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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/20/06

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Margo: About your little set-up at Metro.

Gwen: Nobody.

Margo: Harry! Thank you, let's see here -- we got clean peaches, my husband's favorite. Let's just get down to it here. Look it here, look it here.

Will: That's mine.

Margo: Nice try, I bought this. So, how long has Casey been helping you two?

Henry: Slay dragons, I am your man. Entertain Barbara Ryan -- find yourself another sucker.

Maddie: Henry, please.

Casey: She's getting her mail.

Maddie: Give me a second.

Henry: No, no, n-o.

Maddie: Henry, I'm desperate. Come on.

Casey: Just come on.

Henry: Why are you desperate?

Maddie: I need to sneak in Barbara Ryan's suite, or else --

Casey: We can't prove that she's lying about Gwen.

Henry: Oh, why didn't you say something in the first place? What are you two, crazy?

Maddie: Do it! Do it, please.

Casey: 15 minutes.

Henry: I am not letting you sneak into Barbara Ryan's room.

Maddie: I am going to do it anyway!

Casey: With or without your help.

Henry: Okay, fine. I will take one for the team.

Maddie: Oh, thank you. Please, if she heads upstairs just call me.

Henry: You be careful, please.

Maddie: You're the best. Okay, thanks.

Henry: Okay. Fancy meetin' you here.

Barbara: Nothing fancy about it -- I live here. So, if you'll excuse me.

Henry: Oh, don't go Barbara. Not yet.

Carly: Hey, honey what's up? No, you're not interrupting anything. Aren't you at work?

Jack: No, Java. I got some time before I head over to WOAK. Where are you?

Carly: Out.

Jack: I got that much from the babysitter.

Carly: It's a PTA thing.

Jack: What thing?

Carly: The fundraising meeting. We talked about it the other day and the kids came running through.

Jack: So, blow it off and come meet me for a cup of coffee.

Carly: I'd love to sweetheart, but I canít.

Jack: You got a better offer?

Carly: No, just let me take care of things on this end and I'll meet you as soon as I can, all right?

Jack: All right, sounds good. Love you.

Carly: Love you too.

[Carly sighing]

Butch: Get changed. We're short tonight. I need you out there.

Carly: I'm not working tonight.

Butch: You're joking, right, Princess?

Carly: No, actually -- I quit. Here's the uniform, okay?

Butch: Chardonnay already called in late, all right, and as it turns out, I need a blonde.

Carly: Try the yellow pages?

Butch: No way, Anatoli's gonna love you.

Carly: Anna who?

Butch: A vip.

Carly: Butch, I don't care if Prince William booked this stuff, okay?

Butch: Look, Anatoliís coming in tonight, all right? He's a player -- he's a big player -- so why don't you go get changed, sweet-cheeks, all right -- before I change you myself.

Nick: Hey Butch! Why's my favorite girl not looking too happy here, huh maybe I could put a smile back on her face for ya.

Butch: See? You got a regular fan club here. Now go get changed before Anatoli shows up.

Carly: Butch --

Butch: Look, Anatoliís happy, we're all happy. You understand what I'm telling you?

[Carly sighing]

Nick: You're welcome.

Carly: I can handle, Butch.

Nick: Yeah, it looked that way.

Carly: Then quit looking.

Nick: Not tonight.

Carly: So, who's this Anatoli jerk?

Nick: He runs a syndicate, and we're a big part of it. He's the key in cracking this case.

Carly: Do you think he'll talk?

Nick: I think by tonight I'll be two for two.

Carly: Oh, really?

Nick: Yeah, first the Paul Ryan case. Then the gambling ring.

Carly: The gambling ring case is Jack's case.

Nick: It's too bad Jack's not in the back room.

Carly: That doesn't mean that he won't crack it.

Nick: You can't crack a case standing by the water cooler. I'll make sure he gets some of the credit. He did a great job with all the light work.

Carly: I'm gonna change.

Nick: What did I say? He really did do a good job.

Carly: Hey Nick, Jack isn't just some helper, all right? He solves cases.

Nick: I'm sorry but -- not tonight.

Carly: We'll see about that.

Maddie: Wow.

Casey: No time for tours, we got work to do.

