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Carly: What are you talking about? Of course you know who Chardonnay is. She works at your club. She's a dancer -- she's a waitress, just like I was!

Butch: And I'm telling you, you got it all wrong. So take a hike. And keep your nose out of places it don't belong. You'll breathe a lot easier.

Carly: Is that a threat?

Butch: Call them words to live by.

Carly: Hey! You know what happened last night, don't you? With Nick and Chardonnay.

Butch: You know something, you're really starting to get on my nerves, Tiffany or whatever the hell your name is. Come on, do yourself a favor. Get lost.

Carly: Admit it! You know what happened to Nick!

Butch: I don't know nothing about nothing.

Carly: Come on, Butch. Come on, have a heart. Nick could lose his job over this!

Butch: Don't come crying to me about that. That's exactly what you wanted!


Nick: You're not calling Jack.

Katie: Why are you letting Carly get away with this? She set you up.

Nick: We don't have any proof.

Katie: Oh, okay, so some random person just happened to douse a note with Carly's perfume and leave it on your doorstep?

Nick: Maybe somebody's trying to make me think that it was Carly.

Katie: Why are you suddenly protecting her?

Nick: I'm protecting myself. If I'm going to get out of this frame-up, I've got to build a case the right way.

Katie: But you admit that it's probably Carly behind what happened to you?

Nick: I don't admit anything.

Katie: We both know what happened last night, Nick. Carly sent you that note. She lured you into a hotel room and pumped you full of drugs to make you look dirty. It's not the first time she drugged someone to get what she wanted. She did it to her own sister. And now, she's doing it to discredit you as a cop.

Nick: Proof, Katie. Proof.

Katie: Okay, where's the note? I know it wasn't handwritten, but maybe it has a fingerprint on it. You have to give it to Hal.

Nick: This conversation is over.

Katie: Unbelievable! You are fighting tooth and nail to keep from believing that Carly would do something like this to you. But if you don't believe that she would, then you are crazy. Certifiably insane.

Nick: Then I guess we better call the guys in the white coats to come take me away.


Gwen: On a scale of one to ten, how mad do you think your dad is going to be when we tell him that we got married?

Will: About a 25.

Gwen: That's bad.

Will: Yeah, but it's nothing compared to how my mom's going to react. She'd be at 150.

Gwen: Yeah, I figured.

Will: Right, that's why we're going to tell my dad first.

Gwen: Yeah, okay.

Will: You know, you don't have to be here. I can handle my dad alone.

Gwen: What kind of wife would I be, huh? We made a pact, remember? We're in this together. Let's do it.

Will: Hey, wait. Are you sure?

Gwen: No. But what's the worst that could happen, all right?

Will: I love you.

Gwen: Right back at you.

[Will knocks]

Will: Maybe he already went to work.

Gwen: Oh, well. We could always leave a note, you know? "Hi, Dad. Just stopped by to tell you that we got married. Sorry we missed you. Bye." [Will laughs] Yeah, not so much, huh?

Will: We could go tell Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob the good news. You know, then we'd at least know that we have a place to sleep tonight.

Gwen: Do you think they'd at least take the news well?

Will: Um, I'd put them at about a six.

Gwen: A six I can live with.

Will: Okay, good, then we're out of here.

Gwen: Hey, Will, wait. Mm-mm. Like it or not, I really think that your dad should be the first person that we tell.


Hal: I can't go through this again with you, Emily. If trying to shift the blame to Meg is another attempt to clear Paul --

Emily: No, it's not, I swear. I swear. I'm through protecting Paul. Right, Henry?

Henry: I certainly hope so.

Emily: And I'm starting to realize more and more that maybe Paul did kill Dusty. I just don't think he did it alone.

Hal: All right, so supposedly, Meg Snyder helped him out? How? Why?

Emily: She had at least as many reasons to hate Dusty as Paul did.

Hal: That doesn't make her guilty of anything.

Emily: Well still, I think you need to look long, hard look at her and ask yourself, if she's not involved, then why -- why does she have Dusty Donovanís blood-stained wallet hidden somewhere in her hotel room?

Hal: Here's what I ask myself. Did Meg put them there? Or did somebody else plant them there? Like maybe you, for instance.


[Paul remembering]

Hal: What are you trying to pull?

