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Chardonnay: So, you want me to be you?

Carly: Yeah. Well, pretend to be me.

Chardonnay: Like how? On the phone?

Carly: No, no, in person. Just long enough to get Nick in the sack.

Chardonnay: Oh, whoa. What do you want me to do?

Carly: You just have to look like you're doing something, and I'll hide a camera and I'll get some pictures. And, like I said, there's money in it. I'll pay you.

Chardonnay: But I thought you were broke. And you just got fired.

Carly: That's true. But I will find the money for this. I swear.

Chardonnay: Oh, it's that important?

Carly: Absolutely.

Chardonnay: Why? What did Nick do to make you hate him so much?


Jack: What makes you so sure I'm not going to like what you have to tell me?

Nick: You're going to hate it. But at least you're going to hear it from me.

Jack: Okay. Well, come on. Things are popping with the Paul Ryan case. I gotta get back to it.

Nick: Yeah?

Jack: Yeah. So what's the problem? Did something happen at the Galaxy Club?

Nick: Yeah.

Jack: What?

Nick: You're off the Anatoly case.

Jack: No. No, I'm not. I'm busy with the Paul Ryan case, but I can handle it.

Nick: No, it just means you're officially off the case.

Jack: Since when?

Nick: As of now.

Jack: Hal didn't say anything to me.

Nick: It's my call.

Jack: The hell it is.

Nick: Jack, accept it, and let it go.

Jack: Why should I?

Nick: You don't want me to answer that.

Jack: Yeah, I do. I want to know why you're so hot to get me off this case.


Maddie: Time? Wow, we've broken the hour-long waiting mark.

Will: Oh, excuse me. Judge Colby does know that we're waiting, right? Doesn't he?

Secretary: Yes, yes, he does. He has to finish his calendar and then he can see you.

Maddie: Well, that's a good sign.

Casey: How can you tell?

Maddie: Well, he's clearing the decks. He's making free time to do your wedding ceremony.

Gwen: You're an optimist.

Will: No, she's right. He wouldn't be making us wait out here if he wasn't going to help.

Gwen: What if your dad called him after he gave you the name?

Casey: No, he thinks I'm doing research for teen marriage for a school project. It's good.

Gwen: If he believed you.

Casey: No, he did.

Secretary: The judge will see you now.

Will: Um, Judge Colby, thank you. Thanks for seeing us.

Judge: Steve. Or Judge Steve, if you want to be formal -- or try and kiss up to me. Ah, the rebel. Or the kiss-up. Which is it?

Gwen: I'm sorry. It's just, I didn't expect this part to be fun.

Will: Well, it should be fun, it's a wedding.

Judge: No, it's not a wedding. I haven't signed any petition. And I was only expecting one couple.

Will: Well, there is just one couple. I'm Will Munson. This is Gwen Norbeck. We're getting married. And Casey and Maddie gave us a ride here.

Maddie: We're here to be witnesses. To the marriage.

Judge: If there is one. I can't and won't sign any petition unless you give me a really good reason why you two should be married.


Katie: Yes, Kasnoff. K-a-s -- right, American with tools. Please tell him that Katie called. He has the number. Thanks. I hope. Dear Mike, remember me? No, that's mean. I miss you, Sweetheart --

[Knocking on door]

Delivery guy: Katie Peretti?

Katie: Yes. Who's it from?

Delivery guy: Mike Kasnoff.

Katie: Oh. He hasn't forgotten me.

Delivery guy: No way. And by the way, if he ever did --

Katie: Thanks. No matter where we are, our hearts are together.


Paul: Jennifer --

Jennifer: I need you to say that again. Because what I just heard, it can't be -- it can't be true.

Paul: It is. I killed Dusty.

Barbara: No.

Hal: What are you trying to pull?

Paul: Nothing. You can't suffer more because I'm holding back. Dusty's dead, and I did it.

Hal: Here, honey. Sit in the chair. I need some water here and a first aid kit. Jen? Jennifer? Jen?

Barbara: Why are you doing this?

Paul: I already told you, I can't let her wonder anymore. She's suffered enough because of me.

Barbara: You killed Dusty? It's a lie. You're covering for someone.