Maddie: Right -- we figure that the baby spends its time in here because the crib is over here, so --

Casey: The baby cam's gotta be hidden though, right? But, where? Behind the wall or in the ceiling?

Maddie: Well I'm thinking that it could be one of those things where they can move from in here to the bedroom. I don't know just start looking.

Casey: What if Barbara got rid of it?

Maddie: Don't say that.

Casey: I would, especially if it had evidence.

Maddie: Well most people don't even remember that they have them. Check over there, we don't have much time just don't mess anything up ok. It has to be here somewhere.

Barbara: Thank you very much.

Henry: Thank you Robert.

Barbara: Didn't realize they served here in the lobby.

Henry: Oh, well, they know me here. That is, I tip handsomely. Cheers! What shall we drink to?

Barbara: Why don't we drink to "What the hell am I doing here with you of all people."

[Henry laughing]

Henry: I just thought that maybe you could use a pick-me-up, Barbara. I heard about poor Will.

Barbara: That is none of your business.

Henry: No, it isnít. You might remember I used to dabble as a P.I.

Barbara: Is this a business proposition?

Henry: No, no. It's a friendly discussion. And an offer of assistance, if you need it.

Barbara: Should I need assistance, you'd be the last one I'd ask.

Henry: The night is young.

Barbara: Oh, but not that young, Henry. Good night.

Henry: A shame to waste good vodka, Barbara.

Barbara: Somehow I think it won't go to waste.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Don't mind me.

Barbara: Hello.

Margo: Barbara, its Margo. I have Gwen Norbeck and Will in custody.

Barbara: Thank God!

Margo: I haven't charged them formally.

Barbara: Them?

Margo: I thought you'd want to come down.

Barbara: Why on earth are you talking about charging both of them, Margo?

Margo: Barbara, Will has been aiding a fugitive, bringing her food, hiding her at Metro.

Barbara: If you charge him with anything, I will slap you with a wrongful arrest suit so fast you'll be directing traffic for the next 20 years.

Henry: Your interpersonal skills are a marvel.

Barbara: Oh, shut up, Henry!

Henry: Call me! She won't call. Waste not, want not. Hey, Emily. Hey, what happened?

[Emily crying]

Emily: I found him.

Henry: You found him -- I take it the reunion didn't go as you planned. Sit down.

[Emily crying]

Emily: Oh my God.

Henry: Em Ė

Meg: That was --

Paul: It was unexpected, I know.

Meg: Nice. A little strange.

Paul: You couldn't stop at nice?

Meg: Maybe we should've stopped, period.

Paul: I'm not sorry.

Meg: I am, Paul.

Paul: For what?

Meg: For crying on your shoulder about Dusty.

Paul: That kiss was not about Dusty.

Meg: Does it have to be about anything?

Paul: I hope not.

Meg: Look, we've been out of circulation too long.

Paul: Tell me about it.

Meg: And it's natural we'd form a bond.

Paul: You did save my life.

Meg: It happens sometimes.

Paul: Right.

Meg: You help a patient, and you get close to him.

Paul: I guess I'm just an occupational hazard? Wait, let's not overanalyze this, okay?

Meg: Let's not analyze it at all.

Paul: Better. You good?

Meg: Yeah. Yeah I am.

Paul: Great. 'Cause we got more important things to kick around. Like, where do we go from here?

Carly: Hey. Hi, sweetheart. It's me.

Jack: Where are you?

Carly: I'm sorry. This is taking longer than I thought.

Jack: All right. No problem. I'm gonna be here a while.

Carly: Good. Great. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Jack: I'll be waiting.

Carly: Oh.

Butch: Hey. You know the rules. No cell phones.

Carly: Yeah, okay. I was just making sure it's off.

Butch: Well, keep it that way. Okay.

Anatoli: Butch. Long time, no see.

Butch: Anatoli? Welcome back! Great to see you.

Anatoli: It's great to be here. Business is -- good?

Butch: Ah, can't complain. Can't complain. But we missed you around here. Nice to have you back.

Carly: You just gonna stand there? Or are you gonna offer this nice man a drink?

Anatoli: Business first.

Butch: I'll take care of it.

Anatoli: And now I'll have --

Carly: Vodka, rocks. Splash of water.

