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Lily: Hi.

Lucinda: Finally! I've been worried sick.

Lily: About what?

Lucinda: About you! Oh. I had to learn from my pilot that you got back from New Jersey?

Lily: Thanks for letting me use the plane.

Lucinda: You told me that you'd clear everything up when you got back. Tell me what it is that you are up to.

Lily: I will. But not now. I'm very tired. Can we talk about this tomorrow?

Lucinda: Honey -- oh, it's not anything to do with the baby, or anything?

Lily: Oh, no, no, I'm fine. Just calm down. Calm down.

Lucinda: I just need to have some of this mystery clarified. I mean I know because the pilot told me that you went to New Jersey. New Jersey darling, what, to go to the grave? It has something to do with Jade, doesn't it?

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: Well, we're making progress. There is something wrong with her story.

Lily: Yes, I went to the orphanage. I paid it a visit.

Lucinda: I knew you'd smell a rat sooner or later. What have I been telling you from the moment she stepped foot in this house?

Lily: Yes. You never trusted her. But I did. And it was a huge mistake.

Lucinda: Well, what did you learn at the orphanage?

Lily: That you were right all along. Jade has been lying to us. She's an out and out fake.


Casey: You can't make Maddie leave. She's got nowhere else to go.

Margo: I'm sorry, Casey, but --

Casey: Will and Gwen were going to get married whether we helped them or not. So we gave them a little push.

Margo: They are not my responsibility. You are my responsibility.

Casey: Punish me. Don't take this out on Maddie.

Margo: When you moved in here I thought you would be a good influence. But first you trick him and then getting your father to marry under age?

Maddie: It's right. We weren't doing anything illegal.

Casey: I think we did the right thing.

Maddie: Casey, I don't think your mom feels the right way. Before I leave, I just want to thank you for everything you've done, because you and Mr. Hughes have been really good to me. And I --

Casey: Maddie, wait. But please, don't make her leave.

Margo: I just don't think I can trust the two of you when you're together.

Casey: Why not?

Margo: A, because you don't consider risks without considering the consequences. I don't know, Casey, it's as if you've learned nothing from the trouble you got into with Gwen.

Casey: Why do you think that?

Margo: If I hadn't walked in just now, who knows what might have happened between you and Maddie.

Casey: We were just kissing. What's the big deal?

Margo: The big deal is, you tell me one thing and do the opposite. If I can't trust you with the small things, why should I trust you with the bigger ones?

Maddie: I'm sorry, Mrs. Hughes. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause problems. Casey, I don't want to get you in any more hot water. Your mom's right. I should move out.

Casey: No. She's not going anywhere.


Will: Hi, come on in. This is Carol. Jennifer's baby sitter for Johnny. Carol, this is Gwen, my wife.

Carol: Is your sister still here by any chance?

Will: No, she just left. Is everything okay?

Carol: Yeah, I was just hoping -- I have a family emergency. I was hoping Jen could look after Johnny for a little while.

Gwen: Well, why don't you leave him with us? We'll take care of him until Jen can come pick him up.


Meg: What do you mean you did it for me?

Paul: I figured if I confessed to killing Dusty, I could keep you out of jail. I mean, let's face it, I'm headed for prison regardless, so I've got nothing to lose. After what you did for me, I thought sparing you the same fate was the least I could do.

Meg: We're even, Paul. You don't owe me anything. But I appreciate the thought.

Paul: Almost got away with it, too. If Emily hadn't thrown a wrench in the works.

Meg: Yeah, it was so thoughtful of her to lead the cops right to my door.

Paul: At least they can't prove murder without a body. All you have to do is not say anything and they will have to let you go.

Emily: Word to the wise? I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.


Lily: Rose did have a daughter. But she left that daughter with the nuns at the Orphanage of the Little Flowerer. But they named that child Theresa.

Lucinda: Theresa? That's a far cry from Jade.

Lily: Yes, that's what I thought too. I thought that was a strange name of a catholic child above at an orphanage.

Lucinda: At least something finally opened your eyes. So, what happened to Rose's real baby? Theresa?

Lily: She was adopted very soon after she arrived at the orphanage. But not by the Taylorís.

Lucinda: That's the family Jade told us about.

Lily: Exactly. So obviously Jade was mixing truths, trying to come up with something that would sound believable.

Lucinda: So who is this Jade, really?

