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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/8/06

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Desk clerk: Sir, you don't need to --

Will: Sign the register, I know.

Gwen: We want to.

Desk clerk: Of course.

Casey: Write fast.

Will: Mr. and Mrs. William Munson.

Casey: Unbelievable, man. Takes guts. All right, now get upstairs.

Gwen: It's okay. Don't worry, its fine.

Casey: His mom blowing through the lobby on her broomstick definitely cause to worry.

Will: No, he's right. That'd seriously be not fun at all.

Casey: All right, hit the elevator. I'll get your bags.

Will: No, you don't have to do that, man. We can get them, you've done enough.

Desk clerk: May we assist you with your bags?

Will: Actually, we don't have bags, really. It's more like one backpack. Can I get the key?

Casey: Yeah.

Will: Thanks.

Gwen: We'll be right back.

Casey: Sure. When they get back, we split.

Maddie: What's your rush?

Casey: Are you kidding?

Maddie: We'll go after we finish.

Casey: Finish what, Maddie? They're married, I got my grandmother to give them the honeymoon suite, what else is there?

Maddie: Casey, tonight has been incredible. But let's turn incredible into totally amazing.


Jade: Come on, Luke. You know me.

Luke: I'm not so sure.

Jade: I'm your cousin. I'm your friend. Your good friend.

Luke: Yeah, but I trust my friends.

Jade: But you don't trust me?

Luke: Jade, that was a gift from my father to mother.

Jade: And it's beautiful. That's why I couldn't resist trying it on. What? You don't really think I was going to keep it for myself? That's like calling me a thief. You have to know that I'm not a thief.

Luke: Look, I covered for you with my grandma, so now we're even.

Jade: I was going to bring the bracelet back. I swear.

Luke: Or maybe -- maybe you've just been playing us this whole time. Maybe you're exactly where you want to be -- in our house with tons of nice stuff at your fingertips.

Jade: You think that I'm here because I want to steal from you?

Luke: Well, it sure looks that way.


Holden: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Holden: Guess what?

Lily: What?

Holden: I'm running a special. A special on massages.

Lily: Oh, let's take a rain check, okay?

Holden: Uh-oh, sounds serious.

Lily: I don't even want to say it out loud.

Holden: What is it?

Lily: You know, maybe I should've listened to you from the beginning.

Holden: Lily, come on. If something's bothering you --

Lily: It's Jade. I think she's lying to us.


Chardonnay: Now what? He's dead weight.

Anatoly: Not a problem.

Chardonnay: Are the boys going to plant a lampshade on his head and carry him out?

Anatoly: He'll walk under his own power -- more or less.

Chardonnay: By tomorrow, if he's lucky.

Anatoly: Honey, this guy's luck just ran out.

[Anatoly clears throat]


Carly: What part of "getĒ don't you understand, Katie?

Katie Youíre going to start cheating on your husband with another man.

Carly: With your track cord, maybe you shouldn't be butting into other people's marriages.

Katie: You're not gonna have a marriage if you keep lying, Carly.

Carly: Thanks for the tip. See ya.

Katie: Seeing you at that disgusting club, then finding your wedding ring in Nick's pocket. Then the note, and don't tell me you just happened to be at the Lakeview tonight, Carly.

Carly: I'm going to give you one last chance to just go! Now, before you embarrass yourself.

Katie: I'm sorry, but I don't embarrass easily. And I meant what I said before. I'm not leaving until you tell me the truth.

Carly: Okay, all right, Katie. Yes, you did see me with Nick at the galaxy club, but we ran into each other. It wasn't planned. And as for my wedding ring, I had to take it off and give it to him before the manager saw it.

Katie: Why?

Carly: They don't hire married women, Katie. I needed a job. And once I got the feel for the place, I knew couldn't work there and I quit.

Katie: That is such a lie.

Carly: You know Jack. He has so much pride. If he knew that I even thought about working in a place like that, he'd be humiliated.

Katie: And he wouldn't be humiliated with you meeting another man at the Lakeview?

Carly: For the last time, I was not meeting Nick.

Katie: Right. Let call him. Iím re he'll solve this sterus

Carly: If he's with a woman, heís not gonna answer his phone.

Katie: He'll --.   You know what? Better yet I'll just get him over here.

Carly: I do not want Nick Kasnoff in this house.

Jack: Neither do I. What is this? What's going on with you two?