Anatoli: That is either a very lucky guess, or --

Carly: Or I do my homework.

Anatoli: What else do you do?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: That depends. Vodka, rocks. And a bit of water, please.

Anatoli: I didn't catch your name.

Carly: It's Tiffany.

Anatoli: A girl with expensive taste.

Carly: Or a girl who knows what she wants.

Anatoli: They're often the same thing.

Carly: Indeed.

Anatoli: Join me for a drink.

Carly: Sorry. Butch -- he has his rules.

Anatoli: Tonight, I'm making the rules.

Katie: Any good news?

Jack: Not yet, but I'm only on section three.

Katie: You working over at the station tonight?

Jack: Oh, a little bit. Yeah.

Katie: It's way too quiet over there.

Jack: Not too m not too much better here. Why don't you have a seat? And a cup of coffee?

Katie: Yeah.

Jack: Sure. It's a little late to be taping, isn't it?

Katie: Oh, I'm not taping tonight. I'm actually killing time. Mike's away.

Jack: On business?

Katie: Yeah. With his brother, mark, in Latvia.

Jack: Latvia? That's the other side of the planet.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Jack: You okay at your house?

Katie: Yeah, fine. Just a little lonely.

Jack: I could set up a security detail if you want me to.

Katie: Oh, no, no --

Jack: Not that I think that B.J.'s coming back, or anything. It just pays to be safe.

Katie: No, I don't need it. I'm, I'm -- not alone, actually. Nick's staying with me.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Whose brainstorm was that?

Katie: Mikeís. Look, I know Nick isn't your favorite person --

Jack: We just got off on the wrong foot, that's all. We have to -- work together. So, I'll manage.

Katie: You know, if you need me to -- patch things up --

Jack: I don't, I donít. And you know what -- you couldn't if you tried.

[Phone ringing]

Barbara: I want to see my son.

Margo: Oh, would you calm down?

Barbara: I'll calm down when I see my son!

Margo: Follow me.

Barbara: Oh, honey. Thank God you're all right.

Will: Who called her?

Margo: I did. Gwen -- you need to come and sign your statement.

Will: Why can't she just do it in here?

Margo: It won't take a minute. Come on.

Will: Go home, Mom.

Barbara: I am not going to leave you here like some kind of common criminal.

Will: Why, because you love me?

Barbara: Yes, exactly. Because I love you.

Will: And you want what's best for me?

Barbara: You know I do.

Will: Then drop the charges against Gwen.

Barbara: All right. That can be done.

Will: Mm-hmm. What's the catch?

Barbara: It's quite simple. I will drop all the charges -- if you promise you'll never see that girl again.

Gwen: Okay. Yeah. We helped ourselves to your food. I'm sorry. You can just -- you can add it to the list of charges.

Margo: And the sweatshirt?

Gwen: It came from your house, too.

Margo: Oh, so it just walked out of the house on its own?

Gwen: No -- we broke in. Kind of -- I had this really stupid idea that I would ask Casey for help. I figured that he owed me. So, we went over to your house, and nobody was there. The door wasn't locked, so we went in. We took that stuff.

Margo: Hmm. Did you?

Gwen: Look, I will confess to hurting Will's mom. I will admit to anything. I'll sign whatever you need me to sign. But I want you to do something for me.

Margo: What? I'm listening.

Gwen: Let Will go. Please.

Casey: There's no hidden camera. It's not here.

Maddie: It has to be.

Casey: We tried. She got rid of it.

Maddie: Yeah, well I can't just quit on Gwen and Will.

Maddie, come on. Let's get out of here.

Maddie: Casey, I'm thinking. I'm thinking.

Casey: Well, think downstairs. Come on. Put that back. Let's go.

Maddie: Casey, I got it!

Casey: Now what?

Maddie: Look! Look, look, look! In here.

Casey: In the pillow?

Maddie: Check it out. Yes. It's the perfect angle to see everything in the room. Do you think you can get it out?

Casey: I can try.

Maddie: Do you think you can hook it up to the TV so we can watch this on a tape?

Casey: Well, hold on.

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Just think -- if this was actually in here and running, we could see what happened when Barbara got knocked out. Then we'll really know what happened.

Casey: I think its show time.

