it.

Jennifer: Dad, do you really want to help me?

Hal: How can you even ask me that?

Jennifer: Then do this for me. Let Paul go.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Will: What's wrong?

Gwen: Sometimes I think I was better off before I even knew that I had a sister.

Dusty: I can make this all go away. Do you understand me? Do you understand what I'm saying? I can't get you out of this whole mess.

Jennifer: That's why I told my father that I will not cooperate with this case. And without me, he has no way of convicting you. So you're free, Paul.

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