Paul: Nothing. You can't suffer more because I'm holding back. Dusty's dead and I did it.

Hal: Jen. Jen.

Paul: I did what I had to do.

Jennifer: Then where is he, Paul? If you killed Dusty, then where is his body?


Jennifer: Do you really think I would be able to let this go? Where is he?

Paul: It won't bring him back, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I know that! I need to know what you did with his body.

Paul: You heard me tell the police. It's buried in the woods behind the Wagon Wheel Motel.

Jennifer: The cops have been over the area 100 times. There is no sign of Dusty.

Paul: Okay, look, maybe I'm confused. I don't know. I was crazy, Jennifer. I'd been beaten up. A concussion doesn't do much for your sense of direction.

Jennifer: Paul, for once, would you please just tell me the truth?

Paul: I'm trying to.

Jennifer: You have put me through hell. And you keep on doing it. Why?

Paul: You think I'm doing this to punish you?

Jennifer: You've tried to destroy everything that I care about. And, for the life of me, I just don't understand why.

Paul: Everything that I've done, I've done for you, Jennifer! I know you don't believe that right now, but it's the truth.

Jennifer: You're damn right that I don't! Now, I need to say goodbye to the man that I love! I need a funeral. I need to find a way to accept what is completely unacceptable. And for God's sakes, you owe me that!

Paul: I don't know! I told you, I don't know. I was -- I was disoriented. I don't know!

Jennifer: No, no, stop it. Stop it! You murdered him. You took his body into the woods. You dug a grave and you put him in it. Now don't you just stand there and tell me that you don't know where!

Paul: Jennifer, please.

Jennifer: Unless you -- you didn't do it, did you? And you're lying to protect someone else?

Paul: That's crazy.

Jennifer: All right, then you look me in the eye and you tell me, once and for all, did you kill Dusty?

Paul: Yes.

Jennifer: But you didn't bury him, did you? Someone else did.


Emily: You know what, if you don't believe me, ask Henry. He was the one. It was his idea to sneak into Megís place in the first place.

[Henry mumbles]

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, one second there --

Emily: No. I told him about my suspicions that Meg might be involved with Dusty's disappearance, and Henry thought it would be a great idea to investigate.

Hal: That's right. You told me that you were in Megís room to do some surveillance just a minute ago.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Hal: I'm sure that I don't need to tell you that an independent investigation involving breaking and entering is not what we in the law enforcement business call "kosher."

Emily: No, but Hal, we didn't take anything. And we found the wallet. And once we saw that it was covered in blood, we had to do something. So we confronted Meg. And like I told you, she went ballistic.

Hal: You never should have confronted her before you spoke to me.

Emily: Yeah, but it all happened so fast, we didn't have a choice. She caught us in her hotel room.

Hal: What was her explanation for having Dusty's things?

Henry: She said -- a souvenir to remember him by. And it was an old wallet that he didn't use anymore.

Emily: Yeah, but if that were true, why did it have his current driver's license, huh? I'll tell you why. She was lying through her teeth. Look, you don't believe me, go see for yourself. And I'll bet you 100 bucks you're going to find even more evidence that'll tie her to Dusty's disappearance.

Hal: What I need to figure out is why you're going out of your way to nail Paulís accomplice. After all he's done to hurt you, isn't he the one you really want to see punished?

Emily: This isn't about punishment, Hal. This is about justice. Dusty's justice. And Jenniferís, for that matter. She deserves that after every -- after everyone who's hurt her.

Hal: You're in that mix, you know.

Emily: Yeah, I know I am. And I have to live with that every day. And I know if it weren't for you and Jennifer, I would still be in jail. I mean, is it wrong of me to want to give back a little bit?

Hal: I don't know, Em.

Emily: Look, I know you're just trying to do your job. But I'm just begging you, for once, see past your hatred for Paul. Okay? I know you think he did this. I know you want this to be all about him, but it's not. He had help. Meg's help.

Hal: If I find out you're lying --

Emily: Why would I do that?

Hal: I don't know. Maybe you think Megís taken your place in Paulís life and it makes you want to hurt her.

Emily: That's ridiculous. You know what, if you don't believe me, go see for yourself.


Gwen: Wow. Was your dad always so messy?