[Emily crying]

Henry: I guess I can assume things didn't go as you --

Emily: I am such a fool, Henry.

Henry: We're all fools for love.

Emily: He was kissing her. Henry, he was kissing Meg!

Henry: Did they see you?

Emily: Oh, God. I don't get love, I get leftovers. Could-have-beens, would-have-beens --

Henry: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Emily: My entire life, honestly -- men. My father, Tom, Paul -- none of them ever wanted me.

Henry: There's still good ol' Hal --

Emily: Yeah, Hal -- I came in second to a warm doughnut, Henry.

Henry: It's better than a leggy brunette.

Emily: Meg, why Meg? Why not me? Why?

Henry: I don't know. That pesky bullet, maybe. That's just a guess, but --

Emily: It was a crime of passion, Henry!

Henry: I know. I know. And Meg knows her way around a bullet wound. You can't compete with that.

Emily: What is love?

Henry: It's -- a dry martini.

Emily: Don't you want it? Don't you want it all? The excitement and the devotion and the passion.

Henry: And the inevitable --

Emily: Don't you want that?

Henry: And the inevitable crush of rejection.

Emily: I am so sick and tired of not being good enough. I'm just sick of it! Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to come in second to a woman in a permanent vegetative state?

Henry: No, I donít.

Emily: Oh, God. He never let go of her. He never let go of her. He said he never stopped loving her. I'm so stupid. I should have seen it, but I'm a good liar. See, that's my problem --

Henry: Yes, you are --

Emily: -- And I lie to myself.

Henry: You are --

Emily: I lie to myself better than anyone. I had myself convinced that Paul stayed here because of me. That he was trying to remember, you know, the way it was in the beginning, when we would stay in his -- oh, God, we'd stay in his place, locked up for days, without food and without sleep. Just drinking each other up, making love until we were too exhausted to walk --

Henry: Shh! That's enough. That's enough! Listen, maybe seeing him with Meg today is not the end of the world. Maybe, up close and personal, it was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Meg: Paul, I have two options -- I can stay and be accused of hiring "Madame Moron" to break up Jen and Dusty, or I can leave and maybe have a shot at a half-decent life somewhere.

Paul: Half-decent?

Meg: If I'm lucky. And I'm not feeling very lucky.

Paul: What about Dusty?

Meg: Well, he thinks I've got a fatal attraction. Hide your bunnies and stash your Butcher knives.

Paul: Dusty's an idiot. I just told you that. He's a fool.

Meg: Well, now he's your sisterís.

Paul: So -- where will you go?

Meg: Flasta's still out there.

Paul: Long winters.

Meg: Just one of the perks. Look, I don't know where I'm gonna land -- and I really don't care. Anywhere but here is looking pretty good right now. And I've got nothing to hold me here anymore.

Paul: I think you've got more holding you here than you think.

Meg: Like what? Family? Friends? I'm pretty alone at both.

Paul: We all have our sad stories.

Meg: I'm not looking for pity.

Paul: I'm not offering any. For me, being dead has its upside.

Meg: No more income tax?

Paul: Right. No family to disappoint or crazy girlfriends to gun you down. I think, at the end of the day, I would rather have my family love me for being dead than resent me for being alive.

Meg: Well, it's scary, but I actually get your logic.

Paul: I have burned a lot of bridges and I have even less holding me here than you do. So, why don't we just take off together? You wanna run away with me?

Emily: Thank you.

Henry: Keep 'em coming.

Emily: Henry, how could losing Paul be good for me? He was the best time of my life!

Henry: Well, imagine the worst. Emily! Look at you! Come here. You are young and beautiful. You are young and beautiful.

Emily: I wish he were dead!

Henry: You came close, that counts for something, doesn't it? And he didn't call the cops -- you're free.

Emily: Free? To do what? To fall in love with again? Forget it!

Henry: Shh, shh. Listen to me. Listen, someday -- someday, Mr. Right is gonna come riding in on a big white horse. He's gonna swoop you right off of your feet --

Emily: And fall in love with someone else.

Henry: -- And Paul Ryan is yesterday's news. Forget about him! You are a strong, independent woman. Who needs a man, huh? "You can't live with him, you can't kill him," that's what I always say. Are you getting any of this?

