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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/3/06

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Kim: Okay, mom, do you want to hold your purse, or should I do it?

Lisa: Oh, come on, let her have it. She might want to look over her acceptance speech.

Nancy: I won't say much more than thank you. Why they're making such a fuss about all of this, I'll never know.

Kim: Well, because you've given 50 years to the women's service league, that's why.

Lisa: Exactly. I think they should give you a big luncheon and pin a gold medal right on you.

Nancy: Well, it was very moving to me to see that you all volunteered to speak on my behalf. And Lucinda, it was kind of you to arrange for this bus.

Barbara: A bus, Lucinda? I thought you were going to hire a limo.

Emma: Oh, this is much, much better than a limo. This is the bus we had for the church choir. Besides, you can move around in it.

Lisa: Yeah.

Kim: You didn't happen to see Susan when you came back, did you?

Emma: Well, I had to park around the back. The driveway was blocked.

Barbara: Well, I wasn't going to walk through the mud. Not with what I paid for these shoes.

Kim: Nuts. I had asked Susan to try to be on time. Now I'm afraid we're going to be late.

Emma: Maybe she was needed at the hospital. Do you think?

Lisa: Oh, girls, will you look at that man out there? He is smoking like a chimney.

Lucinda: That's the driver.

Lisa: Oh, well then, Lucinda, I think you should really sit in the back.

Lucinda: Okay. Why?

Lisa: Because second-hand smoke is a killer. And in your condition, you've got to really think about --

Lucinda: Thank you, Lisa, but it's not a condition, you know. It's just cancer, and I'm doing fine. But since I hired the bus, I will go and deal with the driver. Excuse me.

Lisa: Right-O. The woman just cannot accept any kind of help.

Nancy: It's her way of coping, Lisa.

Susan: Oh, sorry, sorry. I was out yesterday because of the stupid wedding and I had to stop by the hospital.

Barbara: What wedding?

Susan: Oh, that's right, you weren't invited. Your son married my daughter.

Barbara: What? That's impossible. Paul's still in jail.

Susan: They got married in the cell. It was everything a mother could hope for, cement floors, iron bars, armed guards, and a son-in-law who's a murderer.

Kim: All right, all right, I know this is big news -- listen, this is Nancyís day, all right? Let's all sit down, and get ready so we can leave. I know this is a big shock to you, and Susan should have found a better way to break the news.

Barbara: Yeah, you know what, I can't believe that he married her. I've got to call Jennifer and Will.

Kim: There's nothing you can do about that right now. Why don't you just relax and try to get through this? And remember, for mom's sake, okay?

Lucinda: Ready to rock and roll, ladies?

Nancy: Yes.

Emma: Aye, aye, captain.

Lucinda: Then let's floor it, driver. We're late.

Nancy: This could be a long ride.

Lisa: The longest.

Lucinda: As a young woman, Nancy Hughes took up teaching to help put her husband through law school, a career she gave up to raise her children.

Lisa: If you're a Hughes, whether by birth or by marriage, Nancy Hughes is as loyal as the day is long. And patience? Oh, yeah, she's got a lot of patience. She put up with me for many years. Isn't that true? [Laughter] Nancy Hughes -- she gives her heart, soul, time, energy, not just to her family, but to the entire community.

Susan: As a volunteer at Oakdale Memorial Hospital --

Emma: And as an active member of her church --

Barbara: As a member of the Oakdale Historical Society --

Kim: And as, quite simply, Mom, you are the best mother-in-law in the world, you are a precious friend and I love you. And all of us from the Oakdale chapter feel really blessed to have Nancy Hughes as a part of our lives.


Nancy: 50 years of service. 50 years -- I can't say where we'll be in a few years I'm not sure if our future will be any more clear I can't wait to look back and smile with you in about 50 years in about 50 years 50 years -- it seems like a lifetime. 50 years -- it seems like a lifetime. And like no time at all. [Applause] Thank you. Thank you.

Kim: It was really a lovely party, wasn't it?

Nancy: Oh, lovely.

Lisa: And your speech, my darling. I think you should run for office.

Nancy: No.

Emma: I would vote for you.

Nancy: I could barely speak up there on the platform, because I was so moved by the beautiful things you were all saying about me.

Kim: Well, it was all true, every word, Mom.

Lisa: I certainly could have used another cup of coffee. And did anybody happen to get a taste of that pie?

All: No.

Emma: Listen, maybe we could stop. I have a thermos, but it's sort of empty, of coffee.

Lisa: Great idea, Emma.