Carly: It's nothing, Jack, really. Katie was just trying to get me to cut Nick a little more slack, that's all.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Well, because Nick is Mike's cousin, and because we're friends with Mike and Katie.

Jack: Well, that doesn't mean that we have to be Nick's friend, too.

Carly: You see, I told you that he'd feel that way.

Jack: Listen, Katie, Mike is a great guy, and I've told you this before, Nick is no Mike. He never will be.

Carly: Amen.

Jack: So can we just agree to disagree on that point?

Katie: I don't think so.

[Carly sighs]

Jack: Katie, I'm sorry, but Nick has done some things on the job that you have no way of knowing. He's given me more than enough reasons to keep my distance. And if you think that's bad, don't leave Carly alone in a room with him.

Katie: Funny you should say that.

Carly: There is nothing funny about Nick Kasnoff.

Jack: Katie, it's nice of you to run interference for Nick, but don't waste your time. He doesn't need your help. He doesn't want your help. From everything I can tell, Nick thinks he has this whole town wired. He came to town determined to play hero, and now he's got everybody treating him like one.


Anatoly: You after a medal, huh? Is that it? You felt so lucky today, didn't you, hero, with the ladies? You like pretty little Chardonnay? Is she your type? What about Tiffany? She's hot. She did a little favor for me tonight, so next time I see her, I must give her a big, fat tip. You, Nickie, are not going to be so lucky.

[Anatoly gives Nick a shot of heroin to Nick]

Chardonnay: What'd you give him?

Anatoly: A little something to wipe away his memory.

Chardonnay: For how long?

Anatoly: Long enough. Okay, party boy, letís go. The game's over. Get him out of here.


Casey: Where'd you get those?

Maddie: Ladies room.

Casey: You're stealing now?

Maddie: Borrowing.

Casey: Maddie, they don't need flowers, all right? They've got rings, the room, you know? They're married.

Maddie: Come on, just a few finishing touches.

Casey: No.

Maddie: To make it special, please.

Casey: A suite at the Lakeview isn't special?

Maddie: I'm talking romance.

Casey: Oh, and these plastic flowers are romantic?

Maddie: Well, if it were me, I would --

Casey: It's not you.

Maddie: Listen, I would want to remember my wedding night, even if I was 100.

Casey: Are these real?

Maddie: Yeah, and they cost a fortune.

Casey: Well, let's just grab them, all right? Grandma won't care.

Maddie: Oh. I like the red ones. All right, candles.

Casey: Wait, hold on. We have to stop in the kitchen first.

Maddie: For what?

Casey: You think you know romance. Follow me.

Thug #1: Watch out, coming through here.

Thug #2: Man, that was some party.

Thug #1: Hey, let's get our friend here in a cab, all right? Party's over, big guy.

Maddie: Wasn't that --

Casey: None of our business.

Maddie: That was Mike's cousin.

Casey: Yeah, it was Mike's drunk cousin. He's toasted.

Maddie: Huh? Katie complained about Henry and I. Compared to him, we were the houseguests from heaven.


Jade: Fine, we'll go up to the house, and I'll hand the bracelet over to your mom. And if she believes me, she believes me. And if she doesn't, well, it's not the first time I've been kicked out.

Luke: Jade, nobody's kicking you out.

Jade: I wasn't keeping the bracelet, Luke. That's the truth.

Luke: Well, just make sure you put it back.

Jade: Okay, look, here's what really happened. Your dad came in the room while I was trying on the bracelet, just to see how it looked. And I didn't want him to get the wrong idea and freak. So I hid the bracelet, and I got out of the house as fast as I could.

Luke: Because you were just trying it on?

Jade: Yes! What do I have to do to prove myself? I cover for you with your dad. I'm totally cool helping you see Kevin.

Luke: Well, I know, but that is --

Jade: So I screw up once, and you're all over me for one stupid mistake?

Luke: Well, I don't even know why you care what I think?

Jade: Because I care, Luke. I care about belonging. I care about us being friends. If you're gonna hate me because I had one loser moment where I got lost in a fantasy --

Luke: Jade, I don't hate you.

Jade: Good. But that's not quite what I was hoping for when I started living here. I was hoping that I could be a part of a real family.

Luke: You are, because of Rose.

Jade: Don't, okay?

Luke: What? I don't even know what I said.

