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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/16/06

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Maddie: Well, it's a little short in the sleeves but all in all --

Gwen: You look like a dumb jock.

Will: Hey, you're talking about Casey. He's no jock.

Gwen: How can you even stand living with him?

Maddie: He sleeps a lot.

Will: Thank you so much for all this food.

Gwen: You're not going to get in trouble are you? For raiding Mrs. Hughes' fridge?

Maddie: No, she'll probably think its Casey. He eats like a pig.

Gwen: I can see that, he's kind of a pig in other ways. What was that?

Maddie: I told you somebody followed me!

Dusty: You really believe Paul's alive?

Jennifer: Madame Lacoste told me so and I believe her.

Dusty: She told me her name was Doris, now it's Madame -- something. The name alone should make you run.

Jennifer: Don't you think that there are people in this world who are in touch with things that others aren't?

Dusty: I think when she saw you on TV making that appeal for Will and Gwen, she started licking her chops.

Jennifer: She saw see me on TV, yes.

Dusty: She had a lead on Will and Gwen. And then what? A dead end?

Jennifer: It was more she was expressing her sympathy and wishing me luck and then suddenly, completely out of nowhere, she started having feelings -- not about Will, about Paul.

Dusty: You didn't tell me that part.

Jennifer: That's because I was very skeptical at first.

Dusty: And you should be. She's a con artist. She's sitting on your couch telling you your brother's come back from the grave? Jen, you're scaring me.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. Okay, but I know that this is not something that you wanted to hear that's why I didn't tell you. But the second that she said started telling me that Paul was trying to reach out to me, it's like -- I felt it. I could almost hear him calling my name. And I just knew -- I knew I was going to get to see my brother alive again.

Paul: What do you mean you want more money?

Madame Lacoste: Your sister seems open to the possibility that you might still be alive.

But convincing her to see you, that's another story.

Paul: Look, I know my sister. And if she believed even for a second that I was alive, she would come running.

Madame Lacoste: Then by all means, Mr. Ryan, knock on her door. But don't blame me if she slams it in your face.

Paul: So what are you saying she doesn't want to see me?

Madame Lacoste: No, but these things take time.

Paul: How much time?

Madame Lacoste: That depends.

Paul: On how much I pay you?

Madame Lacoste: Mr. Ryan, by your own admission. Your sister had every reason to hate you before you disappeared. Now granted, your dying forced her to re-evaluate but has she forgiven you? If you make an appearance before she's ready to process her feelings --

Paul: How do I know that you've even told Jennifer anything?

Madame Lacoste: That's what you think? Give her a call. See how she reacts.

Paul: Okay. I will.

Emily: How dare you. You have the nerve to actually stand there and accuse me of murder?

Meg: Look, you might have been able to get off with manslaughter, maybe even reckless endangerment. If you hadn't pushed Paul off the cliff after you shot him.

Emily: And you know that because --

Meg: Can we stop the cat and mouse thing, already. We both know the truth. You shot Paul and left him for dead. Only he didn't die, he lived. Lucky for you, he's a forgiving guy. And he's not going to press charges. At least not yet. So if you want that cozy lifestyle of yours, we didn't have this conversation.

Emily: Where's Paul? I need to see him.

Will: Its okay, you guys can come out. The noise.

Maddie: What, it'd just fall by itself?

Will: Well, as you know, we have had company.

Gwen: We have mice.

Will: Rats.

Gwen: Mice.

Maddie: I don't care if its squirrels, that's terrible.

Gwen: Hey, it's freezing outside. If you were a mouse, wouldn't you want to be in here?

Will: Mm-hmm, especially if you're a rat.

Gwen: You ever noticed how he always thinks he's always right?

Will: Because I am always right.

Gwen: Just you wait, Munson. First stop we make is a barbershop.

Will: Whatever.

Gwen: What do you think, Maddie? A Mohawk? We could start a mullet, you could just "W.M." On the back --

Will: I think my hair is fine, thank you very much.

Gwen: Whatever you say, William. Whatever you say.

Will: Well, as long as I got you in my corner, I'm as cool as they come.