Emma: Driver? Driver, do you think we could pull over to the next rest stop?

Barbara: No, no, no absolutely not. There is no time for that.

Emma: Well, maybe some of us would like to stretch our legs a little bit here.

Barbara: Well, you know what, Emma, you could walk up and down the aisle. I thought you loved this bus.

Susan: Ignore her, Emma. She's just worried about Paul. But there's nothing you can do, Barbara. I tried.

Barbara: Well, you know why, Susan. I'm not you. Driver, there's a short cut a couple of miles up the road. I know this area.

Driver: I don't want to get you ladies lost.

Barbara: I said I know this area. Now just take your next right, okay?

[Turn signal clicking]

Kim: Where are we? We didn't come this way.

Barbara: Oh, we're just taking a little shortcut. It's fine.

Lucinda: Oh, what the hell happened?

Barbara: It's nothing. Just a rut in the road. Everyone relax.

Lucinda: What are we doing on a dirt road?

Susan: Barbara insisted we take a shortcut.

Lucinda: Driver, turn the bus around. We've got to get back to the highway.

Barbara: Don't be ridiculous. It'll take us miles out of our way.

Lucinda: Barbara, you have taken us miles out of our way and we have to go back. Driver, turn the bus around.

Driver: The road's too narrow here, lady.

Barbara: Besides, we're not gonna double back. There's not enough time.

Lucinda: This is my bus, because I hired it, I'm calling the shots, Barbara. Turn the bus around, driver. Right now!

Barbara: No, no, don't you dare!

Driver: Hey, what are you Ö

Nancy: Is everybody all right?

Emma: Kim, can you stand?

Barbara: I think so. Kim?

Barbara: You're bleeding!

Susan: Who's bleeding?

Barbara: Kim's injured!

Kim: Barbara, it's nothing, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Lisa: I want to know what happened. And where are we?

Susan: Ask Barbara. She's the one who told the driver she knew the way and promptly got us lost.

Barbara: We're not lost.

Susan: Barbara, we're on a dirt road, at least we were until you grabbed the wheel and we slid into a ditch.

Barbara: Okay, okay, I was just trying to get us home a little bit faster. Is that such a crime?

Lucinda: Is everybody all right?

Kim: We're all just fine. But what about the bus? How's the bus?

Lucinda: The bus is stuck in the mud. The driver is trying put something under the wheel, but in the mean time, we have to lighten the load. So -- Lisa, you stay with Nancy. Everybody else, off.

Driver: It's a dirt road, ma'am, soft shoulders.

Lucinda: We need some traction. There's gotta be some sort of chain or tarp in the back of the thing there.

Emma: I'll take a look.

Barbara: All right, Lucinda, I am going to call the bus company and have them send another one. What is the number?

Lucinda: Barbara, I've tried.

Barbara: And?

Lucinda: We're in the middle of nowhere, Barbara, thanks to you. There is no reception.

Barbara: Oh, I see, so it's my fault that we have no cell phone service?

Lucinda: Yes!

Emma: Kim -- Kim, I found a first aid kit.

[Talking over each other]

Susan: It'll be hours. At least let me clean it and tape it up, okay?

Kim: Okay, fine, fine.

Barbara: You're gonna need a plastic surgeon.

Kim: Barbara!

Susan: Get out of my light!

Emma: Come on, Barbara, let's go see if there's some blankets in the storage bin.

Barbara: All right.

Susan: I thought we were past all that.

Kim: What? Past all -- Bob and I had an argument this morning, it was nothing important, it was about who was supposed to send the check for the car insurance. He had -- he left for the hospital before we had time to patch it up. And then -- you were late.

Susan: Oh, so you thought Bob and I?

Kim: It just brought back some bad memories, that's all.

[Kim remembering]

Bob: There's not a thing you or I can do that will change one second of what happened after I walked into this room.

Bob: Tell me what you're feeling.

Kim: You don't want to know what I'm feeling.

Bob: Kim --

Kim: I think I'm going to be sick.

Susan: The last thing he wanted to do to you was be unfaithful to you. It was just the circumstances.

Kim: The circumstances? That makes it right? Fine. We'll just chalk it up to circumstances.

Susan: Kim, look --

Kim: Susan --

Susan: I'm trying to explain to you --

Kim: Get outta here! Get outta here right now because in two seconds I'm going to flatten you.


Susan: That will heal without a problem. There won't be a scar. And don't tell Bob, but I saw him at the hospital. He was on the phone ordering flowers for his wife.