Jade: You have memories and stories. And all I have is a few faded pictures and a really weird feeling when I look at your mom. And sometimes I look at Lily, and I pretend she's Rose. And then my brain catches up to my heart, and inside I'm screaming, "Why couldn't it be true? Why couldn't I have known my mom, just for a little while?"

Luke: Look, I didn't mean to call you a thief.

Jade: Luke, I know that you don't trust many people right now. You're worried that your dad won't understand. You're afraid of letting down your mom. But try being in my shoes, just for a second. What I get from being here is not about pretty bracelets or nice stuff. I'll show you what it's about.


Holden: What do you think Jade's lying about?

Lily: She told you that she learned to knit at the orphanage.

Holden: Yeah, so what about it?

Lily: She said she was adopted when she was very young. Do you trust her?

Holden: No more than I trust any other teenager. I'll tell you what? Let's just see how it all plays out. Let's just do that.

Lily: Okay.

Emma: Hello.

Lily: Hi.

Emma: Hi, my dear ones. Listen, I'm sorry to barge in like this, but I saw your lights on and I --

Lily: It's okay.

Holden: What's going on?

Emma: Well, I -- I don't know. I just ran into Jade and Luke at the barn.

Holden: What were they doing down there?

Emma: Well, Jade had Lily's bracelet. Did you -- did you know that she had taken it?


Casey: Check it out. Just like the real thing, only legal.

Maddie: That was a great idea, Case, the cider.

Casey: Yeah, good thing Bernie was in the kitchen. I knew he'd help us out. Hey, can we go now?

Maddie: Yeah. I'm almost finished with these.

Casey: Maddie, I'm trying to tell you, Will could care less about flowers tonight.

Maddie: Well, maybe on one level.

Casey: No, on all levels. Well, be careful. If you burn this hotel down, my grandma will flip out.

Maddie: All for a good cause.

Casey: Romance.

Maddie: Mm-hmm.

Casey: Did you ever think maybe you've seen too many movies in your life?

Maddie: Okay, I'm sorry, who brought the rings for Gwen and Will? You were the one that brought them. And yeah, I think you're pretty much just as romantic as I am. You're just too afraid to admit it.

Casey: Yeah, whatever.

Maddie: Hey, hey, off the bed! You're gonna ruin the flowers!

Casey: They're gonna mess them up anyway! That's the only good thing about this deal anyways.

Maddie: What deal?

Casey: Marriage. I mean, Gwen and Will can do it anywhere, any way, any how -- doesn't matter. What, like guys don't think like that?

Maddie: Some guys. All right, letís just finish up here.

Will: How many times?

Gwen: Uh, six. No, actually I got seven Mrs. Munsonís on the way up.

Will: Including the doorman?

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Will: You know what? I never actually asked you if maybe you wanted to keep your own name.

Gwen: Norbeck? Hmm-mm. Munson's been much luckier thus far.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Hey, maybe we should take this inside.

Maddie: Oh, you're here!

Gwen: So are you.

Maddie: Yeah.

Will: Why?

Casey: When you're ready, go check it out.

Maddie: Happy honeymoon.

Will: Hey, wait a minute.

Gwen: What, you think Casey rigged something over the door?

Will: No, but a frog in the bed would be much more his style.

Gwen: Well, I'll check the sheets.

Will: No, why don't you allow me?

Gwen: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Will: Carrying my wife over the threshold.

Gwen: I can't believe Casey and Maddie did this. It's beautiful.

Will: You're beautiful.


Luke: Look, its okay, Jade. You don't have anything to prove.

Jade: I think I do.

Luke: I just -- I don't like lying to my grandma, that's all.

Jade: I'm sorry.

Luke: But I think I get why you were trying the bracelet on.

Jade: Really?

Luke: I'm trying.

Jade: Thanks. And to show my appreciation --

Luke: Hey, who are you calling?

Jade: I'm showing up for you now. Kevin? Hey, it's Jade. Oh, I know what time it is. Yeah, look, I'm sorry, but I really need to see you. It's important. I'm at the Snyderís barn. Yeah, get here as soon as you can, okay?


Holden: Are you sure that it was Lily's bracelet?

Emma: Yes, I'm positive.

Lily: I checked. It's missing.

Holden: What did Jade say?

Emma: Well, Luke did most of the talking. He said that they had taken it to surprise Lily. They were gonna get a new charm.

Holden: And you didn't believe them?