Lily: She was an orphan at Little Flower, as well, about the same age as Theresa. She'd been adopted, but came back to the orphanage claiming her family had kicked her out. The nuns took pity on her, I guess, and gave her a job.

Lucinda: Which gave her a perfect opportunity to go through records looking for things until she found a match for the scam.

Lily: Listen to this. Just months ago Teresa came back to the orphanage. Asking questions about Rose. Sister Elizabeth told her everything she could. But when she found out Rose had passed away, she decided not to contact us.

Lucinda: And Jade saw an opportunity and pounced.

Lily: Yes. And we were all willing. Except you. Of course.

Lucinda: Darling, sometimes it's a blessing to be born with a suspicious mind.

Lily: After Theresa came back, Jade disappeared. Along with a lot of cash she'd stolen from the nuns.

Lucinda: Good that we're onto her.

Lily: Just say right now I told you so. Say it, I know you want to.

Lucinda: No, I donít. Just as long as you know now. You can do something about it.

Lily: I liked her. Luke liked her. Holden liked her. We were starting to accept her into this family.

Lucinda: I know. You wanted her to be Rose's daughter because you want a piece of Rose back in your life. But, you know what you have to do now.

Lily: What?

Lucinda: Call the police. She's got to be stopped. Before she'll do to us what she did to those poor nuns.


Jade: Luke, you busy?

Luke: Come on in.

Jade: Hey, I need to talk to you.

Luke: Sure.

Jade: But you have to promise that no matter what I tell you, you're not going to hate me for it.

Luke: What could you tell me that would make me hate you. I thought we were friends, Jade.

Jade: Remember when you covered for me about your mom's bracelet?

Luke: Yeah. You told me you were just trying it on.

Jade: Right. But, before I explained, you were ready to think that what I really wanted to do was steal it.

Luke: And I'm sorry. I should've given you a little more credit. But why are you bringing that up now?

Jade: The other night, you asked me who I really was. Remember?

Luke: Yeah. I was confused. I thought you'd been lying to me.

Jade: You were right. I have been. I'm not who you think I am, Luke. I'm not really your cousin.


Casey: It really hurts that you have such little faith in me. I've bent over backwards to make up for that one mistake with Gwen. But you just won't let it go. You or Dad.

Margo: Well, Casey maybe that's because every time we think you've turned a corner, you pull another fast one on us. Sorry, Maddie, honey. I don't want to seem unkind or cruel. But I really have to go on my gut with this one. And it's telling me this isn't going to work out the way I hoped it would.

Casey: No, this is wrong.

Maddie: Casey, its okay. Really.

Casey: No, it's not fine, really. You're getting back at me for what happened to Gwen, still. Only now, you're using Maddie to do it and that is not fair.

Maddie: Casey, thanks. But your mom's got every right to throw me out of the house. And it doesn't mean we won't still see each other. Can I have an hour to get my stuff together?

Margo: Of course.

Casey: You don't have anywhere else to go.

Maddie: Yes, I do. I can stay with Henry. Really. I'll be okay.

Casey: I can't believe you're doing this!

Margo: Don't you dare turn this around on me. This happened because of what you did, and for once in your life, you're going to have to grow up and face it!


Gwen: We don't mind keeping Johnny, really. And I'm sure Jen will be okay with it.

Will: Why don't I call her right now, and ask?

Gwen: Yeah. Good idea. He knows me really well. So, it's not like he's going to feel uncomfortable or anything. Hey, little guy. Remember me? I took care of him for a little while after he was born. Until Jen got him back. We got very close, me and him. I really don't think Jen will mind. She knows I'll take really good care of him.

Will: She said everything's fine. She's going to pick him up a little later. So it's cool. You can get out of here.

Carol: Thank you, thank you so much. All his stuff is in here.

Gwen: I know. I got it covered. It's been a long time. But I think he remembers me. Don't you, little guy?


Paul: What are you doing here, Em? It's not like you to gloat.

Emily: Just making sure Meg gets what she deserves.

Paul: Don't do this. You're making a mistake.

Emily: I've made a lot of mistakes this year, but trust me, this ain't one of them. What are you doing?

Guard: They want her upstairs.

Emily: Moment of truth, Meg.

Paul: Don't say a word without your lawyer.

Emily: You think it's going to make a difference if she talks or doesn't talk? Hal's got all the evidence he needs to arrest her.