Paul: No, I only ever look after myself.

Barbara: And what a good job you've done of that, Paul.

Hal: I think she's coming around. Thank you. That'll be all.

Jennifer: My head hurts.

Hal: No wonder. I think you should go home.

Barbara: Yeah, I think your dad's right. Let me take you home so you can lie down.

Jennifer: Dusty -- I remember --

Barbara: No, honey. We don't know anything.

Jennifer: Paul killed him, he said.

Hal: You let me take care of that. You go home with your mother.

Jennifer: No, no, no! You monster! Why do you do this? Why do you want me to believe that you killed dusty? But you didnít. That's a lie, isn't it? Because that's what you do! You -- you let me believe that people are dead when they're not. You do that! You did it with my son and then you let me believe that you killed yourself, but you didnít. You're alive and my son is alive, so that means that Dusty is alive. So you tell me. Paul, you tell me that you didn't kill Dusty! You couldnít. Tell me that you didn't kill him!


Chardonnay: You think Nick's the one who got you fired, right?

Carly: Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure about that.

Chardonnay: Oh, honey, take it from me. That is not reason enough to set the guy up. I'll help you find another job.

Carly: Well, it's not just that. He hurt my man. So it's not just about my job here. Nick, he got my guy into some trouble with the cops.

Chardonnay: Really?

Carly: Yeah.

Chardonnay: How could you stand to see Nick in here all these weeks?

Carly: Well, I thought that I would get a chance for payback, and this is it. This is that chance. I have to do this tonight, or it won't work.

Chardonnay: You want me to get the guy into bed?

Carly: Yes. And you can do that by making him think that he's with me. And then we get pictures and I use against him.

Chardonnay: Oh, so it's a scam, not real sex?

Carly: No. No, I wouldn't expect you to actually --

Chardonnay: Then why aren't you doing this yourself?

Carly: I canít. No, if my guy found out that I was anywhere near this, he would kill me.

Chardonnay: Oh, I don't know, Tiffany. This sounds a little nuts.

Carly: No, it'll work. All I have to do is get pictures of Nick with a call girl and he will lose his job so fast.

Chardonnay: Why? What kind of job does he have that a little sex on the side will get him fired?


Jack: Nick, we have gotten along together pretty well, all things considered. And now, all of a sudden you want to pull the plug?

Nick: It's not all of a sudden.

Jack: Yeah, well, why then?

Nick: Jack, you're the real reason I've been a big problem at the Galaxy Club.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: How am I a problem?

[Nick remembering]

Nick: Here's the deal. You want Jack to stay on the force, right?

Carly: Right.

Nick: And you'd really like me to keep your name out of things, wouldn't you?

Carly: That would be good of you. Do you think you can manage it?


Nick: The other night when you got the call for a disturbance at the club, and you showed up, they saw us there together -- Jack, they know you're a cop.

Jack: So? Nick, so what? They don't know you're a cop. That's the most important thing.

Nick: And as far as you're on this case, it could blow up at any time.

Jack: Oh, don't give me that. I have given you no reason to think that. Not one. Hell, the paper trail that I put together is the only reason we can nail Anatoly on the racketeering charges and make it stick! And I'm closing in on the drug shipments, as well.

Nick: Jack, I need somebody that is full-time.

Jack: I can put in my own time, Nick. I don't have a problem with that.

Nick: How are you going to do that? You've got the security job and now you're working this Paul Ryan thing.

Jack: The Paul Ryan thing? Is that your way of referring to the guy that you declared dead and all of a sudden popped up alive? Is that what this is about, Nick? Sour grapes? You're just ticked that you made a major mistake and I'm cleaning up your mess, right?

Nick: No. It just means that you're officially off the Anatoly case.

Jack: Hal's never going to stand for that.

Nick: Hal put it in my hands. It's my decision and I'll take --

Jack: He put it in our hands. This is going to come back to bite you. Know that.

Nick: I just saved your career, Jack. And maybe something that matters just a little more. One day you'll realize that.


Judge: Okay, so that's it for my state-mandated checklist. There's no physical abuse in the home? Ms. Norbeck isn't pregnant? There's no immediate danger to either one of you that is eliminated by getting married and getting you out of a hostile environment?