Kim: They'd better be expensive.

[Both laugh]

Susan: Can you send me some?

Barbara: Okay, this way Emma.

Emma: I can't see a thing.

Barbara: Oh, over here, over here.

Emma: Oh, here they are.

Barbara: Would you give Kim a blanket? She looks very chilly.

Emma: Oh, here. Here you go.

Susan: Thank you so much for finding these.

Barbara: No problem at all.

Lucinda: We can't just sit here. Somebody has to go for help.

Driver: Ma'am, the nearest phone is back on the highway. That's a good 15, 20 miles away from here.

Lucinda: Then you'd better get started, hadn't you.

[Driver sighs]

Barbara: You sent him away?

Lucinda: I sent him to get help.

Barbara: But did you hear that? She sent the driver away. We're out here all by ourselves.

Emma: We're not by ourselves Barbara. We are seven capable women, including yourself.

Barbara: You know what I mean.

Emma: No, I donít. I'm going to find some wood. Come, give me a hand.

Barbara: In these shoes?

[Emma sighs]

Barbara: Uhh!

Barbara: Look at all that smoke.

Emma: Well, we have used up all the dry wood, Barbara.

Nancy: Thank you for the fire, Emma. It's a life saver.

Barbara: Yeah, if you don't have asthma.

Nancy: Have you asthma, Barbara?

Barbara: No, no. I was just saying.

Kim: Why don't we just bite the bullet and walk towards the highway?

Lucinda: We canít. The driver said it's 15 to 20 miles away.

Lisa: Yeah, where is that man? I mean, I thought he'd be back here by now?

Emma: Well, I wouldn't blame him if he didn't come back, the way we've been carrying on.

Lucinda: He'll be back if he values his job.

Susan: Anybody have anything to eat? I'm starving.

Barbara: If you're about to blame me once again for that --

Susan: Not everything's about you, Barbara.

Lisa: Emma, thanks so much for the idea about getting coffee. I think that was probably a good idea. What am I going to do with these things?

Barbara: Oh, I suppose that was my fault, too.

Lucinda: Ah, yes, Barbara, everything is your fault. Happy?


Kim: Not helping, ladies. Not helping.

Barbara: Ooh, ooh. Oh, oh, oh. Ohh. These stupid shoes. You don't even want to know what I paid for these shoes. You know, I could have gotten off the damn bus after Susan told me that Emily had roped Paul into marrying her. But no, no, I didn't want to ruin things for Nancy so I went on the bus. I went all the way to Springfield, I made my little speech. And all I thought, maybe I could get was a little understanding. But no, no, everyone's got to blame Barbara for everything.

Kim: So this is about Paul?

Barbara: Emily Stewart has been after Paul since he was a teenager and nothing good has ever come of it.

Kim: Look, if they actually are married, and I wouldn't put it past Susan to exaggerate, but if they are, there's nothing you can do about it realistically.

Barbara: Yeah but I gotta try.

Kim: Oh, Barbara.

Barbara: I do.

Kim: Honey.

Barbara: I just don't know what to do. Paul is so -- he's just so broken. I failed him. I really did. I tried to protect him from James, but I failed.

[Barbara remembering]

James: Why did you put yourself through such agony? Why? Is it because who Paulís father is? Is that it? Does that have anything to do with it Barbara?

Barbara: Yes! Yes, it has everything to do with it! It has everything to do with who Paulís father is!

Kim: You did as much as you could do.

Barbara: Yeah, maybe I did too much.

[Barbara remembering]

Barbara: He told me he never wanted to see me again there.

Hal: Barbara of course he did. No kid who trying to make it on his own wants his mother showing up to coddle him. You've got to stop using Paul for your own emotional needs, hon, or your going to cripple him for life.

Barbara: Hal's right you know. I am to blame.

Kim: Well, beating yourself up about it now doesn't change a thing.

Barbara: Yeah, but look at will. I can't blame James for what's happened to Will. I remember when he was born, we were so happy, we were so thrilled. He was just a little miracle.

[Barbara remembering]

Hal: Our son.

Barbara: Do I embarrass you?

Kim: Embarrass me? Lord, no.

Barbara: Well, I know I disappoint you. I know you've tried so hard to be there for me since mom died.

Kim: I owed that to my sister. [Kim sighs] Oh. Oh. You're such a pain and I love you.

Barbara: And you are so good to me. And you're such a good person, Kim.