Meg: Don't sound so thrilled, Emily. This isn't over yet. I'll be back.

Paul: Why are you gunning for her?

Emily: Because she's guilty.

Paul: We're all guilty of something, Emily. You tried to kill me. I've kept my mouth shut about that.

Emily: Yeah, and I kept quiet about the fact that she nursed you back to health. But I can't let her get away with murder.

Paul: Meg didn't murder Dusty. I did.

Emily: Then why would she have his blood stained wallet? On her? His driver's license? Remember, I came to you before I told Hal. I gave you the chance to let her take the fall for this. Instead, you confessed.

Paul: I confessed because I'm guilty.

Emily: Are you? Or are you just protecting Meg?

Paul: Why would I do that?

Emily: The only reason I can think of is that contrary to everything you told me, you're in love with her. And I don't know which is worse. That you really did kill a man, or that you're willing to take the rap for it just to protect the new love of your life.


Lily: I'm not ready to call the police. I'm not even sure that's how I want to handle this.

Lucinda: Why not? The girl has perpetrated a fraud. She not only lied to you, she hurt you and touched you where you are most vulnerable, darling. Right on the money, Rose. Why on earth would you not want her to be punished?

Lily: I didn't say I don't want to punish her. I just don't think bringing the cops into it is the right way to handle it. But first I want to know why she did what she did.

Lucinda: It's obvious why she did it! Oh my darling. You have a history of taking in strays. And it's very noble sometimes. And then sometimes it's just plain foolish. Call the police. Lock her in the cellar until they arrive, and then let them send her back to where she came from.

Lily: Not until I know more. Because you're right, mother. She violated precious memories of Rose and I feel like I'm mourning my sister all over again.

Lucinda: I know that. Sweet heart, child. That's oh -- oh, I love you.

Lily: I love you too.

Lucinda: Let her go.

Lily: I will. As soon as I find out what Jade was really after. Then I'll make her sorry she came anywhere near me and my family.


Jade: Rose wasn't really my mother.

Luke: You lied about that?

Jade: Yeah.

Luke: What else did you lie about?

Jade: Well, my name is Jade. That part's real. And I did grow up at the Orphanage of the Little Flower.

Luke: But you are not Aunt Rose's daughter. You just told us that so that we would take you in?

Jade: No, it's more than that.

Luke: Yeah, I'm sure it was. So what -- was the bracelet just the first step? Were you planning on stealing from us little by little? Or were you waiting for the right moment to pull the truck to the back door and empty out completely?

Jade: Absolutely not. You have it all wrong.

Luke: I can't believe I let you sucker me in like this. I protected you. I lied to my grandmother for you. I lied to my parents.

Jade: Let me explain.

Luke: With what? More lies? I do have to admit though. For being so young, you're really good at this. But you come from a long line of con-artists? Or is this just good instincts?

Jade: That is not what I am. I swear. Just let me explain this to you.

Luke: Why should I?

Jade: Please.

Luke: Okay, Jade. I'll listen to whatever it is that you have to say. But that doesn't mean I'm going to believe it.


Gwen: You know, it's weird. I still feel sad that I'm missing out on so much of his life. Am I crazy? I mean, I know he's not my son.

Will: You took care of him like he was. That's not an easy connection to let go off.

Gwen: I thought I was starting to forget. But seeing him and holding him.

Will: I know. I know. But you know what we are going to have a family of our own some day. When we're ready. I'm not saying that's going to replace what you feel for Johnny. But --

Jennifer: I came as quickly as I could.

Gwen: He's doing fine. I think he's about ready to fall asleep. Here you go.

Jennifer: Why don't you rock him to sleep? He seems so comfy in your arms.

Gwen: You sure it's okay?

Jennifer: Of course. Babies need all the attention they can get.

Will: Especially when it's all in the family. Gwen's now officially Johnnyís aunt. We left in such a rush. We didn't get to tell you the good news.

Gwen: Will and I got married.

Jennifer: You're kidding.

Gwen: Nope.

Jennifer: What? How? Wait, you're not even old enough!

Will: That's up to any given judge. And we found one who saw things our way. The ceremony was yesterday.

Jennifer: Do Mom and Dad know?

Will: Dad does. He didn't take it too well. But at least he's willing to let us stay here for a while.

Jennifer: What about Mom?

Will: I haven't told her yet.