Gwen: Aw.

Maddie: You guys are just so --

Gwen: Are you crying.

Maddie: No, I'm not crying, it's just so unfair. You should be in school and working and applying to college not living in a rat-infested nightclub.

Will: We've got each other and that's all that really matters.

Gwen: You're going to make her cry again.

Maddie: No I'm fine. I'm going to miss you. Both of you.

Gwen: You've been such a good friend. I don't even know what to say.

Maddie: I'm just worried about you. Out there on the highway, in the dark --

Gwen: Hey don't worry about me, nobody's going to mess with me. I'm with him.

Will: I know I didn't trust you at first, but you really came through, thank you.

Maddie: Okay, I really have to go now. Please be careful, and stay together, you have my e-mail right? Email me if you need to.

Gwen: I have it.

Maddie: I know you're scared and it's freezing out and there's cops probably two steps away and you don't even know where you're going to sleep tonight, but you are very lucky.

Will: She's right you know.

Gwen: We're going to be fine.

Meg: You can't be serious.

Emily: Just tell me where he is.

Meg: Why?

Emily: Just tell me where he is.

Meg: So you can finish him off?

Emily: Of course not.

Meg: Oh. I'm sorry. I thought that was you who just admitted shooting him at point blank range.

Emily: It was an accident.

Meg: An accident? No Emily, an accident is when a flowerpot falls on my foot, this is murder.

Emily: No attempted murder.

Meg: Oh excuse me. Attempted murder.

Emily: And you didn't feel like killing him yourself? Come on admit when you lost everything because of him you lost your job, you lost your boyfriend. You lost your career, because of Paul.

Meg: What I lost, I lost because of me. I should've told Jennifer the truth the minute I figured it out.

Emily: Oh I see so, you're repaying her? Is not telling the truth that her brother is still alive.

Meg: That's not my call.

Emily: Why are you helping him?

Meg: And that's none of your business.

Emily: He's paying you. Isn't he? He's paying you that's how you can afford to stay here after you lost your job. Right?

Meg: Let's stay focused, Emily. You need to keep your mouth shut. If the police find out that Paul is alive? You'll be going to jail for shooting him.

Emily: And you'll go to jail for hiding him.

Madame Lacoste: Mr. Ryan, stop and think. How would you feel if someone you loved killed himself and then just showed up with no warning?

Paul: That's what I'm paying you for, to give her warning.

Madame Lacoste: And I've been preparing the ground, Mr. Ryan. But your sister is filled with guilt. And at the same time, she's still deeply angry with you for keeping her son from her. She needs to accept the fact that you're not perfect and that she can love you anyway. Then, and only then, will she be ready to let go of the guilt and the anger and embrace you. Now if you shock her by her appearing before she's ready -- I'm sorry, it's possible that you'll lose her forever.

Paul: Fine, you'll get your money. But don't come here. It's too risky. I'll have someone deliver the money to you at java.

Madame Lacoste: Cash. As we agreed.

Paul: All I want is a chance to make it up to you Jennifer. And I will. If you'll let me.

Jennifer: I believe that Paul is alive.

Dusty: Why, because some wacko says so.

Jennifer: Because it makes sense.

Dusty: What was Paul's funeral? Just something to do on a slow afternoon.

Jennifer: Why are you so angry?

Dusty: Because this is crazy! You're lying to yourself about something you know is impossible, we both know it's impossible.

Jennifer: Then how did she know things? I never mentioned Paul in the broadcast. I only talked about Will.

Dusty: Maybe she read the paper. It's been on the cover of every magazine and paper, in three states, for three weeks. You'd have to be a moron not to know about Paul Ryan’s suicide.

Jennifer: She knew things, that had never been in the papers. And only someone who knew Paul, who really knew him could know.

Dusty: How much did you pay her sweetheart?

Jennifer: Nothing. She doesn't want money. No she doesn’t.

Dusty: That's the oldest trick in the book. She gained your trust then she goes in for the kill.

Jennifer: I'm not giving her money.

Dusty: Even if she offers to take you to your brother?