Will: I guess not.

Gwen: Wait, wait. My mom did poison herself and frame Will for it.

Will: But that doesn't really count now. And besides, my mom had you set up for jail time and got you fired from your job. She's still walking around. You know she's going to try that again.

Gwen: Yeah, but that doesn't count as physical abuse, does it?

Judge: Wow. Clearly my state-mandated checklist has a few gaps.

Will: Yeah, our lives are --

Gwen: They don't fit into little boxes very well.

Judge: So talk outside the little box.

Will: Okay. We're -- I love Gwen. And that's the bottom line. It's everything. And we have each other, and we watch out for each other.

Judge: Well, it sounds like you need to. So all this frame-up, go-to-jail stuff, are the moms doing it to try and break you up?

Will: Yeah, but it hasn't worked. And it never will. That's why we want to get married, Judge Steve. We need them to understand that it won't work. That we're going to be together, no matter what.

Judge: Nice. Doesn't get you married.

Will: Well, it's not a joke.

Judge: No, I didn't say it was. But, Will, this "love against the odds" thing can be very exciting as long as it's a fight. Is that why you want a wedding? Keep things stirred up? The 'burbs can be real boring.

Will: You have no idea what I would give for one boring day.

Gwen: I know what you're saying, but we're not like that. Neither one of us. I mean, Will, he had money, but it wasn't like he had --

Judge: Had money?

Will: Yeah, I got cut off. But it doesn't really matter.

Gwen: We're not, um -- we're not two rich kids looking for some excitement. I've been an emancipated minor since I was 16 years old. And I had a scholarship and even then I had to work two jobs just to stay in school and feed myself. You know? I've never been a bored kid with too much time on my hands. If anything, it was like time. Until I met Will. And after that, no matter what happened -- I'm sorry -- everything was okay because he was there. He was a part of me.

Will: It was like that from the start. For me, too. And that doesn't change if you get bored or old or anything.

Judge: Then what's the rush to get married?

Will: It would make things a lot easier with the family. If they knew we were serious, then maybe they'd stop fighting us. And that would give us a chance to finish school and do the things we want to do.

Judge: And what happens if I say no?

Will: Well, then, we spend the next however many years fighting them. It doesn't matter. We're going to get married. We're going to be together in the end.

Gwen: Yeah, we will. No matter what.


Maddie: Time?

Casey: Just keep it.

Maddie: Aren't you on pins and needles?

Casey: I don't stress.

Maddie: You don't stress, you don't breathe -- what, do you even have blood pressure?

Casey: What?

Maddie: You know, one of these days I just want to, like, attach electrodes to your head.

Casey: You're such a freak sometimes.

Maddie: I'm serious. I want to see if there's any brainwaves going on.

Casey: Oh, now you're being mean.

Maddie: Oh, stop. Our best friends who are perfect soul mates are in there waiting to see if they could follow through with their secret wedding.

Casey: And you sound like the voiceover for some cheesy reality show. Secret wedding, soul mates?

Maddie: I think it's romantic. And so do you.

Casey: Yeah, right.

Maddie: Yeah? Then why would you drive 100 miles just to be here?

Casey: You know why.


Judge: Whoa. I'm under surveillance.

Gwen: Judge Steve?

Will: Dude, just tell us.

Judge: You may well hate my guts in ten years.

Gwen: Why?

Judge: Because you'll be having your 10th wedding anniversary before you're 30.

Will: Yes!

Judge: Or you'll be bitter and divorced a half-decade ahead of schedule. And don't send me a card if that's the last one.

Will: So you're going to marry us?

Judge: I'll do it. Come back at 9:00 A.M. sharp, tomorrow. What?

Will: We canít. We're from Oakdale and we don't have a car. Can't you just do it right now?

Judge: No, no. I have a sacred commitment I can't possibly miss -- in an hour. Salsa lessons. Yes, with my wife. So rethink your choices right now.

Gwen: I promise, no salsa lessons -- ever -- unless you really want it.

Will: I'm sticking.

Judge: Good call. And in case it comes up -- the salsa lessons -- it's actually fun.