Gwen: She's going to freak.

Jennifer: I'll say.

Gwen: Yeah, it could get ugly. That's why we need people on our side. You're okay with this, right? We can count on you?


Margo: You're not going to make me the bad guy, Casey. We took Maddie in as a favor to Katie. And she's been with us a long while. But she does have other options. It's not like we are throwing her out on the street like an orphan.

Casey: You shouldn't be tossing her out at all! She hasn't done anything wrong.

Margo: Except be more of a bad influence on you than a good one. All right?

Casey: How can you say that? She's been great. And all we were doing is helping out our friends.

Margo: All right. So if that was such a great thing to do, then why not be out in the open with it? Why'd you hide it?

Casey: Because along with everyone else would have tried to stop us.

Margo: Casey, don't you understand you are too young to have having these emotions. You know what? This is about me. I'm sorry. This is my fault.

Casey: No, it's not.

Margo: Look, I really haven't been the best example for you the last couple of years. And I'm really sorry. I mean if it would have been Kim who walked in on you and Maddie instead of me.

Casey: I'm sorry. We got a little carried away.

Margo: Casey, don't you understand? You and Maddie have a way of bringing out the worst in each other. And that's a problem. That's a real big problem.


Emily: Be honest with me, for once. When did you fall in love with Meg?

Paul: I'm not having this discussion, Emily.

Emily: Why not? You trust her more than you trust me?

Paul: Do I trust her more than I trust you? Meg saved my life. You tried to take it. Away from me. Do the math.

Emily: There's always someone else, isn't there? First, I had to live in Rosannaís shadow. Now, Meg's. What couldn't I give you, Paul? What is it I'm missing?

Paul: Nothing. Emily, look at me. Look at where I am, okay? This is it. I have nothing to offer you or Meg or anybody else. This is the end of my line. For God's sake. Go, jump off.

Emily: I canít. I don't want you to stay here and suffer.

Paul: I'm fine. I can handle whatever happens. Whatever throws at me or whatever else. But you canít. And neither can Meg.

Emily: I don't give a dang what happens to Meg.

Paul: Emily. You should stop caring about me. I'm sorry for everything I did to hurt you.

Emily: I don't want your pity! I just wanted you to love me. I hope you rot in here.

Meg: Sorry, Emily. But you're not going to get your wish. At least, not this time around.

Paul: What happened?

Meg: They're letting me go.


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Luke: Trust me. Your days here are numbered.

Jade: Not if you help me.

Emily: Before hall gets the evidence that will stick. And I'm going to do everything I can to help him.

Gwen: You were worried about Johnny. But you are right about Dusty.


Emily: They're letting you go?

Meg: You heard me. I'm free to leave.

Emily: That's not possible! Does Hal Munson know about this?

Guard: That's privileged information, ma'am.

Emily: That can't be. It's a mistake.

Paul: Let it go, Emily. If they're not holding her, there has to be a reason. And there's nothing you can do to change that.


Gwen: Okay, that silence can't be a good sign.

Jennifer: I'm just surprised. I'm not sure what to say.

Will: How about, congrats? That's great news. I'm so happy for you. Any of the above. Would do.

Jennifer: Is this what you really wanted? Or did you do it just to spite Mom and Dad?

Will: Okay. We love each other. I don't want to be with anybody but Gwen. I don't care what Mom and Dad think. Does that answer your question?

Jennifer: What about you, Gwen?

Gwen: I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. And I have Will to thank for that. I love him.

Will: Now tell us what you really think. And be honest.

Jennifer: I think people should grab hold of love wherever they find it. Because it's so easy to lose. Or to have taken away.

Will: Jen, I'm really sorry about Dusty.

Jennifer: No, I'm so happy that you guys found each other. And to hell with Mom and Dad if they don't get it.

Will: You're one of the few people who does seem to get it.

Jennifer: I imagine you've already gotten plenty of lectures about the dangers of getting married young.

Gwen: Yeah. Enough to last us until we're old and gray.

Jennifer: Then you don't need another one from me.

Will: We appreciate that.

Jennifer: So yes. You have my support. If I can do anything, please.

Will: Thanks. I knew we could count on you.

Jennifer: You can. Always.


Maddie: So I guess this is good-bye.

Casey: And it bites. I can't believe my mom's not even going to give you until tomorrow to find another place.