Jennifer: Even then. Look, I always had doubts about Paul's suicide.

Dusty: Even though your father didn't?

Jennifer: They never found a body. I just have a feeling.

Dusty: I thought Madam was the one with the feelings.

Jennifer: I was right about Johnny even though everybody thought I wasn't, everyone that I was crazy. But I was right. And you stood by me then.

Dusty: I'm always going to stand by you. That was different.

Jennifer: So what if Paul is alive? Is it too much to ask? Just a little more time? Just a little faith?

Maddie: You're going to eat all that?

Casey: What can I say? I eat like a pig. When I'm not sleeping. You want to get me the salami out of the fridge?

Maddie: Salami?

Casey: Yes the salami my mom brought home from the store this morning?

Maddie: Looks like you have enough there to give you a solid case of heartburn as it is.

Casey: You seen my U of W sweatshirt?

Maddie: Your what?

Casey: You know my sweatshirt. From the University of Wisconsin. I thought maybe it got mixed up with your pile of laundry.

Maddie: Nope, sorry.

Casey: You sure? Cause I can't find it anywhere.

Maddie: I don't have it.

Casey: Who does?

Maddie: How am I supposed to know?

Casey: I guess it doesn't matter. Since I blew my chances at going there anyway.

Maddie: Yeah, you did.

Casey: It looks good on Will. A little short in the sleeves but he can roll 'em up.

Gwen: Look what she brought me.

Will: It's you.

Gwen: She's really great.

Will: She's funny. Maps. A compass. And I think she must've gotten this off the web it's a list of youth hostel in the state.

Gwen: Don't forget the salami.

Will: Yeah, I think we're good to go.

Gwen: Now if I could, you know, have a shower.

Will: You look great.

Gwen: I think stuff is going to start growing out of my hair. I just wanted to freshen up before we'd be on the road for two weeks. I'm sure I'm much more appealing to you this way.

Will: Wait here.

Gwen: Where're you going?

Will: You'll see.

Jennifer: All I'm asking is that you admit that maybe, just maybe, this is possible.

Dusty: That a dead man's alive?

Jennifer: You want to hear what really bothers me? I think that if you didn't hate my brother so much, you would at least think about giving me the benefit of the doubt.

Dusty: I don't hate Paul. I hate what he did to you and to Johnny. He kept you guys apart. He put you right into rehab. And what did Brother Paul do when you were all strung out? Did he tell you, you're baby was alive? No. He committed you to a psych ward, remember? He really hurt you. And you’re not a bad person, if you remember that. It's not your fault -- it's not your fault that your brother was selfish. That's why he killed himself.

Jennifer: All I'm saying if Paul -- if Paul is alive I think he'd want to make it up to me and to Johnny.

Dusty: He's not alive and can't get that time back. He's dead -- and for your sake I hope he stays that way.

Emily: If Paul's alive, he's wanted by the police which makes you an accessory.

Meg: I saved his life. You tried to kill him. Who do you think the police are going to arrest?

Emily: I still don't understand why you bothered. You hate him. You hate me. Why not bring us both down?

Meg: Then what? Then what, Emily? You lost Paul, Paul lost Jennifer, I lost Dusty. It's enough. Yeah.

Paul: I need to see you right away.

Meg: Bad idea.

Emily: That's him, isn't it?

Meg: I'll call you later.

Emily: Paul! It's me. I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry for everything. Please tell me where you are. I need to see you.

[Knock at door]

Emily: Paul, please say something. I need to hear your voice. Wait a minute!

Meg: I'll call you back.

Emily: That was him. He's in Oakdale, isn't he? Please, Meg, I need to see him.

Meg: You need a psychiatrist is what you need.

Emily: I didn't mean to shoot him I swear.

Meg: That must've been why you had a gun. Look, back off or I'm going to do what I said before. I'm going to call the cops and have you arrested for stalking.

Henry: Meg, I didn't know you cared.

Meg: I don’t. Tell your friend here to keep her mouth shut.

Henry: Keep your mouth shut?

Emily: Henry, he's alive. Paul is alive.