Emma: No more than I believed you and Caleb when you told me you didn't know how those beer kegs got into the barn.

Lily: Something's going on.

Holden: Or maybe when she saw Mama, she panicked and didn't want to let her in on the surprise.

Emma: Well, that's -- that's possible.

Lily: If Jade is stealing --

Holden: And we're not sure that she is.

Lily: We have to talk to her.

Holden: I think that we should just sit tight and see if the kids show up with a charm -- a new charm on the bracelet, okay? I'm sure everything will check out.

Emma: I hope so. I hope so. Listen, I better be going. It's getting a bit late.

Holden: All right, I'll walk you out.

Emma: You get some sleep, sweetheart.

Lily: Oh, I will. Thank you. Good night.

Emma: Good night.


Jack: All right, ladies, as promised, Jack's nacho supreme. I'm lying. It's out of a can. Here you go.


Carly: Thanks.

Jack: How are we doing in here?

Carly: Fine, fine. What, are we having a party or --?

Katie: Great.

Jack: Well, it's better than what I walked in on, I'll tell you that. Listen, I think it's time to remember that we all have a history together. Katie, come on. You, Mike, Montana, our big sky wedding.

Katie: That is why I care so much.

Carly: About Nick?

Jack: Katie, I've seen guys like him before. A certain amount of swagger, that goes along with the job. But I mean, too much of it, especially on a big case, can turn into a liability. Nick thinks he can do everything on his own. Sooner or later, that's gonna come back to hurt him.

Carly: Are we done with Nick yet, please?

Katie: That's a strange question, coming from you.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go check on the kids. Can I trust the two of you down for a few seconds?

Carly: Oh, yes, of course.

Jack: Wonderful. Katie?

Katie: No problem.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder.

Margo: Hey, Jack, we got a call -- a D & D down at the Galaxy Club.

Jack: Where's Kasnoff?

Margo: Well, I can't raise him, and I don't want to send a car out there. Come on, you know the case. If any of the insiders are involved, you know what to do.

Jack: Just hand out warnings?

Margo: Exactly. And just downplay it. We don't want to lose any ground.

Jack: You got it. And Margo, thanks for pulling me in on this. Appreciate it. Okay, Carly, I -- I've got to go. I shouldn't be too late. Save some nachos for me though, okay?

Carly: Yeah, no problem.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: If I'm longer than an hour, I'll call you, okay? I love you.

Carly: I love you.

Jack: Bye, Katie.

Katie: Bye.

Carly: Well, I'm sure surprised that you managed to keep your mouth shut -- sort of.

Katie: I hate lying to Jack. I don't want to do it.

Carly: You are not lying to Jack. I am not lying to Jack.

Katie: What do you call giving another guy a hotel room key?

Carly: Why would I do that? Katie, I don't want to be in a hotel room with Nick. I don't want Nick, period.

Katie: Okay, then what is going on?

Carly: I can't talk about it.

Katie: Why?

Carly: Haven't you ever kept something from Mike for his own good?

Katie: Yeah, plenty of times. And it never turned out the way I wanted it to.

Carly: All you need to know is that everything I do, I do for my husband and our family.

Katie: I hope so. But if you keep lying, Carly, you're gonna lose them both.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

[Gwen laughs]

Will: I'm gonna get you!

Gwen: No, no, no! Wait, stop. No.

[Gwen laughs]

Lily: I think I sound a little confused because you told us that you left the orphanage when you were very young.

Carly: I have a husband I adore -- a beautiful family. There is no way that I would let Nick Kasnoff ruin that -- no way.

Thug #1: Jimbo, you mess with us, and we mess with you.

Jack: Freeze!



Carly: I've had it with your moralizing and your lectures and your threats.

Katie: I'm really only trying to help.

Carly: Well, then help yourself right out the door.

Katie: Carly, listen to me, whatever scheme you're running, even if it is for Jack --

Carly: What?! What am I doing?! You don't even know what you're talking about! You're just making it up as you go along.

Katie: You were scared to death that I was gonna tell Jack about the note. What if he finds out some other way? Then what?

Carly: He won't find out. Katie, Jack is working two jobs. And when he's not checking locks at WOAK, he's cleaning up after rookies at the station because of me.

Katie: All right. So how does propositioning another guy help Jack? All right, fine, have it your way. But just remember, Jack is a cop. He's used to figuring out what people do and why.