[Kim remembering]

Kim: I wasn't in Florida by accident. I pretended as if I didn't know you were there, but I knew. I went down there to be with you. I found out the hotel where you were staying and I arranged for us to meet. How could I do that to you?

Kim: You are giving me way, way too much credit. I am not a saint and you know it.

Barbara: Oh, yeah, I do. But I don't know what I'd do without you.

Kim: Okay, let's go back. Okay?

Barbara: I'm going to sit here just for a second and regroup. Okay?

Kim: Well, all right. But heaven sakes, be careful.

Lucinda: Oh, is Barbara sulking?

Kim: She's upset. Stop beating up on her.

Lucinda: This is all her fault.

Kim: Well, you know, what difference does it matter? I mean, I could just as well blame you, make it your fault. I mean, you insisted that the driver make a three-point turn on a dirt road in the dark. Besides which, she's in an awful place with her kids right now. Something that you, of all people, ought to understand.

[Lucinda remembering]

Lucinda: If you cared for that girl, if you had any feeling, you wouldn't even consider doing that.

Holden: You know, maybe I should tell her you're not her real mother. Huh?

Lucinda: Oh, have you checked with sister Iva? Sister Iva hasn't told her so why should you tell her?

Holden: What are you up to?

Lucinda: I know what you're up to. I know. Lily came into a lot of money on her birthday. And there's gonna be, as she gets older, more and more.

Holden: Well, I am not after her money.

Lucinda: Oh, no, no, no! None of you Snyders ever are. Are you? You hypocrites!

Iva: Lucinda was gonna tell you the truth?

Lily: What truth?!

Iva: That you're adopted, Lily. Lucinda's not your mother.

Lily: No.

Iva: She's not your natural mother. I'm your mother, Lily.

Lucinda: Holden lied. Iva and I -- well, we withheld --

Lily: -- Two completely different people. Now, Iva, she did not tell me the truth because she did not want me to know about the rape. You -- you did it because you want to control me, you want to possess me, and you think that Holden is keeping me from you, and I don't understand that at all!

Lucinda: Will you try to be asonable?

Lily: I am. I am being reasonable. I want you to know something. You have just destroyed my whole life, and I am never gonna forgive you for this!


Lucinda: Kim, I'll thank you not to compare me ever to Barbara Ryan. My daughter is doing just fine. All's well that ends well.

Kim: That's one way to look at it.

Susan: Lucinda, are you feeling all right? You're looking a little feverish.

Lucinda: Oh, for pity's sake.

Susan: And chemo can really knock your socks off.

Lucinda: Please. I mean, I -- I have to appease my family all the time. I will not be mollycoddled by my friends.

Lisa: Well, at least she considers us her friends. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a cup of coffee -- no, wait a minute. Better than that, a wonderful cup of hot chocolate.

Susan: Oh, don't say chocolate, please. I would kill for a candy bar.


Barbara: I -- I can handle this. I've handled worse.


[Barbara remembering]


James: Hello, Barbara.

Barbara: My mind is playing tricks on me. James is dead.

James: No, Barbara. I'm very much alive.

[Barbara whimpers]


Emma: You must be worried about your daughter, hmm? I know I'm worried about mine.

Susan: At least yours didn't marry the guy. Paul confesses to murder, emily doesn't care. She loves him. She never did have a shred of common sense when it comes to men.

Kim: I'll bet Bob has called the police by now.

Nancy: Oh, I certainly hope so.

Lisa: At least you have a man to go home to. The rest of us are not so lucky.

Nancy: I disagree. I have been very lucky.


[Nancy remembering]

Nancy: There's a lot that's gone on in 50 years.

Chris: Yes, indeed.

Nancy: Do you have any regrets?

Chris: Not a day of regret. I wish there could be 50 more. I love you every day.

Nancy: Who's to say there won't be 50 more? There's only one Nancy in the whole wide world for me.

Bob: I'm lucky enough to be able to call this man and this woman Mom and Dad. God bless you.


Kim: Lisa, it's not as if you haven't had your share of romances.

Lisa: Well, that's true. I have had a lot of men, and a lot of heartache.


[Lisa remembering]

Lisa: Wherever you go, and whatever you do, you just remember how much I love you, and I always will.

Eduardo: And I love you.

Lisa: Oh!

Eduardo: Marry me, Lisa.

Lisa: Well, yes. Yes, of course I'll marry you. Oh! Everybody -- everybody treated eduardo with such contempt! Well, I say it's your loss! He was a very decent man -- a kind and good man. And he had more love and compassion than all of you together! Oh, please, just leave me alone with my husband. Go!