Henry: We know this because?

Emily: Meg just admitted it. And he's in Oakdale. I know it, I know --.

Henry: Emily I hope you didn't tell her I had anything to do with the shooting, and I was only there to help a woman push a car into the river and that was only because you threatened to tell the entire world that I was planting B.J.'s money in the woods, not that Meg, or anyone else for that matter, needs to know that particular piece of the puzzle.

Emily: She's not going to say anything. And neither is Paul as long as I keep quiet about the fact that he's still alive.

Henry: Oh. Hey, great. That calls for a toast. Let's go have a drink.

Emily: No celebrations yet. Not until I find him.

Henry: Why?

Emily: So I can finish this.

Dusty: Why are we fighting about this?

Jennifer: Because I'm hoping that my brother is alive, and you're hoping that he isn’t.

Dusty: If your brother was alive, do you think he'd want us together? I mean, he did everything he could to break us apart.

Jennifer: I'm not -- I'm not defending anything that he did.

Dusty: I don't know what you're doing. I really don’t. You finally have everything you want, you know? You got your son back. You and I are good. And you're throwing it away.

Jennifer: No.

Dusty: You lied to me. You handed off your son, all to hang out with a psychic?

Jennifer: Okay, yes, yes, I lied. And I am sorry. I should not have done that. So the next time that I want to sit down for half an hour with Madame Lacoste and talk to her, I will tell you. And whenever I think about Paul, I'll tell you, okay?

Dusty: You're not gonna stop pursuing this, are you?

Jennifer: Can't we just agree to disagree? You're -- you think Paul is dead. I'm hoping that he isn’t. Okay. But I love you, and I love Johnny. And if Paul is alive, out there somewhere, he can't stay hidden forever. He'll surface. And then it'll end. I will have the answers that I need. But that doesn't have to change how we feel about each other, does it?

Dusty: Nothing is gonna change how I feel about you.

[Baby cries]

Jennifer: Well, he probably needs to be changed.

Dusty: Hey, hey. You got to be careful. You got to promise me to be careful.

Jennifer: I promise.

Casey: You remember Will, right? Big guy, dates Gwen.

Maddie: Yeah, I remember Will. I just -- I don't know why you're bringing him up.

Casey: So you're saying you haven't been helping him hide from the cops? I mean, sorry, my mother.

Maddie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Casey: I saw you, Maddie -- you and Will and Gwen at Metro. I saw you give them the clothes, the food, everything. And all those times you said you were meeting Nate for coffee or Valentine’s Day, you were helping them.

Maddie: Fine, you caught me. I'll buy you another sweatshirt.

Casey: It's not about the sweatshirt.

Maddie: Then what's it about, Casey? Revenge, 'cause you can't go away to school?

Casey: No.

Maddie: Then what is it?

Casey: You. It's about you.

Gwen: What is that?

Will: You'll see.

Gwen: Are you still there?

Will: Okay, you can open your eyes.

Gwen: Oh, you made me a bath.

Will: It's actually just a nice tub filled with a little hot water and dish soap.

Gwen: It's perfect.

Will: Well, it's not going to stay hot for long, so you better get in.

Gwen: You really know how to make a girl's dreams come true, you know that?

Will: I try.

Gwen: No, I mean, I did -- I did dream about this. I was awake, but I felt like I was dreaming. You took me into this big room, and there was a bath in there, and it was -- you're the best, the absolute best.

Will: Okay, so get in while it's hot.

Gwen: Only if you come in with me.

Paul: What?

Meg: Well, you don't look like a cadaver.

Paul: And usually, compliments make me feel so uncomfortable.

Meg: No fever. And it looks like the blood's going to your brain. I guess the meds are kicking in.

Paul: Yeah, well, I should hope so.

Meg: You know, you scared me when you called me.

Paul: Sorry.

Meg: No, it's great. It's great. You might make it after all, Ryan.

Paul: Well, thanks to you, Nursey Meg.

Meg: Well, you know, I'm sorry when you called about Emily. She ambushed me.

Paul: Did you break the news to her?