Will: No, no. Just the opposite. He must not be adapting well to living alone.

Gwen: Yeah, most people donít.

Will: Gwen, what are you doing?

Gwen: Cleaning up. Nobody should live like this. Let's give him a hand.

Will: Gwen, stop. If my dad wants to live like a slob, then let him.

Gwen: Look, I know you're still angry at him, but you can help him out.

Will: Hey, he's always telling me how I should get my life in order. Maybe he should do the same.

Gwen: You're right. You know, but sometimes people need a little nudge in the right direction. Nobody wants to live like this. It's just, when you're alone, sometimes things -- they get by you. You stop caring about things when you don't have anybody to actually care for.

Will: My dad's alone because he made it that way.

Gwen: Did you ever think that, you know, maybe he's so hard on you because he hates the way his own life turned out?

Will: No.

Gwen: Look, you have every right to be angry at him. He's been unfair to you.

Will: He's always made such a big deal about how I have to find my own way in life, my own direction. But when I finally do, he shuts me down.

Gwen: He's scared he's losing you.

Will: Yeah, or he just wants to control me. Either way, a spotless kitchen is not going to make him go easier on us.

Gwen: That is not why I'm doing this. Okay, maybe a little bit. I still think we should help out.

Will: We? So you want my help?

Gwen: You do the dishes, I'll do the trash.

Will: All right, that'll be good practice for when we live together and have our own place.

Gwen: I like the sound of that.

Will: Me, too.


Katie: You're going to get your job back. As soon as you admit that Carly was probably part of this, whether you want to believe it or not. Why don't you call Mike? Maybe he has some ideas.

Nick: No. I'm going to deal with this on my own.

Katie: Whoa, whoa! Hey, are you okay?

Nick: Just a little dizzy. I think some of the drugs are still in my system, I guess.

Katie: You need to go to the hospital, have them check you out at least.

Nick: No, I need to find out who did this to me.


Jack: No, no, no, no. I'm not giving any comments. Not to the news or anybody.

Parker: Dad!

Jack: Not during an ongoing investigation. Just a second. Well, I appreciate your understanding. I really do. Okay. I'll keep you updated. Bye. What you got there?

Parker: It's Mommy's mug. The one we ordered!

Jack: Oh, wow. Let's take a look. Oh, buddy. That's great, isn't it? That came out great, didn't it?

Parker: Yeah. Can we give it to her now?

Jack: Isn't this supposed to be her mother's day gift?

Parker: Yeah, I know, but I don't think I can wait!

Jack: I don't blame you. It's pretty awesome. Well, she's going to love it.

Parker: Can we give it to her now? Please?

Jack: Well, your mother is not home at the moment. She's running errands. But we can give this to her tonight.

Parker: Okay.

Jack: After dinner. Get out of here. Go. [Phone rings] Go. Hello?

Katie: Jack, hi. It's Katie.

Jack: Hi, Katie. What's up?

Katie: Listen, could you come over here? I need to talk to you.

Jack: Is this about Nick? Because I don't think that's such a good idea. Hal asked me to stay away. Said I was too personally involved.

Katie: You don't know the half of it.

Jack: What's that supposed to mean?

Katie: Please, Jack, just come over. You need to hear what I have to say.

Jack: Okay, give me ten.


Carly: Butch, whatever Chardonnay told you, I never, ever wanted Nick to get into this kind of trouble.

Butch: Yeah, right.

Carly: It's true. I just wanted a couple pictures of him in a compromising position, that's all. I thought that Chardonnay was helping me, but maybe she -- she was working for whoever planted those drugs on Nick, wasn't she?

Butch: Hey, I already told you, I don't know nothing about nothing.

Carly: Anatoly must've gotten to her, and Anatoly figured out that Nick's a cop, didn't he?

Butch: Look, lady, you don't know when to quit while you're ahead. I don't know an Anatoly. I don't know a Chardonnay. The conversation's over.

Carly: Come on, Butch. I know that he's bad news, but I can make sure that you get protection from the cops. Just please, please. You've got to help me clear Nick's name.

Butch: No, lady, you've got to shut up and leave this alone. Unless you want to find yourself dead.


Jack: Hey.

Katie: We need to talk out here. I don't want him to hear us.