Emily: You have been a very good friend tonight, Henry.

Henry: It's nothing. Speaking of money -- I know this is an emotional time, difficult --

Emily: No, no, no! No, no, no. That money is yours -- and you should have it. Especially since you just helped me figure out how to pick up the pieces and get on with my life.

Henry: I did?

Will: I'm not giving Gwen up.

Barbara: Then you're risking that the girl you claim you love will go to jail. Is that what you want?

Will: Of course not!

Barbara: Well, it seems that her future is in your hands.

Will: Gwen and I make each other happy. When are you gonna understand that?

Barbara: Two against the world. Honey, the thrill of eating out of cans in a coldwater flat will wear off, eventually. And I know that I'm risking the fact that you may never want anything to do with me again, but -- Will, love, real love, means making hard choices. It means making sacrifices. I'm willing to lose you to save you from a life that's going to wear you down. What are you willing to sacrifice for Gwen?

Margo: I can't just drop the charges against Will.

Gwen: Well, why not? I mean, you guys do that all the time. I plead "guilty" and then you let him go. That's how it works, right?

Margo: Do you want to help Will, or do you want to tell the truth?

Gwen: Both.

Margo: Hmm. Can you?

Gwen: Look, Detective Hughes -- Mrs. Hughes, Will is a really good guy.

Margo: Well, you don't have to sell me on that.

Gwen: But, no matter what I do, I always end up hurting him.

Margo: You know what? I bet he feels exactly the same way. But, you know what, Gwen? There are just too many sides of this story that don't add up for me. Will's got his side of the story, Barbara's got her side. There are eyewitnesses who overheard you threatening her. I can't help you on this case if I don't know the truth. So -- wanna tell me? What really happened the night that Barbara got hurt?

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Fast forward.

Casey: I did.

Maddie: More.

Casey: It's already at the end.

Maddie: Well, what do we have -- a whole tape of a baby sleeping? What happened to the night?

Casey: It probably starts recording over itself after a couple days.

Maddie: Oh. This is terrible!

Casey: Listen, Maddie. Look, we need to get out of here before Barbara gets back.

Maddie: No, I called Henry, and he said that she was on her way to the police station. So, she should be a while, right?

Casey: Yeah. Well, we're gonna end up at the police station, too, for breaking and entering if we don't get out of here.

Maddie: You go. I need to think.

Casey: Maddie, you said it yourself -- the tape was our only shot, and it was a dead end. Unless --

Maddie: Unless what?

Casey: I'll tell you on the way. Come on.

Jack: She's not pickin' up.

Katie: Maybe her meeting ran late.

Jack: It's a school night.

Katie: You're avoiding the subject.

Jack: There's a subject?

Katie: Nick.

Jack: Nick's not a subject. He's more like a --

Katie: What?

Jack: Well --

Katie: Yeah, I know. But he doesn't mean anything by it.

Jack: Is that it, or are you just giving him the benefit of the doubt because he's Mike's cousin?

Katie: No, Nick has his faults. Believe me, I know. [Jack laughing] But, I really think he -- he's a good person. Besides, I had a talk with him.

Jack: You did? What about?

Katie: Carly. [Jack sighs] He swears it's totally innocent. It's just the way he's wired. Okay, I know it sounds like a bit of an excuse. But Mike trusts him. Otherwise, would he ask him to watch out for me?

Jack: I just hope he's worthy of that trust, Katie. Because from everything I've seen, the guy doesn't respect too many boundaries. And in situations like this, sooner or later, people usually get hurt.

Nick: Two pairs. Ten high.

Anatoli: Three ladies.

Nick: You are not this lucky, my friend.

Anatoli: Looks like I am, my friend.

Carly: Vodka, rocks? Scotch, rocks?

Nick: Hey!

Carly: What are you doing?

Nick: I just checked to see if you had the time.

Carly: I don't wear a watch. Sorry.

Anatoli: You were hitting on my girl?

Nick: I'm sorry. I didn't know she was spoken for.

Carly: She is definitely spoken for.

Nick: That's a shame.

Anatoli: The girl obviously has good taste.

Carly: And she knows how to speak. When I want a man's attention, I do know how to ask for it. Now, ante up, fellas, before those cards get cold.