Maddie: I'll be fine. Besides, the longer I stay, the more tense things'll get. I called Henry while I was upstairs. He says I can stay with him, no problem.

Casey: I want you to stay here.

Maddie: I know. Well I want to stay here too. But that's not going to happen. And it's not like we won't still see each other. Your mom didn't make me completely off limits, right?

Casey: If she did, I wouldn't listen.

Maddie: Remember when we couldn't stand each other?

Casey: It was you who couldn't stand me.

Maddie: That'll teach you to be so obnoxious.

Casey: You were the obnoxious one.

Maddie: Face it, we both were. And to think, we wasted all that time trashing each other, when we could've been --

Casey: Yeah.

Margo: Okay. You ready to go?

Casey: I'll drive her to the Lakeview.

Margo: You're not going anywhere.

Casey: What, am I grounded again? Damn, Mom, you're really on a roll today.

Margo: Damn, Casey, you are really not in a position to be sarcastic, are you? So, shall we?

Maddie: Sure. Bye.


Jade: My life's been pretty pathetic so far.

Luke: So you pretend to be someone you aren't to fix it.

Jade: I thought if I had a new identity, I could find a new life. When Rose's daughter found out that her real mom was dead, she didn't want to have anything to do with you guys. But I did. I watched you for weeks. And I saw what a wonderful family you were. And I got this crazy idea that maybe I could fit in. And maybe I could make you love me.

Luke: But Jade, tricking people into loving you isn't real love, is it?

Jade: I know that. That's why I chickened out.

Luke: Chickened out? What are you talking about?

Jade: I was ready to leave town when you hit me with your car. That's what kept me here. That's what brought me into your family. I felt so terrible lying to everybody. But you were all so good to me. I couldn't walk away. Haven't you ever felt like that? Knowing that what you want is not only wrong, but impossible, and yet, you just can't let it go?


Lucinda: I still wish you would call the police.

Lily: Mother, please let me handle this in my own way.

Lucinda: As long as you do handle it. Because if you don't, I promise you, I will.

Lily: Trust me. I know exactly what has to be done. And I have every intention of doing it.


Luke: Look, just because I can understand where you're coming from, that doesn't mean I'm willing to let you off the hook.

Jade: I'm keeping a secret to hold onto the only real family I've ever known. Aren't you kind of in the same boat?

Luke: Yeah, I guess. But still --

Jade: What I did was wrong. I know that. And I'm not trying to play you. I just came to you because I figured you'd understand better than anybody else.

Luke: I don't understand totally, Jade.

Jade: You'd feel pretty lousy if your mom and dad found out your secret and threw you out, right?

Luke: That'd never happen.

Jade: Then why don't you just tell them the truth? That you're gay.

Luke: I will one day. But your secret and my secret are completely different.

Jade: A secret is a secret.

Luke: Oh, I get it. So this is one of those I won't tell if you don't tell things?

Jade: That's not what this is about. Your mom's already figured out who I really am.

Luke: And she's okay with it?

Jade: I seriously doubt it.

Luke: What about my dad?

Jade: No. She's telling your grandmother Lucinda right now.

Luke: If Grandma knows, trust me, your days are numbered.

Jade: Not if you help me. Not if we help each other.

Luke: Help each other, how?


Henry: Of course, I'm good for it. When have I ever not paid you back? Besides that time. Okay, besides those two times. The point is, I feel lucky tonight. I've got to strike while the iron is hot. Stake me for this game and you will not regret it.

Maddie: Henry, I need to talk to you.

Henry: Now's not a very good time, sweet heart.

Maddie: No. I've got a little problem.

Henry: Well, I've got a really big one. How about I meet you at Caseyís in a couple of hours?

Maddie: Henry, I need to talk to you now. It's an emergency. Please.


Meg: Actually, I've got you to thank for my release, Emily.

Emily: What's that supposed to mean?

Meg: My lawyer got me out on a technicality. You admitted in front of Hal and another cop that you and Henry had broken into my suite.

Emily: Looking for evidence to tie you to Dusty's disappearance.

Meg: Or planting evidence. At least that's the way my lawyer got the judge to look at it.

Emily: This is crazy. I didn't plant anything in your room.

Meg: I don't know that, Emily. You did admit that you were there. And you were yelling at anybody that would listen to you that I was guilty. What better way to set me up?

Emily: The bloody gloves weren't even in your room. They were in your handbag!