Carly: Not this time.

Katie: I hope not, for your sake.


Holden: Why don't you head upstairs? I'll lock up down here.

Lily: Your mother's very upset.

Holden: Yeah, well, she's got a lot on her mind.

Lily: What if she's right? What if Jade did take the bracelet?

Holden: Do you want me to wait up for her? I'll talk to her when she gets back.

Lily: What if she and Luke are planning a surprise?

Holden: That's why I think we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. And in the meantime, we'll keep an eye on Jade.

Lily: No matter how many years you have to prepare, you're never ready for teenagers, are you?

Holden: And they're never ready for you either.

Lily: Thank you. I'm so glad I'm not doing this alone.

Holden: Me either.

Lily: Is that massage still available?

Holden: You better believe it. Why don't you head upstairs?

Lily: Thank you.

Holden: For what?

Lily: For keeping me sane.

Holden: I won't be long.

Lily: Okay.


Luke: You had no right to do that.

Jade: Well, do you want to see Kevin or not?

Luke: Well, sure, but I don't think that --

Jade: Well, were you gonna call him?

Luke: Well, Kevin -- no, Kevin wants nothing do with me.

Jade: He's just mad because of your dad.

Luke: Yeah, but now he's gonna be mad because of you.

Jade: Wait until he gets here and find out.

Luke: But Jade, he's expecting to see you here, not me.

Jade: So he'll you instead. It's what you want.

Luke: But it's not what Kevin wants.

Jade: Somebody had to break the ice.

Luke: Yeah, but Jade, I don't think you get it. Kevin was really burned because of what my dad said earlier today.

Jade: He'll get over it.

Luke: But what if he doesn't?

Jade: What if you don't give him a choice?


[Maddie laughs]

Maddie: I cannot believe we just pulled that off.

Casey: I can't believe we didn't get caught.

Maddie: You know why? Because fate was on our side. Oh, it's such a rush.

Casey: You're so happy, why? I mean, you act like it happened to you.

Maddie: Something did happen to me.

Casey: What?

Maddie: I saw what a great guy you are.

Casey: Don't make me out to be a hero here.

Maddie: Why not? Gwen was thrilled with what you did tonight, and everything that went down with you in now.

Casey: I'm trying you know? Facing up to the baby changed things.

Maddie: You were scared.

Casey: Did you just make an excuse for me?

Maddie: Well, you're not the same guy.

Casey: Well, hey, look, today was great, all right? But I'm not gonna turn into a saint.

Maddie: l want you to.

Casey: Well, then is it okay then if I ask what's in this for me?

Maddie: Why don't I show you what's in it for you.

Casey: What did I do now?

Margo: Oh, who knew? Lakeview's the new place to hang out, huh? So, what are you two up to?


Will: Sparkling cider of an unknown vintage.

Gwen: Yes, I'd love some. Hey, let's toast.

Will: To my wife.

[Knock at door]

Waiter: Room service.

[Will sighs]

Will: You should have seen your face.

Gwen: You should have seen your face. Hey, wait -- [In a deep voice] Maybe your mom's throwing her voice.

Will: No, she's not that crazy.

Both: Yes, she is.

Gwen: Oh. Wow.

Gwen: Wow.

Will: This is amazing. More apple cider there.

Waiter: Compliments of Mrs. Grimaldi.

Will: Well, thank you.

Waiter: Thank you, sir.

Gwen: Sir, huh?

Will: Well, I am a married man now. So where were we?

Gwen: We were toasting.

Will: What's wrong?

Gwen: Nothing, nothing.

Will: Tell me.

Gwen: It's just -- it's so beautiful. I want to close my eyes and make it last forever.

Will: It will.

Gwen: But it canít. We're gonna walk out of that door tomorrow, and everything's gonna be just the way it was. Nothing has changed for us, Will -- not one single thing.

Will: Gwen, everything has changed. We're married.

Gwen: Yeah, with no money, no job, no place to live. And when that waiter came to the door, I almost jumped out of my skin.

Will: Okay, our problems are still out there, but they're not worse, you know? And we're legal. And the law says that we have the right to live together for the rest of our lives.

Gwen: What about your family?

Will: You mean our family. You get them in the bargain, too. Look, I'm not afraid, Gwen. That's what you do to me. You make me less afraid. And I don't if it's the sparkling cider talking, but from where I stand, our life can only get better.