Gwen: And we won't miss it. We promise. We can do this really fast.

Will: Yeah. If we can get married in less than half an hour, will you marry us tonight?


Chardonnay: I don't get why this works. Who gets fired for sex with a hooker? A politician? No way is Nick a politician.

Carly: No. No way. Maybe he won't actually get fired.

Chardonnay: He can't be a preacher. [Carly laughs] Do you know what Nick does?

Carly: No. No, I just thought that he could get into some trouble at work, that's all.

Chardonnay: But why would you think that?

Carly: Just something that my boyfriend said about Nick. How he'd get into some trouble hanging out in a place like this. But maybe -- maybe he's got a wife and kid at home and that's what he meant. That's all.

Chardonnay: Or maybe he's a cop.

Carly: What?

Chardonnay: He's a cop. That would make total sense.

Carly: No.

Chardonnay: Yeah! Yeah, that explains the look. Once, I caught him when he thought nobody was paying attention. This look like he was casing the joint. It gave me the creeps. Now I know why. He's a cop.

Carly: No, he's not. No. My guy would never hang out with a cop.

Chardonnay: Yeah, but you said that Nick got your guy in trouble with the law. That would be pretty easy to do if he's working for the law himself, right?

Carly: You're right. Yeah, I guess you could be right.

Chardonnay: Oh, honey, he's a cop! Man, that weasel could really jam us up here at the club. We should tell Butch.

Carly: Oh, no! I'm not going to do that jerk any favors.

Chardonnay: Well, we've got to do something.

Carly: Yes. The plan, Char. We have to do the plan. Because, if you're right, and we get Nick fired, then there's no way he can touch the Galaxy. Butch'll give you a bonus for crying out loud. Yeah, come on. Help me get rid of this guy. For all of us.

Butch: Hey, Tiff. The door's that way.

Chardonnay: She's just leaving me her phone number, okay?

Butch: And why is that?

Chardonnay: In case another job comes up.

Butch: You want to keep the one you have? I'd get back out on the floor now. Let's go.


Nick: Hey. What is it? Something happen with Mike?

Katie: No.

Nick: What, did he sent that to you? It's nice.

Katie: It's not the same. Oh, Nick. I would give anything -- everything in this house -- to have Mike here right now.


Jennifer: I don't believe -- I don't believe this. Paul -- he didn't kill Dusty.

Hal: He confessed.

Jennifer: So what? He wouldn't confess if it were really true, something that awful. He wouldnít. What are you doing? Why are you lying to me?

Barbara: He's covering for someone.

Hal: Barbara.

Barbara: He is!

Jennifer: Are you? Who?

Paul: No, it was me. I did it. It was -- it was an accident. I hit him with my cane.

Hal: All right, that's enough.

Paul: No, she deserves to know this.

Hal: Officer, take the prisoner down to his cell until we can get a formal statement.

Jennifer: No, no, no. I want him to tell me. I want him to look me in the eye.

Hal: Honey, we have to do this by the book. You confessed in front of this entire room uncoerced. You try to take it back on a technicality, and I will come down on you with everything we've got. Do you understand? Then tell your sister what she needs to hear.

Paul: I was waiting for you because you were going to come and see me at the motel. There was a knock at the door, so I opened it up, but it wasn't you. You were dusty -- Dusty was Dusty. He was in a rage. He kept saying that he was going to make it so that you never forgave me. He was going to make sure that I was never a part of your life in any way ever again. And he was going to call the cops and I'd end up back in jail. So we got into it. We tore the place up. And each other. And then Dusty left to find a phone.

Paul: I followed him. I knew that if the cops got there before you did, that I would never see you again. Dusty would make sure that I never saw you again. I had to stop him from making that phone call. And I caught up with him in the parking lot. And I -- I hit him with the cane. He bled a lot.

Paul: He wouldn't wake up. And I couldn't call 911, because I knew I would never get anybody to believe that that was an accident. He just wouldn't wake up.

Hal: And this was in the parking lot of the Wagon Wheel Motel?

Paul: Yeah. When it was done, I dragged him into the woods and I buried him.

Jennifer: No.

Barbara: That's enough.

Jennifer: He's buried?

Barbara: Let's go.