[Nick sighs]

Nick: That one's got expensive taste written all over it.

Anatoli: Sometimes -- they're worth it.

Carly: They're throwin' 'em back pretty hard in there.

Butch: Just keep 'em coming.

Carly: So, your friend -- he's pretty good with the cards, huh?

Butch: He likes you, Tiffany. Work it.

Carly: Why, what's in it for me?

Butch: Plenty -- if you're lucky.

Carly: He a big spender?

Butch: You gotta have it to spend it, baby. Pour a round of shooters and bring 'em to the table. I'm gonna be in the back.

Carly: Coming right up.

Chardonnay: Sorry I'm late.

Carly: Oh, it's no problem. I covered for you.

Chardonnay: Thanks. I know there'll be hell to pay from Butch, but I got held up.

Carly: Is everything okay?

Chardonnay: Yeah. So -- anything goin' on tonight?

Carly: Well, there's a pretty hot game in the back room.

Chardonnay: Big tips?

Carly: Huge tips. You wanna bring these in?

Chardonnay: You mind?

Carly: No! No, I don't mind at all. In fact, I have to leave for a few minutes. So, if Butch asks, you just -- i don't even care what you tell him. Just tell him anything, okay?

Chardonnay: What's up?

Carly: No, it's no big deal. And I won't be long. Just keep everybody happy -- especially that Anatoli guy.

Chardonnay: Anatoli's here?

Carly: Yeah. And Butch is drooling all over him. I won't be long -- and thanks, cha. You're a doll.

Barbara: Honey -- please reconsider. There's not a lot of time here, Will.

Will: Sit down, Mom. I'm not mad, I mean it. I just -- too tired. I just wanna talk.

Barbara: Sure.

Will: I get what you're trying to do.

Barbara: Do you?

Will: I hate it, but I get it. The only thing I've given Gwen lately is more problems. And if we end up going to court over all this, who knows how long it'll be before we can have a normal life.

Barbara: Honey, we can end all the legal issues right here, tonight. And if you agree that you and Gwen will go your separate ways, then I -- well, I'll see to it that she gets settled -- help her get started in school somewhere. I won't abandon her.

Will: Really?

Barbara: Really. Will, I'm not heartless. And I know this hurts, but, honey -- you have so much growing left to do.

Will: I guess I thought I'd be doing it with Gwen.

Barbara: Well, the reality is, that at your age, eventually you'd grow apart.

Will: You don't know that.

Barbara: Honey, she's not like us. Now, I know that's difficult to hear, and you don't want to hear that, but it is the truth. And I think you realize that once the novelty wore off, you would see that the only thing you had in common was a knack for getting in trouble.

Will: It has been pretty crazy lately. Wow, this is weird. We've been talking a whole five minutes, and no one's yelling or storming out.

Barbara: Yeah. So, you agree -- this is best?

Will: No, I don't agree. But maybe it is best for Gwen.

Barbara: Well, okay, I'll go get Margo.

Will: Wait, let me do it.

Barbara: Well, I have to formally drop charges.

Will: At least let me tell Gwen first.

Barbara: Okay.

Margo: Barbara, you should call an attorney for Will.

Barbara: Actually, Margo, neither one of them is going to need an attorney.

Will: Mom --

Margo: Well, why not?

Barbara: Will -- you want to explain?

Will: I'll plead guilty to helping Gwen. We'll get a public defender so we can fight her charges.

Barbara: Will --

Will: No matter what happens, we're in this together. Real love is about making hard choices, right? Sacrifices -- that's what you said, isn't it?

Barbara: This isn't over. And you should have taken my offer. Because the next one won't be as pretty.

[Will sighs]

Gwen: Hey -- what deal? What was she talking about?

Will: Forget it. She doesn't matter.

Casey: Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Not now!

Maddie: It's important.

Barbara: I don't have time.

Casey: We know the truth --

Maddie: Gwen didn't lay a hand on you.

Casey: -- And we can prove it.

Will: When will the arraignment be?

Margo: I'll call an attorney -- it might be a long night. You guys will not be sharing a cell. Are you sure this is the way you want to do it?

Will: Yeah. We're sure.