Gwen: You must've been raised by wolves.

Will: Do you remember how we felt when were in NY?

Gwen: Scared?

Will: No, like we could be whoever we wanted to -- the Freemans we still can be.

Gwen: Hmm-mm. Not a chance. The name's Munson, buddy. That's the way it's gonna stay for the rest of our lives.


Casey: Yeah, well, you're always telling me to visit grandma, so we're visited Grandma.

Margo: Oh, that's good, that's good. Um, it's kind of late for a visit though, isn't it?

Casey: No she's always up ..

Maddie: She has more energy than anybody I know. She is so cool.

Margo: She is, she is.

Maddie: I know.

Margo: Where is she?

Casey: Grandma?

Margo: No, Queen Eliz

die: She's upstairs at her place.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Short visit?

Casey: You know, she had stuff to do. What are you doing here?

Margo: Uh, work, work. Hey, did your dad ever come through on that project for school?

Casey: Yeah -- um, yeah, he did. Mm-hmm.

Maddie: You know what? Speaking of homework, I have a lot. I'm gonna go do that now.

Casey: Right, yeah. No, I do, too, actually. So we'll see you at home.

Margo: Okay. Casey, it's a nice thing, visiting your grandma.

Casey: Okay.

Margo: Don't be late.

Casey: I wonít. Night, Mom. She knows.

Maddie: How?

Casey: I don't know, something in her voice. It's like cop radar.

Maddie: But we did go and visit your grandmother.

Casey: Technically.

Maddie: Listen, what we did for Wwill and Gwen tonight was really good.

Casey: Yeah, Maddie, but I lied to my dad for the second time. I mean, I found the judge. We drove them to the courthouse. We were witnesses. You said it yourself, there would've been no wedding if it weren't for us.

Maddie: I know, isn't it great?

Casey: No -- the point is, when my parents find out, I'll be lucky if they even pay for a community college.

Maddie: I'm sorry.

Casey: No, don't be. It's just -- you know, they're gonna have to blame somebody, and I'm gonna be the moving target. It's like, "Hey, there's Casey boom!

Maddie: Well, just go to talk to them, keep them from freaking out.

Casey: No, all we can do now is sit tight and wait for the fallout. 'Cause trust me, its coming.


Carly: Katie, I don't doubt that somebody sent Nick a note and a hotel room key -- it just wasn't me.

Katie: But Nick's eyes are all over you, all the time.

Carly: That's not my fault. That's not my problem. And my perfume is not $100 an ounce. Thousands of women wear it, and I'm sure that Nick is with one of those women right now. Some really poor, sad, pathetic girl with very bad taste in men.

Katie: So you showing up at Lakeview tonight was really just a coincidence?

Carly: No! Katie, I was there to start an affair right there, smack dab in the middle of the busiest place in Oakdale so I could be spotted by Lisa and Barbara and Jennifer and the dozen other people I know who live there. Do I really look that stupid? I called Lily. That's it, that's the end of your dirty little story.

Katie: Maybe --

Carly: Look around you -- I have a husband I adore. A beautiful family. There is no way that I would let Nick Kasnoff ruin that. No way.


Thug #2: Lights out, loser.

Thug #1: You mess with us, and we mess with you.

Jack: Freeze! Police! Drop the gun!



Lily: Holden?

Jade: I hope I didn't wake you up.

Lily: Have you seen Holden?

Jade: Nope. I was just grabbing some magazines -- for my room, if that's okay.

Lily: Yeah, sure. Jade, Holden said you wanted to fix my sweater.

Jade: He did?

Lily: He said you learned how to knit from the nuns at the orphanage?

Jade: Yeah. Sister Mary Angela, she was a nut about her yarn. I used to help her roll up all the colors and stuff.

Lily: I'm a little confused, because you told us that you left the orphanage when you were very young.


Kevin: Jade? Jade?

Luke: She's not here.

Kevin: What's going on? She called --

Luke: For me.

Kevin: You used her to get me here?

Luke: No, no -- when she dialed, I didn't know who she was talking to.

Kevin: Don't lie, man.

Luke: It's truth.

Kevin: You could have even called me -- I mean, give me some warning. I mean, you have my cell phone number.

Luke: I thought that maybe when you got here -- we could talk.

Kevin: You've got way too much baggage, man. Look, your dad, your family -- you're too much trouble. Now get your hands off me. Get your hands off me!