Jack: You're putting me in a tough position here, Katie.

Katie: Jack, you're already in one and you don't even know it.

Jack: Would you stop sounding so mysterious and tell me what's on your mind, please?

Katie: All right, well, first of all, Nick was set up. You have to believe that.

Jack: I don't have to believe anything but the evidence.

Katie: The evidence was planted.

Jack: If that's truth, it'll come out in the investigation.

Katie: Look, I know that you and Nick have had your differences. But he's a good cop and he loves his job. Why would he throw it away like that?

Jack: I don't have time for this.

Katie: Look, listen. Do you even know what Nick was supposed to do last night?

Jack: Yeah, he fed me some line about meeting some woman. Said she was connected to the case. I didn't buy it then. I don't buy it now. He was covering himself.

Katie: No, he was meeting a woman. He did. At the Lakeview.

Jack: Okay, then --

Katie: I saw the note that she sent him to ask him to meet him there.

Jack: Who is she? If she's his alibi, then why didn't she come forward?

Katie: The woman, Jack, is Carly. Carly met Nick last night.


Jennifer: Who are you protecting?

Paul: I acted alone.

Jennifer: There's no way you could've done that.

Paul: Why do you always underestimate me?

Jennifer: Why won't you give me an answer?

Paul: I'm -- I am giving you an answer!

Jennifer: Why do you hate me so much?

Paul: Why do I hate you? Jennifer, I could never hate you. I love you. I know you think I have an unusual way of showing it.

Jennifer: Well, you're all alone in here, Paul. You're all alone now. I just -- I really hope you can live with that.

Paul: I deserve it. I'm so sorry. For everything. What is it?

Jennifer: There's only one other person who had motive to hurt Dusty as much as you. And that's the one person who would've helped you. Meg.


Lisa: Okay, so are you saying that Meg Snyder is in some kind of trouble?

Hal: Thanks, Lisa. We'll take it from here.

Lisa: No, no. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Do you think she had something to do with Dusty Donovanís disappearance? Is that it?

Hal: I'm not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation. Just let us do our job, please.

Emily: So? Is it still here? Did you find it?

Hal: Damn it, Emily, what are you doing?

Emily: What am I doing? I'm making sure you don't slough this one off.

Hal: Back off, Emily.

Lisa: So, so, so, so -- you're the one that's trying to pin something on Meg. Is that what's wrong with you? You know, I don't even recognize you anymore.

Emily: Well, you know what? There are two sides to every story.

Lisa: Yes, and you always are on the bad side, aren't you? It's no wonder Tom was adamant about getting Daniel back.

Emily: That's unfair, Lisa.

Lisa: And you think what you did for Jennifer was?

Emily: I don't have to justify anything I do to you.

Lisa: You don't have to justify -- you can't even justify stuff to yourself, do you know that?

Hal: Ladies, take it outside.

Lisa: Okay, please lock up on your way out.

Hal: You said the wallet was in the box next to the phone.

Emily: Exactly.

Hal: There's nothing there.

Emily: Well, it was there, okay? Obviously she moved it. Maybe there's a safe. Is there a safe in the room?

Henry: Yeah, either that or she destroyed it.

Hal: If she even had it in the first place.

Emily: I'm telling you, Dusty's wallet was in this room somewhere. Just keep looking.

Hal: Don't worry, we will. Just stay out of our way.

Emily: Fine.

Cop #2: Detective. Hotel safe.

Hal: Oh, you think you can crack it?

Cop #2: I think so.

Henry: You know, maybe -- maybe it wasn't such a good idea for us to come. Why don't we let the nice cops do their job, and you can keep your promise and get me my money.

Emily: Forget it. I'm not going anywhere until I know for a fact they find the wallet.

Meg: What the hell's going on here?

Emily: We're getting at the truth, Meg. What's the matter, you scared?


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Jack: Carly doesn't like Nick, but she's not about to ruin somebody's life out of spite.

Katie: You and I both know what Carly is capable of.

Hal: Tell me that's not what I think it is.


Jennifer: It was Meg, wasn't it? She helped you get rid of Dusty's body.

Paul: Why would Meg do something crazy like that?

Jennifer: Because she hates me as much as you hate Dusty. She hates the fact that Dusty and I were together.