Jennifer: Where?

Barbara: Honey, let's go.

Jennifer: No, no. Where is he? Where is Dusty?

Paul: I don't know.

Jennifer: What?

Paul: I don't remember.

Jennifer: You dug a hole in the ground and dumped his body there and you don't remember? Paul, you tell me where Dusty is, right now!


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: I really want to nail this guy, Char.

Chardonnay: Oh, don't worry, we will. I'll make sure he gets his invitation to the party.

Jack: Is Emma covering for you, Meg?


Paul: Jennifer, I was really out of it. We had been fighting. I was just trying to keep from blacking out. It all happened so quickly.

Jennifer: So it was nearby?

Paul: What was?

Jennifer: The hole. The hole you dug. The hole that you dumped his body in. Where is it? Where?

Hal: Honey, I'll take care of this.

Jennifer: No. No. Was it near the parking lot? You said it happened so fast. Does that mean that you didn't drag him very far?

Paul: I don't really remember -- sorry --

Barbara: Honey, let's sit down, okay?

Jennifer: No, I need to know where he is.

Hal: I promise I'll send a team, Jen.

Jennifer: No! No, I'm going to find Dusty myself.

Barbara: No, Jen, no.

Jennifer: I cannot leave him out there alone!

Barbara: I'll stay with her. Jen!


Jack: Hey, Meg. What brings you by? You ready to tell me what you know about Paul Ryan?

Meg: He confessed.

Jack: Paul? Confessed to what?

Meg: Paul killed Dusty.

Jessica: What?

Meg: That's what he said to everyone -- in front of everyone.

Jessica: Okay, that's it. Don't say another word. Come on, Hal, you know better than this.

Hal: Good news travels fast.

Jessica: You think this is your lucky day?

Hal: Your client murdered Dusty Donovan in the parking lot of the Wagon Wheel Motel. He confessed.

Jessica: Not without a lawyer present during questioning, he didnít.

Hal: Oh, I wasn't questioning him. This was spontaneous. I stopped and gave him the opportunity to consult counsel, but he chose not to.

Jessica: Can I see my client alone?

Hal: Oh, be my guest, the interrogation room is free. I have a body to recover.

Paul: Jessica, listen --

Jessica: Don't speak. Have you lost your mind? I thought you didn't remember what went on in the motel?

Paul: It came back to me.

Jessica: Oh, and so you just couldn't wait to share the news with the entire squad room?

Paul: I did what I had to do.

Meg: I should've stopped him.

Jack: Paul?

Meg: I was too late. It was done.

Jack: What was, Meg? Who were you too late for? Dusty? Or Paul?


Maddie: Yes?

Casey: You guys are getting married? For real?

Will: Yeah, so come on.

Maddie: No, this second? No, you're not ready.

Gwen: Yeah, we are.

Maddie: No, you need a veil, a dress and flowers?

Gwen: No, we don't need any of that.

Will: Yeah, and besides, there's no time.

Judge: Get the conga line moving.

Will: Okay, we're coming.

Maddie: We need 15 minutes.

Gwen: No, ignore her.

Will: It's okay. We'll be right there.

Maddie: No, it's a wedding, hello?

Will: Just don't listen to her!

Gwen: I'm fine.

Judge: Hang on, hang on. What?

Maddie: Okay -- this is, like, the most important day of their lives. And yes, they can do it over again. But it will never be this moment. So it needs to be more than just words. It needs to be, like, a whole ceremony.

Judge: You're smart. And I bet they never listen to you.

Maddie: I'm the shortest.

Judge: All right, 15 minutes. I've got a couple of calls to make, anyway.

Maddie: Thank you.

Gwen: Maddie, this is really unnecessary.

Maddie: We're going shopping.

Will: What?

Maddie: I need $20.

Casey: In 15 minutes? That's half my cash. What if we have an emergency?

Maddie: Hello? What do you call this? Okay, let's go. We are going to come back here and make you look like a bride.


Nick: Mike will be home soon.

Katie: Not soon enough.

Nick: For what?

Katie: I have this news, it's a surprise. And I really want to tell him. I've been trying to get a hold of him all day and I can't get him on the phone. I'm about to burst.