[Holden is around the corner and hears this]

Luke: Kevin, Kevin, please, Kevin, just please don't walk out on me. Please, just stay.


Maddie: Okay, here's the plan. We tell them that it was my fault, it was my idea, from forcing you to get the name of the judge all the way down to the flowers.

Casey: Forget it.

Maddie: But it's the truth. We'll tell them that they were right, that hanging out with me is just a big mistake.

Casey: Maddie, I didn't do anything I didn't want to do.

Maddie: Are you sure?

Casey: Yeah. You know, I was more than a jerk to Gwen, and today I got a chance to do something nice for her. And for the first time in months, I feel good about being me. I get grounded for a year, who cares?

Margo: Goodnight, guys.

Maddie: Goodnight.

Casey: 'Night, Mom.

Maddie: And you don't miss being perfect?

Casey: Are you kidding? When people think you're perfect, the only place to go is down.

Maddie: I guess, but what you did for Will and Gwen, it made you look perfect to me.


Gwen: How do people do this?

Will: Would you stop moving your arm?

Gwen: It's like my elbow's too fat.

Will: Reach. 

Gwen: Mm-hmm. What else have we got?

Will: All kinds of stuff.

Gwen: Chocolate?

Will: Oh, yeah, tons of chocolate.

Gwen: Oh, cool, minicakes.

Will: Or as my mother would say, "petit fours, darling." We should do the traditional cake-sharing moment.

Gwen: No, I think they're too tiny.

Will: No,tradition is tradition. Men, let go. Now I get to take off your garter belt.

Gwen: I'm not wearing a garter belt.

Will: That's good. That's just one less thing to take off.

Gwen: Hey, what are these over here, huh? Ooh, these look pretty good. Yeah, right --

[Gwen laughs]

Will: I'm going to get you.

Gwen: No, no, no, no! Wait, stop!

Will: You're the best time of my life, do you know that?

Gwen: That's not saying much.

Will: Oh, yeah?

Gwen: No, stop, please.

Will: Take it back.

Gwen: I take it back! I take it back! I never knew I could be this happy.

Will: Well, get serious. Because we have a ton more honeymoon clichťs to get through.

Gwen: Oh, yeah? What's next?

Will: Actually, I wish I had a big heart-shaped tub for when the violin guy gets here.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Will: Yeah, he's going to be here any minute. You have something against violins?

Gwen: No, no, just honeymoon crashers.

Will: Well, happy wedding day, Mrs. Munson.

Gwen: Happy honeymoon, Mr. Munson.

Will: That sounds old.

Gwen: Promise me we'll be doing this when we're old.

Will: I promise.

Gwen: Hey, I'm sorry, that I kind of wrecked the mood earlier. From now on, no matter what, no fear, okay? I'm wearing this forever.

Will: You might have to.

Gwen: Yeah, the judge for better or for worse.

Will: And we've definitely had the worse.

Gwen: So maybe you're right. The better's on its way.

Will: Name three things you want to have happen.

Gwen: Let me think. Well, I want you. And you. And you. Your turn.

Will: That's magic. Okay, I want to spend the rest of my life proving to you that no matter whoís outside that door, they're never going to keep us apart ever again.


Katie: I guess I was wrong. I just trying to help.

Carly: Well, find a better way to occupy yourself while Mike is gone.

Katie: I just care about you and Jack. I donít want trouble for you guys.

Carly: That makes two of us.

Katie: Good. All right, goodnight, Carly.

Carly: Good-bye, Katie. Hey, Char, it's Tiffany. I know that you said that everything went okay, but I didn't get a chance to ask you about the pictures.

Chardonnay: What about them?

Carly: Well, did you get any good ones? Did you get what we needed?

Chardonnay: Don't worry, Tiff. After tonight, Nick Kasnoff won't bother you or your man ever again.


[ Gunshots ]

Jack: Hey, you okay? Hey, hey! Nick? Come on, sit up. Nick, sit up. What happened, huh? Here, hold this. Hold this there! Who were those guys?


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Holden: I love you. And if you're having a hard time with something, then I want to help you out.

Luke: So you want to know? You really want to know?

Carly: No, dear, you're doing this for Jack.

Jack: I don't have time for this. Your friends might come back anytime. So let's go, move it.

Nick: Get off me. I give the orders!

Jack: Yeah? Not anymore, you donít.

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