Lisa: Well, I don't want to me get maudlin, and I have to keep my wits about me. Who knows what could happen to us in the dark in the woods?


Nancy: I'll tell you what's going to happen. We're going to get colder and hungrier.

Lisa: Oh, you could say that again.

Lucinda: Barbara!

Nancy: Oh, God. What?

Barbara: A bear.

[Talking over each other]

Emma: Don't anybody go lookin'. Don't look at it. He'll take it as a threat. Donít.

Lucinda: Just stay calm. Calm, everybody.

Lisa: What -- what should we do?

Lucinda: We're going to sing.

Lisa: Sing, what?

The bear went over the mountain the bear went over the mountain the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see to see what he could see to see what he could see the bear went over the mountain.

Barbara: He's gone! He's gone.

Susan: Lucinda, you're a genius.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Can I have that in writing?!

Susan: Yes, any day.

[Talking over each other]

Lisa: What in the world did you do to attract that bear?

Barbara: I don't -- I don't know. I was just sitting there, and I was thinking, and -- maybe it was the candy bar.

Lisa: You had a candy bar, and you didn't share?

Barbara: Yes, all right? I'm an evil, horrible woman. I ate a candy bar that was in my pocket, so lock me up and throw away the key.

Susan: We tried that. It didn't work.

Barbara: All right, you know what? I am leaving!

Lucinda: Barbara! Barbara! You're just spinning your wheels!

Barbara: No, I'm not. I'm trying to get us out of here, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Get out. Get out of here. All right, I'll try to do it. [Talking over each other] All right, okay?

Barbara: Just get us out of here. Come on, shift. Come on, shift.

Lucinda: Let's go.

Barbara: All right, come on! Come on! Come on -- oh, oh! Oh, I think we're moving! Oh, my God, I think we got it! We can go home!

[Talking over each other]



Kim: I hope they're all right. I don't hear anything. Barbara, Lucinda, are you all right? Lucinda? Lucinda, Lucinda. Are you all right? Are you all right?

Lucinda: I'm all right.

Kim: Okay.

Lucinda: Get me out of here. Get me out of here.

Barbara: I will, I will. Are you bleeding anywhere? Can you feel anything?

Lucinda: I don't -- I don't think I'm bleeding -- oh!

Barbara: Careful, careful, careful.

Lucinda: My back --

Barbara: Careful.

Emma: Barbara!

Barbara: Yeah, okay. Listen --

Lucinda: Get me out of here.

Barbara: I will, I will. Listen to me! I'm going to go find something to pull you out. Okay? Just sit tight.

Lucinda: All right, I'm sitting tight.

Kim: Are you really all right?

Barbara: Yes, I'm fine.

Emma: Be careful --

Barbara: Okay. We've got to get Lucinda out of there, she's pinned in the back.

Emma: There's a tool case around here somewhere, I'm going to go find it.

Kim: Okay, great. Thank you very much.

Susan: Hang on. I want to take your pulse. Okay?

Lucinda: Oh, darling -- [Lucinda laughs] itís racing, it's racing.

Susan: Okay.

Lucinda: I just can't believe this. I survive months of chemotherapy and then I die in a ditch behind the steering wheel of a chartered bus? My -- ohh!

Susan: All right, all right. Tell me where it hurts.

Barbara: Oh, give me that. Great. 'Cause we have to pull a seat back for her.

Emma: Maybe you can use this. That could be good. Be careful, now.

Susan: Okay. All right, I'm coming.

Lucinda: All right.

Barbara: Susan, out of the way.

Susan: Okay.

Barbara: All right, here we go.

Lucinda: No, no, no. Don't you come near me with that, Barb --

Barbara: You want me to leave you here? That's fine. But if you want to get off this damn bus, I may have to saw you out.

Emma: Now, you just get out of there. You've got all those beautiful grandchildren and children -- come on now, it's going to be all right.

Barbara: Emma! Emma, do I smell gas?

Emma: Yes.

Kim: Oh, my God --

Emma: Yes, gas is leaking! It's a fire!

Kim: Mom, Lisa get away from the fire! There's gas leaking!

Nancy: Help me. Thank you. Okay.

Emma: We have to get Lucinda out of here as quickly as possible. Everyone, come, get out!

Susan: The seat won't budge.

Lucinda: Go. Save yourselves.

Barbara: No. You know what? I'm not going to let you just die here like a martyr. You're going to get the obituary you deserve. Now, come on. Okay. Hold on, hold on. Everybody, we're going to pull this thing when I count to three. Okay? Here we go. Pull. Ready? Ready? Hold on, hold on, hold on! All right. You ready? You ready?