Meg: I had no choice. The woman's relentless. Anyway, she -- she kind of knew. She just wanted to hear me say it. But I did tell her to keep her mouth shut, and I did threaten her. I mean, after all, she came close to killing you, almost succeeded. She's kind of looking at attempted murder at least.

Paul: So you think she'll back off?

Meg: Emily? Not a chance. She's tough, and she usually gets what she wants.

Paul: That's not really fair. She's very strong, but that's only because she's had to survive so much loss.

Meg: Well, she's not ready to lose you. In fact, she wanted me to tell her where you were. Believe it or not, she wants to see you. I know, I know. She tried to kill you. It's crazy. And I've done enough rotations in psych wards to know what I'm talking about. It's clinical.

Paul: Okay, that's enough. Not another word against her -- not one more word.

Meg: Please don't tell me you're defending Emily Stewart? The woman brought a gun to her own wedding. She shot you and threw your body over a cliff into a snow bank, and that's the good news. She was aiming for the river. And then she shows up at your funeral making a complete spectacle of herself. [Paul chuckles] Wait, that's funny?

Paul: No, it -- a little bit. It's all my fault.

Meg: How could it be your fault?

Paul: I dumped her at the altar.

Meg: Okay, that might have been heartless, but it's not a crime. And then even if she might have wanted to shoot you, she could have shown some restraint.

Paul: Look, I used her. I did. And that doesn't mean that I didn't care about her or even love her, in my own, peculiar way. Or that I didn't convince myself that I was in love with her, or that I didn't, at the very least, convince myself that I could be in love with her one day.

Meg: So you think you deserved to be shot and left for dead because you broke her heart? That's insulting. She's a grown woman. She made a choice, and it didn't, you know, follow through with what she wanted. Look, I know she's hurting, but you don't shoot someone.

Paul: You're right. Shooting people is bad. But I bet, if you look at most of the people in jail for murder, they shot somebody that they loved. Emily loves me, and I used that. I forced her to be a part of my plan.

Meg: Yeah, been there. As you recall, I went along with your plan until I could find a way to let Jennifer know.

Paul: That's you. And our arrangement had nothing to do with love. You hated me.

Meg: I didn't hate you. All right, I hated you, but only because I was angry at myself for letting you get to me.

Paul: Yeah, well, Emily's not that self-aware.

Meg: Oh, you think?

Paul: Oh, come -- don't be so mad at her. Why are you so angry at her? If anybody has a right to be angry at Emily, it's me. She shot me.

Meg: Exactly!

Paul: And look, I appreciate you patching me up and standing by me. I really do. But you don't need to defend me anymore. I can take care of myself. [Meg laughs] Okay, look, I know I got a ways to go, but it's not your job.

Meg: It is my job. You paid me a lot of money to save your life, and I'm not going to let Emily Stewart take another whack at you.

Paul: Okay, look, take it easy on her, all right? Emotions can be very tricky, and they creep up on you, especially when you're so intimate with somebody that you hand them your heart. It's really no wonder that she was so angry at me for cutting her loose.

Meg: Well, you can't always get what you want.

Paul: And that's a shame. I still remember when I figured that out. I don't think I've recovered.

Meg: That's what kept you alive.

Paul: What, being greedy?

Meg: Hungry. It's not a bad thing, as long as you are willing --

Paul: -- To move on.

Meg: Was there a reason why you called me?

Paul: Yeah. I -- I need for you to take this to a woman who's waiting at Java.

Meg: I'm a nurse, not a messenger.

Paul: No, you a guardian angel. And it would be a really big favor. Please? It's very important.

Meg: Okay, who's the woman?

Paul: It's probably better that you don't know. Look, I would go myself, but it's too risky. And I catch a pneumonia, my nurse will give me a tongue lashing.

Meg: You'd only be so lucky. That's a lot of cash.

Paul: Yeah. She'll be waiting at a table. She's expecting you.

Meg: What happened while I was away?

Paul: Well, I almost died without you. [Meg laughs] No.

Meg: Yeah, right.

Paul: I'm serious.