Paul: But Megís no murderer.

Jennifer: No, but she's capable of cleaning up after one. What, did you pay her?

Paul: You're way off base here, Jen.

Jennifer: Well, I'll know soon enough. Because you might be able to lie to my face, but Meg never will. I will see right through her.

Paul: No. Leave her alone, okay? Look, Jen, Megís innocent.

Jennifer: She's -- she's innocent? She switched blood tests to keep me from believing that my child was alive! All just so she could stay with Dusty! She is not innocent in my book, and I'm going to prove it.

Paul: Jennifer, please. Please.

Jennifer: You know what? If I can't, then my father will.

Paul: No, look -- look, you don't need to bring Hal into this. Hal's got the guy he wants. Hal has me.

Jennifer: Why are you protecting her?

Paul: Because she didn't do anything! Please, just leave Meg alone, okay? Really, she's been through enough already.

Jennifer: Look at you. It's almost as if you're in love with her. Are you?


Hal: We're here looking for evidence. I have a warrant to search your room.

Meg: What evidence? What did she say you'd find?

Emily: You know damn well what they're going to find.

Meg: Am I a suspect now for Dusty's murder?

Emily: No, try accomplice.

Meg: I'm talking to the cop in the room. When did they give you a badge?

Hal: This is just one part of our investigation. We have a missing person, but no body, and a confession from Paul Ryan. I'm just trying to connect the dots.

Meg: Well, go ahead. Turn the room upside down. I have nothing to hide.

Emily: So what did you do with it? Did you throw the wallet in the river?

Meg: No, I buried it in Wrigley Field right next to Hoffaís body. For the life of me, Hal, I don't know what evidence Emilyís talking about.

Emily: Yeah, of course you donít.

Cop #2: Safe's empty, Lieutenant.

Hal: Okay. Well, keep looking. Maybe something will turn up.

Emily: No, forget about it. You're too late. She destroyed the evidence.

Henry: Shouldn't this be our cue to leave?

Meg: Yes, please do.

Hal: Are you saying that you never had possession of Dusty's wallet or his driver's license?

Meg: Why would I have his wallet? We broke up months ago. You know, I don't know what trash Emily has been feeding you.

Emily: Excuse me, are you going to deny that you caught the two of us in your room here?

Meg: You broke into my room. Should I be filing a complaint or something? Maybe I should go down to the police station right now and start the process.

Hal: Meg, I'm going to have to look in your bag.

Meg: My purse? For what?

Hal: The warrant, it covers everything. All your personal proper. Your bag, please. Tell me that's not what I think it is.


Gwen: That wasn't so hard, huh?

Will: Well, I've had practice. I've cleaned this kitchen more times than I can remember.

Gwen: I've dreamed about having a kitchen like this more times than I can remember.

Will: You're kidding.

Gwen: Oh, you saw Iris' house. It was grime on grime. We could never get that place clean. I say we, but she never lifted a drunken finger. There are some things that you can just never get clean.

Will: Mom used to give us a buck -- me and Jen -- if we had the kitchen sink sparkling. We used to take turns.

Gwen: Wow. Are we talking about the same Barbara?

Will: Yeah. Life was pretty normal when we were young. Everything was pretty normal. We used to have dinner and talk about what happened in school. And then we'd all clean up and do the dishes together as a family.

Gwen: Real Brady Bunch, huh?

Will: Yeah, I couldn't tell you where it all went wrong.

Gwen: Yeah. Does it hurt thinking about how things used to be?

Will: No, no. You make me too happy. And besides, it's kind of nice having memories of the house and, you know, the family. You want to see more of my childhood?

Gwen: Does it include your bedroom?

Will: You're bad. You are so bad.


Carly: Jack?

[Carly weeps]


Katie: I know this is the last thing you want to hear, Jack. And I really don't like to be the person telling you.

Jack: Where's Nick? I'm going to rip his head off.

Katie: Stop!

Jack: First he accuses me of trying to set him up and now he's accusing Carly!

Katie: No, stop! You're wrong. He's not accusing Carly, I am. He doesn't even know I'm talking to you.

Jack: What makes you so sure she's involved, Katie?