Nick: So tell me.

Katie: I canít. I can wait. I'm going to put this away so it doesn't get broken.

Nick: All right, well, you do that. And let's go get something to eat, all right? My treat.

Katie: I'm not really that hungry.

Nick: You will be once you smell that food. Come on, I'll let you pick the place.

Katie: You don't have to do this.

Nick: I want to. It's the least I can do.

Katie: What about your work? Your big case?

Nick: It can wait for tonight. Everything's under control.


Chardonnay: My shift's almost over anyway. I'm just taking a phone number. Two minutes.

Butch: Would you just leave Tiffany alone, unless you plan on following her out the door. And you, for the last time, be gone by the time I get back.

Carly: Oh, Char, I'm sorry. I don't want you to get into any trouble. Just forget the whole thing, okay?

Chardonnay: No way. We have to get rid of Nick.

Carly: Yeah, but if Butch finds out that you're helping me -- if anybody at the club finds out --

Chardonnay: Don't worry, I'm not talking. I don't want Butch on my case either. Look, I'm off in 20. Let me close out my tables and we're on.

Carly: All right. All right. Well, I'll go on ahead and I'll meet you at the Lakeview.

Chardonnay: The Lakeview?

Carly: Yeah, so you, you know, you might want to change.

Chardonnay: Don't worry, I clean up nice.

Carly: Get ready, Nick.


Casey: You nervous?

Will: No. Thanks for driving us.

Casey: No problem.

Will: Yeah, but it could've been. Gwen and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. In every sense, literally, we wouldn't be here.

Casey: You sure it's what you want to do?

Will: Yeah.

Casey: Then it's all good.

Will: So you'll stand up with us?

Casey: Yeah, I'll be a witness.

Will: No, I mean, I want you to be my best man.

Casey: Sure.

Judge: Will, you want to pick out a ceremony?

Will: Yeah. Hey, you want to come help?

Casey: No, actually, I've got something to do first. This errand. I'll be back in time.

Gwen: Maddie, you are a turbo shopper. This is twenty bucks worth of stuff?

Maddie: Yes, I love the thrift shops. This will be a perfect veil.

Gwen: Yeah, and it can double as kitchen curtains once we have a kitchen.

Maddie: And something blue -- flowers. You have holes, right? Here you go. Something borrowed.

Gwen: Yeah. Thanks.

Maddie: You're welcome. Okay, so all this stuff is something new. But I'm not sure that technically counts -- but it'll be okay, I think.

Gwen: It counts. Thank you, Maddie.

Maddie: We're not done.

Gwen: I know. Thank you.

Maddie: Sure. Okay, we have three minutes. You better get dressed.

Gwen: In a sec. Something for you.

Maddie: Me? You had money to buy that?

Gwen: It's a maid of honor present. All right? Will you?

Maddie: Gwen, this is the most romantic day of my life so far.

Gwen: Well, I'm glad my wedding's working out for you.

[Maddie laughs]

Maddie: Let's go.


Carly: Hey.

Chardonnay: Hey. Sorry I'm late, I had to stop home for the clothes.

Carly: That's all right. You look great. Any more trouble from Butch?

Chardonnay: Nah, he doesn't have a clue. So, run it down for me.

Carly: All right, it's room 417. I already checked in.

Chardonnay: Under your name?

Carly: No, no, of course not. It's an alias. Cash transaction. The room is paid in full, so nobody should bother you. Here's your key.

Chardonnay: So, how do we get Nick here?

Carly: A note from me and his own key.

Chardonnay: From you? I thought you had to stay out of it.

Carly: Yes, well, it's a typed note and I didn't sign it. But now he'll know it's from me. I need you to bring that note to nick's while I get the room ready. Here's his address. Do you know how to get there?

Chardonnay: Would you believe one of my regulars lives in that part of town?

Carly: Oh, great. So then you know where it is?

Chardonnay: Yeah.

Carly: Good.

Chardonnay: Man, you are tense.

Carly: I know. I know I am. Because I really want to nail this guy, Char.

Chardonnay: Oh, don't worry, we will. I'll make sure he gets his invitation to the party.


Nick: If Mike could see you now, he'd forget he has a brother.