Meg: Oh, well, you know what? You're going to get in bed and take a nap. And try to eat something that doesn't come in a wrapper. Okay, you got it?

Paul: Yeah. I miss you already. That growl, the way you glare at me --

Meg: Whatever.

Paul: Ooh.

Emily: I've been waiting for weeks to find out whether my fiancé is dead or alive.

Henry: Question -- is he still your fiancé if he breaks it off, and you shoot him?

Emily: Do you honestly think I meant to shoot him.

Henry: You had a gun.

Emily: For protection. I told you that! I was afraid that Hal was gonna show up.

Henry: So what, you were gonna shoot Hal? What do you have on you right now, an ice pick?

Emily: Okay, look, I am the first to admit I wasn't at my best that day, okay?

Henry: What, you're shrugging this off? We're not talking about a bad day, a bad hair day here, Emily. You could have killed the man.

Emily: I know that. So I need to find him.

Henry: Write him a note. "Dear Paul, I am so sorry I shot you. I don't know what came over me. It will never happen again. Your friend, Emily the nut." I am positive that Meg will be happy to deliver that. What? What now?

Emily: You really think I'm a nut?

Henry: Do you want me to answer that?

Emily: Why is Meg in Oakdale? Why is Meg in Oakdale?

Henry: She lives here.

Emily: Why, why? She was fired. She lost her job. Her boyfriend dumped her. Her family's barely speaking to her. I mean, the woman has absolutely no friends, Henry.

Henry: Well, that's harsh.

Emily: Do you like her?

Henry: No, not my type. Me, I go for the beautiful blondes that are in love with somebody else.

Emily: Meg is in Oakdale because of Paul.

Henry: That's -- it's a reach.

Emily: No, it's not. Think about it. He was in the cabin, right? And she was taking care of him.

Henry: And then she took off for sunny Mexico.

Emily: What, with Paul in her carryon? And don't forget the phone call -- the urgent phone call Paul left for her down there.

Henry: We -- we left that phone call.

Emily: She doesn't know that, Henry. She didn't know it. She came right back.

Henry: Okay, fine, he's here. He's here! So what?

Emily: So I need to see him?

Henry: Why? I'm gonna ask you one last time, why?

Emily: I can't just walk away from him.

Henry: Why not?

Emily: Because he's hurt.

Henry: He has Meg for that. She is a professional nurse. He is obviously paying for her services.

Emily: Yeah, but he needs me. No, honestly, you don't know him. I mean, he's a very sensitive man, and I'm sure he's very depressed and lonely right now.

Henry: So he's gonna turn to the woman who shot him?

Emily: Obviously he's forgiven me, right, or he would've -- he would've pressed charges against me.

Henry: He still might press charges, Emily.

Emily: No. No, he wouldn't do that to me.

Henry: Emily, you and Paul are over. You know that. And with this -- whatever you shared, however epic it was, it ended when you shot him. Oh, no.

Emily: I can't help it.

Henry: Oh, no. You want him back.

Maddie: Look, I took a risk because it was the right thing to do.

Casey: The right thing to do?! Will's mom got knocked out, and they stole $1,000.

Maddie: It was an accident, and Will's mother is using it to break them up. She's a nightmare, and you know it as much as I do. She -- she's lying to the cops, and you know it.

Casey: Maybe.

Maddie: Definitely. You are just feeling too sorry for yourself to admit it.

Casey: I'm not feeling sorry for myself.

Maddie: Please. Ever since your parents sat you down, it's been one big pity party. I'm sorry, but it's true. Look, can we just stop fighting and talk about this?

Casey: Fine.

Maddie: Fine. Will is supposed to be your friend. And I know that Gwen is not your favorite person, okay, but he's in love with her, and she's in love with him, only you're too clueless.

Casey: You know, I've had it with you insulting me, all right? I don't insult you. And as far as me being clueless, I tracked you right back to Will and Gwen.

Maddie: Oh, good, you're a genius. Now what are you gonna do, call the cops?

Casey: Maybe I already have.

Will: You okay?

Gwen: Yeah. Perfect.

Will: You are right. There is stuff growing in here.