Katie: When the note came, the one I told you about, there was a hotel key in it. When I asked Nick about it, he said that it had to do with his undercover work, but I knew that wasn't true. It was obvious that it was from Carly.

Jack: Obvious? Why? Carly would never do anything like this.

Katie: It had her perfume all over it.

Jack: Her perf -- her perfume, Katie? Come on, you know how many women wear the same scent.

Katie: No, it's a big coincidence, Jack.

Jack: Did the note have her name on it? Was it written in her handwriting?

Katie: It was typed.

Jack: This is insane. This is absolutely insane! You're accusing Carly of luring Nick to a hotel room, drugging him, planting heroin in his pocket, and the whole scenario is based on the smell of perfume? Katie, come on. Carly doesn't like Nick, but she's not about to ruin somebody's life out of spite.

Katie: She was ready to ruin Gwenís life to keep the baby, wasn't she? I hate to say it, Jack, but you and I both know what Carly is capable of.

Jack: How would she pull this off, Katie? She didn't know anything about Nick's undercover work. Not at all.

Katie: She knew about it, all right. Which is why he had her fired.

Jack: Fired? Fired from what?

Katie: Her job at the Galaxy Club. Carly was working there.

Jack: You want me to believe that my wife took a job at the Galaxy? It's a strip club, Katie. What the hell is the matter with you?

Katie: She wasn't working there as a stripper, Jack. She was working as a waitress under the name of Tiffany.

Jack: Really? Who told you that? Nick? The guy's obviously got a very imaginative --

Katie: I saw her there, Jack, in a really skimpy outfit.

[Jack remembering Carlyís red skimpy outfit]

Katie: You almost caught her at the club yourself, that same night. Remember? You got the call about the disturbance? You and Nick almost fought outside? I mean, Carly was lucky that you didn't catch her.

Jack: Wait a minute, do you want me to believe that my wife would leave our kids at home at night to serve drinks at some sleazy strip club? No, no way, Katie.

Katie: That was probably the hardest part. Keeping the sitter without you knowing. I mean, Nick even said that the sitter called one night saying that her own son was sick and Carly had to rush home.

[Jack remembering]

Carly: Jack, I was so worried about Will and Gwen that I just couldn't help it. I had to go and look for them.

Jack: You just decided to as Nick to give you a hand? Is that it?

Carly: No. No, of course not. The car broke down and Nick happened by.


Jack: I don't get it. Why would she take a job at a place like that?

Katie: She claimed she needed the money.

Jack: We've been strapped, yeah, but I mean, if she was going to take a job, for crying out loud, she'd tell me, Katie!

Katie: Not if she didn't want you to know the real reason.

Jack: And I guess I'm supposed to believe that you -- you, of all people, know the real reason?

Katie: She was trying to bury Nick. He found out about it and he had her fired.

Jack: So you're saying that she turned around and framed him to get even?

Katie: No, not to get even. To get you your job back. I know Nick can be really hard to take sometimes. Sometimes he's so full of himself, I can't even be in the same room with him. But he's a really good person at heart. And he loves his job. He loves being a cop. Don't let this happen to him. Being on the police force is what saved him. If he loses this, he loses everything. You got to do something, Jack. You can't let him take the rap for something he didn't do. And I'm telling the truth about Carly. I think you know that. As much as it hurts.

Jack: Yeah, I've got to get the hell out of here.


Hal: This looks like dried blood. Is it, Meg?

Meg: Well, maybe I shouldn't answer that without a lawyer being present.

Emily: Sounds like an "I'm guilty" to me.

Hal: Keep out of it, Emily. You sure that's how you want to play this?

Meg: If I'm being accused of something and it's beginning to look like I am, I'd be out of my mind not exercise my constitutional rights.

Hal: Take these down to the lab. Analyze it. You want to come down to the station?

Meg: Am I under arrest?

Hal: Not yet. I'm going to question you first. Officer James will escort you to the station. You can call the lawyer from his car.

Emily: I told you Meg was involved. That blood's going to match Dusty's, you can bet on it.

Hal: Do yourself and me a favor, Emily. Stay out of this from now on.


Paul: I care a lot about Meg. You know, it's complicated. Meg was there for me when there was nobody else for me to turn to. And she paid a price for that.

Jennifer: What about the price that I've had to pay? What about what's happened to Dusty?