Katie: Thanks.

Nick: So are you going to pick somewhere really expensive to make up for all that laundry.

Katie: Uh-huh. Payback's hell, isn't it?

Nick: Let me get my jacket.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Hello?


Jessica: Was there any pressure to confess?

Paul: No, just my guilty conscience.

Jessica: Were you offered any inducement, did Hal or any other officer offer you some kind of deal?

Paul: No, I told you, I did this of my own free will.

Jessica: Paul, have you any idea what your own free will is going to cost you?

Paul: Look, Dusty's dead and Jenniferís never going to forgive me. I got nothing left to lose.

Hal: Your arraignment's been postpone since we're adding new charges. And if you'd like to save the state the cost of a trial, the D.A. would love to speak to you.

Jessica: We'll pass, for now.

Paul: How's Jennifer?

Hal: Don't you even say her name to me. The officer outside will take him back to his cell when you're done.

Paul: Great, we're done.

Jessica: Are we?

Paul: Yeah. This is an easy one, counselor. Just take it.


Jack: Why don't you have a seat?

Meg: I canít.

Jack: Hey -- it's a friendly chat.

Meg: Chat? Dusty is dead, Jack.

Jack: Yeah.

Meg: I loved him!

Jack: Yeah, your whole life. And I saw how much that hurt you when he left. And he didn't just leave. He dumps you and then he hooks up with Jennifer Munson the same day. And that doesn't just hurt, that's like a knife in the back. I can understand why you'd never want to see the guy again.

Meg: I was leaving town.

Jack: Only you didnít.

Meg: I don't need this.

Jack: Is that why Emma was so upset with you? Because you wanted to run?

Meg: No.

Jack: Then what was it, Meg? What did I walk in on? Because for the first time in my life, Emma Snyder wasn't honest with me.

Meg: That's not true. Mama would never lie, and she's done nothing wrong.

Jack: Okay, so maybe she just left a few things out. Is Emma covering for you, Meg?


Carly: Hey. Any trouble finding the place?

Chardonnay: No.

Carly: Great. All right, well, I put the camera behind the mirror frame pointed at the bed. We just need to be sure that Nick gets on camera and that we can tell it's him, okay?

Chardonnay: Got it.

Carly: All right, but keep the room dark so he doesn't realize it's you until the very last minute. And the camera's set for nighttime, so it shouldn't be a problem. And to activate it, you just press that button right there. Okay?

Chardonnay: Piece of cake.

Carly: Good.

Chardonnay: Don't sweat it, Tiffany. I know how this is done.

Carly: Good. All right. Then we're all set. And all you have to do is go upstairs, put this on and wait for Nick to take the bait.

Nick: Katie, do you mind driving? My car's all full of case files. What's that?


Will: Is everything okay?

Judge: Yeah. I had a very enlightening call.

Casey: Gwen and Maddie are ready.

Will: So let's roll.

Judge: Right. Okay, here we go. Over here.

[Wedding march plays]

Will: Maddie!


Jennifer: I have to find Dusty.

Barbara: Honey, we will. But not like this.

Jennifer: We have to dig.

Barbara: Not with your hands, we donít. You scared me to death, Jen. You got out of the car, you started --

Jennifer: I can't leave him out there.

Barbara: No, we wonít. Honey, we wonít. Your dad's going to find him, all right?

Jennifer: How could Paul leave him in the ground? How could he do that? He could just leave him in the ground?

Barbara: I don't know, Jen. Honey, I don't know. Come on. Keep that on, all right? Please. We've got to get you inside. You're not going to go anywhere. You're going to rest. And you need to see Johnny.

Jennifer: Johnny. Oh --

Barbara: Yes, Johnny. Honey, your son needs you.

Jennifer: No --

Barbara: Come on, Jen.

Jennifer: He won't understand. I don't understand. How can Dusty be gone? How can he just be gone?


Cop #3: Let's go, Ryan.

Meg: Why'd you do it?

Paul: I just did what I had to do.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Holden: Jade?

Katie: I knew you could never really get Carly out of your system.

Nick: If you think I'm running after Carly, that's your problem.

Carly: Oh please, please let this work.

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