Gwen: You can leave it for the mice.

Will: If the rats don't get them first.

Gwen: Don't you ever wish that you could make it all stop? Or not stop. I don't know. Just -- just stay the same.

Will: Well, I don't know that I can sit in this tub that long.

Gwen: I could.

Will: Yeah, that because you're short.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Will: Any taller, and we wouldn't fit.

Gwen: Well, we do fit.

Will: Yeah, we do. Gwen, I'm so sorry about all of this.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Will: You told me that we shouldn't go to my mom's, and I should have listened to you.

Gwen: Hey, we were starving. We did what we had to do. Hey, it's not like my mom's a walk in the park.

Will: Yeah, and she is behind bars. This is so sad.

Gwen: You're right, you're right. It is. It's very sad. We should really take it more seriously.

Will: You are so gonna get it.

[Gwen laughs]


Will: It's okay. It was just a car backfiring. It's okay.

Gwen: I thought it was the cops. I was so scared.

Will: Yeah. There's nothing to be scared of -- except for maybe the rats.

Gwen: So we're packed, we're dressed. What do you want to do before we take off? Hey, what are you doing?

Will: I think we should get out of here, right now.

Maddie: How can you be so cruel? Will is your friend, and Gwen, I don't care if you don't like her, she's the mother of your baby. And just imagine if that baby would have lived. Oh, but no, Casey's upset because he didn't get to go to University of Wisconsin. So let's ruin it for everybody.

Casey: I'm not trying to ruin any --

Maddie: They were happy, okay? They loved each other, but you couldn't see that because you're only into yourself.

Casey: Where are you going?

Maddie: I'm going to warn Will and Gwen.

Casey: Maddie, just wait.

Maddie: You want to call the cops? That's fine. That's all on you. But I'm not letting them get caught because you want to get even. Just get off.

Casey: Maddie, just wait.

Henry: What I said before about you being nuts, I take that back. You're a lost cause.

Emily: Okay, you know what? That is just mean.

Henry: I'm the best friend you've got, Emily. Do you have any idea what you're doing to yourself?

Emily: To myself?

Henry: Yes, yes. I want you to read a little book. It's called "Women who love too much." Now, I have dated most of them. And the trouble is, I'm not the one they love.

Emily: That's your problem. If you were, you would understand.

Henry: Wait, okay. Hold on. Reality check here. It takes two to tango.

Emily: Yeah, so what?

Henry: So why hasn't he called you?

Emily: Because he was shot, Henry!

Henry: Yes, he was shot.

Emily: Yeah.

Henry: Yeah, and you've been on the phone with him not once, but twice, right? Why no word from the love of your life?

Emily: Because he's protecting me.

Henry: Maybe he's just not that into you.

Emily: You know what? You're just a jerk.

Henry: Face it, Emily. Shooting your fiancé is a definite turnoff.

Emily: Yeah, you know what? One would think, but obviously not.

Henry: What do you mean, "Obviously not"?

Emily: Why is he still here, Henry?! Think about it. I mean, he's paying -- he's paying Meg. Why not pay her to put him in a van and schlep him across the border? Why risk getting caught by the cops?

Henry: You obviously have a theory.

Emily: I think he tried to stay away, but he couldn’t.

Henry: Because?

Emily: Because he still loves me.

Jennifer: If Dusty's right, and you really are dead, then why can't I feel you? Your spirit, something? Maybe it's just I can't accept it. But you know what? The trouble is that I -- I do feel something. I feel like you're alive. I feel like you're just -- you're just hidden, like Johnny was. That's exactly the same. It's the same feeling. Oh, Paul, are you out there? You're just waiting for me to find you.

[Paul in disguise.]

Paul: Jennifer -- I'm here, I'm here. I'm right here.

Meg: Hi.

Madame Lacoste: Hello.

Meg: I was told that you would be expecting this.

Madame Lacoste: I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Will: If we're in a jam, and I can't get clear, then you'll keep going.

Meg: That's a lie, Dusty, okay? That phony psychic, right. Paul is alive.

Jennifer: Paul -- is that you?

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