Margo: Fine. I'll give you a minute to say goodbye.

Gwen: Will -- let your mom get you a good lawyer. Please, you'll get off with a fine, maybe community service --

Will: It was my idea to go to the suite that night. I'm not gonna let her turn this around on you. Whatever they do, they do to both of us. I love you.

Margo: You can take Ms. Norbeck to lock up, and Mr. Munson to holding.

Gwen: I'm scared.

Will: I know. I love you.

Gwen: I love you, too.

Margo: Come on. Let's go.

Barbara: Well -- Ms. Coleman. I see you've developed your brother's knack for the dramatic.

Casey: It's true. And it's all here on tape.

Barbara: Where did you get that?

Casey: From Jennifer's "nanny cam" inside your suite at the Lakeview.

Maddie: Good stuff. Gwen and Will breaking in --

Casey: You flipping out --

Maddie: -- All of it. So, either you tell Detective Hughes the truth --

Casey: Or, we will.

Meg: You're serious? You wanna leave town together?

Paul: Yeah. Why not?

Meg: Why?

Paul: How many reasons do two tortured souls really need?

Meg: Well, that's quite an invitation.

Paul: I'm just saying -- I am as disconnected from my life as I can possibly be, and you are in line right behind me.

Meg: Well, Mr. Ryan, you are being quite charming tonight.

Paul: Okay, look, I haven't gotten to the good part.

Meg: It's okay.

Paul: I'm alone -- and you're alone. And we can be alone together. I think it could be fun. You know? In a non-committed kind of way. What do you say? We could get a map and just pick a spot.

Meg: I see. I'll get the map.

Paul: You won't regret this.

Meg: I am so done with regrets.

[Emily imagining]

Paul: You're torturing me.

Meg: That's the way you like it.

Paul: Yes, it is.

Meg: Not so fast. What do we say first?

Paul: Please?

Meg: And what else?

Paul: Pretty please with sugar on top?

Meg: No sugar until you say what I want to hear.

Paul: Okay. You're gonna have to give me a hint.

Meg: Am I the only one for you?

Paul: Yes. Yes. I've forgotten all about Emily. You're the only one that I dream of. You're all I ever want.


Emily: Dusty? It's Emily Stewart. Call me as soon as you get this message. There's something you and Jennifer need to know right away.

Jack: And you probably think I sound like a jealous husband.

Katie: No. I think you sound like a sweet guy who adores his wife.

Jack: Clearly, I'm not the only one who adores her.

Katie: Nick is just flexing his muscles. You can't take him seriously. He's like that with every woman. He was like that with me when he first met me.

Jack: No. I think he's got a think for blondes, personally.

Katie: Maybe.

Jack: Speaking of which, my favorite blonde just walked in. Come here!

Carly: Hey, sweetheart! I'm sorry that took so long. Hi, Katie.

Katie: How are you doing?

Carly: Good.

Jack: Long meeting.

Carly: Yeah. Well, you know that Cindy Nanscumb, she never knows when to shut up. [Laughter] So, what'd I miss?

Jack: Well, we was just doin' a little Nick-bashing.

Carly: Oh, goody. Can you start from the beginning?

Jack: No, we canít. Now that you're here, I've got better things to think about.

Carly: Well, did Jack tell you that Nick is trying to steal this gambling ring case right out from under him?

Katie: There's a gambling ring in Oakdale?

Jack: We're investigating a club downtown. Nick's doing some undercover work there. Yeah.

Katie: Very undercover -- he hasn't even mentioned it. Well, listen. I'm gonna get going. It was good to see you.

Jack: Yes.

Katie: Take care.

Jack: 'Night, Katie.

Katie: Good night.

Carly: I know that you're trying to be a good sport. That gambling case is your case. And all you need is one good lead.

Jack: That's hard to do from the backseat, though, darling.

Carly: But if you had some -- some new evidence, you could knock that Nick Kasnoff right --

Jack: Hey. Why aren't you wearing your wedding ring?

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Maddie: You can do the right thing, or we'll do it for you. Take your pick.

Barbara: I pick neither.

Lily: Well?

Jade: It's from my birth mom.

Carly: What are you doing with my ring?

Katie: The question is -- what is Nick doing with it?

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