Paul: Meg had nothing to do with what happened to Dusty.

Jennifer: All right, all right! That's it. I can't listen to any more of this. Now you can go on ahead and protect Meg Snyder all you want. But know this. I can never forgive you now. Ever.


Carly: Stop. Stop it. No one has to know. No one ever has to know.


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Hal: What the -- hello? Jen? Well -- will. Hey, what are you doing here? Hello, gwen.

Gwen: Hey, Lieutenant Munson.

Will: I was just showing her around the house.

Hal: You two did this?

Gwen: Yeah.

Hal: Well, it wasn't necessary. And if you think it's going to make me change my mind about letting you two guys stay here together, you can forget it.

Will: We didn't think it would.

Hal: I know you think I'm being pretty rough on you. But I've been around for a while. I think I've got a little bit more perspective on things than either one of you. You've got to step back, take a look at the bigger picture here.

Will: Dad, save it, okay? I didn't come here for a lecture.

Gwen: Tell him why we came, Will.

Will: No, what's the point?

Gwen: He still deserves to know.

Hal: What? What do I deserve to know? Did something happen?

Will: I've taken my life into my own hands, that's what.

Hal: Meaning?

Will: Meaning that Gwen and I can live together now. And no one has the right to tell us that we canít. We got married, Dad. Gwen's my wife.


Nick: Hey, you didn't call Mike, did you?

Katie: No. You said you didn't want me to. Why?

Nick: No, I just thought I heard you talking to somebody.

Katie: Oh, right. I called the station to tell them I'd be in a little late today. I thought I might take you out for breakfast.

Nick: No, thanks. But I think I'm going to have hang around here and find out how I can get the hell out of this mess.

Katie: There's a major investigation going on, Nick. Your fellow cops are going to see the truth eventually.

Nick: Not if Jack Snyderís any part of it. He's been waiting for something like this to happen to me since I stepped foot in this town.

Katie: He and Carly both.

Nick: Can we stop talking about Carly?

Katie: All I'm saying is, once Jack sees the truth, he's not going to let you take the rap for something you didn't do.

Nick: What makes you think he's ever going to find the truth? I may never get out of this mess.

Katie: You will. I have faith.


Carly: I guess I ruined the surprise, huh?

Jack: Parker wanted to give that to you after dinner.

Carly: We can wrap it back up. He'll never know.

Jack: You've been crying.

Carly: You know, I was having kind of a lousy morning, and this brightened my day.

Jack: You had a bad morning, huh? Why?

Carly: It doesn't matter.

Jack: Was it about Nick?

Carly: What do you mean?

Jack: Part of your morning was spent at the jail when you went to go see Nick before he was bailed out.

Carly: I'm not crying about Nick, believe me. It's just, I can't believe how lucky I am that I have a family that would do something like this. It's so great. I love it.

Jack: Let's not worry about what we did for you, right now. Let's talk about what you did for me.


[Jennifer knocks] Jennifer: Open the door, Meg! I know what you did for Paul. And you're not going to get away with it!

[Jennifer knocks]


Henry: Paul isn't going to tell anybody that you shot him. I'm not going to spill those beans. I am not a threat to you anymore. What I am is a couple of steps away from poverty, Emily, so I want my money.

Emily: And I may want your help, Henry. And I won't get it just by asking. So obviously, I need a little collateral. I need to make sure I can still count on you, Henry.

Henry: Paul's in jail. He confessed to killing Dusty. Thanks to us, Hal is all over Meg as an accessory. And if, as you say, the blood on the gloves is Dusty, then the victory is yours. What do you need me for?

Emily: This isn't about victory, Henry. This is about justice.

Henry: You call it what you want. But as soon as Meg, along with Paul, is in jail, this is finally over.

Emily: And once it is, you'll be free. But not before.


Meg: Paul --

Paul: I thought visiting hours were over.

Meg: I'm not a visitor. I'm a guest.

Paul: What?

Meg: Hal had me brought in.

Paul: In connection to what?

Cop #2: The murder of Dusty Donovan.


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Jennifer: Just tell me where he is.

Nick: Call Jack and tell him that you were wrong about Carly. I don't want him coming down on her.

Jack: You trashed our marriage! You trashed it. You can't make that right.  

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