Lucinda: Yeah. I'll push -- I'll push it.

Barbara: When you feel it start it move --

Lucinda: I'm pushing!

Barbara: We're going to get you out of here.

Lucinda: Get me out, I'm pushing.

Barbara: Okay? Ready? Ready, and, one, two, three!

[All screaming]

Lucinda: My other foot -- careful, careful. Oh, God!

Susan: Are you all right?

Lucinda: Yes, it's okay.

Emma: Somebody get her out.

Barbara: Slow, slow!

Susan: Okay, easy -- easy does it.

Emma: Easy, easy. Hurry! Hurry, as fast as you can.

Kim: Be careful.

Barbara: Watch the glass.

Emma: Come on, Lucinda.

Barbara: Good girl.

Emma: You did it! You did it!

Barbara: Easy -- easy, easy, easy.

Lucinda: It's all right. Thank you. Get me out of here.

Kim: I've got you.

Barbara: Watch out, watch out. Susan, shoes.

Susan: You all right?

Barbara: Let's go, yeah.

Susan: Wait a minute. Wait.

Kim: Wait. Come on.

Barbara: Let's go.


[Susan gasps]

Susan: I just had a terrible thought.

Barbara: What?

Susan: Do you realize that at one time or another, we were all in love with the same man? Except Nancy. She's the only sane one in the bunch.

Lisa: Well, I wouldn't call it exactly love.

Susan: Oh, well, maybe not, but we almost killed each other over him.


Susan: And John's kids come first with him. That's why you're going to lose in the end, and I'm going to win.

Lucinda: You stay away from my husband!

Susan: You let go.

Lucinda: My husband's name is John!

Susan: Let go of me!

Lucinda: You stay away from my husband! Ow!

John: And I want you back. I will never, ever stop wanting you back.

Kim: Why do you keep trying to make me say things that are going to hurt you? Don't you understand?

Emma: It's lovely.

John: Maybe someday we can talk about replacing that ring with another kind of ring. No, no. It's Emma.

Lucinda: Oh -- good evening, Mrs. Snyder. John, really, you're going to have to discourage ladies from visiting you at all hours of the night and day. 'Cause now that I'm the honorable Mrs. John Dixon --

Emma: I'm very -- very sorry --

John: Listen, I'm sorry --

Lucinda: Oh, Mrs. Snyder, I didn't -- I mean, how could you know? You're the first person in Oakdale who knows about it.

John: Well, listen, I'm glad you understand.

[Lucinda laughing]

Lucinda: John --

John: It's our anniversary!

Lucinda: John, I'm so glad you're home. I don't ask for much. I don't --

John: There -- there, look, there! I've had enough fighting for one day. That's it.

Lisa: Yes, I guess you have, John.

John: There you are.

Lisa: Thank you. I want you to get some sleep, okay?

John, yes, thank you.

Lisa: And listen, John, I'm going to call you in the morning.

John: All right, all right.

Lucinda: I'm going to have the phone changed in the morning.

Lisa: Oh, just go ahead and try. Just go ahead -- I don't care, because nothing is going to keep me away from John.


[All laughing]

Lucinda: If I had to do it again -- if I had to be stuck in a ditch, threatened by a bear and trapped in an exploding bus, I would take you six dames over any man on this planet.


Nancy: And yet, we're still not out of the woods.

Emma: That's right, that's right.

Lisa: Hey! Hey, hey, hey -- where're you going?

Emma: Well, somebody has to do something about all of this, and it might as well be me.


Susan: Somebody's coming! Oh, it's Emma! [Cheering] Where did you get it?

Emma: No one was home, but the key was under the mat!

Barbara: It was there the whole time?

Emma: I've got eyes like a cat. I can see in the dark. Everybody, pile in! Next stop, Oakdale!

Lisa: You still have the golden medal?

Nancy: Oh, yes --

Barbara: Fifty years.

Nancy: It feels like that since we left home!

Barbara: Okay, come on.

Kim: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I want to take a picture.

Lisa: No, you can't --

Emma: Oh, you look beautiful.

Kim: I want to remember this moment.

Nancy: Someone is standing on my foot.

Lucinda: Ow!

Susan: Stop elbowing the patient.

Barbara: I'm not elbowing anybody.

Lucinda: And I'm no one's patient!

[All together]


Bob: Thank you for watching for 50 years. We couldn't do it without you.

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