Meg: Tell it to the judge.

Emily: You may have been this time. But you are guilty as sin, and you know it. And it's only a matter of time before Hal gets the evidence. And I'm going to do everything I can to help him.


Gwen: I wish I were half as strong as you are.

Jennifer: What makes you think I'm so strong?

Gwen: The way you dealt with thinking Johnny was dead all those months. The fact that you never believed he was. You never lost faith. You kept on looking. And you ended up being right.

Jennifer: I almost gave up more times than I'm willing to admit.

Gwen: But you were strong enough not to. That's what I'm talking about. How did you know?

Jennifer: I -- I don't know. I can't really explain it. It's just something that I felt inside. You know, this connection that wouldn't go away.

Gwen: What?

Jennifer: It's weird, but I'm starting to get that same feeling now. About Dusty.

Gwen: Like something's trying to tell you he's alive?

Jennifer: Yes, but everything's pointing to the exact opposite. Paul even admitted that he killed him. So --

Gwen: Hey, if you were right about Johnny, who's to say you aren't right about Dusty, too?

Jennifer: It scares me to start believing that though. Because what if I'm wrong? What if I'm recreating that same feeling, but it's just denial.

Gwen: They never found his body.

Jennifer: I know. I keep telling myself that. But it doesn't mean anything.

Gwen: Or maybe it does.


Margo: I'm really sorry that you can't see this from my perspective.

Casey: And I'm sorry you can't see this from mine.

Margo: I'm doing what is best.

Casey: Best for who, Mom? Because it sure doesn't look best for Maddie.

Margo: You are my number-one priority.

Casey: You know I'm still going to see her, right?

Margo: I realize that. But this is my house and my rules and you're going to live by them.

Casey: Just until I get out of here once and for all.


Maddie: Mrs. Hughes kicked me out.

Henry: Why? What did you do?

Maddie: Nothing!

Henry: Did Casey get you into some kind of trouble?

Maddie: No. He's been great. It's all because we tried to do the right thing, and help Gwen and Will.

Henry: Gwen Norbeck and Will Munson?

Maddie: Yeah.

Henry: What do they have to do with this?

Maddie: Okay. They wanted to get married. Yeah, I know. Which you need to be 18 to do. So Casey tricked his dad into getting the name of a judge who would have married them anyway. Okay? And then we had to drive them to Springfield. Really long story. Basically they get married and Casey and I were happy and proud of what we did. So we started kissing. And Mrs. Hughes walked in and hit the roof and threw me out.

Henry: I see. I think --

Maddie: Casey tried to talk her out of it. They just started arguing. And I decided it was best if I really did leave. Because I didn't want them to get in a worse fight. So now, here I am.

Henry: Here you are. And you need to stay with me?

Maddie: I'm sorry. This is probably the last thing --

Henry: Hush, hush. You're my little sister. What am I going to do? Throw you out on the street? You know what? Go wash up. I'll talk to the hotel manager and see what we can work out.

Maddie: Thank you. I knew I could count on you.

Henry: Of course you can count on me. Go wash your face.

Maddie: I will.

Henry: Okay.

Emily: I've been looking all over for you.

Henry: Whatever it is. I don't want it.

Emily: Not ready to get your money back?

Henry: Really.

Emily: Every penny. As soon as you do one more thing for me, Henry.

Henry: Why didn't I see that coming? What do you want me to do this time, Emily?

Emily: Kill someone.


Lily: Jade? Are you around? Luke, have you seen Ė


Paul: Sometimes they'll say things to make it hurt.

Meg: Maybe you should start taking your own advice.

Paul: Me? I'll be fine. I know what I'm doing.

Meg: I hope so.

Guard: All right, let's go.


Jennifer: So, you don't think I'm crazy?

Gwen: No, not at all.

Will: Crazy about what?

Gwen: You loved Johnny enough to know in your heart that you hadn't really lost him.

Jennifer: Yes. I did.

Gwen: Do you love Dusty as much? Then I think you should trust what your instincts are telling you.

Jennifer; They're telling me Dusty is alive.


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Meg: I didn't kill Dusty. Why would you ask me that?

Jade: Everything I did. I did out of love. I didn't do anything to hurt you. I swear. I just wanted to --

Carly: I'm not a stranger. I am your wife. Stop acting like you don't know me.

Jack: I know you too well. That's the problem.

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